your typical Karen but she's a 1920s flapper 

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could I get a refund for this video please
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22 Nov 2019



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21st Century Ninja
21st Century Ninja 5 horas atrás
The 1920's are my favorite decade but Karen's just ruin it lol
and peggy
and peggy Dia atrás
why can’t I come to the party??? what did i do wrong 1920s karen???
Dickie Greenleaf
Dickie Greenleaf 2 dias atrás
Sissy Services
Sissy Services 2 dias atrás
In the spirit "I will join Pateron then ask for my monsy back. Ooo I am high on American Marijuana "monsy" is oneyM Money, oOo I am high
MayaConnolly 2 dias atrás
*What do you mean it hasn't been invented yet?*
Mist 2 dias atrás
anyone here in 2020 2021 sorry
Izzy'sMoonStones 208
Izzy'sMoonStones 208 3 dias atrás
“Peggy can kiss my- As for the champagne could I please have a refund”
Ruoshui Liu
Ruoshui Liu 6 dias atrás
But I actually do like the impressionism era
And Peggy
And Peggy 6 dias atrás
Hey! That was rude..
Napoleon III
Napoleon III 8 dias atrás
You should rename this to “Daisy Buchanan”.
Meade Vlog channel
Meade Vlog channel 9 dias atrás
The Karen meme is totally anti White!
Cynthia Murphy
Cynthia Murphy 12 dias atrás
Well, come to think of it, flappers are always portrayed as wanting to draw attention to themselves, party girl types, kinda bitchy, and obviously, not everybody admired them or that lifestyle, understandably. I can see the attraction, though, since most were young and times were tough. I'm pretty sure both my grandmothers bobbed their hair and wore shorter dresses since I've seen the pictures, but I also know neither of them had fathers who let them party around or drink much, lol. And I doubt they had the money anyway.
Ryan 16 dias atrás
maybe you should express yourself more respectful
Sara B.
Sara B. 15 dias atrás
zhina amini
zhina amini 16 dias atrás
At least she doesn't look like a zombie from grocery store
Beanz Burrito
Beanz Burrito 18 dias atrás
Never heard a flapper act this way. White women yes.. this video reallly makes no sense
Sara B.
Sara B. 15 dias atrás
Compliments, you don't understand the joke 👏👏🤡🤡
The Crystal Hazbin Beatles
Happy 1921!!
Yuna Song
Yuna Song 22 dias atrás
“I may or may not have flashed my knees a couple times” karen you little-
Spongebob Squarenails
Spongebob Squarenails 26 dias atrás
1800s Karen: my kids cant hear you there listening to Tchaikovsky
Bibhabaree Sahu
Bibhabaree Sahu 26 dias atrás
Ugh that waiter 🙄
KB Verrückt
KB Verrückt 28 dias atrás
"As for the champagne can i get a refund? Yes, I drank it, but i'm not taking the bottle home am I?" XD
n2veins 29 dias atrás
Lloyd Wright Bradshaw
Cool thanks for sharing this awesome post
skrrill Mês atrás
This gives me such Rachel's (AWAE) vibes...
Clara Mês atrás
"Just because I may not be pregnant now does not mean that I will not be in a month or two"
little jana
little jana Mês atrás
"How. Dare. You? Just because i'm not pregnant NOW doesn't mean i won't be pregnant in like the next month or so.."
BloodyMoon Mês atrás
I also wouldn't invite Molly, how very dare she call my dog fat!
Pandicornio VII
Pandicornio VII Mês atrás
this is GENIUS.
Arsonplays109 Mês atrás
"Flashed my knees" XD
-Skyler Clouds-
-Skyler Clouds- Mês atrás
Here before 1M views
Kaylsea Mês atrás
2019-2021 Karens: *screaming on the top of their lungs while arguing, causing our ear drums to explode"
Kate Dermody
Kate Dermody Mês atrás
Last time I partied like this was 1908
Elizabeth Carter
Elizabeth Carter Mês atrás
Ahaha love this Meme Mom.
lego brickster 098
lego brickster 098 Mês atrás
20s Karen?
A Koala Bear 🐨
A Koala Bear 🐨 Mês atrás
“I may or may not have flashed my knees..” Scandalous 😯
Rony ii
Rony ii Mês atrás
I wish I had more friends that were into historical fashio stuff 😭
Forest Scarcs
Forest Scarcs Mês atrás
You'll have Karen, while in the Phils we have Marites.
Forest Scarcs
Forest Scarcs Mês atrás
You'll have Karen, while in the Phils we have Marites.
Aelin not Alien
Aelin not Alien Mês atrás
Is nobody gonna talk about this video's description?
Cauchemar fantôme
Cauchemar fantôme Mês atrás
"I may or may not have flashed my knees once or tice and they may or may may not have been rouge"
Te Min
Te Min Mês atrás
Poor Karen... It's still name. Remember it.
Jahu1104 Mês atrás
Areee Ash
Areee Ash Mês atrás
"just because I'm not pregnant now does not mean that I will not be in the next month or so"
Ryan Bautista
Ryan Bautista Mês atrás
Your accent slowly slipped into irish over the course of the video and I love it
Elis Mês atrás
Wait... The karen meme is a year old 🤯
A Random Comment
A Random Comment Mês atrás
_so many top comments have more than 20k likes and i am WHEEZING_
Violet Hudson
Violet Hudson Mês atrás
I love the fact that you offer non english and non auto generated captions
[ enter name ]
[ enter name ] Mês atrás
2:18 smooth
Parker Kay
Parker Kay Mês atrás
This might be the funniest thing I have ever seen.
kwiattek 17
kwiattek 17 Mês atrás
2:19 I see what you did here
Mariana Soler
Mariana Soler Mês atrás
“molly’s DEFINITELY not coming after calling my dog fat. ESPECIALLY when it’s coming from a fat person.” * damn *
mmmw117 Marian
mmmw117 Marian Mês atrás
"I may or may not have flashed my knees" Girls at the club: **Covering only their nipples and wee butt crack and woman wee wee** 1920's girls: **GASP**
turtlerab- Mês atrás
Yuri Silva
Yuri Silva Mês atrás
Wait, the Karen meme is already 1 year old?
NoahMArt01 Mês atrás
First off a flapper wouldn’t be a Karen 😂 they’d be a “millennial “ or “gen z” WITH THAT SAID this video is amazing
su shis
su shis Mês atrás
"She is not invited because she called my dog fat" Well...agreed at that point how dare you disrespect my dog !
Lidia Gómez
Lidia Gómez Mês atrás
2:18 Peggy can kiss my - as for the champagne, could I please get a refund? LOL So good 😂😂😂
Karens have been alive since the Ice age
Samantha Michelle
Samantha Michelle Mês atrás
So cute 😊
Kiki Sparkle
Kiki Sparkle Mês atrás
What would be the name equivalent of Karen’s in the 20’s ?
Plague Fellow
Plague Fellow Mês atrás
Don’t do this to me don’t ruin my favorite women fashion other than goth lol
strawbb 2 meses atrás
“what do you mean it hasnt been invented yet” LWMDKSK
Bryan B.
Bryan B. 2 meses atrás
Even in comedy sketches Karens are unlikable.
sunmarsh 2 meses atrás
Maybe mom got upset that they wouldn’t accept her shampoo return because she had used it... most of it. Her excuse “How was I supposed to know if I liked it before using it??”
Rachel Trammell
Rachel Trammell 2 meses atrás
Perfection! Loved the character and loved the costume. Very convincing character and very creative with the story! Loved it👍😎🙃
Reagan Cope
Reagan Cope 2 meses atrás
I love this sooooo funny
Sakal ARTs
Sakal ARTs 2 meses atrás
your so funny can you please make more please
Princess Marshella Horman
what Wes Anderson movie is this
clara ao melody
clara ao melody 2 meses atrás
Don´t you dare come for Tamara de Lempicka she´s a queen we stan. Karen ._____.
Piwwow 2 meses atrás
And Peggy
Rch Rch
Rch Rch 2 meses atrás
I misread the title as '1920s rapper' instead of '1920s flapper' and I was so confused lol
Daгya Vlasova
Daгya Vlasova 2 meses atrás
She's remember one actress in the serie from Netflix, Peaky Blinders. You are so beaultiful.
kj gallardo
kj gallardo 2 meses atrás
"Peggy can kiss my.. As for the champagne" lol XD
GLAM0URED 2 meses atrás
Karen? She's a bad bitch for that knee flash ;)
Cherry 2 meses atrás
Me and my girls went out
Professor Quinsonsnib
Professor Quinsonsnib 2 meses atrás
i just love your videos so much
Phryne Mnesarete
Phryne Mnesarete 2 meses atrás
Anna Kotov
Anna Kotov 2 meses atrás
I like how the 1920’s Karen has much better style then modern Karens. Lol 😂
zac scalafini
zac scalafini 2 meses atrás
I think someone should steal this 1920’s Karen character for their next period drama...
Nicole Acker
Nicole Acker 2 meses atrás
Omg I love your skits!!!!
Ангелина Бузениус
Нет ничего смешного в том, что передразнивать других женщин и издеваться над ними. Тем самым вы отказываете женщинам в праве выражать эмоции (пусть плохие, но это не важно). И конечно же издеваться над женщинами всегда проще, чем над мужчинами, верно? Это еще и так здорово площряется обществом! Надеюсь только, что когда ВЫ будете выражать недовольство в неприятной ситуации, вас не высмеют как очередную "карен".
the tea and the cookie
the tea and the cookie 2 meses atrás
я думаю, вы и есть карен.
Larissa Pires
Larissa Pires 2 meses atrás
karen invented the costumer service
R. L.
R. L. 2 meses atrás
What an effing "what’s more important your table or my night out? because if there’s something that’s getting ruined is my MOOD"
Chloeismycat And Cats
Chloeismycat And Cats 2 meses atrás
If you want to be a Karen, at least dress like a 1920s flapper. Make it a bit fun.
Hannah J
Hannah J 2 meses atrás
*Don't you dare diss Peggy.*
Vivek Amar
Vivek Amar 2 meses atrás
I could've had a bath with that champagne had there been soap in the bathroom
Heather Gluck
Heather Gluck 2 meses atrás
wait what does it mean that her knees would be bruised?
Nadja Petkovic
Nadja Petkovic 2 meses atrás
@Heather Gluck you're welcome! Captions are a bit confusing lol
Heather Gluck
Heather Gluck 2 meses atrás
@Nadja Petkovic oh yes no i'm familiar with rouging the knees i just was sure she said bruised (mostly because that's what the CC said, lol) but rewatching she certainly said rouged. thanks!
Nadja Petkovic
Nadja Petkovic 2 meses atrás
I **think** she said "rouged". Apparently actual 1920s flappers applied rouge to their knees in order to draw attention to that part (if they occasionally flashed them, that is!) That's what I read once somewhere. Don't know how true or common all of that was, but it sounds interesting.
Isolda G.N
Isolda G.N 2 meses atrás
lol you are just a wondrfull actress XD i got the nerve with such nice acting XD
misha 2 meses atrás
love the hat!
Lady Dickens
Lady Dickens 3 meses atrás
I feel bad for any women named Karen at the moment, my son's childminder is called Karen and she's the most caring, lovely person
Hannah Martin
Hannah Martin 3 meses atrás
When you're watching this a year later and forget that Karen was a thing before 2020...
T.Diana 3 meses atrás
She's not a Karen(ok maybe she's a bit Karen-ish) she's a baddie.
Walenta 3 meses atrás
Why is no one calling out that slick cut on “Peggy can kiss my-As for the champagne”?
enydnightshade 3 meses atrás
dIsGusTeD 3 meses atrás
Ok Edwardian or whatever.
Yo Dawg
Yo Dawg 3 meses atrás
A moment of silence for nice ladies actually named Karen. 🤐
Alex P.D
Alex P.D 3 meses atrás
If see lived today she would no doubt vote for Joe Biden.... Cause she acts and sounds exactly like a topical democrat...😂😂😂😂
Briar Leigh
Briar Leigh 3 meses atrás
There isn't enough high pitched screeching and assault of property here.
James Lawner
James Lawner 3 meses atrás
"I could be pregnant in the next month or so" LMAO 🤣
Daniel Awesome
Daniel Awesome 3 meses atrás
Fantastic hair. How-?
Max Caulfield
Max Caulfield 3 meses atrás
Błagam rób więcej takich sketchy
your favorite beauty guru but it's 1588
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