your favorite beauty guru but it's 1588 

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tell me you did not come here for the Book of Wonders recipe 👁️👄👁️
sorry, the sound is terrible
also people knowledgable in Elizabethan costuming don't come at me, I made this outfit in a day
"Renaissance" by
"Master of the Feast" by Kevin MacLeod
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19 Nov 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
again thanks a lot to Nicholas Sampforde and son, the shipwrights, for sponsoring today's video 🙏 be sure to check them out
Holy Emoly
Holy Emoly 6 dias atrás
Yeah. Sorry Karolina. I didn’t see the link in the description.
S P 6 dias atrás
Catherine H
Catherine H 7 dias atrás
@rowan orre I am willing to believe my information is wrong, it came from one of the re-enactment groups. And that was *decades* ago, itself.
rowan orre
rowan orre 7 dias atrás
@Catherine H I was told that "wench" meant any young girl.
Holy Emoly
Holy Emoly 15 dias atrás
U should collab with the queen. She’d probably love it.
Charlie phelps
Charlie phelps Hora atrás
We need to see more venetian ceruse in period dramas!
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Dia atrás
Lead in beauty products could be the new thing in the 21st century. ;-) I was thinking of a getting a couple galleons to flaunt my new wealth. Thanks
History is my least favourite subject but I find your videos entertaining.
@Joe Smith yessss agreed XD
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Dia atrás
The teachers just need to add humor to mock the ways of the past and the ways of the present. =D
Lea Workman
Lea Workman Dia atrás
So glad I stumbled on to this. Brilliant!
Ivy Callender
Ivy Callender 2 dias atrás
Girl, you keep me laughing! Thank you!!!❤️
jolanta0024 2 dias atrás
She is beautiful 😍
Steven Higgins
Steven Higgins 2 dias atrás
Oh oh wow. This is bad. I thought that the sposor was real for a second. And not, like, models. I thought there was a actually a design form dedicated to making full size, seaworthy, old-school gallons for super-rich history buffs. TF is wrong with me...
Liya dePablo
Liya dePablo 2 dias atrás
this is just amazing
I c o n i c
I c o n i c 2 dias atrás
Man, watching this after the Queen's death and the bubonic plague just starting, is really bringing back the ok times *cries in the 1600s ladylike manner*
Marc Rivas
Marc Rivas 2 dias atrás
So, lead and mercury (from the cinnabar in the vermillion); yup, that's a very great way to get heavy metal poisoning good job 14th century
Love and let love
Love and let love 4 dias atrás
I swore not to tell a soul however i will be of the devil and sin ,may God bequit me of all evil.I use stale horse urine ,the older and browner it is the better its work on the hair,the smell could knock the evil of the pope and it knocks out the browning of the hair.I noticed your skin came a little off ,its perfectly fine ,hide any scars with a thickined layer of cerus its practically holy water to the skin.
Lori Hogue
Lori Hogue 5 dias atrás
Welcome to my period in history. My lady hath taught us wondrous well. Huzzah !!!
Jade Allen
Jade Allen 5 dias atrás
The majestic silver etiologically appreciate because buffet parenthetically whip till a materialistic offence. simple, stupid hope
Catalina Of Aragon
Catalina Of Aragon 6 dias atrás
Really good tutorial, would recommend to my ladies-in-waiting!💗
ଘukiiyoଓ 6 dias atrás
3 reasons I watch ur channel 🫖: 1.because you are beautiful 2.because I love fashion history 3. BECAUSE UR FUNNY AND AA
Gabriel Cannizzo
Gabriel Cannizzo 6 dias atrás
"So I'd suggest you save it for dyeing your clothes" had me weak
The Eye of The Alchemist
I can't express the happiness that this brings me. Hilarious. 11/10
Iris Bar
Iris Bar 7 dias atrás
I would try some Turmeric combined with Vinegar. It works. I tried it in the future .
ShowMe TheRopes
ShowMe TheRopes 8 dias atrás
Okay, first time viewer here, and I must let this be known, I followed your channel after finally watching half of one of your videos (it’s been showing up on my dash for a while now) because it was not what I expected in a very good way. I am a cis gay man with no interest in fashion but I love your videos because not only do I love learning of things that are not a part of my immediate world but you don’t take yourself too seriously and you make me laugh and that’s the magical recipe for getting my attention. Love the video!
Philemaphobia 8 dias atrás
She could just use beet root powder just like all of us who really give their tenth to church
Tatia Romero Gueller
Tatia Romero Gueller 11 dias atrás
All your videos are always Magical. Thank you!
butterfly airways
butterfly airways 11 dias atrás
GLORIANA! hahah.... you are wonderful!
Persnikity12345 11 dias atrás
I was in the market for a new galleon so I'll definitely use the discount code!!
Saxon Stahl
Saxon Stahl 12 dias atrás
i personly like having green vanes still but with my ruff i hides it any tips
M Carlson
M Carlson 12 dias atrás
in 50-100 years historians will look back on modern day beauty gurus like this
Jana 13 dias atrás
I remember my grandma had a little vase like that 'vermillion' one when I was a kid
Mayakashi Sagan
Mayakashi Sagan 13 dias atrás
Lead foundation. I'm dead
J Herbert
J Herbert 13 dias atrás
That ruff is so chic it breaks the sumptuary laws😘
Scoop92 13 dias atrás
OH MY GOD, that sponsor shoutout was so bomb XD!!! Thanks so much for that.
Abigail Rettig
Abigail Rettig 13 dias atrás
C K 14 dias atrás
What do people mean by double unskippable ads? Like, right next to each other or spaced out
Queeny 14 dias atrás
Excuse me?, Doth anyone know how to cover up moles? I’ve heard that you can stitch leather on ye’ face. Also by any chance is there arsenic in ye’ face paste? Queen Mary said it will make ye’ a lot more intelligent. Kind regards,
Koray Dagenbach
Koray Dagenbach 15 dias atrás
This, but with the voice of John Maclean.
Sarah Perkins
Sarah Perkins 15 dias atrás
Yippee and thank goodness for church ladies
Lovette idk
Lovette idk 15 dias atrás
Holy Emoly
Holy Emoly 15 dias atrás
I looked in the description and I didn’t find the link to the sponsor’s website... please put it in next time!
Laura Zachary
Laura Zachary 15 dias atrás
Plot twist- she’s actually using lead white
Antonio Narciso
Antonio Narciso 16 dias atrás
Welcome to the haus, is the haus of holbein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Belle 16 dias atrás
I didn't know they had cursors in the 1500's Rick, what did you do?
Kinga Kucyk
Kinga Kucyk 16 dias atrás
Dopiero Panią znalazłam i już wiem, że tu zostaję. Zajebiście 😍
choirkitty 16 dias atrás
No one would spill the wine! Omg love it!
Theophilus200 17 dias atrás
This is quite clever - I'd say if the internet had existed back then, this is exactly what we'd have seen on it! I love the bit about the sponsors, people are the same in any era of history.
Alana Barber
Alana Barber 17 dias atrás
Didn't know what to expect but was obsessed from the sponsorship 😂🙌 pure gold
Chloe_The_Cat 17 dias atrás
You didn't link to the Book of Wonders in the description. Disappointed, really wanted a copy!
Zhuting 18 dias atrás
But.... But where's the link to the ceruse face paint recipe? 😣
M.Kerem Aydın
M.Kerem Aydın 18 dias atrás
Who needs a boring history teacher ? We have you, you are a time machine that can walk. Go on like this.
TheOtherDibbler 18 dias atrás
This is amazing and I love it. XD
JJSSEEJ 19 dias atrás
ugh why are we yet in the vices of these bourgeois wenches who can speak foreign tongues and own Vermillion from their connections in the merchant class. I've half a mind to elope to a life of piracy.
Argus Fleibeit
Argus Fleibeit 19 dias atrás
Oh, Karolina-- I am falling off of my sofa laughing at this. At the end when you do your "BRdeskr Beauty Influencer Pose" montage, it is excellent. Also your "sponsor" montage is hilarious.
Jada Cross
Jada Cross 19 dias atrás
Man i love this side of youtube
Atlantis 19 dias atrás
Ugh tbt when youtube was actually GOOD...
sleeping clari
sleeping clari 20 dias atrás
a veiny chest was a good loock?
Berry Wrobel
Berry Wrobel 20 dias atrás
'...mostly requested by ladies in my church...' paaahhhh
Ava L.
Ava L. 20 dias atrás
🤣😂🤣😂 The sponsor section killed me 👏🏼
A Random Person
A Random Person 21 dia atrás
This girl is simply appalling I heard she showed her ANKLES in public how scandalous
manicEliksni 21 dia atrás
honestly all i'm waiting for is an apology video
nasty one
nasty one 23 dias atrás
This was way funnier than i expected it to be
Lenny Cartwright
Lenny Cartwright 24 dias atrás
"Spill the wine" 😂
Beanu 24 dias atrás
When will the coupon code expire ma am
Arie 25 dias atrás
I saw some pale-skinned narrow-eyed girls wearing silk in the market this morning. People said they're from the east. I wonder could you also make tutorial video about The Queen's make up in those eastern girls style. England need some fusion from the far, we're enough with Danes hairstyle, that eastern girl's long straight shining hair looks stunning. Thank you... - a trader from Londonshire, English-Danes mixblood.
Leah Curran
Leah Curran 25 dias atrás
Wait do they really draw on veins on their bosoms???
confusecius 25 dias atrás
Instructions unclear, accidentally led a crusade against a small Italian village
Jackie Ketcham
Jackie Ketcham 26 dias atrás
Verily I say, this video is glorious!
Ishita Gupta
Ishita Gupta 26 dias atrás
You may wanna use appropriate language respective to the time too maybe? It's gonna give it the extra boom.
Emma Hosein
Emma Hosein 26 dias atrás
Yes, queeennnnn. Burn off your skinnnn.
Emma Hosein
Emma Hosein 26 dias atrás
Wow! This look is a 10/10, would try again. Besides the fact that my actual skin looks 30 years older, I always just add more to hide my beauty marks.
heeyeolie 26 dias atrás
Am I the only one watching this in 1589?
ØLixteral CxrpenterXx
ØLixteral CxrpenterXx 26 dias atrás
I really thought it was Oli
Samantha Traya
Samantha Traya 26 dias atrás
Dustin _
Dustin _ 26 dias atrás
Omg. James Charles's ancestor
Lauren Perfetto
Lauren Perfetto 26 dias atrás
This is great I love it lmao!
black-rose 27 dias atrás
i thought the thumbnail was milky bobby brown 😭😭😭
•Kaz¡ Mars¡ha Høque•
Woman is makeup guru Everyone: SHE IS A WITCH change my mind 🤓
Sam P
Sam P 27 dias atrás
You are hilarious!!
ミlia_berryミ 27 dias atrás
the fact that she included that boat maker sponsor thing 😭💀💀
Neru 27 dias atrás
the ✨beauty shots✨ at the end lmaooo
KawaiiLemon 27 dias atrás
I’m wheezing, this is so good. Of course that could be the consumption effecting my lungs. Can you spill the tea on what’s going on with Elizabeth and Mary?
Beth&793 26 dias atrás
If it's 1588, they're definitely not on speaking terms... Cos Elizabeth executed her last year :D
Janell Kendall
Janell Kendall 27 dias atrás
Donna jo catlady
Donna jo catlady 27 dias atrás
hoephoric- 28 dias atrás
Jesus loves you
Ykhraam 28 dias atrás
d-draw green veins? wha
LEO 28 dias atrás
Only criticism is, this isn’t in Latin
Keem KardAsian
Keem KardAsian 28 dias atrás
Get Ready With Me before Getting Executed
Zylie Acaria
Zylie Acaria 28 dias atrás
Wow, she really did her research, even the common line"no one would spill the tea" was turned into "no one spill wine on the recipe" 😂
Pien 28 dias atrás
The only thing better than the video is this comment section
UrpleSquirrel 28 dias atrás
The urine bleaching trick does work, but to get the best results you need to have your hair in sunlight for a few hours, which is always tricky - your hair gets lighter, but I sat out too long and started to tan and ending up looking like a peasant! I think this foundation might do the trick to cover that up.
Ula Eggaldin
Ula Eggaldin 28 dias atrás
1888, 1788, 1688, 1588 whats next? 1088? Jesus Christ times fashion???
Minfires Man Yeah _ That Was Mingenious
I was so disappointed I didn't find the book of wonders recipe 😭
Minfires Man Yeah _ That Was Mingenious
godikynat 29 dias atrás
knowing nothing about the 1500's nor make-up gurus so I know this will be a trip
Katie Dickson
Katie Dickson 29 dias atrás
Omg I just found you and I’m telling everyone!! 🤣❤️
Alexandra Grassi
Alexandra Grassi 29 dias atrás
Is this serious or still a joke
Sanusha Galappathy
Sanusha Galappathy 29 dias atrás
"Tell me you did not come here for the Book of Wonders recipe" ... Maybe
Максим Снігир
But where is the Book of Wonders?
LordCawdorOfMordor 29 dias atrás
Oh my goodness Nicholas Sampforde was a real Dorset shipwright
Marrie L.
Marrie L. 29 dias atrás
ok this channel is really great i'm brazilian and now you are my favorite non-brazilian channel
demitwice 29 dias atrás
Brasileiros estão em todos os lugares
ʕ •o• ʔ
ʕ •o• ʔ 29 dias atrás
did she say lead was in the foundation- is that safe.
Beth&793 26 dias atrás
Shinsou Simp
Shinsou Simp Mês atrás
idk Mês atrás
lol i absolutely love the very end XD
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