Yes, I Wrote Another Book / Wydaję kolejną książkę [PL/ENG] 

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30 Out 2019



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d00d 17 dias atrás
Me: *doesn't speak Polish* Also me: I'll take your entire stock!
Arjuna Delhy
Arjuna Delhy Mês atrás
Henrick Sienkiewicz in Polsky?
Анна Лиганова
Omg, it was absolutely great, but at the same time definitely strange. I'm Russian, and during the video I was trying to read the subtitles without "God, l uNdErStAnD her. xD P.S. All in all I'm ordering 5 copies NOW
Nerwen Cao
Nerwen Cao 3 meses atrás
Maybe I should learn Polish as third language.
Maple cozy
Maple cozy 4 meses atrás
Wow! In polish you FLY !!
Ness 5 meses atrás
This moment, when you're from Belarus and speak Russian and Belorussian and I learned English and wow, I understood about 60% of what she was saying, just... WOW
Annie Dean
Annie Dean 5 meses atrás
ok i want the book but i wont get it bc its in polish and i will stare at it everyday and hate it and myself for not speaking the same language
Katarzyna Jakubczyk
Katarzyna Jakubczyk 5 meses atrás
Wow! Muszę koniecznie kupić tę książkę :) niesamowicie interesująca tematyka.
Polak Ortodoks
Polak Ortodoks 5 meses atrás
No niech Pani wraca do Polski.
Polak Ortodoks
Polak Ortodoks 5 meses atrás
Gratuluje ksiazki. Kupimy ja. Poza tym planujemy umieszczac Pani filmy na stronach internetowych Katolickiego Ruchu Oporu. Prosimy jednak by Pani trzymala sie Tradycji...tradycyjnego ubioru kobiecego. Dzinsy zla i grozna idea w sprzecznosci do tego co Pani promuje.
Kiara Pamela Lopez
Kiara Pamela Lopez 6 meses atrás
2:38 Is giving me Gentleman Jack vibes and I'm okay with that lol
Lou _ Lou
Lou _ Lou 6 meses atrás
I wish it was in English. Aswell as her 1st book
Edith 8 meses atrás
Translate the book in English please 😭 I want to read it, but I can‘t 😢
Korinna Beckenbauer
Korinna Beckenbauer 9 meses atrás
Do you know if your books will ever be translated into English or German? I'd love to read them but I don't speak a lick of Polish
Antoni Jurkiewicz
Antoni Jurkiewicz 10 meses atrás
God your voice sounds sooo weird in polish xD
Putaspellonyou 11 meses atrás
I teach history. I would love to see your book in English. Congratulations.
Karolina Piwońska
Karolina Piwońska 11 meses atrás
Czemu nie mówisz po polsku ?😢
Manish Kayt
Manish Kayt Anos atrás
As a Russian it’s also hard to understand Polish XD Different Slavic group you see.
Lavender Salad
Lavender Salad Anos atrás
Aha to juz wiem ze mam kupic ksiazke
Kanashimi Anos atrás
Когда-то я понимала польский, потому что живу рядом с этой страной, но сейчаск сожалению нет ( earlier I was understanding polish because I live near this country, but now unfortunately not)
Anna Anos atrás
dostalam ja pod choinke :) pierwsza tez w zeszłym roku :) polecam
Carla Gronwald
Carla Gronwald Anos atrás
waiting for the English version 🖤
fanetv Anos atrás
So I was just going to order this, but the codes don't seem to be working. Was it like a timed offer? In any case, will order it regardless, looks interesting.
silvana curpen
silvana curpen Anos atrás
You are beautiful
Tomáš Janoušek
Tomáš Janoušek Anos atrás
Čeština a polština jsou si bližší než jsem čekal :)
Eurus Anos atrás
I am braziliam so...
kwiat lotosu
kwiat lotosu Anos atrás
A tak w sumie zabawne, że wydajesz książkę po polsku, a większość Twojej widowni jest z zagranicy haha 🖤
PeanutGalleryKid Anos atrás
All those who don't speak Polish.... well start learning this can be your textbook.
Mateo Anos atrás
I'm a Spanish,who has family in Argentina, my oldest family comes from Polan, from Spain and from Uruguay. Some of my aunts are in USA and in Luxembourg. Watching a video in Polish while I reed subtitles in English. So international XD.
Amar Rai
Amar Rai Anos atrás
Symmetrical face. stunning
Medusa Anos atrás
You better believe I’m buying it and using google translator
Justyna Teresa
Justyna Teresa Anos atrás
Kupuję! 😁
Lale Verhoeven
Lale Verhoeven Anos atrás
I have been learning Polish for almost a year now and it´s still a looong way to go...perhaps you could add Polish subtitles to your videos (if it´s not too much extra work)? That would be such a great help! :)
Hella Agnes
Hella Agnes Anos atrás
Bardzo szanuję Twoją twórczość, rozwijaj się dalej! ♥ Pozdrawiam i życzę wszystkiego dobrego c:
bbbun Anos atrás
I honestly want this book even though I wont be able to read it
bal laurina
bal laurina Anos atrás
O to juz wiem co sobie znowu zamowic pod choinke :D
Martyna Anos atrás
Who else can understand yeet me.
Sofka450 Anos atrás
I practilally understood polish verbally, maybe there's a hope for me to read this, slav power
Chloe Baker
Chloe Baker Anos atrás
As a Brit trying to learn Polish this book will be perfect! On the other hand; me and google translate might become mortal enemies by the end
Gimmix89 Anos atrás
Fajna laska. Greetings from neighboor germany.
Emma Bringuela
Emma Bringuela Anos atrás
hoping there would be an english translation for the book..
Undefined Error
Undefined Error Anos atrás
Someone said memy mamy in their comment.. Is that Polish for meme mom? Is it? I'll be saying memy momy from now on okay :b
Megan Phillipps
Megan Phillipps Anos atrás
I can't believe I'm about to force my polish grandma to read me a book about fashion history again but...
Lucile Anos atrás
Ordering that book using Google translate is the wildest thing I've ever done.
LOKI Anos atrás
Zdrávíme z Česka bratry Poláky !!!
Jeremiah Anos atrás
Hello, My last name is very similar to yours. Maybe we are long lost cousins.
little cheese
little cheese Anos atrás
I will learn Polish just to read meme mom's books!
little cheese
little cheese Anos atrás
@zepter00 I got time
woopa ban
woopa ban Anos atrás
This "a może trochę" on 1:51 is sounds exactly and it means the same thing in Ukrainian
Niki V
Niki V Anos atrás
That would be a topic I would totally read a book about! If it were in English 😆 holy cow you talk a lot faster in Polish! Congrats on the new book 😊
abirdkilledmeh Anos atrás
My english teacher was a polish woman. I had a crush on her
u can call me khaleesi
*já, český nevzdělanec, cítíc se velice superior, když dokoukám tohle video bez titulků*
Mario G
Mario G Anos atrás
Sun Guy
Sun Guy Anos atrás
Izu Cale
Izu Cale Anos atrás
Umím polsky? Ne. Budu tomu rozumět? Ano. Btw does Czech count as Poland? I want my slav free shipping.
Валерия Фамилия
То чувство, когда польский на слух понятнее английских субтитров
Fabio Pineda
Fabio Pineda Anos atrás
No se como terminé aquí pero sin duda es la mujer mas bontia que he visto en mi vida
Nico Anos atrás
We can snap pictures of every page and Google Translate that bish How accurate it would be..... well we will see 😂
Gotaur Anos atrás
I'm a Russian, learning Czech and I definitely overestimated myself not reading subtitles... I got some words though!
Just Random person
Just Random person Anos atrás
rohimore Anos atrás
I like u I will learn polish for u. ONE DAY!
Natalia Huerta Magallanes
This is crazy! My mother tongue is actually Spanish, but I watch my meme mom videos in English and now Polish!! Te felicito mucho por el libro aunque no pueda leerlo!;
Zero Mostel
Zero Mostel Anos atrás
When will your books be in english?
Atiregram Akswoktiw
Gratuluje nowej ksiazki.Serdecznosci.
Tiny Space Goat
Tiny Space Goat Anos atrás
Congratulations meme mum!! Also as a Russian speaker hearing polish is kind of trippy. I understand like, maybe every third word.
Julia Roszczyk
Julia Roszczyk Anos atrás
Wiecej polskiego na twoim kanale! (Jestem zbyt leniwa zeby sobie tlumaczyc a uwielbiam cie sluchac)
Gabriela Lehle
Gabriela Lehle Anos atrás
Queen, też mam urodziny 25!! Ale sobie kupię prezent 📖
David Tigre de Madera
Love You!
sedmihra Anos atrás
I am Czech but I can still understand you.. Lol Congrats on the book
Dinobuggasaurus Anos atrás
*vigorously learns polish*
flyushkifly Anos atrás
Congratulations!! What a lot of amazingly hard work. :-)
Thomas Sørensen
Thomas Sørensen Anos atrás
Just discovered your amazing film costumes videos (because I'm a film nerd!). Love them and your sense of humor. PS: I can't be the only one thinking that Karolina was actually born in the 17th, an immortal walking the Earth, The Highlander style. Only, she doesn't collect vintage weapons but vintage clothes. :)
Drink Your Nail Polish
Ja movię po polsku. I'm currently learning polish, so this makes me happy 😃
Anna Wojciechowska
Anna Wojciechowska Anos atrás
I just learned you had your birthday four days after me :) Pozdrawiam❤
Firiel Anos atrás
I don't speak Polish, but I'm still really happy for you and your book! If it's as good as your videos, it must be a wonderful read.
Luna Celeste
Luna Celeste Anos atrás
Are you a historian?
Isadora Gazzi Foresti
I love your videos in polish! I can't understand a thing but it's such a beautiful language
boredgrass Anos atrás
Congratulations! Do you have plans for an English ebook, or BRdesk series in english?
delfyinc Anos atrás
I'd actually love to buy it if I can (I'm in japan) but the link for europe/international led to a polish page, and I don't know how to change the language on the site
Legawien84 Anos atrás
Will you pleaaaseee do a feature video of your books with some of the pictures? I would really love love love to see that!
A M Anos atrás
Wow, mamy urodziny tego samego dnia. Co za niespodzianka :D
yellville sims
yellville sims Anos atrás
Karolina out here forcing us to learn Polish
0madlen0 Anos atrás
O rany no zrobisz im za jakis czas tłumaczenie tej książki i po krzyku :) Jak Harry Potter wychodził w UK to myśmy też czekali xd
Šari Dummy
Šari Dummy Anos atrás
Free shipping to Germany or Austria but no to the Czech republic or sad. 😥 Because we are close neighbours.
PentiFyre Anos atrás
Do I speak Polish? No. Could I find the subtitles? Also no. Did I watch the whole video enthusiastically because I hope I can get the book (and maybe translate it)? Absolutely!!
W Oin
W Oin Anos atrás
Oh wow! Big congrats! That’s amazing. The world needs your perspective to be immortalized in writing ❤️
Anna Anos atrás
Awesome. Maybe next time I'm in Poland I'll pick it up to help support maintaining my Polish reading ability!
Korbyn Swafford
Korbyn Swafford Anos atrás
Cześć Karolina! Przepraszam za słabą gramatykę, ale wciąż uczę się polskiego. Wcielam się w postać Chanel „Coco” na Konkurs Żywej Historii. Wyglądałam i wyglądałam, ale wciąż nie wiem, jak ułożyć włosy. Czy masz jakieś wskazówki?
FloxTv Anos atrás
Only Jesus Christ saves.
Helene raven
Helene raven Anos atrás
Are there lots of "hard" words in it? I'm learning polish so I might just buy your book anyway B-)
psycho road
psycho road Anos atrás
wheres my free shipping for Czech Republic?? xD
Kuba Notatnik
Kuba Notatnik Anos atrás
Oł, Karolajna
Bára Opálková
Bára Opálková Anos atrás
I literally clicked on the video just to hear you speak polish, as I find it rather pleasing. Your Czech fan living near the polish border. 💕
О Т Anos atrás
wow i enjoy polish so much i wanna learn it and you inspire me
Natalie Haro
Natalie Haro Anos atrás
I literally was memorized by her speaking even though were it not for subtitles I would have no idea what she is saying. love you meme mom!
Dena _
Dena _ Anos atrás
Melanie martinez now wear old style cloths sometimes. You can do it too!
Annie Brahe
Annie Brahe Anos atrás
Did I understand anything you said in polish? no. Did I love it anyway? yes. 10/10 would buy
Suzanne Beyer
Suzanne Beyer Anos atrás
That was cool hearing you speak your mother language!
marie clove
marie clove Anos atrás
Thats it I'm going to learn polish
Jeanne Elise
Jeanne Elise Anos atrás
do you think there is a chance that we will have a translated version of either books in the future?
Valentina Ivorciuc
Valentina Ivorciuc Anos atrás
i both want and need this is english sO MUCH
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