y'all need to stop with the "manly men" stereotype [RANT] 

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24 Nov 2020



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Theladval 50 minutos atrás
Karolina is a whole different mood
Joe Dick
Joe Dick Hora atrás
Harry Styles is not a manly man, not because he wore a dress but just because he's such a wimp.
The Schmitter
The Schmitter 2 horas atrás
What a history buff. Human history apparently begins at 3000 BC Good job, much wow.
The Schmitter
The Schmitter 2 horas atrás
OMG... I can't even... The thing is that historically speaking, men and women acted and dressed differently. It doesn't matter how exactly it was executed, but it had always been quite clear that there was an appropriate way of conduct and how to dress for men and women. It differed. The issue at hand does NOT resolve itself around "did men wear dresses in the past". That's a stupid point to argue over. The point being made is that there is a cultural clash when people are being forced into habits, dress codes and mannerism that have been designated to another gender. And that is true for any period in history. Did you know that mothers shamed their boys for bad behavior BY PUTTING THEM IN FEMALE CLOTHES??? How does that fit into your little rant? Ironic how one part of this crowd tells people to "stop with the cultural appropriation" but simultaniously are being screamed at for not wanting to appropriate a mix of culture from a gender specific angle. So: No, I won't put on a dress because you people are trying to make me believe I will somehow be more empowered. Yes, I would prefer instead more traditionally "mannly" attributes to be highlighted in a positive manner.
The Schmitter
The Schmitter 2 horas atrás
Like ... what on EARTH are you doing??? Are you seriously stating that fashion of the past is comparable to fashion these days? And no... noone else is saying that. They are comparing previously established trends in contempuary times. What about the antique attitude towards nudity? Am I ok these days to run around stark naked in public? NO! It isn't comparable! It has never been meant to be interpreted that way and would be foolish to do so. Madam, you are a bad historian
C.D.G. 2 horas atrás
Pentti Koivuniemi
Pentti Koivuniemi 3 horas atrás
Bring back the ultimate manly man look, the buffet of different clothes items in all possible colors haphazardly matched together, possibly torn up just to show you have so much cash you can rip your expensive-as-fuck shirt and wear it, the landsknecht peacock.
ian ian
ian ian 5 horas atrás
I am a manly man. Should I change who I am just because you feel offended by it?
Daughter of Zion
Daughter of Zion 5 horas atrás
So I guess you like.your men in lipstick & heels. Manly means masculinity. In modern western society today some men believe it's ok to have feminine qualities & wear women's clothing. There is a battle against masculinity. We all know.that panty hose & were originally Designed for men &. women. Men in kilts look masculine. Harry Styles.& Jaden Smith in dresses appears weak & unmasculine.
Ghosthorns 6 horas atrás
“Manly Men” aka “Lumberjacks who don’t bathe”
Ghosthorns 6 horas atrás
Everybody is allowed to wear whatever they want as long as it’s not hurting anyone or themselves. A dude wants to wear dresses? Sure! A gal wants to wear a suit? Go ahead. A enby wants to wear a sweater? Okay!
Carime's lockdowned tree
I gotta show this to my parents My mom loves the history of fashion but doesn't like it when men wear dresses, so hopefully this will at least change her perception a little bit
Renegade Siha
Renegade Siha 9 horas atrás
hehe I definitely wouldn't want to be seen with a dude in a skirt or date a dude in a skirt.... unless it's a kilt and we are in the highlands (sighhh) because it is true fashion does change and I don't think historical pics of men are very attractive either because they look too feminine so for this day and age I prefer a guy in pants and thank the lord I wasn't born between say the 1400 to 1700's ish. Actually I could deal with later 17 to 1800 looks. I have a thing for the white powdered wigs lol
Daniel Moolman
Daniel Moolman 12 horas atrás
And don’t forget that pants didn’t even exist for the longest time.
Lyseas 12 horas atrás
I love my 14th century clothing when i´m on convetions...
Jenna Stevens
Jenna Stevens 23 horas atrás
1:11 snap but make it ✨*spicy*✨
Michelle S.
Michelle S. Dia atrás
Preach, girl!
So a lot of people seem to want to defend the Bible quote as, "Within a particular portion of human society and culture, one should never dress as the opposite gender." But Karolina addresses this as well. The point is that if no one ever took styles from the opposite gender since Biblical times, then we would still have those Biblical fashions. And if you want to interpret the Bible strictly, you should actually hold that we should return to Biblical fashions. Because the only way we have our contemporary understanding of masculine and feminine dress is because people stole clothing from across the gender divides.
Din Djarum
Din Djarum Dia atrás
In truth, The definition of "manly men" to the proletariat is "men who dress in the present accepted norm with no knowledge of clothing styles of the past". Manly men are ignorant men. Give me educated girly men with skills...they're useful and interesting.
ian ian
ian ian 5 horas atrás
Your ego is showing. Are you threatened by manly men? The fact is most "girly men" HAVE no applicable skills. That's why we call them "soyboys."
annie Dia atrás
honestly debating about whether or not i should send this to my conservative mom
Danny Durastanti
Danny Durastanti Dia atrás
Wife writing on hubs account: mine is a manly man, I prefer that, but when I say it's not what I want him to wear, he changes into something I suggest. I will not allow him to wear a dress, even if he wants to. But I wear pants. Sometimes he tells me what to do and sometimes I tell him what to do. We've got it all worked out.
no online harrassment
Shopping at Costco one day in Texas, and saw one of the sexiest men I have ever seen in real life. He was wearing a worn leather kilt. Easily 6’4” and nicely muscled. I realized we don’t see enough of men with nice legs showing them off. Hairy, but not overly much. Really strong jawline, very handsome. I felt like had found a unicorn at the grocery store. Made my day😁
theshevirgo Dia atrás
All my brothers have their ears pierced and regularly get manicures and pedicures they love jewelry and one of my brothers has more shoes than me another wears bb cream daily because his skin looks better. These are all manly straight men.
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Dia atrás
"The east knows this" Japan, not caring about it nearly as much as the US does: Waitwhat-
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Dia atrás
Oh my god, all the thinly veiled bigotry in the comments-
Sarah RedFox
Sarah RedFox Dia atrás
Loving that crescendo at the end absolutely excellent***chef kiss**(mua!!!!!)
Col_Bullet Dia atrás
"Fashion evolves and changes." Not for the last 200 years it didn't. ...atleast not fundamentaly, only minutely.
Stettafire Dia atrás
Someone didn't pay attention...
Lily Duck
Lily Duck Dia atrás
I think the difference for Americans is that we are such a NEW country. See, we were in survival mode until like, 60 years ago where as much of europe has been developed (in terms of art and fashion for hundreds years) for context, you would have to compare our idea of 'manly men' to when romans began to settle what is now England. Our idea of 'manly men' mostly come from our own history of settlers and survivers on a new frontier. Where men and women alike had to scrape by and didn't have time to think about their clothes. Most people simply lack the self awareness to realize that's where their ideals come from. Desperate survival is manly apparently.
Maysa Niyazova
Maysa Niyazova Dia atrás
Amy Lynn Hunt
Amy Lynn Hunt Dia atrás
I always felt bad for men, they don't get as many fashion choices. And yet Candace wears pants... has her hubby griped about that? I liked her, then she drove me bonkers. Harry didn't wear that down the street, it was just in Vogue magazine!
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Dia atrás
Right? We get weird looks if we either A. Don't look like we crawled out a dumpster. Or B. Are not wearing a whole penguin suit (Which are expensive.)
Martha Mryglod
Martha Mryglod Dia atrás
A beautiful presentation proving again that people would prefer facts not get in the way of feelings.
M P Dia atrás
I feel inspired by Candace Owens, really. My clothing style would fit her idea of a "manly man" (mostly because I'm lazy and not creative) but I always liked vintage stuff and dresses as they look really neat. So partially to not be attractive to people like her - I finally decided to get into sewing and my goal for 2021 is to experiment with clothing and makeup. Thanks, Candace.
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Dia atrás
You had us in the first half, not gonna lie. Try liquid eyeliner. It makes a stark, clean line that pencil just can't do if you get good at it.
Horatio Jones
Horatio Jones Dia atrás
The definition of what constituted masculinity over history changed radically, you'll get no argument from me on that point. But in western history, including today, the ruling class (or the wealth class) lived very differently than the rest of the people. Most of the pictures shown in this video are of the very wealthy and they indulged in a lifestyle than the poorer classes could scarcely dream about. Some of the more decadent fashion choices shown in your video were at a time just before radical changes came to that realm. I clearly remember the extreme decadence of the Royal French court of Louis XVI in stark contrast to the lives of the French peasants just before the revolution. I think we're fast approaching a time like that today as the wealth gap continues to grow and life gets harder for us working stiffs. Those men wearing dresses today, who do they represent? The common Joe trying to pay his rent and keep his belly full? Or is it this indulgence of a wealth class that can afford a lifestyle that most of can only read about in Cosmopolitan. IMO, this game hasn't changed for thousands of years.
Jeremiah Gabriel
Jeremiah Gabriel Dia atrás
Thank you for this. It drives me nuts too. Story, for anyone who's interested. I worked at a store, and had a grown ass man, real estate agent customer, ask me "do you have any key lanyards in pink? It's for me friend." "Oh that's nice! Is it her favorite color?" I thought *how nice of him.* Alas. "No. She's a girl. So I'm getting her a pink one. Because it's a girl's color." Nevermind that this adult man was discussing an adult woman like a five year old.... but he disregarded her possible actual preference of another color... Because her genitals (and capitalist media) had decided a color for her... what the entire ever living fuck train. I told him that in fact, prior to some point mid 1900s, it was in fact reversed for much of history. And this other adult man just stared at me like I was a space alien. "Oh." He said. And continued with his pink choice, and looked uncomfortable. I did not alleviate it. Personally *Stares longingly at stack of Tudor fashion history books sitting on my dresser* I'd love some more options and heaven forbid, colors or fabric types, in western men's wear. (Outside of just "gay specific" shops please). Maybe we can make brocade the official fabric of the zombie apocalypse? Please? I mean it doesn't breathe well, but it would look STUNNING while running from zombies.
BassyConn Dia atrás
Perfect! (Paired with Peer Gynt *Mua! double perfect.)
Alexandria 2 dias atrás
I feel like the obvious point being missed here is that those men were behaving as “manly” within their culture. I think the complaint is less about specific styles of dress and more the rejection some modern men have of anything they perceive as masculine and often rebuke masculinity as an evil within society. Often when a celebrity does this they are trying to make a pro-woman anti-man statement, and that is what many take issue with. Historically men dressed many different ways, but if you read their writings they expressly valued masculinity and did not intentionally try to act more female as if femininity is somehow more virtuous. So yes, a man in a frilly embroidered outfit with nickers and a powdered wig was very likely super manly and masculine.
Michał Martyna
Michał Martyna 2 dias atrás
Dziewczyno! Kocham Cie! Zaczynam udostepniac ten film wsrod wszystkich moich znajomych! Zwlaszcza jako gej niejednokrotnie slyszalem ze powinienem ubierac sie bardziej mesko, ze za bardzo o siebie dbam... jako historyk z zamilowania tlumaczylem nieraz jak to bylo z meska moda, ale brakowalo mi twojej szczegolowosci! Dziekuje! Jedyne co moge zarzucic, to fakt, ze przez Ciebie oplulem sie winem... ale to mala cena wobec takiej dawki smiechu!
Michał Martyna
Michał Martyna 2 dias atrás
I byc moze jestem zacofany ale przydalby sie post na instagramie ktorego moglbym bez problemu share-owac takze tam xD
Heather Tzogas
Heather Tzogas 2 dias atrás
I've been giving this a lot of thought - and it struck me that the manly men must at least pretend not to care about their appearance - because caring about one's appearance is considered to be a feminine pursuit. (And of course we all know that feminine pursuits are trivial and worthless) /s
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Dia atrás
Right? We should totally all look like we crawled out of a dumpster after a night of *hard* partying.
Heather Tzogas
Heather Tzogas 2 dias atrás
Lots of gems to choose from, but this video exemplifies everything I'm coming to love about your work. ***Shared on Facebook***
Chiara disperata
Chiara disperata 2 dias atrás
The dislikes are by the "manly man" you called out
TheHighestKaliber 2 dias atrás
"Men went fucking feral with their gorgeous locks" XDDDD
Arushi Brahma
Arushi Brahma 2 dias atrás
As a woman I would like to apologize to all men for stealing your high heals idea Genuinely ,u guys should be able to wear em whenever
mechtime 2 dias atrás
"In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri." -Douglas Adams, HGTG
Ian Pereira
Ian Pereira 2 dias atrás
Best. Video. Ever!
denisaurio 2 dias atrás
This rant made feel really good
Andrea Pappas
Andrea Pappas 3 dias atrás
Yes. Bring back menly men!
Nathan 3 dias atrás
Yeah I think the closest ancient men's fashion to the last 150 years of men's fashion was the ancient Romans and greeks. Short hair, shaved faces were predominant, I think a few others. But clothes wise very different. Obviously.
Nathan 3 dias atrás
Well I think the bible verse is referring to what clothing is manly and womanly in your current time period. Because obviously fashion changes.
Riegel Master
Riegel Master 3 dias atrás
Good video but it seems you are not wise enough for true manliness:
Saga Poetic
Saga Poetic 3 dias atrás
Caveat: The majority of the subjects ie men in these artworks -- were upperclass or nobles -- not the everyday guy back then. The definitions of 'manly' really depend on class and -- as you rightly point out -- the varying concepts of what was considered the ideal per that specific period in western history
Angel Brace
Angel Brace 3 dias atrás
Candace was correct, we need more manly men, in short: Humphrey Bogart was a manly man. Harry Styles is a womanly man.
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Dia atrás
What we need is for men to be comfortable in what they wear, regardless of the clothes being "manly" or "womanly" We don't need some washed up author telling people what they can and can't wear.
MNorbert 3 dias atrás
Why is your viewers don't have their own opinion? Also what's the problem with manly men? I don't get it.
MNorbert Dia atrás
@Jeiku Furame Don't need to be offended I'm just saying "manly man" not need to be *forced* to not wear woman clothes because they would already never do that. Candace expressed her preference and it's fine.
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Dia atrás
@MNorbert Alright, you're *clearly* not getting my point so I'll end this conversation here.
MNorbert Dia atrás
@Jeiku Furame That's a strawman nobody said that (also doesn't make any sense to mention sexism in this question). You don't respect difference in opinion i see. Some people like man wearing manly clothes deal with it. It's not forcing it's preference and it's perfectly ok.
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Dia atrás
@MNorbert Ah yes, "In my opinion, I think since you're a certain gender, you should never wear these clothes because you should stay in the very small lines we drew for you." Sounds like the same, lame thing people try to use as an excuse for sexist remarks, like "In my opinion, women shouldn't have jobs, they should be in the kitchen making food for their husbands"
MNorbert Dia atrás
@Jeiku Furame No forcing, people just have different opinions. Not on this channel apparently though.
logsarefun 3 dias atrás
IVI FI I2 IC 3 dias atrás
Ehh, can I just wear a suit?
Ahmed Tangiev
Ahmed Tangiev 3 dias atrás
Can't style socks sandals combo with them oldtimie fancy fashion, so its a pass
Kris Coke
Kris Coke 3 dias atrás
This was effing amazing!! You are the greatest! I love watching your videos 🤣
Sandy Malcolm
Sandy Malcolm 3 dias atrás
I will wear my kilt on a daily basis world and that's that's. Love the channel a great find for me
Charvi Kripalani
Charvi Kripalani 3 dias atrás
If only I had the courage to actually rock a dress in this country 😔
LEONESSA 3 dias atrás
I see your point but even the type of clothing of anytime had their gender differences.
Kia Lazyeyereader
Kia Lazyeyereader 3 dias atrás
Alexis Pennings
Alexis Pennings 3 dias atrás
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 4 dias atrás
We need to bring back manly men! No exceptions.
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 4 dias atrás
Jesus did not wear a dress, nor did men in history. Those are robes, togas, etc. Stfu. You know very little about fashion for someone who acts so smart.
Inercia's art
Inercia's art 4 dias atrás
Okey the beggining where you said everything men can't wear without being consider feminine suddenly explained why I'm unable to design male characters with different outfits and why everytime I do fancy outfits I end up with femboys
Ondřej Vágner
Ondřej Vágner 4 dias atrás
I would just like to say that it is my conviction that longer hair and other flamboyant affectations of appearance are nothing more than the male's emergence from his drab camouflage into the gaudy plumage which is the birthright of his sex. There is a peculiar notion that elegant plumage and fine feathers are not proper for the male when actually, that is the way things are in most species.
Hanna R
Hanna R 4 dias atrás
Every time someone complains about the manly man trope, I'm sending them this video!
Geert Vlaenckx
Geert Vlaenckx 4 dias atrás
It would be great to hear men talk about this... Stop femsplaining
EstrellaMew 4 dias atrás
Yes let's build a time machine and ask the men from the 14-19 centuries to explain what they're wearing But seriously, she's a PROFESSIONAL fashion historian. She's allowed to talked about the history of men's fashion. As long as she's accurate there's nothing wrong with that.
Damia Amani
Damia Amani 4 dias atrás
In Malaysia, Malay men would wear 'kain pelikat' to pray. But older men and men that lives in the rural areas will wear 'kain pelikat' everywhere. It wasn't considered unmanly, it was totally normal. It was apart of the Malay culture. It was worn for centuries.
Eric shadowblade
Eric shadowblade 4 dias atrás
I know right look how bad he looks in that dress compared to louie he really needs to up his game
Mahmood Ali
Mahmood Ali 4 dias atrás
I'm sorry but this rant is pointless since non of the examples showed men in women's clothing of their time. Yes cardinals and Popes wear long ropes, do they look feminine or remotely similar to nun's clothing? No No one said colors or fashion or looking good was not manly, all men want to look smart. It only said don't fuking wear a girl dress and pose like a bitch. That's all And speaking of other cultures, in egypt men and women culturally wear long robes and those robes have he same name but manly robes and womenly robes have different cuts and that's the only difference, so in every culture, you will never find any that did not make a distinction between man and woman clothing, and all of them look manly even when viewed by a modern eye
Kevin Conboy
Kevin Conboy 4 dias atrás
love this video, love you for making it!
Michie 5 dias atrás
Manly men.... have a spine. Aren't whining brats with apron strings...etc. fashion doesn't matter.
MsLilly200 5 dias atrás
My only objection to that Harry Styles pic, is that it's an ugly dress. Like the bottom has so much going on but then the top just has nothing. At least close the blazer so I can pretend the dress looks better than it does.
Stettafire Dia atrás
I don't think that shade of grey looks good on anyone in truth. I had a few shirts that colour and they made me look paler then I was, made me look ill. I think green would look good on Styles, or maybe a purple. Something to bring out the colour of his eyes, maybe.
Steven Higgins
Steven Higgins 5 dias atrás
Okay, but, like, that dress is not doing him any favors. First off, the waistline. There isn't one, he looks like a brick. Second, the neckline. It's way to broad and deep, he doesn't have the specs for it. And finally, who wears layered skirts anymore? If you're going to wear a dress you want something sleek and streamlined. In conclusion, if your going to wear a dress, wear one that flatters your body. Like that little bl@ck number with the frilled chest and sheer sleeves.
Agung Raka Wijaya
Agung Raka Wijaya 5 dias atrás
Laugh in Burgundian fashion
Leo Ferreira
Leo Ferreira 5 dias atrás
all i can remember when she talks about the high heels was dorian electra's lil song about high heels
Charlie phelps
Charlie phelps 5 dias atrás
I don't like the fact that gents such as Sam Smith or Harry Styles are considered daring just because they put on a bit of eye liner. Do people not remeber Prince,David Bowie,Adam Ant,Boy George? Does nobody remeber Glam rock,Punk or new romantics? This is nothing new people.
Charlie phelps
Charlie phelps 3 horas atrás
@ian ian I've got a t-shirt with a pair of tits printed on it does than count as dressing like a woman? Then again I stole it from Steve Jones & he's far from what you would call "feminine"
Charlie phelps
Charlie phelps 4 horas atrás
@ian ian luckily mate no ones asking you to.
ian ian
ian ian 5 horas atrás
How long before that becomes the expectation, I wonder? And then we're back to square one. Where real men wear makeup and dresses. Honestly disgusting, at least to me. I don't care if it's not new. It'll be a cold day in hell before I dress like a woman.
Luigi Di San Pietro
Luigi Di San Pietro 5 dias atrás
"Manly-man people" stereotypes cultures. It is based on their "local" culture and imposes their drab style to other people. Yeah as a Catholic Christian, even the festive garments that priests wear are colorful and floral. (Chasubles and Stoles) In Africa in fact, most of the guys I met in Cameroon wear colorful clothing, and my Burmese friends wear skirts (men there wear skirts). For me, to be a Manly-man should not be about fashion, it should be about the promotion of gentlemanly manners ~ chivalrous deeds that a lot of people forget nowadays. When was the last time you saw a man offer his seat to an elderly? Nice critique Karolina!
Stettafire Dia atrás
"When was the last time you saw a man offer his seat to an elderly?" The other week, but only because I know some awesome men. But, I agree with your point, down with the sterotypes.
Granny's Got This
Granny's Got This 5 dias atrás
I love you so much.
Jeremy Ceniza
Jeremy Ceniza 5 dias atrás
Who's Candace? I don't know her.
Decaying Memories
Decaying Memories 5 dias atrás
Okay, but men in dresses are hot af. Have you seen those metal punk skirts for guys??? Straight up look like they popped out of a cyberpunk film. That aside, just fucking let men wear what they want and act how they want (as long as they aren't hurting themselves or others.) If you identify as a man and/or are born as a man, you're a man. Being "feminine" doesn't change that. Personally, I believe pigeonholing specific personality traits and pieces of fabric is really fucking stupid and illogical. People have diverse personalities and tastes, not all men act the same just like not all women act the same
kelly zavandro
kelly zavandro 6 dias atrás
Fantastic rant, A+!
Trisha Heron
Trisha Heron 6 dias atrás
lol tbh, it's Candice Owens. She's probably thinking strictly 20th century dudes in America -- the era USA became a world superpower. Can anyone ever argue about the fabulousness of European historical fashion? (which I loveee and gives me lifeee)
Timothy Edward De Lange
1:53 "A turtle neck in any color is not manly enough" Marcellus Wallace: *Am I a joke to you?*
Katie Glaudell
Katie Glaudell 6 dias atrás
Why does this not have 10 million views
Tevi Wicca
Tevi Wicca 6 dias atrás
Tamilla B
Tamilla B 6 dias atrás
The music on this video is by Edvard Grieg not MacLeod
Valxbliss 6 dias atrás
Henry VIII actually was not groomed to become a king (manly man). He was raised by his women and his nurses as his Father was always with his elder brother Arthur, the heir and king before Henry. He did a lot of things that were considered “feminine”, for example he wrote poems and songs. Not sure how this fits but like still x
Nikolas Scholz
Nikolas Scholz 6 dias atrás
All i could think of was menmenmenmen manly menmenmen (etc) Love your content!
indiNJ 6 dias atrás
I want to show this video to all the parents who criticized me for reading the book "The boy in the skirt" (Realy cute book about a boy who just likes to wear skirts and gets bullied becausse of it, but the boys father helps his son and starts to wear skirts too) to their children. Thank you very much, this video is awesome.
Eleanor Lennox
Eleanor Lennox 6 dias atrás
Let's not forget the manly men of ancient Mesopotamia, with their colorful robes and their big, burly, hairy manly beards decorated with golden locks and flowers, and every possible inch of their body with jewellery
Kate Windey
Kate Windey 6 dias atrás
hotel? me - TRIVA-! Karolina - Versailles me: :(
Sanni Judy
Sanni Judy 6 dias atrás
Let's look at the upside of men sticking to gray sweatshirts and plain pants. Men out-earn women. What would happen if half the world's population now went on a being to buy clothing, shoe, makeup and hairdye? It might be a whole new market for fashion industry, yes - but the cost to garment workers and our environment would be ruinous. And women would have to pay even more than they do now for basic clothing. There. Does that help the eyeroll muscles? Love your videos, thank you for these gifts.
Filthy Weaboo
Filthy Weaboo 6 dias atrás
Sure, fine. I agree with the video, however: 1. That skirt/dress simply doesn't look well, if he wanted to wear a one he should've worn a shorter, scottish-style kilt. 2. Earrings on men just don't look good, and; 3. Painted nails don't look well either, and you won't change my opinion. For the most part I'd say that instead of fashion, many men could be criticized more for their behaviour rather than clothes.
Luna Tonkens
Luna Tonkens 6 dias atrás
Hotel? Versailles. I DIED
Janusz Ryszka
Janusz Ryszka 6 dias atrás
Don't forget about tiny locks of hair in XVII/XIX century wore by soldiers like hussars and grenadiers, which nowadays are reserverd for little girls.
Len Walks
Len Walks 6 dias atrás
Are we in the middle of a Renaissance yay
BatPierrot 6 dias atrás
I would agree with you except you seem to take only rich high society men for example, which i think is not different in current days ; rich men will wear exuberant clothes and not care about the opinion because, hey, if they're rich, they're successful and therefore, we should aspire to look like them or just appear as jealous
Cordelia Explains It All
preach!!! preach!!!
Silvina Ambrogi Bottassi
You rock Karolina!!!
Rachel Lewis
Rachel Lewis 7 dias atrás
“a manly man relies only on his pockets” me: damn. for everything? does he even fill them with things? is it *just* the pocket that keeps him going?
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 7 dias atrás
U have the resemblance of film actress Joan Crawford
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