y'all need to stop with the "manly men" stereotype [RANT] 

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24 Nov 2020



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Sarah Rawley
Sarah Rawley 3 horas atrás
Candace Owens - WTH your canceled you tell lies war with Poland.
Red Wizard
Red Wizard 6 horas atrás
A robe is not a dress. A kilt is not a skirt. Different periods and cultures had different clothing styles for the TWO genders. Feminine males are not empowering.
pru6er 7 horas atrás
Yes!! Bring it!!
Sp01able1 13 horas atrás
"Before, men dressed extravagantly, because before there was patriarchy! The man's ego was directed at him! And now the man dresses unattractively, like a slave, because feminism has appeared!" Also, there were black slaves and serfs who worked in the place of white men and created a surplus product that white men could spend it on luxury! " -This is approximately how this phenomenon is explained by the theory of masculism. And it also seems to me that you are substituting concepts and confuse transvestism with fashion! After all, when men wore miniskirts, then women did not wear them.
amnosia 16 horas atrás
Deserves more views
Joshua 18 horas atrás
I wear whatever I want, F these stereotypes. I like a lot of things in the women's department, and I don't really care what anyone else thinks. Just be you.✌🏼
Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg Hora atrás
I agree, anyone can wear whatever they want! I wish my mom agreed with me though.
Jonathan Davenport
Jonathan Davenport 22 horas atrás
Well for more affluent men, for the average and less affluent this was less applicable. But yes even with the less affluent of the past things were not as they are today in many ways with respect to fashion. So, yeah I love the videos on this channel. Because I think fashion is a cool part of history often overlooked.
Vicki Escobar
Vicki Escobar Dia atrás
the female or some females are scare of the man could look better in that dress heels make up and stockings ! so unsecure !!
Eirle Dia atrás
Sorry woman, we don't want to wear those horrible and unefficient dresses, we changed our outfit through the eras because we want to not get fucking stuck at the fucking doors nor get sweaty because of climate change. The roman skirts were manly because they weren't for aesthetics and were for making the movements of the soldiers easier, pants were manly for the barbarians because they protected their legs on the horse and killing each other was heroic. For fuck sake, woman clothes are just horrible even for modern times, can't they fucking wear simple clothes like we do? Our modern clothes are NEUTRAL (YES TOMBOYS USE THEM AND IT FITS NICE) if you don't know that...
@Eirle ah yes you have a good point you're probably right and also being a masculine man isn't bad just don't be insecure, the only people who say it's bad are feminists
Eirle Dia atrás
@LavaCreeperPeople Yeah man, I agree, that's why theres a ton of femboys and tomboys out there. You can do whatever you want, but saying that being a manly man is a bad and toxic thing is totally against what you are saying, why can't a man be manly if he wants to? If the guy don't want he will become a femboy and live happy for all his life, there's no problem with that. But will the hell would a guy wear a dress nowdays? AND WHY WOULD A GIRL WEAR DRESS NOWDAYS????? AREN'T THEY AGAINST THE FUCKING STEREOTYPES OF GENDER?? My point is, men clothes are neutral, simple and more practical, so why would you use a skirt or a dress? You're not a roman soldier u know? Sounds like pure fashionism so cloth brands sells more. If you don't believe in me, go check some statistics about how many men spend their money on fashion, beauty and etc industries.
Eirle Dia atrás
@Natalia Rodriguez No, your english is on tracks. Well, you made a fair and intelligent point, most of them I do agree, but I fear that in the future, men will become the same as woman were when most were households (working on administration jobs and so on, the more poor you are the more brutal the work is, maybe that's it, I can't prove) and start to invest in fashion (which from most men point of view is just a waste of money). The transition between fashion and need of work is all through history and indeed they happened for both genders, that's why I think that there isn't "women clothes" and "men clothes" since the only different is how practical they are on the daily life, I haven't been that clear before. Thank you for the sweet discussion, that was indeed a nice analisys of yours.
@Eirle Mate what the heck are you even talking about, twittcrap users keep embarrassing themselves to this day man There's nothing wrong with it this is 2021 not 1965 you can do whatever you want as long as it isn't bad, it's like you have no regard for a males mental health this isn't some new thing, that is called Insecurity do whatever you want masculine or feminine as long as it isnt bad males and females aren't unisex creatures but masculinity and feminity are 2 sides of the same coins and there's nothing wrong with feminity a human needs both masculinity and feminity it's good sense
Natalia Rodriguez
​@Eirle That's a... strange point of view (I don't mean it it in an offensive way, I just had never heard something like that), but it made me think about why men apparently prefer simplicity. After thinking about it, I believe it actually doesn't have to do with gender at all, but with economic status and division of labor. I saw multiple comments complaning about how Karolina used mostly examples of people from the upper classes to prove that men used to wear "feminine" clothes in the past. But, I think that's the whole point of that: simple, practical clothes (the ones that are considered masculine today) were the only option for the working classes, while the rich could afford to be as extravagant as they could with their fashion. Likewise, some societies later implemented these gender roles that said that a woman's place is in the house, and men should be the economic providers. Since women didn't have to "work" they could wear those big, complicated dresses. Women started wearing pants when they needed to replace the men in the factories who had gone to war. And I guess, with all those years of social conditioning about how to be a proper man/woman and whatnot, we ended up normalizing it and that's why today women's fashion is like that. I don't thnk there's anything natural or biological about that (Maybe, the only biological argument I've heard it that men brains are more practical, idk how accurate is that though) Still I think it's mostly due to social constructs, there are many men who are consumerists and care a lot about style. (Sorry, if my English is kinda clumsy, I tried to be as clear as I could)
Lakota Coon
Lakota Coon Dia atrás
Oo same I’m a catholic
fellas, is it gay to wear clothes?
Albanian Orthodox
Typically cringe face.i just watched 1 min and was so cringe.leftist can not compare with candace Owens.
@Albanian Orthodox lmao obvious troll, funny how you attempt to get dopamine boost from spouting whatever you said
Albanian Orthodox
@Ruran Rin not at all.
Ruran Rin
Ruran Rin Dia atrás
Is that sarcasm?
Rhakria Techi
Rhakria Techi Dia atrás
I mean, sure, but the design was pretty different for men's ans woman's tunic. And that's what most people wore during the high middle ages, not dresses. They were colourful tho, that's for sure. Jewellery was a sign of status, so it's just that it changed its meaning over the centuries, plus men wear jewellery and accessories still today. They just changed is all.
Lucy Locket
Lucy Locket Dia atrás
"Jesus obviously wore what would nowadays be considered a dress" - We really don't have to go back to Jesus' times. If we look at catholic priests and bishops: they all wear dresses. As if it wasn't bad enough catholic bishops often wear PINK or purple dresses. Basically they all look like Freddie Mercury's stand doubles. There is nothing wrong with that (I'm Freddie's fan) BUT the Polish catholic church (lower cases intended) is so openly homophobic and yet they dress like a bunch of Drag Queens. It's a hypocrisy in its purest form. P.S. Pink used to be a "manly" colour in the past. It changed when nazis forced gay men to wear pink triangles. That was my rant. As for the male versus female fashion in general: in nature there are many examples of species where females are grey and humble looking and males are flamboyantly colorful and covered in all sorts of natural ornaments e.g. magnificent mane in male lions or feathers in many species of birds
Carl 2 dias atrás
Stay in your fucking lane. What men do is of no concern to you. PERIODT SIS OMG YAAAAAASSSSSS
Drive A Sandwich
Drive A Sandwich 22 horas atrás
She was mainly criticizing a woman for telling men they can't wear dresses. If you don't want women to limit what man can do, you should agree with her in this.
purpletygertube 2 dias atrás
I can’t tell you how much I LOVED this. You get em!
George Cataloni
George Cataloni 2 dias atrás
Those things were manly at the time. What Harry Styles did was purposely be unmanly in the modern era. It's called post modernism, and it's not supposed to be a new style, but an escape from the norm, for the sake of being weird.
Kyle P.V
Kyle P.V 55 minutos atrás
The Point is we today consider man wearing wigs and extravagant clothes feminine, when that isnt the casé un majority of western history,
B16 Raphael Samson
B16 Raphael Samson 2 dias atrás
im gonna quote "I cant even roll my eyes since my eyes are so sore... from rolling"
VampireLovatic 3 dias atrás
I love you.
Asa Koi
Asa Koi 3 dias atrás
at this point i think they get all prissy when a man looks like actually takes a shower on daily basis and takes care of his clothes. Like they could dress only with jeans and t-shirts, but if they fix they hair too much, theyre not manly enough. At some point, neither men nor women can win.
That's because they're insecure sexists who have no clue what they're talking about which is general Twittcrap behavior Don't conform to lunatics
Blaze Thunder
Blaze Thunder 3 dias atrás
Turtleneck Turtleneck Turtleneck ....Turtleneck
Deplorable Covfefe
Deplorable Covfefe 3 dias atrás
Your " men" in the pictures were not men. What did the blacksmith wear? The baker? The farmer? You can find ridiculous examples of anything.
Emu Warrior
Emu Warrior 3 dias atrás
even freaking spartan warriors wore miniskirts
April T
April T 3 dias atrás
If you identify as a man, everything you do is manly, because you are a man. That’s my opinion.
P = Male V = female And you can't do anything about it that's a fact
dammit bitch
dammit bitch Dia atrás
I meant to type yesss
dammit bitch
dammit bitch Dia atrás
RandomNexus ThatSillyFiccer
Preach it, sista! Also - YES! Thank you. Every era, every culture, everywhere develops its own styles/customs/fads and the teeny, tiny, narrow view some of these 'manly men' people have is monumentally ignorant and vastly irritating. Thank you, thank you.
Sherlock 789
Sherlock 789 4 dias atrás
It’s amazing how you can completely miss the point. The argument was not that men shouldn’t wear certain clothes because they are similar to women’s and therefore “girly”. It’s that recently there has been a celebration of men wearing clothes that are explicitly designed for women so that the men can appear more feminine. The point of the photo shoot was for a man to dress and therefore express himself as feminine. Candace Owens was simply responding to the message that GQ deliberately put out. In that context her argument makes sense. Her statement was that men are not women, they do not have the capacity to produce ovulates (eggs) and when fertilized by sperm, gestate and have children. Men do not have the capacity to have breasts and lactate to feed children or wider pelvic bones to aid in carrying a child then giving birth. Some men may have “breasts” due to a disorder but they can not produce eggs and carry children. Candace Owens was pointing out that a dress is made to fit a woman’s breasts and (on average) wider hips. It’s is designed for women and Harry Styles wore it because of it so he could make a statement. Candace disagreed with that statement. No one is stupid enough to not now that men and women wear similar clothes or that fashion has changed and men wires makeup and styled their hair. You have missed the point entirely. I say this with respect to your knowledge as a historian and fashion expert. I love your other videos and will continue to watch your channel. But in this context, you were wrong.
LavaCreeperPeople 17 horas atrás
@Sherlock 789 alright bro
Sherlock 789
Sherlock 789 22 horas atrás
@LavaCreeperPeople If you read my comment I never once said a man can't have feminine qualities, I said he can not be a woman, which is what the wearing a dress is symbolizing. A dress (no matter the historical context, this is a modern dress in modern times worn with a modern context) is designed for women and that is why it was used in the photo shoot, to be "edgy". Just because they are two equal sides on the same coin does not make a head the same as the tail or vice versa. My main problem with the glorification of the men wearing dresses is that its glorifying men for trying to be women, for wearing women's clothes when they are men. The reason a dress was used was specifically because its meant for a woman to wear. And I don't agree with the implication that gender does not exist. (disagreeing with GQ who wrote the article) I think we might agree more than we disagree.
@Sherlock 789Ah yes the only thing I can agree from a twittcrap user is the fact that biology is biology and a male can never become a female no matter what, but it still remains the point that there's nothing wrong with masculine or feminine and a person needs a balance of both of those qualities Humans are not unisex creatures at all, but those qualities are 2 sides of the same coin, one is not weaker than the other Also what I said was simple I'm not going to specify "as long as it doesn't hurt anyone" because there are bad things you can do that doesn't hurt anyone but it's still bad Everything else that you said that I didn't refute is right
Sherlock 789
Sherlock 789 Dia atrás
@LavaCreeperPeople a man can only act feminine but by nature he will never be a woman. That is the whole point of Candace's tweet, a man can act and wear whatever he wants but it will not change his biology. Even if Harry Styles wears a dress that does not change the fact that he is a man and does not mean it should be applauded that he tries to imitates women deliberately. The rest of your comment doesn't make sense because you have given no definition of "bad" and the advice to do what ever you want is the worst life advice I have ever heard. There are things people must do that they don't want to but are necessary to live a good and meaningful life. For instance getting a job, paying taxes, obeying the law and saving money rather than spending it on short term gratification.
Nothing wrong with being feminine, just live your life and do whatever you want masculine or feminine as long as it isn't bad
Tashina McCullough
Tashina McCullough 4 dias atrás
My new favorite Channel!
Miss Lima
Miss Lima 4 dias atrás
It was funny to hear it from Candy especially since I've seen her in suits so often.
Joël Fortin
Joël Fortin 4 dias atrás
Holy fucking shit, men used to be so hot.
Culter Caldus
Culter Caldus 4 dias atrás
I have to disagree. Most people understand what feminine is. Wearing a dress in 2020 is feminine.
Trixie Sparkles
Trixie Sparkles 4 dias atrás
I don't think that there's anything wrong with men wanting to play with fashion, or be flamboyant in their attire. There's nothing gender specific about wearing make up or jewelry. However please utilize and create styles and looks that fit a masculine frame. What looks ridiculous to me is when they copy and paste things directly from styles meant for a female body. It clearly doesn't fit and looks awkward and unattractive on the individual. Dress as frilly and sparkly as you want, please just make sure it looks good on your frame with your features and unique natural color palette, hair, skin tone, eyes etc.
Artie Jackson-Harris
Artie Jackson-Harris 4 dias atrás
‘As a catholic, it made me cackle’ Me: cackles
Quellen Ravenwood
Quellen Ravenwood 4 dias atrás
This, made my day!! Brava!
ireallygotnothing 4 dias atrás
This was one of the weirdest outrages i've seen from the political side i support. Dude wore a dress. Why the fuck should i care? If he wants to wear a dress, he can wear a fucking dress. Aint like he's forcing me to wear one
@ireallygotnothing YUP
@LavaCreeperPeople i made a twitter account a decade ago. I havent logged in ever since i made my twitter account. Best non-decision i've made in my life
It's general Twittcrap behavior, stay away from the platform like pewds did
Dawn Murray
Dawn Murray 4 dias atrás
As a Scot, I think there is nothing manlier than a Scottish man in a kilt - yet I've heard that referred to as a skirt by many English people! They can call a kilt whatever they want, my man still looks 100 times more handsome and far sexier in his kilt than any man in a tux! I do think Harry Styles would suit highland regalia far more than an evening dress!
Renren 4 dias atrás
High heels or heeled boots originally for horseriding. It was easier to get on and get off the horse using heeled boots
Ann Jay
Ann Jay 4 dias atrás
Actually mad right now that I can only give 1 thumbs up :/
Jim Rek Jimmixpression
Something happened in the mids 20th century men fashion and suddenly got rid of all colors and textures and styles and turned it into black-white suit or blue jeans and white t-shirt kind of thing...they started a rebeliön against all that over complicating past except hippies..these creatures continued wearing colors and fun clothes’s just that they smelled bad and had no much different clothes to wear.
Kuru Adrastea
Kuru Adrastea 4 dias atrás
It's one of the reasons why I love kpop, because they break gender norms in their amazing fashion all the time such as guys wearing crops tops. Tbh, clothes are genderless and anyone can wear whatever they want. Fuck off with that "manly" or "girly" shit. Idk what straight men are so afraid of. Nothing is "gay" unless you are actually gay.
Jeb Bannon
Jeb Bannon 5 dias atrás
I love all of your videos on fashion history, but this one intrigues me because usually you like to point out the average person, but in this video you only displayed the highest of classes. You wouldn’t find an average farmer in the Georgian era decked-out in jewels and silks.
Francisco Fehse
Francisco Fehse 5 dias atrás
I'm surprised you didn't show Henry VIII's armor, that and the codpiece on it is very manly.
Neil Jamieson-Williams
Excellent ))) Question though, what about the peasants, villains, and serfs? Were their clothes more “manly”?
Elijah Garrett
Elijah Garrett 5 dias atrás
I find myself getting annoyed at men wearing dresses, idk why, can’t help it. I wouldn’t call it “manly” but it’s their choice it isn’t wrong for a guy to wear a dress.
Jeno Van bemmel
Jeno Van bemmel 5 dias atrás
Say no to contemporary "fashion", don an ornate codpiece and a colorful Floral waistcoat instead.
cum dumpster
cum dumpster 5 dias atrás
‘Think about not so long ago all the manly men you are referring to would decapitate you for not being manly enough!’ FUCKING KILLED IT!
Nikola Berkowska
Nikola Berkowska 5 dias atrás
Manly men: dresses and high heels are for women Me, remebering Louis XIV wearing wigs, thights and high heels: sureee...
Eric Simms
Eric Simms 5 dias atrás
This was brilliant. Facts are wonderful things, aren't they?
Gabriela Navarro
Gabriela Navarro 6 dias atrás
this was everything i never knew i needed. omg. like. how are we still getting mad about fucking fashion? oh shame! your cloth doesn't match my cloth standards.. you are clearly not who you say you are. there is no sense in sexism on any side of the argument.
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 6 dias atrás
Applause. Does is being a manly fop progressive, or should I stick to being a foppish man? Either way, max respect for a good vid.
samuelfelixo 6 dias atrás
**every Karen disliked this**
Jason Anno
Jason Anno 7 dias atrás
I like Karolina, and I dress in a way that Candance Owens probably wouldn't approve of but this is a bad argument Her whole first segment about pants that are too tight, too lose, clothing with patterns, etc being feminine, who is she suggesting is making those points? Also, mocking her by saying 'because Harry Styles wearing a dress is one of the biggest issues of the 21st century,' while making a video criticizing her for her critique strikes me as a bit weird. Can't I just as easily say in a mocking tone, 'because Candace Owens mocking Harry Styles is one of the biggest issues of the 21st century?' She makes the point that there was a time when men wore wigs when women didn't. So there was a style that was more traditionally male and more female then? Doesn't that kind of ruin the whole argument? The point is that you can bring up that men wore clothing during history that may be considered feminine today, but at none of these points in history were men and women dressing exactly the same. Also, proclaiming you're a catholic, which I am also not for the record, and getting mad at a bible verse strikes me as a bit strange. Even during biblical times men and women wore different clothing, why else would that passage, and the several other passages dissuading men from dressing like women, be included? I don't think Candace Owens is right about everything but this video is off base. There has never been a time with less gender norms than today, I don't think bringing up the 1700s and saying look men wore stuff that look a lot like what women wear today has any validity.
Nattfare 7 dias atrás
Ah, back in the day where men were men and didn't get offended by anything because we had duels... what's that? You think my wig is tilting a bit? How dare?! You have slandered my personal honour! We will have a duel in three days and if you don't show up, your opinion is invalid!
Barszczak 8 dias atrás
Thank you for this video
galanie 8 dias atrás
Well, he does look absolutely ridiculous in that skirt. If he were going to wear one, at least pick something that looks better than that. When I decry men for not being "men" it has more to do with the way they act than clothing. Like be strong and polite, take responsibility.
Ruran Rin
Ruran Rin Dia atrás
Take responsibility for what? Wearing a dress? Wanting to be cute and pretty? Not 'respecting' (stupid and meaningless)gender roles? What is exactly a 'manly' act as you sooo describe it? What is exactly being man or a woman? Explain it to me with out using rigid gender roles or a biased perspective.
Kake Rake
Kake Rake 8 dias atrás
You're a Catholic!? Sorry as a devout redditor I must dislike this video.
Titanium 8 dias atrás
Instead, we should bring back stylish men. Let’s gooooooooo!!!
Iza kamere
Iza kamere 8 dias atrás
People today: MEN CAN'T WEAR DRESSES! THEY ARE NOT MANLY! People of the past: *several hundred thousand designs of clothing not by todays standards of manly in more than 100 different cultures, Romans, Greeks and Persians just to name a few* People today: *seen*
Irgendjemand halt
Irgendjemand halt 8 dias atrás
I only clicked because of Harry❤️
Z o l t a n Matei
Z o l t a n Matei 8 dias atrás
we need to be colourful in the way we dress. but do we recquire to dress according to the times?
Blissykosi Savanna
Blissykosi Savanna 8 dias atrás
I remember a time when I went to church( I'm Catholic BTW) and they literally said I couldn't go in because I had on trousers. When I asked why, they quoted that bible verse that everyone misinterprets and use as an excuse to be misogynistic.
R Sinclair
R Sinclair 8 dias atrás
My observations: 1) beautiful voice and diction 2) love the hairstyle! 3) Skirts and dresses have there place, if you enjoy the feel then feel free (either gender) 4) For guys, wearing traditional women's clothes in public may result in ridicule ( or strangely enough, compliments!) 5) if you wish to wear traditionally women's clothing *own it* most will pick up on it and.accept (and perhaps embrace it) 6) be true with what your goal is, if wearing wens clothing is enjoyable, go for it. If you are.tryimg to look like a womañ (i.e Heels, wigs, makeup) expect a different reception. Whatever you choose to do, be sure you own it, be 100% comfortable with it. 6) if you really get in a jam, claim you lost a bet :-)
Adrian D
Adrian D 9 dias atrás
My blood has boiled over and evaporated 10 times over about the ridiculous-ass social construct of masculinity. My definition of the term "man" goes no further than the objective definition "an adult, human male".. I guess I just think in terms of kindness, compassion, respect, and generally just trying to be the best person I can be. Cheers!
Averon god of Fire
Averon god of Fire 9 dias atrás
Pre-19th century men knew what they were doing with fashion
wkcia 9 dias atrás
The high heels were very obviously an offshoot of high heeled riding boots, which helped you slide out of stirrups if you fell off a horse. Makes sense they would be considered “manly.”
glory 9 dias atrás
I love you ma'am
False Believer
False Believer 9 dias atrás
There will always be manly men. Some men are manly other men are less manly. Getting worked up over some men not meeting some standard is a waste of time.
Mexican Pandorex
Mexican Pandorex 9 dias atrás
“Men wear dresses and skirts” - Said no men ever
Ruran Rin
Ruran Rin 17 horas atrás
@Mexican Pandorex Umm..., a certain amount of them do, and they should be allowed to.
Mexican Pandorex
Mexican Pandorex Dia atrás
@LavaCreeperPeople the lack of masculinity is the problem for men now a days
Mexican Pandorex
Mexican Pandorex Dia atrás
@LavaCreeperPeople I am not that obsessed with dresses. A more important issue facing men isn’t “Forced Gender Sterotypes and norms” I say it’s fatherlessness and having no model or standard to use to find meaning in life for those nihilistic males.
Mexican Pandorex
Mexican Pandorex Dia atrás
@LavaCreeperPeople 3) Since when did I indicate women are less than men, you jump to out of reached femenist conclusions. Unsurprising for you femenists. Labeling everyone sexist for suggesting basic fax: there are gender differences
Mexican Pandorex
Mexican Pandorex Dia atrás
@LavaCreeperPeople 1) time is always changing, but how do they change is the question. How do you think time should change? This is why your chronological ethnocentrism and timed period based argument isn’t a valid point. 3) they still choose to wear dresses in the side of pants and suits in the SIDE OF DRESSES, were ass men 99% of the time don’t wear a dress. Even the Suits are different when they wear them, women suits are more colorful and have more veriaty in silk of their suits, where as men’s silk is wool worsted and microfiber, with blue, gray, black, and white being their usual first guest choice.
Barn Goth
Barn Goth 9 dias atrás
We must make sure codpieces don't make a come back.
MahnoorMoonLight 10 dias atrás
In my country men wear shalwar kameez which kinda looks like a dress but men cant wear actual dresses there?
MahnoorMoonLight 10 dias atrás
Men can't have long hair! *Laughs menacingly as Trisha paytas- Jesus plays in the background*
Kapt’N Pee
Kapt’N Pee 10 dias atrás
Simple a manly man is someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for themselve or stand away from the crowd
Roy Silva
Roy Silva 10 dias atrás
Jo Smith
Jo Smith 10 dias atrás
But why is the "hand stuffed in overshirt" (forgive me Meme Mom for I do not know what it is called) such a popular portrait pose?
jan kowalski
jan kowalski 10 dias atrás
Hi what are your thoughts about leather tall boots about 100 years ago mostly men wear them(I have one pair myself) now most of them are made for women ?
Jay B
Jay B 10 dias atrás
I dont give a damn, I wear make up whenever, wherever I want and everytime somone asks me why I respond with "Its not a womens only product, or did u read 'only for women' on the package?". And if its hot hell yea I've seen some men wearing kilts and skirts, why the hell not? Why would I torture myself when I can be just as comfortable as women on a hot summer day? :D Men whom define their masculinity over clothes aren't real men in my opinion. Its literally just a peace of fabric, get over it.
Jem Geach
Jem Geach 10 dias atrás
Romans thought trousers were hilarious.
zuzie 10 dias atrás
Good video! 💞
Sam Easton
Sam Easton 10 dias atrás
Devil's advocate: Lots of the fashion show here are not from the Working Class. Powder wigs, embroidered jackets, and silk hats are warn in the wealthier classes. When the contemporary woman comments about Manly Men, are thinking of Working Class men -farmers, cowboys, lumberjacks (and he's o-kay)- not a quill pusher waiting for his yearly allowance.
Jérémie Tsonya
Jérémie Tsonya 10 dias atrás
It is good that you bring in some history and fashion here. But history and fashion are not the only things Ms Owens was referring to. The whole idea behind what the liberal ideology is putting out there and in the mind of our younger generation is the problem. This generation is very confused and if we come up with the idea that older generations used to dress like that and it was totally alright and therefore we can also do the same, then where is the evolution?
Charissa Wilkinson
Charissa Wilkinson 10 dias atrás
When people say that they want manly men back, it's an argument against the men who would watch as a maniac attacks a place, and runs away, instead of ushering the women and children out and trying to keep the maniac focused on them. Think back to the old ship travel days. During a wreck, it was women and children first to the life boats, now days there's a good chance that there will be grown men pushing the women and children aside, worried about their own skins first. The manly man movement is the wish that men took their jobs as protectors and providers more seriously again.
musclefan91 10 dias atrás
Thank you! For this video. Men can’t wear anything without being seen as gay or queer and women say they are the most oppressed? It’s so bizarre.
xawia 10 dias atrás
Meybe thats becouse we have birth control, education so now males are wearing a 5k years styled women clothes 😂😂😂
xox Merelyn
xox Merelyn 10 dias atrás
Ayee another Catholic 😎
Hannah Tyson
Hannah Tyson 10 dias atrás
Candace Owens wasn't saying that wearing dresses is unmanly she was saying that wearing women's clothing is unmanly. What is considered men's/ women's clothing changes from society to society which is why all of those historical garments were still considered manly. This highlights the sad fact that our cultural wardrobe is so small and provides little room for creativity, particularly for men.
Eddie Gorninos
Eddie Gorninos 10 dias atrás
Having a dress isn't manly but painting fingernails is manly
Jordan Kuo
Jordan Kuo 11 dias atrás
People in like 2121 will look at “2021 modern fashion” in disgust, I hope.
LEARSI KCIGAM 11 dias atrás
deep down You know it’s true
Peter Herron
Peter Herron 11 dias atrás
I don't think that was what Candace Owens meant. Certainly, I agree that fashions change and that in one culture a dress may have been the apex of manly clothes, but... There is a difference between manly clothes and womanly clothes. This difference is only 3 dimensional though, lacking the fourth dimension, time. What I mean is that in any period of time there were strictly manly clothes and strictly feminine clothes and if you cross dressed it was considered taboo. In the Victorian Age when women wore dresses, men did not. If one did he would be seen as dressing like a girl. When someone does dress like the opposite sex it is scandalous, strange, or confusing. In today's culture with the rise of transgenderism, I think that it would be best if the bare minimum of gendered clothes stays so as to act as a sign of the internal reality lying in the body of the one who wears it and not as a political sign that men and women are basically the same. I think Candace Owens was saying that in our society men should act as men ought to do, in non important things like wearing today's standard of clothes and in the transcendent things like being a strong leader and protector.
Greatest Axolotl
Greatest Axolotl 11 dias atrás
but why tho
Chronos 11 dias atrás
I would say it's alright to have a type, aesthetically what people prefer in a partner BUT shaming other people and saying "I want manly men back" is just a big fuckk off from me. My friend prefers what people would call "manly men" her partner is a biker and shares the same tastes as her, it's grand and I’m happy for them. They can like whatever and like decent humans they are couldn’t care less about what the heck other people wear or look like. It's just no one's business really. People like whatever and as long as they ain’t hurting anyone it's whatever
nellie milne
nellie milne 11 dias atrás
PSYCH haha i lost it there
Ivan Nikolaevic
Ivan Nikolaevic 11 dias atrás
So manly men can't wear a suit? Just Tshirts? It's called poor men really. If you can't afford good appearance it's a problem not smth to be proud of lol
Caspian 11 dias atrás
Bring back manly a trans man the only thing I miss about womanhood is fashion :(
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 11 dias atrás
Babe the entire point of this video is that there's nothing wrong with men being fashionable...
Curious George Floyd
Curious George Floyd 11 dias atrás
have i found MGTOW for women?
[creative name here]
[creative name here] 11 dias atrás
dzień dobry :)
Gwen Michelle
Gwen Michelle 11 dias atrás
From where I come from some of the most 'manly men' I know wear wrap around cloth like skirts ( called mundoos or lungi)so... this whole narrative about manly men wearing pants is just offensive and total billshit!
Gwen Michelle
Gwen Michelle 11 dias atrás
@Hridakshi Pareek same:)
Hridakshi Pareek
Hridakshi Pareek 11 dias atrás
@Gwen Michelle Nice to see a fellow Indian :)
Gwen Michelle
Gwen Michelle 11 dias atrás
@Hridakshi Pareek yup...
Hridakshi Pareek
Hridakshi Pareek 11 dias atrás
Butt Head
Butt Head 12 dias atrás
Hey the 80s and early 90s fashion had a lot of color in it
Ryley Catherine
Ryley Catherine 12 dias atrás
do bring them back.
Daniel 12 dias atrás
THE REAL KAT 12 dias atrás
Hi... big fan of Candace here, but DAMN! You really owned this one.
Lord Dodge
Lord Dodge 12 dias atrás
Don't forget the clothes of the manliest soldiers ever: the Landsknecht Bright and colourfull with tigh pants
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