With Love, Emilie ║ #TheStripeyChallenge Emilie Flöge Project Video 

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Yana N
Yana N Mês atrás
Oh I love her! And Klimt
Joystojoys ytstar
Joystojoys ytstar Mês atrás
Man Karolina, that was PROFESSIONAL
Corinne 2 meses atrás
The back reminds me of the back of robe a la francais
Ade Brian Mustafa
Ade Brian Mustafa 2 meses atrás
What is the music background? awesome combination with such wonderful cinematic
ʞzʇ 2 meses atrás
Ingrid Norman
Ingrid Norman 3 meses atrás
Ooo as a lover of Gustav Klimt's art I still had no idea about Emilie Flöge. Will have to look her up now.
BDYog _
BDYog _ 3 meses atrás
This is a piece of glory
No One
No One 4 meses atrás
ok but why does she look like princess Leia
Irene Gavidia
Irene Gavidia 5 meses atrás
Is even nore beautiful recreated
Emilie Smith
Emilie Smith 8 meses atrás
Heh my name’s Emilie
lemon 8 meses atrás
This would be an amazing movie! :)
Charlotte Gury
Charlotte Gury 9 meses atrás
I need to know more about that hat!😍😍😍
Mr. Billie Gray
Mr. Billie Gray 10 meses atrás
Quite moving.
Judith Collins
Judith Collins 10 meses atrás
I LOVE this video!!!!
MeDaPerson Anos atrás
Ack! I love this so much, it's making me teary.
Арина Anos atrás
Its incredible!
R. G.
R. G. Anos atrás
Best intro EVER😍😍😍😍😍😍
Diane Moon
Diane Moon Anos atrás
The dress' silhouette reminds me of eastern fashion almost like the Hanbok and maybe early forms of the Maria Clara
ixo Anos atrás
This looks like a fashion ad
Jacob Cauley
Jacob Cauley Anos atrás
You are so blessed to see your dreams coming true. It doesn’t happen for everyone. Be thankful. Much love from the states.
Redrose Abd
Redrose Abd Anos atrás
Can you do a room/house tour????
Rosalie Reeves
Rosalie Reeves Anos atrás
Marvey Brent
Marvey Brent Anos atrás
That big Edwardian hair is very fetching!
Nadine Anos atrás
paintbrushes Anos atrás
Just Wendt
Just Wendt Anos atrás
You are indeed an artist. A beautifully talented one at that.
Just Wendt
Just Wendt Anos atrás
You both are.
Malene Sinning Petersen
I found this painting drawn by Ludwig Knaus. It portrays his daughter Johanna Knaus. She looks extremely like you. You should look it up! It is really pretty
Duarte V. Rodrigues
I literally want to slap those who dare to unlike the video! HOW COULD YOU!
Rebel Lucy Cat
Rebel Lucy Cat Anos atrás
Absolutely stunning!! ❤️
Marah Baker
Marah Baker Anos atrás
Oh Karolina, you literally took my breath away with this one. So classy and beautiful.😍
lindsay lepage
lindsay lepage Anos atrás
This gave me tingles! Great videography and very informative!
Ana B Nana
Ana B Nana Anos atrás
Please please someone tell me what song this is. Beautiful
Caity Rubinsky
Caity Rubinsky Anos atrás
B Hart
B Hart Anos atrás
So, that made me a cry, almost 🤔
Jordan Barker
Jordan Barker Anos atrás
This is breathtaking I LOVE U MEME MOM
Daphne Ritz
Daphne Ritz Anos atrás
the ascot scene in my fair lady be like......
Dragon Queen
Dragon Queen Anos atrás
Girl you need to be in a Victorian movie your amazing
Alyssa Dillon
Alyssa Dillon Anos atrás
You kind of look like Elizabeth Walegan from “Poldark” I thought of her a very pretty if that says anything.
Chandler Anos atrás
Okay but this is seriously visually stunning WOW
TheCountess Anos atrás
excuse me, how dare you make such an amazing cinematic piece of art! I loooove it!
Lego frog
Lego frog Anos atrás
What's the music?
Ziyanda Zwane
Ziyanda Zwane Anos atrás
I love this SO MUCH!!! Well done, Karolina❤❤❤
ShiroOuji Anos atrás
the dress? stunning. the narration? ethereal. the filming? incredible.
tom darco
tom darco Anos atrás
your beautiful
Kyoko Iseki
Kyoko Iseki Anos atrás
11/10 would wear It's so pretty!!!
Ania Anos atrás
xMissPegasusx Anos atrás
You should pitch this to a studio (it really is film quality) - you might get a movie deal 😁
micahruthie Anos atrás
Ugh you are completely amazing and beautiful in every way 😭😭😭😭 This was beautiful!!!
Aubrey Doris
Aubrey Doris Anos atrás
The Eyre Effect
The Eyre Effect Anos atrás
Karolina this is BEAUTIFUL! I adore everything and you did such an amazing job making Emilie's dress! I love that you kind of made up a little story to go with it!
Olli Kochi
Olli Kochi Anos atrás
bracelet life
bracelet life Anos atrás
Well done.
Madalyn Rasmussen
Madalyn Rasmussen Anos atrás
That. Was. STUNNING. Encore! Encore!
Bea Souza
Bea Souza Anos atrás
Ruby's Musings
Ruby's Musings Anos atrás
I simply adore this, and the dress is beautiful! I wish this was a full length bio pic!
Havatron Anos atrás
This is one of my favorite videos. What a beautiful tribute to an overlooked icon. Even if the dress has flaws and didn't come out exactly as you hoped, it's an amazing recreation, and the whole project was about more than that. Well done, meme mom.
rye_ bread
rye_ bread Anos atrás
Truly breath taking
Prentice Jones
Prentice Jones Anos atrás
Can you please do Titanic Fashion
system1912 Anos atrás
missshelleysuzanne Anos atrás
We 👏🏻need 👏🏻a 👏🏻hair 👏🏻tutorial
Bubbilility Anos atrás
I would watch an entire TV series about a struggling dress designer. Especially if it was this beautiful.
Dray PurplePenguinization
Pure gold :’3
Desirée Cavalcante
Have no idea what this is about, but such a brilliant smile just made my day!
Yellow say Hello
Yellow say Hello Anos atrás
Jewel Nelson
Jewel Nelson Anos atrás
Wow--this looks amazing "in person" that the old photo doesn't show.
Alexander timsäter
@netflix give this bitch a show
Cappi San
Cappi San Anos atrás
Love that design
Nephthys Nile
Nephthys Nile Anos atrás
The New York Times gives 5 stars. See the Meme Mum cinematic event the critics are raving about. “Emilie”
opiela .english
opiela .english Anos atrás
You look like a very elegant Beetlejuice
Isabella Louise
Isabella Louise Anos atrás
This was actually really awesome! Meme mother has provided us with a bountiful autumn harvest of Good Content
Celeste Tzún
Celeste Tzún Anos atrás
Karolina you are such a great actreess! I'd totally watch a movie from you. Me encantó.
Kitty Dolan
Kitty Dolan Anos atrás
Love it!
Grim The Ghastly
Grim The Ghastly Anos atrás
Jess Anos atrás
All I could think about while watching this is how gracefully you honored an almost forgotten artist, and how inspiring that is to see. You interpreted Emilie's work beautifully! Nearly made me cry, no lie.
saxgirl93 Anos atrás
I love this!!!! Also almost cried in my office at work, but they all know I'm trash for historical fashion.
River Gachas Afton Vidz 101
Meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom meme mom is best
Atuendo Antiguo
Atuendo Antiguo Anos atrás
Thank you so much for this. I cried.
Chae Howard
Chae Howard Anos atrás
Those sleeves!!
Julia Banasiak
Julia Banasiak Anos atrás
If you don't make this a short movie I will cry, this is so beautiful!
Nikita Anos atrás
Ok, but does it have pockets?
Oh meme mom, you look so beautiful and happy!
Eli Estela Gonzalez
You're an icon, Emilie Flöge was an icon. This project is just the best thing ever. EVER.
Emilie McMillen
Emilie McMillen Anos atrás
Ey its me
fuck you youtube
fuck you youtube Anos atrás
This would be an amazing movie. Also I have a pet peeve I need to express with your pronunciation of 'th': you can prenaounce it in words like breathe but can't say the without making it a 'de'...
Sciallo Life - Fruitorsch
I loved this! I almost cried.
Thiago Anos atrás
That's beautiful! I love it ♡
Domi Domi
Domi Domi Anos atrás
Amazing work. You are so talented. ♥ Also, this video is fantastic. I have tears in my eyes. :D
Hannah M
Hannah M Anos atrás
Those sleeves make me so happy, and I love how the stripes shift half way down!
Катя Небравски
this is gorgeous thank you meme mum....
miss mrc
miss mrc Anos atrás
Thank you meme mom, for 2 minutes 43 seconds of pure bliss. Well done!
Rook Master
Rook Master Anos atrás
What a beautiful video! And I think it captures the artistic spirit of Emilie Flöge so very effectively.
M Nelson
M Nelson Anos atrás
Everything about this is gorgeous!
Thatotherchannel Anos atrás
Why does it say my nudes in the description??
ladiebug395 Anos atrás
Is this directly quoted from her letters, or fictionalized? Did a graduate project on her last year. Couldn’t find her letters translated! Would love to know your sources.
Live Light
Live Light Anos atrás
Sooo good! Could you imagine seeing new fashion during that time period? No social media, very few films and magazines. New fashion must've been so exciting in ways we've never experienced or will ever experience...
4imee Anos atrás
Pls make a historical dressing movie I would die to see that :') Amazing. Beautiful video
Vivien Martin
Vivien Martin Anos atrás
Emilie was so ahead of her time
Machelle Wood
Machelle Wood Anos atrás
Oh wow! That's very powerful! I love it!❤
Bcaused Anos atrás
This is so beautiful!!
UTAU53Yui Anos atrás
I really prefer wide, unfitted skirts to fitted ones, so this was definitely a treat. Coincidentally, the korean hanbok has a similar skirt design, where it begins right above the bust and falls in a big floofy gauzey dream. It fully obscures the abdominal silhouette and makes everyone look rather dignified when walking, imo. Your dress is striking the same chords with me.
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