Weird Edwardian Beauty Tips 

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Today I'm reading some really peculiar beauty tips from 1910. Sorry about the abrupt ending, my battery died. Well, not mine. My camera's.
The book I'm using -
Glamour Daze's post -
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11 Fev 2017



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P Heart
P Heart 5 dias atrás
The dry shampoo was used between monthly washings. The liquid was used on a sponge or cloth to freshen up the oilier areas. So a bit like using cleaning fluid on a dirty area of clothing like a coat rather than immersing the whole garment in water.
Malea Miglioretto
Malea Miglioretto 8 dias atrás
Cochineal is a type of insect. Soooo tincture of dead bug (usually dried and ground) would be required for the dry shampoo. Cochineal insects are also what the red colored dye carmine is derived from. It's used in food and drinks to this day!
peter wall
peter wall 18 dias atrás
Country tips, centuries old and mistranslated, for Urban "ladies" of leisure. 5:35 Hydrogen peroxide, you don't know it? Ever heard the term Peroxide Blond? That's where it comes from. US ladies used it to become blonds , supposedly. IDK about the results though.
Ana Carolina Parodi
Ana Carolina Parodi 26 dias atrás
Every summer I soak my hair with Chamomile Tea and sunbathe, it makes the hair lighter!
Tanja Horvat
Tanja Horvat Mês atrás
Wash your hair once a month. 🤯😳😵
Catherine Just Catherine
Fyi, Bernadette Banner did an egg shampoo experiment video, using an old recipe (It was sponsored by a wet shampoo) Also, any acid over time will deteriorate skin, hair, natural fiber, etc... is what I hear. Rubbing lemons on the skin makes me think of a very sorrowful scene featuring the lab tech from CSI It is my amateur opinion/ memory surfacing: tea is also an acid, although a mild one, over time, it will probably break down the hair shaft. Written from Memory... "Peroxide of Hydrogen" Is probably "hydrogen peroxide". It is a bleaching and cleansing agent, often used to remove bloodstains and purify/sanitize wounds. Something in it reacts to the blood and fizzes whereverit is present. Also, something in has a different or related chemical reaction with blood, and will mildly cauterize a small wound. So, it leaves scars, if you're prone to them. Peroxide, the bleach part, was very common in the early 1900's, as a hair bleach (Chicago, the film, shows it being used). Bleaches can harm your skin & scalp, please use with caution! Yes, holding the hair over any heat source may dry it faster. If you are careful! If you are not careful, you may singe or burn your hair, or anything it is near. Both I, and someone I know, have had hair drying emergencies, and stood over radiators drying our hair. Don't let the hair touch the radiator. Pay close attention as it is working. People used to drape all sorts of things over a radiator to dry them.... it is **dangerous**. Please don't do it.
marwitta 2 meses atrás
Nowadays it seems really weird that people used to wash their hair once a month but it is only so because the shampoos we use are made so that our scalps reject more oil and make us purchase more shampoos
Mourad Ben
Mourad Ben 2 meses atrás
Omg your so pretty
조조 2 meses atrás
Eggs is like conditioner, they’re great for the hair as it has proteins that your hair needs most. Then rinse it out with running water.
Asya Musina
Asya Musina 3 meses atrás
Dear Karolina, you look stunning as always and you are inspiration for me.I would say that egg shampoo is the best. I have natural extremely soft curly hair and I have to avoid harsh chemicals so this is one option to wash my hair, and trust me it wash out oils better than any shampoo, and yes I wash my hair once for week or 9 days
g r
g r 3 meses atrás
Peroxide of hydrogen is modern hair bleach!
Redhead Detective
Redhead Detective 4 meses atrás
Here you found anything about deodorants in the Edwardian Era?
Juice 4 meses atrás
I definitely need to go dye something white with tea now
Julz Alta
Julz Alta 4 meses atrás
hydrogen peroxide... it's the same molecule that is use is semi-permanent hair dies.
ferociousgumby 5 meses atrás
The Mammy and Scarlett quote about freckles is at 1:30 of this clip. She wants Scarlett to wear a shawl to prevent freckles which Mammy had to put BUTTERMILK on (not lemon juice!). This was the Civil War era, much earlier, but still maybe used in the Edwardian era.
ferociousgumby 5 meses atrás
There is a reference in the movie Gone with the Wind in which Mammy orders Scarlett to throw a shawl across her bare shoulders so she won't "freckle", and I believe she mentions all the lemon juice she had to put on her skin to get rid of her freckles. I will try to find a clip of this.
ferociousgumby 5 meses atrás
The hair has to breathe because it would smell so awful. Especially with rotten eggs on the scalp.
Nao Anon
Nao Anon 5 meses atrás
for the hair drying i heard there was also this weird giant contraption that looked stright up frankenstein and was apparently super dangerous and made a lot of women bald; courtesy of a random english youtube video on wild victorian everyday dangers
Alena Timkova
Alena Timkova 6 meses atrás
In case someone wants to put lemon juice on their skin, Lab Muffin Beauty Science has a video on why it is not a good idea :
hufsa 6 meses atrás
the eggs thing, here in south asia, or pakistan where i am from, my friends mum still force them to was their hair with eggs, sometimes with youghurt too! its pretty common here. my mum just sees it as a waste of food and money.
Terri Gaines
Terri Gaines 6 meses atrás
yes they did have blow dryers.
CyanCyborg 7 meses atrás
I have curly African hair, so I'm not sure how much relevancy my own experiences have to this, but that part about never sleeping in a bun/ponytail is absolutely true, at least for me. It puts prolonged stress on your hair and causes some strands to weaken and break down the middle where the band is.
Catherine Prokhorova
Catherine Prokhorova 7 meses atrás
My grandmother said she used to treat hear with eggs, not shampooing tho regularly. It's because of lipids eggs have, they pick up grime I guess without damaging the sculp maybe? Idk, it was a pretty common thing in Eastern Europe even in 20th century :)
Aree Ling
Aree Ling 8 meses atrás
I think I need to air my hair...
James tolson
James tolson 8 meses atrás
attractive - good model
Akshaya A
Akshaya A 9 meses atrás
Marimar 9 meses atrás
Why would you say that the skin bleaching tips are useful especially for someone into "vintage"? What about women of colour or women without white skin?? Can't they be into vintage? White women weren't the only people who existed in the past.. Racist.
Maria Glam Arce Lagos
Maria Glam Arce Lagos 2 meses atrás
It refers to tanned white skin to go back to its original tone, not for people with naturally darker skin tones
angellina fosse
angellina fosse 9 meses atrás
The radiator warning reminds me of every girl trying to dry their hair with those hand dryers in middle school.
Elizabeth hines
Elizabeth hines 9 meses atrás
KAROLINA LOL HYDROGEN PEROXIDE??? You don’t know what that is?! (I’m sure you do you are silly haha)
Madison McAllister
Madison McAllister 10 meses atrás
5:30 Hydrogen dioxide is a antiseptic and weak bleaching agent.
Anastasia Edwards
Anastasia Edwards 11 meses atrás
We still bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide. And teeth. And we just clean with it.
Toni Ivanova
Toni Ivanova 11 meses atrás
More Words
More Words 11 meses atrás
Lemons do remove tan. However, it should not be applied before exposure to sun because it will cause an even darker tan. In the summer I treat my hands with lemon juice before bedtime to minimize my tan.
Nev's Needles
Nev's Needles Anos atrás
I thought you weren't supposed to leave borax on your skin? Wouldn't that dry shampoo have left a rash their scalps?
Jagoda Anos atrás
Oh my god don't use the lemon trick, it's way too strong and might destroy your skin if your not using really strong sunscreen and reapplying it every two hours. If you don't, the spots that were "bleached" get darker after being exposed to sun and age faster.
Alexandra Maria Music
Um, but eggs are actually great shampoo when you're poor like me xD
Si, tienes toda la razón
I did the lemon stuff and it didn’t whiten my skin, it burned though.. I also have washed my hair in a month and it did work, my hair didn’t smell bad and it got a natural shining ho ho
LARA Bryan
LARA Bryan Anos atrás
So the whole don’t throw your hair over a radiator was because women would do it not realizing how hot the radiators would get and would set their hair on fire/burn their hair/cause sever damage to hair is so long I don’t even bother blow drying it because of the risk of it tangling in the fan.
scraperindustry Anos atrás
My grandma is still doing the egg thing
Prismus Anos atrás
Turns out, 5-Minute Crafts started way before BRdesk.
Barbara Vieira
Barbara Vieira Anos atrás
Lemon causes acid burns when you expose the skin with lemon juice on the sun directly, so if you want to do it you should probably use it at night
MatameVideos Anos atrás
Lorenyth Anos atrás
my grandma used to use a literal clothes iron to straighten her hair when she was young apparently
Jule Caesara
Jule Caesara Anos atrás
there are many people today who shampoo (!) their hair only once a month or less, but that doesn't mean they'd never rinse with water. I personally managed to only wash with rye flour for some half year, but recently my hair has become a little more oily and thus I wash once a week max. with a bar of soap, but I rinse it more often.
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole Anos atrás
Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical that can lighten the hair if you put it on directly. Now, in the modern era, it is used in the developer of hair color or bleach so that your hair opens up and accepts the color. And it's also used as a disinfectant for wounds and such.
giancolabird Anos atrás
I think you are correct. I have heard of setting hair with eggs.
Sofka450 Anos atrás
The way washing your hair with eggs may be this: it dissilwes the oils and dirt so when you rinse it comes off easier.
thedemonicjenny Anos atrás
I heard once that lemon juice in the sun could cause burns? We used to use lemon juice to lighten our hair in the summer with no burning, though
Kemkaz Anos atrás
interesting ! I had to look up cochineal .
Beth B
Beth B Anos atrás
Actually 2:20 yeah you can give yourself tension alopecia
Mika Anos atrás
oh god hydrogen peroxide H2O2 I mean I already lost it with Borax right in the beginning but THAT jeeeee
Jim P
Jim P Anos atrás
Cochineal is made from insects.
Katherine Margeson
Katherine Margeson Anos atrás
Three things: 1. Borax is a poison and hydrogen peroxide bleaches the hair super light yellow orange. It’s mostly used as a disinfectant. You’ve probably used it when you cut yourself. It foams and kills germs 2. I sleep with two braids after washing to help it dry with waves. 3 Movie star, Joan Crawford used to rub her body with lemons. It seemed to work.
Rose Anos atrás
Hydrogen peroxide also works really well for acne and eczema
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie Anos atrás
Some of this stuff reminds me of black hair care or the curly girl method.
Tokki A
Tokki A Anos atrás
There’s a scene in the movie Malena (1940s Italy, with Monica Belucci) where she is rubbing herself with a lemon half as part of her beauty routine.
Shawna Dyment
Shawna Dyment Anos atrás
I'm sitting here giggling like a lunatic with my boyfriend because I actually have dried my hair over a radiator before, hahaha so watching that part was gold.
KyrieFortune Anos atrás
"Modern society is so obsessed with this new skin bleaching fad" Edwardian era: ladies, bleach your skin with lemon juice
Felicitas Zoch
Felicitas Zoch Anos atrás
I don‘t know if this has been commented on already, but eggs work better if whites and yolk are seperated and only the yolks are used. Actually, egg whites make a nice facial toner. Yolks Aline work very well as a hair mask if used alone, else they make a beautiful shampoo when combined with cognag.
Shewany Anos atrás
lemons are high in vitamin c and vitamin c is brightening.. however it is also highly acidic and can be damaging to the skin
beachwriter8 Anos atrás
Love the vanity table and i think the window seat. Great space. Amazing channel.
Little Wolf Taima
Little Wolf Taima Anos atrás
To be honest, I'm surprised I have heard all of these tips in modern times and they seem about as weird as stuff we do in present day like the Kylie lip thing others have mentioned.
Korinna Beckenbauer
Does anyone know if the dry shampoo recipe is safe for use? I wonder if putting borax on your hair would irritate the scalp
Zero J
Zero J Anos atrás
Yes, you can wash your hair with an egg :D It's cause in eggs there are the same molecular competition as in soup or shampoo
Spanner & Clyde
Spanner & Clyde Anos atrás
In terms of the hair stuff, I don't use shampoo and my hair is perfectly clean and doesn't smell at all. The only reason we need to wash our hair so much these days, is because shampoo strips the scalp of oils, so the body compensates and makes more. By not stripping the oils, the body realises that it doesn't need to make more. And bam, there you have it, don't need to wash your hair as often!
Aimless Alix
Aimless Alix Anos atrás
We (me and my cousins) use lemons sliced in 2 when we have uneven tans or our freckles are getting super dark
Miranda Milner
Miranda Milner Anos atrás
Karolyn Herrera
Karolyn Herrera Anos atrás
**I imagine they could have used hot irons to dry their hair sometimes. Also, the chemical you were unfamiliar with: just reverse it :) hydrogen peroxide.
Malia Laguisa
Malia Laguisa Anos atrás
i am watching a youtube video of a person dressed in 1940s clothing talking about edwardian beauty tips. What time period am I actually in?
Lo Anos atrás
I love your accents! I know this is late, but I just started watching your videos and absolutely love your work :) !!!
Isabel Butler
Isabel Butler Anos atrás
Absolutely NEVER put lemon or lime juice on your skin and NEVER go into the sun with it on your skin. You will develop chemical burns where the juice has been and it’s extremely painful and harmful to the skin. That’s why it’s “equivalent” to bleaching bc it burns the skin and rips off healthy layers
Yanina Soledad
Yanina Soledad Anos atrás
my sister did the lemon bleaching on a scar and it worked
Texadon - Andromeda Cripps
Careful with the lemon juice, friends, I had a friend who got burns all up her arms just from cutting up limes as then going outside on a sunny day. The acid reacts with the sunlight and lightly burns your skin.
Texadon - Andromeda Cripps
Really interesting! About washing the hair, I'm not sure about once a month, but I wash my hair once a week. Truly, you don't need to wash your hair every day unless it gets dirty every day. Obviously if you sweat a lot on your head or do work that gets your hair dirty, you need to wash it, but it is true that most shampoos are drying and strip the hair of its natural oils. That causes them to be produced in greater amounts to compensate. For some people, washing with vinegar or other materials is better than any shampoo, but I myself shampoo and conduction once every week. My hair never really has a chance to get dirty and (having super long, thick hair) it saves me a lot of time during the week.
Donteatacowman Anos atrás
The cochineal tincture refers to a crimson dye made from boiled insects known as carmine or E120 today. It would have turned the dry shampoo red, I guess.
Nona Mackenzie
Nona Mackenzie Anos atrás
obviously I found this video over a year too late but this topic is really interesting to me, so: I think the dry shampoo recipe was meant to dry out before use? I found a bunch of recipes from 1906-1911 and they're all powders, used the same way dry shampoo is still used, for the most part. Most of the liquids were fragrance, and cochineal is an insect ground(usually) for its bright red pigment(though they also made liquid versions, apparently), which was/is used in the making of cosmetics. So I imagine if the mixture dried, it would create a fragrant pink or light red powder. Some other fun dry shampoo recipes I found(from 1911): Salt. Just salt. There was also one that was just cornmeal. Though, Lush literally has a dry shampoo that's plain corn starch, so how far have we come, really? And the making sure not to sleep with your hair pulled tight is absolutely true. Just look at Jojo Siwa's hairline.
queggy Anos atrás
bby,, hydrogen peroxide is bleach
yael perez
yael perez Anos atrás
Can u do a review of the vintege stuff at the movie back to the Future
J 6
J 6 Anos atrás
I use lemon on my skin and hair, it works.
Ayesha Tuvida
Ayesha Tuvida 2 anos atrás
Isn't borax bad for your skin and hydrogen peroxide
Laura Valancy
Laura Valancy Anos atrás
Kuri Su yeah, both are pretty strong cleaning agents 😬 but hydrogens peroxide is rubbing alcohol which is used in most medical situations to prep your skin for shots or more intense whatever
SnapshotOfASoul 2 anos atrás
The egg shampoo thing is a legit method that some people do to ensure thick and lovely hair, it's a common ingredient in luxury salon shampoos.
UTAU53Yui 2 anos atrás
I thought borax was a complete no-no, be it internal (lookin at you china) or external. Not really looking forward to putting that stuff on my head lol
H .L
H .L 2 anos atrás
I actually been doing the two braids thing even before I saw this video and it actually works :D
steve rogers the moderator
growing up in a small village in Ukraine, my grandma used to wash her hear with fresh eggs only as the result, she claimed, her hear was naturally shiny, smooth and strong she also used to have it long and plaited my granddad also used to joke that her hair was the reason he fell in love with her
Catherine Just Catherine
@Amy Gersabeck Literally what I was thinking
Amy Gersabeck
Amy Gersabeck 9 meses atrás
aww that's so sweet!
Karli Fran
Karli Fran 2 anos atrás
Is it weird I want to try these 🤣
Kodaku1821 2 anos atrás
hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is famous for taking blood from clothes and cleaning wounds and also this joke: 'two friends go to the bar, the first one says "I'm a chemist, so I'll just have H2O", the second says, "sounds good! I'll have H2O too." When they toast to each other and drink, the second man falls over and dies' ...morbid joke More importantly, it's a bleaching agent and it's a great antiseptic!
idk 2 anos atrás
Victorians and Edwardians seem to have some surplus supply of borax.. Little did they know that it could mame slime.. A viral sensation and trend 100 years later.. But imagine how easy it'd be to make slime if everyone still had a supply nowdays!
Instinctively Chelsea
Instinctively Chelsea 2 anos atrás
You don't have hydrogen peroxide in Poland ? That s so interesting ! I feel like here its in a lot of cleaning products and it basically was used to lighten the hair before they had powder bleach for hair. :)
Shannon McDavid
Shannon McDavid 2 anos atrás
I actually think the lemon might work. A lot of vitamin c serums are sold as skincare today, usually supposed to have brightening or scar-reducing effects.
Kim Mobey
Kim Mobey 2 anos atrás
Egg is an emulsifier, meaning it changes the nature of oils in water. This means it's a fantastic agent for making mayonnaise (or a super-cheap toner - google it) but also that it emulsifies the oils in your skin and hair to let water rinse them away.Zero chemicals, sooooooo cheap
lapipipa 2 anos atrás
When i was younger, i loved korean beauty standars, every nigh i’d drenched me in lemon juice. Let me tell you, it works. But rather than bleaching you, brightens you. You are the color of your skin when you were a baby.
Dilan Demir
Dilan Demir 2 anos atrás
Well, you look amazing and thats that.
Lori Granger
Lori Granger 2 anos atrás
Hydrogen peroxide was actually pretty commonly used for bleach, and is still used sometimes . It's also good for cleaning cuts and preventing infection.
Lori Granger
Lori Granger 2 anos atrás
Oh, and removing bloodstains.
Katherine Margeson
Katherine Margeson 2 anos atrás
Beat 2 egg whites (alone or mixed with a flower water) & apply as a face mask to tighten skin. Plain honey masks are great for moisturizing, plumping, and pimples . Apple cider vinegar is useful for irritation, to calm pimples, to detox scalp, and mixed with water, a natural shine treatment after shampooing. To perk up hair color, add with chamomile tea bags (blonde or light hair,) beet or hibiscus powder or cranberry/carrot juice (red hair or dark hair,) or coffee (dark hair.) You can even make your own vintage lip balm or rogue with coconut oil and beeswax mixed with beet root powder or madder.
Katherine Margeson
Katherine Margeson 2 anos atrás
Peroxide of hydrogen is now known as hydrogen peroxide. It is for first aid to clean cuts, scrapes, and general debriding. For beauty, you can put some on a cotton swab and apply to pimples or dark spots. When mixed with lemon juice and baking soda, it makes a powerful paste/mask for scars and discoloration. Back in the 70s-80s, it was in a hair product in the US called Sun In. It’s a very strong hair bleach and will leave hair a weird fluorescent orange, so avoid eyebrows or hair if you use it. I imagine the pdf meant it to be used as a spot lightener and maybe to bleach facial or body hair, since bleaching hair blonde was considered cheap until the 1820s.
Natalie Fecteau
Natalie Fecteau 2 anos atrás
If you want to try to whiten your skin with lemon please be careful because if you go out in the sun it will burn your skin because it is acidic! Love you! Please be careful 💛
Hinitsu 2 anos atrás
You can actually wash your hair with eggs, you use it as a regular shampoo and then rinse with lukewarm water otherwise you will have cooked egg in hair. It actually cleans your hair and makes it super soft
March Forth
March Forth 2 anos atrás
The lemon thing does work, people now like to naturally make their hair blond with lemon and sitting in the sun
Tristan Rose
Tristan Rose 2 anos atrás
Hydrogen peroxide: that stinky shit in the brown bottle that foams up when it comes in contact with blood, used to "boil out" (clean) open wounds, stings waaaaay less than rubbing alcohol, and can help lift blood stains from your favorite panties, (but cold water and dawn dish soap works just as well)
Sash S
Sash S 2 anos atrás
The lemon does work for acne marks and dark spots Or lighten freckles
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