vintage to e-girl makeover cause I'm bored 

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aka me trying to be relevant for 10 minutes straight
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22 Jan 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
lol I shot this video last Wednesday and was convinced it’s such a fresh idea, it wasn’t until now that I see some small unknown youtuber aka Jenna Marbles copied me the day after? shook (for real though, I had no idea she posted a similar one hahaha hope you guys enjoy both videos!)
Hanna Grabowska
Hanna Grabowska 2 dias atrás
Fajny odcinek. Moim zdaniem nie najgorzej Ci wyszedł ten styl e-girl. Nie podoba mi się ten styl jednak ogólnie. Wolę właśnie taki styl jaki prezentujesz na codzień w swoich filmikach.
TakeMe_eAway Mês atrás
Who the he'll is Jenna marbles
MERP 3 meses atrás
You can Totally pull the e girl b*tch face 👌
Top 4 meses atrás
I don't even know who that is and can't be bothered to look it up either
Marina Moonberry
Marina Moonberry 6 meses atrás
You did great with the outfit and makeup
darci Brandy
darci Brandy 2 dias atrás
8:58 u look like halsey , doesnt she ?
E Soren
E Soren 2 dias atrás
Why does that lip look work so well though??
Ruoshui Liu
Ruoshui Liu 2 dias atrás
**cheers to people taking out trash**
MatthewDaddy 4 dias atrás
Sayre Wilkin-Dalby
Sayre Wilkin-Dalby 5 dias atrás
I didn't even know this was a thing but you look so cute I'm gonna try this now.
Alex ETransGirl
Alex ETransGirl 8 dias atrás
Eyeliner looks shockingly good on you, you should consider doing it more
Kasia Próbka
Kasia Próbka 9 dias atrás
Not that bad tho.
ihatecakee 9 dias atrás
Karolina can pull off literally any look I swear
Hirundo Arvensis
Hirundo Arvensis 9 dias atrás
I was going to comment in polish, but I've been leaving abroad for quite a while and oh my god it takes me so much to think about a written sentence... Amazing video though! You rock both styles tbh and you look beautiful as your usual self and also as an e-girl. Great job on makeup and clothes btw!
Zone Misty
Zone Misty 9 dias atrás
So cute🥰
theory practice
theory practice 9 dias atrás
im screaming at how much I lived for this reveal
KateyCat 9 dias atrás
Imagine the future fashion historians using this video and others as a reference of what fashion was....
Marie Autratová
Marie Autratová 9 dias atrás
Very cute make up look!
HappyBalaga 10 dias atrás
Egirls are ruining my life
komar muzyczny
komar muzyczny 11 dias atrás
Oglądam stare odcinki jak nie mam co robić. I tak, też mam ten tusz i faktycznie dziwnie pachnie lmao
schmock911 13 dias atrás
I love you e-Girl-Look! Looks much better and younger!
NoxBellatricis 14 dias atrás
I'm suprised how well the e-girl look actually turned out in the end :D turn out, all those weird individual things do come together somehow. Also, your glowing nose is just the cutest thing :D
McKenna Peay
McKenna Peay 17 dias atrás
This is cool Karolina
yung jose
yung jose 18 dias atrás
Fashion is so interesting. It literally made her look like a parallel universe version pf herself
Hamad LOL
Hamad LOL 18 dias atrás
Charli de amelio big sis
Clover is a spy
Clover is a spy 19 dias atrás
You re not olddd you re just so cooolll😭💖(in the 1940s outfit sorry but these e girl looks ain t it)
isaac art
isaac art 20 dias atrás
*people taking out trash*
desyana rachma
desyana rachma 20 dias atrás
Oh god she sort of looks like halsey
Dustin Davis
Dustin Davis 20 dias atrás
"what's up fellow cool kids"
Carrieliney 20 dias atrás
I am very late to the party, but I think you looked really cute! the makeup really came together, though I can see how it'd look better on camera than in person. Still, a fun project, thanks for sharing
Historical Significance
This is very cursed
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle 22 dias atrás
Interestingly enough you can really pull off both looks
emelette 22 dias atrás
Karolina turned from vintage girl to Halsey.
Stephanie Shapiro
Stephanie Shapiro 23 dias atrás
She's trying so hard not to laugh during the after shots omg
1JS18CS108 PRAJNA B R 23 dias atrás
But you look so cute!!!!!!! 😭😭😭
Gabriella Garrett
Gabriella Garrett 24 dias atrás
Right before the lips, you looked directly at the camera and I thought, "oh my gosh, it's Bambi".
2am anon
2am anon 26 dias atrás
im blushing lmao
Jana 27 dias atrás
I think you just look pretty no matter what, but also the e-girl look without the beanie gives me Natalie Portman vibes
Av 27 dias atrás
Honestly you look amazing in both outfits!
Zylie Acaria
Zylie Acaria 27 dias atrás
You look like Halsey. 😊
Siti Aisyah
Siti Aisyah 27 dias atrás
Sude Aksaray
Sude Aksaray 27 dias atrás
I have discovered that i am gay only for her after this video
Conner Phillips
Conner Phillips 28 dias atrás
You look phenomenal either way! Yowza.
Mewonne 29 dias atrás
Zrobiłaś to lepiej niż niektórzy youtuberzy
Adamina Carden
Adamina Carden Mês atrás
ummm... i'm actually so here for e-girl karolina
I snuck my pet seal on a plane
2:39 she looks like AOC
Cool Name
Cool Name Mês atrás
I just had a gay reawakening I didn't think was possible.
Ariel McKean
Ariel McKean Mês atrás
I know she wasn't a huge fan of it but honestly she kind of ate this look up
qixart the bondsmith
im sorry to say i tought you looked really atractive as an egirl
Stränger Mês atrás
Proves once again how much I despise the E-Girl look. You look so much more adorable in your vintage look.
Simply X Kailyn
Simply X Kailyn Mês atrás
I love her accent 💚💚 It sounds some aesthetically pleasing
Ruby Slippers
Ruby Slippers Mês atrás
You look amazing in everything🌺
Sup Mês atrás
*Dorian Electra who?*
Kate Mês atrás
I suspect that if you went around dressed as an egirl nobody you know would recognize you. It's Karolina: STEALTH MODE
M.S. Mês atrás
10:15 I needed this smile
Aelin not Alien
Aelin not Alien Mês atrás
I just realised, you posted this video on 22 January which is my birthday!!
Minaslia Mês atrás
actually as an e-grils you look suprisingly good, althoug I hate this green. xoxo
Helenaa P
Helenaa P Mês atrás
The green wig is shinier than the sun
Khushboo Gautam
Khushboo Gautam Mês atrás
Excuse me ma'am..!!!you are so cuteeeeee
Anushka Nikhil
Anushka Nikhil Mês atrás
OK but you look so cute aaa
Erin Calhoon
Erin Calhoon Mês atrás
honestly killed it tho
caroles Mês atrás
10:13 god you look so pretty?????
Pippis78 Mês atrás
You pull it of well! The eyeliner looks really nice on you!
Sia Kakkad
Sia Kakkad Mês atrás
Meme Mom going through mid-life crisis
Moises 18
Moises 18 Mês atrás
Wait, why does she kinda look like Halsey as an e-girl!!!😂
Vault Girl420
Vault Girl420 Mês atrás
KreeZafi Mês atrás
The look actually legitimately suited you though, wow!
Emily Rae
Emily Rae Mês atrás
she actually REALLY pulled it off and it looks SO GOOD
Megan Strauss
Megan Strauss Mês atrás
4:26 😂
E. Jane Alva
E. Jane Alva Mês atrás
You should've kept the black/dark hair. It might suit better than the cabbage wig. Also the green shirt should've been bigger. Anyways you're still pretty mwehhe
Maria Paez
Maria Paez Mês atrás
OMG! You are so beatiful without makeup!!!!
David Jackson
David Jackson Mês atrás
Is Poland always that blue
ashi bashi
ashi bashi Mês atrás
It went from looking like a 6 year old found moms makeup to acually being good.. No hate doe :')
Clara Andrews
Clara Andrews Mês atrás
literally nor bad at all
SnowyMary Mês atrás
I love everything about this, and I'm very impressed tat the final look works actually very well, but my fav part in hindsight might be "this look will probably go out of fashion in a few months" *looks around* *sees track pants, yesterday's sweatshirts, no bra and a wild assortment of masks*
uwi Mês atrás
I'm feeling a remembrance to Eva Perón with your look from before 10:20 lol you're beautiful
Baby Blue
Baby Blue Mês atrás
Bruh my meme mom looks beautiful in the forty’s and as a freaking e-girl 💕🤣🤣
Yoonbum's ankles
Yoonbum's ankles Mês atrás
Everyone: *Draws on freckles* Me: *Has freckles naturally* Hehehe
Antonio Salazar
Antonio Salazar Mês atrás
She's so delicate...
aebrooksyahoocom Mês atrás
Setsuna Kujo
Setsuna Kujo Mês atrás
cheers to people taking out the trash
stray babies
stray babies Mês atrás
She “can’t” do makeup then proceeds to do two perfectly symmetrical winged eyeliner. Slay queen.
Kaitlyn Hernandez
Kaitlyn Hernandez Mês atrás
Ok why do you actually look kinda amazing. Like it looks totally unwareable in real life but perfect for editorial stuff. And I personally use some of the evil techniques in my makeup. Like where I apply blush but not how much. And I take parts of the clothes. Like ill wear a checked pleated skirt and tights but then throw a big wool cardigan over it to bring it back down a bit. And I don't do many accessories. Like I think all eras of fashion have something you can use anytime, including this one.
tatataro Mês atrás
okay but ngl..... this is rly rly cute you did a good job!!
Maria K.
Maria K. Mês atrás
you loook so fuckin hot and you can tell youre feelin it too haha ily mom
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu Mês atrás
therealpoppinfresh Mês atrás
The best part of this video is how hard it is for you to keep a straight face as an e-girl lol
Benedict Reyes
Benedict Reyes 2 meses atrás
I love how eve frsr was used as the reference for the e-girl aesthetic.
Lucky Bee
Lucky Bee 2 meses atrás
well hell! who knew this goody to 40's girl go rock such a look! lol! you go girl!
Sofia Irigoin
Sofia Irigoin 2 meses atrás
Normal people1:55 Me: 9:19 🙈
Úna 2 meses atrás
I can't deal! how can you pull such different looks off
Samantha Grace Jereza
Samantha Grace Jereza 2 meses atrás
I know im late but, How about e-girl. But make it vintage..?
Sofia Irigoin
Sofia Irigoin 2 meses atrás
Lee McDonald
Lee McDonald 2 meses atrás
The whole look looked like my wanna be sister You made it look better tho
snafu 2 meses atrás
i loved every second of this. and yes it is very e.
Sofia Irigoin
Sofia Irigoin Mês atrás
hanna joy
hanna joy 2 meses atrás
you look like Anne Hathaway when you’re an e-girl
Sofia Irigoin
Sofia Irigoin Mês atrás
IMAO she always looks like Anne Hathaway
hanna joy
hanna joy 2 meses atrás
Lol I was scrolling through the comments and was like YES! Someone agrees with me! And then I realized it’s me.....It’s my comment that I’m reading....I am the one who agrees with me
Kyley Inman
Kyley Inman 2 meses atrás
Fuckin killin both looks
Natacha Negrão
Natacha Negrão 2 meses atrás
OMG, I'm totally broke when you tried to be serious in the e-girl pose hahahha you are amazing!
emnat321 2 meses atrás
I use to highlight the mole under my eye and make it a heart. Back then it was stupid now its fashion🤦‍♀️
emnat321 Mês atrás
@Sofia Irigoin that definitely helped me be more confident about doing it 😂 but it was because my Foundation would cover my moles and freckles
Sofia Irigoin
Sofia Irigoin Mês atrás
Electra Heart LOL
ʞzʇ 2 meses atrás
rosé 2 meses atrás
You look like Halsey
Ari x5
Ari x5 2 meses atrás
Wow 😲🤩
Victoria Cullen
Victoria Cullen 2 meses atrás
Zawsze jak cię oglądam to sobie myślę że wyglądasz podobnie do millie Bobby Brown nie wiem dlaczego 🤔
Mariana Bressan
Mariana Bressan 2 meses atrás
Idk why but she reminds me of Halsey with the e-girl look
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