Victorian Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is 

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I don't know since when 64 years is almost a century, I was always bad at math sry
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19 Mar 2019



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[Owlrie] Dia atrás
its exactly what I think its is
MAK 2 dias atrás
Apparently white was also a mourning colour.
Eliza Holliday
Eliza Holliday 2 dias atrás
Thanks so much for all the great visuals and examples! (just leave off the first three minutes... that’s taken care of in title of your video)
Jenna Veda
Jenna Veda 2 dias atrás
I'd love to see you rate the costumes in Penny Dreadful.
Fisher 2 dias atrás
"Victorian Style" (from what I understand) is like saying "Twentieth Century Style" like... which decade? which group of people? and like... for something that lasted for nearly an entire century, i don't understand how people think "oh yeah, that exact same dress was worn for a hundred years and then all the sudden things started to change every ten years for no particular reason" ....... but then again, I was also guilty of this kind of thinking up until relatively recently sooo....
Gavin Reid
Gavin Reid 3 dias atrás
Victorian, bit like saying Elizabeth the second style , from 1952 til now
Sophie Dangerous
Sophie Dangerous 5 dias atrás
Sims had me screaming inside.
NapierProductions 5 dias atrás
Lots of videos about Victorian fashion talk about ladies fashion. I'm just wondering, did the men's fashion change much? (Asking anyone.)
antkiewiczowa angelika
Uwielbiam Cię, szkoda, że nie nagrywasz po Polsku. Mieszkam w Anglii i mówię biegle po angielsku, także rozumiem Cię bez problemów, ale po Polsku mój mózg mógłby się "zrelaksować " hehe. Jednak słuchając w obcym języku, trzeba się bardzo skupić przynajmniej ja tak mam ☺️, tak czy siak wspaniała robota. Jesteś super a i Twoja uroda jest nieziemska pasuje do klimatu retro ☺️
Okami san
Okami san 5 dias atrás
Allot of the things that are currently made to be "Victorian" always remind me of Romantic Goth and of course Steampunk (especially with the whole corset on the outside).
Catalina Of Aragon
Catalina Of Aragon 6 dias atrás
Victorian Halloween costumes make me cry and gave my children nightmares.
Christy T
Christy T 6 dias atrás
I get cutting off long hair when sick. Covid was a brief glimpse of that challenge. After weeks of fevers in bed, I had a lot of dreading and now I have enough hair in my brush for a rat.
Christy T
Christy T 6 dias atrás
OMG! I needed this video last week, but found it now. I asked my friend what style of wedding dress she wanted. Her response: Victorian!!!!!!! I was so confused and didn’t want to make her feel badly, so I asked for some pictures of the style she meant: TOTALLY MODERN. So happy I’m not making the really, I’m not making her gown. I can say I’m remodeling and it’s true.
Leila Jaafari
Leila Jaafari 7 dias atrás
I like your hair style and earrings. Love the video!
trixi1608 7 dias atrás
When I think of quintessential 'Victorian', I think of really opulent crinoline dresses like those Empress Sisi of Austria wore..
Chrystal Frost
Chrystal Frost 7 dias atrás
Epitome= ee-pit-oh-mee
MariaThePotterNut 10 dias atrás
Part of why it seems like they wore mourning clothes a lot, was because of how long you were required to appear to be in mourning, aka a long ass time. It was also one of the only times people may get their photo taken, when someone died. Thank you Caitlin Doughty, aka ask a mortician!
Lyutemfo France
Lyutemfo France 10 dias atrás
Жаль нет на русском((( Большая печаль века
Hannah McCoy
Hannah McCoy 11 dias atrás
Has she done a review of the show Victoria?
Artemis Amory
Artemis Amory 12 dias atrás
The problem is that no one knows history unless you're into history. Average people be like, "ok there was like 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s... uhh the world wars and the 20s flapper... then victorian?? and before that is like medieval times idk"
Danni881212 12 dias atrás
At what age did the girls start wearing corcets?
The Hardins
The Hardins 12 dias atrás
If I did a steam punk story , I'd give the ladies lovely Arconic green dresses, and dudes fancy pocket watches.
The- Queen Maleficent
The- Queen Maleficent 12 dias atrás
I have a whole wardrobe of Victorian / Edwardian style clothes and a couple of original pieces too. It’s so beautiful.
Debra Ann Romero
Debra Ann Romero 13 dias atrás
You are the ONLY person that has EVER been able to teach me any kind of History..... Period. The knowledge that you have bestowed on me not only taught me Fashion & Art History but also made me feel good that I could so easily and effortlessly learn about something as complex and complicated as Victorian Fashion as Art ... You make learning fun... .....just saying.
Meg Animates
Meg Animates 14 dias atrás
Before I got into fashion history I was one of those people who thought Edwardian was Victorian. I'm not really sure why I believed this? It may have been what people were saying about it.
bumble Bee
bumble Bee 16 dias atrás
Meanwhile 21st century style: Pajamas
LichenTheDragon 14
LichenTheDragon 14 18 dias atrás
I feel like people confuse Victorian with Steampunk which are very different. I love steampunk and it is mostly steam technology inspired, hence the name. Steampunk also normally has the corset outside of the clothes. Maybe that’s why people think that’s Victorian
Ulrika 19 dias atrás
Please watch the horrible histories love song with Albert and Victoria
CM - 09VR 744567 The Woodlands SS
*got em*
Spitfire RAF
Spitfire RAF 21 dia atrás
Time to read the news better put on my seven layer dress
Sydney VanDervort
Sydney VanDervort 23 dias atrás behold this unredeemable discgrace
jennifer egger
jennifer egger 24 dias atrás
Idk if im right but the victorian era ended around the 1950s and my mom was born 1967 so my mom was born around the end of the Victorian era...
GalaxyPrincette 24 dias atrás
The Victorian Era ended when Queen Victoria 1901
Kathryn Minnick
Kathryn Minnick 24 dias atrás
You should be a costume consultant for historical films 🎥
Sally Moore
Sally Moore 27 dias atrás
Until Albert - Victoria's husband died, it was quite light, it only became somber after Albert's death. Victoria and Albert had a steamy love life! Oh yes, they had lots of kids and their letters to each other were pretty saucy too. what you are saying about the Industrial Revolution is true. Where I live was the birth place of the cotton industry. Lancashire & Yorkshire are the home of that look. As soon as looms became faster and could be programmed - (yes I said programmed by sample cards) - patterns got mad. But there was so much a two world nation in the UK. We had mega rich, middle class and mostly poor with nothing.
H LoveWood
H LoveWood 28 dias atrás
Best "pointless " video of the day, so far
I love the geometric 1860s blue dress - woweeeeeeee. That geometry would be fun to apply to an Edwardian walking suit - which is what I want to make. I love the wearability of the Edwardian era - I feel that elements of this era are a gold mine for us now. When I was (your age) I lived in costume every day - I'm going back to this now at age 65. Yeah -.your group of youthful fashion historians is helping me get in touch with my 70s and 80s self. Love Jennie
Lex The omnidroid
Lex The omnidroid Mês atrás
The costume in the thumbnail is a great Halloween costume because it's so inaccurate that it's scary.
Sayre Wilkin-Dalby
Sayre Wilkin-Dalby Mês atrás
Go away, bullies. You're not wanted and we will beat you up. Let the role-playing commence!
Scott Albers
Scott Albers Mês atrás
You might use pictures from Currier and Ives. Its much livelier. Also Little House on the Prairie has lots of descriptions.
Scott Albers
Scott Albers Mês atrás
Do you have any thoughts as to why fashion for women seems to head to extremes, whereas men's fashion is much more stable over the years?
Efi Galanis
Efi Galanis Mês atrás
Imagine in the future when they talk about the elizabethan ii era. Oof. That would be interesting.
冉冉 Mês atrás
I want you to watch Anne with an E (based on the books Anne of Green gables) on Netflix. Pretty sure it's during the Victorian era and the girls talk a bit about fashion at points.
Christopher Jackson
You left out the American West. By definition the Old West was Victorian and followed many of the trends and adapted others to the local environment. People also tend forget that blue jeans were invented in the 1870s. Not really what people think of with Victorian, but blue jeans are in fact lower class Victorian. In the US, anyway, don't know when they hit Europe.
Julie Cain
Julie Cain Mês atrás
"red and yellow kill a fellow" isn't your best choice of a color scheme. Or maybe you only missed getting your % or red to chartruse yellow right.
Julie Cain
Julie Cain Mês atrás
What are you looking at. Are you not meant to be looking at the camera? Yes! It matters.
andrea inzaghi
andrea inzaghi Mês atrás
sorry, you are exaggerating, there are many footages of Victorian era. Women did wear such large skirts and bright colours in daily life.
Leslie Kendall
Leslie Kendall Mês atrás
Epitome is pronounced e-PIT-oh-me.
AirConditionedNul 〜
all those models complaining about collapsing when wearing a corset have nothing on women of history and trans boys
Virus1956 Mês atrás
Is it just me or is she making me CRAZzzy?!!!!
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary Mês atrás
I was feeling real dumb for thinking of crinoline when I thought Victorian until you brought it up 😅
Aishling Ní Faoláin
Love these videos, I'm getting really into later 19th century clothing because one of my favourite books may be becoming a TV show and I want to check them on their accuracy 😂 It's so interesting because there are characters who are super fashion conscious and would probably wear like four different gowns in a day
Grayson Foveo
Grayson Foveo Mês atrás
her: memento mori people who watched unus annus: 👁👄👁
Orion Wolfie
Orion Wolfie Mês atrás
haha as soon as she said that I went rummaging through the comments
wigless 2 meses atrás
writing a story and this helps alot!!
TikiTorchGamin 2 meses atrás
This girl has the worst personality I've ever seen.
ancientlavender 2 dias atrás
@TikiTorchGamin calm down catboy, it's a spelling error.
TikiTorchGamin 3 dias atrás
@ancientlavender *gtfo fucking idiot
ancientlavender 3 dias atrás
Gtfu lmao
Make It Do
Make It Do 2 meses atrás
I tried finding Victorian fashion books at my library, and there was like 4 pages of results. When I looked for Edwardian, there was 1 result. Not 1 page...1 result. And it was included with Victorian. Made me sad.
Magic Potter
Magic Potter 2 meses atrás
"Victorian era is nearly a century" um, it was 64 years. That is closer to half a century
Stuart Gathman
Stuart Gathman 2 meses atrás
I love 19th century authors like Martha Finley, George MacDonald, Susan Warner, E.D.E.N. Southworth, Isabella "Pansy" Alden. The stories have vague descriptions of dress ("calico print", "brown travel", "black silk"), but your channel makes the scenes in my head come alive! Just expressing my appreciation.
ancientlavender 2 meses atrás
Literally every fashion historian: corsets were typically meant to support the bust/dress, tight lacing wasn't common, they weren't used for the "male gaze" or to oppress women. Feminists: this sign can't stop me because I can't read!
Jennifer 2 meses atrás
I spent the whole video watching your nails.
PRINCE KRAZIE 2 meses atrás
I think it’s ironic that Vogue was founded in 1892... So all the early issues contain primary source information for Victorian and Edwardian fashion... I guess they have forgotten their roots🤣
Majest E
Majest E 2 meses atrás
I feel like when someone asks so what was the 2000s fashion
Lhaycia Samuels
Lhaycia Samuels 2 meses atrás
Victoria era was like 5 decades and in those years clothes change a lot
Teal X 5.0
Teal X 5.0 2 meses atrás
10:38 Oh, hey Piper de la Prim... Didn't expect to see you here... Got used to your new game model, but your old one still looks great... Even with that red belt that I'm not used to seeing often because of remodel... . . . . . . . (Gosh, whatever I'm doing, I'm always thinking of Brawl Stars...)
tomceslonce 2 meses atrás
In Europe there is another fashion "trend" at the time in the Balkans. You could research it :)
Ultimate Human
Ultimate Human 2 meses atrás
2020 has a lot of masks
Jolene Marek
Jolene Marek 2 meses atrás
"Those layers were all there for a reason" (except for petticoats if you you were wearing five of them)
Jolene Marek
Jolene Marek 2 meses atrás
That doesn't even look edwardian it looks more like a tossed salad lol
Zahriah 2 meses atrás
What??? I love your reenactments!!!!
Claudia Cilia
Claudia Cilia 2 meses atrás
The association of victorian era with dark and gothic may come from all the pics of death people that were taken at the time. Those are eerie.
omer dassa
omer dassa 2 meses atrás
No, we just think all victorians lived in gothic novels.
Stitchex 2 meses atrás
I love your roleplay
Benjamin Rome Clarke
Benjamin Rome Clarke 2 meses atrás
No fabric was wasted... *cut to enormous skirts*
Atiny Blink
Atiny Blink 2 meses atrás
Time traveler from the 1890's: *sees girl with short hair* Get well soon my dear!
Brandon Ninja
Brandon Ninja 2 meses atrás
Does she have a video on 1890s British fashion, especially during the fall?
meggie simpson
meggie simpson 2 meses atrás
So I am an art history nerd and there is one thing that also bugs me in a similar way. Vincent Van Gogh is super famous but he is always depicted as an Expressionist or an Impressionist. He is kinda both but not a good example for either of these eras. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner for example is a much better depiction for an Expressionist. Claude Monet would be a better example for an Impressionist. My piont is Van Gogh is an incredible Artist, so important and famous for good reason but his art is falsely generalized as Expressionisem. It sets false examples just like early Edwardien Fashion does for the Victorien Fashion😅 Feels good to put that out on the internet 🙌🏽
Ovechka Laqrua
Ovechka Laqrua 3 meses atrás
Madam Żebrowska, I have to say that your fashion choice and your knowledge about old fashion is outstanding, you're one of the people that are inspiring me to wear such a beautiful clothes, please continue what you're doing and never give up.
The Murderess / Storm of the Night
I love Victorian fashion tbh I prefer later Victorian it’s a lot more simple
The Murderess / Storm of the Night
Can you do a review of the nutcracker and the 4 realms it takes place in the 1870s please you’re amazing and I love your videos I’m really interested in your opinion
Finn Tran
Finn Tran 3 meses atrás
00:20 TRANSLATE: ‘Y’all some dumb bitches who are thick in the wrong places. CEASE’
Martin Knoll
Martin Knoll 3 meses atrás
Love ur videos BTW: in hair style history we Cluster the timelines in early, mid and late Victorian. Heard a lot of costume historians also use that term. But when it comes to hair fashion the victorians didn’t move as quickly as they did with dress volumina... but I think that division is still pretty useful Peace and congrats to ur knowledge🥳
Lloyd Wright Bradshaw
Lloyd Wright Bradshaw 3 meses atrás
Well done very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge
HootieQ 3 meses atrás
I absolutely love the working women dress from back in that area I just think that it’s very very classic and actually very pretty and that’s what I think of Victoria when I think of the era
Angel 3 meses atrás
When I make clothes I often use historical inspiration not really caring about accuracy, but I always use history fashion plates or portraits or surviving garments as inspiration
Hale Peterke
Hale Peterke 3 meses atrás
I think the two eras that read the most as what I think of as Victorian, or what I recognized as something I’d see outside of this context and call it Victorian, that you mentioned here are 1890s and 1840s
Sarah Heyes
Sarah Heyes 3 meses atrás
It's The Ghost and Mr. Chicken insert for me. "Atta boy, Luther!"
Amanda Perry
Amanda Perry 3 meses atrás
Good stuff
Kam Doyle
Kam Doyle 3 meses atrás
I would love to see a video like this but with men's fashion. I'd like to learn what styles they wore each Victorian decade.
Aubre Suttle
Aubre Suttle 3 meses atrás
it was the ghost and mr. chicken reference for me >D
Rebecca Clark
Rebecca Clark 3 meses atrás
Costuming deep dive on the Enola Holmes movie??? Plz I’m obsessed
Martha del Pilar Moreno
64 years is almost three to four fashion trends within it...
Tecumseh Cristero
Tecumseh Cristero 3 meses atrás
I think Wild West when I think Victorian era because every photograph from the Wild West is Victorian. And the American Civil War
Tecumseh Cristero
Tecumseh Cristero 3 meses atrás
Victorian = Bright Arsenic Florescent Green, yes Arsenic! They actually used poison to on everything and they totally knew Arsenic was a Lethal Poison but how are our descendants going to judge us and the poisons we knowingly put in and on our bodies?
Margaretta Campagna
Margaretta Campagna 3 meses atrás
I like the idea of wearing a veil while I’m in grief appeals. Don’t look at my zits and puffy eyes. And yeah, don’t have the energy for laundry, so I’ll wear black to hide that
Monica Jorgensen
Monica Jorgensen 3 meses atrás
watching all ur vids makes me feel like I'm hanging out w someone during quarantine lol
Auri Powell
Auri Powell 3 meses atrás
Wow 1880s and 1980s had the same “awkward bangs “ faze 😭😭
Nirvana Fan
Nirvana Fan 3 meses atrás
Indeed I can't believe it 😂
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson 3 meses atrás
Very enlightening!
Amber Baker
Amber Baker 3 meses atrás
"What is thing on my head, it is not under my control" is part every curly haired girls daily routine.
Josie Cakes
Josie Cakes 4 meses atrás
HA HA HA! I clicked on the link that says nudes below the video and it's so funny!!!!!!
Meg Polier
Meg Polier 4 meses atrás
The corset on the outside is a Steampunk fashion.
Win Drews
Win Drews 4 meses atrás
I came from 2021 earth is on end now
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