Tutorial na fryzurę Hedy Lamarr / Hedy Lamarr Hairstyle Tutorial [PL/ENG] 

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24 Jan 2019



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Comentários 100   
Ashley McCready
Ashley McCready 8 dias atrás
It said Hedy Lamar, I could not stop myself from clicking
RainyLeinChen Mês atrás
I'm so used to you speaking English, that even as a Polish it sounds strange to me hearing Polish in your video
Shar Mês atrás
Ale fajnie usłyszeć Cię po polsku ❤
Andrzej Borkowski
Andrzej Borkowski Mês atrás
Link w opisie i OPISIE w linku: :)
nineteenfortyeight 2 meses atrás
As someone with low vision, I was not thrilled to be told "Reading is not that hard."
Laurel Bushman
Laurel Bushman 4 meses atrás
My Grandma's name was Lamar (we have a legacy of women with men's names in my family), and her friends nicknamed her "Hedy."
Maria Giovanna Campobasso
Tari Tangeo
Tari Tangeo 5 meses atrás
Subtitles are a bit hard bc Im addcited to watching these while doing my drawing- related work😂
Angel 5 meses atrás
hey its your grandma
Sara's Poems and Postcards
Now I know how to say "*dies inside*" in Polish. (*"morta por dentro"*)
Aleksandra Swift
Aleksandra Swift 7 meses atrás
Hedy urodzona 9 listopada jak moja córcia:) ciekawe dzięki za polecenie!
Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein 7 meses atrás
SPEAK AMERICAN! BRdesk IS BASED IN AMERICA! just kidding, the translation in the subtitles is un-readable, just so you know, it must suck at translating polish.
Matylda Tyburska
Matylda Tyburska 8 meses atrás
Hedy również jako pierwsza w niemczech odważyła się tańczyć nago w klubach, najpierw w samej spódniczce z bananów później nago kocham ja
Mary Brown
Mary Brown 9 meses atrás
Love your videos, but I don't speak Polish. Their is no translation or subtitles available that I can find. Sad...
Katie Murray
Katie Murray 10 meses atrás
I kept forgetting I had to read the subtitles- I would look away and briefly think I was having a stroke 😂😂😂
GiGi Ali
GiGi Ali 10 meses atrás
I’m going to learn Polish just so that I don’t turn on the subtitles I am that kind of lazy😩
Rachel Bronke
Rachel Bronke 11 meses atrás
Two seconds into this and already happy. 👍 You finally made me care about correct subtitles again. 💯%. Pfah-hahaha 😹
Saga Malak
Saga Malak 11 meses atrás
Uwielbiam twoje filmy, a te po polsku to już w ogóle...!!!! :)
Kas Wil
Kas Wil Anos atrás
Ależ Ty jesteś piękna... Klasyczna uroda.
Scarlett D'amante
Scarlett D'amante Anos atrás
THE CURLS WILL DISAPEAR AND THEN COME BACK so important omg thank you for the golden knowledge!
Twix Cake
Twix Cake Anos atrás
You look like Virginia O'Brien
Екатерина Волкова
I speak russian while watching this video in polish and reading subtitles in english This gave me a headache 🤣
Rin Anos atrás
“But life’s not symmetrical” woah deep
Sir Canavar
Sir Canavar Anos atrás
Found your channel a while ago, and since I been using most of my free time watching or listening to your stuff, everything is so so interesting! But your polish videos are something special. This was the first time I heard spoken polish. It is so elegant! Btw: Woah, so that is how your name is pronounced... here in Brazil "carolina" is a not-so-much-but-still-kinda-common name - I have family members named as so. But I was like, sure, it can't be pronounced the same way. But nope, it seems it is. Other than that, that was an great video - like all
D C Anos atrás
I loved how you lambasted the stereotype concept of corset in your earlier video. Why am j saying now? because it shows you care about how fashion is not just about runway models, but rather what people wore/ wear. Fuck that Miranda Priestly
bad bitch
bad bitch Anos atrás
Polish and Spanish sound weirdly similar.
Kris Anos atrás
wygladasz jak schafter
Dokkyun_Heart Anos atrás
Being Polish and turning the English subtitles on is the way I like to complicate my life
Filiżanka Piękna
Filiżanka Piękna Anos atrás
Masz tak przyjemny głos! Słuchałabym Twojego polskiego podcastu
jeric_ synergy
jeric_ synergy Anos atrás
Polish: beautiful language.
Floreek Anos atrás
Jestem tym polskim komentarzem którego szukasz
Tai Anos atrás
I don't speak english or polish, so what am I doing here?
Christal Horton
Christal Horton Anos atrás
i could listen to u speak polish all day omg
emma lemma
emma lemma Anos atrás
i want to start a vintage youtube, any tips?
Aryadne muchas cosas
Where can I look for books with old hairstyles and clothing?
bonhomie gal
bonhomie gal Anos atrás
Some time ago I have bookmarked a film about Heddy Lamar on Amazon (but never got around to watching it). Now I am seeing this video about Heddy Lamar. The world is reminding me so.. I've just downloaded that book onto my kindle :). Look forward to reading it!
It'sfreerealestate Anos atrás
The opening of this video oh my god 😂I had to pause it for a bit and just laugh to myself
Rebecca Woods
Rebecca Woods Anos atrás
Loved hearing you speak your native language in this.💜 You seemed more relaxed. 💜💜💜 Now, to find that book...
Keighly Socha
Keighly Socha Anos atrás
This hair suits you so well!
AAdularia Edits
AAdularia Edits Anos atrás
How long did it take you to learn polish or english ?? X
Nadezhda Dimitrova
Nadezhda Dimitrova Anos atrás
First of all, nice video! Can I ask what is your natural hair type? I have fine straight hair and I am worried those hairstyles won't work on me too well...
a meilink
a meilink Anos atrás
Humor transcends language
Teodor Dimitrov
Teodor Dimitrov Anos atrás
You are si beautiful and delicate lady, I really admire you! Kisssseeeeeeessss :) :) :) :) :)
Tori.v1316 Anos atrás
you're is possibly one of the only people I can watch talking in a different language that I know nothing about and still be thoroughly entertained
Asmahan Anos atrás
Katherine Hepburn 40s hairstyle pls
ShineBrightAG Anos atrás
I started taking polish lessons so I can understand my meme mom
Ewa Śródka
Ewa Śródka Anos atrás
First time hearing you speak polish and I’m SHOOK
Осквернить зависть
Gdy mówisz po polsku masz totalnie inny głos! Teraz zauważyłam jak akcent to zmienia
Arcas Yard
Arcas Yard Anos atrás
The curls + glasses = Prof Trelawney
Raylina Anos atrás
Fryzury vintage podobają mi się od zawsze, ale brakuje mi cierpliwości, żeby zapuścić włosy. Jedynie chyba lata 20-ste wydają się możliwe do wykonania na mojej długości
Peachy Hime
Peachy Hime Anos atrás
Hey it's your MEME Grandmom
QueenFireflyy Anos atrás
I don't know a stitch of Polish but! I'm 3rd generation American & my family originally emigrated from Poland to America. Mezerowski/Mezerowska/Mezerjewska/Mezerjewski was our name.. It had male/female versions & was changed when they came over I believe. I enjoyed following along with the subtitles!
Eneida Queiroz
Eneida Queiroz Anos atrás
Sounds like russian: first time I listen some Polish 👍🏻
Maria Carrigan
Maria Carrigan Anos atrás
Thank you for the english captions!
thangerstrings Anos atrás
I grew up polish/german but I lost pretty much ALL of my polish and it really started to scare me!!! how can I forget an entire language?? 8 year old me went to after school lessons for nothing??? anyways I'm using your videos to reconnect with my ~polish roots and I'm happy to realize that I understand about 80 percent but HOLY SHIT YOU SPEAK FAST
Marta Bilska
Marta Bilska 11 meses atrás
I used to have a pretty good grasp of German as a child/teenager and a pretty good accent for someone who's Polish, and after years of not using it, I remember almost nothing beside the very basic phrases. My accent is absolutely atrocious, too; I always pronounce the words as if they were English. So I guess it's possible. Also, she's from Kraków and they speak faster than most of us, I think.
T Nicholas
T Nicholas Anos atrás
I love that you're just as awkward in Polish as you are in English. That authentic self.
Mihael Keehl
Mihael Keehl Anos atrás
Despite being enthralled by how beautiful our meme mom looks 😍 , Hedy actually contributed a lot in the invention of WiFi.
Querolts Anos atrás
I love your channel! Your material is amazing, as much as your personality
Дозорцева Татьяна
I thought i would understand 50% ish of your words, because I'm Belarussian...but I was totally wrong
Анастасия Anos atrás
When you speak russian and know ukrainian, it's rather easier to understand : D
Белла Г
Белла Г Anos atrás
Maria Wróbel
Maria Wróbel Anos atrás
skąd masz wałki?😍
Mariana Xavier
Mariana Xavier Anos atrás
subs em português... me sinto privilegiada ♡
Fatemeh Anos atrás
I love the sound of Polish :) I’ll probably never be able to speak it but hearing someone talk with their native language is always a treat!
RaVenko Anos atrás
Jestem bardziej leniwa od Ciebie :P
Anos atrás
your cat is 100% my bird... if it dosen't benefit him get rid of it!!!
Socks Anos atrás
Heyyyy it's ya Grandma.
LadyofSwearsalot Anos atrás
the only word I could understand was fryzure because it is almost the same word in German. But I got to say, Polish is a very nice sounding language, tnhough I imagine it would be rather difficult to learn as a foreigner. I am tempted to try regardless.
63 Rambler
63 Rambler Anos atrás
A Anos atrás
“FrOnT WaVeS”
Youichi Yo
Youichi Yo Anos atrás
Polish sounds very cute. I speak russian, so I even understand a couple of words. But not the meaning of the whole speach, no... =(
Kaya Sławecka
Kaya Sławecka Anos atrás
Finally have a polish BRdeskr I like! No subtitles for me!
martart Anos atrás
Jesteś prześliczna!
Transvestite whale from lesbos
*frONt WaYs*
Faith 2 anos atrás
Meme Queen: Reading is not that hard Me as I am doing schoolwork and trying to listen to this at the same time: .....o o f she's not wrong though *proceeds to save video for later*
Mila 2 anos atrás
Za każdym razem jak Cię oglądam to sobie myślę, że chciałabym być Twoją przyjaciółką XD
P P 2 anos atrás
So, this is my first time watching you and my first time hearing polish. Now I speak russian, and *holy heck* this sounds so similar it messed with my brain
pattyprolapse 2 anos atrás
Your lipstick application is suddenly fantastic. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!
Thanks 2 anos atrás
You probs won't see this but I want to thank you for making these videos! I just recently became obsessed with them. I'm not the most *aesthetic* of people but you've inspired me to just go for it and explore my own style. I feel like wearing stuff other than t-shirts now, so thank you! Keep doing what you do!
Eliza D
Eliza D 2 anos atrás
Ahh jesteś moją wielką inspiracją!
turtlecatx 2 anos atrás
Zanim zobaczyłam twoją nazwę,nie domyslilabym się że jesteś z Polski, twój angielski jest świetny! ♡
Michelle Delancra
Michelle Delancra 2 anos atrás
Мне нравятся все твои видео!
Black woman In hindsight
Could you do some edwardian hairstyles once pls. I can only find some versions of the gibson girl
Arwen Carbery
Arwen Carbery 2 anos atrás
I am irish, my first and only language is English and it deadass took me like three minutes to realise you weren’t speaking in English. Well done me
Ellen Maria
Ellen Maria 2 anos atrás
I was watching this while studying and then you started speaking polish and I was like wHaT?¿??¿
Luiza Marques
Luiza Marques 2 anos atrás
Pleaseeeee Mom do a Crimson Peak costumes video!!!
parker smith
parker smith 2 anos atrás
Watch 6:35
Cheryl DeLarge
Cheryl DeLarge 2 anos atrás
I’m from Slovakia and I can understand both English and (partly) Polish, lucky me! Btw I love your personality
Schoolgirl Q
Schoolgirl Q 2 anos atrás
uwielbiam Cię
Katie G.
Katie G. 2 anos atrás
for a split second there, you looked like vintage miranda sings
Becky Maggie
Becky Maggie 2 anos atrás
I wish I could do a middle part but alas I have a fivehead :(
Guess who
Guess who 2 anos atrás
Więcej filmików w języku polskim! 😊
Drakan 2 anos atrás
Babciu nagnieć pierogów!
violet says hi
violet says hi 2 anos atrás
Hey it's your _slight pause_ *GrAnDmAm*
Alex Baker
Alex Baker 2 anos atrás
my hair is also like jaw length and partially shaven, so while I can't even do the styles you do, it's worth to watch the videos and wish
Alex Baker
Alex Baker 2 anos atrás
a.) polish is such a cool sounding language b.) that book sounds dope and now I really wanna read it
Олеся Чёрная
Karolina, why do you always talk about 60-90 clothes as if they aren't vintage? I love Japanese 60-70 dresses and I have 4-5 of them. And I bought them in perfect condition. Is it just about your preference?
Lisa Ebl
Lisa Ebl 2 anos atrás
I'm taking a makeup course, we had to learn hair, then we learned decades and were tested on it. I told one of the girls they had to brush through the curls to achieve the 1940's hairstyle she was going for and she didn't believe me... I wish more people were interested in recreating looks accurately because it makes the world of difference.
Uli Mei
Uli Mei 2 anos atrás
What is the music/song you use as your background music? I love it! Thanks!!
Jowita Kawa
Jowita Kawa 2 anos atrás
Dzięki Bogu za film po polsku! W sensie, rozumiem po angielsku ale tak jakoś bardziej domowo. Karolina, proszę poradz, znasz jakiś dobry produkt który utrwali skręt? Chciałabym nawet je rozczesywac I całe życie, ale po jednym przesunięciu od razu są proste... I nurtuje mnie jaka masz pomadke, bo jest śliczna, jeszcze raz dzięki za ten film ♥
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