Trying On a 110 Years Old Dress 

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Karolina getting excited over a piece of clothing for 16 minutes straight
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23 Abr 2019



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Comentários 100   
Karolina Żebrowska
skip to 15:15 to see the whole dress hehe
Noumenon 20 dias atrás
I skipped to see the whole dress and now I feel impetuous, shallow and almost shameful, reminiscent of my youth when I would empty the Cracker Jacks into a bowl and retrieve the sunken prize to avoid the always painful anticipation.
Michelle Duquette
Michelle Duquette 28 dias atrás
@Judy G My Southern Grandma used to say 19and10 or 19and45, like that.
Michelle Duquette
Michelle Duquette 28 dias atrás
@wnc817 I agree, I would feel and behave much more elegantly, I'm sure!!
Kara Roisin Farrell
I so agree
Dorothy Lensa
Dorothy Lensa 3 meses atrás
If you ever come across Bernadette Banner or Cathy Hay please recreate this dress. You look lovely in it and it must be worn (but not that particular one do clone it) by you for the purposes of... posterity.... 🤷just wear it it's pretty okay.
Garrick 4 horas atrás
That looks really good. When I watch period dramas I am mostly interested in how people look. I always wish I had suits like the men wear rather than the relatively boring sh^t I have. Everyone looked more elegant.
Jessie Brown
Jessie Brown 5 horas atrás
Clothing was made to last back then, not like now. I had* my grandmother's wedding dress (she was married in 1910) and it was still beautiful. And she was not rich so this was no fancy french fashion house. *I donated it to a local museum a few years ago
HelloKittykat21 21 hora atrás
That internal ruffle is the equivalent of an early wonder bra!
Juliana Fhey Andres
i think she had devaju
Karena Behan
Karena Behan Dia atrás
Amazing so interesting!
Leah Wolf
Leah Wolf Dia atrás
I’m so curious as to what it cost! It’s so beautiful
Emilie Winicker
Emilie Winicker Dia atrás
Who's here in 2021?
Victor Meister
Victor Meister Dia atrás
So beautiful ❤️
Chrissy Rocco
Chrissy Rocco 2 dias atrás
I love those old clothes. Beautiful
GiraffeLoverJen 3 dias atrás
Oh wow... That dress is simply perfect and it looks SO amazing on you! It was definitely worth whatever obscene amount of money you spent on it. It's gorgeous 😍
Hilary Bannister
Hilary Bannister 3 dias atrás
So elegant 😍
Happy Heart
Happy Heart 3 dias atrás
I’m not even a fashion person. But this is literally so cool.
Aeryn 4 dias atrás
Slightly less impressive, but I had the opportunity to try on my great-grandma’s wedding dress. They were sending each other letters before they got married during WW2, so I’d guess it would be... IDK, at least 60. Anyways, it was tiny! I was 13 or 14 when I put it on and we couldn’t get it buttoned all the way. My grandma had been cutting the skirt apart to sew wedding quilts for years and it was stored in a closet, so it didn’t look too nice, but it was a really neat experience. I was afraid to let my breath out all the way in case I started popping seams.
Azaliah Yadinah
Azaliah Yadinah 5 dias atrás
That dress is in better shape than me, and I’m less than half it’s age. Sad, sad. Enjoy your cuteness, girl! That dress is gorgeous on you!
Samantha Ponce
Samantha Ponce 5 dias atrás
Wow! It looks like that dress was made for you!! That is so awesome! I'm so glad you bought it!
RoseMary Pec
RoseMary Pec 5 dias atrás
So cute
bazar chatsa0726
bazar chatsa0726 6 dias atrás
👏👏👏💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹😊 My favoriete dress🧚‍♀️^^~.
Beth C
Beth C 7 dias atrás
The guy staring probably thought he'd seen a ghost in the window🤣
Anthony Fox
Anthony Fox 7 dias atrás
Omg we have like almost the same waist size, I fluctuate between 25 inches to 27 inches
Ravens Jewels
Ravens Jewels 8 dias atrás
You look magnificent!
Colette Jackson
Colette Jackson 8 dias atrás
Where has this dress been all this time to be in such good condition. I would love to know it’s story.
Providence Tarot
Providence Tarot 8 dias atrás
Omg so creepy, lol not in a bad way. I’d be so distracted by the energy of the person who wore it.
Kasia Star
Kasia Star 8 dias atrás
Are you Polish Karolina??
Kasia Star
Kasia Star 8 dias atrás
Love it😊💕💕💕
Larisa Shaterian
Larisa Shaterian 8 dias atrás
That dress in INCREDIBLE!!!
gretchen baker
gretchen baker 9 dias atrás
How do you store such a beautiful piece?
Tara Klein, CphT
Tara Klein, CphT 9 dias atrás
Swooning over that gorgeous piece of art! It does look like it was made for you. Thank you so much for sharing!! Where do you find your pieces?
Tara Klein, CphT
Tara Klein, CphT 9 dias atrás
Time for a photo shoot!!!
Samantha Palmer
Samantha Palmer 9 dias atrás
How much was it????
Nancy Anastasia
Nancy Anastasia 9 dias atrás
So gorgeous!!!!!!! If you're looking for an option to get some of the dust off without washing I can recommend using a vacuum hose attachment on a low setting with a thin metal screen in between the nozzle and the dress to ensure the dress doesn't get sucked in at all.
Living Life
Living Life 9 dias atrás
You should try and recreate the dress so you can wear it.
Anne-Brit 9 dias atrás
Amazing, from one textile lover to another. The Cape might not have been made at the same time. ? I don’t see the dress as too short, perfect length, the shoes should be shown off, and it should be safe to walk. Please, LEAVE THE HEM! ❤️ Please, be kinder speaking to yourself, no waist shame required.. No one really fits in these clothes anymore, and there you are.. stunning. Me myself and I are very careful with wording, so please.. no talk of dying. I have 100-150 yrs old chemise and bottoms of the thinnest laced cotton, you should have those.. You may wanna give me a shout.. because you CARE for these lovely darlings! Reason # 1 for a lover of textiles, clearing in her life.
Danny Feeney
Danny Feeney 9 dias atrás
I hope you see this but can we please take a look at that hat?? It is absolutely stunning and I'm really intrigued by the construction of it and how it got that great volume. Possibly a silk taffeta in use? Also thank you so much for always giving me something to watch while I’m sewing.
Cali Girl In Costa
Cali Girl In Costa 10 dias atrás
Adorable woman
Lana Medcalf
Lana Medcalf 10 dias atrás
They do....called “bespoke”.
Lisa Harling
Lisa Harling 10 dias atrás
Yes! Thank you for trying on the dress - you brought it back to life for a moment. Thank you for sharing this with us. A precious video.
Lana Medcalf
Lana Medcalf 10 dias atrás
She obviously is not from the US if she thinks her 26” waist is “thick”!
jean ross
jean ross 10 dias atrás
Beautiful dress.
A Ho
A Ho 10 dias atrás
wish these clothes could return.. I love them!
jovialjulia Q
jovialjulia Q 10 dias atrás
Plot twist: the man staring at her is also a time traveler who knew her in the 1900s and remembers her wearing that dress and was very confused to see her again
laffing1950 10 dias atrás
So to conserve it you need to get dust off special sponges r sold for this
Christy T
Christy T 10 dias atrás
Some people: spend money to see someone take their clothes off. Me: would pay money to see this video of someone putting clothing on.
Christy T
Christy T 10 dias atrás
How devine!!!!
smiler 11 dias atrás
Stunning. The cape elevates it
debra cox
debra cox 11 dias atrás
Stunning dress. It makes you sit properly. Would be lovely to learn the history of the dress. My great grandmother and great grandfather were married in 1908.
Mrs. P.
Mrs. P. 11 dias atrás
Wow!! This is made for YOU! It fits perfectly!!
Damien Henning
Damien Henning 11 dias atrás
WOW! You are one GORGEOUS Gibson Girl! Did they have the "Gibson Girl" look in Poland in the early 1900's? (I guess it's irrelevant since Poland didn't become its own country until after WW1, but I'm sure you knew that ;) ) I suppose Poland wasn't a country during the early 1900's, but I digress! Either way, congrats on your find!
Anton Koskinen
Anton Koskinen 12 dias atrás
how much did it cost?
Jade Allen
Jade Allen 12 dias atrás
The nonchalant nurse geographically carry because michelle disturbingly wash past a tense distribution. upbeat, standing crown
Denise Greenberg
Denise Greenberg 12 dias atrás
OMG I WANT YOUR SHOOOOOOOES!!!!! Also , I LOVE the asymmetrical lace panel running down the skirt. I want to incorporate that detail into my next appropriate sewing project. (As well as make myself an undergarment with bodice ruffles on it so I will finally look like I have an actual bosom.) THANK YOU!
Samantha Thompson
Samantha Thompson 13 dias atrás
Can you tell us how to do that hairstyle?
ElveeKaye 13 dias atrás
I love this dress! The color, the style, the details and pleats, it's obviously the creation of someone who cared about quality. It's like making a wooden dresser and sanding the undersides of the drawers.
Hallmark Scrapbook
Hallmark Scrapbook 13 dias atrás
It's beautiful! and you look amazing in it!
Elisa A
Elisa A 13 dias atrás
Maybe it’s a mix of her old & new wardrobe? Her dress was her oldest dress that cost her a lot but fit her the best so it was her favorite dress, BUT the top cape/ jacket was her newest style to go with her lovely dress. Just a thought.🙂
lramos45 13 dias atrás
Now lets go to the supermarket and cry when we see people wearing pajama bottoms and slippers. How low society and culture has fallen!
lramos45 13 dias atrás
What a beautiful dress and you look awesome in it!
Tedi Smotherman
Tedi Smotherman 13 dias atrás
Thank you for sharing, I truly enjoyed your experience
Random Chat
Random Chat 14 dias atrás
I think the dress looks so cool on you!!!
Valentino Quartz
Valentino Quartz 14 dias atrás
2:16 should check out Guo Pei, she had a team to make hand embroidered dress, it took 2 years to finished the project :)
Christine Edwards
Christine Edwards 14 dias atrás
Soooo extremely lovely
Minyadagniriel 15 dias atrás
I could never wear Edwardian clothing like this XD Im too fat XD
О Ск
О Ск 15 dias atrás
The creaking noises 🤣🤣🤣
Robin Woodward
Robin Woodward 15 dias atrás
Shame you don't wear it everyday
PiercedBitxh Aila
PiercedBitxh Aila 16 dias atrás
My house was built in 1920’s... I can’t imagine someone dressed similar to that walking through my house...
Howler 16 dias atrás
Incredibly sexy, what I'd do for a woman who dresses like that.
Ann Helga
Ann Helga 16 dias atrás
wow you look amazing! this is a gorgeous time travel
ian sibley
ian sibley 16 dias atrás
The Edwardien is such a magic time for Womans fashions, every thing they wear is beautiful, you can see in the fashion that the prude ideas of the 19 th centuary have gone, you look amazing, elegant but at the same time very sexy. You a perfect body to shows these wonderful creations!!!
Debbie Williams
Debbie Williams 17 dias atrás
A bit late, but that is exquisite!
sheilah perry-rosales
sheilah perry-rosales 17 dias atrás
Dang you're skinny and you're worried about fitting into it!?
lovemilkshake 18 dias atrás
I can’t believe this is a size 44 🙀 44 is the size of my mom’s clothes and she’s overweight, almost obese, I wonder if women who wore size 44 at that time were also considered overweight at that time ? Damn our bodies and weights must have changed so much within 110 years
Marie Marsee
Marie Marsee 18 dias atrás
All that chatter was just confusing. Young lady, if you are educating us, then less chatter and better organization is the way to go.
SabrinaBella36 19 dias atrás
I’m curious how tall you are with the length? I would love to get into vintage fashion from the Edwardian era or even a bit later but I’m 5’11”/181cm and I feel like everything would be soooo short 😅
Cindy Holliman
Cindy Holliman 19 dias atrás
That was a very enjoyable video. I love the look of that dress beautiful!!!
chubbywuss 20 dias atrás
Oh wow. It’s stunning.
Silkenray 20 dias atrás
Edwardian silk merchants have a lot to answer for. Oh, sure, silk is sold by weight, so let’s take a bunch of metal salts and weigh the silk down. NVM that in a few decades it will just shatter into shreds. We want more money.
JW 20 dias atrás
i'm sorry did yourself thicc in this video?? signed, genuinely confused rational human
Anna Hackman
Anna Hackman 21 dia atrás
I love this dress on you probably as much as you do. Have you already made your own version of this dress?
potatoegirl31 21 dia atrás
the REAL 'gray lady' of Button House! 😄
MsBizzyGurl 22 dias atrás
Where does one purchase 110 year old garments?
Brumhilda Nepal
Brumhilda Nepal 22 dias atrás
You are a reincarnation of that era. This could even be your dress from a past life.
calicolyon 22 dias atrás
I bet that was worn by a teenager.
evelyn byrd
evelyn byrd 23 dias atrás
Edward Vll, 1901 to 1910.
evelyn byrd
evelyn byrd 23 dias atrás
Edwardian, 1901 to 1915?
Lynn Robinson
Lynn Robinson 23 dias atrás
Do you know “Bernadette Banner”? Look her up on BRdesk ! You look beautiful ! ! You could be sisters! Thank you!😌
Kimberly Varvorines
Kimberly Varvorines 25 dias atrás
That would have been a very expensive dress at the time - all if the pintucking would have been time consuming along with the rest of the detail
Pabboo G Redfeather
Pabboo G Redfeather 25 dias atrás
Looks beautiful on you!
LookingFor DivineIntervention
That dress looks like it was made just for you! It's beautiful!😍 Maybe have it mounted and framed so you can look at it but it won't be damaged?
Ana Edwards
Ana Edwards 26 dias atrás
Like it was yours all along...
headachebaby 28 dias atrás
That's a BEAU-TI-FUL dress and I love the cape. I love vintage clothes and I agree with "I'm broke but I invest in art." Lol. I would love an Edwardian dress too.
Joanna Brezzy Kelly
Joanna Brezzy Kelly 29 dias atrás
Szkoda ze juz nikt nie ubiera sie z klasa i w piekne stroje...mowie nie tylko o jednej epoce ... Teraz jest kicz i malaria 🤦🤦...piękny strój...
J Nelson
J Nelson 29 dias atrás
Karolina, how is it possible that you are not a movie star?
Cary Thacker
Cary Thacker Mês atrás
Century-year old clothing fits you perfectly because you are an ageless goddess who has not changed at all through the decades
Jessika Junni
Jessika Junni Mês atrás
That dress looks amazing on you!!
Artfully Spun
Artfully Spun Mês atrás
Karolina where did you buy it from? A specialist antique costume store or at auction?
Claudia Aleixo
Claudia Aleixo Mês atrás
You look stunning in it!
sxmolin Mês atrás
You look great in the dress and hat. Love you hair!
Oephenia Mês atrás
You should see if you can get it re-made so you can wear it without stress :)
Lily Snell
Lily Snell Mês atrás
I just found a box in my grandmothers closet, that had not been opened since the 80’s, and it was labeled: vintage dresses circa 1900, ballroom gowns or wedding gowns. There were three beautiful dresses in it, and a hat!! They were white, with lots of very pretty lace detail. The only problem is that the dresses were pretty small, and the back would not close, and it was too short. Apparently a teenager is taller than her ancestor who is marriage age?? Any suggestions on how to wear these dresses?
Asterismos Mês atrás
Modern clothes don't fit well because they're designed to look good on hangers, not on people. So since antique clothes are designed to look nice on people, it's more likely they will fit on you, a 3-dimensional person who is not a flat hanger (hopefully).
Mama Odie
Mama Odie Mês atrás
Such a beautiful dress❣️❣️❣️
A Closer Look: A 1900s Wedding Dress
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