"The Crown" Season 3 London Premiere - VLOG! 

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I've been invited by Netflix to attend the London "The Crown" premiere - thanks again! don't be fooled by this video - I was placed in a smaller movie theatre while the stars were celebrating the premiere in the other one. but the cast was so incredibly nice to visit the smaller theatre and welcome us to the premiere before they went on!
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15 Nov 2019



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nano 2 dias atrás and HBC in the same room!!! 👌👌👌😍😍😍
James tolson
James tolson 4 dias atrás
looks like you belong there
Kendy Bendy
Kendy Bendy 15 dias atrás
Your telling me you were in the same room as Helena Bonham Carter and you weren’t totally freaking out?!
Enna 18 dias atrás
I have just now realized that this was posted a year ago... How did i miss this.
Cindy Mijares
Cindy Mijares 23 dias atrás
I love her
stahp pls
stahp pls 26 dias atrás
Why is her vintage outfit more glam than the red carpet modern wear
Alejandra Moreno
Alejandra Moreno 28 dias atrás
That blouse! I can't get over that blouse!
hipsepipse Mês atrás
The lack of masks is oddly sending me
Pie Sherbet
Pie Sherbet Mês atrás
Wow! Why did I discover this so late... anyways happy for you girl.
M MJ Mês atrás
Ehh pre coorona times... walking used to be nice
AnnAlyse Chidester
AnnAlyse Chidester Mês atrás
Ridiculously cool
bossa nova
bossa nova Mês atrás
5:43 poor meme mom, no one recognized her
bossa nova
bossa nova Mês atrás
1:29 hi welcome to chilly's
bluecandies Mês atrás
At 5:53 for a split second I thought that was Phoebe from friends hahaha
18grape Mês atrás
I nearly thought you got a role in The Crown. I would have died of happiness.
Férstnaim Laastnaim
Dear God she’s beautiful
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 2 meses atrás
Is the crown a good show?
Арина 2 meses atrás
Wow sorry for my ignorance but did u play at this serial or what?? Or u were like a fashion consultant? Also u look marvelous
Ruben Feigenbaum-Uria
Ruben Feigenbaum-Uria 2 meses atrás
Meme mom enjoying the good things in life before the world went complicated bonkers
ronniestardis 3 meses atrás
not her looking better than both olivia coleman and helena bonham carter combined
Kevin Hofmann
Kevin Hofmann 3 meses atrás
I cannot help but feel super excited for you and your "red carpet reveal"! It so fun to watch!!!
fryfry377 3 meses atrás
"sposed to be 60's but it looks ANIME" hey, Revolutionary Girl Utena over heah
martina francesconi
martina francesconi 3 meses atrás
omg i would've died if i has had helena bonham carter so close i mean she's such an icon
Suhani Sharma
Suhani Sharma 3 meses atrás
Meme mom we will always love u💖
GreenBeetle 4 meses atrás
Looks like 60s anime xD hahaha
Patty Longan
Patty Longan 4 meses atrás
OH MY GOD i love the crown and you meme momther
Kate White
Kate White 4 meses atrás
I went through the whole video expecting this to be a joke and at the end you’d go “haha you were fooled” bUT THEN HELENA BONHAM CARTER SHOWED UP
CHRISTINA LUISE 5 meses atrás
Really intrigued to know how much of the season they showed you guys at the premiere
D. Mckay
D. Mckay 5 meses atrás
Seems like you're getting famous.
krroko the paralligator
Lais Chagas
Lais Chagas 5 meses atrás
Absolutely loved the blouse!!!!!
Send Help immediately
Send Help immediately 5 meses atrás
no way i love you and i love the crown haha
Mayara Albuquerque
Mayara Albuquerque 5 meses atrás
omg to be in the same room as Helena Bonham Carter 😵
kluciite 6 meses atrás
I just love the blouse! It's fabulous! The whole outfit actually is fabuluos!
Emilia Nygren
Emilia Nygren 6 meses atrás
I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed by the fact that I recognize Tobias Menzies, and HBC from a glance of the back of their heads - I might have watched Outlander and Harry Potter too many times...
DevilSeiji 6 meses atrás
that drop onto the bed. Truly skilled and mavelous!
Lucero Landaverde
Lucero Landaverde 6 meses atrás
Am I the only one that read the whole description and clicked on the link that was for her "nudes"??😂😂👌🏼 And you did not disappoint, queen👑
LacyBookworm 6 meses atrás
You looked red carpet worthy. ♥️ Elegant and 1960s is a tricky look.
Noel_Kberg89 6 meses atrás
The ending 😂
Aryana Hartwell
Aryana Hartwell 6 meses atrás
Not only do you make me laugh out loud, your subscribers’ comments are hilarious.
Shahida J. Nur
Shahida J. Nur 6 meses atrás
You lucky bitch
YILDIZ KILIÇ 6 meses atrás
"Someone peeing by a tree" ... that'll be Lydia Bennet.
Vanessa Censi
Vanessa Censi 6 meses atrás
The final squad pose KILLED ME AHAHAHH
Lily 6 meses atrás
your flop onto the bed at the end was the cherry on top of a lovely video
Book Mouse
Book Mouse 6 meses atrás
Looks good !
Stomp the Dragon
Stomp the Dragon 6 meses atrás
How do people do their own hair? I cannot.
Kate 6 meses atrás
What do you think about the outfits it call the midwife. It's set in the 50's and 60's and it's one of my favourite shows.
A. 8 meses atrás
also just realised that Josh O conner was there and i just think he’s the funniest
A. 8 meses atrás
one says: Madame Gre (the s isn’t pronounced) :)
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 8 meses atrás
1:38 I thought it was weed wtf
Random Girl
Random Girl 9 meses atrás
Everyone is wearing black accept karolina and that’s saddd
abidao 9 meses atrás
Anyone know the song playing?
w c
w c 9 meses atrás
The end is so funny‼️
Sheila Oldstyle
Sheila Oldstyle Anos atrás
You look freakin' amazing Karolina! You made that blouse yourself? Wow. Hair, makeup and outfit all on point. 10 out of 10!
Raeve Anos atrás
O MÓJ BOŻE Dopiero teraz zauważyłam ten film, jestem ogromną fanką The Crown, dlatego tym bardziej jestem pełna podziwu! Wyglądałaś rewelacyjnie!
canned bread
canned bread Anos atrás
OMG KAROLINA i went to london this summer and i think we stayed in the same hotel!!
Lego frog
Lego frog Anos atrás
What's the music? I love it
Terri Ann Swallow
Terri Ann Swallow Anos atrás
@5:52 was Lisa Kudrow your +1 to this event??? 🤯
stan gfriend
stan gfriend Anos atrás
Omg you get to meet Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter at the same time. I'm jealous! 😭
Henrik Amalia
Henrik Amalia Anos atrás
Uhm did I miss it like why were you on the carpet?? Costume design :O?
Vivien Martin
Vivien Martin Anos atrás
I can’t believe you were there!! How fitting
Agata Rek
Agata Rek Anos atrás
Ale super!!!!! Jestem mega dumna!
K W Anos atrás
Super :) bylaś gwiazdą też :)
Via Chen
Via Chen Anos atrás
That french accent is ON POINT
Sarah Perkins
Sarah Perkins Anos atrás
You kinda look like Princess Anne and sport a Princess Margaret hairstyle.
Natalia Wróżek
Natalia Wróżek Anos atrás
Jesus widziałaś Helenę i can’t
Lewis Edwards
Lewis Edwards Anos atrás
I’m so proud of you meme mother
Michelle L
Michelle L Anos atrás
Meme Mom showing all those A-listers how it's done!
Jocelyn Jade
Jocelyn Jade Anos atrás
I would love to see you do more 60s looks!
K W Anos atrás
What a fun experience! I liked seeing you walk the red carpet 😎⭐
Keychain696 Anos atrás
HOLY @$&^ YOU GOT TO GO TO THE PREMIER OF THE CROWN???? THAT IS SO SWEET! Thanksgiving break is finally here so I was able to watch the first two episodes of the season last night, and let me just say the first episode was super weird and dark and confusing and then the second episode went back to how the show normally is, so I'm glad. Do you get to binge watch the whole season at the premiere? I doubt they'd do that, but I just imagine the credits start rolling at the end of one episode and then the count down that Netflix does to play the next episode happens and they let it go to the next episode xD
Cupcakke Elizabitch Monhoe
The thing is that the fashion of the 60s and 2000s is slowly but surely coming back, so it doesn’t look like you are wearing vintage clothing but it looks like you are wearing modern high fashion clothing
Meghan Kennedy
Meghan Kennedy Anos atrás
Yaaasss MEME MOM
Oni Giri
Oni Giri Anos atrás
Wow! You look incredible! And the fact that you did it all yourself :0
Lauren Everhart
Lauren Everhart Anos atrás
I would love to recreate your makeup look! So gorgeous! Your whole look was gorgeous.
silver hour
silver hour Anos atrás
Karolina is my spirit animal
that guy
that guy Anos atrás
New to this channel, and just courious, what connection to The Crown do you have to be invited?
Kate Collins
Kate Collins Anos atrás
'unless there is someone peeing by a tree' 😂
Irene N
Irene N Anos atrás
Meme mom getting her coin
VivianOlo Anos atrás
Love this so much! I’ve been watch you for years and I love The Crown
Alexaprinsessa Anos atrás
6:00 Classic Karolina
Governor Habsburg • 49 years ago
At 2:28 I heard "-and go a little bit peepee."
Markytka J.
Markytka J. Anos atrás
Nobody is going to point out how beautiful is she looking? So I am:). It suits you so well, Karolina! It looks on you really naturally.
Lady Katherine Oh
Lady Katherine Oh Anos atrás
Idziesz jak burza! Jestem pod coraz większym wrażeniem. :D
anic131313 Anos atrás
to be a lost wanderer
Gen Timperley
Gen Timperley Anos atrás
Almost every comment here has a good stack of likes because we're all scrolling down here making sure everyone is giving meme mom the love she deserves.
Carly Fredrickson
Carly Fredrickson Anos atrás
Rae Peronneau
Rae Peronneau Anos atrás
Hair goals!
Aislyn Anos atrás
That flop into bed is a whole mood. 🤣 Im so glad the youtube rabbit hole sent me to your channel.
koena Anos atrás
Fabulous! You look fabulous!
Claire Taylor
Claire Taylor Anos atrás
Meme Mom, Ioved this video and absolutely died when you did the "thug" pose
Cool Kitty's
Cool Kitty's Anos atrás
I’m having really bad period cramps right now and you made me feel so much better and distracted me, thank you so much xx Also your awesome xx
Karolina Żebrowska
lol I'm literally getting the worst cramps I've had in months right now
Pink sugar
Pink sugar Anos atrás
Have you ever watched Harlots? What do you think about costumes there?
Katherine P.
Katherine P. Anos atrás
I LOVED your whole outfit, and that hair was so beautiful! And THOSE 👏 WINGS👏
Live Light
Live Light Anos atrás
That bed is straight up wood planks covered in a duvet
Maria Cintasari
Maria Cintasari Anos atrás
If I was in THAT close of a proximity to Helena Bonham Carter, Olivia Colman, and Tobias Menzies I would have died instantly.
Amane Kabbaj
Amane Kabbaj Anos atrás
The first to OMG I notice was how much older Elizabeth (and Olivia Coleman) looks. The queen is supposed to be around 40-45. The makeup on Coleman makes her look at least 60 it’s so weird. I’ve only watched one so maybe it’s just the initial shock of coming back
Renee DeeVee
Renee DeeVee Anos atrás
Most relatable vid ending ever hahahaha
Emma Casey
Emma Casey Anos atrás
That ending made me laugh out loud! So excited to watch the new season. You looked spectacular!
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