Testing A 150 Years Old Victorian Crinoline 

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28 Jun 2019



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Karolina Żebrowska
guys, regarding whether this belonged to a child: I thought about this, but after some consideration I think it's less likely than it just having belonged to someone really small. I've examined 1870s photographs and fashion plates of kids and teenagers and here's what I've noticed: 1) Their dresses usually end way above the ankle, around 10 cm below the knees. The crinoline would have to be a little bit shorter than that, which means it would probably reach the knee. Keeping in mind this would be a young girl of a, let's say, 150 cm (4 ft 11) height, the longest crinoline a kid/teenager could wear would have to be around 37 cm. This one is about twice as long. If I wore it, it would probably be the right length for a 14 years old - except I'm a tall-ass grown up, so for an actual 14 years old it might be way too long. 2) The photographs of girls wearing transitional crinolines (around 1870) look like they weren't super wide - and though this one is quite narrow, I still can't imagine a child running around in an almost 2 m (78 in) wide crinoline. Pic: 3) The back curve (the bottom 3-4 hoops) to me indicates the dress worn over it would be worn with a train/longer skirt, something that is not featured in teen's clothing at the time because, well, it didn't even reach the ground. 4) Petite women were a thing. I've seen Charlotte Bronte's dress, and it looks like it was made for a 10 year old. Queen Victoria was 152 cm (4 ft 11). I've seen stuff in museums that was clearly made for grown ups, but it could barely fit a modern kid. That's also one of the reasons it survived - it was so tiny it couldn't have been worn by other members of the family. THAT BEING SAID it could have been worn by a child, it could've been worn by a teenager, it could've been worn by a small middle-aged man, we will probably never know and when it comes to fashion history, nothing is certain.
Jolanta G
Jolanta G 13 dias atrás
I'm 157cm and have 56-58cm in my waist (depends if I've eaten before measuring), to say, I'm in my mid-twenties. I think it's perfectly plausible it was worn by a full-grown woman, rather young and pre-pregnancies.
Alexandra Foley
Alexandra Foley 7 meses atrás
as a 4ft11 woman, it could've been an adult woman
Dumb dumb
Dumb dumb 8 meses atrás
muirgirl very true! Unfortunately, I didn’t really look into different body frames, but thank you for pointing it out! My measurements are based on women in their early 20’s, and with a relatively average frame. Age and shape does factor into it too. Although, I do think 18 might be a little on the unhealthy side ^^’
muirgirl 8 meses atrás
@Dumb dumb Totally. I have 5" on you and my waist is like 24" when I am healthy and not trying to be skinny or any such thing. Anywhere from 18-27" is possible depending on your frame at the end of the day. We all carry weight differently!
Dumb dumb
Dumb dumb 8 meses atrás
I agree with it likely belonging to a small person. I myself am at a whopping 5ft. A healthy waist measurement for my height is I think around 27-25 inches? (don’t crucify me if I’m incorrect plz). This person could’ve easily been one of those naturally super skinny people. With the added corset (possibly tight laced) and malnourishment, 23 inches seem very possible for that time.
Baby G
Baby G 11 dias atrás
I am 152cm (5’0”) and my waist is 60cm so i feel like it might have been of someone with my same body shape ... is it possible it was from a young teenager? 😔
wolke 979
wolke 979 12 dias atrás
Maybe it was worn by a child ?
Marie Dapickle
Marie Dapickle 21 dia atrás
Couldnt it be a child/teen model ?
MaterialMenteNo 25 dias atrás
My best guess about the ghost boning is that the crinoline originally belonged to someone taller, then it was adjusted to fit another person. They removed the boning, cut away part of the vertical bands and then put in place the waistband.
Jana Mês atrás
I really like that desk lamp
KItten Cat
KItten Cat Mês atrás
It might have been for a teenager? Because they would wear what their parents wore but with shorter skirts and some other minor differences. So yeah maybe for a teenager?
Havea Cookie
Havea Cookie Mês atrás
Rachel Trammell
Rachel Trammell 2 meses atrás
I always learn something new from u and the skirt hoop is really cool 🤗
Rachel Trammell
Rachel Trammell 2 meses atrás
Love ur hair. Show us how to do that:) thx have great day 😎
Jackson Jones
Jackson Jones 2 meses atrás
I saw a bustle at a steampunk fair once! I don't know anything about it though.
Gabriela Cé
Gabriela Cé 3 meses atrás
I want these earrings so much omg 😭😭😭
Larry Scott
Larry Scott 3 meses atrás
Imagine a proper redesign of a crinoline today. The hoops could be high tech ultra light weight material. The tapes with high tech closures for adjustments, strength, it’d be fabulous. Do period movie costumes use modern redesign and materials?
ferociousgumby 4 meses atrás
Imagine, women walked around in cages all day, literally!
Lisa Harmon
Lisa Harmon 4 meses atrás
Before marriage and 5 kids (41 years ago) , my waist was 22 inches.
The EAs
The EAs 4 meses atrás
I’m not sure why several people are thinking this was for a teenager or somebody tiny, but weren’t women smaller back then because they were malnourished? So the woman wearing it wouldn’t be tiny compared to other women back then, she might’ve been shorter, but I think she would’ve been quite common. Women today can still be tiny, and not because of malnourishment, like it could be genetics. I know people who have 24 inch waists and are 5 foot 1 in real life.
micca903 4 meses atrás
It's likely altered to accommodate a bum roll.
meli ilo sona
meli ilo sona 4 meses atrás
You have international audience - use international measuring system.
Zuzanna Lis
Zuzanna Lis 5 meses atrás
You have nice hairstyle on this film
Angel 5 meses atrás
could it had been used by a young lady?
Raela Ash
Raela Ash 5 meses atrás
I'm imagining the original owner watching this video and holding her stomach from laughing about how you're trying to figure it out
Ada Gallagher
Ada Gallagher 6 meses atrás
Great hair!!
Kirishima • w •
Kirishima • w • 6 meses atrás
Yo...I think that crinoline was made for me... that would fit me perfectly if I put on a corset...
Book Mouse
Book Mouse 6 meses atrás
Do you think it survived living in the wild west?
Teresa Sanders
Teresa Sanders 6 meses atrás
Maybe she was pregnant and removed them
BattyfiveG 6 meses atrás
're the empty channels, I recall reading in gone with the wind that when a lady was expecting she would add hoops to the top of the crinoline to conceal the bump. I think it refers to the empress of France introducing the fashion
Queenstar Amoah
Queenstar Amoah 6 meses atrás
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Phoenix Blackthorn
Phoenix Blackthorn 7 meses atrás
The strangest thing about this is, the waist band and length of it would fit me very well, but I don't consider myself very small. I'm 5 ft 5 (165cm) with a waist of 60 cm and about one meter from my waist to the floor.
Brenda Farmer
Brenda Farmer 7 meses atrás
Maybe this was a crinoline for a young girl, about 11, 12, or 13..
Alois Trancy
Alois Trancy 7 meses atrás
Meme mom looking fine af with that hairstyle.
Herb Cutler
Herb Cutler 7 meses atrás
Fashion history: ok, so, we didn't die of hypothermia. step 2, the bead. *stitching intensifies*
Pam Matthews
Pam Matthews 8 meses atrás
Could it have been a child young girls crinoline
danae koloka
danae koloka 8 meses atrás
Where do you buy all those authentic old clothes
sharkrunaway 8 meses atrás
Is it possible this was made for a young teenager?
Brenna Thompson
Brenna Thompson 8 meses atrás
I'm 5' 3" and have a 23 inch (60 cm) waist, so it's not inhumanly small even today. My great-grandmother was shorter than me with the same small bone frame, and her waist was tinier than mine when she was in her 80s.
taeddy baer
taeddy baer 9 meses atrás
your hairstyle is soooooo beautiful
_xXSimoXz_ 9 meses atrás
A DAMN CRINOLINE!!! *I died* 😂
Cassandra Guzman
Cassandra Guzman 9 meses atrás
Crinoline had to walk so slinky's could run 😔😔😔🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blossomness Studios
Blossomness Studios 9 meses atrás
Maybe this crinoline was passed through a family of sisters?
Kynah Jai
Kynah Jai 10 meses atrás
Would it have been a child/young ladies crinoline?
capt_toad7890 10 meses atrás
Abe Lincoln could’ve seen someone wearing this
Jodi Bowman
Jodi Bowman 10 meses atrás
it could have been used by a preteen or a teenager since it is so short and the waist is so small
Annie Holliday
Annie Holliday 11 meses atrás
Maybe it is child size. I would be concerned that maybe that plyable metal boning is lead. Just a thought. Curious..
G Anos atrás
can you think that thing was *someone's* once.
Lisa Ann Pennington
Wearing one of these crinolines must have been like living inside a large Slinky toy.
Cynthia Burrus
Cynthia Burrus Anos atrás
The average height for a woman of that time would likely be less than 5ft tall. Queen Victoria was reportedly 5'0 tall. ( From her photographs, it appears they were generous is having her reach 5 feet.) The hands and feet of genteel women were smaller having done no work. Shoes from this period of time for women were typically 3.5 to 4.0 for women...this is average, not for the genteel. It was common in the latter part of the 19th century for engaged women of above average means, to wear matching bracelets of gold or silver on each wrist to announce her status as betrothed. These are usually very small at between 4 in to 5 inches and rings were often sized around a 3.0to 3.5 for the general population of women. All these figure are indicative of American sizing. Women then and now lose an average of two inches in height in their lifetimes. They also lost muscle mass and it would not be uncommon for a woman of that time to easily fit in your crinoline. The waist actually seems large especially since it would have been placed over the corset, but many things can account for this. I don't know how tightly your crinoline could be tightened. Unlike today, women didn't advertise their pregnancies early on and a corset, though looser, might well have continued to be worn for a time. Just as now, there are countless exceptions in women's sizes based on genetics, nutrition, stations in life as well as if one stayed at home in the city or worked in the fields on the farm. However, largely our ggg grandmothers were significantly smaller than we are now.
MatameVideos Anos atrás
shouldn't this be called a "crinolette?"
Creamy peanut butter jelly girl
Where do you get your vintage stuff?
Jocelyne cupcake
Jocelyne cupcake Anos atrás
Some women are short, even back then. Maybe it was made for a shorter lady
Zenith Drake
Zenith Drake Anos atrás
Hi. Thank you for making these videos. I feel like i'm learning a lot from them and they are fun to watch and listen to. I studied fashion design and fashion history in undergraduate, but there is so much that the classes couldn't cover.
Greta Huls
Greta Huls Anos atrás
Have you read Laura Ingalls Wilder? She wrote this great description. “Then carefully over her under-petticoats she put on her hoops. She liked these new hoops. They were the very latest style in the east, and these were the first of the kind that Miss Bell had got. Instead of wires, there were wide tapes across the front, almost to her knees, holding the petticoats so that her dress would lie flat. These tapes held the wire bustle in place at the back, and it was an adjustable bustle. Short lengths of tape were fastened to either end of it; these could be buckled together underneath the bustle, to puff it out, either large or small. Or they could be buckled together in front, drawing the bustle down close in back, so that a dress rounded smoothly over it. Laura did not like a large bustle, so she buckled the tapes in front.” LIW These Happy Golden Years.
Jim P
Jim P Anos atrás
I saw the exhibition on mourning attire at the Met's Costume Institute, and FIT's exhibition devoted to Mme Greffuhle. Those clothes were shockingly tiny.
Amsiekins Anos atrás
Have you ever thought of making your own crinolines?
hmigatrcrtttt Anos atrás
I'm reminded of the Cranford episode where one of the ladies orders what she thinks is a bird cage from Paris; turns out it's a crinoline! she sews cloth to the bottom to keep the bird in and proudly displays her parrot in it's Parisian cage. Eventualy she figures out she's been displaying an undergarment.
Nora Targaryen
Nora Targaryen Anos atrás
isnt not just designed for a little girl instead for a woman? 🤔
Joana Cifre
Joana Cifre Anos atrás
Maybe it was a child’s?
C Faz
C Faz Anos atrás
I happen to love being a part of your international audience! 😚
Thalia Anos atrás
Oh, it would fit me! But I were afraid that I would destroy it while trying it on 😱!
Thalia Anos atrás
But it would be a little short 😊.
jeric_ synergy
jeric_ synergy Anos atrás
Don't bend the hoops too often, unless you plan to add welding to your skill set.
Lady Vanilla
Lady Vanilla Anos atrás
This was so interesting to watch! Thank you Party Mom for sharing you're wisdom and knowledge with us.
Nicoletta Carlone
Nicoletta Carlone Anos atrás
I wonder how tall the original wearer was...
cloudsofsunset Anos atrás
What if that one is for a kid??? because that is short and the waist...
sdrcow Anos atrás
"I hate having international following" I LOVED THIS - I was thinking it must be so annoying to stop and figure out the conversion / but i appreciate it. :) Love your channel!
bridgetthewench 8 meses atrás
I was in the process of googling a cm to inch conversion for the waist measurement when she mentioned it 🤣
Amandine Iris Chambord
For dating the crinoline, have a look there:
Dawn Oldham
Dawn Oldham Anos atrás
I loved seeing your crinoline and hearing about it! One day This channel will be your day job! 😊👍🏼
indy Anos atrás
3:20 is that blood on the cotton? i am concerned
Kathryn H
Kathryn H Anos atrás
Love those victory rolls! Could you maybe do a vintage hair tutorial?
Shelia Mendez
Shelia Mendez Anos atrás
I thank it's for a child
Chelsea Lautzenheiser
I am bingeing you videos... This is all so interesting. Also, you look so much like Imogen Heap.
DONNA- LemonCover
DONNA- LemonCover Anos atrás
what if it's a child's crinoline?
William Jordan
William Jordan Anos atrás
The "bone" is baleen, no?
Hanbin C
Hanbin C Anos atrás
im 5'1 and i've known many people shorter! environment and genetics can def contribute to shorter stature. something interesting i thought while watching was to maybe bring in the possibility of disability and/or disfigurement into the conversation? I know nothing is certain, and I'm not very learned in fashion history at all, but bringing up certain eccentricities on this piece (the fact that it's very small, not very wide, possibly altered, and in good condition such that maybe it wasn't handed down) made me think maybe it was a piece possibly made for someone with a very uncommon body type, one that possibly limited mobility, possibly needing aid in some way? just a thought because i obviously don't know, lol. tangentially, is there much information out there on how disability and historical fashion work? i think that'd be an interesting conversation, because a lot of what typifies discussions on fashion revolve around how abled bodies move and look. like is crinoline compatible with mobility aids back in the day? what of corsets and people with spinal or rib disfigurements (does it help/hinder)? actually, undergarments in general for disabled people? tailoring/altering practices? again, i don't know if i'm just missing a huge portion of fashion knowledge, but i'm just a casual enthusiast lol. thank you for your content!
Inna Haapa
Inna Haapa Anos atrás
If you want to see crinoline-movement, here's a modern example by priorattire:
cupidslittledevil Anos atrás
please,, where did you get your outfit, it’s so lovely
Grim The Ghastly
Grim The Ghastly Anos atrás
7:49 - 7:53 Vintage Slav Energy.
please do a reaction to Madonna´s performance of vogue 1990 vmas , was inspired on marie antoniette era
michael sagemaster
michael sagemaster Anos atrás
this would be from the south possible Mississippi, most likely one that small was for an young girl
P B Anos atrás
I feel like Kirstin Dunst wore this in interviews with a vampire . Perhaps this piece was for a child?
Bobby Bobster
Bobby Bobster Anos atrás
After seeing Victorian costumes at the costume museum, it’s always surprising to see how small they were. I do think this is an adults dress, they just weren’t very tall back then.
she is always only so superficially informed and has the language of a bored 5th Grader.... Can't watch this anymore.
Belletopia Anos atrás
I believe it's a child's hoop skirt or crinoline.
EJ Sparks
EJ Sparks Anos atrás
I love the skirt you are wearing here, did you make it or purchase it somewhere?
Booper Anos atrás
So many people aren't going to get the murder reference when you apologised for your costume
Heavan Aparicio
Heavan Aparicio Anos atrás
“ a young girl whose say 4”11” I can’t 😂😂 I’m 4”11 and I’m 19 and I’ve been that height since before high school
Ela Borat
Ela Borat Anos atrás
I liked the rp
Prog Queen 59
Prog Queen 59 Anos atrás
“I’m just gonna sit on the floor like a true Slav.” Lololol! Greetings from Illinois!
David Hutchison
David Hutchison Anos atrás
I suspect the the crinoline was for a teenager, say 12 to 15 years old, which would explain its small height size. I agree that it looks to be early 1870's style. Fantastic find.
David Hutchison
David Hutchison Anos atrás
You'd make a great garment historian. Looking at original garments, and figuring out what's been changed over the life of that garment.
Artemis Moon
Artemis Moon Anos atrás
As a 5ft tall woman, I can assure you that I'd feel like a serious shortie next to Karolina! She has to be at least 6ft tall!
The Prodigal Daughter
Thanks for translating numbers meme mom! I’m American and I wish we could just be normal for once...
Teodora Mechea
Teodora Mechea Anos atrás
THEORY: maybe the upper channels exist because this piece was worn by more than one woman, the last of which was shorter than the one before. So they might've took out some to shorten it? Although it would've make more sense if they took out the ones at the bottom, so nevermind this comment
Jennifer Bosch
Jennifer Bosch Anos atrás
I knew nothing about crinolines but, now I know what one looks like, sort of. I appreciate the video very much! As far as measurements are concerned, I don't think you should worry about converting centimeters to inches. People can look up the conversions. I do like that you are concerned with accuracy. ^_^ Love your videos!
bridgetthewench 8 meses atrás
Yes, it's quite easy to look up conversions, as we're all watching this video on the internet. I was in the process of checking when she mentioned it.
Kei qt
Kei qt Anos atrás
Me: *hears the word 'vintage'* My mind: *"Those 100 year old glasses that you have up in that one cabinet"* Me, to mind: *Shut up.*
Melody Anos atrás
the oldest thing i own is a 1949 Nancy Drew book lol
Cap Kev Darlin
Cap Kev Darlin Anos atrás
Meme mum: puts crinoline on *C R A C K* Meme mum: 0-0
Mika Anos atrás
could it have been worn by a child?
Ishari Anos atrás
Karolina Żebrowska? More like Krynolina Żebrowska!
elizabeth mae
elizabeth mae Anos atrás
Maybe the crinoline belonged to a young woman from the ages 14-19 im not exactly sure because I'm no expert but just a thought
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