Spotting Historical Inspirations In 2019 Oscars Dresses 

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yes, us Europeans have to wake up at ungodly hours to watch the gala. also yes, I know, there's this one hair on my forehead that's really annoying.
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25 Fev 2019



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lup tudor
lup tudor Anos atrás
Hi meme mom,pin me!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Atakan Tekin
Atakan Tekin Anos atrás
Omg She actually pinned!
Shalvah MB
Shalvah MB Anos atrás
lup tudor
lup tudor Anos atrás
Thank you meme mom
Jacki Schaefer
Jacki Schaefer 2 meses atrás
That Emma Stone dress reminded me of Klaus Nomi in the shoulders
Lex The omnidroid
Lex The omnidroid 4 meses atrás
“Why do English speaking people say ‘lady gargar’?” You’d like the north of England.
A random gay artist
A random gay artist 5 meses atrás
Sup meme mom
C T 7 meses atrás
I mean this in the best way, but Emma Stone's dress makes her look like an inverted salak fruit or a dragon
Nanoubonbon 7 meses atrás
Checking out your blouse! Beautiful !
A. 8 meses atrás
where did you get your red chemise from? love the colour
bridgetthewench 8 meses atrás
Tbh, I see fringe, and I think 1960's/1970's.
Ihhz T.
Ihhz T. Anos atrás
Honestly, the older people have the best dresses for me.
Patricia Villar López
Pleaseeeeeee, it would be awesome if you make a review of the costumes of Fantastic Beasts movie 😍😍
Mark whitmoyer
Mark whitmoyer Anos atrás
Anybody else, or does Lady Gaga dress looks like Rita Hayworth in Gilda, where the hip gores look like the bow.
oh no ani
oh no ani Anos atrás
karolina: "waiste area" my brain: "waisteria"
Brittny Paz
Brittny Paz Anos atrás
I’m dying at the way she pronounced Awkwafina.
Rabbi Spidermann
Rabbi Spidermann Anos atrás
I love that purple dress. I hate Charlize Theron's gown.
Sandi Chase
Sandi Chase Anos atrás
What did you think of Billy Porter's tuxedo dress?
p0lyf0nisk Anos atrás
Emma Stone: Chocolate wafer
bookmouse770 Anos atrás
"and don't argue with me!"
malwine Logina
malwine Logina Anos atrás
Love your outfit
Michael Heath
Michael Heath Anos atrás
You have damn weird-looking power outlets, gurrrrrl.
Christal Horton
Christal Horton Anos atrás
Meme mom I literally just started watching your channel and I’m obsessed with you! 💖
Quentin Milan-Laguerre
Hi Karolina, you must have been asked so many times, but have you considered doing an analysis of fashion evolution in Downton Abbey? Thanks for reading :)
blondaibonsai Anos atrás
The way she pronounced Awkwafina 😂😛🥰😂❤️
Katherine Margeson
Katherine Margeson Anos atrás
The actress Awkwifina named herself after a bottled water here in the US , Aquafina. It’s pronounced okwifeenah English speakers say Lady gaw gaw instead of gah gah, because gaga is a sound that babies make when learning English.
Inga H.
Inga H. Anos atrás
HAVE YOU NOTICED that high waistlines and straight silhouettes have been a thing in 1808 (Empire), 1908 (Haute Couture established by Poiret) and 2008 (babydoll/tunics)? Coincidence or some kind of repeating cycle?
Claire Anos atrás
The knowledge you have on fashion is truly incredible, I was open-mouthed for the entirety of the video, you go meme tsarina cus queen is way to average
Nadya Vázquez
Nadya Vázquez Anos atrás
it made me happy that you, an actual expert, appreciate Yalitza's dress, luv you
Ericat Anos atrás
Why do AMERICANS pronounce an AMERICAN popstar's name weird...... Uuuummm.... I don't think we are wrong here.... We pronounce it Gah Gah.
Meg Lang
Meg Lang Anos atrás
Tracy Anos atrás
Helen Mirron for the win! I don’t care for pink either but she is fabulous.
kami_sokalska Anos atrás
Uwielbiam Cię! ❣️ I DIDN'T SEE THAT KIND OF FUNNY AND INSPIRATIONAL SHIIIIIIIIIIT FROM A LOOOOONG TIME! 🙃 You go girl! 💋 Pozdrawiam cieplutko Karolina czekam na więcej! 😎
Cintia Mtz
Cintia Mtz Anos atrás
Why does my queens videos not show up on my feed???
Esme Wayne
Esme Wayne Anos atrás
can you please do a video about whether Anne with an E has good, historical costumes?
Betty Who
Betty Who Anos atrás
YES! I said the exact same thing
Eveline S
Eveline S Anos atrás
As for Helen Mirren, her dress comes from the Schiaparelli Fashion House, re-opened in 2014. The color does not refer to the 1960s, but to the famous "shocking pink" - shade, which Elsa Schiaparelli used in the 1930s. So it's clearly an hommage to her and her designs. :)
Squidiki Anos atrás
If I were famous, I'd base my clothing on historical dress on purpose
Margot Robinson
Margot Robinson Anos atrás
If you are keen to own a real Oscars gown, there’s a trunk show going on at ModaOperandi.
Samantha Nyarko
Samantha Nyarko Anos atrás
I think Ruth E. Carter, who was the costume designer who won for Black Panther, had a dress that looked 17th century inspired. Especially the cape. I would love to hear your thoughts on that look.
Georgiana Cavendish
So many of the gowns were 1980s influenced. It was the night of women being unable to ascend the stairs without assistance. I thought we were going to have another Jennifer Lawrence incident. Looking gorgeous and glamorous shouldn’t have to impede your mobility on a night like that.
Meledorate84 Anos atrás
where's the video about these
Oliwia Sieradzka
Oliwia Sieradzka Anos atrás
I have just found your chanel and you are so amazing! I really wish I could meet you in real life and have a little chat with you
Olivia Jane Brinkmann
the comment about how to pronounce lady gaga was weird. lady gaga is american. americans pronounce it the way she does. its only different for people who have an accent that isnt american
Fien Anos atrás
Vivienne Westwood has been known to take a lot of inspiration from historical sources, namely the 1700s. You can find interviews of her swooning about the Wallace Collection in London (18th century décor and art) on youtube! So you connecting her design to a historical source isnt that crazy!
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume Anos atrás
Have you watched The Marvelous Miss Maisel??? Because i loooove it and would love your breakdown on the costumes
🍒 unnecessary cherry 🍒
if u pronounce sza like a slav you would say siza
DragonSen Anos atrás
sz in polish is something like a “sh” sound in english
Ary De Rizzo
Ary De Rizzo Anos atrás
Also Lady Gaga wore the Tiffany Diamond that Audrey Hepburn worn for the promotional shots of Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Joe jellyfish
Joe jellyfish Anos atrás
Deborah Davis deserved best original screenplay for The Favourite )-': I didn't know she was on the red carpet, she looked good!
SoCalledKaty Anos atrás
I see a stormtrooper embroidered at 9:01
Tirone Anos atrás
emma stones dress looks like a burnt waffle. or an orange scaled dragon. cant decide.
Carol dos Santos
Carol dos Santos Anos atrás
Hello, the Victoria and Albert Museum just release a video about the Bar Suit, and I though you would like to see it. All my love to you!
Ronnie Cheshire
Ronnie Cheshire Anos atrás
Wydaje mi się, że ciekawym pomysłem na filmik mogłoby być omówienie ubiorów z okresu I RP (Sarmatyzm, wpływy orientu) i różnic w stosunku do mody zachodniej! Te stroje wyglądały naprawdę pięknie i jednocześnie nietypowo dla ówczesnej arystokracji w porównaniu z np. Francją i dlatego taki filmik mógłby być ciekawy dla anglojęzycznych widzów, a ja na pewno z chęcią bym obejrzała ;)
Mag k
Mag k Anos atrás
Your face at the end like "it's not like I'm not gonna upload till May... Maybe... Might... Hopefully?".... Hehehe
Isabella Connor
Isabella Connor Anos atrás
The silhouette of Constance Wu’s dress seemed very 1840s to me!
Laura Westenra
Laura Westenra Anos atrás
I love your red house coat. It's such a gorgeous red!
Caról Sainz
Caról Sainz Anos atrás
So, 1950's look when I get to the Oscars
Rytzka Anos atrás
WhAT Is The NaMe Of ThE ToP yOuRe WeArInG????? i wAnT OnE!!!!
Anne Labelle-Evans
Anne Labelle-Evans Anos atrás
Hi Karolyna, I was watching an antique shop owner's video describing 1945 patterns he found in a house he purchased. The website is Curiosity Incorporated, the video's title is "the Potter's house part 6". (around 8.45 minutes you'll see the patterns). The shop is in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. Good luck! I love your work!
Amara Jordan
Amara Jordan Anos atrás
Olivia Coleman’s gown made me think of some looks from Queen Mary of Teck, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother. She had a few high necked and tightly constructed dresses with a similar skirt. That’s what hit me immediately. Loved that look!
001islandprincess Anos atrás
Amara Jordan Greetings, there was no “Queen Mary of Teck”, you mean Queen Mary of the United KIngdom of Great Britain. Mary of Teck was was her birth name and not “Queen consort” name. Just saying....
Cari Del-Rio
Cari Del-Rio Anos atrás
pherelle's cut off army- came-tuxedo-shorts were wonderful "colonial boy eager to start his woodworking enternship" i love his fashion choices. haha :) cant wait for MAY!!
Cari Del-Rio
Cari Del-Rio Anos atrás
"And don't argue with me" lol love you
P. Ruiz
P. Ruiz Anos atrás
John Mulaney's wife, Annemarie Tendler, wore a dress that's actually a vintage dress, a Jean-Louis Couture 1965 gown from Timeless Vixen. She tends to choose vintage dresses for red carpets and I think she looked beautiful. I think you could be interested, given that hers was not just inspired, but an actual old dress.
Aralis J
Aralis J Anos atrás
Not at the Oscars but... Tessa Thompson's dress at the Independent Spirit Awards really gave me Anne Boleyn vibes with the neckline and the big sleeves
Emily Mires
Emily Mires Anos atrás
You should watch this cartoon called over the garden wall, it short, only about a movies length long, and it’s very historical! There’s clothes from the 1600s all the way up to the 1950s, I’d be really interested in what you think of it! It’s a really nice story too.
emely perez
emely perez Anos atrás
honestitis Anos atrás
Emma Stone’s look definitely screams retrofuturism to me.
Erin Nieves
Erin Nieves Anos atrás
Ruth Carter - oscar winner for costume designer
Riley B.
Riley B. Anos atrás
*shows up for Lucy Boynton*
Gabriela C
Gabriela C Anos atrás
Have you seen Mad Men?
yeeyee ass haircut
yeeyee ass haircut Anos atrás
Ruth E. Carter had the best dress imo
Ingrid Nieman
Ingrid Nieman Anos atrás
Emma Stone's dress made me think of the 60's does space age designs with its molded shoulders, metallic fabric, and geometric pattern.
Justyna Anos atrás
Czy mogłabyś zrobić kiedyś film o swoich ulubionych kostiumach z polskiego kina przedwojennego?
WonderWoman Anos atrás
Damn girl you are REA_CHING with those comparisons haha ;)
56purple78 Anos atrás
i really enjoyed having the extra reference photos, ty
arwena Anos atrás
Ashley Graham's dress reminds me of Anita Ekberg in Dolce Vita
Strega 0
Strega 0 Anos atrás
Akwafina lookin like a snacc
Hal Anos atrás
im waiting for this 💕
magnifique909 Anos atrás
Great work!
Aria Flinn
Aria Flinn Anos atrás
I think that Billy Porter's look was quite 1840s-1850s, I mean with a modern twist, it being on a man and all, but the volume of the skirt and the tuxedo top made me think of late 1840s-early 1850s.
Deimeon Spilka
Deimeon Spilka Anos atrás
Thanks for another amazing video! I really love that quilted jacket/dress/lovely red item you're wearing! It's really neat
pociechota Anos atrás
I'm only sad that the awards season is over because this series will end.
Carmen Popescu
Carmen Popescu Anos atrás
I love how you pronounced SZA's name😂😂😂
DipityS Anos atrás
I *adore* Emma Stone. I think Emma Stone is strikingly beautiful, intelligent, witty and funny and fun, and has massive acting chops. I also think Emma Stone looks like she's wearing an ironed waffle.
agnieszka Anos atrás
Glenn Close's dress looks so much like Ginger Rogers' in "Roberta", I mean the cut sleeves that go int a cape and shimmery material 😍
Hey, it’s a long shot but could you review the fashion from the game Love Nikki? It’s an app! There’s a really helpful reddit with lots of screenshots of outfits of stuff so you don’t have buy anything (tons of micro transactions). Since watching some of your videos I’ve tried my hand at determining the origins of some of the outfits, but I’m very bad at it.
Rachael Mortician
Rachael Mortician Anos atrás
Are those nudes new in the description? Lol.
Cecilia13241 Anos atrás
The diamond necklace Lady Gaga wears is the same Tiffany necklace that was worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Absolutely Kool Abnormalities
Now that I think about’re the only Slavic BRdeskr I know of and actively follow.....which is kind of very sad, but I am glad that it’s you because you’re amazing and all of your Polish history videos are also very powerful. You’re very funny and your videos are educational and I just...cannot say enough good things! Love you, meme mom! Привет от русской фанатки :)
M I Luxor
M I Luxor Anos atrás
Don't you know of Cheeky Breeky Boris tho? *Slav squat squad*
lucydisappears Anos atrás
Ashley grayhams(don't know if this is right) dress toootaly reminds me of the dress Anita Ekberg was wearing in the scene where she was dancing in the Trevi Fountain in the Film i never have seen😂
anisa Anos atrás
I can't find a picture or anything online but I watched the red carpet on E! (hello America) and one of their fashion commentators, Zana Roberts Rassi, was wearing this bright pink dress with like a toned-down 1760s maybe (pls excuse my novice fashion history guess) silhouette and it had little black hearts all over it and then a black lace turtleneck thing under it. . a. def d!! idk but I was all like!! HIstorY!!
Rat Anos atrás
Meme mom!
Rebeca Anos atrás
YAY! New video by my meme mom! :D
Anne Anos atrás
1940s in America also had a lot of shoulder pad looks. Joan Crawford rocked those shoulder pads harder than anyone else.
Diversified Plural
Diversified Plural Anos atrás
I thought billy Porters tuxedo gown made me think of the 19th century Not sure where exactly to place it. I mean obviously the top would be men’s wear and the bottom womens wear at the time but even then. Tho. There was that time period when women would wear skirts with suit coats and button up shirts instead of a dress
Diversified Plural
Diversified Plural Anos atrás
One day our fashion will be vintage and that’s crazy to think
Diversified Plural
Diversified Plural Anos atrás
Sza is pronounce like siz-uh
Andrea Frantz
Andrea Frantz Anos atrás
I’m setting my hair tonight because of you lol I hope it works in the morning lol
Diversified Plural
Diversified Plural Anos atrás
I love your sense of fashion but the Emma Stone dress...dear lord no honey
Elizabeth Witsken
Elizabeth Witsken Anos atrás
I loooovvved Gaga's look! AND fun fact: her giant 130 karat diamond necklace was last worn by Audrey Hepburn in a photoshoot for Breakfast at Tiffany's! Such a cool connection to old Hollywood.
plant girl
plant girl Anos atrás
Please do some retro 1970's looks 💖💖💖
shana4806 Anos atrás
can you pretty please review peaky blinders costumes?? 🙏🏼😬
Juliet Blue
Juliet Blue Anos atrás
I am excited for the met gala (May is so long away)
Roxy Popescu
Roxy Popescu Anos atrás
What's your real life job, you know so much about historical fashion???
Anita XYZ
Anita XYZ Anos atrás
She recently wrote a beautiful (and quite popular) book abt Polish fashion in the 20th century, so I guess If it all goes well she'll be making a comfortable living out of books/yt/blog etc.
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