Spotting Historical Inspirations In 2019 MET Gala Outfits 

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7 Mai 2019



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Comentários 100   
Tanja Horvat
Tanja Horvat 8 dias atrás
The red ( burgundy) dress with a heart is beautiful. 🤩
habitual_be 4 meses atrás
12:06: 2020: NOPE
2 AGDollstudios
2 AGDollstudios 6 meses atrás
Um, idk if you meant this, but Cinderella, the movie, came out in the 50’s, it wasn’t set then
2 AGDollstudios yeah she knows that but Cinderellas dress was modelled after what was in vogue at the time it was made to make it more trendy
julia Fox
julia Fox 6 meses atrás
PLEASE review more Violet Chacki looks, she goes from 20’s Erté to 80’s neons she’s very inspired by fashion history
Helen 6 meses atrás
Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress to me screamed...I think it was 70s dresses the most? Neckline and colour and flowy shapelessness (although it happened in the 60s as well, I think generally the high neckline went with a short dress length)...I swear i have seen that exact nightgowny dress from that era!
Helen 6 meses atrás
That Rita Ora dress actually screamed Lauren Bacall to me along the 1940s line...specifically that dress I think you have shown before in your vids from the end of To Have and Have Not...the plunging neckline isnt too far off
Prissy Cox
Prissy Cox 8 meses atrás
10:21 kinda reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra scene where she has the gold Isis costume
Ami 9 meses atrás
"I'm hoping next year's is a little more daring" *cries in 2020*
Ami 9 meses atrás
"I hope next year's is a little more daring" *cries in 2020*
CafeDeDuy 9 meses atrás
Oh nooo I wish you saw Harry Styles. His Gucci outfit actually intentionally draws inspiration of historical factors to match the exhibit
Izabella 9 meses atrás
Isn't Janelle Monae dress pop art inspired in terms of pattern?
j o r d a n e
j o r d a n e 10 meses atrás
those girls with the 1960's hair have definitely been listening to lana these days
j o r d a n e
j o r d a n e 10 meses atrás
and lana once weared that hedy lamar dress
LR Lasvegas
LR Lasvegas 11 meses atrás
This was the most enjoyable fashion review EVERRR. Thank you!
Way Weird Fun
Way Weird Fun Anos atrás
I'm seeing a lot of Bob Mackie/Cher show inspirations and a few from the movie Metropolis, too.
Mlady Symba
Mlady Symba Anos atrás
What about Lana Del Rey?
Terri Ann Bluejacket
Don't poke your noise
JR Tengco
JR Tengco Anos atrás
6:30 yeah, that dress really is part of the history
Monika Sadauskaitė
2:20 could be something from Triadisches Ballett (Bauhaus era). I don't know why.
marissa desimone
marissa desimone Anos atrás
as a harry styles enthusiast, i often question his outfit choices. you should react to his outfits
Arthur Lees
Arthur Lees Anos atrás
You should do a video where you look for Historical Influences in drag race outfits
Laura Lee Originally
3:30 Dakota Johnson "religious figure" candle *nailed it*
Noémie Claire
Noémie Claire Anos atrás
If Meme Mom isn't invited to the 2020 Met Gala I'm gonna be seriously disappointed
yulia flamɛl
yulia flamɛl Anos atrás
the weird creaking noise in this video is driving me nuts lol
Jonathan Moorman
Jonathan Moorman Anos atrás
If I can see boobs, the dress is too revealing.
Saralius Anos atrás
Janelle Monae's dress reminded me a bit of Ulrica Hydman Vallien's glass art for Kosta Boda.
L C Anos atrás
Ok, so how DO you pronounce your name?
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Anos atrás
I think the point was inspiration with a modern twist.. that’s what it seems anyway
Szymon W.
Szymon W. Anos atrás
4:55 Kendall Jenner reminds me Josephine Baker with that curl on forehead, plat glossy hair and feathers like from Revia.
All these wasteful clothes... disgusting! They waste so many resources for no real purpose.
Esther Bjerga
Esther Bjerga Anos atrás
Do you have a Pinterest, Karolina? Because I would love to have access to your vast resources of photos that you’ve collected. Also would be a great way to organize things.
Esther Bjerga
Esther Bjerga Anos atrás
Karolina Żebrowska :D thank you
Karolina Żebrowska
I do actually! It’s @karolinazebrowskax
Ilove Corpseparty
Ilove Corpseparty Anos atrás
Rip James Charles
Jasmina Mitrici
Jasmina Mitrici Anos atrás
I think Dakota was going for Virgin Mary
FilbieTron Anos atrás
As soon as I started watching your channel I was curious what you would think about Violet Chachki and I'm so glad you like her outfit here!!
Aleksandra Solarska
masz jakiegos Agenta? jesli ktos chcialby Cie zatrudnic? jakas mozliwosc kontaktu, bo nie znalazlam zadnej wizytowki..pls
Kelly Fishbeck
Kelly Fishbeck Anos atrás
Oh you NAILED it with Celine Dion. She looked like she would be in one of those movies where multiple tiers of women behind her would dive into a glamorous swimming pool and start doing synchronized swimming shapes. Anyone remember seeing those? 😁
Kelly Fishbeck
Kelly Fishbeck Anos atrás
Dakota Johnson's dress reminded me of architecture: art deco. The lines of it, and perhaps the hair piece - it seems to give off the art deco vibe to me (at least, in the photo you showed). Anyone else?
Clare Ann
Clare Ann Anos atrás
Clare Ann
Clare Ann Anos atrás
Gwenyth’s dress was kind of a mod 60s silhouette, just elongated? Also nightgowns...
Ryan Foxx
Ryan Foxx Anos atrás
The met gala is the Hollywood equivalent to school spirit dress up days. Some people go all out and nail the theme, others make lazy attempts, and most just act like it's a regular day at school
Ayim Murie
Ayim Murie Anos atrás
I thought Jennifer Lopez head dress looked quite like a head dress that Julie Andrews wore in Victor/Victoria, which was set in the 30s. If you Google Image searched "Julie Andrews Le Jazz Hot" I bet you could find it.
Ayim Murie
Ayim Murie Anos atrás
Forgive the typos. It's the gin, you see.
Rebel Lucy Cat
Rebel Lucy Cat Anos atrás
Ok.... two videos later, and I LOVE you!!
E. S. R
E. S. R Anos atrás
I'm so bothered with your plug. That two pin socket? Where's the ground pin? What happens if there's a fault and the casing on your appliances becomes live? Do you get shocked to death by your hairdryer? Does everything have to come double insulated?
Kifujin Kitade
Kifujin Kitade Anos atrás
Now I am impressed
Marifi Sayson
Marifi Sayson Anos atrás
Can u do for Harry Styles' suits he wore on tour?
Sam Anos atrás
4:27 It's clearly a Erté inspired 1920's illustration.
Ciara Anos atrás
I wish she had made that connection
Ciara Anos atrás
I was going to say this
czyagata Anos atrás
Sukienka Kim Kardashian od Thierry Mugler z MET Gala 2019 nawiązuje do stroju jaki Sophia Loren nosiła w filmie Boy on a Dolphin z 1957 roku. Informacje uzyskałam tego filmiku z 1:57 minuty : Więcej o podobnych inspiracjach strojów z MET Gala 2019 w tym artykule :
S. V.
S. V. Anos atrás
Jlo look screams Cher Farewell tour vibes!!
Aitutakikuuipo Anos atrás
Can you do a period clothing review on the new movie "Tolkien"?
YouTube Trash
YouTube Trash Anos atrás
I love Hari
Rhanna Novakoski
Rhanna Novakoski Anos atrás
Oh God, i really love your videos!! Please, make one about 100 years of fashion, 1900 to 2000! With all clothes and telling their history, it's gonna be amazing!! Kisses from Brazil!!
Emanuel Endler
Emanuel Endler Anos atrás
Você poderia por legendas em português seria grato
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton Anos atrás
your hair looks lovely, updated hair tutorial/grwm?
theEccollective Anos atrás
Hey meme mom, Brad mondo just did a video that you need to watch pls and ty, yee yee
Toad Day Get Toad
Toad Day Get Toad Anos atrás
2 things, I read that the couple wearing suits in the beginning were inspired by zoot suits. Also, I grew up on the east side of Buffalo NY. I CAN PRONOUNCE YOUR NAME, DZIĘCUJĘ . 😂 Edit: Paltrow’s dress reminded me of a 1960’s nightgown, honestly.
Jenna Todd
Jenna Todd Anos atrás
Can you talk about how accurate some historical movies are? I've been trying to see how accurate Gone With the Wind is since it was made so long ago in 1939. I just love civil war "southern belle" fashion. I know your not from the U.S. but I hope you go over that time period more! Love your videos, your the best!!
Hailander Anos atrás
Pleaaaaase you need to watch the video of Loepsie "I followed an 18th century hair tutorial" and do it yourself, PLEASE.
Nelita Rose
Nelita Rose Anos atrás
Have you ever thought of creating a discord server for fans? It would be a great way to connect with your subscribers and also for your fans/vintage enthusiasts to connect with each other.
Michela G
Michela G Anos atrás
Have you watched Eurovision? If yes, it would be cool to see a video like this for the costumes in this year's edition! Love❤
Choo! Anos atrás
Oh my god. This queen is a fellow polish person. I'm so proud. Pozdrawiam od Anglii!
Miss Ripley
Miss Ripley Anos atrás
Please tell me you're going to talk about the outfits from the Eurovision song contest finale
idk Anos atrás
*-PiNkItY dRiNkItY, jAmEs ChArLeS iS a CeLeBrItY!-*
Snail Anos atrás
Now I'm thinking about my mother's polish last name...I can't pronounce it at all.
bcgrote Anos atrás
And Katy Perry was rather gothic inspired XD
loune fitzgerald
loune fitzgerald Anos atrás
This video is amazing
Sandy Nguyen
Sandy Nguyen Anos atrás
Please watch Brad Mondo follow an 18th century tutorial! I’d love to hear your opinion on how accurate he followed the instructions and if it was historically accurate.
Ziyanda Zwane
Ziyanda Zwane Anos atrás
Ezra Miller... I love you, but unless you have eight legs attached to your outfit, you do not need as many eyes on your face. Hi, Meme Mom :)
Victoire-Theodora Pruvost
When your meme mom posts a much awaited video with the classical sonata you played for your postgrad recital 😂.
Sofia M.
Sofia M. Anos atrás
8:18 The ‘collar’ of the cape reminds me of something Anne Of Austria would wear, 1620s (The Three Musketeers).
Sofia M.
Sofia M. Anos atrás
4:25 Her makeup is very surrealist, which adds to the 1930s feel
Ederson simplis
Ederson simplis Anos atrás
Se estiver um espirito de velha com voce, que ele saia, e que seja acorrentado e levado pro espaço pelos anjos de deus . E voce seja uma moça muito feliz pra viver a vida
Rick G
Rick G Anos atrás
I thought Dakota Johnson’s outfit looked a bit 70’s especially because of the length and the high waistline.
Adela Björn
Adela Björn Anos atrás
Have you seen photshopSurgeon's "how Marie Antoinette looked in real life" 😱😢😭 it is terrible!!!
A I Anos atrás
ACFAU also talks about the MET Gala outfits:
Penny Anos atrás
Would you review a current argentinian soap opera? Is supposed to be over the top, but its kind of lame. Theres this girl too: the main character is a polish migrant girl. Would you review her costumes or her polish accent? The chapters of the show are available online, its called "Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza".
Ashitny Anos atrás
Julia Jackiewicz
Julia Jackiewicz Anos atrás
Polish queen- i see u ;*
Kawaiii Pige
Kawaiii Pige Anos atrás
Memmeee mommmmyyyy! 💖
Professor ESP
Professor ESP Anos atrás
Serena's wearing court dress because she's the queen. ;)
JustDustin O'
JustDustin O' Anos atrás
The "new" US Army dress uniform for 2020 will be the one from the 1940s. If anyone thinks I'm lying.....Google it!
Nu'blessed Anos atrás
girl you missed the BEST ONE
YeetusThatFetus Anos atrás
how much do you know about gay fashion history? camp has a lot of roots in gay culture and i would be interested in knowing how much you know about our culture :)
Viv Anos atrás
Suvi Tikka
Suvi Tikka Anos atrás
I listened to it like 30 times, and I'm still not 100% sure, but giiirl did you just call Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart's escort? What a feminist icon. [6:39]
cheshire chill
cheshire chill Anos atrás
Did you ever study ancient fashion? And also HELP I'm going to a Renaissance fair and I want to dress historically accurate but I need to find cheap outfits. Help!
Eleanor Jaeger
Eleanor Jaeger Anos atrás
"I just woke up" With perfect pin curls??? WITCH
Brook McBrookerson
Brook McBrookerson 4 meses atrás
Yes. She’s a Goddess
Jill Irvine
Jill Irvine Anos atrás
Me going into the Met gala wearing a tent : where is yals camping clothes? *looks closely at the invitation* me: ᵂᴬᴵᵀ
Mary Price
Mary Price 5 meses atrás
Susan Golden
Susan Golden Anos atrás
more like a "meth" party, what they were thinking......Hollywood being Hollyweird???
Laugh Love Shop
Laugh Love Shop Anos atrás
Really fun and interesting analysis, Karolina. Thanks for this!
SeastarTV Anos atrás
At every other outfit, I kept screaming 70s! I thought there was sooo much 70s inspired attire in this video. Also slightly bummed that no one went for a more Wilde look...
gweener Anos atrás
gwenyth paltrow’s dress kind of looks like a burial shroud
Howie Bark
Howie Bark Anos atrás
You should critique music videos! I'll suggest Lauryn Hill- doo wop, it's a direct 60-90s comparison, and Beyonce- All night, she has a pretty sweet dress and hairstyle going on. I bet there are tonnes of vintage inspired music videos to rob for content.
Boy In Grey
Boy In Grey Anos atrás
4:35 The only thing i can see is White Diamond from Steven Universe .-.
bagginsone Anos atrás
ᏟᎻᎪNᎬᏞ Anos atrás
She didn’t even do gagas. Unsubscribed
Ryn Bliss
Ryn Bliss Anos atrás
Violet Chachki looks like a mix of Morticia Addams and Jessica Rabbit 5:32
Blauwkousje Anos atrás
this is really off-topic but I think your hair looks gorgeous here
Noémie Claire
Noémie Claire Anos atrás
If our Meme Mom is not invited next year, I will definitely go mad !!! BTW to me the most incredible outfit was Deepika Padukone's pink dress and huge hair !
Randi Anos atrás
All I want is that men will stop showing up to the Met Gala in plain black suits
sunmarsh Anos atrás
Please do this challenge:
Teodora Mechea
Teodora Mechea Anos atrás
WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE??? Am I that old..?
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