Spotting Fashion History Inspirations In 2019 Golden Globes Dresses 

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*goldenglobing intensifies* sorry the images are crap and I'm out of focus, I didn't notice when I was editing.
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8 Jan 2019



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Comentários 100   
Annika 16 dias atrás
In the thumbnail you look like the women in the black hat painting from kees van Dongen.
Lorry Jennifer
Lorry Jennifer Mês atrás
omg I almost threw up when I saw Amb*r H**rd. Damn, and here I was just peacefully enjoying a nice video
Kate Friend
Kate Friend 8 meses atrás
Whe you got to Kerri Russell's dress, it reminded me of a vintage ad one of my English professors had on her office door. It showed a woman in a backless dress and said, "a gown like this is immodest, inspiring emotions, difficult to control!", Then it showed a more modest gown "endorsed by the Junior League," which had a higher back and generally covered more of the body. I forget what its accompanying text was, I always love the phrase "emotions difficult to control." I don't know why I'm here commenting in may 2020, blame the algorithm. Thanks for the video!
LM Sarbs
LM Sarbs Anos atrás
You're brilliant in a hilariously awkward sort of way.
Snufaay Anos atrás
When I discovered your channel, I came for the interesting topics and I stayed for the awkward endings! (and all of your personality I guess)
Sandi Chase
Sandi Chase Anos atrás
Natalia F.
Natalia F. Anos atrás
Oh, I'd love to see you talk/review the dresses worn at the Oscars through time! They have been going on for 90 years after all! I love your channel so much by the way!
Eva B.
Eva B. Anos atrás
Your cheekbonesssssss! 😍
Josh Graham
Josh Graham Anos atrás
The men need to get their crap together
Katherine Margeson
Katherine Margeson Anos atrás
Also, what’s the weird glass sound at minute 15? It sounds like Morse code for SOS. Are you ok? Being held hostage by someone who thinks 1920s dresses have fringe? Blink 2x if you need help. 🙂
Katherine Margeson
Katherine Margeson Anos atrás
It’s pronounced Elizabeethan and appliqué is pronounced aplicay Still, you speak two languages fluently, so one mispronunciation is not a big deal.
Katherine Margeson
Katherine Margeson Anos atrás
Great video! It’s nice to know that other people like history too.
Aleksandra Makari
Aleksandra Makari Anos atrás
5:58 what kind of waist is that?!
Mc Water
Mc Water Anos atrás
Idk what golden globes is
Account2 Google
Account2 Google Anos atrás
What do you mean a movie is not available in Poland? Just torrent it 😂
mono moonchild
mono moonchild Anos atrás
She said "not ALLOWED in Poland".
Rae Peronneau
Rae Peronneau Anos atrás
The historical dresses are so much more beautiful than the modern gowns.
We Got This Together
Great video! Btw, it's pronounces "app-lih-cays". :)
Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes
I love your hair!!! I know it's not relevant to the subject of the video, but I just really like that style of hair. :D Plus, your hair's really glossy looking! Also, responding to the description, I didn't think anything looked out of focus. Looked fine to me. lol Then again, I have bad focus and wear glasses. So, it might not mean a lot coming from me.
Simona Cîrlugea
Simona Cîrlugea Anos atrás
Olivia Colman’s dress also reminds me of russian court dresses
Joshima M
Joshima M Anos atrás
Scrapp e nelly. Thats how its pronounced
Nerdy_3000 Anos atrás
You should do this series with Rupaul’s Drag Race
Where does she get her historical costume photos/references? I could stare at old costume catalogues for hours if I only knew where to start looking!
um t
um t Anos atrás
The sheer brasserie dresses are all dior couture which makes me think you should be reviewing couture fashion shows for historical references please?
havingicecream Anos atrás
That's really cool to see!
Jo' Denise
Jo' Denise Anos atrás
Omg xD I just cheak the "nudes" 😂😂
oovouvois Anos atrás
Imma call my boobies now ''da boobáge'' hahahaha
Jaded Wonderland
Jaded Wonderland 2 anos atrás
It really bothers me that people with millions of dollars don't care to have their clothes tailored to their bodies. *Triggered* I don't understand this. I don't understand why you wouldn't want your dress to fit you and I don't understand why the designers don't want their dresses to look good on people. Don't get me wrong, they are getting better. It just really gets under my skin.
Lisa H.
Lisa H. 2 anos atrás
Hey Karolina! There's a German movie trilogy called Rubinrot, Saphirblau and Smaragdgrün, it's about time travel - could you perhaps make a video on the costumes? That would be so awesome!😊
CarbonatedPeachMilk 2 anos atrás
noah fence but youre so cool and it's awesome
Monallisa Moss
Monallisa Moss 2 anos atrás
Golden *clap* Globe *clap* Pewdiepie is so proud of this community
Luka Drazic
Luka Drazic 2 anos atrás
Bitch can you just fit with modern fashion standards...
Gregor Bork
Gregor Bork 2 anos atrás
05:57 dat waist
Ana Gromma
Ana Gromma 2 anos atrás
Mary 2 anos atrás
My favourite dress at the Golden Globe was Emily Blunt’s dress!
Ann 2 anos atrás
I love Elsa Schiaparelli's work ! ♡
Haley Belle Reynolds
Haley Belle Reynolds 2 anos atrás
I saw Emily Blunt, therefore I am very happy
MikaelPikael 2 anos atrás
2:55 you know I had to do it to ‘em
Candela Díaz
Candela Díaz 2 anos atrás
You missed Saoirse Ronan’s dress !!
catcadder8916 2 anos atrás
I love your accent! I’m so glad I found your channel
lizzie 2 anos atrás
Why did I not get the notif?? I missed my meme mom!!
lizzie 2 anos atrás
My baby Lucy 💕😩
Konrad Wróblewski
Konrad Wróblewski 2 anos atrás
kocham cyby no
Classy Like Me
Classy Like Me 2 anos atrás
Is it only me that thinks the dresses on the Golden Carpet looks horrible?? 😂 the accurate ones looks WAYYY prettier
pink waffle
pink waffle 2 anos atrás
Can you do smth like that about male clothes?
clix.159 2 anos atrás
I clicked stop at 6:44 and i thought she is wearing a dress with your face on :'D
Bahar n
Bahar n 2 anos atrás
Can you please review the clothing in the show: Cable girl's, it's a show on Netflix based in the 1930's U believe
Bahar n
Bahar n 2 anos atrás
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz 2 anos atrás
There's a Spanish BRdesk who also talked about a fashion show or something like that, but comparing the dresses with religious pieces of art and stuff like that, BUT this was more interesting
Renate van Straaten
Renate van Straaten 2 anos atrás
Hey! I absolute love your videos!! As much as I love your content though, my attention has been caught by the paintings and frames above your bed, which I ADORE!! I was wondering, where and how did you find them? Thanks anyways for your amazing videos!
nothing. 2 anos atrás
Dżizas potrzebuję odcinka po polskiemu Btw jesteś świetna uwielbiam twój styl i wogle
Kate 2 anos atrás
I wish you made the video about your studies 😍
Voivoda Dracula
Voivoda Dracula 2 anos atrás
Oh hey it's the *meme mom TM*
ElskaBa 2 anos atrás
i just had a random idea! in barbie in rapunzel movie she wears different dresses in a scene and it would be cool if you could analyse them!
van brown
van brown 2 anos atrás
You are the most interesting beautiful being I have ever laid eyes on
Fitting in is for jigsaw pieces.
This.....this is 8s max the drag queen, but a girl......AWSOME
Weronika Bobińska
Weronika Bobińska 2 anos atrás
Czy mogłabyś zdradzić jakiej muzyki użyłaś w filmie ,,100 years of beauty - Poland''?
Samantha Nyarko
Samantha Nyarko 2 anos atrás
Great video!
Ante 2 anos atrás
I'd love it if you took a look at some historically inspired videogames and see how accurate the clothes are! I was playing bioshock infinite after a long time and I'd love to hear some of your thoughts
Pivinne 2 anos atrás
Honestly if I ever got to the red carpet or golden globes or heck anywhere fancy enough 1830s gowns would be the FIRST place I’d start. I’d probably stay away from France but only because I’d like to walk through doorways normally
Emma Linalion
Emma Linalion 2 anos atrás
Karolina, do you know of the BRdeskr Jessica Kellgren-Fozard? She makes videos on vintage style and has a similar look to you! I love you both so much x
2 anos atrás
100% the best definition of the Golden Globes by far
BatukUhukUhuk 2 anos atrás
This is muchhhhh better than just dissing lovely clothing during award season. No matter how weird their dresses are, most of us can't afford it anyway
homoconstance *
homoconstance * 2 anos atrás
Widziałam cię ostatnio na plantach.
thisgavemethechills 2 anos atrás
My favorite youtuber talking about my favorite celebrity (Lady Gaga)!! that makes me so happy :D
NekoChanSenpai 2 anos atrás
Can I make a request? I'd like to see your opinion on cosmetic outfits from fantasy games (Elder Scrolls, WoW, D&D, etc) from a historical fashion point of view. In other words, this video, but for fantasy games.
Meme Woofie
Meme Woofie 2 anos atrás
I love your channel oh my goodness
Vetericus N
Vetericus N 2 anos atrás
I really like you a lot Karolina! We have a lot in common. I love fashion history. Especially 1910 period. Isn't it interesting that 1780s was 'sort-of' parallel to the style! Don't you think? ...large hats, dresses, etc. I could talk to you for hours! much love,
Sadie Kalinowska
Sadie Kalinowska 2 anos atrás
Omg could you talk about Canal+'s Versailles? :0
hunnyflash 2 anos atrás
I don't know if you have a smartphone or play Covet Fashion, but gowns this year were SO 1950s. Very full skirts. Lots of fabrics. Also a lot of inspiration taken from the Elizabethan era like you pointed out. Interesting patterns and seemingly corseted tops. Was kinda cool.
Texadon - Andromeda Cripps
This was a really interesting video!!! Love to see more of this sort of thing in the future!!!
Esteban Relei
Esteban Relei 2 anos atrás
👏Dress 👏review
urfutrstepdad 2 anos atrás
Not gonna lie u are a queen
rcrities 2 anos atrás
i love your channel! i don't think I've seen a channel who loves the Victorian era as much as I do. I'm OBSESSED with the Victorian era. the clothes are my favorite. and pretty much everything else besides the racism, homophobia and the diseases yknow.
dulce robles
dulce robles 2 anos atrás
Hey Meme Mom! So I need advice my school is doing a musical, called Pirates of Penses and this was around the 1830s have any advice of how I should act and dress to get in character like if I was in that era?
Gelinda S
Gelinda S 2 anos atrás
This video was great! Before watching I was so sceptical, like Why would I be interested in the Golden Globes?, but here I am now: Interessted in Golden Globes. You just opened a door for me to a new modern adaption of historical clothing I LOVE that, thank you so much. Your channel is the best and highly praised in a facebook group about japanese so-called Lolita Fashion I am in. You do have a hell load of fans there!
Carolina Pinglo
Carolina Pinglo 2 anos atrás
I LOVE the concept of this video !!
Trademark Moxie
Trademark Moxie 2 anos atrás
Why didnt this show up in my notifications? I almost missed it.
Żywia T
Żywia T 2 anos atrás
The conclusion is easy: get a dress which your grandma was wearing when she was young, make some corrections and you will be fashionable :D It's so marvellous that the fashion is coming back again with small changes.
Renata Bursten
Renata Bursten 2 anos atrás
That was really interesting, thank you!
S. Gabriel
S. Gabriel 2 anos atrás
*peeing intensifies* lol
Kas ia
Kas ia 2 anos atrás
Me: doesn't care about the Golden Globes Also me: cares about historical accurate fashion
triflinghoebitch 2 anos atrás
I know it’s kinda passed and last year but it’s be cool to see this for the met gala dresses.
•babs• 2 anos atrás
there's a picture of Michelle Williams (I think that's how you spell her name ;p) I saw i'm not sure if it was the golden globes or not but she had a ribbon choker and a sleeveless dress on and it gave me very Joan Crawford in goodbye my fancy vibes. I'm sure if you search Michelle Williams Joan Crawford you can find it.
Jpakhilka 2 anos atrás
What exactly would you call the style of the dress at 6:28? Any particular terms to describe the chest/waist of the dress if I was to search for a similar style online?
Esmeralda GamgeeTook
Esmeralda GamgeeTook 2 anos atrás
The Favourite is such a good movie! I watched it 2 days ago and I'm still thinking about it. I don't know how accurate the clothes are but holy shit they're gorgeous. I loved this one coat that the character Sarah wears so much that I was almost inspired to make it until I remembered I live in Australia and its never cold enough for a coat XD Hope it comes out in Poland soon and you can watch it ❤❤
lucas adamis
lucas adamis 2 anos atrás
Talk more about Gaga girl....
Gracie Ayers
Gracie Ayers 2 anos atrás
Living for this video
Google This
Google This 2 anos atrás
Thank you! I value your knowledge of fashion. Mix in your attitude? And I’m sold ! ♾✌🏼🙏🏼♥️👗👠
Alê 2 anos atrás
I loved the idea for this video! Also love you humour and editing (*peeing intensifies*) xD
Carla Amalie Fledelius
Have you watched Babylon Berlin? What do you think of it?
InL3wiThMusiC 2 anos atrás
I always wanted to tell you, because I don't know if you are aware of that, but fashion history is part of cultural anthoropology studies and I thought you might bei interested in that kind of degree. Although you probably know everything already.
Jasmine GAP
Jasmine GAP 2 anos atrás
K. E-G
K. E-G 2 anos atrás
Emma Stone's dress was a mess. just no. Louis can do better
Ирина Соломонова
Such a cool video, thank you! ❤️ I'd like to ask you: don't you think that Emily Blant's dress also looks very much like some fully laced early or even pre-edvordian era dress? The decoration may seem really a bit too heavy for the period, but the cutting/concept of her dress seems to me kind of closer to that era
Angelina Med-va
Angelina Med-va 2 anos atrás
Regina George's 'metal' vibe of the dress reminds me of early paco rabano's works - where he used actual golden metal staff for his designs.
DaCota 2 anos atrás
LAZY GAGA, buuuuuurrrrrnnnn...
tormenta de verano
tormenta de verano 2 anos atrás
Question, what do you thing about the hbos irland serie Death and Nightingales? The clothes. Anothe random question, yesterday seeing Lolita (the 90s picture) i though, will a girl of 12 dress like that in that years? Or its only the pederast view of the protagonist. Can you do a video about lolita, book, the 2 pictures and reality? Its only an idea, if you want of course hahaha. Sorry for my English. Very good video. Kisses from spain.
Jeanalle Bonifas
Jeanalle Bonifas 2 anos atrás
This was such a cool idea! I thought I was making up stuff when I'd look at dresses like these and think about a certain era
I just wrote this:
I just wrote this: 2 anos atrás
ooh what about Met gala XD
adamsransom 2 anos atrás
"My cat....... IS PEEING"
soulmates winchesters
soulmates winchesters 2 anos atrás
Omg, what lipstick are you wearing? o:
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