Secrets of a Period Tailor ft. Zack Pinsent 

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what's the best posture for hand sewing? what is Zack's go-to historical pose? why we won’t marry someone who can’t sew on a button? how is bespoke sewing similar to a granola bar? watch and find out! but most importantly check out Zack's work here:
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30 Abr 2019



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Karolina Żebrowska
listing Zack's links here in case you're too lazy to read the description: Website ll Facebook ll Instagram ll Twitter ll Pinterest ll
Natan Liber
Natan Liber Mês atrás
I wonder how was your encounter like? Did you meet just for the video? Or maybe after you dressed each other or maybe had a fancy tea party or something, just wondering..
crystal kirlia
crystal kirlia 7 meses atrás
Everyone: ... dont say it. Me: ... Everyone: ... dont you dare Me: ...I ship it Everyone:NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
boltun Anos atrás
the facebook link is broken
Tina Kushner
Tina Kushner Anos atrás
Mom knows me so well
Robin Baum
Robin Baum Anos atrás
Im so happy to have stumbled across this!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful young man and his fancy tailoring things!!
Julia Francone
Julia Francone 12 horas atrás
I am sad he doesn't have youtube :(
Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 11 horas atrás
he does!
NapierProductions 4 dias atrás
That mannequin is staring into my soul ...
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 5 dias atrás
I feel like Oscar Wilde would love him
Emily 12 dias atrás
I want to steal Zack's library. Do you think he would mind?
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima 16 dias atrás
He's a really gay beautiful guy and I'm obsessed.
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee 17 dias atrás
Zack has the perfect figure for this period of clothing for sure...and such a beautiful masculine face as well.
Moe R
Moe R Mês atrás
We can not turn up for fitting on a day we've had dessert nor a bloated day nor a day when we've eaten a full meal at the sametime and hour....and the fittings may need to be between meals....hahaha Joking. This is how the Anglican Church came about...they didn't like unfitted loose clothing like the Pope..haha It was sooner a fashion thing...besides folks started noticing if you wear less fabric during the Economic Depression still sell more...haha
Moe R
Moe R Mês atrás
Now keep in mind that a business is not just one thing. Dont be shy....sell the T-shirt that makes references to your business and also sell that pocket watch and or grandfather clock too...determine demand and establish what is stop shopping will never go away...and that's whom you also compete with....and the business plan must include innovation and renovation and refreshing the store and look seasonally or yearly etc. Whom will make the is not a bad industry...when you meet demands so sure...sell sneakers from victorian times...they were made from lots of different kinds of wrap...
Moe R
Moe R Mês atrás
While hand sewn appears to be artisan, its more artisan to use machinery to hand sew because its just as durable and just as refined. Sure we have lots of hand sewing machinery called sewing machines and their promise is to help reduce cost and time...and the majority of the overhead is labor. So you need to really decide if you want to use hand sewing machinery or hand sew and if that's the case you do need an army of people and you also need to raise your prices in accordance with handsewing which is labor intensive. Also keep in mind the tools can cause allergies, infections and other issues...hence why we now have hand sewing machinery and the machinery can even create logos and insignias and everything the Victorians loved too. Now the Victorian age overlaps into our age up to the 70's I think.
Rhyannon Ashford
Rhyannon Ashford Mês atrás
I love that he mentions that everyone is asymmetrical. Especially in the shoulders. Your dominant arm is always going to be stronger and more defined and that changes how your shoulders sit.
elphbwckd Mês atrás
Good lord he is gorgeous!
EverMystique1 Mês atrás
I wonder if that yoga-like sitting pose enhances creativity. I find myself wanting to sit this way when I am deep in writing, as well.
He's so adorable 😻
Verbi Gratia
Verbi Gratia Mês atrás
Not a man at all.
Lovela Snow
Lovela Snow Mês atrás
... I can’t really see a button but I can roll stitch a hem
Trendz Stopper
Trendz Stopper Mês atrás
tamara turford
tamara turford Mês atrás
Omg my boyfriend went to school with this guy! Small world
John Jones
John Jones Mês atrás
She reminds me of a poodle. That's really cute.
pinkies vlogs
pinkies vlogs Mês atrás
What a fabulous, well centered human...
Anastasia Rath Art
Anastasia Rath Art Mês atrás
The Cybermen from Dr. Who are real!!!
Julio Mês atrás
4:00 “...buttholing...” *I beg your pardon?*
10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune
You really pull off the 50s look to a T.
Yvonne Smith
Yvonne Smith Mês atrás
He is 25 years old. He is amazing. Intelligent, handsome and seriously talented.
Anny Hernandez
Anny Hernandez Mês atrás
Zac could be getting hollywood to support his business...and then he could afford to hire a team...😀
周锐洁 Mês atrás
so hot a guy out there.
Cosima Hendrix
Cosima Hendrix Mês atrás
Karolina?! Do more with this man?! Make a pattern book with him?! Called swag for days?! PLEASE?!
Grace Echols
Grace Echols Mês atrás
"It's what creativeness, disorganization, and panic look like." - Having to explain your living conditions.
LifeExpression Mês atrás
Such a lovely discovery! He is so precious I am hooked 😊🤗
Gazzar Mês atrás
6:50 Random drunkard: "Mate you got ***ing swag to burn!" Zac: "I've only one thing to say to you...Macbeth!"
Communism Man
Communism Man Mês atrás
It's hilarious how uncomfortable both of them look
Theturtleowl Mês atrás
Beau Brummell approves.
Alien Dogge
Alien Dogge Mês atrás
He is adorable, no cap.
petrairene Mês atrás
Though in those days the tailor probably didn't also wear the gentleman's dress he was making.
Merlyn Fereira
Merlyn Fereira Mês atrás
Omg he looks like Ben Barnes
Alfredo Fernandez
Alfredo Fernandez Mês atrás
I love History (i'am a teacher of), and by the way, Zack is beautiful.
K. E-G
K. E-G Mês atrás
I feel so untalented
Alessia Eletta Coppi
After watching this for 5 minutes I noticed the mannequine starring at me...I'm scared now.
that coffee feel
that coffee feel Mês atrás
I kind of ship them
wolken esser
wolken esser Mês atrás
I'm usually not into guys but ........... you two are stunning and it was a really interesting video not forget to mention :)
Max Roberts
Max Roberts Mês atrás
Carolina, Are you really Polish? Your name is. And where did you learn English? Well done, indeed!
Bryan Ellis
Bryan Ellis Mês atrás
How did I NEVER see this video?! Zack is my internet crush 😆 I do badly wanna dress in period dress but I’m a poor man who can’t sew.
May The Slytherpuff
He looks good from all angles tbh. Even head on like a pigeon 😂
Angela Tang
Angela Tang Mês atrás
Both of them got illusion of long neck
Donut Gain
Donut Gain Mês atrás
yeah reincarnation isn't real.
80's electric Music - New Wave
My gosh, he is so able, kind and sweet :3❤️ PS: No, I'm not a 12 girl - I'm 21 man 😄
Roman Clay
Roman Clay 2 meses atrás
3 quid bill
Johnny Vo
Johnny Vo 2 meses atrás
the two are just amazingly adorable and funnily entertaining together! such a sweet and witty segment. thank you for it.
Bird With teeths
Bird With teeths 2 meses atrás
style icon. My goal in life is to dress like this man
Checkered Jules
Checkered Jules 2 meses atrás
The way he’s sitting cross-legged is called „Schneidersitz“ in German, which literally means „tailors seat/sitting“. Never realized that until now
Waden Yoost
Waden Yoost 2 meses atrás
His VOICE!!I love it. He could read sories that we all could sew and tailor by. Thank you. I will put this and his videos on a loop.
MsGabriel1880 3 meses atrás
I do exactly that when I hand sew
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname 3 meses atrás
Fun fact from a fellow German viewer: The German word for "cross legged " is "Schneidersitz" which translates to "tailor's seat" or rather "sitting like a tailor"
Albert Batfinder
Albert Batfinder 3 meses atrás
O brave new (old) world that has such people in’t. Innit?
Basma Boo
Basma Boo 3 meses atrás
Adding to the people who have found out that that sitting position is named after the profession, in german it's called "Schneidersitz" which translates to 'Tailor sitting position'.
threecatsteve 3 meses atrás
I admire you both and your knowledge. God Bless
AkashaOConnell 3 meses atrás
He reminds me of Jack Whitehall. lol So cute.
Jake the Sexy Saint
Jake the Sexy Saint 4 meses atrás
Zack is so cuteeee. (I can sow on buttons, they do fall off at some point though, but I do have that lifeskill.)
Anne with an E
Anne with an E 4 meses atrás
Wow, he's a living doll!
I.B. 4 meses atrás
Is he the bbc guy.
Зуртан Халтаров
купи микрофон нормальный
mj kay
mj kay 4 meses atrás
in german, sitting cross legged is actually called “Schneidersitz” which technically means ‘tailors seat’
WomanChild 4 meses atrás
Yeesh. I really need to go and learn how to sew on a button 😳
rinflame44 4 meses atrás
This man is the embodiment of gentlemanly Britishness...
MrsLilisha 4 meses atrás
The Mannequin gives me Coraline vibes.
James McInnis
James McInnis 4 meses atrás
Sort of
Bálint F.D.
Bálint F.D. 4 meses atrás
Not gonna lie that gray mannequinn creeped me out the whole video
Jayron Van L Arizo
Jayron Van L Arizo 4 meses atrás
Why do I imagine him as Mr. Bingley??? 😄😂😄😂😄
CHRISTINA LUISE 4 meses atrás
This guy is so handsome.
Montana Banana
Montana Banana 4 meses atrás
I'm a Drag Queen in the U.S. and I do a lot of period looks for shows. I would love to have someone like a "period tailor" that could create me a piece that is accurate, because I'm so damn picky. It has to historically accurate. Btw I'm all for a vintage look, but idk about his. There's like an element missing for me. But I appreciate anyone that dresses in an older style. I really wish more people would go back to a more vintage style.
immaprocrastinator 4 meses atrás
zack: i’m a period taylah me: 👁👄👁 me: 👁💋👁
man wtf
man wtf 4 meses atrás
"m8 youve got focking swag to burn !!!1!"
Meagan 4 meses atrás
This video was very meta as I just clicked on it to listen while I was sitting cross legged and hand sewing on my bed
Grace Furrow
Grace Furrow 4 meses atrás
how much for Zach
Dhananjay Singh Kandari
Is he god? What kinda genetic pool does someone talented charismatic and handsome come out of?
Natto Jelly
Natto Jelly 4 meses atrás
He is so well spoken, such a lovely gentlemen And the British accent. Perfect
Amelia Sołowiej
Amelia Sołowiej 4 meses atrás
All people here are like 'in my country we call the cross-legged style of sitting *something about tailors*' and meanwhile in Poland we call it "like a Turkish" and I just can't even
Saknika 4 meses atrás
Fun fact: The muscle that allows us to sit cross-legged is called Sartorius, and it's nick-named the Tailor's muscle because it allows the position they often sat in.
Al 4 meses atrás
As a man I'm happy to see that I finally have some options
H 4 meses atrás
The Kings and Queens are uniting
Donna Banks
Donna Banks 4 meses atrás
I love the way he has a passion for hand sewing and he looks great in his clothing also.
marsbeads 4 meses atrás
He's so posh. Love!
Angela Egan
Angela Egan 4 meses atrás
Charming and talented, such a joy.
Alice Ruddigkeit
Alice Ruddigkeit 4 meses atrás
Now I know why sitting cross-legged is called 'Schneidersitz' - 'tailor's sitting' in German. * mindblown *
Tiffany Liang
Tiffany Liang 4 meses atrás
Zack is so charming! You guys have good energy together
ralph stephan
ralph stephan 4 meses atrás
If Zack is aware that his is a dying art (my words), has he considered creating an apprenticeship in order to pass his skills/gifts on to others? I value his insight and passion, am assuming others would as well.
dandelion head
dandelion head 4 meses atrás
He opened his mouth and my fashion merchandising heart fell in love
Ayesha Irfan
Ayesha Irfan 5 meses atrás
I desperately need to fix my sewing posture or I'll have a dowager's hump in my 20s at this rate. I like the idea of stacking pillows under your work.
Anne Marie Godden
Anne Marie Godden 5 meses atrás
I love this interview. So wonderful to see people in their joy :) Big hugs to both of you.
Abyssaljam 5 meses atrás
I can hand sew sails but not buttons :'(
always outlawed
always outlawed 5 meses atrás
TheJhtlag 5 meses atrás
I actually do know how to sew a button, but that's the extent of my tailoring skills, but hey, I pass right?
Danaë Mc Gregorian
Danaë Mc Gregorian 5 meses atrás
he looks like a prince
nancy dean
nancy dean 5 meses atrás
why is he so beautiful!
nerdlandia 6 meses atrás
I want to become a millionaire so I can hire this beautiful man to make me a whole wardrobe.
Gaming And Randomnizom
Gaming And Randomnizom 6 meses atrás
My Grandmother taught me hand sewing
Mac Kent
Mac Kent 6 meses atrás
I usually get freedom screached at me or someone calls me john snow or jamie frazier Im like ffs, For contect i wear late 17th and early 18 th century highlandwear so like the jacobite period I struggle finding taylors tho ngl even tho pinset lives only 10 miles away from me, i live on benifits so😂 i try to make everything i can
enname mori
enname mori 6 meses atrás
I really love hand sewing. I sit cross legged on my couch near the window, or on my Japanese floor cushion. Can listen to podcasts etc. So I end up hand sewing everything, lol.
Amber Baker
Amber Baker 6 meses atrás
Almost as awesome as the 24 hours everyone thought Bernadette and Zach were engaged Still sad it was an April Fool's Joke
Andres Villanueva
Andres Villanueva 6 meses atrás
In the Philippines, the tailor pose or the cross legged pose is called "de cuatro", because it looks like the number 4. I just felt like sharing it. 😂😊
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