Secrets of a Vintage Clothing Dealer ft. Scarlet Rage Vintage 

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22 Mar 2019



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Karolina Żebrowska
also check out Jade's video we did together!
Krewetka kręci
Krewetka kręci Anos atrás
ten komentarz nijak ma się do filmu, ale nareszcie miałam okazję, żeby wgryzc sie w 'Polskie piękno' (mam je od świąt, ale jakoś nigdy nie miałam czasu) i powiem tak: nie spodziewałam się Ciebie, jako rycerza ortalionu, ale... ale... blessed
Jean Leon
Jean Leon Anos atrás
Karolina please do a fashion review of the marvelous Mrs maisel. It's a show on Amazon prime about a woman in 1950s New York trying stand up comedy.
Crashie Corbashie
Crashie Corbashie Anos atrás
I'd love to see a video of you and Jessica Kellgren-Fozard!
Rachel Trammell
Rachel Trammell Mês atrás
Your guest is a hoot😂
Lucia Soósová
Lucia Soósová 6 meses atrás
Add before this video was Emma (the series)! I loved your analysis, btw. Ok, gotta actually watch this one
Shirley Hill
Shirley Hill 8 meses atrás
Great show😊
Maria 9 meses atrás
I came for the dogs. 4:03.
Jennifer McGown
Jennifer McGown Anos atrás
Great video- I found it really interesting.
Sonia Higgins
Sonia Higgins Anos atrás
Karolina looks fabulous here, my favorite look of hers so far
Dr. Lisa Torres
Dr. Lisa Torres Anos atrás
Very informative!
Cheyenne Petersen
Cheyenne Petersen Anos atrás
omg jade and I have the same measurements and that's exactly how I felt growing up. I'm so happy to have found vintage because honestly it's so body positive for me
Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes
Name a better vintage duo than Karolina and Jade... I'm waiting.
coor0kun Anos atrás
Gold spiderweb dress?! WANT!! ♥️♥️♥️
comradepeggyhill Anos atrás
Loved it! Gonna spend all day tomorrow reading the online articles.
Carla Concé
Carla Concé Anos atrás
I’m binge watching all of your videos oh my god I love you
M Anos atrás
Poland has everything but better they have patzcis (donuts but better) and a brown cermet that doesn't cry
willow Anos atrás
My measurements are ridiculous my bust is 30in, waist is 23, and hips are 36. I’m a stick until you hit my ass lol. It makes finding clothes SO hard.
Sophie Schöwing
Sophie Schöwing Anos atrás
Just loved this vid 😊😍so funny😂😍
Mason Modiste
Mason Modiste Anos atrás
I compared this video and the things I liked most about your sister's video is the interactive get ready with me aspect. And the music in this video isn't the same as your vintage jams. Those two little things make a big difference for my personal enjoyment. (Also she is very loud which isn't her fault, my ears are just sensitive and you talk softly. So I have to switch the volume depending on who's talking)
Emissary of Wind
Emissary of Wind Anos atrás
Thanks to you I just discovered lucite handbags and I love them. What have you done to me?
Alinuara Anos atrás
Is it just me or does meme mom look a lot like Veronica in this?
Olga Anos atrás
Great video, Jade is a delight!
C Dhan
C Dhan Anos atrás
Jade is quirky like you xo
Rayssa Pinheiro
Rayssa Pinheiro Anos atrás
I’m new here... so can anyone explain me why she’s “meme mom”? 😅
Adèle Desm
Adèle Desm Anos atrás
Weeooow ! That was very cool ! I knew nothing about that ! Also I love your outros haha
ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false
i dont want this to sound mean but her style reminds me of emilia fart lol
Scarlet Rage Vintage
I'll take that as a compliment, she's an ICON!!
owlislike Anos atrás
I really appreciate content like this. 1. BIZNASS WOMEN 2. INSPIRATIONAL 3. RAD INFO
ImmortanRoger Anos atrás
*HoW mUcH??? ?? ?*
Suzie Q.
Suzie Q. Anos atrás
I enjoy your video's so much.💞
Michelle Pearl
Michelle Pearl Anos atrás
Ahhh, I love this! The two of you are adorable together
SocalBear Anos atrás
I super struggle to find clothes on the rack, my measurements are 41, 27, 46,
JulietsaJuJu Anos atrás
I was friends with Mosh in high school, so crazy how famous she has gotten!
Jemma W
Jemma W Anos atrás
Yay Jade!! I’ve been shopping with her for about two years now-She has the BEST pieces, and if you have an appointment at her place you will have the best time. It’s like Narnia. And she really does know her client tastes and sizes-it’s mental. Go buy from Scarlett Rage people!!
JoAnna The Singer
JoAnna The Singer Anos atrás
Hello!!!! I'm "new" to the vintage scene and hungrily taking it all in! I've watched a few of Karolina's videos, and found Jade's Scarlett Rage channel tonight...sheer fabulousness...and now both of you together! It's a lot to process...LOL!!! Jade...for those of us in the US unable to come to your shop in the is the best way to establish a rapport and relationship, and might you ship to the US?
Jemma W
Jemma W Anos atrás
Scarlet Rage Vintage it’s true, innit!!
Scarlet Rage Vintage
Oh!! Thank you!! You magical woman you!!
Lizzzard Breath
Lizzzard Breath Anos atrás
Sorry I'm late
Agatha Poison
Agatha Poison Anos atrás
K9KellyJ PK
K9KellyJ PK Anos atrás
If you haven't already, you should check out #jessicaoutofthecloset. She dresses retro, 1940's.
Mag k
Mag k Anos atrás
Interesting, lovely interview just, for future out for the word "literally" cause you used it more than a 100 times...
Scarlet Rage Vintage
Duly noted :)
emily dobbs
emily dobbs Anos atrás
You're look in this video reminds me of Peggy Carter so much
Sarah Ogborn
Sarah Ogborn Anos atrás
Karolina, I really enjoyed this video! Super interesting and fun!
Regan C
Regan C Anos atrás
i was reading this short story from 1892 called “the yellow wallpaper” and realized you actually look a lot like the author, charlotte perkins gilman!! weirded me out kinda haha
Coco K.
Coco K. Anos atrás
Wow what a strong and commanding personality she is
Hannah Hunt
Hannah Hunt Anos atrás
love this video! so excited I finally got time to watch it!
Mercedes Owen
Mercedes Owen Anos atrás
Great video, I love her, so informative, when I finally sell my Mustang, I am going to treat myself to an appointment to find and invest in a dream piece.
Jemma W
Jemma W Anos atrás
Mercedes Owen do it! It’s such fun at her place, and she always has amazing pieces. And Jade is hilarious, you won’t regret it
David Hutchison
David Hutchison Anos atrás
The best thing about vintage is that it will not go out of fashion next season 😊 . You can spend a lot on an outfit, and gets years of wear out of it.
Fat Lady Farmer
Fat Lady Farmer Anos atrás
Vintage clothing dealer! How wonderful
monchey97 Anos atrás
meme auntie
Jade Tan
Jade Tan Anos atrás
my name is jade too!
Ina Dzierżyńska
Ina Dzierżyńska Anos atrás
I heard "Vintage Clothing Diva" and thought about different kind of illegal job 😂
Aubrey Meade
Aubrey Meade Anos atrás
How tall are you, Karolina?
Hannah Himes
Hannah Himes Anos atrás
@youtube why aren’t I getting notifications for this content!!!
Em Anos atrás
Victoria Elizabeth
Victoria Elizabeth Anos atrás
I love this!!! This is inspiring me to try more vintage stuff!!!!
Melissa Roscher
Melissa Roscher Anos atrás
Hmmm, watching a lot of vintage vloggers have dachshunds. Angela clayton and more
I. D.
I. D. Anos atrás
Hi! I wanted to ask something I really don't know. Are Oxford shoes (flats) vintage?
Brooke Tumblison
Brooke Tumblison Anos atrás
Personally, I lovedddd your historical get ready with me and your informational videos about historical fashion. This video didn’t appeal to me because it’s the kind of content I’m not interested in. I still love u and your videos though!!
Sammy Anos atrás
I really liked this video! I appreciate it being different from other content on the channel and also liked that it was longer. Especially the emmersive cleaning process was something I did not know much about. Good tip with the dry cleaners!
stella Anos atrás
thelonelyrider22 Anos atrás
Here to support our meme mom :3
Alice Zaini
Alice Zaini Anos atrás
I don't know why (and I don't know when) I started to follow you AND LOVE YOU. But you are just so entertaining and nice thet I watch all your videos! Your aesthatics are great, your dialogs are on point and funny... Just a suggestion, with two people and two different voices the audio has to be edited a little, jade's voice pierces my ears!! Congrats on your first collab from Italy!!
Norma Anos atrás
If only the person who runs up to me in a store said "bitch, did you see this" I would love shopping
J J Anos atrás
Hey Karolina I know it's totally random request but what about judge for us Safiya Nygaard 'I dressed like it was 1967' and 'I got 1950s makeover' 😀 of course for the sake of justice to fashion history accuracy ;)
M I Luxor
M I Luxor Anos atrás
Omg yasssssssss that would garner so many more views and new subs from Safiyas side too! We love our Vintage Thug Mum examine & review how other ppl get old fashion completely wrong! School them, Meme Mum!
Slawanica Anos atrás
Cześć Karolina, uwielbiam twoje wideo i Twój kanał, zwłaszcza gdy mówisz o modzie w Polsce przez różne epoki. zastanawiałem się, skoro uwielbiam tego rodzaju treści dzięki badaniom, czy mógłbyś nakręcić wideo o modzie w Polsce w latach 60.? Wiem, że zrobiłeś to w latach 70. i 50. XX wieku. dlatego chciałbym zobaczyć jeden w latach 60-tych! rób to, co robisz, dziewczyno! jesteś niesamowicie utalentowany i ciężko pracuje! Przepraszam mój polski! ❤️ i wdzięczny za odpowiedź!
Tabby Cat Creates
Tabby Cat Creates Anos atrás
You look like Peggy Carter Karolina
Hari Narayan Khalsa
This is a lovely video, I hope you do more collabs in the future. But I'm not sure if you should listen to me; as a straight guy who dresses like a slob I am not your core audience. I also loved the dialog with Moden Karolina in the 20's video.
Dani Day
Dani Day Anos atrás
I love this
Sacha Wells
Sacha Wells Anos atrás
I was just thinking, Jade looks very similar to Barbara Stanwyck.
Eccremocarpus scaber
Yes, it hit me straight away. Brilliant comment and compliment!
Scarlet Rage Vintage
Well that's a bit of an epic compliment..Thank you :)
littleblackpistol Anos atrás
I relate to the late 90s/2000s flat arse, tiny hips, boyish figure trend flipping to big arse/hips curvy feminine figure trend discussion. I had a horrible time in my twenties during the former era as even though I wasn't even overweight, the general trend was toward clothes that simply were not deisgned to fit my proportions - my long-waistedness and high waist-hip ratio - whatsoever. FInding a single pair of trousers that werem't low-waisted hip huggers and would even cover my arse standing up (let alone sitting down) was an utter nightmare. I also recall even when incredibly slim (a Uk 8), being criticised for my 'thick thighs' which I always have - proportionately - at whatever weight due to being pear-shaped. Now I see my body type, big thighs and all, fucking idolized while I'm in my forties. Fucking yay. What it has left me with, like Jade, is realizing how ephemeral and meaningless body trends are. Figures that are associated with youth and fitness/fertility are always in, but what shape that comes in varies. What makes me laugh is all the men now obsessing about large, round bums and thick thighs when 15-20 years ago they were all obsessing over tiny, flat, if pert ,bums, and skinny thighs and legs, like Kylie Minogue. It really shows how much desire can be shaped by exposure to constant trends and an association with young, pretty faces and a sexualized presentation. Don't try to change your shape just for some ephemeral trend, by the time you've fucked your body to bits changing it, the trend will flip to something else. I predict the next trend will be back to skinny-skinny again after a decade or more of curvy Kardashian bodies being idolized. Maybe the skinny body, boob implant thing will come round again. But what's for sure, the Kardashian body is sure to go out of fashion at some point and what will come in will be something a lot of women don't have and will feel insecure about as a result.
Jacob Hock
Jacob Hock Anos atrás
I love this vid, love you both, hate how much she says "literally".
Scarlet Rage Vintage
Mee too..Soz!
Nina M.
Nina M. Anos atrás
Low key look like Katharine Hepburn in the thumbnail
Wiktoria F
Wiktoria F Anos atrás
You look gorgeous :)
greenknitter Anos atrás
The cardigan...HOW MUCH? XD ok seriously though love her cardigan
C S Anos atrás
That shade of blue is soooo beautiful on you!!
Lilly Lune
Lilly Lune Anos atrás
This didn’t pop up in my subs or anything??
mose Anos atrás
it’s cool to find out where you’re getting all these extravagant outfits
Jade Báez
Jade Báez Anos atrás
0:21 hello me
Josie Dodd
Josie Dodd Anos atrás
Okay I came over to watch this video after your post of how it wasnt doing so well, and honestly this is one of my favorite videos you've made!! The chemistry between you two is awesome and I love hearing from the dealer's perspective and what goes into finding vintage pieces. It is quite different from what you usually do so I think that may be why people are avoiding it but i really truly hope more people come to check it out!
Sky Tip
Sky Tip Anos atrás
I passed over this the first time I saw it but gave it a second chance after seeing the poll. Maybe it was the title that didn’t draw me in? The stories about finding clothes in a car and how cleaning can be such an ordeal were really cool and interesting. Wish there was a bit more b-roll or pictures of the styles she mentioned.
Anka J.
Anka J. Anos atrás
Ten film jest przecież tak dobry, gdzie się podziała reszta wyświetleń?! ❤
SasquatchKiddo Anos atrás
Yay collab! I could listen to this topic all day honestly
cass Anos atrás
This is one of my favourite videos of yours! I don't know why i never got your post notification though :(
Angeline Turner
Angeline Turner Anos atrás
Did you put on the notification bell?
Lara Anos atrás
what a cool collab! i really liked this discussion :)
Harriett Banish
Harriett Banish Anos atrás
Karolina, kliknełam, jesteś zadowolona? XDD
Socks Anos atrás
Sorry, here now. Didn't receive a notification.
Tracy Anos atrás
I was wondering if you could do a historical accurate video on the Little Women movies. The 1933, 1949, 1994(my favorite) and I think there was one more resent. I just heard there is supposed to be another one this coming year as well. My opinion is they really didn’t need to remake anything after 1994. I think there were even more releases on this story as well that I didn’t mention. Thank you.
Grace Prda
Grace Prda Anos atrás
Your hair and makeup in this one MARRY ME KAROLINA
Books&MeAnyway Anos atrás
Very, very interesting! 😍
nvaranavage Anos atrás
Oh my is so much fun, she is every vintage girl's sister! Love her. Love karolina for having her on her it, and love the chemistry of you two.
Holly Hughes
Holly Hughes Anos atrás
Both your hair and your outfit in this video are top notch👍🏻
bibo_libo Anos atrás
why is this in my recommended
Atomkaerna Anos atrás
Haha I always love your abrupt way to end the videos 😂
stavr 1
stavr 1 Anos atrás
Fun video!
Natalie Price
Natalie Price Anos atrás
This was so interesting! Such positive vintage spirits- I love
April C
April C Anos atrás
Great content girl!
Alma Deckard
Alma Deckard Anos atrás
Caring for old to Museum clothing: synthrapol, retayne, Joy original non-ultra dishwashing soap (Amazon), white vinegar for setting fast colors, urine or urea for wool, Calgon water softener, Woolite light or dark, Neutrogena orginal formula face soap, Shout Dye absorbing sheets, Dry Cleaning Pad (No.1248) by Alvin (Amazon) and Cetaphil face soap these are the best options for cleaning older clothing fabric antiques.
Eccremocarpus scaber
Unless you’re into that 😆
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker Anos atrás
Please don't piss on your woolens children
istannen Anos atrás
omg Jade is so energetic and fun to watch, what an amazing interview this is 😂💜
Lily Mac
Lily Mac Anos atrás
Also jade if you just happen to read this / I doubt it but just in case ... can you please PLEASE PLEASE do a video talking about confidence in today’s society (having confidence in your looks and body/self esteem and plastic surgery and comparing yourself, etc.) and instagram as well as competition on social media in regards to the vintage community. She’s so uplifting.
Scarlet Rage Vintage
Consider this DONE!!! !
zachary romeo
zachary romeo Anos atrás
This was AWESOME !!
Katie Ellis
Katie Ellis Anos atrás
I’m not a vintage shopper but I did find your comments on shapewear interesting. Could you do a video on that? I’m very petite (4’11) and have had no luck with undergarments fitting properly.
Skylar Anos atrás
Katie Ellis eyyyyyy 4’11 squad
Lily Mac
Lily Mac Anos atrás
I’ve been a fan of jades channel for awhile now. I have always loved her. She has the best personality and is so knowledgeable about vintage. But I have to say I love her even more after watching this video. It’s so much better to hear her get interviewed rather than her interviewing. I love hearing her talking and I think she is so funny.
Scarlet Rage Vintage
Aw shucks!! Thanks you're magical :)
J Valencia
J Valencia Anos atrás
This was a fun collab to watch!
passiert1027 Anos atrás
Lovin the collab! YAAAAAASSS Queen!!
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume Anos atrás
PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON FOUNDATION UNDERWEAR! I need it lol id love a comprehensive guide on what foundations to wear with what clothing.
Heather Anderson
Heather Anderson Anos atrás
Yaaas please😍
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