Reviewing My 18-Year-Old Self 💀 

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this is more wholesome than you think
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Karolina Zebrowska
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3 Mar 2021



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Karolina Żebrowska
don't forget to turn the subtitles on for a rough translation of some Polish dialogue in here!
S. C.
S. C. Mês atrás
You look like Gina Mckee in The Forsyte Saga. Beautiful.
Grano Is Grano
Grano Is Grano Mês atrás
"because it's stroked by a high number of buttocks"
Zora Dunne
Zora Dunne Mês atrás
OMG you've been to Hungary? That's so cool! (I'm from Hungary ❤)
NostalgiaSisters Mês atrás
@B. C. Schmerker patronising much?
This Is Fifty With Lil
This is so good!
Ezekiel De La Croix
Everyone says you're stunning and gorgeous but I will be different and say haha dweeb!
kjunginger 2 dias atrás
Anyone else think her younger self looks like Millie Bobby Brown? ^^; I had to do a double take for the thumbnail thinking she was doing another video about a movie Millie was in (like Enola Holmes). XD
Jesse Martínez
Jesse Martínez 3 dias atrás
✞ God bless you Karolina❣ ❤ 👋 ︹_︹
Johanna S
Johanna S 3 dias atrás
I will turn 18 in exactly 29 days and because of covid in the last year I often thought of what I'm missing out now. But somehow your video and especially what you said while your nostalgic 2012 video played made me realize, that there is still soo much to come and I don't need to stress myself about "not being a teenager successfully" or something. I don't know how to explain myself and I know that I will cringe about this comment eventually (as I'm kind of right now) but anyways... Best wishes from Munich😊
bitnerka91 3 dias atrás
I was born in 1991 and never thought that you can be younger than me, which is a huge compliment, because how could someone younger ever say something interesting and intelligent ;) and you did it!
katieswonders 3 dias atrás
You are being so hard on yourself! There are times you do things for the first time, and it is expected that the result isn't perfect. Why do you expect yourself to be perfect while trying out new stuff? Yeah, that hairdo doesn't work for the current you, but it worked for that person from the past, you enjoyed it back then, right? Great, appreciate that :) I mean some of these pictures are really good and some are just you having fun. You're like "this dress doesn't fit me" and I'm like... I wouldn't have noticed that if you hadn't pointed that out. People generally don't notice these kinds of things. Be gentle to to that kid in you, she seems nice and cool and fun!
Scott Richardson
Scott Richardson 4 dias atrás
What do Polish girls do while they are growing up? No telling!; as this video shows.
Mariana Oliveira
Mariana Oliveira 4 dias atrás
I had a modeling phase too! I now have many embarassing memories of that too.
emelia mcGee
emelia mcGee 4 dias atrás
Karolina: “Stop winking! That’s disgusting!” while cringing at the faces she made Also Karolina: *continues using profile picture*
Micky Hoffman
Micky Hoffman 6 dias atrás
@7:47 and on to your modelling pictures and @10:32...Jesus fucking Christ you are goddamn stunning, how god, in my wildest dreams, I would look like you.
Alejandra Serena
Alejandra Serena 6 dias atrás
Am amazed you didn't have a goth phase. Everyone had a goth phase.
curlycrown 7 dias atrás
I wish I had taken pics like that at that age 😊 looking back I really regret not having that.
Vexxa 9 dias atrás
wee were the same age in 2012, so that last video felt like someone threw a rock at my head. the 2012 fashion especially Took Me Back
Christopher 9 dias atrás
Can we please have the full sized clip of you reacting at 1:23? I know Gay twitter would meme the living hell out of it. For maximum meme effect they would have it abruptly end just before "I thought it was a picture".
Wait What
Wait What 10 dias atrás
I don't think anyone should cringe at their old photos and I am glad that Karolina is happy with some of her old stuff, because everything in this video is gorgeous! I get the point, 18 year olds are naive and try too hard sometimes, but it's still a part of who you are, a part of the journey to your current self. Like this Karolina from the past was already into fashion and period clothes, and tried to make videos and movies. I even want to dig into my old photos too since I kinda lost in life right now... maybe my old self knows better about what I should do with my life lol
user does not exist
user does not exist 10 dias atrás
can someone tell me what painting she is referencing at 14:05
Kertu Errapart
Kertu Errapart 10 dias atrás
you look the same.
Thingaloo 10 dias atrás
This video depresses me so much. I wish the world was exclusively populated by people as cute as you. I wish I was as cute as you. I'll never look sweet like you do, I'll never instinctively inspire love and trust to observers like you do. I didn't have your happy adolescence, I won't have your happy adulthood.
Phenix 19
Phenix 19 10 dias atrás
Your 18-Year-Old Self was cute as hell shut up
Romy 11 dias atrás
@11:01 you look so insanely beautiful here. Like...ethereal. How can you not see how gorgeous you are omg ❤️
Monik A
Monik A 11 dias atrás
Karolina, ta sukienka z ice bucket challenge jest piękna. Pokażesz ją jeszcze? Podobało mi się podsumowanie :) dzięki! jeszcze jak możesz to pls powiedz o co chodzi z tą czaszką w tytule, bo niezbyt rozumiem pozdro600
Kayla Farmer
Kayla Farmer 12 dias atrás
the only reason i was struggling to watch this is because you put yourself down so much. Girl! stop! your so pretty , and even if you dont feel as confident as you were, you deserve to be. We all had cringy phases, and you are beautiful!!!
Justyna Baruszka
Justyna Baruszka 12 dias atrás
Rzadko piszę komentarze na BRdesk. Po oglądnięciu tego filmiku jest mi... Smutno. Bardzo krytycznie podeszłaś do swoich zdjęć, do samej siebie sprzed lat. Ten film sprawia, że mam ochotę wrócić do Twojej 18 letniej Ciebie i Cię po prostu przytulić. Po prostu ten film jest nagrywany w jakimś dziwnym tonie... Jakbyś przepraszała siebie za to jaka byłaś. Autentycznie poczułam smutek
Esaroe 12 dias atrás
I don't even know what you're talking about, Karolina! You're absolutely stunning. Just look at 11:02
Cr Hu
Cr Hu 12 dias atrás
Your face mugging was great then and it's great now. Mine that comedy gold. Love the "shoving friend out of the shot" lol. You have that rare face that playfulness just shines through. Dont cringe at it, cringe is literally all of youthfulness.
Cr Hu
Cr Hu 12 dias atrás
Yup both Elizabeth Zharoff and Floor Jansen just "me reviewed" their own master performances.
oyin, previously karenate
your self confidence was so good then. don't be too hard on yourself☹️
oyin, previously karenate
2:12 she's so beautiful what the ffffff
Marchela Pocopio
Marchela Pocopio 14 dias atrás
I forgive you for saying GIFS that way.
Queen Dibz
Queen Dibz 15 dias atrás
Younger Karolina looks kinda like the princess in the princess diaries movies, I think it's the hairstyling that helps but now I can't unsee it.
shhh. 16 dias atrás
I'm dying to know what the ad was about lol
TheTrashcanCat 16 dias atrás
Im sorry, but no. I spent YEARS trying to build up sort of unapologetic confidence even though I'm not that hot at all. You don't buy the right to act confident for hot points. The way you made fun of your younger self for "thinking you were hotter than you really were" almost hurt me on a personal level, because this is something I've heard some really vile women say about other women whose only fault was not to act insecure and self-conscious all the time. I think this narration hurts not only you, but also can hurt other people. It's okay to give your past self critiques and acknowledge your growth and the ways you've improved your skills and so on, but you just shxt on your confidence and belittle yourself for doing something you not only enjoyed but also were praised for by others. I think we as women need more positive influence pushing us towards acting more confident and put less focus on catering to the gaze of other people. I really like your content, but this just made me sad and kind of hurt and brught back some feelings of shame I long forgot I had in me.
Luna-tic Stars
Luna-tic Stars 17 dias atrás
Deb !!!
Deb !!! 17 dias atrás
Her younger self pictures are literary stunning
Hayley P.
Hayley P. 18 dias atrás
I just can’t believe how pretty you are! Every picture I was just blown away
Lazy Gold fissshhh
Lazy Gold fissshhh 18 dias atrás
Wait. you have a twin?
Viviane L. Jobin
Viviane L. Jobin 18 dias atrás
don't be so harsh on yourself! please talk of your young self as you are talking of your baby cat
NaomiDollxoxo 18 dias atrás
Carolina: "my hairs not good..." Several times Me: sees actual hair perfection and has trouble keeping simple curls in my hair....
SadWasDead 19 dias atrás
ok but the modelling pics are super good tho, these aren't as bad as you think
Random Ass Pirate
Random Ass Pirate 19 dias atrás
I don't know about you guys, but I'm 100% down for cat review
Bluejay 20 dias atrás
I enjoyed that, thanks!
Jagoda Drygulska
Jagoda Drygulska 22 dias atrás
She looked like Lana del ray from video games era
Emma Dealey
Emma Dealey 22 dias atrás
Love your videos! Can you post another hair tutorial?
Ra Li
Ra Li 22 dias atrás
You were and are beautiful.
sonika kullu
sonika kullu 23 dias atrás
You are gorgeous! 😍💖💖
Life is a mess ._.
Life is a mess ._. 23 dias atrás
"Crusty, awful quality video" ... low key this be an aesthetic though. I'm vibing for it
Sara D
Sara D 23 dias atrás
why am I watching this at 3am
rachel davenport
rachel davenport 23 dias atrás
beautiful and silly
Evelina Åkesson
Evelina Åkesson 23 dias atrás
That video is legit making me feel nostalgic for your life like, how the hell did you pull that off??
jshowa o
jshowa o 23 dias atrás
I look better in my old pictures than I do now.
Ludmila Ramírez
Ludmila Ramírez 24 dias atrás
I don't think any of that was cringey or whatever, was cute, normal and nostalgic. Loved it
Chris Reitmann
Chris Reitmann 24 dias atrás
You made a beautiful model. I completely understand not feeling comfortable with that kind of confidence, but you were and are objectively beautiful.
Ses Wilson
Ses Wilson 24 dias atrás
You looked better than i did at 18 😒
ailem 2707
ailem 2707 24 dias atrás
I was expecting some fun roasting and I end up tearing up because friendship is magic
Sharon Berg
Sharon Berg 24 dias atrás
Aww, you are so critical of your younger self. It is just a moment in time and are allowed to be goofy and do goofy things at that age. Are you worried, that if you don't criticize yourself, others will do it more cruelly? Only someone with zero life experience would see it as "cringy" or "what was she thinking?" You are allowed to love everything about your younger years, mistakes and failures, included.
James Sellman
James Sellman 24 dias atrás
Ugh, this video is making me feel nostalgic for times when I could go out and had people to do stuff with. I have to go away.
Aayushi Vasnik
Aayushi Vasnik 24 dias atrás
What the fuckk. These photos are fucking amazing!
Nea Zenzen
Nea Zenzen 25 dias atrás
I think a lot of people become too cynical when they get older. I love the way 18 year olds imagine adulthood, so hopeful xD
Maria Alcione
Maria Alcione 25 dias atrás
what is this beautiful hairstyle called ??
Malek Mestiri
Malek Mestiri 25 dias atrás
You looked lovely, it goes without saying. However, you used to look like Sergio Ramos (before plastic surgery) when you where 18.
Damian Pasternak
Damian Pasternak 25 dias atrás
To fanjnie Modoine rok. 1940s
Sara Lee
Sara Lee 26 dias atrás
I think you’re so gorgeous! Your photos look great and you looked like you had a great time. Your skills and humour are very impressive. You’re one of my favourite BRdeskrs. Lol. That hot dog totally looked threatening.
Jasper 26 dias atrás
omg you look exactly like caroline konstnar
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 26 dias atrás
That ending got so real. Oof. Lol
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 26 dias atrás
That "Oh my God. EEEW!" reaction is so real 😂 Ahahaha
samantha s
samantha s 27 dias atrás
I lived in Poland in 2011 and my friends there were obsessed with doing the hair flipping photos! What was that phase?? 😝😅 So silly.
Anna Szuchy
Anna Szuchy 27 dias atrás
You look perfect on literally EVERY pic. Stop being hard on yourself :D If there would not be the misfortunate circumstances of people not dating random faceless names from the internet for... obvious safety reasons :D and I'm pretty sure you are straight like a pair of metal rods freshly engineered, then I would have asked you out anytime without hesitation.
Oska 27 dias atrás
that last video was actually gorgeous though
A Kayfabe
A Kayfabe 27 dias atrás
I do not keep any old pictures of myself that are over like 6 years ago. I don’t want to see myself younger and compare how I may have changed or wrinkled or gotten different. I am just me now
Poisonous Cheesecake
Poisonous Cheesecake 27 dias atrás
the sheer disgust on her face as she reviews herself is realistic accurate
ZZZIRACCC 28 dias atrás
Rafael Teixeira
Rafael Teixeira 29 dias atrás
11:18 a nazaré tedesco brotou na telaa Meu deusss, esse meme foi tão longe Uma youtuber polonesa falando inglês com um meme da nazaré O mundo globalizado...
Finn Jeffrey
Finn Jeffrey 29 dias atrás
Great video
Kalen Reichert
Kalen Reichert 29 dias atrás
Ah, to be young again. ❤️
Dave 29 dias atrás
"would not recommend" Well now, that's up to me to decide isn't it?
Theturtleowl 29 dias atrás
Such a brave woman. I never look at pictures of myself from 10 years ago.
Miriam Mês atrás
I loved this so much🥺
Shantanu David
Shantanu David Mês atrás
Karolina DGAF. And still also owns it all.
ojodeoro Mês atrás
Omg recording or taking a pic of ugly food was the funniest thing to us in 2012
Janis I
Janis I Mês atrás
I feel like you're not truly an adult until you get excited about something like a new vacuum cleaner. Stop being so harsh on yourself! This was a lovely retrospective of circa. 2012.
maishi Mês atrás
so pretty and CONFIDENT in her older pictures! I hope you gain that confidence back. None of this was embarrassing or cringe. Be kinder to your younger self when you get older.
Existence Stuff
Existence Stuff Mês atrás
12:32 A Pole leaning on a pole......
Katherine Kosh
Katherine Kosh Mês atrás
Lana del rey is that you ? She looked alot like her, i swear if she does her hair like lana does she will look exactly like her
Wranting Writer
Wranting Writer Mês atrás
I've never related more
kyoki156 Mês atrás
I saw that same pervy hot dog statue in Okinawa, Japan...he gets around.
Dervish ALamoe
Dervish ALamoe Mês atrás
Recorded in a attic in Amsterdam
Julie M.
Julie M. Mês atrás
Some of these are absolutely great! Please be kind to your younger self :)
Tallon Qsack
Tallon Qsack Mês atrás
I'm assuming she is younger than me? Idk but for me my old cringey high school stuff was earlier. I graduated (age 17 or 18) in 2010
theyoungforest Mês atrás
This turned out surprisingly heartfelt
Carola Homs
Carola Homs Mês atrás
Don’t be to hard on your 18 year old you... you probebly took the pictures because it was the best you could do at that time with the knowledge you had. And the film at the end! OMG looks like an intro to a movie for me
_._khandy_._ Mês atrás
7:47 in my opinion that's actually a really pretty photo😳-
1-800-sparklii Mês atrás
Can't wait to look back at my old pictures and ✨cringe✨
Anna Meyer
Anna Meyer Mês atrás
I love her whole vintage vibes, but honestly, seeing her in more "modern" styles is kind of amazing and I love it. She gorgeous all the time, but I love these modeling pics. You're amazing Karolina, and I hope you enjoyed looking back on this. Also, the modern hair was actually incredibly flattering. But. Again, still beautiful now too
Kirsten Erika Paulson
Your discussion at the end of how you think you're so grown-up at 18 is SO REAL. I'm 26 and every time I see that one of my peers from high school or college is getting married or having a kid, I think, "Aren't you a little young for that???" before remembering that getting married and having kids at 26 is...actually normal. Wild.
ruthan 15 dias atrás
In my head everyone I went to school with is still 19, even if they're actually like 35 now :P
Isomer Mashups
Isomer Mashups Mês atrás
I didn't really do anything in university, but hey. I graduated with the highest marks in my class.
Jack Whis
Jack Whis Mês atrás
Sounds like a hairy topic
Not Yawa
Not Yawa Mês atrás
when you roast your past it means you grew up matured.
S. Mês atrás
as a 18 year old this was really nice to hear! i feel like i missed out on a lot of things bc of covid but it's kind of nice to hear that i can be a kid again once this is over
Jimena Treviño Paz
That was more notstalgic that i expect it. I have the same age so hit hard. U look so funny and happy in the pictures
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