Reviewing Brittany Broski's Vintage Makeovers and Her Signature 60s Look 

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in today's episode of "the thumbnail makes it look like I'm disgusted but I'm actually quite impressed" we analyze Brittany Broski's retro looks.
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13 Nov 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 2 meses atrás
the thumbnail: 🤮☠️🔪💣 the video: 🥰🌸🍬 P.S. don’t forget about the meme challenge! put my name in the title and I should be able to find it. you can also use the tag. for insta - tag me on the picture. if you have any other questions ask here 💃
Maddy Doss
Maddy Doss Mês atrás
I’d love to hear you talk about bangs throughout the ages (especially 40s/50s)!! I recently got them and now I feel like I don’t know how to do vintage styles anymore
aVinylDaniel Mês atrás
Hi Karolina, here's a YTP of some of your content:
Ti 2 meses atrás
1st rule of memes: you don't create a meme. It simply borns from the fabric of the internet. Karolina asking to become a meme is a crime punishable with prison
Lituvè 2 meses atrás
@Ruth Beaty my mom was a teen in 1960 she has no eyebrows from overplucking.
i’m a chair
i’m a chair 2 meses atrás
@Quxrtz • okay 😳
Caroline Murray
Caroline Murray 9 horas atrás
I love seeing my favorite vintage youtuber review Brittany’s vintage look. Thank you Karolina!
Dr_Axie 2 dias atrás
Video: 1:40 Me: And no one expected polish fashion inquisition!!!
Kavi Weaver
Kavi Weaver 2 dias atrás
@Brittany_Broski DOES deserve a full vintage makeover... COLLAB???!?!
Mrs.Beckmann 3 dias atrás
I want to see you do a 1965 makeup.
Mrs.Beckmann 3 dias atrás
Never heard of her... but dang, I like her!
mackinzi elizabeth
mackinzi elizabeth 6 dias atrás
once again our meme mom trying to hide her true identity of a historical vampire 2:35
Allison Hritz
Allison Hritz 9 dias atrás
Hi I love you, k bye 💞
jtxx94 9 dias atrás
she looks almost exactly like Tracy from Hairspray!!
Casey W.
Casey W. 10 dias atrás
Imagine having eyelids!
Kate FX
Kate FX 10 dias atrás
I was alive back then and most girls didn't wear full makeup, mostly eye makeup and lip gloss.
Kate FX
Kate FX 10 dias atrás
I found you while watching Rachel Maksy. I love the technical knowledge you bring to your videos.
Isabella Brown
Isabella Brown 14 dias atrás
this whole time I thought she was saying meemaw which is another name for a grandmother and it lowkey works yo. team meemaw
ur mom
ur mom 16 dias atrás
Britany's 50s look reminds me of Ewelina Lisowska when she blew up lmao
Caitlyn M
Caitlyn M 20 dias atrás
Idk whether to be excited or nervous about asking for an Anne With an E fashion review
Audrey LaRae
Audrey LaRae 21 dia atrás
Marlo Thomas rocked a pretty stiff bubble flip for a quite a few seasons of the show “That Girl” which first aired in ‘66 so I think that makeup could’ve been worn together with it
Mallory 21 dia atrás
“I wasn’t alive in the 60’s.” Yeah, okay sure. Neither was Bernadette Banner
Bre bre
Bre bre 27 dias atrás
Don't come for my bucket hat, mom! Its flufffy and cute 😤
helloDonnaBella 27 dias atrás
You said "I honestly can't really stand her-" and I damn near clicked off the video.
OJ 29 dias atrás
Yes our local fashion police!!!
Pellow Princess
Pellow Princess Mês atrás
Funny thing for me is in the second video where she does that hairstyle, my hair naturally turns up like that lol.
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann Mês atrás
"Now that Jeffrey Starr is dead and gone, as is Shane Dawson, the pinnacle of the beauty community-" *I don't know her but I like her*
Monica Witt
Monica Witt Mês atrás
One thing about the later Sixties to consider is that they were super influenced by the Pre-Raphelite art movement, Art Nouveau, and the 1920s to 1930s when it came to female beauty aesthetics, along with the fallout of the massive eye makeup fad created by the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra movie that came out at the beginning of the decade. So there's a lot of variety to parse in all of that. You could do a 1930s brow style with a smoky Pre-Raphelite eye; you could do a heavily lined Cleopatra-influenced eye and a solid Elizabeth Taylor brow combined with a 1930s shimmery eyelid and not be out of sync with the style of that era at all. And then you have the influence of Op Art and psychedelia to consider in top of all of that! I love love Sixties eyes for all of that! There's just so many ways to mix it up, but you do have to have a good handle on the contemporary cultural influences that were guiding that aesthetic if you're going to work within it to do your own thing.
aaliyah uwu
aaliyah uwu Mês atrás
Guys she was actually born in the 1890s
Sandra Duden
Sandra Duden Mês atrás
I used to draw the under lashes with Yardley paint box colors. This really dates me I know but I loved it!
Misa Mês atrás
I feel that 'honey i don't have any space for that' so hard. like just don't have much real estate on my eyelids
y'all've Mês atrás
Honestly I'd love more videos about late 20th century fashion especially the 60s and 70s there honestly so hard to come by
William Chuk
William Chuk Mês atrás
I can totally relate to your anxiety about watching people do eyeliner
Fireflame lawless
Fireflame lawless Mês atrás
My grandma was born in 52 and she didn't wear any makeup because of how poor she was and her dad (my great grandpa) didn't want her to wear makeup or any fancy dresses.
Violett Bellerose
Violett Bellerose Mês atrás
Isn't she the girl that is like "aave is property of gen Z" and uses it to sound more entertaining than she is? Because then I'm not interested. If someone is reading this and it's like "oh, now you want to gAteKeEp language!?" this is not the comment for you. While I understand it's not my place to say who can or can't use aave (because I'm indeed not black), black people have called her out in the past and it annoys me to no end when white youtubers make a video about someone and don't call them out on their bs, especially in a channel that leans into eurocentrism.
Carl Eric von Kleist, III
Jeebus. How can you stand to paint all that gunk on your faces, and spend so much time doing it?
Kayla Denette
Kayla Denette Mês atrás
Why are your videos so soothing?! Consider doing VintageASMR
Yoonbum's ankles
Yoonbum's ankles Mês atrás
I don't want to be beautiful
eqyqtian !
eqyqtian ! Mês atrás
fuckin ICON
Sydney Parker
Sydney Parker Mês atrás
Hooded eyelids club
dreama Mês atrás
I have huge eyelids and I've always hated them... so color me surprised that that's something celebrated by 60s makeup. I know what I'll be trying to do~ Now, if only I could do eyeliner
Ryan Watt
Ryan Watt Mês atrás
Hey I wanna make my Inquisitor off of you but I want you to pick what ungodly hair I should use. Here’s a hint, it’s all crap~
Malory Faustine
Malory Faustine Mês atrás
Imagine being a 14th century immortal, now also a historical fashion police youtuber, and then wanting people to make more memes about her through an internet challenge. What a queen
Emeline Mês atrás
She's informational , inspirational , motivational. : it's karolina
natalia guzman
natalia guzman Mês atrás
Karolina: I don't know, I wasn't alive back then Me: ... but you're a time traveller
Selkie Paget
Selkie Paget Mês atrás
She could have opted to wear Tangee lipstick for the sixtie's look. Very natural that turns to a light tint to match the user's complexion.
Stefania Pilotto
Stefania Pilotto Mês atrás
I prefer makeup 1820, or like you, Carolina, natural...thanks for your video
Spooky Aliens
Spooky Aliens Mês atrás
Could you please be a guest judge for a show, maybe rupauls drag race or something when theres a historical challenge
Carther F
Carther F Mês atrás
"It nice to to know you remember people without eyelids"
Andrej Nawoj
Andrej Nawoj Mês atrás
Yeah, Lucille Ball, yeah, I mean, Lucy knew how to do her hair but...yeah the makeup.
pumpkinwolf Mês atrás
My nan wore powder foundation in the 60s.
Vanessa Deschenes
Vanessa Deschenes Mês atrás
I have hooded eyes and the last time I tried 60s makeup like this I shaved off my brows for more room 🧍🏻
Tracy Mês atrás
Sophia Loren eyes are amazing. She cut the hell out of that crease. 😍
Dumme Nuss
Dumme Nuss Mês atrás
Please, do queen's gambit fashiooon
Kate Fradgley
Kate Fradgley Mês atrás
You should review outfits from the queens gambit
jason Shores
jason Shores Mês atrás
My grandmother is 67 and she said it depended on where you lived, to see women/teen girls wearing foundation and powder. In California yes, in Utah no. New York, yes in Idaho, no. It also depended on the families wealth or lack of, but even then it still depended on where you were.
springchick19 Mês atrás
My Mom did the 1960s/Twiggy makeup and she never wore foundation. She was super pale and just focused on the eye makeup.
springchick19 Mês atrás
In the actual 60s, obviously
Han-Han Bui
Han-Han Bui Mês atrás
Brittany: “Poreless and who-“ Karolina: “-So the foundation and the powder...”
corelov Mês atrás
Megan Dunbar
Megan Dunbar Mês atrás
Love your videos, Karolina 🥰 Does anyone know what brand of lipstick she uses?💄 I grew up in a half-Polish family, this cold weather makes me wanna cook golabki.
The Kazoo Queen
The Kazoo Queen Mês atrás
hooded "i have no visible eyelid" gang where u at
Kaushik Srinivasan
Kaushik Srinivasan Mês atrás
She looks like a cross over between Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher 🤔🤔🤔
Kasia Karpinska
Kasia Karpinska Mês atrás
David Jackson
David Jackson Mês atrás
Natascha Soufi
Natascha Soufi Mês atrás
for the vintage-rolls in 5 minutes you need to have my hair- which is naturaly wired . Wire hair. crap for a natural look without tonns of conditioner- but great for rolls!
Disney possum princess
My grandma and mom were pretty old school and taught me "proper life skills" from back in the day woman/girls didn't were foundation and that daily tinted powders to stay matte light correcting sure but makeup was still pretty stigmatized full beat faces weren't an everyday person thing more celebrities and such.
Why you can't speak Gwhwhwhwuwjwj
aVinylDaniel Mês atrás
Hi Karolina, here's a YTP of some of your content:
Brownnies Flores
Brownnies Flores Mês atrás
Oh fuck yes, down with the goddamn bucket hats
i purple you
i purple you Mês atrás
I love u but I also love and always loved bucket hats. And they will never disappear
Books for MKs
Books for MKs Mês atrás
Please review this horrible video saying that corsets made women faint!
Shelby Hill
Shelby Hill Mês atrás
I can’t believe broski isn’t her real last name here I was thinking she was a some kind of Polish frat boy
Sófis !
Sófis ! Mês atrás
11:40 why didn't Karolina laugh?? Lol I did
Jo Lilly
Jo Lilly Mês atrás
comment 4 of asking for a video about dressing up and costumes in the past (halloween etc)
brit. Mês atrás
I have to say I have the name as Brittany and mine is supposed to be pronounced Brit-tany. It’s soooo rare I ever hear anyone say anything other than Brit-nee. So.. that was a little pick me up for my day thank you 🙏🏻
Like ghosts in the snow
I feel like she could totally get away with the Farrah Fawcett look because she would wear little to none makeup too, despite it being like late 60s early 70s.
Space Coffee
Space Coffee Mês atrás
Ok soo.... my mom was a teen in the late 60s early 70s and she lived by foundation and then powder. Said it was how her mom taught her and some stuff she learned So imma guess her 2 sisters did too. So for the bible belt it sounds like a thing.
Ruby Rea
Ruby Rea Mês atrás
Vngel Freak
Vngel Freak Mês atrás
My goshhhhh! You really look like one of those ladies in the boutique store scene in wonder woman.
angela ulloa
angela ulloa Mês atrás
Girl. No eyelids here too! Thanks for keeping it real. Lol
Yedidah Vergara Olivo
So...people want those flips on their hair? I've always had those but never really wanted them :/
Daphne Mês atrás
This is mod makeup
Mellie Mês atrás
1960's when hair becomes a weapon!😅
Actually, the lip look in the ‘60s was more frosted pinks, beiges, and peaches.
Elly Mês atrás
"I was born in the 90's" *which 90's, tho*
Larry Sizemore
Larry Sizemore 2 meses atrás
Congratulations on having the easiest polish name to pronounce meme mom
MJM 2 meses atrás
Doesn't meme mum mean that you are the mum of the memes. Like you created them. Like a GOAT in making memes?
Danielle Miller
Danielle Miller 2 meses atrás
"she has the most perfect eyes and eyelids for this" right before you said I I was like "if you try this look on me..." and said the same thing ;n; thin, hooded, Polish eyes are hard af to do makeup on. There's no room. At all. It all disappears
Happy Hamster
Happy Hamster 2 meses atrás
Who else thinks 1:21 looks like Rogerina??! I knew it was familiar!
Edgar Escamilla
Edgar Escamilla 2 meses atrás
There's a BRdeskr who does Late 60's to Early 70's Looks and even talks about wearing vintage clothes in that era. And people have donated clothes to her. Man, I wish I knew her page out of the top of my head.
Crybabeh 2 meses atrás
Elona?Elona holmes?no...okay *dissapointment*
Ti 2 meses atrás
1st rule of memes: you don't create a meme. It simply borns from the fabric of the internet. Karolina asking to become a meme is a crime punishable with prison
Carrie On
Carrie On 2 meses atrás
I loved the whole video, but I clicked "like" at 19:58
You dont know me ,okay?
15:37 Did meme mom really just rickroll us?
Marlju Sweety
Marlju Sweety 2 meses atrás
The comment about the curl in the 60s hair not staying made me think of the movie Hairspray. The original with Ricki Lake. I recommend listening to all commentary tracks on that movie. Ricki Lake talks about having her hair pinned to her shoulders to make it stay through a scene on a roller coaster.
IwyPituLina L
IwyPituLina L 2 meses atrás
The first thing I thought of when I saw the make up was Marie Osmond in her debut song Paper Roses
Rafaela 2 meses atrás
i like to see karolina struggling with english because oof same
Zayalla Fantasy
Zayalla Fantasy 2 meses atrás
7:15 Karolina : "not really but that's okay" I died 😭😂
Zayalla Fantasy
Zayalla Fantasy 2 meses atrás
Karolina struggling to speak or just laughing, a compilation : 1:51 MonTHs 3:55 HuhU 4:42 Pffrr 6:52 Fffs 14:59 mOrons... 17:29 ARrrea 19:46 HiStOliCaL The number of sputters you probably had to wipe off your camera in this video is a French-Finnish girl speaking English I feel you 😂😭
sun :3
sun :3 2 meses atrás
Sofu oc
Sofu oc 2 meses atrás
"I basically do not posses eyelids". Same, girl.
cap4life1 2 meses atrás
A+ content, thanks meme mom
berdeleona 2 meses atrás
Fuck i just noticed how outdated i am because idk how to make a meme. 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Baby Gurl eats Shicken nuggits
My one eye is more hooded than the other eye. When I say that I mean like you don't have to be close up to my face to notice it. My face is unsymmetrical 🤮
Sasha E
Sasha E 2 meses atrás
I love these earrings.
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