Recreating Emilie Flöge's 1909 Dress, Pt 1 - #TheStripeyChallenge 

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18 Jul 2019



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Marlene Kostka
Marlene Kostka 4 meses atrás
Actually she was a quite popular Designer in Vienna, she worked with wiener Werkstätten (a art nouveau label, translating to Viennese workshops) and her sisters in salon flöge where she actually had a large group of seamstresses working for her
Diane Theone
Diane Theone 4 meses atrás
Maybe there is an underskirt with a striped ruffle.
emilia wojdyła
emilia wojdyła 6 meses atrás
where do u buy materials?
emilia wojdyła
emilia wojdyła 6 meses atrás
oh my god.. you have to be soooooooo good at history. im jealous. i can not even remember the 1st wore date.
BattyfiveG 6 meses atrás
Do you think the dresses were constructed like haute couture flapper dresses where the sections were hung from canvas and silk rope to give volume and movement without seams. Just a thought
Vintage Camera Girl
Vintage Camera Girl 7 meses atrás
I really hope they make a film about her one day
Herb Cutler
Herb Cutler 7 meses atrás
What's it like to be....intelligent? You should try it sometime. *studying intensifies*
Random Girl
Random Girl 9 meses atrás
My least favourite era in terms of the dresses
katlyn brown
katlyn brown 11 meses atrás
Emilie's dresses are fucking gorgeous like wtf. Also, the fact that her designs were so different in 1909 thats boss
Arash Arfazadeh
Arash Arfazadeh Anos atrás
Where are the other parts? I'm really curious to see the outcome. I'm specialized in this time-period and am a huge fan of Flöge/Klimt.
Karolina Żebrowska
I made a video of the finished dress back in September, it should be here somewhere ☺️
Chiara Zamagnae
Chiara Zamagnae Anos atrás
She was a symbolist, and she did not use any kind of support for her skirts and dresses: symbolists believed that the body had to be free to move and chill (or work). The dress had to be connected to the hearth and the nature, because for symbolist artists nature was the key of life. I’ve just studied her in fashion school and I really love her❤️ If you like symbolist fashion, check out Henry van de Velde and Lady Duff Gordon 🌺
Elle-Iza Logan
Elle-Iza Logan Anos atrás
Dear Karolina, just a quick thought: If you need any translation from German to (half-terrible) English just contact me, I'm glad to help. I can read everything from Sütterlin to Offenbacher, Deutsche Kanzlei and Kurrent,... Have a lovely day, dear.
Ania Krawet
Ania Krawet Anos atrás
It looks like she really loved these stripes :) If you have fabric left you may also try these one ;-))
egsviola54 Anos atrás
That striped fabric is indeed glorious! I must have some for a ridiculously billowy skirt
Ishan Shah
Ishan Shah Anos atrás
Who else is here after seeing her new masterpiece? ❤️
Dip Nitty
Dip Nitty Anos atrás
this is Gods work.
Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen Anos atrás
Where’s part two? ☺️
theniceguy011 Anos atrás
7:23 love you so much
Lily Lovely
Lily Lovely Anos atrás
Latest crush: the world's most complex hat 😂😂
Dray PurplePenguinization
Looks like she was going for a youthful look, her dresses remind me of that baby doll style? I dunno 🤷🏻‍♀️
rafael houseman
rafael houseman Anos atrás
Asta Asta
Asta Asta Anos atrás
Do some research on „Wiener Werkstätte“, especially their juwelry Design and the Backhausen Company, that is still producing many Jugendstil and Wiener Werkstätte fabrics.
AmbuhVee Anos atrás
The Betsey Johnson of 1909
Margot Robinson
Margot Robinson Anos atrás
Will you be doing a toile on this first?
Maja Nilsson
Maja Nilsson Anos atrás
how’s the challenge going? 👀
Vintage Theo
Vintage Theo Anos atrás
now that i know this challenge exists, i must make the awful decision of if i join, menswear or womens. rip i hate decisions
Evgeniia Belousova
Evgeniia Belousova Anos atrás
I feel that the lady did a very smart thing with pleating the dress on the bust/waist line: if you look closer, the stripes at the top are much narrower than at the bottom, so it seems that she pleated each stripe and stitched them at the very top for an inch or two, and then they are just flowing and opening and giving volume to the skirt
uʍop ǝpısdn
uʍop ǝpısdn Anos atrás
A new project? Please tell me you are working on a line of vintage or historical reproduction clothing. If so, take my money right now.
Just an old Snufkin
Omg when i saw the miniature picture i thought she was retarted but it's actually her dress making her look that way lol
Emilie Grace
Emilie Grace Anos atrás
Why is this so entertaining
Sarah Anos atrás
Haha that was mean and I’m sorry haha
Niki V
Niki V Anos atrás
This reminds me sooo much of the traditional Korean hanboks!!!!!!
ilaria mautone
ilaria mautone Anos atrás
she was Klimt's lover! You are so talented by the way omg
Olivia Unwin
Olivia Unwin Anos atrás
The subtitles are Dutch...:(
Ohni Lisle
Ohni Lisle Anos atrás
Have you done a "How accurate was Gone with The Wind" video? I feel like it would rule.
Alexandra Crofoot
Alexandra Crofoot Anos atrás
Oscar nomination for Best Video Opening
Lisa Ebl
Lisa Ebl Anos atrás
question about the challenge, I'm seeing some original dresses that have coloured stripes, am I allowed to take creative liberties with colour or must it be only black and white?
Murrv Vmurr
Murrv Vmurr Anos atrás
After watching you climb a tree in a corset, I have subscribed.
Jacek D
Jacek D Anos atrás
Masz autyzm bo nie umiesz patrzyć na to do czego mówisz
LEN-OE Anos atrás
I’m so making a striped regency dress.
Craelis Anos atrás
I like how at 8:56 Emilie pulls the trollface to mock your attempts at recreating her impossible dress.
Tyler S
Tyler S Anos atrás
Have you ever considered trying Titanic era/1912 clothing, like Molly Brown?
Laura Muñiz
Laura Muñiz Anos atrás
definitely, this is my favourite channel. I love u, haha. Hi from Argentina :D
Julka Górniewicz
Julka Górniewicz Anos atrás
Jestes Polką?
Saturday Sewing with Debbie
I can't wait to see how your remake of this dress turns out. I just ordered my stripey fabric and am so excited about this challenge!
KaPskY 191
KaPskY 191 Anos atrás
Zero Polskich komentarzy :%
Fahed Sankari
Fahed Sankari Anos atrás
13 dislikes from people living in the 21st century, pathetic
always young always drunk
урааааааа мемная мама вернулась
Pancerny Michu
Pancerny Michu Anos atrás
Jak tam u ciebie ?
Victoria Kososki
Victoria Kososki Anos atrás
Hi mom
J Z Anos atrás
I know next to nothing about the history of fashion. Due to meme mom now I'm more educated. Kween
Aler Anos atrás
So I’m usually a very quiet subscriber but I just had to say I love you meme mom!! I love every video you make, i love who you are as a person, your creativity, your passion! You’re just so amazing and I admire you so much.
claudiarcade Anos atrás
are you telling me she was Liberace before Liberace
LittleVidds Anos atrás
C'mon, I cant be the only ones who thinks she looks like Anne Hathaway
Jill Davis
Jill Davis Anos atrás
Are some of the pictures in the back crooked?
crowheads Anos atrás
your videos are so pure and wholesome. it really inspires me to want to create my own content about my own 'unusual' but fascinating interest. you seem so at peace when talking about historical fashions
Magdalena Stańczyk
Oglądam Cię od jakiegoś czasu, ale zawsze mam to samo wrażenie, że przeniosłaś się do nas z XX wieku i zawsze tak samo mnie to intryguje 🤔🧐Oczywiście w dobrym sensie, bo nie mam w swoim otoczeniu ani jednej osoby takiej jak ty, wszyscy sa praktycznie tacy sami, w tym ja 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
BALD MAN Anos atrás
Hello subscribe to each other💐🍾🥂
Imię Nazwisko
Imię Nazwisko Anos atrás
Nice video 🔥 greetings from Poland 🇵🇱❤️
Leigh-Anne Dennison
I *LOVE* THIS! The sleeves are amazing on that gown. So, my sewing skill level is seriously lacking (for apparel at least), my bank account is in a similar state (lacking) and as a plus sized woman it's hard to find ready-made patterns to provide a starting point, BUT...I put together my own #TheStripeyChallenge Pinterest Board of the historic fashion eras and stripey fashions I might consider anyway. If I find the nerve and funds before the end of September, who knows?! Just thought I'd share them as inspiration to others who dig the mid-20th Century (give or take a decade but prior to the 1970s):
hutanulavinia Anos atrás
I can't wait to see the finished result. 😍
J Valencia
J Valencia Anos atrás
Her dress shape reminds me of a pillowcase dress with a wide hem.
beautyplayground Anos atrás
So excited for this 😍👌🏻
krist2na Anos atrás
I have basically no knowledge of fashion, however the fabric at the bottom of the photo appears as how you are planning to sew it. It looks like the fabric was cut straight across the stripes, then sewn back together except the white and black stripes were moved over by one so that there was a change from back to white abruptly in a straight line across. Perhaps further down she did that again, would have looked cool!! Also, I believe there may be some kind of pleat at the top. Reminds me of a kilt. Can’t wait to see your design!
Jeremy BH
Jeremy BH Anos atrás
"hey it's your meme mom you little shits. That was mean and I'm sorry" just the most adorable
Rachel Hornak
Rachel Hornak Anos atrás
Is there a way one can participate in #thestripeychallenge if one doesn't have an instagram account?
GeekWorthy Anos atrás
She looks like she is wearing an umbrella as a dress. Her style sucks! If your getting the urge to dress like a clown though, go for it.
Marie Maidyn
Marie Maidyn Anos atrás
Scrapbook Store for those squares
Klaudia Anos atrás
Karolino, proszę, porusz temat parady w Bialymstoku i tego, co się ostatnio tam działo. Może dzięki tobie osoby z innych krajów poznają gorzką prawdę
Kuba Miki
Kuba Miki Anos atrás
Are u from Poland?
DuckyDappy Anos atrás
"oh, I might use that for a different project" *adds to stash* Every crafts person ever.
J Lester
J Lester Anos atrás
Hi meme babe. I love watching you have fun with fashion history. Emilie Flöge - head designer for Salon Schwestern Flöge in Vienna. Ward and "friend" of Gustav Klimt. Secessionist dress definitely freer than corseted. What was considered decent would have still been a factor, lots of under layers were worn, but not an "S" curve corset. This was like living free all day in a tea dress. Other names for similar movements were: Reform Aesthetic movement Orientalism Directoire revival Belle Epoque Other designers were: Peter Behrens Henry Van de Velde Paul Poiret - Paris Liberty - London Fortuny - Venice Callot Soeurs - France I've seen a few of Emilie Flöge's dresses in museums. To get more width at the bottom, she favored either cutting in widening panels or released pleats. The release would have been in the front and back, not under the arms. For the striped pattern she would have had the first release just above the waist, another at the hips, then above the knees. With the stripes, sew a pleat that is exact and hides both a light and dark stripe until the release. It will give the extra width without showing how you got it. To get the offset pattern at the knees, you have to have even stripes. Dark and light exactly the same width. That is just a simple seam across the weft with the stripes offset perfectly. I suggest pinning or basting to avoid shifting while sewing. Emilie Flöge was a couturier, catering to the ultra wealthy. She would have had jewelry panels made to order if there were metal plates on this dress. She also was a fan of heavy embroidery, the kind found from Ukraine to Austria. Heavy thread over cloth. Sometimes over light quilted layers for rigidity. You could substitute stiffened embroidery for metallic plates. The shape of this dress, very tight around shoulders, releasing over the bust looks most like the Korean Hanbok shape. To get the width, you don't need a hoop, an underskirt of stiff cotton organdy would do it. For the hat, it looks like she used organza with a bias edging for the ruffles. This will be expensive, a lot of cutting and sewing to do. Can you buy bias tape by the yard? Do you have a binding foot for your sewing machine? If you do, you'll get the hang of it. Bind first. Ruffle second. Attach to hat brim. European artists were very influenced by Japonaiserie, as trade expanded at this time. Imported porcelain came wrapped in Japanese prints. In the early 1900s, Japan had invaded and occupied Korea. Klimt had an extensive collection of Kimonos. I don't know whether he had hanboks too. Too much?
whole lotta love
whole lotta love Anos atrás
i have no idea what you are talking about but i‘m entertainer
Jacek D
Jacek D Anos atrás
Serio myślisz ze jesteś fajniejsza jak mówisz po angielsku?
Kyndra MB
Kyndra MB Anos atrás
Her dresses are reminiscent of traditional Korean Hanbok.
Kyndra MB
Kyndra MB Anos atrás
Maybe she traveled to Asia and was inspired?
Heather Donigan
Heather Donigan Anos atrás
Was Emilia Fart in a past life 😂
Rachael Rojo
Rachael Rojo Anos atrás
You can tell she didn't like wearing corsets.
simply_A Anos atrás
Go hard or go home. Good luck, I'm excited to see the outcome!
Rachael Longobardi
Rachael Longobardi Anos atrás
This is so off topic, but that dam PowerPoint halfway up the wall is driving me nuts
Nakita Anos atrás
I would totally wear this dress today! I'd probably make it an empire waist though.
Disgruntled Radish
Disgruntled Radish Anos atrás
Please react to safiya nygaards "i dressed like it was ____" videos. I love both her and you and i want to know is she was accurate.
Disgruntled Radish
Disgruntled Radish Anos atrás
@Karolina Żebrowska oh, im sorry. Im new here!
Karolina Żebrowska
I did! have a look at my channel ❤️
mcomeslast Anos atrás
It looks like she gathered the fabric at the waist as the stripes seem to narrow. Maybe that is how she got by with less seeming there?
wolfsf2012 Anos atrás
She also looks like a larger lady (not fat per se just not stick thin) for what I normally would think of that time era.
Lippies F
Lippies F Anos atrás
Meme mum , Hai. I would like to say hello. And am I the only British citizen here? Hmm.. *shows thug ankle.*
Miranda Milner
Miranda Milner Anos atrás
I REALLY want to do this challenge, and I even chose a fashion plate, but I don’t know how to get the fabric! I’ve looked in all of my thrift stores and they don’t have anything like a sheet or tablecloth I could use, but I can’t get it New cause I don’t have the money. I may have to make it after the actual challenge is over.
Karolina Żebrowska
Hmmm.... how about painting stripes on? You can use a scotch tape to cover the white areas and paint over it with black textile paint 🤔
Marie Marie
Marie Marie Anos atrás
Pls react to Netflix's Anne with an E
BALD MAN Anos atrás
Hello beauty have a nice day, subscribe to each other💐🍾🥂
JuraMalopolska Anos atrás
Dobrze wyglądasz Karolina w modzie z przełomu XIX i XX wieku, klasycystycznej, młodopolskiej
Caro Böhme
Caro Böhme Anos atrás
You should do a collab with Loepsie, that would be cool :)
jeprlo Anos atrás
OH MY GOD! I just was freaking out. Just casually watching when bam! See my blouse got popped up in you’re video. Just casually freaking out. 😂😱
Laura Valancy
Laura Valancy Anos atrás
jeprlo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 IT IS FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Al Underwood
Al Underwood Anos atrás
This is so much fun. Being a beginner it's very hard, but it's still fun. I appreciate you very much. I love your kindness, style, humor, and enthusiasm (and, yes, your beauty.).
Niamhus The Great
Niamhus The Great Anos atrás
Sick, it kinda reminds me of a hanbok.
Holly Smith
Holly Smith Anos atrás
How do you find your photos to recreate? Is it just internet research?
Banana Bread
Banana Bread Anos atrás
I would do a Victorian swimsuit, but... I am broke. XD
nomine *
nomine * Anos atrás
Honey, your hair looks very nice and no one cares about the crooked pics. I actually think the imperfections are character.
Knitting I Love
Knitting I Love Anos atrás
Do you have any knowladge about knitwear from the past? It will be so cool to knit it :) My channel is about my knitting adventure FYI - I think I have one book that goes through knitting garments from the past... I need to check :)
Doctorine Anos atrás
You've created the weirdest paradox(?) for me... The past month (especially the past 2 weeks) has absolutely flown by for me. When you said the stripey challenge video was 2 weeks ago, I thought SURELY that had to be wrong lol But no... it was only 2 weeks ago, and I have no freaking clue how. I feel... so awkward right now XD
starchycat Anos atrás
im probably going to finish my stripey challenge garment like three months late lol
jinny82 Anos atrás
This wide wide a lines just behind the neck (well, a bit under, but in this moment I'm in lunch break and i don't want to even see the dictionary) remind me of korean traditional clothes...?
Eleonora Nardis
Eleonora Nardis Anos atrás
Love your channel !! I am studying fashion history at my university from the medieval era till the modern times and i love listening to you talking about fashion plus sometimes it’s useful for me 😅 Keep up the good job 😘
Risky BOi
Risky BOi Anos atrás
Ziyanda Zwane
Ziyanda Zwane Anos atrás
I wish I had time, and I wish I could sew, but I am very excited for this dress, Karolina!!! I LOVE black-and-white stripes, too #^w^#
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