Recreating an 18th Century Portrait aka ✨royalcore✨ [PL/ENG] 

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hi guys! this video is in Polish, so make sure to turn the subtitles on!
I teamed up with the Royal Castle in Warsaw to make a video for all the kids and highschoolers stuck at home this winterbreak. If you're one of them, well, this one's for you too!
"Ferie po królewsku" (which roughly translates to "A Royal Winter Break") is a project in which Polish castles and museums provide unique online content. You can check it out by visiting social media and websites of these noble institutions:
✨Warsaw Royal Castle
✨Kraków Royal Castle
✨Sandomierz Royal Castle
✨Łazienki Królewskie Museum
✨Malbork Castle Museum
✨Lublin Castle Museum
✨Salt Mine Museum in Kraków/Wieliczka

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11 Jan 2021



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 15 dias atrás
[EN] Don't forget to turn the subtitles on!
74 76
74 76 5 horas atrás
Its so cool listening to u speak in ur native language. Much love!
Kayt Calder
Kayt Calder Dia atrás
It's wonderful. I don't live in an area where I hear Polish much and I enjoy listening. I rely on subtitles for everything already
Justin Austen
Justin Austen 3 dias atrás
I actually turned them off because they blocked my screen and view. The video speaks for itself and the cadence and tone is familiar enough and the cuts to historical imagery made for a more understood experience.
01 The History Guy
01 The History Guy 4 dias atrás
I thought Saiki k was bad.
GromKuba 7 dias atrás
A czy było by możliwe, żeby także anglojęzyczne odcinki miały dodane podpisy? Jakość tych automatycznych, robionych przez YT nie jest zachwycająca a dostałem ostatnio sygnały od znajomych, że jak ktoś jeszcze nie do końca rozumie angielski ze słuchu, to niektóre wyrazy umykają, zwłaszcza przy nazwach specyficznych, jak nieużywane już nazwy strojów czy nazwy stylów (czy tam było "Edwardian" czy "Guardian"?). No i jest trochę widzów niedosłyszących.
Rei 20 horas atrás
O jejku wkoncu ten polski piękny głos
ThingOfSome 23 horas atrás
Could you maybe also make Polish subtitles, too? :)
I have no idea what this girl is saying, but I could still watch her for hours
always tpwk but not myself
me looking at the subtitles forgetimg im polish 😬
Kennedy Jo Jackson
Kennedy Jo Jackson 2 dias atrás
OH MY GAWSH. Polish is such a beautiful language, it almost sounds like you're doing slam poetry! 💗
Melanie Tillman
Melanie Tillman 2 dias atrás
One of my favorite authors just set her latest book in Medieval Poland, and in the author notes said that the most gorgeous castles she has visited to research her books are in Poland. Between that and this video, I'm now longing to visit! Maybe someday . . . when there isn't a pandemic 😂
Sofia Irigoin
Sofia Irigoin 2 dias atrás
aaron helton
aaron helton 2 dias atrás
I started this with subtitles and then just turned them off and listened to you speaking your first language. No idea what your saying just cool to hear you speak so quickly and fluently tbh
Saturday Evening Makeup
Does polish use the Cyrillic alphabet?
TakittixD 2 dias atrás
No. We use the Latin alphabet
Kfazimodo123 2 dias atrás
No ale musialabys przytyc ze 15 kg
janiezyje 5 dias atrás
It's funny to hear you speak Polish, I was a bit surprised at first seconds. :D Then I realized you probably did that to promote "Royal Castle", it would be weird to promote anything in English, when it's supposed to reach natives. :'D
Nicole 5 dias atrás
Love the Polish though
5 dias atrás
when the few Yiddish words I know come through and surprise the shit outa me
Arimeka 5 dias atrás
Szykuje się nowe profilowe na fb :3
Christine 6 dias atrás
I love how different your voice sounds when you're speaking polish! I have it too when I speak German or Dutch compared to English
C M 6 dias atrás
I’m Italian, I really wish you did these in English so all other Europeans could understand. I feel like looking down to read takes away from the video, but hey it’s your channel.
Emerald Glass
Emerald Glass 6 dias atrás
Very Pretty!!!!
Aquanarid LLCL
Aquanarid LLCL 6 dias atrás
Me, loving Poland as a child and wanted to learn the language: 😊😊 Me now that I know I'm not welcomed :😒
C M 6 dias atrás
Wait why? What did she say
FilbieTron 6 dias atrás
You are talking so fast!! Even though I was reading the subtitles, I was exhausted haha. You look so lovely tho! Fabulous job! (And thank you for taking the time for the English subtitles)
Żaneta Błaszczyk-Kupczak
Więcej filmów po polskuuuuuu PROSZĘ
Ruoshui Liu
Ruoshui Liu 6 dias atrás
Karolina looks beautiful in the rosy natural makeup because she's had two centuries to perfect it.
thirty someting mama thirty something mama
You sound sooo different in Polish...
Annie V.
Annie V. 7 dias atrás
Perfect situation too pretend tou are an 18th century ghosts. 😜
Carmen B
Carmen B 7 dias atrás
Honeydraws 7 dias atrás
I’ve found my new aesthetic, royal core
Local Tavern's Lute Player
woah I forgot you speak more than english
K. J. Lewis
K. J. Lewis 7 dias atrás
This makes me want to learn Polish.
July5044 7 dias atrás
this is such a cool collaboration project! awesome that they're doing this
chanty .r
chanty .r 7 dias atrás
through ALL the video I thought it was just a green screen o-o how amazing having the opportunity to get dressed and put makeup in that amazing room
M Leites
M Leites 7 dias atrás
Love the Polish content :) I don’t speak it, but as an English native I feel that we are spoilt with the availability of English stuff if that makes sense?? It’s great to hear native speakers in their own languages. (and your content is great btw)
Rebecca Reck
Rebecca Reck 8 dias atrás
well is there not missing the top layer of the dress?
Egg Menendez
Egg Menendez 8 dias atrás
I know it's real but it still feels like a green screen
DOM Y 8 dias atrás
Евгения Черепанова
Я, кажется, понимаю польский. А нет. Показалось.
Aiden Munz
Aiden Munz 9 dias atrás
I'm russian and the entertaining aspect in this for me was trying to figure out what she's saying without reading the subtitles (which i have failed miserably)
Nancy Serrano
Nancy Serrano 9 dias atrás
Victoria 9 dias atrás
Had to turn off subtitles cuz my Russian-Ukrainian brain can't handle comprehending two languages at the same time 🌚
Gai Jin
Gai Jin 9 dias atrás
Such a great and fun idea! I remember my Latin teacher letting us dress up in blankets including hair updo for the girls and posing for photos. She wanted us to somehow feel that time. And I really love, that you kind of give a similar idea to current students. It's a nice way to make history interesting.
PatriceElizaBlythe 9 dias atrás
Eminem has nothing on Meme Mom™️ she’s over here spittin bars
SBA 9 dias atrás
Not to be rude or anything but you're so much prettier than the painting ❤️ you look stunning
Mlle Samedì
Mlle Samedì 9 dias atrás
Vous êtes tres belle!!!
Warren Welch
Warren Welch 9 dias atrás
Ewelina Idlewild
Ewelina Idlewild 9 dias atrás
To kiedy Home Tour?
Zinila Kovářová
Zinila Kovářová 9 dias atrás
Polish is honey to my ears, except it's not gross.
ri fi
ri fi 10 dias atrás
Karolina looks so beautiful with grey hair I can’t handle this
Naziha Here
Naziha Here 10 dias atrás
January 16th, 2021 Subbed at 856k subs!
Pink In Ink
Pink In Ink 10 dias atrás
when you're russian and you can understand half of the words: :0
BDYog _
BDYog _ 10 dias atrás
Shit I love Polish. When I've had a traineeship in Lublin everyone thought I understood Polish because I spoke Belarusian most of the time and it worked))
Klára 10 dias atrás
Karolina: the Polish alphabet has 32 letters me, a hungarian, where there's 44 letters: you dare challenge me?
buddigabong 10 dias atrás
the meme mother has a szlachta say
Spencer Saunders
Spencer Saunders 10 dias atrás
i dont know why, but for some reason the title made me thing for a half second that it was.. your own 18th century portrait???
naly202 10 dias atrás
You should speak much slower . I simply can't both read the subtitles and enjoy the beautiful interiors. And the subtitles cover half the screen
PopDrop 11 dias atrás
Production quality is immaculate. We stan a Slavic meme mom. Pozdrav iz Srbije Karolina!
SpRaT92 11 dias atrás
Polish sounds so beautiful! I am Russian, so it sounds both familiar and mystic
1-800-sparklii 11 dias atrás
Meme mom pulled a sonic on us when she was speaking in Polish-
Sarah Walsh
Sarah Walsh 11 dias atrás
OMG did I hear the word "schmatki" used to describe just a random large piece of fabric?? (I didn't turn on the subtitles yet). Schmatta is Yiddish for "random piece of fabric" too!!
Kekyoin 10 dias atrás
I think it's a word borrowed from Yiddish, Jews for centuries were big and important group in Polish society. Some sources even claims that in 16th century three-quarters of global Jewish population lived there!
Daiane Amorim
Daiane Amorim 11 dias atrás
I used to think that Portuguese was difficult if compared to English, but now OMG besides being beautiful Polish seems so complex! But now it's official our Meme Mom can me us pay full attention to a video in any language.
Noémi Rubínová
Noémi Rubínová 11 dias atrás
This was so much fun to watch, bc I speak czech and slovak (those are relatively close to polish). It was wild how it felt really familiar, but i also didnt understand 30% of the words. And she looks so good?? Great recreation!
Anna Rose
Anna Rose 11 dias atrás
I know this is a really vague snd annoying, but I was wondering if anyone on here could help out and give me historical fashion advice. So last month in my theatre group we did like a Murder Mystery Dinner Party Discord improv challenge set in 1910. I am curious about how all of our characters would dress of the period o 1910 at Christmas time and in Chichester. I was wondering if anyone could give me good sources online (libraries are closed atm), or anyone would be ok in giving any information about the time. I have a vague idea but would love more information to help. Also for extra knowledge, some characters have different ethnicities such as the host and his son being German and also I think Italian and Spanish. Also some of the characters is a doctor and then theres servanta like a Butler and chiefs. Any information would be great! Xx
Pauline Shevchenko
Pauline Shevchenko 11 dias atrás
я на первых секундах: не понял я через пару секунд: а, понял
First Last
First Last 11 dias atrás
hey! show us more of that sewing bag please!
First Last
First Last 11 dias atrás
when you were putting the blush on it looked like a ridiculous amount but by the time you were doing your hair it looked really natural and nice, I don't know why. I think your brain just gets really used to it quickly.
Naomi and Corvin
Naomi and Corvin 11 dias atrás
Wishing all Polish women, LGBTQ folks, and historians safety and success until the government changes over ❤️
Naomi and Corvin
Naomi and Corvin 7 dias atrás
@Feblique Yeah, I heard a few Polish historians talking about the necessity to be nuanced in the description of the double occupations of Poland. Like, nazi collaborators weren't the norm, but some certainly existed. With a lot of countries trying to take a hard look at their past griefs and evils, it looks like the government is going past trying defamation and into suppressing a more complete and clear-eyed view. Ugh.
Feblique 7 dias atrás
@Naomi and Corvin The law was supposed to penalize DEFAMATION like the slanderous term about "Polish concentration camps", which were set up and run by Germans and actually many Polish people were imprisoned in them. It didn't impact academic freedom in any way. Besides, saying that we "helped" in anything is very unfair. Very few people actually denounced to the Germans and plenty risked their lives to help. It was a brutal occupation and you don't have the slightest idea what it might have been like.
Naomi and Corvin
Naomi and Corvin 7 dias atrás
@Feblique Well, I can tell when I've been speaking out of turn. I am indeed still concerned about the erosion of the last remaining rights to abortions, and that one museum that the government took over to push their ahistorical propoganda 😬 Is it true that you're not allowed to admit that any Polish people helped in the Holocaust? 😥
Feblique 8 dias atrás
@Naomi and Corvin I was just scrolling through comments while listening, like everyone does. BTW, it's nice to see someone on the Internet who is at least willing to consider another perspective. It's rare.
Naomi and Corvin
Naomi and Corvin 8 dias atrás
@Feblique Huh. Well you've given me a new set of perspectives to consider, then. How did you find this comment thread, among the thousands under this video?
Emily Michel
Emily Michel 11 dias atrás
This is the most beautiful anyone has ever looked. This is the most beautiful video you have ever made. Meme mom, you aRE A WORK OF ART
Sour Drop
Sour Drop 11 dias atrás
I'm currently learning polish & I hope someday I can be able to watch this video without subs lol
Alice T
Alice T 11 dias atrás
I wish I spoke Polish! Your subtitles were wonderful, ofc, but I'd have loved to laugh at all your jokes in both languages. Very cool video 💕😍
Falconshadow 11 dias atrás
Watching this as a Russian is really trippy
Vitória Bottaro
Vitória Bottaro 11 dias atrás
polish sound like a mix of every language that has ever existed, except for my native one _* cries in pão de gengibre *_
hi, it's court.
hi, it's court. 11 dias atrás
Wow! What a creative way for the Royal Castle to team up with online creators. I'm not a kid or a high schooler but I am of Polish descent! And I love your videos and this is SOOOO COOOLL
N Sharma
N Sharma 11 dias atrás
I'm not at all familiar with Polish or its immediate language family (yet) but like the video (and videos movies etc), regardless of language :), so cool - and kudos! Why shouldn't you use Polish ☺️🥰👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🧡💗💗🧡
N Sharma
N Sharma 11 dias atrás
And all the jokes YESS 😄
N Sharma
N Sharma 11 dias atrás
Also, this is super cool that it's part of a larger project and what's being done! So lovely to hear about things like this 💖💖💖
All Night Cats
All Night Cats 11 dias atrás
Karolina, I've noticed that your polish language videos never show up in my feed. I thought I might let you know.
Kat Harris
Kat Harris 11 dias atrás
yass slay queen
Luis Zuñiga
Luis Zuñiga 11 dias atrás
From meme mom to culture mom. We stan.
Sugar Hung
Sugar Hung 11 dias atrás
modern Japanese make up trends reminding me of 18th century portraits.....
Maria Ukolova
Maria Ukolova 11 dias atrás
being russian and czech i almost didnt need subtitles for this one! beautiful video karolina
Olivia Aurellia
Olivia Aurellia 11 dias atrás
I'm getting myself isekai'd
anisnissa 11 dias atrás
That lady on 0:22. I don't know who she is but look how she sits. I love her.
jenniewilliamsmural 11 dias atrás
Unbeatable staging - wham! I loved hearing your native tongue - anyone who can't understand feels a slight shudder of shame - hehe like me.
alexarmanto 11 dias atrás
you speak fast, but idk polish
Siva 11 dias atrás
18th century Karolina is approximately 70% neck
genericfirstname 12 dias atrás
I had to keep pausing because I couldn't look at the pretty pictures and read the captions at the same time!
E P 12 dias atrás
Zrobiłabym sobie taki portrecik, ale Pani! Toż to tyle roboty xd Przecież zanim bym znalazła płótno odpowiednich rozmiarów,, żeby tło zrobić, a potem jeszcze odwzorowała Canaletta to by minęło kilka dobrych miesięcy xd tymczasem polecam się do malowania prawdziwych portretów olejnych w takim stylu :3 Zapraszam do kontaktu, chętnie podeślę jakieś próbki w prywatnej wiadomości ;d
Nicole Alconaba
Nicole Alconaba 12 dias atrás
"that's not what i'm saying in here but moving on" BWHA`HAHHA
Kelk Jeffery
Kelk Jeffery 12 dias atrás
Only Karolina could be trusted to just run around and goof off in an actual PALACE
Jayne Weseman
Jayne Weseman 12 dias atrás
that brush though..
A Z 12 dias atrás
I had the subtitles on but I speak Russian so every so often a couple of words would jump out at me and I was always surprised
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson 12 dias atrás
Watching you goof around in such a beautiful outfit in such an amazing location is HILARIOUS, meme mum does it again
Liz K
Liz K 12 dias atrás
My neighbor has a significant dark beard that pops against the snow when he snow blows the driveway. I’m excited to see how this will incorporate.
jameson stalanthas yu
jameson stalanthas yu 12 dias atrás
This is an immortal who is reviewing her old fashion paintings, like a youtuber reviewing her early videos!
Miszkulancja 12 dias atrás
cacy = *so bomb* I can tell you she did subtitles by herself because translation is soo like she would speak
Abigail Maturana
Abigail Maturana 12 dias atrás
your voice sounds amazing in polish! 🥰
Nonalola 12 dias atrás
I can't read the captions as fast as you talk. I'm just going to watch and not read lmao.
Sophia Woodland
Sophia Woodland 12 dias atrás
Oh wow I speak russian and I was able to understand random words of what you were saying, that's so cool. I love the video!
Nali Roka
Nali Roka 12 dias atrás
Jak pokryłaś swoje włosy suchym szamponem to mogłam wyczuć jego zapach zza ekranu. Very nice
xrol 12 dias atrás
Uwielbiam to, że po polsku jesteś tak samo śmieszna i memiczna jak po angielsku 😁 Świetna robota jak zwykle 🥰
LadyXEdith 12 dias atrás
Omg, when Czech people can actually understand some of the words.
Aleksandra 12 dias atrás
😍 nosilabym. Efekt końcowy jest piękny
Verona Berchtold
Verona Berchtold 12 dias atrás
Here I go. Learn Polish I go.
Angel 2024
Angel 2024 12 dias atrás
It is so weird because I have never Karolina speak in Polish and it is one of the most beautiful languages that I have heard.
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