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thanks to everyone submitting stuff! make sure to check out the #makemememomintoameme hashtag here and on Instagram to give some love to the original submissions ❤️ also enjoy an exclusive look at my BRdesk recommendations 🙃 also there are several editing mistakes in this one but I can't be arsed
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2 Dez 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
unfortunately not all submissions made it to this video because it was already 385940 hours long, so make sure to check out the hashtag to see the rest! here are two gems that I think very much deserve to be seen: 1) this one that I had to get rid of because copyright: 2) and this one that BRdesk refused to show me for some reason:
MandaLa 314
MandaLa 314 Mês atrás
i thought Karolina spoke so quietly in her early videos because she was shy and just became more outgoing over time! hehe she just had flatmates
Radish Rabbit
Radish Rabbit Mês atrás
Can you make a video about how 1960s fashion was different then you think?
Emeline Mês atrás
Great profile picture I have to say it's pretty fabulous
Llama Sugar
Llama Sugar Mês atrás
I put this here because I wanted to make sure you saw it: In English, « can » means to be able to do something, while « may » means to be allowed to or have permission to do something. One is supposed to ask, « May I go to the toilet? » . Using the word « can » means you’re asking if you’re physically able to do what one does in the toilet. How would the teacher know the answer to that question?
Joseph Caesar Padrón
Judy Garland moaning.....whaaaaaaaat...???
[Owlrie] Dia atrás
(22:13) Me watching on the toilet: 👀
Ruoshui Liu
Ruoshui Liu 2 dias atrás
The first person was actually really good though
Leila Jaafari
Leila Jaafari 2 dias atrás
Thank u for talking about ur bookish opinions! I loved Jane eyre!
Gonçalo Cordeiro
Gonçalo Cordeiro 3 dias atrás
"It's the first of december you know what that means" yes destroy di- "it's time for a meme review" Oh yes, a meme review
Elliot 3 dias atrás
as long as you can make us gen Z peeps laugh, ur not that old XD
Leyla Suleiman
Leyla Suleiman 3 dias atrás
As a high school teacher, can confirm that much tomfoolery happens in bathrooms... every time a student goes to the bathroom, there is a very real chance that they won't come back for a variety of suspicious reasons 😬
Im an avocado
Im an avocado 4 dias atrás
“None of us were there” that’s what YOU want us to believe
SewardWriter 4 dias atrás
I think the last meme I made ended a series. It went Elf on the Shelf, Link in the Sink, Ash in the Trash, aaaaaand Bilbo Baggins on a giant comedy dildo I bought as a joke. Series: dead by dildo. I wish I had made Meme Mom memes now.
FaunaUnicorn 80s :D
FaunaUnicorn 80s :D 4 dias atrás
Nobody: Modern Person: Since it's the modern era, nobody wears corsets anymore but there are Egirls, VSCO, and Soft Girls Karolina Zebrowska: Hold my beer! Person: Am I a joke to you?
Annemarie Valliere
Annemarie Valliere 5 dias atrás
You are just. adorable. I think you should just give up and be my bff lolz. Also could you not just get your own tv show please?
Tamara Borisova
Tamara Borisova 6 dias atrás
On the topic of teachers and toilets: one of my students left and never came back to the lesson. Left his bag and his stuff, too. That is more of a funny story though, I don't forbid going to toilet not before and not after that experience.
Alduin 6 dias atrás
21.06 LMAOOOOO i thought it said "have you heard of the hight elfs?" XD
abir haddad
abir haddad 6 dias atrás
are we not going to talk about "my nudes" link in the description because i laughed way too long about it HAHAHHA THE CATTTT I CANTTT
Erika Evasiuk
Erika Evasiuk 7 dias atrás
Can you add the links to the videos or channels in the description please meme mommy
Evelyn Kinson
Evelyn Kinson 7 dias atrás
Why do I wish this woman was my quirky aunt?
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag 8 dias atrás
17:50 6 and 9 ;-;
Pigsinblankets 9 dias atrás
Mya Wong - MRH Student
Does your mom ever come into your room to tell you to go to sleep but ends up giving you a hug, but when she does you smell fast food on her breath, then you chase after her laughing and screaming “give me the fries”. And you have a food addiction, and you haven’t had fast food in 2 months.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 9 dias atrás
Are you on kims convenience? You look exactly like the manager
Madison B
Madison B 11 dias atrás
The way you edit your videos makes my day. Honestly I ugly-cackle every time at the meme references. "Oh no SaaaarAH"
Piotr Orlikowski
Piotr Orlikowski 11 dias atrás
Moja mama jest nauczycielką i wytłumaczyła, że z tą toaletą chodzi o to że nauczyciele są odpowiedzialni za uczniów a jak idą/są w toalecie to są niewidziane. Myśleć można że dziecko nic nie zrobi ale u nas brali kupę w papier i smarowali nią ściany kabiny wię
Mintywillow the Medicine Cat
*Karolina:* what are the chances of tomfoolery in the bathrooms? *My school, where you could walk into a bathroom and see four people vaping in the same stall:* allow me to introduce myself
vivisorangehair _
vivisorangehair _ 12 dias atrás
Please don't use the sorts of memes in the title they involvr anti semitism
KAREfree 12 dias atrás
the empty bottle ruins the picture. . no hon. thats the point.
SarcasticSaccharides 12 dias atrás
"Am i looking for beans?" Took me OUT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lexie Madz
Lexie Madz 13 dias atrás
3:50 I was sitting here, starting to scold Meme Mom through the power of my smartphone screen (talk to myself) about my disappointment that she has never seen Titanic, and then I realized that despite being taught Macbeth twice in school, I still have never read the play. I got As on all my papers.🚬 😎
Poisonous Cheesecake
Poisonous Cheesecake 13 dias atrás
karolina in a british accent sounds like siri
Mike Wazowski’s long lost nose
I love the editing
Ethan NO
Ethan NO 13 dias atrás
Matthew Oothoudt
Matthew Oothoudt 13 dias atrás
My daughter is 4 and she opened her presents from the safer borders of the reservation so she was squealing with delight about her BABY YODA. She spoke of how cute he is and his ears and clothes and his fur. 5 y/o "OH MY GOSH BABY YODA SO CUTE, HOW DOES SANTA THINK TO MAKE THIS? WITH GREEN FUR AND HE IS SO CUTE!". ME: "I dont know that's amazing! MAYBE the elves help? (*me think, even better, this will work) MAYBE!!!.... what if!!!? They borrowed the GRINCH's fur!?" DAUGHTER: "NO MOM NOOOOOO! HE DID NOT USE GRINCH FUR! NOOOO! NOOOOOO".
Mako Shark
Mako Shark 14 dias atrás
Charly Salay
Charly Salay 14 dias atrás
I think we teachers just remember that we went to the toilet when we were students to dodge making presentations or showing our homework and met with friends instead. So we just assume that everyone else does that.
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 14 dias atrás
1:37 sorry thats a, thats a what now? a DoDgE??
Luci 15 dias atrás
wait coś tu jest nie tak... tylko nie wiem co
Just a local Retard
Just a local Retard 16 dias atrás
Please create a sub reddit
beebow 16 dias atrás
memoers I am 63 these memoes or memez are funnyies
Marie Coufalová
Marie Coufalová 16 dias atrás
soooooooooo it is the elast of December and...OH BOY WHAT A RIDE
Silkenray 17 dias atrás
Fun superhero costuming fact - the original superhero costumes were inspired by what wrestlers would wear in the ring. So they aren’t wearing underwear, they’re wearing wrestling singlets.
a very good boi
a very good boi 17 dias atrás
are we just gonna ignore "TikToks that Made Cardi B Cook and Clean" at 5:40
•{• xItzYourLocalNerdx •}•
No one is talking bout the link that is in every video desc? No? Just me?
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches 18 dias atrás
"It's similar to what pregnancy does to you" that doesn't make it sound less dangerous
dumbass pigeon
dumbass pigeon 18 dias atrás
You look like a nurse from world War II wishing for her husband to die in the field to pursue her affair with another woman
Spring Day Is Not Today
You sound like my Spanish teacher if she was a memer
Mariana Triantos
Mariana Triantos 19 dias atrás
Hello! The teacher and the bathroom thing is as follows: child says, "teacher, can i go to the bathroom?" and the teacher response, "i don't know, CAN you?!" it's because the correct way to ask is, "teacher, MAY i go to the bathroom?" this is because the student CAN use the bathroom, but they are asking for permission to do so. lolololol. It's silly and it's just a funny thing, but too many teachers do it lol
HAMPTOONY the cat 19 dias atrás
2:13 Meme mom breaking character
Ana Beatriz Mineu
Ana Beatriz Mineu 19 dias atrás
When she said "Darcy's Letter" is her favourite tune... I swear we're lost sisters
Hasan Muhammad
Hasan Muhammad 20 dias atrás
If someone were to make a "Karolina Żebrowska out of context" video, This clip , 0:00 would probably be in that video
MiraCarpathia 20 dias atrás
Sound effect happens too late ??? Sposed to be at @ 22:20 but actually @ 22:27
The1Band1Wagon 21 dia atrás
You must always show the people in your home, that didn't come out shopping with you, what you bought at the shops. it is law
Janita Mostert
Janita Mostert 22 dias atrás
This made me laugh so hard!
K. K.
K. K. 23 dias atrás
0:23 meme material bois
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 23 dias atrás
Mother of all memes... Who art in Poland... Have mercy on us!
Aerín Evergreen
Aerín Evergreen 23 dias atrás
You have no idea how much this blessed my YEAR
RocKITEman _ 2001
RocKITEman _ 2001 24 dias atrás
@Karolina Zebrowska >>> SOMEONE needs to make a remake of the _HMS TITANIC STORY,_ only this time the TITANIC stays afloat and THE ICEBERG SINKS...😉
Allin Allin
Allin Allin 24 dias atrás
"Excuse me, I wanna live"
Rebecca Short
Rebecca Short 24 dias atrás
"Hello fellow 21st century humans" Uhm, yeah- uh - sure, *cough*, uh-
Kokoa Alt
Kokoa Alt 24 dias atrás
Harmøny Løng-Bøttøm
Fun fact: "weird sister" is a Harry potter reference! Its from the magical band "the weird sisters"
MarneKolchak 25 dias atrás
Would you ever drop a cool mixtape/playlist, please? * - *
Logan Wilbur
Logan Wilbur 25 dias atrás
i know you may not see this but the meme you used in the thumbnail is a meme format that some Jewish people have asked people to stop using. it has ant-Semitic origins and it can be used in that way as a dig whistle, so using it without an anti-Semitic intent makes it harder for Jews to tell when someones dangerous.
Artur Solich
Artur Solich 26 dias atrás
"Znowu jakiś pidżon przyleciał"
Steel Regency
Steel Regency 27 dias atrás
I think having the bottle actually be empty just makes that one better
Noémie D.A
Noémie D.A 27 dias atrás
I love how she said her last name so smoothly while I had to ask three hundred times my Polish friend to repeat it to me, so I can say it right XD it's somewhat so satisfying to hear her say it.
wierszokleta jbny
wierszokleta jbny 28 dias atrás
"znowu jakiś pidżon przyleciał" 😂 imma use that from now on
Poochilli Pickles
Poochilli Pickles 28 dias atrás
16:22 I though my phone ran out of batteries
Margaret Fulop
Margaret Fulop 28 dias atrás
why did we stop calling her meme mom smh anyways MEME MOM WE STAN
FaeryB0mb 28 dias atrás
I love how Karolina's "up next" section is just old timey music and ambience. very lovely.
Vlad Mordred
Vlad Mordred 28 dias atrás
Omg. Omg. Meme Mom can you please react to this video? I think you will love it, it just your style
MoodycowCrafts 28 dias atrás
For the teacher vs bathroom question: We have very little time to teach the kids a whole lesson of information + skills and them going to the bathroom means they come back while the class is (usually about 5-10 minutes) further on and can spend the rest of the lesson unable to do anything (especially if they leave during a crucial part of the lesson). So we also have to juggle a kid who is behind and 20+ others who need to keep going. forefrontacross about the school without supervision class - unless they have a medical reason to go to the toilet whenever they feel like it.
Luke Lascola
Luke Lascola 29 dias atrás
The teacher bathroom meme is actually a joke about American teachers who get upset that you ask "can I go to the bathroom" instead of asking "may I go to the bathroom". So they make the same stupid joke which is "I dont know can you?" And then they laugh and you stare at them until they are done giggling at their over used joke or hand you a hall pass. And then we walk to the bathroom and die a little more inside
Sofia Lourenço
Sofia Lourenço Mês atrás
4:56 Nazaré Tedesco meme is everywhere ° - °
REIKI TIME Mês atrás
Yeah pigeons sounds better. Like wtf is a gołąb
Rocky Mês atrás
Karolina: *polish* pigeon *more polish* subtitles: xp john chileto
Ish Idk
Ish Idk Mês atrás
Her yt recomendations scare me-
John Galt
John Galt Mês atrás
Michalina Kowalik
Michalina Kowalik Mês atrás
My friend's mother couldn't pronunce "pigeon" and she said pieżyn and thats what i call pigeons since then
Goose Just Goose
Goose Just Goose Mês atrás
17:50 i would prolly be 7
Karolina Machińska
teachers ask "can u" bc it should be "may u" PrOpEr EnGliSh
Karolina Machińska
also spirulina would rhyme with dinner btw XD
Karolina Kotowska
Karolina Kotowska Mês atrás
You make me hate my name a little less
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards Mês atrás
Someone probably already commented on this (there are myriad comments already), but, I thought I might explain the "Can I go to the bathroom?"/"I don't know--can you?" meme. One convention of received English is that questions introduced by _can_ ask whether an action is possible; whereas questions introduced with _may_ ask for permission. The old cliche, therefore, is that when a student asks, "Can I go to the bathroom?" the sarcastic teacher replies as if the question of possibility has been asked. It's bad pedagogy, but it was supposed to elicit a redacted question from the student "_May_ I go to the bathroom?" There is even a very silly game for little children used to teach this usage, viz. "Mother, May I?"
Emilia Sjöholm
Emilia Sjöholm Mês atrás
The meme lord herself!
hello itsuser
hello itsuser Mês atrás
i just discovered this ytb channel (love it btw) but why is she giving me a julia roberts kinda vide
Suzan Eenling
Suzan Eenling Mês atrás
The bathroom joke thing is that the kid is asking for permission to go to the bathroom, in which case he would ask "_may_ I go to the bathroom?" But instead he asks if he _can_, meaning if henis able to go the bathroom, to which the teacher replies: "I don't know, _can you_?" 😬 ok bye
Abbigail Hanson
Abbigail Hanson Mês atrás
Yesss family fashion shows!
Ilove Corpseparty
Ilove Corpseparty Mês atrás
The movie part killed me, I’m dead, I’m deceased, and I’m decaying
Kiko Tanto
Kiko Tanto Mês atrás
O sheet I forgot for a while that u were polish, Pozdrowienia z Sosnowca!
Tigrezz Artz
Tigrezz Artz Mês atrás
Bernadette is a vampire/immortal. Karolina is a time lord.
Kieron Torres
Kieron Torres Mês atrás
I love your hair short! I'm glad you don't regret it.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Mês atrás
2:15 It was called Marie Antoinette
FeloniousAngel Mês atrás
I love you and your memes.
Crystal Hilton
Crystal Hilton Mês atrás
16:09 Yeah I decided 2020 was a good year to quit my well paying job to go to nursing school ... TBH, no regrets. LoL I'm almost done and have 2 job offers.
XJade GemsX
XJade GemsX Mês atrás
How are you so pretty your face is amazing
A Vintageish Life
A Vintageish Life Mês atrás
LOVE this idea - some of them are so funny!! Also hats off to you for taking them all with a pinch of salt!!
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane Mês atrás
Safety Time Machine 1. Automatic door locked. 2. Goes invisible. 3. Has camera/TV inside so time travellers only watch history.
tylkoniejulka Mês atrás
about the fashion shows for the whole family as soon as i come home from shopping with mommy: still doin it
Potato Lover
Potato Lover Mês atrás
No one : Meme mom saying the word “palette” as if it was the name of an expensive perfume Ps: this is just a joke, not trying to offend anyone ☺️
alli973 -
alli973 - Mês atrás
Wait is this the real Marie curie
Juf Fee
Juf Fee Mês atrás
As a teacher I say no to my students for going to the toilet, cuz most of the time they just had a break or they even didn't have a class before. That's why. Or for me at least xD
Hawaiian Sand
Hawaiian Sand Mês atrás
12:15 Here to help; when a student asks 'Can I...', he/she asks about their ability. For a possibility 'May I...?' Should be used. Can I go to the bathroom? - Czy potrafię pójść do łazienki? May I...? - Czy mógłbym/-abym...?
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