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thanks to everyone submitting stuff! make sure to check out the #makemememomintoameme hashtag here and on Instagram to give some love to the original submissions ❤️ also enjoy an exclusive look at my BRdesk recommendations 🙃 also there are several editing mistakes in this one but I can't be arsed
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2 Dez 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 4 meses atrás
unfortunately not all submissions made it to this video because it was already 385940 hours long, so make sure to check out the hashtag to see the rest! here are two gems that I think very much deserve to be seen: 1) this one that I had to get rid of because copyright: 2) and this one that BRdesk refused to show me for some reason:
Maalik 7 dias atrás
12:49: "Why is it assumed that tight body suits are the thing for heroes" May I interest you in a Shadiversity video in this trying time:
Demon Girl•30 years ago
The first one is blessed
Leo Taylor
Leo Taylor 2 meses atrás
Din Djarum
Din Djarum 2 meses atrás
Yup. You're a Time Lord from Gallifrey. You are not human at all. Hi...nice to meet you again for the first time.
MandaLa 314
MandaLa 314 4 meses atrás
i thought Karolina spoke so quietly in her early videos because she was shy and just became more outgoing over time! hehe she just had flatmates
average admin's mom enjoyer
i know u clicked "that" link...
bo mg
bo mg 2 dias atrás
19:29 she looks like Lady Dimitrescu there
Froggy711 3 dias atrás
In American schools, at least, teachers tend to be fussy about the bathroom because students will take advantage of it and wander the halls, skip class or whatever. If a student gets caught, it can come back to the teacher and make them look negligent.
Carlos Benavides
Carlos Benavides 4 dias atrás
Karolina: "Last time I was asked out was in 1894" **Combs back his hair with his hands** Me: "If you'll excuse me, Gentlemen, I've found my calling" **Warps through time and space**
SaveTheAmazingCakes 4 dias atrás
3:12 I just realized that was the Pride and Prejudice movie. I don't know about you guys, but that was not a good movie adaptation
Jeanna Roberts
Jeanna Roberts 5 dias atrás
as a teaching assistant can 1000000% confirm kids get up to stupid shit if you let them out of class to pee. I have on more than one occasions had to literally run after teens who tried escaping. And I use a fucking walking stick on the daily
Espiritu Espiritu
Espiritu Espiritu 5 dias atrás
PUNK'N'PIZZA 6 dias atrás
I one of the 17 people that still uses Tumblr
C T 6 dias atrás
Karolina: thanks for the memes Me, in my head: *thanks for the meme-ories*
Maalik 7 dias atrás
12:49: "Why is it assumed that tight body suits are the thing for heroes" May I interest you in a Shadiversity video in this trying time:
Jehanne La Bête
Jehanne La Bête 10 dias atrás
The superhero outfit thing is from the golden age of comics when the men's costumes were all based on men's gymnastics uniforms
CreatureOfTheFay 10 dias atrás
Wither 10 dias atrás
PEPE WAS ALWAYS NICE!!!!! he was NEVER a symbol of hate, bad people hijacked him and the media ran with it!!!! #CLEARPEPESNAME
Jacky gaming
Jacky gaming 11 dias atrás
Its even better if you watch it with your phone in black and white mode.
Call Me Odd
Call Me Odd 11 dias atrás
Friend: I love the 90s aesthetic! So much color Me: me too... but it wasn’t that colorful Friend: uhm... yes it was? Me: *realizes that she is talking about the 1990s and I am talking about the 1590s* 👀
Debiestar 12 dias atrás
The whole teachers and bathroom deal is that they want you to say “may I go to the bathroom” because you can but won’t if you don’t have permission lol
Garret Phegley
Garret Phegley 13 dias atrás
I found it hard to believe that no one has asked this absolutely gorgeous woman out since 1894.
Ofer Zilberman
Ofer Zilberman 13 dias atrás
This girl has the letter Ż in her surname *Guys I think she might be polish*
Maggie Scene
Maggie Scene 14 dias atrás
"It's a nice pepe, guys. Don't worry." If you're a Filipino, it's a whole new meaning.
Le Mo
Le Mo 14 dias atrás
she always looks like a 1936 Polish woman in the countryside in a 1990s movie about pre-ww2 Poland with a vague focus on John Paul II.
Rylee Aerison
Rylee Aerison 14 dias atrás
this came up on my reccomended and I do not regret clicking on it
Elise Curran
Elise Curran 14 dias atrás
Teacher here! The bathroom thing is an issue because lots of people take way too long, like 10 or 15 minutes, so they can go hang out in the hallways.
Venetia Trentalance
Venetia Trentalance 14 dias atrás
In winter in Canada it gets that dark and it deems like midnight
Venetia Trentalance
Venetia Trentalance 14 dias atrás
Is that minecraft music in the background lol😂
Macey Mingori
Macey Mingori 15 dias atrás
ZaKsA 15 dias atrás
Mi się tylko wydaje czy ty masz strasznie mało Polskich fanów?
Quake The Doom Bringer
Quake The Doom Bringer 16 dias atrás
I wouldn't be surprised if Karolina is genuinely a Victoria era woman who somehow got transported to the 21st century who just happens to enjoy contemporary humor
Jay 18 dias atrás
thought thus was spencewuah-
marcinkrab123 19 dias atrás
did you know the march is end
Alex S.
Alex S. 19 dias atrás
I still do the fashion shows 🤓
Kitty_ Gacha
Kitty_ Gacha 20 dias atrás
Polska gurom
white rose blossom
white rose blossom 22 dias atrás
12:13 Americans like skipping school and using the restroom is an excuse to get out of the class that or the teacher is arrogant and thinks their class is too important for you to miss.
niapolong 24 dias atrás
Hey meme mom.... Is that coffee talk soundtrack I hear in the background?
Call Me Kc
Call Me Kc 24 dias atrás
18:52 u n u s a n n u s
Chresola Atsuno
Chresola Atsuno 25 dias atrás
SadWasDead 26 dias atrás
meme mom gives me life
Enthused Norseman
Enthused Norseman 26 dias atrás
13:00 I actually know this. The first superhero costumes were modelled on strongman performers and early 20th dentury gymnastics suits. Then the trend just stuck.
Savannah Bennett
Savannah Bennett 27 dias atrás
Karolina, it’s March now.
Megan Leahy
Megan Leahy 27 dias atrás
The teacher bathroom thing is a grammar thing. Can I go to the bathroom vs may I go to the bathroom. My great grandmother was an English teacher so I heard this a lot growing up.
Megan Leahy
Megan Leahy 10 dias atrás
@Ryan Thomas lol. My great grandmother would have told you that using proper grammar is having manners too.
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 10 dias atrás
I was right now years old when I learned it was supposed to be a grammar thing and not a manners thing. 😳🤷🏾‍♂️
Quinn 28 dias atrás
Meme mom: what are the odds of someone going to the bathroom to do some tomfoolery in there My highschool with like 300 students: three people getting caught at separate times in the same day smoking weed in the girls restroom (we could go anywhere near the school if we weren't in class so I don't know why they had to in the restroom, normal people would just go hide outside, plenty of places you can)
Macovei Georgiana-Teodora
*POV: it is march*
datalal624 28 dias atrás
"How is this not March??" - as I watch this in March, just after the first day of Spring! Yay! At least the weather is nicer, even if it's still bloody COVID and the vaccines are still months away from being fully rolled out...
Ƿynnťari 29 dias atrás
0:00 ‒ relatable
I am_WEEB 29 dias atrás
Mia Swapp
Mia Swapp Mês atrás
It’s March now
Mia Swapp
Mia Swapp Mês atrás
I just went and looked at 1930’s shoes after the meme about them they are so cute why don’t we have cute and classy shoes like that anymore?
caffienatedmusic Mês atrás
Me watching in March 2021: 👀
R.L. Dane
R.L. Dane Mês atrás
19:19 SO CUTE!! OMG!!!
Ameno Sophia uwu
Ameno Sophia uwu Mês atrás
0:36 funfact i have the same headphones as you and I don't like them very much ;_;
Mati Mi
Mati Mi Mês atrás
lets ignore 5:29 tiktoks that made cardi B cook
Laurie Zolkosky
Laurie Zolkosky Mês atrás
Stealing that surname meme, for reasons.
sweater weather
sweater weather Mês atrás
when it's March
Amelia Pin
Amelia Pin Mês atrás
I STILL do lil fashion shows for my mum after a (online) shopping trip. I’m 22 and live in a different state, we FaceTime so I can show off my haul.
Jean-Paul Mês atrás
"Hi fellow twenty-first century humans," guys.... make it a meme, we can do this, you can do it
Amanda Gomez
Amanda Gomez Mês atrás
Did you know that I fact...commenting in March? A concept? 🤔🤔🤔 😂🤣 Love your videos.
Scarlett Solley
Scarlett Solley Mês atrás
OmG when you did a british accent you sounded like my polish friend i-
Lance Magmer
Lance Magmer Mês atrás
The super hero costume is based on old muscle men costumes.
"Znowu jakiś pydżen przyleciał" XD
alaskastyle89 Mês atrás
We lived in a very rural place and didn't have a ton of money so we got clothes out of the sears catalog like once a year, so we had a big thing about trying them on! Also my mom sewed our holiday dresses and we had a fashion show for Dad too. It sounds like I grew up in the dust bowl era or something but I just grew up in Alaska in the early 90s. (Also watching this in March 2021... oof)
BruhAnt Mês atrás
polacy rodacy?
zperdek Mês atrás
March is now!
Nike Mês atrás
Watching this in March, feeling a whole lot better about myself xD
Giles S
Giles S Mês atrás
“Wow premium crop” made me laugh
Marčin Barely
Marčin Barely Mês atrás
"I don't know, can you?" It is very much English teacher thing, I believe. The right way to ask is "May I go to the bathroom?" because you are asking for a permission to leave the class, not questioning your ability. Anyhow, not a native speaker, rather a fellow slav, so I might have gotten it wrong.
Gastii Mês atrás
You're correct about it being related to grammar, but other teachers do it just as a joke since it seems like a pointless question to ask because most of the time they say yes. Also, I question my ability to go to the bathroom often.
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Mês atrás
UGH...OH! I appreciate your true ❤️💕💯 Karolina! Lisa Rae Rousseau
Xan Mês atrás
Karolina: "What possible shit can you do in a bathroom?" Me: "wEeD?"
Franek Pulocek
Franek Pulocek Mês atrás
koński ryj zapomniał Polskiego
Ta Moe
Ta Moe Mês atrás
Erm... teacher here... XD it's just a thing we say to be 'funny' since they ask 'can' instead of 'may' and we basically just make fun of them asking them whether they know how to use it or not and since many teachers try to be funny a lot it kinda became a thing I guess XD (also we are slightly annoyed when kids ask, when there are clear rules in how to procede when they need to go to the loo XD - like just go and leave their nametag on "toilet" or their raise their hand and make a T sign or whatever the class decided on with the teacher, but some keep asking and interrupting the class with that XD)
A Arber
A Arber Mês atrás
It is, in fact, March FYI
some cunning linguist
Hi Zebrowska... It is now March
Du Súndavar Freohr
BWAHAHA "2020: tiReD" 😂😂😂😂
Das Nachtfunkelatelier
After hearing this question over and over again day in and out you start making fun of it. And the most stupid and easiest way is "Can you go to the bathroom?" meaning are you able to?.. Terrible one, but that's the explanation.
Ani B
Ani B Mês atrás
I need to be goOoOooOinG
Pasta Goose
Pasta Goose Mês atrás
And now 2021 is better than 2020.
Anders Dahnielson
Anders Dahnielson Mês atrás
Salutations from March!
GSzonja HappyBalaga
Karolina: how is it not march??? Me, watching in march: visible confusion
Personne Ici
Personne Ici Mês atrás
The "can you?" Teacher response to asking "Can I go to the bathroom?" Is because the teacher is trying (passive aggressively) to remind the student that asking permission is "May I" and stating physical capability is "Can I". They need to come up with a better teaching method in my opinion.
Elliot Holt
Elliot Holt Mês atrás
3 months late but the teacher thing is, i believe, a way of correcting you, because "may I go to the bathroom" is the grammatically correct version? That's my guess anyways
Yanaha Kai Dził
Yanaha Kai Dził Mês atrás
14:56 Hi it's March 2nd, exactly three months later.
Ardmore An
Ardmore An Mês atrás
13:13 I read ''husband'' too and after watching it again when you mentioned it, I don't understand how my brain worked on this one.
Brilchan Mês atrás
I love this
Purpity Mês atrás
The first time I watched this video I didn't get the reference from The IT Crowd at 13:02 but I just got it and I'm so proud of myself
Blue Shell
Blue Shell Mês atrás
My woman is an eternal among men and I’m living for it
Igorinsky Kaminsky
Igorinsky Kaminsky Mês atrás
15:18 **A✨C✨T✨U✨A✨L✨L✨Y**
Lyn Mês atrás
March is in 3 days T-T
Emilia Wolin
Emilia Wolin Mês atrás
Znowu jakiś pidżon przyleciał i się poplakałam ze śmiechu
QueenShireen Mês atrás
Tight suit on those superheroes is for practical reasons I think mostly. Edit : Waited did she say she dated last time in 1894? XD
Wixa Mês atrás
Damn white BRdesk
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter Mês atrás
The "Can I go to the bathroom" "I don't know, can you?" thing is teachers being smart butts and hating on kids who said 'can' when the correct word is 'may'. At my school they made us also call it a restroom because "there is no bath in the restroom", but I'm like, "also there is no way to rest", so I don't know.
Nad Burghard
Nad Burghard 2 meses atrás
when znowu jakiś pidżon przyleciał
icedragonair 2 meses atrás
The 1930s shoes video ruined my life. I already had trouble finding shoes other than riding boot like shoes that i liked. Then i saw that video, and now i know that heels i not only LIKE, but would litteraly kill for existed. BUT I CANT HAVE THEMMMMMMMMM
AudioGardenSlave 2 meses atrás
A disclaimed Pepe is no Pepe at all.
Tomas Byrom
Tomas Byrom 2 meses atrás
RE Teachers and bathroom breaks. It isn't that we think students are going to do anything wrong. It's that we also need to pee and can't leave the room.
Ralsei 2 meses atrás
So your are Polish me too hah im med on this chanell
kraols 2 meses atrás
in the primary school, during the long break, there used to be some kids hiding in the bathroom just to not go out for the break. i suppose some kids were also smoking some weird stuff etc. so yes, teachers visit bathrooms way too frequently
Ross Albatross
Ross Albatross 2 meses atrás
I'm sorry but why is she pretending to be from this century. She was clearly reincarnated
KDR123 2 meses atrás
"znowu jakiś *pidżon* przyleciał" zabiłaś mnie XDD
TO1 2 meses atrás
sebastian banguis
sebastian banguis 2 meses atrás
Someone needs to make an "Excuse me, you will not disrespect _________ in front of me" meme
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