Rating (aka Roasting) Historical Movie Corsets 

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sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, editing this video ate my soul and I had no energy to swap them
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18 Ago 2020



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Hollow Jack
Hollow Jack 3 horas atrás
(war flashbacks to the corset scene in black butler)
galanie 6 horas atrás
I'm not really interested in fashion. But I do love history and accuracy in portraying history. You are great! I mean I'm not yet 70 but from what I've seen you are absolutely right there spot on accurate. Great job and I'm watching more than I thought I would hehe. Also your look is always perfect for the theme. Perhaps I'm prejudiced because my mother was a vet of the Navy during WWII (so was my dad but we're talking women's fashion here) and she was partial to hair like you wear yours and red lipstick. She always wore red lipstick and never changed.
Rachel McDonough
Rachel McDonough Dia atrás
I'm not a fashion historian but I work at a rather conscientious renaissance fair and I couldn't get through The Tudors because NO ONE WAS WEARING HATS!!!! And why was King Henry SO CASUAL AND SCHLUBBY ALL THE TIME!?
calicolyon Dia atrás
Padding is key! Learned that from Bernadette!
calicolyon Dia atrás
You're too kind with your numbers! :) When you were describing the movies I was thinking this is going to be a 2 and you gave them a 4.
sniffthecactus duh
Where is Pride and Prejudice?!
Grizzabella Glamour
Grizzabella Glamour 3 dias atrás
I hate the Phantom of the Opera Film. It is so diffrent from the original musical, in a bad way. I watched the musical many times and the outfits and the singers are so much better. The lyrics are diffrent, which fits better in the rhythm. I just hate the musical into film thing. I just don't get why. Funfact: There was a cats "film" before the actual film, which feautred one at this time the actual musical cast. They did the musical without the guests and filmed it. I actually have the DvD. And I did a costume of Christines Mask ball outfit, when I was younger. And I sung "Think of me" with my sing teacher.
Paige 3 dias atrás
I think in gone with the wind the corset lacing scenes are intended more for emphasizing scarlett's vanity especially since after she had Bonnie there is a scene where she lament's her waist size. This probably sparked the trope
Seamstress Celeste
Seamstress Celeste 4 dias atrás
I think that at least part of the the problem with the lacing in Anna Karenina could be caused by the way she was wearing it. The imae you showed has the corset over top of the bum roll and crinoline, which would add volume to the hips and cause the wrinkling on the sides.
Natalie N.
Natalie N. 6 dias atrás
Completely amazed with your body of knowledge. Wow! Thank you
gioppikappa 9 dias atrás
What about moulin rouge?
Carol Shuturan
Carol Shuturan 10 dias atrás
Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.
Sarah Ready
Sarah Ready 10 dias atrás
There probably aren’t many people who’ve seen Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney Houston but there’s a tightlacing scene in that movie as well.
Kat Wernery
Kat Wernery 11 dias atrás
You rock for showcasing Meet Me in St. Louis!! It was her sister
Jaded Belle
Jaded Belle 11 dias atrás
*insert haunting panpipe music* I'm surprised moulin rogue didn't make the list. I'm also really surprised anyone outside of australia has heard of picnic at hanging rock. Every schoolchild in australia has been made to watch it at some point. White was a big theme in picnic at hanging rock to emphasize the whole 'purity and innnocence' vibe so i've got a feeling having all white corsets was more about the asthetics than anything
L C 8 dias atrás
I agree about the whole aesthetic thing in Picnic at Hanging Rock, also I went and rewatched the corset scene and they aren’t really lacing them tightly at all, it seems pretty normal to me. Also a lot of the the adults in the film have very prominent silhouettes and are obviously fitted with nicely shaping corsets.
tsurah5 11 dias atrás
I’m so happy picnic at hanging rock showed up in this. ❤️❤️ I haven’t seen it for so many years, I forgot there were corsets in it.
lita 12 dias atrás
another movie I remember that has a corset showing was Snowhite and the Huntsman I believe though again it was a typical tight lacing scene :(
Dorothy Willis
Dorothy Willis 12 dias atrás
About sleeping in a corset. In the American "Little House" series of books, classed as children's books but also read by adults, at one time the main character, Laura, mentions that her sister, Mary, sleeps in her corset although Laura herself just can't do it. These books are semi-autobiographical, and were written by Laura Ingalls Wilder about her own life, so it seems unlikely she would make up something like that. If you want to look up the reference, I believe it is in the book called "Little Town on the Prairie." I think you might enjoy this book and the next one in order, "These Happy Golden Years." Laura talks a lot about her clothes and those of her sister, Mary, and gives a lot of interesting details about them.
Vivienne Ngo
Vivienne Ngo 13 dias atrás
Does anybody know which series or movie she's referencing at 6:00?
Lillian Bowen
Lillian Bowen 14 dias atrás
I love what you're wearing , hair and make up included.
NapierProductions 14 dias atrás
Anyone have thoughts about the corsets from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"? (The actresses said they were really comfy.)
nellie werger
nellie werger 15 dias atrás
Seven brides for seven brothers
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 15 dias atrás
I love the piano
Charisma Girl
Charisma Girl 15 dias atrás
The terms "Edwardian" and "Victorian" do not mean much when talking about the USA -- they refer to monarchs and their reigns! LOL! you should identify maybe by our Presidents? or other markers of time? often "Edwardian" is called "WWI era" here.
Meg Trexler
Meg Trexler 16 dias atrás
Did they sell corsets in stores or was your only option to get them custom made? Edit: in the 1600s-1800s
Megan Box
Megan Box 16 dias atrás
I would love to hear your thoughts on the corsets and other 1860s undergarments in The King and I (original version)!
Victoria Martinez
Victoria Martinez 16 dias atrás
you forgot sense and sensibility. It has corsets (I think) and I remember thinking that her boob might fall out of her dress at one point. Check it out if you haven't seen it already.
Leanne Robinson
Leanne Robinson 16 dias atrás
WAit im crying ur kittie is fr face in pillow thinking too deeply
Leanne Robinson
Leanne Robinson 16 dias atrás
Ur editing is perf
Shā C
Shā C 16 dias atrás
I would love to hear your opinion about the movie Orlando.
A really sad lesbian
A really sad lesbian 17 dias atrás
What i don’t understand is why they couldn’t hire professionals that know wtf they’re doing
diane cheney
diane cheney 17 dias atrás
Gangs of New York
diane cheney
diane cheney 17 dias atrás
Fancy Pants. Murder on the Orient Express has corsets from different times. Like the old Russian Lady and the German Companion
diane cheney
diane cheney 17 dias atrás
Sherlock Holmes, the Jeremy Britt version
diane cheney
diane cheney 17 dias atrás
Oh boy corset movies. Cut Throat Island, Sweeney Todd, Downtown Abbey, Penny Dreadful, The Great Train Robbery, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Four Feathers, Anna Karinina,
Taylor Kestner
Taylor Kestner 17 dias atrás
i would click on a video with "stays or bodices" in the title lmao
skandarkeynes _ skandarians
Could you review The Vampire Diaries please? They have amazing Victorian flashback scenes (1864) although I’m not sure how accurate they are! I’d really appreciate your opinions as you’re definitely the best person to ask about this aha!
Christy T
Christy T 18 dias atrás
Sadly, corsets often get ordered and are not ordered from companies that focus on historical accuracy. Then there are always the actors who are specific about the shape they want to be seen in and the costume designer can’t force the issue. These are reasons I moved back to the Midwest and went back to school in the sciences.
Christy T
Christy T 18 dias atrás
I can’t tolerate bad undergarments. The shape is wrong and I’m off to analyzing everything else...down to set and lighting.
poltergeist ;-;
poltergeist ;-; 18 dias atrás
Wow the costumes in the Phantom of the Opera *movie* sucks as well. Who would've thought. :/
Amanda Roland
Amanda Roland 18 dias atrás
Have you checked out Stanley Kubrick - Barry Lyndon?
Nic 18 dias atrás
They should get a bonus point for wearing a chemise under the corset/stay. Or lose a point of they don't. Either way, tight-lacing a corset on bare skin should definitely lose points. 😄
livi 19 dias atrás
I couldn't watch bridgerton because of the outfits...
Chrystal Frost
Chrystal Frost 19 dias atrás
No chemise/shift under the corset/stays drives me nuts.
Ilana Bergsagel
Ilana Bergsagel 19 dias atrás
What about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? I am curious about your thoughts on those corsets!
Kayla Hall
Kayla Hall 20 dias atrás
Seven brides for seven brothers Little women, the 90s and the new bad one Sarah plain and tall
CHZ ! 20 dias atrás
Karolina is with corsets like I am with "Greek mithology" movies
Ace Q
Ace Q 21 dia atrás
I was watching Game Of Thrones the other day and Sansa wears a corset on bare skin in this one scene and it made me want to die
Loren Wood
Loren Wood 21 dia atrás
scarlett o'hara's character was super vain and in the book it mentions she tightlaced so she could have the smallest waist in the state. So the tightlacing scene is actually accurate to her
Mary Dixon
Mary Dixon 22 dias atrás
How about Interview With The Vampire?
MoggiesTen 22 dias atrás
Did anyone mention House of Wax?
Alexandra 24 dias atrás
I have a project about this. I swear you sound so educated I'm aboutta use her as a source lmao
Fadlina Raisya
Fadlina Raisya 27 dias atrás
I just have a question, do you wear a corset right onto your skin?
fligglebobbin 27 dias atrás
My theater club did Dangerous Liaisons. It has since been referred to as "Dangerous Lesbians". You're welcome.
Matty Morissette
Matty Morissette 27 dias atrás
Think Titanic should have been an 8.
lia 27 dias atrás
5:00 they're not even wearing a shift?;?+?;?+?+?
francesco sheeran
francesco sheeran 27 dias atrás
The thing with the tightlacing in gone whith the Wind Is that in the book Scarlett Is incredibly vain and wears her corset way too tight...that's why she's tightlacing in the movie
Marcos Sousa
Marcos Sousa 28 dias atrás
You just owned a subscriber with that Campion's The Piano mention
Megan - SoLa Slice of Life
Please take a look at the costumes from bridgerton on Netflix! It’s an interesting mess costume wise but I love it
Frances Muller
Frances Muller 29 dias atrás
Pleeeaase talk about portrait of a lady on fire, I love that movie and Id really love to know how historically accurate the costumes are. I love your content btw
Sally Moore
Sally Moore 29 dias atrás
I give you Roman Polanski's Tess of the Dourbevilles, the bbc series Poldark and Dowton Abbey. The BBC known to Brits as Auntie, pride themselves on accuracy in wardrobe and furnishings to the period.
E.Z. Lee
E.Z. Lee Mês atrás
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the costuming of the 1973 version of Three Musketeers, especially Geraldine Chaplin, Faye Dunaway, and hilariously, Raquel Welch.
George Saint
George Saint Mês atrás
Ha. You forgot the obvious one: Moulin Rouge. And there is also this BBC Victorian Drama series called: "Fingersmith" (after the novel). But yeah you were doing movies only now. But any next time check it out. With my unprofessional eye, and mere male gaze, I thought that drama was very nice. They also got the hair, period correct I think.
Fell Hermit
Fell Hermit Mês atrás
In the movie mirror mirror with Julia Roberts There’s a scene where they’re tightening a corset with this big ridiculous contraption But that was sort of the evil queens thing (tight corsets, ridiculous dresses) but they could of done it better But at least she had underwear and not just naked
leyly Mês atrás
For Gone With the Wind: it is true that the corsets were grossly inaccurate in shape, but the tightlacing was done because Scarlett as a whole is a very vain character. In the books, there's a whole bunch of bragging about a 16-inch waist or something and also about how she has to get her waist down back to a 16 after she has Bonnie. There's also a scene where the excuse for not having babies is that she wants to keep her figure slim.
ceva tip pe net
ceva tip pe net Mês atrás
Can you talk about Murdoch Mysteries?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Mês atrás
I’ve been meaning to check out Picnic at Hanging Rock. Apparently the book is considered Australia’s greatest novel and my mum said the movie is really good too.
Lucía c:
Lucía c: Mês atrás
She's like the TwoSetViolin of corsets lmao
Wendy Here
Wendy Here Mês atrás
fashion history, history of fashion
benkenobisgirl Mês atrás
I’m new to your videos, but enjoying them tremendously. I immediately thought of McLintock!, a 1963 western starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Probably the farthest thing from accurate!
Bob Airhart
Bob Airhart Mês atrás
Karolina you are a fine historian-keep it up!
jaco con7os
jaco con7os Mês atrás
Omg i really love Amadeus, but the inaccuracy really ruined it XD
Heather Craig
Heather Craig Mês atrás
Honestly I thought the yellow corsets in the thumbnail were rubber ducks at first (maybe I should put on my glasses) but a great scale for rating things none the less.
Hawkii Birdii
Hawkii Birdii Mês atrás
"I don't think we have seen Victoria's underwear" The person who owns her underwear: *Nothing is impossible*
Oooooo - how about Perfume, Story of a Murderer - Laura's stays? What a fine film it is.
Tru Hill
Tru Hill Mês atrás
Hero! I do a bunch of community theatre plays and musicals, and the theatre troupe that I do a majority of my work with is a stickler for historical fashion accuracy. I played Ms. Lovett from Sweeney Todd and wore a corset. I was able to dance, sing, and basically just to physically hard things to do all while wearing a corset (or I guess it was a stay? It took place in 1875 so correct me if I’m wrong) and it was just fine! I never felt like I couldn’t breath or like I was being squeezed too tight. My only complaint is that it forced me to keep proper posture xD which I guess isnt a very big deal but I’m a sloucher so my back and shoulders did get a bit tired.
Evy? Mês atrás
how about the movie a little chaos?
No Mês atrás
scale should have been halloween store corset to actual victorian corset
SugarBugX Mês atrás
Have you done any videos on outlander?
{ KitKat }
{ KitKat } Mês atrás
Same! I watched 1917 and it showed a Indian (idk if he was Indian- I'm just guessing) man in a truck full of British people, Which he wouldnt be there! He would be in a truck with other Indians, it kinda threw me off... (No, not trying to be racist, The move is ment to be historically correct but...That single part wasnt historically correct.)
Maddie Sullivan
Maddie Sullivan Mês atrás
Heide Carrion
Heide Carrion Mês atrás
I love the way you look in a side part. It's so charming.
T. Drake
T. Drake Mês atrás
The first time I heard the corset tightening trope was from Laura Ingalls Wilder's books, which was supposedly a first-hand account. (This is a really popular, semi-autobiographical series about a 19th century US settler family.) I believed the corset tropes for a long time because of this. Thoughts?
Crushed Velvet
Crushed Velvet Mês atrás
That still of the girls in a row tight lacing eachothers corsets reminds me of my mom and her sisters having to help eachother get their jeans zipped. Back in the 70s, when super high waisted skin tight flare jeans were fashionable, my mom and her sisters would each take turns lying flat on the bed sucking in their stomachs while the other one took a metal clothes hanger looped through the end of the zipper and pulled and pulled until they were closed enough to quickly button them.
Elizabeth Rogers
Elizabeth Rogers Mês atrás
what about Brave? there was a scene where merida's mom was lacing her corset when corsets didn't exist yet
betajoovey Mês atrás
If you ever feel like branching into TV, I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts on Deadwood's costumes, or more specifically Alma Garret's 1870s dresses and accessories. I can't say for certain, but I feel like most of her silhouettes are pretty period accurate.
Jonn Catron
Jonn Catron Mês atrás
I've been picking movie costumes apart now for 35 years my mom used to sit there and go it's a movie it's done in our time not their time and I'd go but it's representing their time they should get it right.
Lindsey Pyle
Lindsey Pyle Mês atrás
The opening credits for Gentleman Jack has a corset.
Lindsey Pyle
Lindsey Pyle Mês atrás
@nevermind moonchilde Thanks for pointing that out that I suggested a show instead of a movie, very helpful.
nevermind moonchilde
She said she was doing movies. Not shows.
ancientlavender Mês atrás
I'm so glad you reviewed Picnic at Hanging Rock! It's my favorite movie ^^
L C Mês atrás
Same! It’s too bad the corsets aren’t fully accurate, although I feel like they’re all white to match the white clothing.
Aparajitha H G
Aparajitha H G 2 meses atrás
This video has a fashionable twoset vibes : the ROAST
David Arriaga
David Arriaga 2 meses atrás
As a Gay man who is more or less a punk rocker, I grew up watching period films and find the corset beautiful, and this video was incredibly informative and fascinating. 10/10 subscribed
Amy Pattie
Amy Pattie 2 meses atrás
Hello, I am an Australian costume person. In defence of the Hanging Rock issue of fabric whiteness, historically we wore lots of white and other light boring colours because the white people got really hot, and shipping cost for nice fabric was (and still is) expensive. In general, our Victorian/Edward fashion has always been blander and more conservative.
L C Mês atrás
I love Picnic at Hanging Rock and was wondering about that as well. Also the adults in the film have very prominent silhouettes and appear to be wearing well structured corsets, so I wonder if it’s a deliberate choice to have the young students’s be less shaping since they’re younger?
ran ran
ran ran 2 meses atrás
In Meet Me in St Louis it makes sense, they're going to a big event
HeyHannah 2 meses atrás
The reason why the pirates of the Caribbean corset likely seemed “off” when you were rating it was probably because in the movie, this corset is described as being a brand new design from France (I.e. modern for the era) whereas her undergarments were likely still the same ones she’s been wearing for a while (I.e. NOT modern for the era). This is likely why the timelines are mashing for you and not lining up. Just wanted to point out that this might be as intended! :)
Jay Emerson
Jay Emerson 2 meses atrás
There is a corset scene in mirror mirror too, where the evil Queen is being tightlaced by a machine. That scene scared me as a kid and I'm glad I learned about actual corsets later on in life otherwise I would have been a little scared of corsets for years to come
Anna Watermelon Loves Jonghyun
The Handmaiden by Park Chan-wook also has a scene where a character tightens a corset around another character and she screams because of how tight it is lol
shoenicorn knits
shoenicorn knits 2 meses atrás
I remember seven brides for seven brothers having at least one scene that heavily featured several women in their underpinnings, and I remember being so excited as I always was when corsets were featured in a film, but if I went back now I bet I'd probably be disappointed xD
itsthecolleenlife 2 meses atrás
2:29 excellent shout-out to Hattie McDaniel 🙌 You've turned me into a corset apologist. I used to assume that corsets were just miniature torture chambers and it didn't help that in one of my history classes in middle school we were told about organ damage from tight-lacing. I scolded a co-worker once when she told me she was thinking of getting a waist trainer. Now I'm low-key considering getting a corset to wear every once in a while; it might help with my posture and for some reason I like the sensation of wearing clothes that are tight around the ribs but I don't like the aesthetic, so maybe a corset could be a good way to work around that.
Mocha 2 meses atrás
I don’t know whether young, healthy, rich women typically had maids tie their corsets or not, but if they did, it was purely out of laziness. You absolutely do not need to be strong or especially flexible to tight lace the fuck out of yourself on your own. I used to do it all the time, and I eventually lost interest in it, but it was drastically easier and a lot less painful then most modern people imagine. There’s no need for the person lacing you to lean back and grunt while you desperately hold on to a doorframe, even if they are lacing you very tight. Only someone who is extremely inflexible would need help to tight lace themselves. Don’t get me wrong. It is definitely easier to have someone else do it even if you’re perfectly able bodied, but it’s still relatively easy to do it by yourself.
Joanna Daniels
Joanna Daniels 2 meses atrás
All these anti corset early films appear to be really influenced by the 1920s Flappers backlash.
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