Oscars fashion review but it's 1954 and you're watching your neighbors color TV 

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drink every time she's wrong
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27 Fev 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 11 meses atrás
1-800-sparklii 5 horas atrás
Nia Mensah
Nia Mensah 2 meses atrás
Hi meme mom
Siya 7 meses atrás
_historiadora_ 7 meses atrás
i need to start doing that
woodfur00 11 meses atrás
Ardata Carmia? Is that you?
Luise Paschinger
Luise Paschinger 10 dias atrás
I think Audrey Hepburn once mentioned in an interview that she doesn’t want to wear things that people can’t recreate cheap at home because she herself had very humble beginnings
moon glazer
moon glazer 11 dias atrás
JAHSHAJSHA the laugh always get me
Valentino Quartz
Valentino Quartz 14 dias atrás
Antoinxtte 27 dias atrás
It's her first time in his work. And trust my intuition when I say It's also her last mhmmhmhmhmh
अंतर् मन
Elizabeth Taylor. Forgettable??? How mama, how??? 🥺
shira ferrero
shira ferrero Mês atrás
i love these 50ies inspired rockabilly dresses but neeeeever do they have these boat necklines that audrey hepburn and a lot of her contemporaries wore. why? they are the best
Sofia Irigoin
Sofia Irigoin 2 meses atrás
0:38 new meme, GO
Jennifer Villezcas
Jennifer Villezcas 2 meses atrás
"Maybe she's trying to make it her signature look, TiMe wiLL TeLL."😂
Tim Opper
Tim Opper 2 meses atrás
A bit catty with your comments. 🙀
Samantha Gallagher
Samantha Gallagher 2 meses atrás
drunk on tea
Crystal Lynn
Crystal Lynn 3 meses atrás
I almost cried when she said Audrey H dress look like a cheap wedding dress
Javen Cummins
Javen Cummins 4 meses atrás
This is great.
James Sellman
James Sellman 5 meses atrás
I like how they walk/run to the stage like nobody's watching that part.
Elsa Anayati
Elsa Anayati 5 meses atrás
*mmhm hmhmm* 🤭
Lex The omnidroid
Lex The omnidroid 5 meses atrás
Ah, the 2020s... how we love them.
Mini Williams
Mini Williams 5 meses atrás
This was both highly amusing and uncomfortable (the others are right; this is totally like Umbridge). Props.
ripot en soleil
ripot en soleil 5 meses atrás
A ja jestem zachwycony wyglądem Marilyn Monroe na rozdaniu statuetek Oscara w 1954 roku. Oto link na film: And I'm delighted to see Marilyn Monroe at the 1954 Oscar award. Link to the
Lauren Paz
Lauren Paz 6 meses atrás
Why did they walk so quickly??
Butla Octu
Butla Octu 6 meses atrás
technicolor in tv? it doesn't make sense
Charlie Orr
Charlie Orr 6 meses atrás
her, her shawl ders,
Luciano Watanabe
Luciano Watanabe 6 meses atrás
This is 'Fashion Police' 1954 edition. lol
Kjersti Numi
Kjersti Numi 6 meses atrás
How did you become interested in such topics, Karolina? You're so young and I find your interests fascinating!!
hannakm 6 meses atrás
So unless you have a trend with your appetite to follow 50's style, you'd either follow natural weight curve or die fat. Just kidding, nowadays food is just too delicious to follow these instructions.
Just Using
Just Using 7 meses atrás
If hautelemode exsisted in the 1950s
danae koloka
danae koloka 7 meses atrás
My grandma was 20 y/o back then
Mellie 7 meses atrás
Oh, Meme mom, how you delight me!
Hanxy 7 meses atrás
That laugh actually makes me uncomfortable.😂
Frogg doggs
Frogg doggs 8 meses atrás
Anyone who can insult Audrey Hepburn with a straight face is truly powerful
Minty Alpaca
Minty Alpaca 8 meses atrás
this was longer than three minutes
Anne Grove
Anne Grove 8 meses atrás
Karolina is lovely as always. BUT WHERE ARE THOSE ANTS?!?
karatechick306 8 meses atrás
"Brought to you in technicolor but the dresses are black and white" -- LOL!
Mona Teru
Mona Teru 8 meses atrás
Anyone else catch the classic horror movie "Them!" reference?
Lily Fae
Lily Fae 8 meses atrás
Somebody: Wears clothing Penelope Oscar: Mhheheheh
m a x
m a x 8 meses atrás
How tf are you so pretty?
Allie 8 meses atrás
I need more of this.
Thoughts 8 meses atrás
Colour* Neighbour *
sabrina !
sabrina ! 8 meses atrás
i didn't know i lived in poland in 1954 or had alive neighbours good to know
Hendrik Janssen
Hendrik Janssen 8 meses atrás
May I ask how you made the wonderful technicolors in your video? :)
equus quagga quagga
equus quagga quagga 9 meses atrás
I have givenchy urban sneakers
RyanRossEnthusiast 10 meses atrás
Why do you not have more subscribers
Ipermaga 10 meses atrás
Just admit you loved your 50s style and wanted to flaunt it in front of a camera lmao (I love it too im jk)
person xie
person xie 10 meses atrás
“Something out of a Flying alien cars movie in the 2020’s” mhmhmhmhmh I died
Am I homophobic if I hate myself?
Damn, one more year forward and we could've seen the shade thrown about Judy Garland not winning an Oscar for A Star is Born
Sandra Love
Sandra Love 10 meses atrás
Loved this. I wish I can go back to the 50's era....and yet you make it the impossible possible!! Thank you for this.
McC. O.
McC. O. 10 meses atrás
Wow you look stunning!
Krinkle Hill
Krinkle Hill 10 meses atrás
Lana Turner and Elizabeth Taylor look amazing
Good Morning
Good Morning 10 meses atrás
Oml I love the dress at 1:52
Micah the Blowfish
Micah the Blowfish 10 meses atrás
Insult my baby Audrey Hepburn again and we will have to throw hands my friend
Axelle Daem
Axelle Daem 8 meses atrás
Yasmin Ribeiro
Yasmin Ribeiro 10 meses atrás
Sarah 10 meses atrás
1954 shade at its finest! Had me rolling!
La conquistadors E explora
I’m missing Meme Mom’s reviews of Met Gala and current award shows.🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 Will Penelope Oscar grace us with time travel and review her future? Please?
bcgrote 10 meses atrás
hem hem. Umbridge's pretty stepmother!
Alexis Carlsen
Alexis Carlsen 10 meses atrás
Classic 😂
Eva Stassi
Eva Stassi 10 meses atrás
I'm a simple person. I see Karolina Żebrowska? I click. I see Audrey Hepburn? I click
Axelle Daem
Axelle Daem 8 meses atrás
banana fish
banana fish 10 meses atrás
This lady on this year Oscar review was an actress,no? I remember her on some movies but memory fails when i try to remember the names
comradepeggyhill 10 meses atrás
I love this persona. You always come out with the most unique videos. I would watch a whole series of Penelope Oscar shading everyone and everything.
I’m just Nyx
I’m just Nyx 10 meses atrás
Me: pspspspsppspspspspsp!! 1950’s cat: ._. Me: *mhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm* 1950’s cat: *Ò-Ó*
lailinshale 10 meses atrás
wow, her hair is fabulous.
Karina 10 meses atrás
They all run ??? They moved so fast
Liz Adams
Liz Adams 11 meses atrás
Everyone running to the stage before they change their minds and give the Oscar to someone else. People probably watched those Oscars in the window of the TV shop.
JP2GiannaT 11 meses atrás
Giant radioactive what now?
anna sussman
anna sussman 11 meses atrás
Beautiful hair
thebombson 11 meses atrás
cool however the communist scare was not at all that irrational in fact we could use some of it nowadays.
Hexa Decimal
Hexa Decimal 11 meses atrás
Hi Karolina. Nice video. I think you would look great dressing up as Rachel from Bladerunner for one of your videos?
Bassem B.
Bassem B. 11 meses atrás
* Shy, passive-agressive giggle *
that one sarcastic bitch
that one sarcastic bitch 11 meses atrás
The only missing things in this video is the Transatlantic accent. Otherwise, this video is still awesome
Kirse 11 meses atrás
Why are all the women running? The men are pulling the women along, or they are running to/on the stage... in heels.. and big dresses.. They just won an Oscar and now they have to do a sprint?
Sabrina Prior
Sabrina Prior 11 meses atrás
I do so enjoy your content. Congratulations on the honorary judge thing!!! 😎😎😎
Sandra FledglingMixologista
Gene Tierney is dressed like Myrna Loy used to dress in the 30s.
Zsuzsmoux 11 meses atrás
The cold war is in full force, let's spill ALL this piping hot tea!
you are made of stardust
you are made of stardust 11 meses atrás
why are they legit running to the stage
Mandy Olorenshaw
Mandy Olorenshaw 11 meses atrás
Yo I have an idea. I came from another video but am posting here so maybe you see it. Do a collab with Angela Clayton where you guys choose a decade of fashion that you both don’t know much about, and then you do the research and design of a costume and she has to make the pattern and construct the design. Would be so cool. It’d be like you are professional costumers working on a movie set or something.
Mandy Olorenshaw
Mandy Olorenshaw 11 meses atrás
Or you could also choose a place that neither of you have much experience in.
Adrian DeWitt
Adrian DeWitt 11 meses atrás
She just so casually calls Audrey Hepburn a he instead of a she. Edit: she actually said his. Whoops. Still has the same effect though.
jodiebug1 11 meses atrás
What beautiful neck and shoulders you have!
Stella Lazare
Stella Lazare 11 meses atrás
Would you ever review Anne With an E fashion?
Michael Fuson
Michael Fuson 11 meses atrás
As far back as I can remember I've loved history, especially certain eras. Your videos are very good and I enjoy watching them. I've also felt that at some point we transitioned from a very formal society to one that has become casual, and if that is so, I wonder where it began to change.
Michelle Byrom
Michelle Byrom 5 meses atrás
This is the recent stuff. The loss of cheap labour for servants after WW1 forced a lot of basic change. The Edwardians took formality and the class system to its extreme. Now the aristocracy and the very wealthy try to employ people but what once took 100 staff has been reduced to 2 or 3 and most titled folks do at least some cleaning and cooking themselves. Its hard for someone to take you seriously as Lady Rollinginit when you're up to your elbows in the kitchen sink.
Michelle Byrom
Michelle Byrom 5 meses atrás
Initially in the sixties when the old rules were first questioned. More so in the eighties when glamorous gowns were reserved for weddings and balls, ordinary skirts and blouses were worn to go out in the evening and sportswear became relaxed wear. We did dress up a bit but nothing like the effort our parents made at the weekend. In the nineties I was never referred to as Mrs or Auntie as we had to address our elders up to mid 70s. Now even real aunts are often referred to by first name only. Social rules and fashion reflect eachother.
jola 123 456
jola 123 456 11 meses atrás
Would you maybe consider making a video about costumes in the film Emma.? 😊
RecruitingMaven 11 meses atrás
This was such fun to watch! You’re so creative. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Zuri Agaski
Zuri Agaski 11 meses atrás
Hilarious! thanks Karolina well done
Alice Daphne
Alice Daphne 11 meses atrás
Mhmhmhmhm 0:56 1:49 2:04 2:14 2:27 2:43
Count Fuckula
Count Fuckula 11 meses atrás
I love you, Mom.
Kirdy Lockhart
Kirdy Lockhart 11 meses atrás
Shawl-ders mhmhmhmhm
Aurora Zohovetz
Aurora Zohovetz 11 meses atrás
Haute Le Mode who? 😂 The new fashion critic is here make way!
Maree's Muses
Maree's Muses 11 meses atrás
Aww, Donald O'Connor ❤
SQ38 11 meses atrás
why do i have a notif for this an hour ago when i already watched it yesterday
Lauren Schlepp
Lauren Schlepp 11 meses atrás
I like your snarky video titles.
Corinne Brownlee
Corinne Brownlee 11 meses atrás
Sooooooo how about reviewing the horrible history's beauty trend segments??? :D I just reallllllyyyy want to see your opinion
Christi Nash
Christi Nash 11 meses atrás
This is the kind of video that keeps me a subscriber. Very entertaining. I really enjoyed the fashion designer's look, and what Elizabeth Taylor wore. I'm surprised at how mainstream or casual some of these dresses look to be from that time period, like you were saying, Audrey Hepburn wearing a cheap wedding dress and Grace Kelly wearing a high school girl's prom dress. I just say this because the Oscars are all either elegant evening wear or high fashion now.
Christi Nash
Christi Nash 11 meses atrás
On second thought, maybe that was "edgy" in the 50s, maybe they all associated evening gowns with their mothers or grandmothers where as we don't anymore.
Ava Brackett
Ava Brackett 11 meses atrás
I bet this roast from Penelope is the reason why every single Oscar's dress is so extra.
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall 11 meses atrás
kurkabloto 11 meses atrás
Tylko tego potrzebowałam w zyciu 🥺
Sofka450 11 meses atrás
please PLEASE make it into a series for different decades this is SO FUN
itsthecolleenlife 11 meses atrás
That dress at 2:19 ish is actually kinda cool looking
Mascãdá Del Pántiòn
Mascãdá Del Pántiòn 11 meses atrás
She is easily the greatest person in the history of BRdesk!!!! The best source of sarcasm. I want to have her babies
Summer evening
Summer evening 11 meses atrás
I'm here for your cheeky sarcastic *laughter*
Lona Wu
Lona Wu 11 meses atrás
That was mhmhmhmh, dear Meme Mom
M 3
M 3 11 meses atrás
Meme mom and queen of snark... 😁
koena 11 meses atrás
"drink every time she's wrong" true Pole
Ithaca Comments
Ithaca Comments 11 meses atrás
Audrey Hepburn could have worn a potato shack and looked beautiful!
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