Making A Sh*tty Dress To Mark The End of a Sh*tty Year 

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hi 💩💩💩💩
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15 Dez 2020



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Renz adventure time fun
-silently reminds me of traditional filipino dresses- 🚪🏃🏻‍♀️
FilbieTron 6 horas atrás
This is low key beautiful
Jademonas S2
Jademonas S2 Dia atrás
the "am i using an actual english word or is it some unholy amalgamation of english and my mother tongue" is so reletable it hurts
I edited my life so the replies don't make sense
That psychedelic music at the end when you put the dress on 💀💀
Pia D
Pia D Dia atrás
Melanie Sheldon
Melanie Sheldon 2 dias atrás
Your fashion taste is wonderful. Your talent is incredible. You best attempt at an ugly dress is more avant-garde and charming, instead of merely just 💩 ugly.
Bun Helsing
Bun Helsing 3 dias atrás
OMG angry sewing is the best :)
GhostBlackBlood 4 dias atrás
still better then gucci
Gemmatus 4 dias atrás
This was so entertaining omg
Eric Mason
Eric Mason 4 dias atrás
I hate that I now have a violent urge to buy a bunch of remnants from my local upholstery shop and Make Shit Happen
sabrina !
sabrina ! 4 dias atrás
It's so fucked up how cool it still looks
Jaroslaw Jac
Jaroslaw Jac 5 dias atrás
Pani Karolino, prosze sprawdzic hemoglobine i poziom zelaza (rodzaj swiatla moze dac takie wrazenie tez), to moze byc przyczyna nie najlepszego samopoczucia
Cassie Jackson
Cassie Jackson 5 dias atrás
this video was pretty funny!
mmw55122 5 dias atrás
"Looks kinda like poop to me..." I spewed coffee... Aaannnddd...the final dress looks fantastic on Ms. K. Wow. Just wow.
jul j
jul j 5 dias atrás
Tylko Polak może polubić
Chloe Gregersen
Chloe Gregersen 5 dias atrás
Yessss the Juno commenttt
1-800-sparklii 6 dias atrás
It's like my 7-year-old self making dresses for my barbie-
Michelle Ketchum
Michelle Ketchum 6 dias atrás
So, that lace could have been a nice addition to keep those sleeves up ;).
Goddess Oerba
Goddess Oerba 6 dias atrás
This doesnt even look bad wth
Espurr Lady
Espurr Lady 7 dias atrás
Love this video! Perfection.
K.Bochenek 7 dias atrás
Z serii; ch*owa krawcowa 😂 ale suknia świetna 👍
Lisbeth Polanco
Lisbeth Polanco 7 dias atrás
Actually Your hair pulled slick back like that did look very chic. Especially with the bold chunky earrings and that lipstick 👍😍.
birds are green
birds are green 8 dias atrás
Christy T
Christy T 8 dias atrás
NEW CHALLENGE!!!! We must replicate this gown and all have our version of the Gowno Gown!!!!!
Christy T
Christy T 8 dias atrás
I think this is one of my favorite videos of 2020, I keep watching it.
Christy T
Christy T 8 dias atrás
“You’re not my mom”
eqyqtian !
eqyqtian ! 9 dias atrás
......chaotic 😂 absolutely stunnin
Kimberly Wills-Starin
Kimberly Wills-Starin 9 dias atrás
I love you so much you have no idea
kowaii Kitsune
kowaii Kitsune 10 dias atrás
Why am i getting a disney princess vibed dress
Marchela Pocopio
Marchela Pocopio 10 dias atrás
In the thumbnail i thought the sleeves were trash bags
Marchela Pocopio
Marchela Pocopio 10 dias atrás
In the thumbnail i thought the sleeves were trash bags
Marchela Pocopio
Marchela Pocopio 10 dias atrás
thats ugly 😌-paris hiltyyy
pee pee
pee pee 10 dias atrás
why do I actually like it why do I actually like it why do I actually like it
mtERE 10 dias atrás
This gave me Karlie Kloss camp met gala vibes
Erica Fahrlender
Erica Fahrlender 11 dias atrás
Watching you do this gives me hope. I'm like "omg she works just as scattery as me". Also, just too dang cute. Don't stop lol
Gabriel Paixão
Gabriel Paixão 11 dias atrás
When you're so talented you can't make a bad dress
MamaG 12 dias atrás
This entire video has chaotic tired energy, and honestly... Yeah
Julia Santos Zlotek
Julia Santos Zlotek 12 dias atrás
This is me sewing every time lol
dIsGusTeD 12 dias atrás
Disgusting, Horrible, Horrendous, Ugly, Disastrous, and Shitty. 100% would buy
C Alc.
C Alc. 12 dias atrás
not a single hem here, this dress is a HER (shout out bob)
A 13 dias atrás
"Is someone watching me?", she inquired, to the camera, where she would get 500,000 views
paperheartzz 13 dias atrás
Would love another vid like this, but entirely in polish so you can express *exactly* how you feel, and watch the translations in the comments :) Maybe “2021 better than the last dress”?
PurplePanther 39
PurplePanther 39 13 dias atrás
Ok but it’s good
BrittanyLouise 13 dias atrás
Yess the Juno Birch moment 👏🏻👏🏻
Dini Kal
Dini Kal 14 dias atrás
She~ makes something shitty It ~ comes out high fashioned Me. ~tries to do something amazing It ~ some out shitty
sypherianlp 14 dias atrás
When you're too good at your job that your worst looks better than someone else's best. I should make a shitty dress, we'd all be crying rn! lol
Earnest Waltz
Earnest Waltz 14 dias atrás
coco chanel clutching her pearls rn
iknowyouwanttofly 14 dias atrás
when tajeping something on you can use the kind of tape that is used to put hair ontop of bald mens head. It stays and hems done with it can be washed. remove it when you want. Sorry for my broken english :)
cindland 14 dias atrás
You can’t make a BAD design, it’s not in you and you are too talented and you have an amazing figure and can wear anything! It I’ll have to be a baaaaaaad design. Wear it with a crinoline underneath. It will look awesome!
Rach H
Rach H 14 dias atrás
marilla cuthbert is typing...
Denise Beach
Denise Beach 15 dias atrás
"Being good at what you do is overrated as hell." lol
Victoria Lerdal
Victoria Lerdal 15 dias atrás
I hate it, but also I love it. Confusion.
Alice Anne
Alice Anne 15 dias atrás
When Karolina can't make something ugly even when she tries 😂😂
Lys of Rivia
Lys of Rivia 15 dias atrás
I'm sorry but why does this dress look like it came from a runway at Fashion Week. Have we just found out how designers make haute couture?
Lys of Rivia
Lys of Rivia 15 dias atrás
"oh damn it it's stretchy *disgusted face*" - me, every time in a fabric store when I thought I had found a nice fabric
Karin Maka
Karin Maka 15 dias atrás
haute couture
Sugar Frenchie
Sugar Frenchie 15 dias atrás
omg it looks so shitty!! queen I luv u
Rain 15 dias atrás
This dress kind of reminds me of an Ugg boot. Take that as you wish lol
sun :3
sun :3 16 dias atrás
i could have made this uglier but whatever ig 🙄
Bri V
Bri V 16 dias atrás
I want to be your friend! please!❤
Lacey Myriah
Lacey Myriah 16 dias atrás
Was that a Cermit on her face??
Jamie Town
Jamie Town 16 dias atrás
i think it looks kind of awesome :D haha
Purple Pawter Cats
Purple Pawter Cats 16 dias atrás
Ok so the dress looks like sh*t so good job! But also it's really pretty on you some how lol
Jackson 16 dias atrás
Chanel couture 2020
Kate FX
Kate FX 16 dias atrás
And I love your sense of humor. Honest to god this has been a sh*tty year. Even now, in January in the US we're still hung over from the sh*tty sh*t ton of a sh*tstorm that is the sh*tshow that was 2020. On the up side, I'm getting vaccinated tomorrow, so things are looking up.
Kate FX
Kate FX 16 dias atrás
Do you explain yourself to your mom?
Ultimate XLR-8
Ultimate XLR-8 17 dias atrás
Will You Marry Me?
the world that renjun lighted
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 18 dias atrás
the description at the end about how you made it just sounds like every single one of my projects
rolom3 18 dias atrás
Can you please do a video about Marlene Dietrich??? and how she was bi and was comfortable in men's clothing and how she inspired so many women to wear suits too like Katherine Hepburn. I would love to hear your thoughts so much!
Karolina Maćkowiak
Karolina Maćkowiak 18 dias atrás
The thing is - when you are that slim and pretty, even the shittiest dress wil look fabulous :D
William 18 dias atrás
Just found your channel. Great video and you're really pretty.
cupidskiss love
cupidskiss love 19 dias atrás
Bruh you should be a supermodel no offense
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown 19 dias atrás
Karolina, I have only just found yr video-as I am having a shitty day all by myself on the first day of 2021. I laughed sooo hard, I had to watch it two/three times to actually watch it! I love you for the tears of laughter instead of just tears....... xoxo
Craig Dolvey
Craig Dolvey 20 dias atrás
I have a spare gathering foot attachment I can send you, do you have a PO Box address?
Nami Sparrow
Nami Sparrow 20 dias atrás
This made me smile 😊
TheKFinance 21 dia atrás
I spent most of the evening watching Bernadette Banner videos...this is absolutely chaos and im here for it. 100%
pastel gacha
pastel gacha 21 dia atrás
Wow that is absolutely 💩
WA 21 dia atrás
Micarah and Juno Birch mentioned in the same video? Yes that is happening!
dwysan 21 dia atrás
Wait...why does it look really good though? 🧐 Also, I love that she goes to explain something then stops, decides she can't be bothered and moves on to talking about something else 😄
Victoria Lucas
Victoria Lucas 22 dias atrás
"Hi, Welcome to Chili's."
Nishtha Sagar
Nishtha Sagar 22 dias atrás
Idk,,, I'm just binge watching this channel for the past week 👏👏👏😛 entertaining and educational at the same time
No Space For Sadness
No Space For Sadness 23 dias atrás
😂😂😂i dont know why looking at her lipstick i thought of the moca shit lipcolour ticktock
GiGi W.
GiGi W. 23 dias atrás
You got a Besame commercial so I watched the Whole thing.... Hopefully 2021 will be better for you!
Julia Cinica
Julia Cinica 24 dias atrás
Great video ) also great dress ) what do you think about Netflix's "Bridgertones" dresses? )
Angel Sovich
Angel Sovich 24 dias atrás
You hit the nail on the head! 2020 has been all about taking the sh*ttiest possible condition and making it work. I so needed this to celebrate my 18th week of lockdown.Thank you!
Vedang L
Vedang L 24 dias atrás
Spongebob Squarenails
Spongebob Squarenails 25 dias atrás
Looks kinda like gucci
Tomaž Golub
Tomaž Golub 25 dias atrás
How about a belt? Maria Grazia:"write that down write that down"
Agata Rek
Agata Rek 26 dias atrás
Melda92TRS 26 dias atrás
It is foot in English
Luciana Rodriguez
Luciana Rodriguez 27 dias atrás
"I want them to be really big and kind of cool but also ugly" ah yes, 1830s sleeves
sassytiger 12
sassytiger 12 27 dias atrás
It is actually really pretty! If ya just get rid of the sleeves, trim the skirt, and wear that orange sweater top underneath!
Baccatube79 27 dias atrás
If you redo it in an orderly fashion, it might look like something Katherine Hepburn might have worn. I have no problem with the brown colours, and I really like the giant sleeves.
Gresham Pitts
Gresham Pitts 28 dias atrás
Aww this video was the best birthday gift. Thank you🥰
Abaddonz Muze
Abaddonz Muze 28 dias atrás
i love all the references you throw into the videos.
Scavenger of human sorrow 04
Karolina could definitely model and I would watch every single one of her runways
Robin Young
Robin Young 28 dias atrás
Love our Meme Mom making a Juno Birch reference. *Stunning*
Emily Dudeck
Emily Dudeck 28 dias atrás
I’m sorry but you have failed to fail. That actually looks so cool😆 and I really like the drop waist look on you!
no, thnx
no, thnx 28 dias atrás
Karolina is right, the gown looks Juno Birch ⋆ 𝓈𝓉𝓊𝓃𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔 ⋆
technopoptart 28 dias atrás this is basically how i would make this on any normal day. i might need to change some things
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