let’s de-stress and relax the Edwardian way ❤️ 

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hiya! this video is a bit different and slower-paced than usual - I've recently noticed a lot of you are feeling pretty burnt out and maybe hopeless even, so here's a little something with some ideas to keep your day-to-day life peaceful and beautiful ❤️
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15 Mar 2021



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Karolina Żebrowska
recommend your favorite early 20th century writer/poet here!
craisins95 6 dias atrás
I enjoy Christopher Isherwood and WH Auden.
Jessica G
Jessica G 6 dias atrás
Jules Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson, H.G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Enid Blyton (Famous Five), Laura Ingals Wilders (Little House)
Stefan Oberli
Stefan Oberli 8 dias atrás
Nice down to earth video, thanks. What about early sci fi books like olaf stapledons star maker, or classics like james hilton's lost horizon? No strictly poets but the writing is as good as poetry..
lillian robnett
lillian robnett 11 dias atrás
I know Tolkien is more mid century, but his works are definitely some of my all time favorites.
Riccardo 12 dias atrás
1:03 i am not the only one then
Light with Leah
Light with Leah 20 horas atrás
This is like ASMR. So relaxing
Claudia Dia atrás
Lókë the wee dragon
Lókë the wee dragon 2 dias atrás
I kind of feel masculine in the way that the milk flows in the tea...
TheFlutefreak 2 dias atrás
I'm one of the very lucky ones who kept their job during the pandemic. It's challenged me in a different way-especially at the start, I never had the extra time like some others did to be bored and have to find things to fill up your day. I was always working the same 40+ hours, just suddenly my home was my office. My work didn't tell us to take a 2-week (or even 1 day) break when the shutdowns first started, they just told us to bring our computer equipment home and keep working. Not having that time off to mentally adjust to the pandemic bothered me and I'm ashamed to admit I was jealous of everyone who was posting about bingeing Netflix and baking bread. I know that's privileged, and in my head I know I couldn't trade my job security for extra time, it's just an affair of the heart. This video was a good reminder that it's necessary to practice small moments of mindfulness and be grateful for simple things, like the way milk mixes into tea.
Katherine S
Katherine S 3 dias atrás
You know you're a ballet dancer when you hear Sans-Saen's "Swan" come surging to the front and the dancing just surges out of you. Beautiful video, and excellent choice of music!
Dani Looby
Dani Looby 3 dias atrás
After being thrown back into stage one lockdown AGAIN, this was exactly the kind of thing I needed. It’s hard to find joy in things when everything is so overwhelmingly negative and there’s no end in sight. Thanks for the reminder to find the small things in life to enjoy
RandomNexus ThatSillyFiccer
That was really nice. Thank you.
Sharon Wilson
Sharon Wilson 5 dias atrás
I speak from experience when I say that she is completely right about embroidery and cross stitching being calming, and if you get bored with the repetition than consider listening to an audio book. I’ve spent hours on end cross stitching and it is really relaxing and nowhere near as hard as it looks.
BluyBoone 5 dias atrás
I love the use of the song cinema paradiso
Jackie 6 dias atrás
this video actually made me cry, but it made me cry just because all the stress got away as i watched this video in the form of tears and i suddendly feel calm, thank you!
Shawon Rajwil Gaps Saidhu
can some tell me the music she used? it feels so relaxing
Rachel 6 dias atrás
thank you for the serotonin, your majesty
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 6 dias atrás
I love wurm tea too.
Chabichou PaulMimi
Chabichou PaulMimi 6 dias atrás
I melted a little when she said "feel free to pet the screen" 🥺🥺
Maidenstear 6 dias atrás
"...especially those of you who don't have cats..." Meanwhile, my cat: scaling my upper body so she can climb over me and onto the back of the chair.
John Legbert
John Legbert 7 dias atrás
By far my favorite video. Your voice is wonderful and distracting, and lead me to set new goals for myself. Hopefully I can follow through.
Leo Per
Leo Per 7 dias atrás
Oh, my dear, I loved your video! I'm sure you've already read the Anne of Green Gables series because you mentioned Lucy Maud Montgomery! Isn't it just magnificent the way Anne takes out your inner child and makes you let yourself get lost in fancies? Just discovered your channel and it looks really beautiful!
Lana 9 dias atrás
Brb time to make a relaxing cup of tea
BoniThe ChubbyPotato
BoniThe ChubbyPotato 9 dias atrás
This video is so calming and happy
Kelleen BRX
Kelleen BRX 9 dias atrás
The Betsy Tacy Series (Maud Hart Lovelace) was my favorite to read growing up. It's three girls from different backgrounds (German immigrant, Irish Catholic, and 'American') growing up from 5-20 ish years old.
167IsaBella 9 dias atrás
I would advise trying knitting and crocheting if you do not like enbroydery. Millions of tutorials on YT as well.
Hanna W
Hanna W 10 dias atrás
Why are you so cute? I can’t handle it.
LEARSI KCIGAM 10 dias atrás
99.97% survival rate You made it
A Sunflower
A Sunflower 10 dias atrás
enjoy the finer things in life yeah sure we're in a global pandemic but the flowers are looking beautiful this time of year if you can go on a walk in the woods it's surprising how calming it is or just sit in your backyard or on your balcony
lara w
lara w 10 dias atrás
Beatrice potter was my favourite growing up
leguy42 11 dias atrás
I love your videos but this one is particularly cogent in this time. Thank you KZ!
Bettina Jahn
Bettina Jahn 11 dias atrás
Cats, tea and books - those are definitely among the Import things you need to relax
Blossom TV
Blossom TV 11 dias atrás
2020 has been really hard on me, i started crying in my sleep a lot. But it gave me so kany experiences. I started to draw more, and now i love art and i feel like ive gotten so good at it. The lockdown actually gave me time to improve in things that i sucked at. But i still felt sad all the time, because of covid, racism, politics, etc. At least it's given me experiences. Im stronger now because of everything i encountered in 2020. :)
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy 11 dias atrás
Wow she’s almost at 1 million subscribers I’m proud
Katharine Harrison
Katharine Harrison 13 dias atrás
MIF. Milk in first.
Val B.
Val B. 13 dias atrás
whats the song?
Pam Spray
Pam Spray 13 dias atrás
My own black and white cat came up to my feet looking for cuddles right as we hit the kitty break part. Purrfect timing, I do say.
Kelsey Dalziel
Kelsey Dalziel 13 dias atrás
If you love pouring milk into tea, you gotta get a glass teacup you can see through. In true American style, mine is 16 oz 😁
spider lix
spider lix 13 dias atrás
I love this so much thank you queen
Elliot James
Elliot James 14 dias atrás
Thank you.
The Bacca That Chews
The Bacca That Chews 14 dias atrás
Edwardian lofi girl
Rosie Huffleclaw
Rosie Huffleclaw 14 dias atrás
❤️✝️❤️Jesus loves you!!!!!❤️✝️❤️ Have a blessed day!!!!❤️✝️❤️
Phoebe Soeteman
Phoebe Soeteman 15 dias atrás
Ok do we have a house tour because I need one
Samantha Sanco
Samantha Sanco 15 dias atrás
I love this video so much! It’s just so gentle and awesome! Thank you!
Mel Blues
Mel Blues 15 dias atrás
Thank you, needed this today.
KCK 15 dias atrás
Absolutely loved this!
Carlo 17 dias atrás
Me: *tries to chill the Edwardian way* My headphones: BEEP BOOP CHARGE ME BITCH Me: *almost has a heart attack*
spooky doot doot
spooky doot doot 18 dias atrás
A great, and relaxing type of poem to write is just a beautiful landscape. Don’t worry about rhyming, just go with the flow and describe it. Sometimes, you can even paint a depiction of your poem.
theLinn 18 dias atrás
Plenty of penpals out there, many groups on Facebook, and on Instagram.
A Gay Autie
A Gay Autie 18 dias atrás
I’m wearing that exact hairstyle right now. How do you get your hair to stay like that? I have to use a hairnet
Kitty Mervine
Kitty Mervine 19 dias atrás
Nesbit is fun and many of those authors you mentioned are available on Kindle.
Rachel Bronke
Rachel Bronke 20 dias atrás
We are the only ones left on the planet with actual pens and pencils.
Sandi Glowe
Sandi Glowe 20 dias atrás
Thank you for making this.
Dawid Tomasz Krykowski
Dawid Tomasz Krykowski 20 dias atrás
Polish subtiles please
Lauren K
Lauren K 20 dias atrás
This is exactly what I needed right now. It took my mind off of what is happening around me for just a moment. Thank you
the distinguished
the distinguished 21 dia atrás
I think we should make more artsy covers for modern things, not just books but electronics, appliances etc. We have big ugly boxes laying around when they could be covered in patterns and still function
Lilia Doliny
Lilia Doliny 21 dia atrás
sometimes you have a weird day and have to cozy up w some vintage polska mom videos
Марічка 21 dia atrás
You are such a wonderful person! Thank you for this video and for your whole channel! It brings me so much joy!
DAYBROK3 22 dias atrás
i get a lot of art im an artist going to an art university
Austin Lea
Austin Lea 22 dias atrás
Thank you for this, Karolina❤️
Christian Perchaluk
Christian Perchaluk 22 dias atrás
Grew up on E. Nesbit 💗
Subarnarekha Debnath
Subarnarekha Debnath 22 dias atrás
4:22 you made me relate on a whole different level at this point onwards, 😭❤️
Martha House
Martha House 22 dias atrás
i love this!
Sarah 23 dias atrás
Another craft from the time period is Shuttle Tatting. This form of lace making was popular in lower classes as a way of decorating clothes, doilies for tables, and even wall decorations. There are a lot of how to videos on youtube. It's quite easy, but if shuttle tatting is too hard, you can also needle tatt!
Valentina Cherubini
Valentina Cherubini 23 dias atrás
As hobby I usually do crochet, I'm becoming really good! I've made a scarf that I gifted to a friend for xmas. It's a really relaxing activity, even if take a lot of time
Megan Freiwald
Megan Freiwald 23 dias atrás
This was wonderful.
Ariana C
Ariana C 23 dias atrás
thank you for such a beautiful video ❤️
Emma Reid
Emma Reid 23 dias atrás
Also if you're a historybounder, why not try to make and wear era inspired cozy /lazy day clothes! Discover your new lazy hair style too, low effort but adds to the feel
Dr. Jaws
Dr. Jaws 23 dias atrás
Such a beautiful video - thank you so much for sharing.
Jayashree Gopi
Jayashree Gopi 23 dias atrás
Thanks for showing me that it's okay to spend time noticing these simple things like how milk mixes with the tea. Iam pushing my limits to merge with what other people do, to study higer degrees and get a successful job. Iam doing both but it's not coming out of my heart. Thanks for showing me it's normal to notice the small things and those things are what which makes me feel alive.
piotrekell 23 dias atrás
It's like ASMR but for my soul.
Alexa Faie
Alexa Faie 24 dias atrás
I did as you told me during the cat break and I felt I needed to tell you that you really need to clean your cat, its very dusty.
Ange 24 dias atrás
I drink tea every night, I couldn't live without it.
ozok17 24 dias atrás
oh, i only just noticed, at about 02:55 into this video (not the first of this channel's i've watched) that Karolina is left handed! cool. :-)
knotbox 24 dias atrás
I loved this video. Thank you, Karolina! ♥
Timsal 24 dias atrás
"feel free to pet the screen" I definitely wasn't doing that already *nervous chuckle*
Alexandra 24 dias atrás
I love this, you should make more videos like this!! ❤️
Ingrid Chiles
Ingrid Chiles 24 dias atrás
3:59 *pets the screen*
Orion Books
Orion Books 25 dias atrás
How beautiful
Catherine C
Catherine C 25 dias atrás
I love the video and all the positivity but also... don't mind me over here, just swooning at the background music. I love Saint-Saens - The Swan is one of my favorite pieces of music in the whole world!
Grace Patterson
Grace Patterson 25 dias atrás
This video was such a gift 😭
Parker Olson
Parker Olson 25 dias atrás
I really thought she said "worm tea"
mabsie 25 dias atrás
This video cleared my acne, cured my anxiety and watered my crops
Laura Valério
Laura Valério 25 dias atrás
seriously, every video makes me wanted to be your friend...
Lapis LazulYEE
Lapis LazulYEE 25 dias atrás
I started knitting recently and it’s helping me relax I love how it requires you to Focus enough to distract you but not enough that it hurts your head
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 25 dias atrás
The longest 14 days in the USA. I didn’t know a year could be 14 days!
Rudy Avelar
Rudy Avelar 25 dias atrás
very off topic but i'd loooooove to see a call the midwife costume review
Mary Hamric
Mary Hamric 25 dias atrás
💕💕 all love for this vid
Caroline B.
Caroline B. 25 dias atrás
This video alone helped me relax a bit
J Itaru
J Itaru 25 dias atrás
lol i have school
Ksymena Ślusarczyk
Ksymena Ślusarczyk 25 dias atrás
Umieściłaś w tle Łabędzia Saint-Saensa, mogłabym wiedzieć, w czyim wykonaniu?
Wiktoria Kurek
Wiktoria Kurek 25 dias atrás
szkoda że nie mówi po polsku
Malek Mestiri
Malek Mestiri 25 dias atrás
The best ending so far
Malek Mestiri
Malek Mestiri 25 dias atrás
Never touch honey with iron, you spoil it.
AiRbaL2000 26 dias atrás
I actually have a story based in 1907,thank you for posting!
Madelyn Bryan
Madelyn Bryan 26 dias atrás
this video is a relaxing change of pace from my usual method of watching distracting videos :)
Nigeri Bro
Nigeri Bro 26 dias atrás
Potrzebowałem tego. Dziękuję.
Agnes Adjö
Agnes Adjö 26 dias atrás
As someone who works in a textile store, sales of embroidery (and knitting) supplies have gone upp like crazy during this period. Almost every day someone who's never tried before comes in asking for help picking out everything they might need to start their new pandemic pastime. It's fun, hopefully some of them keeps it up after
Elizaveta Iavorskaia
Elizaveta Iavorskaia 26 dias atrás
or use plant based milk and syrup, because we live in 2021 and can choose to be cruelty-free
GreekNerd 007
GreekNerd 007 26 dias atrás
When I heard you mention my great aunt Lucy Montgomery I got so excited. I love hearing people talk about her and her works.
Melissa 26 dias atrás
I could watch this all day!
Magi V
Magi V 26 dias atrás
Me: *reads title and writing on the thumbnail, ignores everything else* Me: Ooh, a new Bernadette video! *clicks* Karolina: *starts speaking* Me: .... Me: Wait-
Filip Demski
Filip Demski 26 dias atrás
Jestem tutaj nowy, Wygląd kanału naprawdę mi się podoba! Btw. połączenie współczesnego minimalizmu z historią i stylem vintage jest prześliczne!
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