Introducing The Stripey Challenge! 

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1 Jul 2019



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Karolina Żebrowska
for the purpose of this challenge, let's assume "historical" is anything up to 1970. hope the Costume College folks will join us in August when they're done with the CC stuff!
Sara Carvajal
Sara Carvajal Anos atrás
karolina zebrowska hello,how can l wear a navy blue blouse, what color of skirt do you recommend, to see me very 1940s
Jennifer Wells
Jennifer Wells Anos atrás
Oh my, I am histrorical now lol! Wish they had patterns here for plus sized women
honestitis Anos atrás
Can it be knitted?
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose Anos atrás
What is the limit on stripe style? Can we use zebra stripes for example? Chevrons?
Gingi Vitis
Gingi Vitis Anos atrás
@Ben Bouchard ​ omg yes i have no idea who you are but i'm excited for you!!!!!!
yahil Vit
yahil Vit 3 meses atrás
I'm not good at sewing so i will try to find something to crochet
JJ ba
JJ ba 3 meses atrás
I came from Miss tatternickle !
Hey Samara
Hey Samara 6 meses atrás
Beetlejuice: *is this a challenge?*
Alice Main
Alice Main 8 meses atrás
I'm sad that I'm late here cuz I'm like the queen of the stripes 😭
MeDaPerson Anos atrás
My nudes: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sinjon Halliwell
Sinjon Halliwell Anos atrás
I love your stripes Karolina. And your channel.
Sinjon Halliwell
Sinjon Halliwell Anos atrás
Karolina, I discovered NotSmirks in January 2017 and his videos to show you is and
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia Anos atrás
Marry me
RandomOtakuNerd Anos atrás
I don’t know how to sew but I do draw old style clothing so can I just draw it?
Olivia Hamilton
Olivia Hamilton Anos atrás
How did I just find out about this?! *sigh* Please do another challenge :) Oddly enough, I’m almost done making a black and white striped 1880’s Jack Skellington costume. It’s not based on any existing fashion plate though.
Deng Colleen
Deng Colleen Anos atrás
I can't wait fir the follow up on this!
Lego frog
Lego frog Anos atrás
I hope there is something like this next year, my sewing things are not where they need to be right now to do what I want to but maybe next year :(
Cara Porter
Cara Porter Anos atrás
Hmmm, I’m learning to sew, this could be amazing.
captain0ldy0da Anos atrás
I'm a man so...I'm thinking what I can make.
Grim The Ghastly
Grim The Ghastly Anos atrás
I'm a simple girl: stripes and Meme Mom in the same place? I'm here for it.
John Fazio
John Fazio Anos atrás
You rule.
Nosih dsd
Nosih dsd Anos atrás
Polska cie kocha ! 😍
Louise Green
Louise Green Anos atrás
Most of (or all of) the older photos were black and white - how do we know if the stripes really are black and white?
smangelchi Anos atrás
Well guess I’m gonna have to learn to sew @.@
MistressMauswiesel Anos atrás
I've had a stripey gown on my want-to-do list for months, so I guess this is the push I needed. Two questions: 1) Is it ok if the original is red and white stripes and I just do my reproduction in black and white? 2) Where did you find the fabric you showed in your Emilie Floge video? I'm in Australia and have been looking for 1 inch black and white stripey fabric for weeks now and can't find any. So far the closest I've found was dark grey and white silk from India...
Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine Anos atrás
Darn carolinians liked color to much! Cant find any black and white striped reference paintings 🤨
Red Potter
Red Potter Anos atrás
I’m gonna do this though I know I’m not gonna finish in time!!
sun :3
sun :3 Anos atrás
i want a thug ankle/thug edwardian tote bag, please
gill426 Anos atrás
Oh my God, you included Ginger to your Pinterest collection!!! Aaaaah, I love you! I was so happy when I just saw that! :D ♡
Jeremy van den Berg
Better put some lead on that zit and powder the heck out of it only to discover 5 more tomorrow, right?
Sarah Kate
Sarah Kate Anos atrás
I'm literally wearing a long black-and-white striped skirt right now. How topical!
Claire Anos atrás
It's a movie but Judy Garland's striped tennis dress from Meet me in St. Louis was beautiful Edit: maybe it was based on historical patterns? But probs not
Beverley Anos atrás
Karolina, please review the historical accuracy of The Last Czars on Netflix!
Alaina Riley
Alaina Riley Anos atrás
i have a sewing machine but i rarely use it and i only know how to sew a little but i’m gonna attempt this. wish me luck 😛✋ 🦵🦵
m m
m m Anos atrás
You look home of phobic
Alex Hennessy
Alex Hennessy Anos atrás
I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Escape The Night, but its this youtube game show where the contestants are transported back to earlier time periods, and I thought it would be really cool if you reviewed the costume direction.
pathetic mortal
pathetic mortal Anos atrás
I'd love to see her team up with Annika Victoria to make an outfit. So many possibilities
Skayda Lee
Skayda Lee Anos atrás
I have a bunch of vintage, (1800s), lithograph prints. I will upload pictures of them to Flickr if you're interested. A lot of them have pictures of people as they looked during those times
Skayda Lee
Skayda Lee Anos atrás
The vintage photos are the most recent uploads:
SeanMcGCostumes Anos atrás
This challenge got infinitely harder for us guys who don’t want to make a Regency or Victorian suit, an old fashioned bathing suit, or an old prison uniform. 😅😬
Baukster 77
Baukster 77 Anos atrás
Hey Karolina! Maybe you like this video.. Paris 1896!
Audrey McCaw
Audrey McCaw Anos atrás
So I don't know how to use a sewing machine, but I know how to use a needle and thread, kind of...ish...also i've never made clothes. Wish me and my poor fingers some luck
Katrin Baumgarten
Katrin Baumgarten Anos atrás
I've been looking for an excuse to start making historical garments, so this is right up my alley 😍
Grim R.
Grim R. Anos atrás
Dear, Karolina, I am very late to this video but I have made a discovery I believe you would very much enjoy if you haven't heard of it already! It is called and is a website that allows you to select and country and a time period from the 1900s-recent times and it will play music from your selection! I want to spread the word to people who love old music and different cultures because it is amazing!
Maryam Anos atrás
Hey Karolina! I have a suggestion. How about a commentary video about the dresses worn in ballet scenes? I feel like you will find lots of inaccurate and horrible ones lol.
Mara Marx x
Mara Marx x Anos atrás
My fair lady's costumes. Second: some mafia suits of the 20's. And a Hooverphonic live acting at the Koniginsaal.
Angel Wales
Angel Wales Anos atrás
So, two questions: 1. Does the piece have to be a recreation specifically of a previously black and white striped piece, or can the original be not striped or striped but not black or white? (Eg originally beige and brown striped pants made black and white) 2. Does it have to be a white outfit or can it be an individual piece?
Tasty Chai
Tasty Chai Anos atrás
>Black and white striped garment challenge! >Me: OMG I HAVE JUST THE TH-- >Can't be movie costume > Cuz I was thinking Christina Ricci's dress from Sleepy Hollow, at the very end.
Miss Lansbury
Miss Lansbury Anos atrás
I love historical fashion. I love stripes. I love challenges. So.... that means I need to ~really~ learn how to sew now?
Graup Anos atrás
Luckily I was already planning on creating an Edwardian costume until I'm in Prague this Sylvester and looking for some inspiration
Charisma Rodriguez
Charisma Rodriguez Anos atrás
I was baited when I saw the "my nudes" link. *I was curious, I swear*
MeDaPerson Anos atrás
Me to! 😂😂😂
Pebblesoop Anos atrás
Aka the emo history nerd challenge
Stella Waldvogel
Stella Waldvogel Anos atrás
I'm no good at making patterns, so this is not something I'll attempt - BUT OMG LOOK AT THIS DRESS. If I was up to it I'd be ordering the fabric right now!
Kit DuBhran
Kit DuBhran Anos atrás
Love black and white stripe! This sounds like a fun project idea! ❤️❤️❤️ If you like a design that ISN’T striped can you take a piece and make it out of a striped material? Love this!
Jenndi Anos atrás
I am wondering this myself!
mistress of the dark
This seems very fun! The pinterest board has alot of great Inspiration! Might try it! Striped bathing suit sounds very tempting (and easy ish) to make!
Moth Man
Moth Man Anos atrás
I love your accent so much! You should start talking in your original language and subtitle it :$:&:&;&&;
K a t h l e e n M e o w
I cant do this challenge for my size cuz imma beginner but i will try to do it doll sized...although i have no idea how im going to do it😂😅
Steiffing Anos atrás
i just noticed that you kinda look like peggy carter??? like---- captain america peggy carter also i l o v e y o u a n d y o u r v i d e o s
firewordsparkler Anos atrás
Pretty sure this is gonna be my first sewing project. Fingers crossed I can do it!
Lala 1776
Lala 1776 Anos atrás
I have three sewing machines and have no idea how to use them 😣
Shana Anos atrás
Please, make the next video Music that you listen...😊 Saludos!
Shalvah MB
Shalvah MB Anos atrás
Stripe-a-licious! 🐝🐠🚧
koena Anos atrás
GOOD LUCK! I am not doing this ^_^ sry
koena Anos atrás
I cannot read - Stripey... are you gonna... what? noooo xD
Nina F
Nina F Anos atrás
Too down, when is the dead line?
Claire Woerner
Claire Woerner Anos atrás
Funnily enough I was already working on a new work dress (living historian here) that was striped. But it’s not black and white. It’s red/raspberry and white. It is however loosely based on a fashion plate from Ackerman’s Repository from 1816. The late regency seems to have been a bit obsessed with stripes for daywear. Always a white background and then the stripes are generally a lighter indigo blue, a Pomona green color, or a sort of raspberry red color that is obviously from cochineal (carmine) dye. The dress in the plate is long sleeved which may do for a lady in the English summer but not an Alabama woman living in a “western” boomtown (Alabama was the West in 1819 which is the year our museum is in. So a four year old fashion plate from Europe is about right). My dress will have shorter sleeves and probably not the fancy lace collared chemisette underneath. I may do some lace trim at the bottom and depending on what ribbon I can find there might be some of the Pomona green ribbon trim.
Cybele Connor
Cybele Connor Anos atrás
I might have to join this. I really want a black & white Chevon stripe pattern 2 piece dress. When are you starting??? Love your video's btw.
Something Original And Funny
Beetle juice but make it historical
stella Anos atrás
I keep postponing my trip to the fabric store, this is a sign! Edwardian would be so cool, but a Mary Quant style dress would probably be easier and more wearable for me 🤔
Ms. Bruce Elementary
I’m excited 😍😍😍 I haven’t seen in a minute because I’ve been so busy but I’m going to use this as an excuse to get back to it
ThePylon2 Anos atrás
I can’t afford that shit
T F Anos atrás
Maybe look at discord for the support group?
Tracee J
Tracee J Anos atrás
Any suggestions on where to find historical fashion plates in order to research the specific fashion we need/want? I’m determined to make something 1906-1914 with stripes to annoy my sister who hates me wearing stripes 😈
Tracee J
Tracee J Anos atrás
I’m not allowed to make or wear ANYTHING with stripes per my sisters rules because I apparently I wear stripes too much. 😕
tamara turford
tamara turford Anos atrás
I have absolutely no clothes making experience but I kind of want to try this
Miranda Milner
Miranda Milner Anos atrás
definitely gonna try to do this. I've chosen this: The only problem will be getting the fabric without breaking the bank... I'll search the thrift stores.
Laylia P.
Laylia P. Anos atrás
Not going to lie, my first clothing thought about this challenge was beetlejuice’s suit. 😬
SlavaZone Anos atrás
I've been wanting to make a corset again for a while... Hhmmmm :)))
Amara Jordan
Amara Jordan Anos atrás
Anyone thinking of the French suit that inspired the look for Rose Dawson as she boarded the Titanic? It’s a knock out. 😅 I don’t actually sew, but I draw, and in the spirit of the Stripey Challenge, I’m going full ink, babayy!
Zo Ric
Zo Ric Anos atrás
I hope Rachel Maksy tries this challenge
J Green
J Green Anos atrás
Introducing the Tim Burton challenge
Rin Anos atrás
God I wanna learn how to sew
Sarah P
Sarah P Anos atrás
I'm a beginner at sewing (I've made one circle skirt) so ideas for easy garments would be nice! Still on the fence about participating as black and white stripes aren't really my style.
Olivia Floate
Olivia Floate Anos atrás
Renoir's La Loge anyone?
Talic-os Anos atrás
How about creating a Stripey discord?
Talic-os Anos atrás
I feel that there are too many rules. Just because I would be more inclined to participate if I could sew a costume xD Maybe I'll draw something.
Texadon - Andromeda Cripps
This sounds amazing! I don't sew many things well (I've made like 5 skirts and one shitty bag), but I do sew a LOT recently, so this will give me something else to busy myself with! I might have to get back on instagram just to post with the hashtag though... 😂
magpiessecret Anos atrás
I don't do a lot of costuming, and I've never done historical, but I'm loving on the 1890s swim suits and actually think if I chose the right fabric they would make comfy PJs. Or is that totally cheating.🤣
L L Anos atrás
I dont sew clothes so obviously challenge accepted!
mbilmey Anos atrás
I really don't have the time nor funds for this ....but am I seriously considering it? Yes I am.
Daemon Skycloak
Daemon Skycloak Anos atrás
I’d love to but as it’s a skill I’d have to learn the investment to start up seems like it would be too steep for me. All the types of tools I would need makes it out of my reach.
Rose Flora
Rose Flora Anos atrás
Question!!! Can we buy clothes from thrift stores and DIY them, or does it have to be from scratch? I'm horrible at sewing but I really want to do this.
Squiddy Diddy
Squiddy Diddy Anos atrás
Dear Meme Mom, I love you. That's it. Sincerely, A Stripe-Loving Meme Child
Grace Louise
Grace Louise Anos atrás
I'm assuming it's only black and white stripes, but if not, can you use like a light gold-ish for the stripes?
Maddie James
Maddie James Anos atrás
This is such a fun idea! I have been wanting to get into sewing for so long and I am a Nerd who loves a good assignment to encourage me
Frosttits123 TM
Frosttits123 TM Anos atrás
Hecccckkkk if i weren't procrastinating on a sewing project already (I was supposed to finish my project by now but only pinned and cut a part of my project lmaaaooo) I would totally do thissss, but maybe I'll just draw something bc it sounds super funnnnn
JealousJulia Anos atrás
what if.... it's white and dark navy stripes???
N. D.
N. D. Anos atrás
I absolutely love your videos and I think you are awesome. signed, your 1940's loving (I loved 1940's everything before I found out that this wonderful channel existed) meme child. p.s. where are the memes?
Alicia Sprinkles
Alicia Sprinkles Anos atrás
ah dang i'd be so down for this but i have so many other cosplay plans that don't involve stripes D: also i've never actually made anything historical lol. (unless Satine from Moulin Rouge has a striped dress that i'm forgetting about. I haven't actually committed to the red dress...hmm)
iupooiresa Anos atrás Can I do this?
Rachael McIntosh
Rachael McIntosh Anos atrás
Sharabeans Anos atrás
Oo stripes are hard! you gotta line that shit up all the time.... I've done herringbone fabric before, its way more forgiving. I do Viking age so no stripes for me! I look forward to seeing everyone else's creations though!
thoth Anos atrás
Hi Meme Mom!! I'm going to Historical Clothing Recreation Camp for the summer. Wish me luck!
Lauren A
Lauren A Anos atrás
I literally have not sewn any actual ~hardcore~ clothing patterns since I was fourteen, but I am ready to take up the needle again for my MEME MOM
Saturday Sewing with Debbie
This sounds like fun and calls for big, puffy stripey sleeves.
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