if people in the future talked about bras the way we talk about corsets 

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2 Fev 2021



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dena81 5 horas atrás
As a top heavy woman, this 'documentary' hits me hard in the feels
ARI LARZ 13 horas atrás
I mean you aren’t wrong
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie 15 horas atrás
Me and my wireless bras: yes I am dead, my bra has strangled me
Hippy Hair
Hippy Hair 23 horas atrás
This isn’t a lie! I’ve been to the hospital 5 times just because of a bra! It beat me up, stole my lunch money, and told me I smelled like cheese. 😕💔
Monstergirl inc
Monstergirl inc Dia atrás
Me watching this while wearing a bra in bed
ifigeneia alevizou
I, for one, welcome this braless future
AmberW28 Dia atrás
This video is too real! I remember times in public where I had to stop walkin, grab a hold of something to steady me while taking deep breaths, and pulling the underwire of my bra away from the arteries under my breasts. Sometimes youll just be sitting and suddenly feel so sick and you realize its because you cant breathe because the pressure on your chest. Should we maybe go back to bustiers? Because I dont want my nipples open to the public in my top but I also want to breathe so
Gateaux Q
Gateaux Q Dia atrás
The underwire comments really hurt Like for real, fuck underwires and their bra-ruining pokiness.
Robbsany •
Robbsany • 2 dias atrás
Waiting for the actresses of the future wearing bras for a movie or something video (just like the one with corsets)...
Ava Rose Weisberg
Ava Rose Weisberg 2 dias atrás
Literally me in seventh grade lol
Sarah no
Sarah no 2 dias atrás
I have soft bras that I sleep in so:)
T. 3 dias atrás
My rib cage actually dips in where my too tight underwire bras used to dig in. Not sure why I didnt have a properly fitting bra lol I blame all of my irritable moments from my 20s on that lol
Nikola Novkovic
Nikola Novkovic 3 dias atrás
You’re a genius
LastKatanaGirl 4 dias atrás
That's how I feel about my 2019-self. How was I able to wear a bra every day?! When I now put on a bra it really hurts my shoulders and I have the feeling it makes breathing harder and the bra puts so much pressure on my stomach that I constantly feel nauseous. And no...this is not a joke. I'm serious. How was I able to wear a bra everyday for 12+ hours?! 😱
Nachos and vegan chili
Oh only trained professionals can handle bras? Welp, time to chuck them all
angelqt.mp3 4 dias atrás
It is so difficult to wear bras... I once had to for a costume party, and the pain was unbearable! I couldn't even breath properly. By the end of the day, I had horrible red marks and bleeding due to the wiring.... The shoulder straps cut off my circulation as well! Luckily, I still lived 🙏
TG L. 5 dias atrás
While other female BRdesk are just like "CORSETS ARE MADE IN HELL", "BE BRAFREE, FIGHT AGAINS MACHISM", "MEN FORCES US TO WEAR CORSETS AND BRAS SO WE CAN SLOWLY DIED BECAUSE THEY WERE BORED" and "WE ARE JUST POOR VICTIMS OF EVERY LITTLE THING THAT MOVES AROUND US" You just make this videos. You may be my favourite BRdesk for ever, IT's a shame that my english sometimes decides to leave my brain and keep my from comenting your videos ♡♡♡
Alien sweetie
Alien sweetie 5 dias atrás
watch woman from their times debunk the whole bra theories lol
BookWorm 5 dias atrás
I know 😔 My grandmother was very deformed thanks to being forced to wear a bra... I could never...
Lee Sprague
Lee Sprague 5 dias atrás
This is genius Also pretty much how people act about masks these days
Oxy Bright Dark
Oxy Bright Dark 5 dias atrás
I’m a transgender man. I wear a binder. The entire point of the binder is to reshape the body, to make boobs not appear and it can affect breathing. It’s still more comfortable than a badly fitted bra, because it fits me. It’s actually pretty similar to a corset.
Laura 5 dias atrás
It's really good to have someone who explains how it truly was to wear a corset. Since this video makes fun of misconceptions using bras for the parody, I'd like to mention a concurrent topic: maybe in the past tits were not a big deal, and maybe in the past corsets weren't meant to "hide" boobs, but what is concerning nowadays is the (sexist) need atributed to bras. It's no longer an aesthetic reason. If a woman wears no bra, she is labbeled as scruffy, provocative, filthy, slutty... If her nipples are hard, the conclusion is that she must be horny. Women should feel free and comfortable to wear and not wear whatever they want, whenever they want, but this society doesn't allow it. Even if we think we can.
Castor Alpha
Castor Alpha 6 dias atrás
Honesty, mood. I hate bras. Let's get rid of them pls.
Jahya Mack
Jahya Mack 7 dias atrás
It's actually quite fun thinking about how 'modern things' will be viewed in say 2121. For example: *kid looks at picture of a stereo* kid "whats that nob for?" me "you twist it to control the volume" kid "that's so inconvenient!"
Random One
Random One 8 dias atrás
This reminds ne to take of my bra b4 i sleep, thanks! Xx
Kristie Leeson
Kristie Leeson 8 dias atrás
This is the way. I love your sense of humour and your falling bit was the best ever. I am so glad to know about people like you. I have spoken.
Zancrow 9 dias atrás
I don't know how you hold the laugh while doing all this😆😆😆
Cruznick06 9 dias atrás
Its almost like improperly fitted garments are uncomfortable and can pose a health issue.
Nikasaturn 9 dias atrás
This belongs in a museum
Vixemint 9 dias atrás
Wait until they find out about chest binders
Maze Runner
Maze Runner 10 dias atrás
She forgot the permanent deformation of the upper torso in general 😂
César Tenorio
César Tenorio 10 dias atrás
Imagine ppl in the future when they find out about the existence of a binder LMAOOO
Sara D
Sara D 10 dias atrás
me getting out of the house for the first time after months of lockdown:
Rosalind McCollum (929RosMcCo)
I feel like we should start making posts about how these jokes are inaccurate and how bras work if used properly so that future historians don't think this and similar things were completely true and not just a joke
Rose 11 dias atrás
My great-great grandma was from the 2000’s, and too think that she had to go through so much suffering every day makes me hurt inside, almost as much as her restrictive, evil, torturous bra hurt her
Everything is fine
Everything is fine 11 dias atrás
I don’t like wearing a bra, I like wearing a bed sheet, that’s how old school I am. Toga toga toga.
R. Tolmach
R. Tolmach 11 dias atrás
Ok but I think corsets were worse because women were shamed if they didn't wear them while you can choose to wear or not wear a bra. I'm 18 years old, and especially after corona, it's a 50/50 split between who wears and who doesn't
Void & Abyss
Void & Abyss 12 dias atrás
The real reason she was uncomfortable- the bra was way too small, and she didn't realize because no one needs measurements for something no one wore in the future...
jan Kelen
jan Kelen 12 dias atrás
"straps strangling you EVERY DAY"
Random Dreamer
Random Dreamer 12 dias atrás
oh my gosh it seems to hurt so much
alleycatalog 13 dias atrás
Yes but did the straps stay up?
Taylor Breckenridge
Taylor Breckenridge 13 dias atrás
Fact: Every woman who has worn a bra will die. Coincidence?
Julie B
Julie B 13 dias atrás
1min45 : me everytime I have to wear a bra again after almost a year of lockdown not wearing any
Anneliese Weisman
Anneliese Weisman 13 dias atrás
This is so hilarious
Heidi Kindon
Heidi Kindon 14 dias atrás
Actual footage of me at the end of the day. 😄 To be fair I do need to size up but my first order was wrong so now I have to go back to the post office...
Alexis Ventura
Alexis Ventura 14 dias atrás
Oh, so people wear bras? * laughs in only wears tops*
Alexis Ventura
Alexis Ventura 14 dias atrás
BEST VIDEO EVERRRR Am going to send this to all my friends that think corsets are evil
IzunShiru Creepercat
IzunShiru Creepercat 14 dias atrás
I thought bras were made in EIGHTEEN eighty-nine
Cloudy Rhona
Cloudy Rhona 14 dias atrás
I think we should go back to corsets
Yuta Nakamoto
Yuta Nakamoto 14 dias atrás
Corsets are sooo comfortable but I don't know why people say it's difficult to put it on
Scribbledon 14 dias atrás
What are they wearing in the future?
Riccardo 14 dias atrás
I admire her for begin able to have such a straight face during the whole video
Leviathan’s Pet Lotan But a Human Cuz of Levi
Lol they won’t even be able to wear bras for 10 minutes, I started wearing those when I was like 5
Dinah Silva
Dinah Silva 15 dias atrás
I mean they a bit uncomfortable but jeez lmao
Le Mo
Le Mo 15 dias atrás
I enjoy reading these comments almost as much as I enjoyed the video
rainbowroad the killjoy
My bra size is 42G and my back and shoulders constantly want to Mc Fucking die.
The autistic Artist
The autistic Artist 15 dias atrás
How were you able to keep a straight face 😂
Shaman Of The Dead
Shaman Of The Dead 16 dias atrás
just wait until they figure out what trans dudes and afab nonbinary people went through with binders
Lily -
Lily - 16 dias atrás
A moment of silence for the person from the far future finding this and taking it serious.
Animatizando 16 dias atrás
Literally how I speak about bras to avoid my mom buying me more bc I hate using them :)
MyLife 5.0
MyLife 5.0 17 dias atrás
Lucy 17 dias atrás
"Women couldn't do any sports" Sport bras: do I mean something to you or...?
GTPR Muffin
GTPR Muffin 17 dias atrás
Omg true istg people be like omg corsets are killing people on the daily they were dying
R D 18 dias atrás
This is how I feel about bras
Alice 18 dias atrás
ok but as someone who only wears sports bras because the strap ones are uncomfortable for me that second part hit too close to my dramatic reactions to them
Zoe 18 dias atrás
milky. kiwi
milky. kiwi 19 dias atrás
My face really went 🐸
koobyn 19 dias atrás
Man I wonder what they'll think about binders
KB Verrückt
KB Verrückt 19 dias atrás
I mean the reality still kinda sucks too xD Unless you find a really really good one that is perfect for you specifically, they're itchy, annoying, still kinda restrictive, and leave light marks by the end of the day. It's not like buying other clothing that arrrrouuuundd your size that you can still be fine with.
L Sims
L Sims 20 dias atrás
Wait, weren't bras invented in like the 30s?
InkedLines 20 dias atrás
Yeah, turns out she was wearing a bra three sizes too small 😂
Chelsea DeVries
Chelsea DeVries 20 dias atrás
I'm wearing a bra right now 😳
Gio 20 dias atrás
This is what I think when I pass through the *not sport bras* in the store.
Stanislav _
Stanislav _ 21 dia atrás
So basically, wearing bra is slowly executed death sentence... I think we got new device for torturing agent 007 by villiains.
BruhAnt 21 dia atrás
I have stopped trying
I have stopped trying 21 dia atrás
I doubt the future wouldnt wear bras lol
Lynsey Jones
Lynsey Jones 22 dias atrás
Can you please do a video about foot-binding?
Jadis Cardelli
Jadis Cardelli 22 dias atrás
As I watched this while wearing a sports bra that I've been wearing for a few days with minor discomfort: I'M GONNA DIE?! But for real though this video is exactly how people treat corsets🤣🤣
Melanie Van der Beek
Melanie Van der Beek 23 dias atrás
But if they don't wear bra's anymore what do they wear??
Alexander yeyy
Alexander yeyy 23 dias atrás
I think the reason why people hate corsets so badly is because they all watch that scene from titanic
LunaStar 24 dias atrás
I’m just wondering what these women in the future are using.
Cherrymelodies 24 dias atrás
But now we wear Velcro and corset look alikes to pretend we have corsets because corsets are fing GORGEOUS
Rowie TheWeird
Rowie TheWeird 24 dias atrás
why is this so accurate 😂😂😂
EcoMama 24 dias atrás
O. M. G. You're depicting what I'm feeling, after putting on a bra for the first time in 3 weeks. I lasted 2 hours and couldn't handle the discomfort any longer. It doesn't help that I'm a 34I (yes, the letter between H & J) and was wearing a 34DD bra. Thank you for continuing to make new videos. I've been subscribed to your channel for about a year, and I admire your knowledge and adore your humour. Keep being awesome!
TheMsLourdes 24 dias atrás
Your ability to keep a straight face is amazing :) awesome video!
Paulina Bożyk
Paulina Bożyk 25 dias atrás
Me, not wearing a bra, ever: 👁👄👁
Suzanne Sooudi
Suzanne Sooudi 25 dias atrás
This is one of my favorite videos
Maria Alcione
Maria Alcione 25 dias atrás
what is this beautiful hairstyle called ??
star sparks
star sparks 25 dias atrás
From 1:40 onwards is just me when quartine ended
raven blackwood
raven blackwood 25 dias atrás
Bruh, Corsets can be better than bras in alot of ways. For one, back support.
Reagan Alice
Reagan Alice 26 dias atrás
I can't 😂
Yibing J
Yibing J 27 dias atrás
Me, a trans man who wears binders everyday:
herdustisverypretty 27 dias atrás
Before I had surgery, bras were an absolute nightmare. Corsets were the only thing that gave me proper support and comfort. Bras are absolute hell garments. Don't know how anyone can wear them. And everyone I know who wears them seems to hate them anyway, so why are you all still wearing them???? Seriously?! Swap to corsets, they're so much better!
Lucy D.
Lucy D. 29 dias atrás
This is (unfortunately) how male authors talk about bras 😂
_QW Flora_
_QW Flora_ 29 dias atrás
Leticia 29 dias atrás
I think bras and corsets have a lot in common. 1. For a large portion of women they are not really needed. A lot of women can do amazingly without them. 2. They are needed only by women with certain anatomy and/or doing certain activities, but only if they are properly fitted, otherwise they do more harm than good on any woman. 3. They are not too comfortable to deal with in a hotter weather. Dealing with them in a hotter weather needs some precautions and a lot of getting used to 4. People have a really hard time admitting that these undergarments are not needed by a large portion of women and always are trying to bring some pseudo-scientific vague "research" they can't cite the authors about how women who are not wearing uncomfortable undergarments end up ugly and with damaged breasts. 5. At a certain point in life or in certain communities women are forced to wear bras/corsets mostly by older women who yell a lot about "modesty", "propriety", "elegance" and "preventing sagging". Not only at that point the wearing of the undergarments is not "a free choice of a modern woman" or "a fashion statement", those abusers often don't understand anything about fitting bras/undergarments as well (so it's not possible to "prevent this and that" anymore, since the garment doesn't respect the woman's anatomy) and force the narrative that the undergarments have to be uncomfortable and ill-fitted and women have to bear pain as the default condition of "young ladies". The abusers from the 5th point are the reason the narrative of all corsets being uncomfortable is so popular. That narrative allows to criticise the abusive behaviour and harmful beauty&social standards resented by many but at the same time it doesn't trigger the modern-day abusers because on the surface it's criticising the "barbaric past". On the contrary, the abusers will go around and tell how generous it is of them not force last-century fashion, "which was much more uncomfortable", on their victims.
klera7 29 dias atrás
I mean, women dont need bras. And yet some women struggle because of it. My mum for example cant find a bra that wouldnt hurt bleeding:D but yeah...its really uncomfortable. But she still has to go through it, because "norms". I on the other hand have highly irritable skin and cant go lower that paying 25 pounds for a good quality (at least until now nothing else was comfortable for me enough not go insane after few hours). And still- there is NO NEED FOR A BRA. Except standards.
Ender Kisera
Ender Kisera Mês atrás
I would gladly get behind this fear mongering myth if it meant I don't have to wear a bra-
But why
But why Mês atrás
No, but this unironically I hate bras and I hope we never wear them.
Jesse Spika
Jesse Spika Mês atrás
Just came across this awesome channel. I remember from pirates of the Caribbean there was a moment where the woman played by Keira Knightly says something to the degree of “You like pain? Try wearing a corset.” As a young boy, I didn’t get it. I treated that line as if it was a sacred clue into the mysterious world of women. *Corsets are really painful, got it.*
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