Ice Skating In A c. 1887 Victorian Attire 

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so as soon as I knew I'd be spending my winter holiday on a frozen Austrian lake, I felt an urgent need for a new Victorian gown. the abundance of lovely 1880s ice skating/winter dress designs made the decade quite an obvious choice. you can read more about how I made the dress on the blog:
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18 Fev 2019



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Red Hen
Red Hen 24 dias atrás
Hockey coach: "I said hustle, not bustle ! "
Paula Martínez
Paula Martínez Mês atrás
I was wondering why you skated so good and a quiet thought came to my mind... Poland😂😂😂
So cool how the skirt swirls when she turns around
APotatoSapling Mês atrás
Wow meme mom
Laurissimalon Mês atrás
Ohhhhh girl you look so beautiful ☺
Juuna Ardan
Juuna Ardan 3 meses atrás
Omg costume and ice skating in one same video, I am blessed ! Wish I could come skating with you !!
Le Sac A Patate
Le Sac A Patate 3 meses atrás
I cried. Im not sure why but I cried.
tinymim19 3 meses atrás
I vote to bring back muffs
Elibel77 4 meses atrás
I guess the skates are not 1880s, right? ;)
Crash Andersen
Crash Andersen 4 meses atrás
Come to Austria, it's like prettier Pennsylvania... So Washington, basically. Although I don't know if they have amazing docks or a good troll there.
Natalia Garofalo
Natalia Garofalo 4 meses atrás
"COrSeTs aRe sO HaRd tO mOvE iN"
Anaya Vasquez
Anaya Vasquez 4 meses atrás
What ice skates are you using today Ma’m
pancakes 8
pancakes 8 4 meses atrás
What can’t this woman do in a corset??
Aether Slugstar
Aether Slugstar 4 meses atrás
One of my favorite styles
Elena Christian
Elena Christian 4 meses atrás
I can't skate in pants, so good on you.
meme 92basem
meme 92basem 4 meses atrás
What is the name of the song???
rama rambo
rama rambo 4 meses atrás
Perfect model and scene for a painting❤️
the waffle monster
the waffle monster 4 meses atrás
What song is that??
Blue Berry
Blue Berry 7 meses atrás
Only 1880s kids will remember 😌🤧
ZA56AA 8 meses atrás
When are you going to aboard to Titanic ? They say it's an unsinkable marvellous ship.
Staffan Lindström
Staffan Lindström 9 meses atrás
Imran Azim Iskandar
Imran Azim Iskandar 9 meses atrás
Anyone who were wondering for the music : Eddie Morton - While They Were Dancing Around
Cooltink101 4 meses atrás
Thank you😭🤗🌸
izzyaerial 9 meses atrás
What is the name of this song? Anybody know where I could find it? :)
Natasha Cua
Natasha Cua Anos atrás
Oh my god, are those ankles?! SCANDALOUSSSSS
Anthony J
Anthony J Anos atrás
*Willie wonka wants to know your location*
Captain Z-Ro
Captain Z-Ro Anos atrás
Not to state the obvious (yeah, right), but this is where an extra-thick 'bum pad' definitely makes sense.:D
Kemkaz Anos atrás
beautifully tailored with such a pretty flow .
Lauren Haber
Lauren Haber Anos atrás
& making it look good!
Maria Luiza Leão
Maria Luiza Leão Anos atrás
jeric_ synergy
jeric_ synergy Anos atrás
Shutter? Frame rate? something's different. >:^(
boltun Anos atrás
your videos are great but what would even greater if you link the songs you use, i always happen to love them haha
Ironyche Anos atrás
Damn, that must be painful af
Jude Wright
Jude Wright Anos atrás
What song is that? I like it
Mɪɴғʏɢᴜᴍ Anos atrás
Yuri on ice meets kuroshitsuji
My Doll Neighborhood
I love your channel wayyyy too much
Do an Axle.
Kirra Star
Kirra Star Anos atrás
My sister thought when it said "was shot at" she thought that meant you were literally shot with a gun
thomas spicer
thomas spicer Anos atrás
Beautiful dress love the 1880s silhouette 👌🏻
Alecca Anos atrás
julianto triwijaya
julianto triwijaya Anos atrás
You look like that iconic victorian icecating on the lake/park painting, i forgot the name of it.
Pol Wijnen
Pol Wijnen Anos atrás
How wonderful! You look so lovely, Karolina! I'm itching to put on my ice skates, overcoat, top hat and join you ;p
Lizeee Anos atrás
Anyone ever tell you you look like Marie Curie
beachwriter8 Anos atrás
Spectacular video
abort coven
abort coven Anos atrás
I like watching these kinds of videos in 360p or 240p, really makes it feel like it's a recording from the time even if cameras didn't exist.
Bianca Munteanu
Bianca Munteanu Anos atrás
Damn it looks hella uncomfortable
Friesen Polina
Friesen Polina Anos atrás
Who is watching in 1887
This suits you so perfectly and you look absolutely lovely.
Abalone Waters
Abalone Waters Anos atrás
I love this channel :)
Mirrissa Purnell
Mirrissa Purnell Anos atrás
That song tho... 😮😐😐
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli Anos atrás
Imagine some person walks about... and sees this and gets confused to at what timeline he is livng in...
L S Anos atrás
Ive never seen snow before irl, it looks so beautiful 😍 From Australia btw 🇦🇺
Blue Girl
Blue Girl Anos atrás
Love it! So pretty, girl. You can rock it!
Justyna Anos atrás
Watched in 144p and I must say it looks like it's cut from some old movie
Michael Heath
Michael Heath Anos atrás
This reminds me of a well-known photo of people ice-skating in Central Park in the 1880's with the newly-built Dakota apartment building looming in the background. Do you know which one I mean? The lake is beautiful- I like ice-skating, but in my lifetime (b.1981) there is only one winter in my memory where the lake near my house (or any other around) froze deep enough to skate on, and that was back in the early 90s. I hate global warming.
Emily Ruoff
Emily Ruoff Anos atrás
Wow le Prince’s quality is great these days
Alice Jump
Alice Jump Anos atrás
Absolutely gorgeous,
Ilove Corpseparty
Ilove Corpseparty Anos atrás
Also, kk Nanny McPhee
Ilove Corpseparty
Ilove Corpseparty Anos atrás
Why do I suddenly not exist anymore?
Lili Crow
Lili Crow Anos atrás
I don't even know how to skate in a c.2019 outfit
Ruth AD
Ruth AD Anos atrás
1889 anyone?
Æ Anos atrás
ReachSkyla Anos atrás
Weird flex but ok
Tone Marie Antonsen
I think you would love one of Queen Victorias grandchildren Queen Maud of Norway fashion sense. She was a avid corset user, yiiks i say . If i remember correct her wast was tiny just around 35 cm .I really like that you educated us correctly and not from assumptions. ☺👠👗💄
Isabella Anos atrás
As the millennials like to say "you have a bright future behind you ma'am."
ave does things
ave does things Anos atrás
*My one brain cell trying to find a good idea*
Katherine Spencer-Howard
What fabric did you use for the dress? A nice fine woollen cloth would drape nicely and be warm; dare I say, this looks as if it might be synthetic? (Forgive me, I'm new to your channel, I'm talking off-the-cuff, and don't know your views on authenticity, or indeed, much about types of fabric and their availability in 1885!) But you do look so graceful and elegant! I shall be exploring your channel and reading more of your blogs 😊
Jaxon Garside
Jaxon Garside Anos atrás
Only 13 dislikes? Wow...
GrumpyGothma Anos atrás
Only 1887 kids will remember this
Mangozjebus Pospolitus
paranormal lazivity
When your time machine is broke and you're stuck in the north pole
danica Anos atrás
she is beauty she is grace she ice skates in a lake
ElricGurl Anos atrás
I have a need for that dress in forest green lol.
Sophie H
Sophie H Anos atrás
Wait- why is everybody bowing around me right now? OH, right BECAUSE WE ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF A QUEEN. Sleigh, girrrl. Sleigh.
Serena L
Serena L Anos atrás
I adore you ♥️
Sayori Anos atrás
Oh Yes S i s t e r
Clive Chiam
Clive Chiam Anos atrás
Anna karenina has left the chat.
ZHANELV Anos atrás
You are so pretty
꧁Olivia A. Lastre༄꧂
*_♡So elegant! i love it♡._*
Anna Anos atrás
Chrissi Anos atrás
I hate these bustles. I don't get why they were ever in fashion
froggy9191 Anos atrás
This is so romantically gorgeous ❤️
Nicole Crussell
Nicole Crussell Anos atrás
Isn't that fur hand warmee dangerous if you fall, like yow are you meant to stop yourself if you fall face first lol
Alloniya Anos atrás
ZZ the Dark
ZZ the Dark Anos atrás
What a foxy,classy lady. ;)
Frenigonda Anos atrás
It was painful to look at your ears
Alicja Krużycka
Alicja Krużycka Anos atrás
Podałabyś proszę piosenkę?
Valeria T
Valeria T Anos atrás
I'm hitting myself really hard because I've missed you there. My family lives around the corner and I've worked at Weissensee for 2 months so I'm like a homie in that area. I could have met you ugh ugh guhghghugu you're my senpai I'm so sad
Sofia Rosenberg
Sofia Rosenberg Anos atrás
sis better try a quad lutz or I'm suing
Carolina Pinglo
Carolina Pinglo Anos atrás
Love this
Bea Savet
Bea Savet Anos atrás
skate on em h8ers ya thicctorian queen
iicherriblossomii Anos atrás
She kinda looks like Anne Hathaway
sαd lч
sαd lч Anos atrás
Kocham ❤️
Lmystery Dmystery
Lmystery Dmystery Anos atrás
Lovely! I adore period clothing! Late 1800 seems to be a favorite. And of course you look perfectly lovely while wearing it; when the sun hit your eyes head on, they were a brilliant red mahogany! Is that real rabbit on your hand warmer?
Marco Total
Marco Total Anos atrás
Ugh. I love this
CIEMniak™ Anos atrás
Girl, you are wild! 😍
Brigitte Franyo
Brigitte Franyo Anos atrás
You are adorable!
Laura Anos atrás
Milana King
Milana King Anos atrás
Rollin up in my heelys
A L Costa
A L Costa Anos atrás
that’s classy
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