I Wore A Victorian Corset For A Day 

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spoiler: I'm still alive.
here's the corsetmaker that made my corset: corsetry_romance
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11 Dez 2018



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 2 anos atrás
the experiment starts at 4:12 you lazy asses
its britneybyotch
Frooglet Animations
I feel called out
Fantastic Slimetastic
Fantastic Slimetastic 13 dias atrás
I watched the whole thing
A1hlete Roblox
A1hlete Roblox 21 dia atrás
Lazy assws
Bibhabaree Sahu
Bibhabaree Sahu 23 dias atrás
Thank you
trash panda lady
trash panda lady Dia atrás
"i have to be straight all the time" what closeted gays say most of the time
Cassie Jackson
Cassie Jackson Dia atrás
you have a fun sense of humor. this video was interesting. thanks for sharing!
Anna Molly
Anna Molly 2 dias atrás
Kurcze, zastanawialam sie nadboupieniem pajaczka zeby sie nie garbic, a teraz rozwazam kupno gorsetu xd
Diana Valenzuela
Diana Valenzuela 2 dias atrás
What an amazing video. I love you!!!
NapierProductions 4 dias atrás
Dang, why do I feel motivated to buy a corset to help my posture? P.S. Yes, shoutout to my fellow Slytherins! 😄
mehulee mandal
mehulee mandal 4 dias atrás
As a Potter head and Slytherine I like the T-shirt with "Slytherine D. Malfoy " u are wearing 😊
Katiethehuman 12
Katiethehuman 12 4 dias atrás
Can we just talk about how pretty the corset is though
Mila Oh
Mila Oh 4 dias atrás
It's just annoying, not deadly you guys, lol
Lori Hogue
Lori Hogue 5 dias atrás
Congratulations - you now know what it's like to be a Renaissance Faire actor and wear a corset all day. Our Elizabethan corsets are more conical for the flat silhouette the period requires. Perfect posture and a slightly smaller waist is a plus but getting comfortable is a huge challenge. Faire actors are very active, so our corsets aren't worn super tight. More like a firm hug. Eating a lot of smaller meals is mandatory. That feeling of having your corset unlaced is one of THE best feelings in the world. Second only to ... 😏
Lily Contreras
Lily Contreras 5 dias atrás
They really trying to keep me straight, huh
Alex L
Alex L 5 dias atrás
i like being ur meme child
Cali Girl In Costa
Cali Girl In Costa 6 dias atrás
Like heels, invented by a man to restrict a woman's freedom. (I don't really know this. Just making a serious, joke)
PurplePanther 39
PurplePanther 39 8 dias atrás
I had to wear a brace for a few years and it was similar to this. When I first started wearing it, it was painful and I hated it, but within a few months I had fully changed my lifestyle to adapt to wearing it and I always forgot I was even wearing it.
Moon Along My Head
Moon Along My Head 8 dias atrás
That ending killed me, you really are the meme mum of us all xD
Allison Bierman
Allison Bierman 9 dias atrás
I miss wearing corsets for Opera, I always felt so supported and my posture was great. I even wore a corseted wedding dress because I love it so much. Corsets are the bomb. I live in the wrong era :(
Allison Bierman
Allison Bierman 2 dias atrás
@popovka you’re just reading way too much into my comment 😊
popovka 2 dias atrás
You could still wear it under your clothes as Karolina does here and nobody would know but you - especially now in winter - and you could enjoy that feeling for yourself. But I feel - correct me if I'm wrong - maybe it's more about a “social permission“ to dress up as you want to, which might be more than the average does? I understand that it's exhausting feeling one has to justify one's outfit choices or fearing people might look at you as arrogant just because you like to dress pretty. In the end we have to find a way between what we want (dress up, maybe) and how much energy we have or CHOOSE to spent on justifying that choice to others. (Or maybe I'm just reading way too much into your comment, then i apologize!)
Allison Bierman
Allison Bierman 2 dias atrás
@popovka I just meant I wished I lived in an era where it would be normal if I chose to wear a corset all the time in’s not, hence my comment.
popovka 2 dias atrás
Actually - no. You live in an era where you get to choose what you want to wear. that! :)
Lauren Athanasiou
Lauren Athanasiou 9 dias atrás
as someone who wears a back brace daily, i would recommend that you put on a corset standing up so that you're stretched out more and it's less uncomfortable on your ribs and lungs
Lauren Athanasiou
Lauren Athanasiou 9 dias atrás
also, when getting shoes on, resting your foot on your opposite knee helps a lot
[Owlrie] 9 dias atrás
Conclusion: Back in the days, those who wore corsets have good posture
Aria D'Abreo
Aria D'Abreo 10 dias atrás
Ur so cool 👍
Victoria Crompton
Victoria Crompton 12 dias atrás
So many people today have aches and pains, even in their 20s. In many cases it's the price we pay for not caring about our posture.
Panagiotis Zois
Panagiotis Zois 13 dias atrás
Is that an icon of the Theotokos in the back at 6:25?
Kumar Nilesh
Kumar Nilesh 13 dias atrás
Why is youtube wants me to learn how to wear a corset.
purifiedBanana comics
purifiedBanana comics 14 dias atrás
Me after this vid: I’m gonna buy a corset for cosplaying and no one’s gonna stop me!
Tegan Fitzgibbon
Tegan Fitzgibbon 14 dias atrás
I have a modern corset that I wear under my uniform at school so not the whole day but it doesn’t affect my everyday life but i guess it isn’t a Victorian corset
Natalia 15 dias atrás
You sorta have to break it in for it to be comfortable
Mikichan85 15 dias atrás
Try to wear it during the real work. Like the cashier
Mater Cicero
Mater Cicero 15 dias atrás
I often wear this kind of corsets.
Black woman In hindsight
It's literally cutting her in half
Dejaune Jennings
Dejaune Jennings 16 dias atrás
Happy New Year!
Dejaune Jennings
Dejaune Jennings 16 dias atrás
From South Africa!
•Rice randoms•
•Rice randoms• 17 dias atrás
The corsets were straight because they weren’t educated on gay
ikachu -
ikachu - 17 dias atrás
Wearing corsets really make you hit different 🙃
Jackie Twomey
Jackie Twomey 17 dias atrás
I want to know the songs you had in this experiment video, although this was made back in 2018, I still hope for a response
Citlali Estrada
Citlali Estrada 18 dias atrás
Is she a Slytherin? Because she was wearing a Slytherin shirt.
Gabby Potter
Gabby Potter 18 dias atrás
celestina trimble
celestina trimble 19 dias atrás
i love that shirt
ahana Roy choudhuri
ahana Roy choudhuri 20 dias atrás
It's okay if you had problem laying down you are not anyway supposed to go to sleep wearing corsets ever (also bra)
Milena Garcia
Milena Garcia 20 dias atrás
For those thinking about investing in corsets, don’t do that to yourself, honey. It “loosens” your core muscles such as your abs and the muscles on your back that help you keep yourself straight because the corset is holding your body up for you, and they become more atrophied because they aren’t working. And, they may cause problems in the process of digestion. AND it’s plain uncomfortable
Mathilde DIYs
Mathilde DIYs 23 dias atrás
Me in 2020: why isn’t she wearing a mask 😂
Natalia 15 dias atrás
Ahaha :/
Sanusha Galappathy
Sanusha Galappathy 25 dias atrás
I feel like if you were 'at work' where you can't take as many slouch breaks (laying on a bed, etc. ), and you're not thinking about what you're wearing, wearing a corset would be no big deal. It would be as uncomfortable as trousers or jeans and bra.
Nightmare _1011
Nightmare _1011 27 dias atrás
This is basically just like wearing bra for the first time
CrabNugget 28 dias atrás
so apparently corsets forces you to have healthier sitting habits
arp 29 dias atrás
Is anyone of you realize that she is more beautiful without using make up??? Or just me?
* Arli *
* Arli * Mês atrás
i can't imagine being straight for whole day. My goth gf would kill me
KItten Cat
KItten Cat Mês atrás
You should wear a corset cover
Kumatori Yazawa
Kumatori Yazawa Mês atrás
BRdesk: hey you wanna see a lady wear a corset Me: why not....??.?
Alaska Cosplay
Alaska Cosplay Mês atrás
Well. The only way to hide the corset from showing through clothes is with a corset cover which helps make the corset more diffused under your outer clothes. Your corset is so beautiful!!!!
Dior Lemos
Dior Lemos Mês atrás
7:18 Why is no one talking about the Crab rave on her screen?
marina nazeh
marina nazeh Mês atrás straight to curly hair
Cakeshop Mês atrás
where can I find one of these çørßëtš if purchasable
Ro 19 dias atrás
I know this is a bit of a late reply, but if you do want to learn more about corsets I would highly recommend checking out Lucy's Corsetry (the website or BRdesk channel) which talks a lot about correct sizing, garment reviews, and which brands to avoid. If you are looking to purchase a corset there's loads of great companies out there with a huge variety of price ranges, but to start with I would take a look at Mystic City Corsetry since they have well-constructed off-the-rack corsets in a wide variety of sizes and styles that tend to be budget friendly.
cptn 3mo
cptn 3mo Mês atrás
i lowkey want one
Phoebe Rose
Phoebe Rose Mês atrás
With the shirts mid length sleeves and the skirt your silhouette looks very 50s! Pinup not just like the average 1950s woman haha
xXVoid EssexXx
xXVoid EssexXx Mês atrás
I watch anime and games, no idea why this was in my recommend aside me and my gf talking about corsets and BRdesk stalking me. Aside this uh good video not sure why I watched it all either but very informative on giving a different perspective
Harmonizer Mês atrás
Just 7:28 minutes and I kinda wanna wear a corset...
Glass_ rain
Glass_ rain Mês atrás
Ooo that’s nice hair- wait SLYTHERIN *Makes an exited noise*
the spicy faery
the spicy faery Mês atrás
6:50 fire benders when it’s full moon
BasicBitch. Mês atrás
"I had to be straight all the time" Me, remembering when I used to live with my parents: *"Relatable"*
Eka Georgieva
Eka Georgieva Mês atrás
6:20 is your sister Janis Ian?
Devananda P
Devananda P Mês atrás
Lara Walters
Lara Walters Mês atrás
what was the song you used in the outro?? the voice was so preeetttyyyy
中国猪 Mês atrás
You are very beautiful
Lautaro Forés
Lautaro Forés Mês atrás
4:53 I'm slytherin too
Nicole kmc
Nicole kmc Mês atrás
Everybody: *talks about corsets* Me: oh wow she's a Slytherin!
blue dabedee
blue dabedee Mês atrás
I feel like, if you work with a corset and go home to take it off it would feel so good idlk
blue dabedee
blue dabedee Mês atrás
Any corset for guys? I don't wanna look feminine
carbonated water
carbonated water Mês atrás
Beautiful slytherin pants, so jealous.
Green Fields
Green Fields Mês atrás
Here’s the true fact about corsets... They’re not bad but they’re not suitable for now a days activities that’s why so many people complain. That’s not the fault of the corset that’s just part of evaluation of our society (and even though I’m saying evaluation I don’t mean progress)
moonandback Mês atrás
I love that you do point out the restrictions of corset as well. Most people seem to talk in extremes when it comes to corsets. They are either instruments of pain and death or perfectly normal, completely comfortable garment that just magically fell out of favour due to propoganda. The truth as you so eloquently point out is somewhere in the middle. Corset was just a piece of support undergarment, which fell out of favour as more comfortable, and less restrictive silhouettes and shapewear were developed.
johnnythings Mês atrás
why can't i breath watching this video-
Styalyzed Mês atrás
Me a closeted bisexual at a family gathering 7:28
Doida ao Cubo
Doida ao Cubo Mês atrás
Nobody: Sims: 9:38
Saga Nord
Saga Nord Mês atrás
I subconsciously straightened my posture when you talked about your posture while reading, I should probably get me one of those corsets :3
Gabrielle Wright
Gabrielle Wright Mês atrás
I love that outfit!
Jeuro38 Mês atrás
This comment section full of gay girls and guys. I love it. It's like the only time we gather apart from pride x')
Agrima Saraswat
Agrima Saraswat Mês atrás
While Karolina was explaining everything in the starting of the video, I only had my eyes on her T-shirt and said, Man, she is wearing a Draco Malfoy Shirt.
Lee Pantekoek
Lee Pantekoek Mês atrás
Corsets sound more comfortable and safer than binders. But people aren't going around shocked that trans guys can bind our chests for 8 hours and do all our normal things.
Linda R. Ward
Linda R. Ward Mês atrás
The real corsets of the time din't cover the brests.
Houndtwo 07
Houndtwo 07 Mês atrás
My friends tell me all the time that I would actually live better in the Victorian era because of my lack of knowledge of modern language and will use words common back then and now they mean different things and I can act posh on accident and would consider plague doctors good doctors.
Mikans Bandages
Mikans Bandages Mês atrás
Whoa why is this super uncomfortable for me to watch idk why I also really love your channel it doesn’t have to do anything with you but uhm I feel pretty weird and uh uncomfortable asf if someone knows what this is pls explain djsksisoso
Ahnyis Billingsley
Ahnyis Billingsley Mês atrás
I think people today confuse bras for corsets, I mean, it adds up!
Joystojoys ytstar
Joystojoys ytstar Mês atrás
Actresses be like: I wore a corset for a day, it broke my spine, it crushed my organs, it broke my ribs, it killed my pet, it explored my house, it hacked my account, it made the toilet water lift up, it made me FAT, it killed my grade grade grade grandma, it destroyed the environment, itshitted on my phone, it made me have cancer and lastly it made the sun explode
Julia Mês atrás
czeszcz! ya jestem julka :))
Lali Filg
Lali Filg Mês atrás
“I had to be straight all the time”, my gay ass “NOOOOOOOOO”
Mario Garcia Gil
Mario Garcia Gil Mês atrás
how do you go to the bathroom with that?
David Grindolf
David Grindolf Mês atrás
I have a dumb question. Was the corset tight laced?
that_WEEB_gurl Mês atrás
I really wanna wear a corset too Anyone else? v
rosechild Mês atrás
Watching this in 2020 and thinking where is her mask 😂
I can’t imagine wearing a corset- as a queer woman being straight all the time sounds exhausting.
General Obvious
General Obvious Mês atrás
Next wear a chastity belt
Leon L
Leon L Mês atrás
Wear it for a week, it is a better experiment, as your body and brain has time to ajust to it.
True crime story Podcast kryminalny
Super. Też uwielbiam gorsety, ale tak jak mówisz leżenie jest w nich trudne i wymuszają ciągle wyprostowaną pozycję, co nie jest zawsze komfortowe. Nosiłam dość długo gorset wiktoriański ale ostatnimi czasy mi się przytyło i się w posiadane gorsety nie mieszczę. Mogło by się wydawać - ulga, ale nic z tych rzeczy. Brakuje mi tego ściskania się, więc muszę po wypłacie kupić nowy pasujący na mnie z obecną figurą :-) Dla mnie jednym z plusów jest fakt, że nie jest się w stanie w nim zjeść dużych ilości posiłków, co w gruncie rzeczy jest zdrowsze a i schudnąć pomoże :-D Pozdrawiam
Terri Dixon
Terri Dixon Mês atrás
so your telling me this one device can save my poster, help me diet, and look thinner and all it costs is a little bit of uncomfortableness?
Xx MayaPlays xX
Xx MayaPlays xX Mês atrás
I'm 13 is it alright if I wear a corset?
Jazmine Reyna
Jazmine Reyna Mês atrás
where can i get those pjs
Melina Mês atrás
Me watching this in 2018: What tf does D. Malfoy mean? Me watching this in 2020: WHERE TF CAN I BUY THAT BOOTIFUL SHIRT???
Sarah Yuky
Sarah Yuky Mês atrás
♠【﹄💖𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊≔⫸VIDEO 💖﹃】 ♠ ≔⫸ 𝙇𝙊𝙑𝙀 𝙎𝙀𝙓 ~ ☎️ ☎️ ☎️ NEXS📞 Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre ..69
Joana Serafina
Joana Serafina Mês atrás
That was actually pretty funny! XD I have scoliosis and needed surgery. The surgery consists on implanting a harrington rod. In my case it was a long rod. Now I have eternal problems on finding a comfortable position all day long, bed included... I can consider myself pain-free, but I get tired very easily. It's like wearing a victorian corset without the pretty waist or the support... Yay! 😅
ツLeejsbyjka Mês atrás
You from Poland?
Red Hen
Red Hen Mês atrás
Guy walks into a lingerie shop and asks the sales clerk "Do you have anything here for men?" "Sir, everything in here is for men."
Tomas Hurrell
Tomas Hurrell Mês atrás
I would just wear it for the posture
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