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not sure if this video is at all entertaining but I had fun
Soulless Victorian game:
Real Retro game:
1940s game:
Rapunzel and Ariel 20s Fashion Contest game:
Roccoco game:
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9 Jun 2017



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Sam M.
Sam M. 19 dias atrás
Everyone in the comments mad she doesn’t like Ariel. Don’t worry I don’t like her either Ariel haters don’t need a reason to hate :0
Clara Av. de Frutos
I still need the 2 hours video of Karolina talking about 20s fashion. and the same with other decades!! Maybe videos explaining the process of making the clothes too.... This sounds like the kind of videos that take more work, sorry!
Ollie No
Ollie No Mês atrás
I want her to do this again omg. Especially because I’ve seen people actually make good historical dress up games recently.
Catherine Just Catherine
:34 Is anyone else getting an Anne Hathaway vibe? Or am I just imagining it?
Blaze Of Glory
Blaze Of Glory 3 meses atrás
That's so cute
Larry Scott
Larry Scott 3 meses atrás
She has great camera presence. The camera loves her.
Lu Reed
Lu Reed 3 meses atrás
Oh my god, I used to play Azalea’s dress up games (the one who did the 1930’s one) OBSESSIVELY. She makes super cool historical fashion dress up games and equality cool fantasy dress up games. I felt so silly for playing dress up games as a grown ass teenager but what can I say, they’re fun.
Le Sac A Patate
Le Sac A Patate 4 meses atrás
YEEAAASSSS PLAY SOME DRESSUP GAMES!!! AZALEA’S DOLLS ❤️❤️❤️ Im so glad I’m not the only grown up still playing dress up games
suki suki daisuki
suki suki daisuki 4 meses atrás
Meme Mom is absolutely adorable here!
icedragonair 5 meses atrás
Need that final rococo look on merch
The majestic Mango
The majestic Mango 5 meses atrás
Historical dress up game play
Viktoriya Bodryzlova
Viktoriya Bodryzlova 6 meses atrás
now when you search "victorian" on that site you get lolita and steampunk. if you look closely you might even see my soul leaving my body
Petrus 906
Petrus 906 6 meses atrás
Thanks for making me laugh a lot at 2am
Hello There
Hello There 6 meses atrás
Hehe it’s my profile picture
Seshi DF
Seshi DF 6 meses atrás
You should make video exploring Azaleasdolls and their historical games - they're pretty good/fun! ^ ^
Queen Morvan
Queen Morvan 6 meses atrás
Karolina: okay so.. this is the finished product- Ad: 999 what’s the emergency >:0
Silvern Moonlace
Silvern Moonlace 6 meses atrás
try this: (18th century)
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson 7 meses atrás
I’m pretty sure the black dress in the Ariel and Rapunzel 20s game was based on a real gown design from the 20s. I downloaded a f*ckton of vintage custom content for the Sims 4 and someone who specializes in 20s-30s outfits made one that looked extremely close to that and had a picture of the real dress on display Edit: a link to the History of Fashion tumblr post on Jeanne Lanvin’s crystal embellished Robe de Style: And a link to Lanvin’s other black dress that was in the game:
ThisisItziar207 7 meses atrás
I go to doll divine frequently. I play anime dress up games and when I was younger i used to play historic dress up games
Ilove Corpseparty
Ilove Corpseparty 7 meses atrás
Rococo Marge looks stunning!
some fucking noob
some fucking noob 9 meses atrás
Yo when u I was in 5th grade and middle school. Online girl game were the shit
Ancient Daddy Fandom
Ancient Daddy Fandom 9 meses atrás
U r so racist against mermaids🤧
almonds !
almonds ! 9 meses atrás
9:12 she do be kinda lookin like fairy godmother from shrek doe
Cinnamon_Coco 14
Cinnamon_Coco 14 10 meses atrás
*le gasp* I FREAKING LOVE SOULLESS! (And all of Gail Carriger’s books) They’re amazing and I highly recommend them to anyone, ever.
Frogg doggs
Frogg doggs 9 meses atrás
1:59 all these dresses were described in the books and I LOVE it
Frogg doggs
Frogg doggs 9 meses atrás
Same! I noticed at 1:43 there’s the nightgown Connal bought for Alexia ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you know the one
Carol D
Carol D 10 meses atrás
The azalea ones are really accurate in general, I love her games, she has an entire website called azalea dolls and she has a lot of historical eras and are all very good, I use it all the time to design original characters
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 6 meses atrás
Omg same i love her
Justin Navarro
Justin Navarro 11 meses atrás
You are a very good person to be in this game.. thanks for taking my time. I needed the break from reality. And your presentation is fascinating.
raythink 11 meses atrás
Why you look so beautiful?
Sleep System
Sleep System 11 meses atrás
Rinmaru is the Rococo one; rinmaru’s games are fun but they’re more for just playing around with clothes and constructing and designing outfits than being accurate; Azalea’s Dolls is the one who really goes for accuracy in her dressup games
Sleep System
Sleep System 11 meses atrás
Rinmaru is the Rococo one; rinmaru’s games are fun but they’re more for just playing around with clothes than being accurate; Azalea’s Dolls is the one who really goes for accuracy in her dressup games
clara Anos atrás
you should revisit this idea!!
Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams Anos atrás
Ra-pun-zull 😂 you said you needed help with pronunciation, here ya go
Victor Furtado
Victor Furtado Anos atrás
1:14 the way she looks to the camera LMAOOOO
69 Anos atrás
Me when karolina didnt try on every outfit:👁👄👁
Alocasia Anos atrás
Is no one gonna talk about that adorable sighthound brooch though?
Pretty Pic
Pretty Pic Anos atrás
God, this brings back middle school memories
Ash Heaven
Ash Heaven Anos atrás
*Patterned tank top stays* Someone got too creative with those.
Ash Heaven
Ash Heaven Anos atrás
XD I do not really like Ariel that much either, but I would not sabotage her in a dress-up contest!
Ash Heaven
Ash Heaven Anos atrás
I like dress-up games!
April S
April S Anos atrás
What was the website you used????????
Shar Anos atrás
The shade on Ariel tho
Kristen Cain
Kristen Cain Anos atrás
That last one is what the future is gonna look like when we decide to combine cyberpunk with Victorian fashion, mark my words
SirTrash Anos atrás
Ay she likes Azalea's one. Neat.
Medic's Waifu
Medic's Waifu Anos atrás
0:53 girl, never have I related so much like now
FilbieTron Anos atrás
I could watch you do this for much longer lol
marilyn gandhi
marilyn gandhi Anos atrás
I cannot play this game because I cannot download Flash Player
Just Serenity
Just Serenity Anos atrás
I’d like to see more videos going in depth of different time period fashions and their history ❤️❤️ and for questions what are your favorite time periods to dress up in and is there a style you have been wanting to try but haven’t got around to it yet? Also do you have any plans for your future in fashion (professionally or personally) and what are they? :))
Jerrad Trahan
Jerrad Trahan Anos atrás
We subscribe because of you. The topics are....topical. You are the draw. I personally enjoy you longer opinion based videos, get readys, and vlog style content. Maybe show us around your home country, most of us have never been im sure.
Beth B
Beth B Anos atrás
This is fantastic
Jem DemonBelle
Jem DemonBelle Anos atrás
I know this is old! However I am just exstatic to see soulless in this video. It's a book from the "parasol protectorate." Which is an awesome read, even having only read the short manga version so far.
P M Anos atrás
More Meme Mom Dress Up game content
Theresa Hanssen
Theresa Hanssen Anos atrás
That was fun!! You are doing fine.
holly grace
holly grace Anos atrás
So glad she found a game from Azalea's dolls. She makes good stuff!
percy Anos atrás
my brain heard soulless victorian and busted a fat uwu bc of the gail carriger books
Laura Muse
Laura Muse Anos atrás
Maybe they think 80’s is retro?
джунглей ратуш
Jezu, po co robisz kanał który jest w języku angielskim, a ty jesteś z Polski?
Karen L
Karen L Anos atrás
You should try the Queenly Portrait Maker. It's very interesting and cool! I found it fun to play because the artwork looks like old oil paintings!
Embronyx Anos atrás
is it bad that I still play these games sometimes???
corbett coburn
corbett coburn Anos atrás
Why subscribe? Because you are a beautiful lady. And because the Polish people were valiant in their fights against tyranny during the 20th Century.
Sarah Y.
Sarah Y. Anos atrás
9:46 POLNAREFF 🤣🤣🤣
amelia Anos atrás
At 9:30 she looks like Redd White from Ace Attorney!
Oh wow the first one seemed pretty accurate.
alexandra Anos atrás
That's a smart way to cover up your dress up games addiction story.
Amy Anos atrás
More dress up games lol love the cringe factor
Araceli Pastoriza Fernandez
I played a lot dressing games from Azaleas dolls and Dolldivine because they are the best and they are organized by eras Btw I love the little dog on your sweater
Jayli Anos atrás
Not sure if you've tried it before, but you could impersonate/dress up as Anne Hathaway (circa Princess Diaries). Your smiles are incredibly similar (i.e. beautiful).
Unicorn In Disguise
I think the ‘soulless’ dress up game you played is based off of a wonderful fiction book titled ‘Soulless’ which is set in the Victorian era. If you like to read humorous fantasy and romance I recommend it!
Kirra Star
Kirra Star Anos atrás
9:13 = fairy godmother in Shrek
Multi.fandomtrash Anos atrás
11:49 My 15 great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great grandmother’s head has been found snatched(by the I’m related to Marie Antoinette).
AWlpsSHOW36 Anos atrás
You went to the Bath Victorian Ball? That's so cool! You lucky duck! I also watch PriorAttire and subscribed to her. I really want to go to the Victorian Ball when I'm older!
Renee Crotty
Renee Crotty Anos atrás
How could you?! Ariel is the best!!! Hahaha (I literally swim in a mermaid costume in the water because I love mermaids and ariel and im also 23) 😂😂🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
MultiFandom HamHam
MultiFandom HamHam Anos atrás
I play a lot of dress up games, though it's been a while. They're a lot of fun. lol This was very entertaining!
Marie Krantz
Marie Krantz Anos atrás
I play a dress up game called Love Nikki. It's so much fun and very addicting!
Helena Ferrari Federico
You ruining Ariel was great! Made my day!
Emily Marvin
Emily Marvin Anos atrás
Talk about historical figures
Marysia Lipka
Marysia Lipka Anos atrás
Eee tam najlepsze
Sapphire Sushi
Sapphire Sushi Anos atrás
5:39 people with the name Arielle be triggered...
Thalia Hwang
Thalia Hwang Anos atrás
Azalea's games are great!
Aileen Bordelon
Aileen Bordelon Anos atrás
I actually played that Rupunzel game lol
Babooshka Anos atrás
ooooh, a vision of fiammetta how fancy
gay approach
gay approach Anos atrás
karolina: playing those games the 18-20th century ghost watching her: what did you just bring upon this cursed land
miltcharlie1 Anos atrás
Maybe it's because your bad taste is better then most peoples good taste.
worm on a string
worm on a string Anos atrás
New level of petty-ness- making your least favorite Disney Princess less historically accurate
Jo' Denise
Jo' Denise Anos atrás
Try 😉
Rita Marie
Rita Marie Anos atrás
I love your hair like this!!!!
Faith S.
Faith S. 2 anos atrás
The sites Doll Divine and Azaleas Dolls are both great places for these games, they're always so detailed, and they're plenty of variety! Doll Divine also lets you see what users have made with the games on the site as well! RinMaru is also a good site for more cutesy, anime-styled games, but they're just as detailed!
1902Harmony 2 anos atrás
Oh and Rinmarus good too
1902Harmony 2 anos atrás
I recommend Azaleas doll games they are so pretty and inspiring!
spacemantango 2 anos atrás
omg I could watch Karolina play games forever
Kirra Bullinger
Kirra Bullinger 2 anos atrás
I would like to see Rocco fashion by the eras like the video you did about the Victorian era. It really helped me distinguish between the eras. And I like your Historical Get Ready With Me's.
Stay strong
Stay strong 2 anos atrás
What is that music in the background? It is beAUTIFUL!
Olivia Hancock
Olivia Hancock 2 anos atrás
Love me some flash player gamezzzz
P Carvajal
P Carvajal 2 anos atrás
Karolina you should get a Reddit or Discord for your followers. That's what le kids year olds on yt are doing nowadays. Discord is social and reddit is honestly much more useful in everyway. Idk.
P Carvajal
P Carvajal 2 anos atrás
The fact that she liked the games got me so hyped for some reason and I was just laughing on the inside waiting for someone to get roasted. I guess this channel is pretty wild.
Marie Moon
Marie Moon 2 anos atrás
She has beautiful, cartoon looking eyes lol. I never notice people’s eyes but I noticed hers.
Lemontea 2 anos atrás
why don't you like Ariel huh?
soft eunoia
soft eunoia 2 anos atrás
10:03 benjamin franklin has entered the chat
INtheSPIRIT2012 2 anos atrás
Rococo? More like bride of Frankenstein 😂
Toasty Potate
Toasty Potate 2 anos atrás
I like to imagine the 1800s one you made with the hilarious outfit just woke up in that actual time period looking like that.
Malena Graddy
Malena Graddy 2 anos atrás
I want to be your friend
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 2 anos atrás
Pray for Meme mom she's going into the war zone of dress up games
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