how actresses talk about wearing corsets in movies 

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another week, another interview about how murderous corsets were attacking the crew on set.
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26 Set 2019



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Renegade Siha
Renegade Siha 10 horas atrás
I would like to have more corsets that are period accurate. I have one made to measure but yeah it is not comfortable but I think it is maybe because I lace it super tight so through the night my back is killing me. I wish someone would give corset wearing classes and there were cool shops where you could go have the fitted. I mean back then it was a staple and all women had them but now it's pretty special thing that can be super expensive. I wish they came back to being more attainable for everyday people
anna Dia atrás
Sometimes I believe they had them fitted with orthopaedic corsets because the feeling is the same. Fashion corsets, on the other hand, gjve you that amazing support
The Jesenius Lifestyle
“Corset cut me in half” this woman 😂
Izzy'sMoonStones 208
Izzy'sMoonStones 208 2 dias atrás
I wore a corset once and ONLY ONCE and it tied me to a chair, killed a dog, ate his organs, cooked the organs for me, gave them to me, built a basement, placed me in the basement, made a contract with the WiFi boi, gave me free WiFi and then it killed me and Jesus Christ resurrected me miraculously
[DATA EXPUNGED] 2 dias atrás
Can confirm, I saw a painting of a woman wearing a corset at a museum and went on to orchestrate multiple genocides
Gina B
Gina B 3 dias atrás
a corset broke into my house and killed my entire family 😭
thebadpoet 4 dias atrás
A corset is just a good back brace with a bra built in.
Eskil 4 dias atrás
A historian, a master seamstress, and a better comedian than over half the men working in Hollywood? Karolina has got it all!
Ruoshui Liu
Ruoshui Liu 6 dias atrás
"Corsets aren't feminist and I'm going to die if I wear this for one more second" "Emma, you're not wearing one, you made us change the original dress design into an extremely historically inaccurate and unattractive one weeks ago."
Leucia Delleva
Leucia Delleva 6 dias atrás
The celebrity:"woman are not allowed to work" Maids in the 19th century: "am I a joke to you madam?
Ray LastName
Ray LastName 6 dias atrás
I wore a corset once and it killed me, ate my dog and kidnapped my wife
Jea Bia Pajares
Jea Bia Pajares 7 dias atrás
as someone who's making my own corset, to my size, imma just say nah
Audrey Cosplays
Audrey Cosplays 7 dias atrás
I died, I couldnt see, and I went Deaf
De todo un poco con Vlad
elfenscheisse 7 dias atrás
I reguarly suffer from lumbago and sciatic because i was Born with scoliosis and not treated when it would have been possible. I treat myself by wearing a corset when i have These issues until i get better. I have large breasts even though i am normal weighted and a corset is much better than a bra ( i Personally dont understand why corsets were given up and bras were invented...). When my mom had backpain and was unable to move , i gave her my corset and she was able to do her housework. When you cant do a movement in a corset ( i dont mean this Fetisch tightlacing, i mean a corset for Support back and breasts) it is not good for your back . And for Those who work in a Desk job, i can only reccomend wearing one, this will Save your back over the years!!)
Account 3
Account 3 8 dias atrás
What annoys me the most about how actresses talk about corsets is that the problem could very well just be that they wear them on bare skin or that the corset in historical dramas are made to accentuate curves and make the body look more appealing/sexy to viewers rather than offer support yet the actresses will still be like “it was so uncomfortable, I couldn’t breathe and I don’t know why they wore these back then.” You can really tell that they didn’t do their research.
Seph Shewell Brockway
Seph Shewell Brockway 8 dias atrás
My best friend’s entire family was murdered by a corset. How dare you!
Ashani Nath
Ashani Nath 9 dias atrás
Ok but we must realise the men of Hollywood use the corsets to make the actress's as skinny as possible with thr boobs reaching thr neck. So let them complain man, very few have control over thr appearance in movies
Lara-chan UwU
Lara-chan UwU 9 dias atrás
Lmao. Look up bernadette banners comparison vid. She compared her medical cirset to a Victorian and said the Victorian was comfortable and didn't restrict her as much as her medical one, so I guess that shit was just poolry made 🤷‍♀️
FLIPPY_ DUCKY08 11 dias atrás
1:27 when i tell you i BURST OUT LAUGHING bitch i just realised those aren't two different people and it's just a skit lol
Christy T
Christy T 12 dias atrás
I would rather wear a corset or longer undergarment, than a bra. I had a reduction from a 34J down to DD, and there is no describing the hell of wearing a bra at that size...and long line bras are so hard to find.
Christy T
Christy T 12 dias atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣 I died and I had to be resurrected.
Micums 13 dias atrás
I was waiting for interviewer ask: "then how about corset you are wearing know?" Because it looks like the celebrity is in fancy outfit with corset.
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose 13 dias atrás
I love you Karolina, but there is evidence that corsets had bad effects on people's health, deforming their ribs and digestive track. This is where I got my info:,the%20rib%20cage%20becoming%20deformed. I would love to know the details of everything though, if anyone wants to respond. Edit: Since making this comment I have come to the conclusion that just like bras, there were good corsets and bad corsets, and most people had no problems. People who wanted to permanently change their figure probably ended up permanently damaging their body, but that was the exception.
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose 12 dias atrás
@LesboJesus Well yeah, but they have evidence (depressed ribcage). I have come to the conclusion that just like bras, there were good corsets and bad corsets, and most people had no problems. People who wanted to permanently change their figure probably ended up permanently damaging their body, but that was a the exception.
LesboJesus 12 dias atrás
Men wrote that article and put bad influence on it
Loopiloop 13 dias atrás
It made me question my faith, I kept hearing voices that almost drove me insane, I started to cry blood...
Blumen Seele
Blumen Seele 14 dias atrás
Karolina everyone: She is funny, she acts, she is beautiful, Creative, unique, intelligent, she sews, is talented in so Mandy ways and so much More I can just say „wow“
Kitty van Dijk
Kitty van Dijk 14 dias atrás
If I can wear a corset for 16-18 hours a day over a three day weekend while running around in the woods and fighting people with foam swords and be perfectly comfortable, actresses can wear them standing around on a set. It just has to be fitted properly and worn properly... if it's hurting you, talk to your costumer! (To clarify, yes I am talking about LARPing. While there is no historical accuracy with a fantasy roleplay game, I do enjoy the immersion of wearing more appropriate undergarments with my costumes. The only exception is underwear... I'm not going commando in the woods lol)
Sakura Blossom
Sakura Blossom 14 dias atrás
I'm new to ur channel and just wanted to tell u that ur so beautiful 🥰
Tabatha Moonstone
Tabatha Moonstone 14 dias atrás
Somehow, this makes me want to wear a corset
Alicia 14 dias atrás
"It cut me in half"
Sugar Frenchie
Sugar Frenchie 14 dias atrás
Their great great great great grandma watching down from heaven: *_Oh wow oh wow. I am disgusted_*
dkjcb 14 dias atrás
this hurts more than the corsets Emma was wearing apparently wearing
# charaprotectionsquad
# charaprotectionsquad 15 dias atrás
Last time i wore a corset it turned the freaking frogs gay
M__n L_ght
M__n L_ght 15 dias atrás
me watching this like: girl im a cosplayer that isnt comfortable with her siluette so i wear corsets at least twice a week like-
Nyasha hardley-fadeyai
Nyasha hardley-fadeyai 15 dias atrás
That last bit took me out 🤣🤣🤣
e v a n
e v a n 15 dias atrás
dude, i feel more stable,,,,,, when i wear a corset,,,, and my posture improves. no hurting only like, a comfortable tightness
Ryan 16 dias atrás
maybe you should express yourself more respectful
Lol but like ironic
Lol but like ironic 16 dias atrás
Imagine actors in the future talking about bras that way.
sofymations 16 dias atrás
When Emma Watson was in Beauty and the beast she actually said that she was not going to be put in a corset “for feminism”.
Santosh Samuel
Santosh Samuel 16 dias atrás
The people who find cosets oppressive are the same ones that are not wearing masks because it violates their 'freedom'.
isabella aragon
isabella aragon 16 dias atrás
I guess it depends on how tight you lace the corset. And actresses might tight it well to look better but this is not a corsetproblem but a beeing-too-vain-problem. Another problem might be the heat of the place where they are shooting the film.
Animatizando 17 dias atrás
Corsets now a day are just shit made for shaping your body. It's always good to buy corsets made FOR you. Buy one from a professional and you will be fine
Para Keet
Para Keet 17 dias atrás
When I look at the corsets they wear in Outlander, they look super comf.
CoffeeAndShop 17 dias atrás
Anyone here who also had to wear a corset because of spine deformation? 😂
cocoa powder
cocoa powder 17 dias atrás
Me: read descriptions Me: sees nudes link Me: tempted to click the link bc too curious Also Me: scared that it will download some sort of virus on my phone
cocoa powder
cocoa powder 8 dias atrás
@Miss Minecorn omg cuteee
cocoa powder
cocoa powder 8 dias atrás
@Miss Minecorn okay i'mma click the link i'm sk temptedddd
Miss Minecorn
Miss Minecorn 9 dias atrás
Those nudes are so pretty tho❤️
Sheepyhoe 17 dias atrás
Yall have savage corsets lmaoo Mine just cut my stomach in half
GalaxyKitsune 18 dias atrás
I mean I'm pretty sure corsets caused internal organ damage from wearing them for a long time so there's that
Belle 19 dias atrás
I wore a corset for fun and did gymnastics in it sup with you bra
Belle 19 dias atrás
Doesn't want to wear a corset *puts her in stays*
Belle 19 dias atrás
Opera singers: 👁👄👁
Rachel Russell
Rachel Russell 19 dias atrás
In the beauty and the beast. When Emma Watson refuses to wear a corset i agree with her. I would put her in a pair of stays
Naomi Greenfield
Naomi Greenfield 20 dias atrás
what we can learn from this is that all furries are stronger than actresses in period dramas
TheKoolStarIsWeird 20 dias atrás
I find it funny how people complain about corsets. I actually wear a corset every day because it helps with my back pain by giving me good posture, and it gives me a good figure. It doesn’t hurt at all and it’s amazing. Now go get yourself a corset.
Tacoa 20 dias atrás
I always love the obligatory scene where the woman removes a corset (sans chemise, naturally) to reveal red marks and indentations, as if every bra I’ve ever owned hasn’t done the exact same thing.
KalikaInLeather 20 dias atrás
i love your jewel set! Earrings and esp the necklace are gorgeous! Wish I could find it with rubies (or,well, cheaper red stones haha)
Laura Brucker
Laura Brucker 21 dia atrás make this clear... it's NOT how a corset feels,it can be breath taking when you take it on but after a while you feel just fine I don't know what this woman ist talking about but it can't be true
Ольга Овечкина
This video is intended to be satirical. Don't you understand sarcasm?
Amber Black
Amber Black 22 dias atrás
Every time she looks over her shoulder I’m back in the school hallway in 9th grade
a.random.person 22 dias atrás
Me when seeing the actress in this vid: OMG SHE'S NAKED- no wait, necklace, we're good.
Jojo Honey
Jojo Honey 24 dias atrás
this is gold
Lenni Alen
Lenni Alen 24 dias atrás
My friend wears a corset pretty much daily and it actually helps their back pain. It would probably suck if you get itchy underneath it though, that's the worst part about wearing a binder too.
Addison Lee
Addison Lee 24 dias atrás
,,my corset cut me in half and I died and I had to be resurrected’’ i too died and had to be resurrected when I heard this.
Carmen Schnepp
Carmen Schnepp 25 dias atrás
I smell internalized misogyny.
Sophie 25 dias atrás
i get your point but i wore a not very good fitted corset and it was really really painful.And so my only experience with corsets is this very painful one so if anybody would ask me about corsets i could only respond how painful and uncomfortable it was ...
Ольга Овечкина
If you put on sneakers 3 sizes smaller and wipe your feet bloody, will you also say that all sneakers are terrible because your initially mistaken experience was bad?
Fresh Creepypasta Narrator
Can't get enough of these videos and love that black necklace
bambi bambi
bambi bambi 25 dias atrás
meanwhile anya taylor-joy said it was her friend because it felt like a tight hug
Spiritual Snail
Spiritual Snail 26 dias atrás
Every single gown was breathtaking. The corset... As well.
Mixie Panda
Mixie Panda 26 dias atrás
“ Women in the 19th century weren’t allowed to work, they did no work, no physical work whatsoever.” I hate how people actually think this even though it takes very little history knowledge to know that’s false.
trash panda lady
trash panda lady 26 dias atrás
"it made my hands numb" they dont go around your hands tho
Queen Ixel
Queen Ixel 26 dias atrás
You ROCK! 😂🤣😂
HELLO THERE 27 dias atrás
Breath taking? More like.. breast taking..?
ubi kentang
ubi kentang 27 dias atrás
This is like the most precious channel i stumbled uponnnnnn :)
Noa Feinberg
Noa Feinberg 27 dias atrás
RocKITEman _ 2001
RocKITEman _ 2001 27 dias atrás
Sounds like her being resurrected might have been a bad idea...😉
Aimless 27 dias atrás
The corset was so tight it put my 3 children back in
candie callie
candie callie 27 dias atrás
this is how actresses are going to talk about bras in a few centuries
Lucia Floria
Lucia Floria 29 dias atrás
OMG I thought this was actually a real interview until I realised it's the same person. I was so confused.
Eggs Shell
Eggs Shell 29 dias atrás
Speaking of corsets, isnt it also that if you start wearing them young, your body will adapt more?
M Ishtar Mondragon
M Ishtar Mondragon Mês atrás
It could only be better if the camera panned away at the end to reveal she's wearing a ballgown with a tight bodice and bonning... oh how on earth are those called
Nightmare _1011
Nightmare _1011 Mês atrás
"Women didnt work at all in 19th century" *Laughs in my grandma living alone and still doing better then us*
little kiwi
little kiwi Mês atrás
100 years later How was it to wear a sanitary pad
Ray Kinnie
Ray Kinnie Mês atrás
*To add on- THERES STIGMA LIKE THIS AROUND BINDERS AND BINDING YOUR CHEST.* *If you do it the right way, and use the right things, you will not get hurt. SAME WITH CORSETS*
m i m i b e a r
m i m i b e a r Mês atrás
"And I died. And I had to be resurrected." Me after watching this video 😂
Ray Bas
Ray Bas Mês atrás
Corsets when it first came into existence it might have been for back and bust support( i dont know if it has an origin story other than this). But every good intention changes with people's opinions, views and also trying to make new versions of it for other purposes which slowly deviates from the original purpose. Considering how people usually dont about talk about things that are personal back in those days(still happens today), what was called as customs and normal could have been detrimental in the later years and the accounts of history is still a question mark. The corsets that actresses wear are not beneficial for daily wear. Since the youtuber mentioned watson, The beauty & beast is a children's movie and children observe their surrounding and like to imitate the people they like. Young girls wanting to wearing corsets is dangerous for their still developing bodies. Hence she probably wanted to avoid kids comparing themselves to fantasy characters and developing complexes.
Luke Lascola
Luke Lascola Mês atrás
Up until the point I found this channel, Hollywood was my only education on corsets.... Well...besides that one chick who has a waist the size of a babies head and used modern corsets and have ribs removed to achieve it.
Anjali Mishra
Anjali Mishra Mês atrás
Women in the 19th century actually took care of the house and the kids
The1Band1Wagon Mês atrás
I was really hoping it would pan down to show the actress wore a corset to the interview
Ashley Sheffe
Ashley Sheffe Mês atrás
ah yes Emma Watson's three children.
Christie Bringetto
Christie Bringetto Mês atrás
it made me have hysteria lololol
Kiss the color of a constellation
" Women couldn't work! They just sat around in their house all day, crying because of their corsets-" *Working class women, BIPOC women, and women who enjoyed sports*: ARE WE A J O K E T O YOU?
Blue Phoenix Productions
The designer for that corset: *sobbing uncontrollably behind the stage*
Saint Of The Fallen Sun
Pretty thumbnail
*Noir Maria*
*Noir Maria* Mês atrás
Lmaooooo the way she kept looking to the side and the “camera crew” and “management team” and “security”😂😂😂
Francoeur Valparaíso
3:00 I can relate to this so much So many women that I've met hated them and is like a miracle when they reach home and "throw that hideous thing away across the room" I sometimes use it, but when I do and forget about it Even when I go to sleep, just then I remember that the bra is still there, and fell asleep (I know, I shouldn't sleep whit that but those are a few days)
You look like an old version of millie bobby brown
Sophie Gathercole
Sophie Gathercole Mês atrás
My corset burned down my house, killed my entire family and stole my favourite shoes and all my money. 😭😭😭
Women just laid around in their beds👑
Henry Seyward
Henry Seyward Mês atrás
I love how she looks the other side always the audience😂
Maria in the Synth
Maria in the Synth Mês atrás
You should've said "The costumes were well as the corset"
Sir Remy
Sir Remy Mês atrás
Amanda Heckert
Amanda Heckert Mês atrás
Women in the 19 century DID wear corset to work.
I Wore A Victorian Corset For A Day
curb your corset stereotypes
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