ghost of a Polish servant trying to haunt a castle, but it's 2021 and no one's there [PL/ENG] 

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today we're visiting a stunning royal castle in the middle of my hometown! last time I visited it was in like 1898, so I'm very grateful for the opportunity to shoot something silly there.
I teamed up with the Royal Wawel Castle in Kraków to make a video for all the kids and highschoolers stuck at home this winterbreak. If you're one of them, well, this one's for you too!
"Ferie po królewsku" (which roughly translates to "A Royal Winter Break") is a project in which Polish castles and museums provide unique online content. You can check it out by visiting social media and websites of these noble institutions:
✨Warsaw Royal Castle
✨Kraków Royal Castle
✨Sandomierz Royal Castle
✨Łazienki Królewskie Museum
✨Malbork Castle Museum
✨Lublin Castle Museum
✨Salt Mine Museum in Kraków/Wieliczka

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14 Jan 2021



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 3 meses atrás
[EN] make sure to turn the subtitles on!
I cannot come up with anything
I wish I read this comment before watching this video. 🤦🏼‍♀️
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) 20 dias atrás
Subtitles not working for me. Odd. May be an issue with my device.
Luis Murrell
Luis Murrell Mês atrás
1:19- "a shame my hands go through everything"- then why did the rope stop her from entering the room?
123turtle LovesAG
123turtle LovesAG Mês atrás
I speak polish so no
Divendus Mês atrás
Dlaczego? :))
Gabriel Gabriel
Gabriel Gabriel 9 horas atrás
This feels like a Gus video, I love it.
Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan 3 dias atrás
“All yours now.”
offiiffo 5 dias atrás
I love how polish gentiles are similar to polish Jews with the exception of polish jews truly having no hope and hating the idea of seeing people, even if to haunt them.
Rose Brier
Rose Brier 6 dias atrás
Something tells me that me and the ghost would be good friends
homeiswonderland 7 dias atrás
You're the only Polish representation I have in my life (barring the Witcher books/games) and hearing you speak is such a treat.
arif al-yousif
arif al-yousif 7 dias atrás
"a shy attempt at haunting" I ain't even a ghost and I feel attacked
Anne L
Anne L 7 dias atrás
"Basically asking for a plague." Very well played.
Døn't Førget Abøut TØP
Wow, this reminds me of What We Do In The Shadows (modern day vampires with no clue about modern life)
Natalia 8 dias atrás
Uśmiałam się.
FranHunne 8 dias atrás
Would a maid have worn a RED dress? Very unlikely, certainly not this kind of shiny red …
Flufferz626 8 dias atrás
I don't speak polish except curse words, but was that spirits screaming at the end? Why didn't they exclaim kurwa?
CrazyTransformersFan 8 dias atrás
I live in Ohio: land of the April Winter Blizzards... and the 80 degree heat waves five days later.
Fernando Franco Félix
I didn't know you were Polish, your video about Marie Sklodowska makes more sense now (I don't know how to type that polish l thing)
maria ostalowska
maria ostalowska 9 dias atrás
Po tylu materiałach po angielsku coś mi nie pasuje słysząc wszystko po polsku 😂🙈
Mahiru Nyoko
Mahiru Nyoko 9 dias atrás
When I was on my exchange in Poland we also visited a castle was very interesting 😍
Comrade Snezhinka
Comrade Snezhinka 9 dias atrás
The subtitles are gold 😂
Jovial 11 dias atrás
Ninja Coffee Bunny
Ninja Coffee Bunny 11 dias atrás
Mercédesz Fenyő
Mercédesz Fenyő 11 dias atrás
Ghost: * is about to haunt me * Me, after watching Karolina's videos: Nah, you cannot be a ghost, it's obvious that your dress is not authentic!
A Little Imagination
A Little Imagination 12 dias atrás
I forget that this woman is Polish, and usually she speaks English. So her speaking Polish really threw me off.
Marina Kotarova
Marina Kotarova 13 dias atrás
Why do I have the feeling that a lot of Meme Mom's children are Bulgarian? Please, tell me I'm not the only one who noticed it. Моля ви, обадете се че сте тук, не ме карайте да се чувствам неловко [Please, say you're here, don't make me look awkward]
Aivilo Pana
Aivilo Pana 14 dias atrás
Her sitting on the stairs looking disappointed and upset like someone in a reality T.V show is golden humor
Cheezbuckets 15 dias atrás
ghost seeing electrical outlets: Who put a hole in this wall???
Adam B
Adam B 15 dias atrás
"They changed the key :(" I feel you, I feel you.
żówiokaczuszka 16 dias atrás
1:24 tego tu nie było
DropDeadDork 16 dias atrás
I never realized how similar russian and polish sound until I started watching your videos. Lol, I can just pick out the differences, but it's still wildly the same.
Raren Washmore
Raren Washmore 17 dias atrás
Ah fuck yeah i love ghosts AND hietory
Rebecca B.
Rebecca B. 18 dias atrás
This kind of comedy reminds me of "what we do in the shadows"
Interstellar Kitten
Interstellar Kitten 18 dias atrás
“No herbs hung, basically asking for a plague” So THAT’S what we’re doing wrong!
King Albert 1
King Albert 1 18 dias atrás
Is that that N@zi castle in Poland from Hanz Frank ?
Мirtari S.
Мirtari S. 19 dias atrás
Дивне відчуття, коли ніби окремі слова зрозумілі, але без англійських субтитрів все одно чуєш щось на зразок: "Бжбрдщч полірування дзпрст замолвіть словко". I like polish :)
zhess 4096
zhess 4096 19 dias atrás
Interesting channel, most history channels talk about war this, war that, but this one explores nice fashion
Hiba 20 dias atrás
That's sad
My Big Year
My Big Year 20 dias atrás
I like listening to you speak your native tongue
Barbara Jolley
Barbara Jolley 20 dias atrás
Pani Karolinko, jak na ducha (duszyce:) z konca XIX wieku, jezyk idiomatycznie dosc wspolczesny:).
Clotted Scream
Clotted Scream 21 dia atrás
hey thats the same red kirdle as the girl from the haul video
waireads 22 dias atrás
Alternative title: Ghost of a polish servant trying to haunt but keeps getting distracted by all the Mess.
MADU 22 dias atrás
Would you consider making any Polish language videos?
DiaTheSilverFox 22 dias atrás
me , a russian trying to understand the words without turning on subtitles 👁️👄👁️👍
Edgar Allan Poe's raven
0:48 It sounded good in polish...even though I don't speak a word of polish
The Good Rogue
The Good Rogue 25 dias atrás
Pani jest znakomita! Świetnie zagrane i autentycznie zabawne.
Ivy99999 26 dias atrás
The Meme-Mom Cinematic Universe plotline as we know it so far: The Ghost of the Polish Castle is the one who did the 1608 clothing haul try-on. Her Mistress is most likely the beauty guru from 1588, she had the petite influencer figure which is why some of the hand-me-downs were a little small, but she lost her fame due to changing trends during the plague, which is why some of the items were more outdated, she didn't have as much money coming in from sponsors to keep buying new clothes every season. Both are likely to be the stars from 'Mistress & her Maid' as well. The maid inherited a leather purse from her Mistress that she intended to store plague-avoidance herbs in, but she couldn't get time off of work to go visit the local witch-market to get any, so she died. Now she is trying to haunt the castle, but is just as unprepared and uneducated (in haunt-a-netics) in death as she was in life. Plus as a mere servant she is supposed to be all but invisible anyways, so people probably wouldn't see her ghost even if they were there.
Mila Fraser
Mila Fraser 26 dias atrás
LOL 0:38 Vermeer, anyone?
Ryu Shogun
Ryu Shogun 26 dias atrás
Idk which castle or the girl is more beautiful.
nooctip 26 dias atrás
Oh the weather is fine with 50% less ghosts than a polish castle.
Samuel Nonso Nonyelu
Samuel Nonso Nonyelu 27 dias atrás
Man, she is just downright beautiful man
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy 28 dias atrás
To nie powinno mnie tak śmieszyć
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 28 dias atrás
imagine a ghost from 2007 yelling "BRITNEY BITCH!" in your house at 3AM
Eric Simms
Eric Simms 29 dias atrás
Great concept! Hilarious.
Chris T.
Chris T. 29 dias atrás
I hadn't realized until now that you were from Krakow! I visited a few years ago, and it's a beautiful city, I had a great time simply walking around
Valerie Mobley
Valerie Mobley 29 dias atrás
Oh no. I guess she didn’t survive that winter after all. Needed stronger herbs.
Shika Amyla
Shika Amyla 29 dias atrás
Meanwhile the real ghost:
Shed Life
Shed Life Mês atrás
This was produced so well, beautiful shots and editing! I watched it all in Polish and then realized I could turn on English subtitles, good transcription work! Nice jokes too.
General Friedrich
General Friedrich Mês atrás
Plot twist: The "castle" is actually in Germany ;)
Lily L
Lily L Mês atrás
is there anywhere to get more information about the costume in this video? (design/construction etc)
A Billion Bears and me
I can't believe a ghost is judging us. Honestly, rightfully so.
Ms Creepella Von Styx
I love this! Also your language is so beautiful!
Selena Järv
Selena Järv Mês atrás
Me an Estonian : hears polish or latvian language Also me : ThAt SoUndS lIkE RuSsiAn
Alexis Hicks
Alexis Hicks Mês atrás
This is lowkey ASMR and I’m living for it
budomino Mês atrás
*a shy attempt at haunting*
Nico Nico Kneecaps
Nico Nico Kneecaps Mês atrás
Time to send this to my Polish friends
biafrizon Mês atrás
this is pure GOLD
Boss Jihyo
Boss Jihyo Mês atrás
I can't wait for more of this content. Karolina is a genius
T*E Mês atrás
Everytime I hear polish on this channel I'm quite surprised 😂 although I know that you're pl and have already seen some of your videos in which you're using this language xD (Ale tak pozytywnie oczywiście^^)
Sleepy Owl
Sleepy Owl Mês atrás
I can't understand you but it does sound EXACTLY like my coworker on the phone with her mother in the break room. Something about the particular lilt to the ends of the sentences. Quite pretty, I think.
Moo The Cow
Moo The Cow Mês atrás
"today we're visiting a stunning royal castle in the middle of my hometown! last time I visited it was in like 1898, so I'm very grateful for the opportunity to shoot something silly there. "
tfrqywqiujo poiuytre
may Christ bless
CalTheUntitled Mês atrás
0:23 How the heck is she “new” there?
καςzυѕzκα գωρ
smunte życie - to nawet nie jest one
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia Mês atrás
So happy to see the pretty old things and the pretty snow! The weather here has been nice and blustery.
Djurren Mês atrás
She's a little confused, but got the spirit.
OnionTears Mês atrás
I’m russian and don’t understand a word of polish but knowing russian makes me feel like I understand her even though I don’t
Fan Fana Polski
Fan Fana Polski Mês atrás
A Billion Bears and me
She's such a hard worker! I jumped a little. She's very scary.
Steve Lucky
Steve Lucky Mês atrás
to było bardzo relaksujące, jeśli inne filmy mają napisy w języku angielskim, chciałbym je obejrzeć.
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell Mês atrás
As an American, I have visited that castle myself and saw the magnificence inside of it, so cool to see that they finished construction on the exterior to renovate it since I was last there.
Carson Pearce
Carson Pearce Mês atrás
Idk why but I love listening to other languages. Its really calming to not have a clue what people are saying, but to just listen to the sounds... It sounds weird, but its just relaxing.
Caroline Soares
Caroline Soares Mês atrás
this feels very "what we do in the shadows"
Katharine Myers
Katharine Myers Mês atrás
This puts a whole new spin on the situation with the ghost who hangs out at the end of my bed. Maybe she just wants me to get my lazy ass to get up and clean my room! Which is totally valid tbh.
Natalie Jarosz
Natalie Jarosz Mês atrás
Me, who just moved from Canada in January: "I got, like, a fifth of what you said."
MrFattyfatfatboy Mês atrás
Wow you look gorgeous , cannot be the only one who thinks that .
Dominika R-P
Dominika R-P Mês atrás
Doskonałe 😂
Cyrus Diiopside
Cyrus Diiopside Mês atrás
I love this so much. I found out that if you go to school for certain things (which I am actually interested in!) you can get paid to take care of castles and shit, and live either in it or on the grounds (depending on which one it is). I'm highly highly highly considering it. I love these types of things
Fuzy A
Fuzy A Mês atrás
Wait I'm confused why does she have color? Shouldn't she be black and white since color wasn't invented back then???
CasualNotice Mês atrás
That castle doesn't need a ghost. That ceiling with the heads has all the nope any building needs.
R D Mês atrás
How did you get in there?
Belle Mês atrás
Haha I get it POLISHing silvers tee hee
Laura Craig
Laura Craig Mês atrás
Not gonna lie...those heads in the ceiling are pretty creepy.
C H Mês atrás
Ghost: No herbs hung, basically asking for a plague Me:....yes...
Redux Mês atrás
bbc ghosts in a nutshell
Joanna Mysluk
Joanna Mysluk Mês atrás
As yet another Polish ghost, I too am irritated by the current times. No way to haunt or scare in THESE conditions and I'm actually taking the idea of moving to Japan and becoming a Kuchisake-onna into consideration since that's the only place where I think I could perform my job in peace. Thank deities for my interest in the culture of Japan back when I was alive, because that motivated me to learn the language. I still know a bit of it...
teslashark Mês atrás
Distant "kurwa" and "gavno" in the distance
Dziki z lasu
Dziki z lasu Mês atrás
@teslashark Yes, but we don't use it as a curse as Germans do, rather as a description of poor quality of something.
teslashark Mês atrás
@Dziki z lasu Sheisse but Polish?
Dziki z lasu
Dziki z lasu Mês atrás
*Gówno [goovno] or szajs [shays], but rather in crud / crap meaning, more like: What is this crap? When pointing on a modern equipment.
Luna Mês atrás
You sound amazing speaking in Polish 🌷
Kitsunka Rl
Kitsunka Rl Mês atrás
Świetny filmik, wielokrotnie się uśmiałam
Trevin Sulentich
Trevin Sulentich Mês atrás
I love the polish language even though I can't speak it well.
Carola in Paris
Carola in Paris Mês atrás
haha, this is so funny. Poor ghost. And yes, the missing herbs had an impact.
Seafarer64 Mês atrás
Alas, the only Polish I ever learned was "Jimno Peevo". It's supposed to mean "cold beer", but how would I know? Enjoy the snow. Here in Florida we don't even have cold weather... a cool breeze is as close as it gets. Thanks for the very entertaining videos!
Seafarer64 Mês atrás
@I may be stupid, but Cool - thanks. Never saw it spelt, only heard it spoken... and was never sure of the accuracy of the translation. Sounded good though.
I may be stupid, but
its spelled 'zimne piwo' fyi
Isa Santos
Isa Santos Mês atrás
Why I'm attracted to a voice speaking at a language I can't comprehend?
Anna Panes
Anna Panes Mês atrás
So, what time are people coming? Oh,I can't read clocks anyway. Back in my day heads will role.
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