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please note: by "fashion history youtubers" I meant channels focusing on pre-1940s fashions, or focusing just on fashion theory rather than sewing. 1940s, 1950s and 1960s style channels have already been listed in my other video, which you can find here: I also didn't include channels focusing mostly on modern sewing or cosplays.
here are all the channels I mentioned listed alphabetically:

Alicia Estelle ll
American Duchess ll
Angela Clayton ll
Bernadette Banner ll
British Pathe (Vintage Fashions) ll
Crows Eye Productions ll
Enchanted Rose Costumes ll
English Heritage ll
Goldkehlchen20 ll
Handbound Costumes ll
Haute Le Mode ll
Historical Belle ll
Il Fiore Nero Costumery ll
Loepsie ll
Morgan Donner ll
Ms. Makes ll
Prior Attire ll
Silvousplaits ll
The Ultimate Fashion History ll

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4 Fev 2019



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Karolina Żebrowska
channels I forgot or didn't know about: Townsend's ll Cathy Hay ll Lisa Eldridge ll Tania The Pirate ll Not Your Momma's History ll Janet Stephens ll
Lisa Natalie
Lisa Natalie 7 meses atrás
Another channel which is great is Elin Abrahamson, she sews a lot of medieval clothings and her video quality is so amazing!
Kimberly Erin
Kimberly Erin 11 meses atrás
Oh thank you for mentioning Cathy!!!
Pontiac East
Pontiac East 11 meses atrás
Lady Eccentrik - does the 1950s pin up fashion
Rivit Raven
Rivit Raven Anos atrás
Your English is fine. The great thing about English is that regardless of the accent, it's generally understandable.
Cathy Hay
Cathy Hay Anos atrás
Oh good Lord! Thank you Karolina!
Rachel Trammell
Rachel Trammell Mês atrás
Haha! I'm terrible with English too and it is my first language!!!
Fashionprenuer India
Fashionprenuer India 2 meses atrás
Hi Karolina ! Really loved your information .. want to speak to about a project Its a international campaign ! if possible may I get your email address . Regards India Anuradha !
Třeba něco napíše
Třeba něco napíše 3 meses atrás
I really like this community and historical clothing but as a guy, I'm kind of struggling with finding my own style. Do you know any male/nonbinary masculine/some like that youtubers in this community?
Melissa Menchaca
Melissa Menchaca 3 meses atrás
New one: Abby Cox. Fast becoming a favorite of mine!
Plain Jane
Plain Jane 4 meses atrás
Poland has weird power outlets apparently
IamVarda 5 meses atrás
The only thing I dont like about this channel is how she goes back and forth with settle insults and bad manners all the time. Aggressiveness because of air. It is very destructive how you get distracted but anything and make you say things that are just uncomfortable. Everything seems to piss you off.
Lynda Bird
Lynda Bird 5 meses atrás
It’s great when I see my favorite channels in Polish!!!
Terra Bee
Terra Bee 5 meses atrás
Does anyone know any black or POC fashion historian channels, that focus on countries outside the US? I find that most of these channel focus on white/European/American women’s fashion.
Madeline Vance
Madeline Vance 5 meses atrás
There’s another girl who usually does videos about making really expensive dresses for super cheap but sometimes she makes and/or talks about historical dress. I can’t remember her name, but it starts with an M and her voice sounds kind of like Barbie’s. Do you guys know who I’m talking about?
Madeline Vance
Madeline Vance 5 meses atrás
Falling _fox yeah I think that’s it. Thanks!
Falling _fox
Falling _fox 5 meses atrás
Do you mean Micarah Tewers?
Brittany Spiel
Brittany Spiel 5 meses atrás
Just in the past few months I;ve come to realize just how into fashion history I've been my whole. freaking. life., and I'm finding this explosion of fashion history youtubers (because algorithms, I suppose) and it seems like a lot of you know each other and i think that is so cool. I want to be in a crafting circle with you all.
Tara P
Tara P 6 meses atrás
I had to come back to your video because I could not remember the name earlier - Mariah Pattie. Granted her focus is also on fictional world-building, but she uses theory and history of fashion design to help in her work. Love her Fashion 'Capsules'!
deakys toast
deakys toast 6 meses atrás
uu! devyn crimson as well! she does 60s and 70s fashion.
Lisa Hodges
Lisa Hodges 7 meses atrás
July Thijssen I possibly have myself her name. This lady is ready to show her love of sewing in a non patronising way. Her sense of humour is so endearing.
David Hutchison
David Hutchison 8 meses atrás
Great video. I already follow about half of these BRdesk channels, so will check out the others. Thanks for the recommendations.
RandomJane 8 meses atrás
Not sure of your English? I think your command of English is excellent.
I love Angelique
I love Angelique 9 meses atrás
The best is Karolina, the meme mom
wildmntflower 9 meses atrás
Not to be super shallow, but could you share your lipstick brand and color? It looks beautiful!
Aj Romero
Aj Romero 10 meses atrás
I'm someone who's never been particularly knowledgeable about fashion or been into it but I love writing period pieces and needed to research so I'd know what my characters would wear. That's how I came across you and your video about misconceptions about the 1950's was incredibly helpful. Then I began to go down a historical fashion rabbit hole and came across Ultimate Fashion History and Bernadette Banner and all three of you have become favorites of mine. You know your content is great and super interesting when you get someone who didn't know anything about fashion become a big fan. Keep up the great work!
Pontiac East
Pontiac East 11 meses atrás
Iridescence X is a channel that focuses on pin up make up and hair (natural hair) tutorials most other videos are of
Ruth Wezeman
Ruth Wezeman 11 meses atrás
I already spend way too much time watching fashion history videos and now you give me a list of more channels I need to watch 😭😁. So now I go even farther down the rabbit hole that is CosTube. I may never watch Netflix again 🤣.
Grand Catsmama
Grand Catsmama Anos atrás
You've given me more people to watch on YT, great I already watch enough because I have no TV. Thank you.
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B Anos atrás
"the pronounciation should be in the channel name" 🤨 Żebrowska
E.B. Davis
E.B. Davis Anos atrás
I would also recommend Costuming Drama! she's friends with Cathy Hay and Bernadette Banner, and she makes mostly Edwardian era clothes, as well as some Regency and Victorian sprinkled in. She makes her own trims and things as well, which is an interesting note. Something really interesting that she does is that she sometimes makes historical clothes inspired by fiction, including an iron man dress, and an outfit for a "Lady John Watson" look for costume college 2019. She's a bit more sarcastic/relatable (at least, she is if you, like me, need a kick in the butt for motivation sometimes). Thank you for making this list! There are lots here I didnt know about and I'm excited to give their videos a try!
Kasia Nawrocka
Kasia Nawrocka Anos atrás
Karolina, Ty mieszkasz w Polsce:) gratuluje sukcesu 👍👍👍
Veronika Alcoba
Veronika Alcoba Anos atrás
I want Bernadette and Karolina to collab!!!!!
Felix Dzerzhinsky
Felix Dzerzhinsky Anos atrás
The Fashion Archive is pretty good.
Hypatia52 Anos atrás
Thank you. As a historian, I always am searching for resources, citations, etc. I just hope most of them are in English!
Little Moth Big Wings
Please someone could tell me some video about the 1300s fashion in Norway? Male fashion
Kiri Komori
Kiri Komori Anos atrás
So what you're saying is that the Education category was not an elaborate joke?
Sonya B.
Sonya B. Anos atrás
Deleted most modern makeup youtubers and vloggers from my youtube just to subscribe to and view more historical fashion youtubers xD I want to make my own clothes someday :D
Cheyenne Petersen
Cheyenne Petersen Anos atrás
I absolutely love The Closet Historian. Her videos are fun and she puts up cool outfit and makeup looks on Instagram
Josh Bernal
Josh Bernal 7 meses atrás
She's more of a vintage
Mountain View Vintage
i tried bernadette but man she talks soo fast..youre still my favorite & u crack me up😬
Gabrielle Anos atrás
Rachel Maksy is quite similar to your style (humour-wise) and is all about vintage clothing (mostly 40s and 50s). Personal favourite ^^
Lauren Dunlop
Lauren Dunlop Anos atrás
This is a majorly unpopular opinion but I can’t stand Angela Clayton. All her projects have sooo many flaws, homegirl tries to hide all her sewing mistakes with embellishments that anyone with a sewing needle can do, and all her projects are essentially the same boned bodice+ full skirt because she doesn’t know how to draft or sew anything else. She even says herself she can’t pattern draft, only drape. This normally wouldn’t bother me however she has bashed ppl for getting a degree for sewing/ costume technology and design saying it’s basically useless. Her ego is so huge that if you give her any constructive criticism she’ll delete your comment or block you. She sits on a sewing high horse even though she has no idea what she’s doing but ppl praise her for it anyway just because she has pretty photos on her Instagram (which her father takes for her.) 🙃
Thalia Hwang
Thalia Hwang Anos atrás
I'm pretty glad I know All of them :')
LilMissMama Anos atrás
Evelyn wood!
Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross Anos atrás
Whom could I ask to make a video explaining the 1930s dust bowl fashion of the TV-show Carnivale ?
Faylyn Hillier
Faylyn Hillier Anos atrás
Bernadette is amazing, I’m so excited that you recommended her.
Rmit Sharma
Rmit Sharma Anos atrás
Awesome video!
SoHardToBeMe Anos atrás
Texadon - Andromeda Cripps
PriorAttire was the channel that started my historical fashion journey! It led me to Angela Clayton, Janet Stephens, and you too!
Jones Alexandría Germanni
Amazing video!
Mysteria Venezia Winchester
Thank you! These are great Channels.
Bookchild Anos atrás
Thanks, I really like Bernadette Banner's channel. Love your channel too!
Хочется сдОхнуть
Русские есть? Кто хорошо знает английский)?
Phoenix Feora
Phoenix Feora Anos atrás
**initiates new sub spree** Mission Complete
insomniaaaAA Anos atrás
I wouldn't worry about your English, your accent is so perfect I didn't even realise you weren't a native speaker at first, and your grammar is great:) Ps. Are you Polish? My mother is Polish (though I live in britain) I thought you might be as well.
I can't wait to check out the channels on this list! I love watching historical fashion videos while I'm sewing and I've been binge-watching Bernadette Banner and Angela Clayton lately. It will be great to add some new channels to my sewing watch-list. Thank you so much for putting this list together!
priorattire Anos atrás
thank you for the shout out! :-)
Ida Svensson
Ida Svensson Anos atrás
Omg all of my faves! Loepsie and Silvousplaits are the queens of hair and history!
delphine de cazes
delphine de cazes Anos atrás
There is also a small channel with some historical make up or hairstyle tutorials and also some sewing tips named: Temps d'élégance . It's a french channel of one of the most popular french costume maker specialized in 18th century fashion :) So yes it's in french but the video is really easy to understand with the images for tutorials :)
conny wilmering BA.
-- -
Il Fiore Nero Costumery
Oh my, thank you so much!! I didn't expect that! Still can't believe!
Antonio Infante
Antonio Infante Anos atrás
I love my meme mom supporting other icons ❤️❤️
Lisa Ebl
Lisa Ebl Anos atrás
literally going through all of these videos now.
Kris Magno
Kris Magno Anos atrás
Speaking of fashion history, I actually discovered your channel through Amber Butchart because of a video called "A Stitch in Time" where they remake outfits from history using the tools of that period. Somehow, your video got recommended to me and here I am! :D
Danielle Anos atrás
My bird was throwing such a hissyfit that I wasn't paying attention to him and he ran over the keyboard and paused the video...
angharad. Anos atrás
Am I the only one just going through subscribing to them all
Makeup by Mckenzieee
I recommend watching "The paradise" on Netflix. It is based in the Victorian area I believe. It makes you feel like you are really in that time!
Corentin Bignossi
Corentin Bignossi Anos atrás
Please do a reaction video about the movie Farewell, My Queen with the actress Diane Kruger as Maire-Antoinette
Howard Wiggins
Howard Wiggins Anos atrás
I found Karolina Żebrowska's channel thru the Ultimate Fashion History. (Thanks to BRdesk recommendations.) Both are great channels. I never thought I would be interested in fashion history. But it fits in very well with my interest in domestic history (how ordinary people lived).
Emily McLeod
Emily McLeod Anos atrás
You should make sewing videos!
Bánh mì tam Giác
What is your background music ?
Brittnie P
Brittnie P Anos atrás
A great "historical interpreter" I REALLY like is PriorAttire! The problem with MANY "vintage" channels is that even if they do a fine job with their own reproductive or modern take on vintage looks, they either admit to very little research or effort, or they don't talk about it whatsoever. That is what makes your channel special! But thank you for sharing them and some of them are SO cool!!
Wendy Watson
Wendy Watson Anos atrás
You're such a Queen...... so beautiful, how you've managed to bring together the people in the community of fashion history....
Tracee J
Tracee J Anos atrás
Bernadette Banner is an amazing seamstress! She’s inspired me to practice my hand stitching more. She’s definitely one of my new favorites to watch.
Luka I
Luka I Anos atrás
Went to check out the ultimate fashion history and they have comments disabled on every video. Does anyone know what's up with that? Well thanks Karolina for having your comments enabled anyways so I can offer my concern😅 Anyways love you❤
Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross Anos atrás
@Amanda Hallay I suppose it is also because there are some factual errors and non-evidence based far stretched interpretations as well as a politically one-sided preachy tone - propably to score points with the stupid.
Luka I
Luka I Anos atrás
@Amanda Hallay ahhh yes I can get behind that. Makes sense (: When I see a new interesting channel and I see comments disabled I usually don't subscribe because I love seeing other people's opinions and interactions on the subject. I do see your point though😄 a separate fb group probably makes a lot more sense for your kind of content anyways. I'd probably still keep comments on and put a link to the group and a disclaimer in the description as well as some comment saying sorry you can't reply to all comments or something like that. Thanks for taking the time to respond over here anyways😊 I hope you get a lot of new subscribers on your channel through Karolina's shoutout! You definalty deserve it!❤
Amanda Hallay
Amanda Hallay Anos atrás
We disable the comments because there was so so so so so many students asking questions. That was absolutely fantastic of course but there was no way that I could answer every one of them because there is about 160 videos Up at the moment and I add to them every week and it was just getting crazy. I couldn't keep up with the comments and the questions so I disabled comment and Started a Facebook group instead. The group started I guess may be a year and a 1/2 ago or something and there Is now about 2700 members all of whom know a lot about fashion history and they can answer a lot of student questions for me. :)
Kaydiasez Anos atrás
Silvousplaits is AMAZING, I love her tutorials. Haven't managed to do any of them though, lol!
Victoria Anos atrás
'English heritage' ❤️❤️
roocknrollqueen Anos atrás
I wonder how others would pronounce your channel's name 😨
Min san
Min san Anos atrás
Hello, is it possible if you could share us your favourite periodic series and maybe movies that inspires fashion to you? My new favourite is "ms fisher murder mysteries"
oniria Anos atrás
i fricking love this community
oniria Anos atrás
Micarah Tewers is awesome too! She's done some regency dresses and some modern gowns and some cosplays! Her upload schedule is fairly irregular but her content is worth it.
hui Anos atrás
How do you feel about lolita fashion? Given you've worn actual Victorian at some point
adamsransom Anos atrás
Thanks for this video, and the pinned comment! I was aware of maybe 4 channels in this list, and now I've subscribed to a whole bunch more :D
Serena Emerald
Serena Emerald Anos atrás
Oooo woza
maayqa Anos atrás
If Loepsie is from Holland then you pronounce it "lupsi" ;) (końcowe "i" wymawiane mniej więcej jak w wyrazie 'tipsy', nie jak w "siema" ;) )
Mary McAndrew
Mary McAndrew Anos atrás
She lives in Holland but I'm pretty sure she's Czech, she said it was a funny nickname a boy gave her when she was little. I love her, she's so cute and interesting to watch.
Aga Rojek
Aga Rojek Anos atrás
I'm so happy that Karolina's channel is such a succes and everytime I watch her videos I see she gets more and more subscribers! I'm so proud she's from my home town too!
lexi tehrani
lexi tehrani Anos atrás
we stan a meme mom
carodeux Anos atrás
Thanks for this! There are several here I haven’t heard of, but will subscribe. One suggestion - This is not a blog - its a tv show but it’s on You Tube and if you are interested in Historical Costume, it’s definitely worth watching the 5 or 6 episodes. It’s called A Stitch In Time, starring Amber Bouchard. Each episode takes a painting and recreates one outfit using period techniques and materials. I just wish there were more episodes.
Lizzzard Breath
Lizzzard Breath Anos atrás
Toottoot! All aboard! Destination History Fashion Island.
Lady_Sir_Knight Anos atrás
Janet Stevens! Or Stephens, I can't remember. She does ancient to medieval hairstyles.
Veronica Persson
Veronica Persson Anos atrás hi hav fund same gems but I thick hi is in usa ore Kanada....but if you gen get to hi shop....maby get same gems...
Polly Flores
Polly Flores Anos atrás
Ok but Bernadette Banner and Silvouplaits are literally my FAVOURITE channels EVER since each came out
Lívia Monaco
Lívia Monaco Anos atrás
Could you please make a video about fashion history books? I study fashion design at de university and I have been struggling to find some nice books about it. Love U
Lavender Fae
Lavender Fae Anos atrás
What about Alicia Vintage. She does hairstyles abd makeup of all decades
Julia Marasha
Julia Marasha Anos atrás
I knew most of them already. They're so cool :D I was all the time like "OMG, she likes them too!"
Marta Sanders
Marta Sanders Anos atrás
Well, I guess I'll be living in BRdesk from now on...
The Ultimate Fashion History
Karolina, I just dropped you an FB message, but just in case you don't see it, thank you so much for mentioning The Ultimate Fashion History; I feel so honored to included in such a wonderful list, and mentioned by such a wonderful BRdeskr! xo
M 3
M 3 Anos atrás
Be careful how you drop shade...
The Ultimate Fashion History
@Howard Wiggins I am so glad you these channels, Howard. :)
llamapalooza Anos atrás
Love your channel!!! Your videos are what got me into fashion history!
Amanda Hallay
Amanda Hallay Anos atrás
@Howard Wiggins The Puritans certainly would not, but I think maybe a Mai Tai might loosen 'em up. Ha ha. Thank you for your lovely words I am so glad you are enjoying the channel!
Howard Wiggins
Howard Wiggins Anos atrás
I never thought I would be interested in fashion history. I was reading books (and watching BRdesk videos) about the protestant reformation in the 17th century,. BRdesk suggested The Ultimate Fashion History: The 17th Century. I was hooked! I love what Amanda Haley says about fashion. "Fashion is not an island. It's a response." That's true of history in general. My personal favorite is the Tiki/Exotica episode. A lot of fun! The Puritans would not approve.
Ala D
Ala D Anos atrás
My favorite is Priorattire because watching the whole process of sewing bores me, I always skip it and watch the final result😊 And of course I love your channel too
Sara Basturk
Sara Basturk Anos atrás
Here I am trying to be fiscally responsible and then I watch this video and remember how much I love American Duchess shoes. 😬
thevioletskull Anos atrás
I was subbed to crow eye products before this video,they make good stuff! There tell them of us series is great! Anyway I also subbed to everyone on this list because of you,haven't watched them yet but it's fine, I got a lot of great people to watch. Thanks Karolina!
joy jones
joy jones Anos atrás
So, Im watching a movie staring you...called Agatha and the truth of Murder on Netflix. Seriously, the actress looks so simular to you, w glasses especially, so the movie was 1.5 hrs of beautiful vintage murder mystery fun, check it out.
Wendy Walecka
Wendy Walecka 6 meses atrás
That was a great movie! And I immediately started another binge of Poirot after watching it😊
kathryn shaw
kathryn shaw Anos atrás
I legit found your channel because of recommended from prior attire
dresden Anos atrás
I would not consider loepsie a historical fashion channel, except for her fashion through the decades series, which I loved. Other than that, I know most of these!! 😋
Madamemystery7 Anos atrás
Rachel Masky is also a good one!
Miss Belle
Miss Belle Anos atrás
I love your sense of humour
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya Anos atrás
"my English it's not there today" Yeah sure, while u speak perfectly XD Btw, her background music reminds me to BioShock infinite am i the only one?
Historical Belle
Historical Belle Anos atrás
OH MY GOODNESS!! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! You have seriously already transformed my channel and I truly have no words to express my gratitude. This is just absolutely amazing. I feel so encouraged and inspired right now. WOW!
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