everytime I've ever been on TV but it's awkward 

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I know it's not the content you've been waiting for, but I didn't have much time for this week's video, so meme content it is. just to clarify, all of the interviewers were absolutely lovely and it's not my intention to make fun of them. xoxo meme mom
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9 Abr 2019



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Matthieu Lelièvre
Matthieu Lelièvre 8 horas atrás
that's brilliant!!!
n hall
n hall 23 horas atrás
It looks like you handled yourself well. It says something about them if they have a tv show and don't have anything to say or do when silent awareness comes up.
Luca Szőke
Luca Szőke Dia atrás
A masterpiece
Artfully Spun
Artfully Spun 2 dias atrás
Dancing ferret with doritos
People in Sweden be like:
Hannah Southall
Hannah Southall 3 dias atrás
oh no
Valxbliss 3 dias atrás
My satisfaction is immeasurable and my day has been made
Ariane Zabel
Ariane Zabel 4 dias atrás
That's really funny.
philip 4 dias atrás
bekartsmierci 4 dias atrás
Nasza telewizja nigdy nie przestanie mnie zawodzić ✌️😔
Ian Lucas Saldanha
Ian Lucas Saldanha 6 dias atrás
Pure chaos, i love it!
Risky Rahmalia Sofyan
Risky Rahmalia Sofyan 7 dias atrás
This gonna haunt me at night
Gabriel Paixão
Gabriel Paixão 7 dias atrás
Polish TV is weird
skaterjeny 7 dias atrás
First 10secs and I want to die
Carla Ban
Carla Ban 7 dias atrás
what is this? its aan actual part of the reality?
Aravise 8 dias atrás
I don't understand lmao is this in-between interviews? like when the camera crew prepares before they start filming?
Joshey Dubs
Joshey Dubs 8 dias atrás
I wish I was this powerful.
Poetka 8 dias atrás
Ale zgniłam. Kocham Cię za takie przeróbki i wstawki 🤭🤣🤣
Katie See
Katie See 9 dias atrás
Longest 2min video I've seen till this day
Erika Miles
Erika Miles 10 dias atrás
My dad and brothers at the dinner table when my mom tells them to stop talking about computer programming, physics or cars be like:
Meow Rchl
Meow Rchl 10 dias atrás
Esprit Arkitekt
Esprit Arkitekt 11 dias atrás
i don't this real or some weird video editing to look like u were on TV?
The first time I saw this I somehow missed that this was edited so I was like... Polish news sucks
Bonnie Parker-Head
Bonnie Parker-Head 11 dias atrás
Pure gold. This is the content the people come to the BRdesk for
CEO Y. 11 dias atrás
Literally no one: Me: Turns the tv on Puts flash drive in >Goes to menu >Images >Chooses my picture *"Ohey look I'm on tv :D"*
Valaya Hart
Valaya Hart 12 dias atrás
So you're saying this is how you felt during all those interviews
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 12 dias atrás
😂 I love you xx
Ace Q
Ace Q 12 dias atrás
The nodding back and forth did it for me
Dana Provenzano
Dana Provenzano 12 dias atrás
But what’s wrong with the interviewers ?!! It’s their job to keep dialogue moving..... lol 🤪😂 you look gorgeous though !!
Mater Cicero
Mater Cicero 14 dias atrás
Matthew Oothoudt
Matthew Oothoudt 14 dias atrás
Now THIS is reality TV!
Kath Dia
Kath Dia 14 dias atrás
This is the reason why I don't like to be the center of attention
Ray Ar
Ray Ar 14 dias atrás
I can hear the wind blowing outside the building.
Mel Moe
Mel Moe 14 dias atrás
What is Wrong with these Hosts??? Gee Whiz! How disrespectful!
Mathilda Osborne
Mathilda Osborne 15 dias atrás
1:47 why are you being interrogated by a group of white men do you need help
Kinga Kucyk
Kinga Kucyk 16 dias atrás
Basically me on every family meeting XD Ps.: Zajebiście, Pani Kasiu. Mało ludzi w dzisiejszych czasach ma do siebie dystans 🥰 Gratuluję poczucia humoru 💝😍
Claudia Fairbanks
Claudia Fairbanks 16 dias atrás
TV shows your true vampire self.
X Firefox
X Firefox 17 dias atrás
Is this actual footage or it's just edited to be awkward?
Jimbo 14 dias atrás
Edited to be more awkward than it actually was lol
Mahi Shukla
Mahi Shukla 17 dias atrás
All this crackhead energy is literally me at the doctor's office waiting for my turn
Deema A.
Deema A. 18 dias atrás
Its not actually awkward we just can't hear what they are saying because they are speaking telepathically
Cherry Puppy
Cherry Puppy 18 dias atrás
My partners and I during a group project:
Praditya Wisnu Aji
Praditya Wisnu Aji 18 dias atrás
I'm watching for (i forgot how many times) and it still gives me anxiety
Annieee 19 dias atrás
wait im new can anyone explain this to me is this real lmao
Tímea László
Tímea László 20 dias atrás
me: this is hilarious my social anxiety: is it tho
Aanandi Chaudhary
Aanandi Chaudhary 20 dias atrás
I got shivers
Harry Mough Comedy
Harry Mough Comedy 21 dia atrás
Dude, you wear that black top hat more than anyone has since Abraham Lincoln.
T4t0_S4n 21 dia atrás
why do we have hands *slap the book*
Beary Boy
Beary Boy 22 dias atrás
the lady reading just gets me everytime. Dang
Lady AKAsmr
Lady AKAsmr 22 dias atrás
Oh my the use of editing Foley is magnifique. 💕
Skies are blue
Skies are blue 23 dias atrás
When the teacher comes back :
Bibhabaree Sahu
Bibhabaree Sahu 23 dias atrás
When u and ur friend FaceTimed for 5 hours straight and ran out of topics to discuss
Chara T
Chara T 23 dias atrás
I have no idea why I laughed so hard
Beary Boy
Beary Boy 22 dias atrás
Chara T
Chara T 23 dias atrás
Lmao you weren't lying on the title 😭😭😭
Sara 24 dias atrás
Why was this so relaxing to watch thou.
Nia Mensah
Nia Mensah 24 dias atrás
I’m uncomfortable
Siti Aisyah
Siti Aisyah 25 dias atrás
Hannah wuz Here
Hannah wuz Here 25 dias atrás
How it feels when you first start wearing vintage in public lol
Miriam Gillham
Miriam Gillham 26 dias atrás
It’s meant to read... Karolina... awkward!😬 apologies!
Miriam Gillham
Miriam Gillham 26 dias atrás
Karelian, this is extraordinary. You are truly a star of the satirical and brilliant. The sheer awkward tension in these terrifying situations is beyond endurance. And yet you shine!!! Love that you are so confident in your own charm that you can post these. 😊
DonPascquale 26 dias atrás
what did i just watch, iam confused...
Dude Man19
Dude Man19 27 dias atrás
When the camera man can't focus on the people talking.
• Alexandra •
• Alexandra • 28 dias atrás
Sorry for swearing but it’s required....this is fucking everything I love this thank you for posting lmao
Lloyd Wright Bradshaw
Lloyd Wright Bradshaw 28 dias atrás
Donna jo catlady
Donna jo catlady 28 dias atrás
Zainab Khurram
Zainab Khurram 28 dias atrás
It was the awkwardness for me
Demon Heart
Demon Heart 28 dias atrás
Just no talking my favorite show
Windfall90 29 dias atrás
01:09 First I thought, this is Kaley Couco
Asulkhan Shamkenov
Asulkhan Shamkenov Mês atrás
The fact that you did this clip with yourself 👌
Mikudayo _
Mikudayo _ Mês atrás
I can just feel the tension
Xzander Rojinski
Xzander Rojinski Mês atrás
This TV channel is from a different world. I know it too well.
Mare Mês atrás
This is so funny and you're actually beautiful. I laughed my ass of, i relate so much to it. By the way if my grandparent didn't take that bote I could be your neighbor lol, that would have been awesome
Agu Not
Agu Not Mês atrás
PlanetVenusHere Mês atrás
God bless you if you see this! Remember God and Jesus love you and are waiting for you with open arms! Stop putting God aside, tomorrow isn’t promised, so start now! 🎀🌸✝️💖
Sheylo Moonlight
Sheylo Moonlight Mês atrás
I hate the blonde girl, ASK QUESTION IDIOT.(red girl)
Karolina Derewecka
Karolina Derewecka Mês atrás
To jest złoto
Hudson Donnell
Hudson Donnell Mês atrás
Their nervous about being in the presence of the Duchess of Krakow.
Moonlight '-'
Moonlight '-' Mês atrás
I feel embarrassing for some reason... I don't know why
Nmoc12 Dfgh
Nmoc12 Dfgh Mês atrás
You are so beautiful
seven cats
seven cats Mês atrás
oh no i didn't expect just how awkward this is
TheDayDreamer Plans
The editing on this is GOLD 😂
Marysia Alsnis
Marysia Alsnis Mês atrás
I sence Polish vibes here LOL widziałam cię na kulturze raz xd
Maddiee K
Maddiee K Mês atrás
1:19 had me XDDD
Emily Mês atrás
I don't understand this. Why is there so much silence?
Freda Lyaa
Freda Lyaa Mês atrás
umm the description i- 👁️👄👁️
Ipsha Roy
Ipsha Roy Mês atrás
In the beginning it looked like this was highly and profesionally edited, but then I realised that I am subscribed to her for a year.
Emmanuelle Cailac
Emmanuelle Cailac Mês atrás
That was so cringe :O
Dougie26200 2
Dougie26200 2 Mês atrás
When you're sitting in the classroom and you see the teacher grading papers.
FarAwayHorizon Mês atrás
i love how just the majority of the time they just stare at each other, nod, and grin, while its just awkward silence
Tiffany Fruit Salad
Didnt expect it to actually be this akward.
A.J Joans
A.J Joans Mês atrás
This has major asmr vibes to it
A Frog
A Frog Mês atrás
I can feel the akwardness.
Nisa Rumaisha
Nisa Rumaisha Mês atrás
1:25 - 1:52 my thesis exam in a nutshell
Folki03 Mês atrás
Ono-Sendai cybersauce
This woman is passionate, intelligent, beautiful, and also a meme lord
Candy Mashups
Candy Mashups Mês atrás
That popular kid in every school: "my mother is famous" His mother:
bitch ass
bitch ass Mês atrás
?•Blank•¿ Mês atrás
I feel awkward but laughing at the same time
Usman Roni
Usman Roni Mês atrás
Wait... Is this even real??? Hahaha😭😭😭
Sylvester Uchia
Sylvester Uchia Mês atrás
"Everytime I've been on TV I've been the best dressed . " lowkey what I think she really wanted to say.
Winged Nobody
Winged Nobody Mês atrás
i couldn't imagine myself being in those situations
reacting to memes of myself
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