Everything Wrong With Those „Old Wedding Dress Remakes” - RANT 

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people complaining I’m a judgmental b*tch come thru cause it’s time for another rant
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21 Mai 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 8 meses atrás
me: brides’ personal choices do not concern me also me: why tho
Debra Ann Romero
Debra Ann Romero 18 dias atrás
OMG.....why am I sooo sad right now?..and who really does that to their mothers wedding dress?
Leslie Luu
Leslie Luu 24 dias atrás
Emily Porter
Emily Porter 26 dias atrás
Ok but the dress from the 80s was actually nice? Like the sleeves were a bit meh, but that's so easy to fix and the whole lace thing is in and it fit???
Nimerya Spawnbrød
Nimerya Spawnbrød Mês atrás
It's the problem with reworking vintage clothings. They are pieces of history and high craftmanship (and I'm an historian turned tailor), and sometimes the thought of putting rippers and scissors on them is just heartbreaking
Nasya Jacobs
Nasya Jacobs Mês atrás
Meme Mom back at it again constantly raising the bar
Lowdermoomoo 43 minutos atrás
My mom told me that if I used her wedding dress she would disown me, because it’s so ugly. She said I could make a whole new dress out of one of the puffy sleeves. Also her grandma passed away that day, she looks very sad and she hated the 80s, but her mom in law made it so she wore it but didn’t really get a choice.
Brittney Newcomb
Brittney Newcomb 16 horas atrás
My wedding dress was from the 1960s, handmade by my grandmother-in-law and her mother. The only alterations were some seams let out and sleeves removed. It wasn’t the dress I “dreamed” of, but wearing that history and wearing it so closely to its original form was such a great experience.
JanineBean Dia atrás
This reminds me of the movie 27 dresses, I felt PHYSICAL PAIN when her sister cut up their dead mom’s wedding dress into little pieces just to attach a tiny piece of lace under the bust of her new wedding dress. It was literally in scraps and I wanted to cry.
JanineBean Dia atrás
The first altered dress is actually super gorgeous and modern for the 80s
Nicosixth Robin
Nicosixth Robin Dia atrás
I would never wear my mom's wedding dress. Totally not my style (80's...). Her veil however was/is timeless. But I would never destroy it either! I have no idea what I will do with it if I inherit it one day, so I guess it will stay in the closet xD Or maybe gift it to the movie studios in my hometown, they take old original stuff for requisites, they got all my grandpa's old clothes and were really happy to have them - especially the old hats and shoes!
Irisheyes65 Dia atrás
A friend of mine was very short and her only daughter was already going to be too tall to wear her wedding dress. They took the wedding dress and made it into her First Communion dress. It was beautiful and sentimental.
Annie's Bay
Annie's Bay Dia atrás
I have a conspiracy theory. The dresses are not being altered. The show is an elaborate scheme by a historical fashion collector. You mentioned it's hard to get old pieces, well, well, the mastermind behind this show agrees.. So the fashion collector is getting these timeless pieces for! Later they are sold to £auction$ or kept in an in underground bunker and the new wedding dresses are just taken from some other set. 👀 I'm consoling myself here😭😭😭
Niebla Otoñal
Niebla Otoñal Dia atrás
The TV program that showed the changes made to these antique dresses should have been called: "The Wedding Dress Murderers" or "The Wedding Dress Rapists" This is just horrible. These old treasures, specially the late 1940s dress came into the hands of ignorant people, and I'm talking not only about the TV workers but the owners. You don't take an antique dress to make over it, is taboo! The same thing I see about old furniture, all this insane "make over" shit is pushing ignorant people who come across old , antique furniture and destroy valuable things.
professorbutters Dia atrás
I remember seeing this show. They brought in a dress from the 1910s and butchered it. And if you hate eighties gowns, if they’re a punchline for you, then don’t wear an eighties gown. Mine, alas, was destroyed by storage, but it had a collar just like that with net filler down to a dramatic (for me) neckline. There was a reason for making dresses like that! For one thing, churches were not keen on things that looked like fancy nightgowns. Slinky numbers and spaghetti straps, or no straps, wasn’t done. For another, weddings are during the day, so if you have a daytime wedding, you don’t wear evening styles. And finally, it’s the net which provides that smooth appearance. The bodice won’t droop or sag open. My dress had big bows at the shoulders for sleeves. We did tend to have a fluorescent undertone for whiteness (check out your white sheets with a black light sometime), and I don’t think rhinestones were widely used. We had sequins. That said, I loved my dress, which had a Princess Di vibe without going overboard. I have seen women on that show take their sister in law’s beautiful silk dress and dye it. It’s not something I would do with an older dress. I’d store the original safely, and maybe have it copied or have a new dress with some touches that LOOKED like the old one. Historians would thank me someday.
sierra holcomb
sierra holcomb Dia atrás
Did you see the “burlesque” wedding? It was the first and only episode that I watched when I was younger. If you ever sit down and watch it you’ll understand why.
The first mom was so fucking dead inside, and I would be too
Acuamarine Dia atrás
OMG the third dress. It was silk. SILK. And they DESTROYED it. Shame on your cow!!!! The tiktok of wedding dresses. Living nightmare.
🌺 Devil's Advocate 🌺
In my opinion this show is just a scheme by the designers to get rid of the ugly dresses no one wanted to buy from them.
Gweniver Call
Gweniver Call 2 dias atrás
This show reminds me of when I first saw Pretty in Pink, and Molly Ringwald took her mon's gorgeous 50s/60s prom dress and created this horrible shapeless monstrosity - I remember me and my friends all pretending to like it but deep down we all knew the truth. Also the Breakfast Club, when Ally Sheedy was 'made over' from edgy pre-goth girl to blandest of bland teens. I just realised that both those movies had John Hughes involvement - it's like I just saw the light.
Hedgy Verona
Hedgy Verona 2 dias atrás
We have a dress that’s been in our family for 8 generations now (crazy, right?!). My mom didn’t fit in it, she was way too small, so she clipped it and only wore it for pictures in the garden later.
[Owlrie] 2 dias atrás
(13:56) .....
Akita 2 dias atrás
Why was the fitting completely off for all the dresses tho
Brooklynne 3 dias atrás
Yeah these are terrible remakes. I think it is okay to alter/update dresses - why not use the dress again to create more beautiful memories, rather than have it stuck in a closet unworn for forever. But these do not even count as remakes. “Integrity of the dress” no way
Mary O'Leary
Mary O'Leary 3 dias atrás
My comment has nothing to do with wedding dresses. I am just in awe of the beautiful skin that Karolina has. Can you share your tips for skin care?
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor 3 dias atrás
The first dress would have been nice if they had just removed the high collar.
KA AH 3 dias atrás
I think they shouldn't alter the dress too much. A lot of the old dresses were pretty, esp the first one, and the end results mostly didn't fit properly. You were right.. I bought my own dress. We didn't really have an heirloom wedding dress. My mom's wedding dress was borrowed. And I don't think I would've wanted to wear it. It wouldn't have fit me anyways, my mom wasba few sizes smaller than I was. My sister wore my dress for her wedding. She didn't alter a thing about it. But we were married about 3 to 4 years apart, so it's not like the styles have changed much
Eliza Bayroff
Eliza Bayroff 3 dias atrás
Karolina: This dress belongs in a MUSEUM! Indiana Jones: Hey that's my-
figliad'italia 3 dias atrás
I wore my grandmother's 1956 wedding dress, but it was more a restoration. My mother is a professional seamstress. We repaired the lace, tulle, and only adjusted for size. We had to take it apart to repair- water stains, yellowing, but we put it back together exactly as it had been before. The intent was to make it look as it did, but to restore it and make it fit me. I feel we did the dress justice. I wouldn't have changed anything about it because it's history. Repairing it to its former glory and wearing it as it was made to look in its day was an honor. PS I wanted to cry at what they did to the 40s dress. I think it's an abomination to change them so much like that, you're ruining history instead of preserving it.
Kat Wernery
Kat Wernery 3 dias atrás
What kind of monster would do this!! This is prime material for a horror film or an epic tragedy!!
Kat Wernery
Kat Wernery 3 dias atrás
The movie 27 Dresses, not the greatest of movies, vilifies a character for doing this to her mom’s wedding dress!
Ana Cláudia
Ana Cláudia 3 dias atrás
Omg, the first dress was beautiful. I'm sad for both the daughter and the mother
Kelcey Hurst
Kelcey Hurst 4 dias atrás
Anyone else have no idea she was wearing a jacket until she referenced it? Totally thought it was a halter with bare shoulders 😆
Tanja Horvat
Tanja Horvat 4 dias atrás
She pushed the almost 100-year-old wedding dress in the bleach. Why? 😱😱😱
Kaitlyn Rauch
Kaitlyn Rauch 4 dias atrás
That 80's high neck dress was SO pretty. They *ruined* that beautiful gown. It became a tragedy.
F B N x
F B N x 4 dias atrás
Omg I thought I was the only one who thought this while watching this back in the day!
Gabriela Petráková
Gabriela Petráková 4 dias atrás
I think it was project with kids sooo.. Yeah
sonablom 4 dias atrás
Makes me think of 27 dresses when she tells her sister “Today you're just the bit who broke my heart and cut up my mother's wedding dress.”
Codell Schofield
Codell Schofield 4 dias atrás
in 100 years they’re gonna have no idea what 70s wedding dresses looked like because they all went on this show
ferncrest 5 dias atrás
I have an early 1940's black Chanel dress from when my mom and her sister pored through the high end shop discount racks in Manhattan just before WW2. I feel like Karolina would be one of the only people I could give it to who would cherish it for what it is. Much love.
Dara Delic
Dara Delic 5 dias atrás
13:53 this was literally the prettiest dtess ever. its giving me cottage core and white strawberry dress vibes. its so pretty. if i were to alter that dress id simply make it strapless but keep the sleeves. like a cute strapless number maybe even make like huge flowy loose sleeves. that dress did not need to be ruined to make that god awful dress which makes that girl look like a fridge. no simply no
Luc 5 dias atrás
Why do people take old garments and remake them for their own wedding dress? Karolina, because while it seems that we live in a world of infinite resources - we do not. A dress is just an item / a resource. Why would you keep it somewhere in the wardrobe for generations? No one looks at it or cares. What is the point of letting it rot away and buy a new dress instead of reusing something? Some people do a thing called sustainability. We remodel or just reuse old furniture, clothing etc. Of course some people may not like it aesthetically but acting like one has no idea why why why in the world? That is very childish and uneducated. Also the “changes” in that US reality show are not only bad bud highly likely all made up - as in they did not care about the old dress and were not interested in having it nicely remade... Don’t trust reality shows.
Alexia Hutsell
Alexia Hutsell 5 dias atrás
I wish they just get a nice dress instead of ruining those beautiful dresses
Ian Patterson
Ian Patterson 5 dias atrás
Why wouldn't they make a mock up of the altered dress first?
Sylvie Barger
Sylvie Barger 5 dias atrás
All of those "remakes" looked like wish dresses. Change👏🏻 my👏🏻 mind👏🏻
Sylvie Barger
Sylvie Barger 5 dias atrás
I👏🏻 WANTED👏🏻 TO👏🏻 FREAKING👏🏻 SCCREEEAAAAAMMMMM👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when they showed the remake of that BEAUTIFUL 50's gown. Oh my actual fricking hecc, they ruined it😭😭😭😭😭
Kathy P
Kathy P 6 dias atrás
When I was engaged (2002), my mom announced that I would be wearing her wedding dress (1960). I had no idea this was her plan. This was never discussed. I admired her dress. It was beautiful. Her cousin hand-made it. It was covered in hand-sewn beads on lace. I had no desire whatsoever to wear it. I'm 3 inches taller & a few sizes bigger than she was in her youth. It also had really wide hips. Some sort of undergarment, but not a hoop, took the hips out unnaturally. I was dumbfounded as she led us to the basement to retrieve the dress. She burst into tears when we pulled out the dress & it had rot. I was so relieved! I didn't have to disappoint her!!
Jen Alicia Havens
Jen Alicia Havens 6 dias atrás
I really agree with you. My moms grandmothers 1920’s dress got ruined by a cousin and I had my heart set on wearing it. I cried for days when I found out!
Mysterytour 6 dias atrás
It's the ship of Theseus but for wedding dresses.
MegaMagicalMegan 6 dias atrás
12:20 omg it’s like a Disney princess dress mixed with a irl royal dress it’s so beautiful 😧
MegaMagicalMegan 6 dias atrás
It’s sad because you know there are women out there who would LOVE to wear these for reasons even unrelated to weddings
Eleni Katsiaouni
Eleni Katsiaouni 6 dias atrás
I feel like you could probably make most old dresses look good by changing the top and leaving the skirt part alone, lmao
Sabrina Schultz
Sabrina Schultz 6 dias atrás
I'm planning on doing up my moms wedding dress that she had made out of one of my grandmother's dresses. My mom had a medieval wedding and I'm planning on fairy tale so I dont think I'll have to change too much but I like the crafty tradition ;D
Rose M
Rose M 7 dias atrás
My Grandma just showed me her mother's Wedding Dress from the 1910s and the thought of destroying it like this upsets me so much
myettechase 7 dias atrás
Oh why do I keep watching this hurts so bad... but meme mom...but the massacre of those dresses...but The Salt™️...
gay shit
gay shit 7 dias atrás
Am I the only one who loves 80’s wedding dress and rlly want to wear one for my wedding-
maripera81 7 dias atrás
The originals look better, really sad that they destroyed beautiful dresses for a poor made versions, I saw a video of Coolirpa where she modify a 1990 dress and the final dress looks a lot like the original, that a like better.
Christy T
Christy T 8 dias atrás
That show is a freaking nightmare. Those look like dresses I used to throw together the morning of Halloween, from whatever cheap fabric I had enough of, to have a costume to wear to the bar that night, after work. So, a two hour, no pattern or assistant, gown.
Christy T
Christy T 8 dias atrás
My mother’s dress was terrible, but I still wouldn’t try to remake it. We also have a family friend’s dress that is a vintage delight. I wouldn’t let anyone remake that. It’s destined for my collection.
Jeremy Rucinski
Jeremy Rucinski 8 dias atrás
What if they kept the old dress and just grabbed a new dress from the closet
jovialjulia Q
jovialjulia Q 8 dias atrás
The last one went to a form fitting beautiful dress to what happens when a second grader tries to glue something but it didn’t stick so they put tape over the glue
jovialjulia Q
jovialjulia Q 8 dias atrás
Second one turned into a chapstick tube
May Kabir
May Kabir 8 dias atrás
They destroyed that poor woman's dress and made it a travesty
Terry Turner
Terry Turner 9 dias atrás
You are so right... after destroying those gowns the bride should at least wear them
Luísa Gimenez
Luísa Gimenez 9 dias atrás
the first one is beautifullll wtf the neck was beautiful everything was beautiful
Happy Heart
Happy Heart 9 dias atrás
You’re a whole Lana Del Rey goddess in this video. 😍
Aluysa 9 dias atrás
If they want something so different why not go to someone that could make a design based on the original dress and just make a new one the look like the old one and keep this part of your family tradition alive?
5 ft 4 in Protagonist
5 ft 4 in Protagonist 9 dias atrás
this makes me so upset. those poor people getting their sentimental dresses ruined by someone who doesn't know what they're doing and clearly hates "old clothes"
Lilith Hedwig
Lilith Hedwig 10 dias atrás
The One at 7:19 is just... Sad The new one DOESN'T EVEN FIT HER FFS that's awful what the heck is that 😭😭 the old one was so pretty and fit her MUCH better, and it was heartbreaking to hear how much the mother cared about that dress :(
Zelda Morgan
Zelda Morgan 10 dias atrás
I was married in 1986, didn't like the styles, so wore my moms from 65...exactly as it was. The extant dress is now part of a museum collection 😍
Matheus Bento
Matheus Bento 10 dias atrás
I saw it once in this channel and then, now that I came to rewatch it, I realized that I just can't, it is just too much trauma.
thom soap
thom soap 10 dias atrás
absolutely heartbreaking
apflbaum xy
apflbaum xy 10 dias atrás
god the first dress with the high neck was so damn beautiful. This hurts so much
Ellie R
Ellie R 10 dias atrás
Why am I in pain
Sol Acevedo
Sol Acevedo 10 dias atrás
Holly shit! "It's not the same dress"... "It's not!" Of course not is terribleeee This is not right. Not right!!!
Evelyn Alden
Evelyn Alden 10 dias atrás
The show bothered me because I think they'd have been better off talking it through with the bride and parent about what elements of the dress are important and how to use those. That said, wedding dresses are not good family heirlooms in my opinion, unless you have a mansion to store them in. Fashions change and wedding dresses only really became a thing after Victoria. Veils, gloves, a piece of the dress are all able to be stored much more easily. I agree that the older the dress, the more value in it as a piece of history, but these families aren't museums. The oldest one is the most hurtful, because it would have been an excellent plan to have a new dress out of similar fabric, choose some elements of the style and use maybe a piece of the original as a tribute.
Bridget Gonyeau
Bridget Gonyeau 11 dias atrás
I can’t imagine the family drama caused by tearing apart some of the older dresses. My cousin wore my Grandmother’s 1939 dress for her wedding and only had it cleaned/fitted, looked absolutely incredible. If she had torn it apart I’d have been devastated.
Sophie Caldwell
Sophie Caldwell 11 dias atrás
Almost every before dress was really beautiful in its own way (though definitely not for a wedding these days). This was devastating to watch.
Em.D 11 dias atrás
god that show is... something. some of the "remakes" are okay but most of them are just horrible
Cecilia M. Terapeuta
Cecilia M. Terapeuta 11 dias atrás
I alter my sister wedding dress. It was cover all in spanish lace, very beatifull, but it was a trumpet cut on the skirt, and it had no sleeves, just a couple of straps made of the lace. My sisters body and mine, are totally opossites, she is curvy and I have no curves. The taleted seamstress that changed it made it an A-Line dress opening the skirt below the waist, she took out all the crinolines, she cut the train, and remade the upper part with that fabric to make it a long sleeve and long neck dress. I wish I could post a before and after picture so you could judge the result.
snowy river
snowy river 11 dias atrás
Switched off at 00:35. Viewers interested in your content don't need to know about your menstrual cycle. TMI
Tori Chapman
Tori Chapman 11 dias atrás
They fit terribly! These people don't know how to construct a gown to a person, this show should never have existed if they don't have the right credentials.
First Last
First Last 12 dias atrás
that lace-up back on that last one looks like the lace up on a hottopic corset. It's all weak and cheap looking.
First Last
First Last 12 dias atrás
that first one was so pretty though.
Magda O.
Magda O. 12 dias atrás
Out of context: your earings are really pretty!!!
Mathilde Poirot
Mathilde Poirot 12 dias atrás
Why isn't anyone talking about how pretty the remade dress at 11:10 was How can they pull off something like that when all the other dresses are an absolute disaster lmao
sabine hohne
sabine hohne 12 dias atrás
these made me hurt
No Ot
No Ot 13 dias atrás
My favorite sauna video
Emmanuelle Rickman-Baker
This entire show is like that scene in 27 dresses where her sister destroys their moms wedding dress to basically make a new one and then gives her the scrapes of fabric leftover
P S 13 dias atrás
Ooooh, no... that first Something Borrowed dress was just... so tragic. It was a gorgeous dress--frankly I'd call it timeless, especially coming from the 80's. Be thankful the sleeves weren't the size of Jupiter. It was STUNNING. What they did to it... good lord, it's honestly painful.... Like, if you want to have a show where your vision for redesigns gets made into reality, fine. Just hire a decent fucking seamstress to do it. Don't completely destroy something that was beautiful and sentimental and turn it into garbage.
F LozanoLond1995
F LozanoLond1995 13 dias atrás
Min: 11:52 " HOWEVEERR" LOL It was super funny the way she said it
Lisa Fox
Lisa Fox 13 dias atrás
A lot of those eirloom dresses are gorgeous before. I understand wanting your wedding dress be your own style, but a complete alteration is not having respect for all those that wore it before, I feel. If you want your own style, then have a piece of your eirloom sewn from it onto a new dress.
Mikichan85 14 dias atrás
I really thought exactly the same when I saw that program. I was all the time like "but this dress is nice!!! It's historical!!! Why did you cut and transformation it in a fucking monster?"
Sarah Hernandez
Sarah Hernandez 14 dias atrás
The scene in 27 dresses where Katherine Heigel’s sister butcher’s their mom’s wedding dress STILL makes me absolutely feral
Sarah G
Sarah G 14 dias atrás
PREACH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Gaumitz
Jessica Gaumitz 14 dias atrás
I loved the idea of a vintage dress but knew that I couldn't make it work perfectly for my body or comfort for the day. I purchased my dress from Unique Vintage so that it had the "vibes" that I wanted and paired it with a reproduction shoe, simple veil, and rose hairpiece. It was perfect, comfortable, and not disrespectful to any pieces of history while still fulfilling my dreams :)
Hannah 14 dias atrás
I laughed when you said 90s wedding dresses were something else. My Mum married in 94'. She wore a suit with that hawaii shirt flowers print in every colour imaginable, black plateau boots and a fedora. The guy she married wore a kilt and sporran and a black turtleneck. The marriage lasted 2 years.
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 14 dias atrás
Me: wow that 70's wedding dress is so beautiful, i want it. Meme mum: "they're not really wearable because who would want to look like that nowadays?" Me: 👁👄👁
wendino 15 dias atrás
this genuinely made me cry, im just some dude with no idea of historical fashion but that was heartbreaking
Hannah Barham
Hannah Barham 15 dias atrás
Oy. It's like watching a train wreck: so painful and yet I can't look away. I wore my mother's wedding gown, and other than sizing alterations all I did was remove one ruffle. It looks very similar the first dress in this video actually, which was gorgeous. So so sad they destroyed that beautiful high neckline. Let us all take a moment of silence in memory of these poor dresses.
Callie Marie
Callie Marie 15 dias atrás
When she walked out in the "revamped" 50s gown my heart STOPPED--I think I'm suffering from cardiac arrest. Basically, I'm dying, because the dress cannot and someone has to feel the pain.
Rae S
Rae S 15 dias atrás
"I'm not even angry, I'm just sad"... y'all disappointed meme mom!
Lil' Peridot
Lil' Peridot 16 dias atrás
The editing is everything
sha_journals 18 dias atrás
i am gonna get married soon and already have my dress. just imagining that my daughter one day would do something so horrible to a dress that i have so many intense emotions for BREAKS MY FUCKIN HEART. like the mom in the first clip. how can you do this to that poor lady!
Joanne de la Pie
Joanne de la Pie 18 dias atrás
Thank you so much for making this video! I watched the first video you showed of that show and am still scarred about two years later. So terrible! The old dress was actually very pretty and they completely f**ked it up.
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