curb your corset stereotypes 

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every time I see another "they broke ribs and crushed lungs" rant on the internet I will make a corset video and I'm not even sorry
also a huge thanks to my Instagram followers for helping me out with the pictures!
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22 Out 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 5 meses atrás
just to clarify - no hate to the actresses, their experiences are valid - the question is though, why do their corsets feel like this and what could be done to avoid horror stories like these in the future?
BØRGE ODK 10 dias atrás
NONE of them were forced to wear them - probl solved..!!!
K A 18 dias atrás
@Federica Rovere actually it's more accurate that the women in history are accustomed to them, they've acclimated to wearing one daily, their bodies literally conformed to the shape of the corsets including their internal organs and rib cages. Taking them off, would leave their torso basically in that shape, which is unhealthy and leads to extreme harm, especially with the organs. That's why they fell out of "style" is because of how damaging and dangerous they are. Just because women in that time had no other choice but to sacrifice comfort until they were used to it, doesn't mean it wasn't challenging or dangerous. So yes, forcing an actress into a specific corset for whatever role, is going to be extremely uncomfortable and hard to breathe, because they're just not that shape, they haven't been wearing corsets their entire life.
thebadpoet 18 dias atrás
Everyone is saying “oh, the corset must not fit properly” but for big budget productions like these they are definitely made to measure. It is probably a combination of not having the proper garments under the corset, wearing it too high or too low or crooked (even a well fitting corset can begin to feel bad after a short period if it is worn improperly) and mostly just socialization. If you go in to wearing a corset expecting it to be wildly restrictive and painful... it will be. It also might just be part of the movie promotion talk show circuit patter. The general public thinks these things are true about corsetry, and enjoy hearing these stories.
Amit Patil
Amit Patil 20 dias atrás
actually i obsorbed that inthe movie the corsets are intentionally tighter that hose dress , may be that can be a reason.
Palav Advait S-5129
Palav Advait S-5129 24 dias atrás
@NotUr GamerGF your clothing is not supposed to be uncomfortable. If it is uncomfortable, then there is something wrong with it. Maybe you're wearing a smaller size.
Emma Walsh
Emma Walsh 8 horas atrás
I mean there were different types of corsets and people were a lot more used to wearing them.
Why women do this to themselves!! Its definitely not men want.. Its their stylist want and they already brain washed by society and their own pshycological game.. Ladies please stop torturing your body, your lungs.. These women are so beautiful.. We all are beautiful.. These torturing is literally no need.. Stop it... Hard to digest...
Isaac Fetherston
Isaac Fetherston 23 horas atrás
POV: You're watching this video in the room next to your parents sleeping you get to 0:10
Izabell Newman
Izabell Newman 2 dias atrás
I climbed a tree in a corset once so hearing these things are like 🥲
L&R II 2 dias atrás
One of my teachers said corsets were only comfortable after they had been worn for a while because they literally pushed your ribs together and changed your body shape to fit them comfortably. Apparently this lead to more complications in childbirth because the mother was squeezed.
Rayzor Blade
Rayzor Blade 3 dias atrás
They did all this to imitate the bodies of Black women back in the day 🤣 so funny to see once you know the History of how those corettes cane about
GalaxyPrincette Dia atrás
Um no. Black women do not have smaller waists.
Trixie 3 dias atrás
ok but let's remember that these women used these on a *daily* basis, they were used to it, these actresses put it once in a while we can't compare it really
Slushdog 101
Slushdog 101 3 dias atrás
There are different kinds of corsets for different things. It depends on what you’re using it for, like even if you’re using it for a dress it depends on what time period and type of dress you’re wearing. Some don’t hurt at all and some may make you pass out.
Deku Deluxe
Deku Deluxe 4 dias atrás
Reeno 4 dias atrás
this is the first curb video i have seen wich is more stupid than the people in it talking
Livi K
Livi K 4 dias atrás
I love my corsets, having support yet good posture? Sounds good for me
M_M 4 dias atrás
All I'm saying is it looks like it was the fad of the time. Like mom's encouraged it because it was the thing to do. No different than what woman subject themselves to in modern times like overly tight jeans, shaving eyebrows. Basically anything that is overly uncomfortable 🙃. By the way , I'm married and I constantly tell my wife that I love to see her best in some comfy jeans and a cuite top, no fancy high heels or overly styled dress. But... if she does dress out I know it's because she wants to feel pretty and I let her know how pretty she look when she does.
jjaapp18 4 dias atrás
I don't understand the point of this video. Most of the women in the old pictures and videos weren't wearing corsets. The clothing just fit so it looked like the waist was being compressed by a corset. Oh well, leave it to idiots to reach uneducated conclusions.
jjaapp18 Dia atrás
@GalaxyPrincette I love how I know you're wrong and don't care at all about giving you links to proof. Guess I am just going to enjoy the fact that you'll be spreading lies and anyone else who knows will shut you down for me. Good luck!
GalaxyPrincette Dia atrás
@jjaapp18 No, where do you get that from? There are plenty of paintings/ news papers that suggest corsets/bodice supports were worn by all classes.
jjaapp18 Dia atrás
@GalaxyPrincette Corsets weren't a mandatory part of fashion for every single woman. Only people with money could afford them. The poor people bought clothes that fitted to look like you had a corset on.
GalaxyPrincette Dia atrás
These are vintage photographs or degurrtypes from before 1910. They HAD corsets on.
Nemesis Lord
Nemesis Lord 4 dias atrás
I’m convinced humans are just becoming weaker and will inevitably be replaced by crab people. *ALL HAIL OUR CRAB PEOPLE OVERLORDS*
J Quiznos
J Quiznos 5 dias atrás
hearing women get laced up in corset out of context is hot...
J Quiznos
J Quiznos 5 dias atrás
also, broads in the old days were some tough women. They deserved equality. They earned it...
Barry B Benson
Barry B Benson 5 dias atrás
Wait what the fuck is this even supposed to mean lmao
Devdoesitbest 5 dias atrás
This takes the quote "I'm built different" to a whole new meaning
Devdoesitbest 5 dias atrás
Women today: corsets make it nearly impossible to move Women in the 1900s: **backflips**
Dawson Willibey
Dawson Willibey 6 dias atrás
Finally a curb your meme that is not ignorant
manoj sundar
manoj sundar 6 dias atrás
Few decades later leggings and high heels will be ridiculed.
Apoorva 6 dias atrás
Longest "curb your" music I've heard.
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster 7 dias atrás
Internet- I wonder what Karolina will have to say about these actresses' stories. Karolina- I have nothing to say. I'll let these historical photos of active women in corsets do all the talking. Internet- That's right, Karolina! You tell em!
TEJ 268
TEJ 268 7 dias atrás
This is so fringe Literally who gives a fuck?
Trolly Molly
Trolly Molly 7 dias atrás
I think it’s cause we’re all just a bunch of snow flakes
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 1 8 dias atrás
Back when women knew what they could do without bitching about Everything
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 8 dias atrás
sitting here smiling at how you owned this shit
alberquirky 8 dias atrás
I think it should be clarified that the difference does not lie in the women, it's not "look! all these women before you could do all these things so just suck it up you whiny babies" or whatever. The difference is the corsets, because Hollywood corsets are painful! They are made to be tightlaced and cinch in the waist, while historically corsets were mostly made to support the kinds of dresses that were in style and were made comfortably for everyday wear.
Humera 8 dias atrás
Where do u find these photos
Humera 8 dias atrás
Where do u find these photos
Alex Shuysky
Alex Shuysky 8 dias atrás
I would think that corset will makes you feel good because you can literally rest your body into the fabrics, it's like wearing a tight spanx.
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster 7 dias atrás
I only wore one once, but it was amazing. I could stand up straight and for once it wasn't painful. I'm only about 115 lbs and a DD cup, so I always slouch from the pain and weight, but that didn't happen in the corset because it was so supportive. The only problen was the bottom was digging into my hips, but that was only because I borrowed it from a friend so it wasn't a perfect fit.
camilla rodriguez
camilla rodriguez 8 dias atrás
I really want to start wearing corsets, but I have no idea where to start. I’m not trying to waist train or anything, I just really like how they look. Is it okay to wear a corset because of its beauty?
Doom Sprite
Doom Sprite 9 dias atrás
women were just built different back then
Joel Simons
Joel Simons 9 dias atrás
Woman were just built differently back then.
Selene Panunzi
Selene Panunzi 9 dias atrás
If someday i become a actress and i need to wear a corset i am not going to complain, because i would know that people back then used it for everything and they were flawless so
lemonade 9 dias atrás
Like if the actresses are say they had that much of pain it well be mainly because of the size of corsets which is given to them to wear. And it is stupid to see that these high budget movies can't even give their actresses a good corsets 🙄
Alpha Rebel
Alpha Rebel 9 dias atrás
what can i say, women were so much stronger then
7ito The Gaymer
7ito The Gaymer 9 dias atrás
"they made you get in a car inna corset?! " Cut to Myrtle, Ingrid, and Gladys biking, boxing and mountain climbing 🤣
Maja Shadowmoon
Maja Shadowmoon 9 dias atrás
I hate corsets, because I had to wear a FOKIN PLASTIC CORSET 18 HOURS EVERYDAY FOR ONE YEAR
Navi A.
Navi A. 10 dias atrás
Why would they do it then?
Luz Prado
Luz Prado 10 dias atrás
Pregnancy also moves around your insides. Why is no one cancelling pregnancy lol (Obv a joke before people come after me)
NekoChanSenpai 10 dias atrás
How cheap do studios have to be to have corsetry that you cant function in?
Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray 10 dias atrás
Those ppl who were wearing it were used to it, that doesn’t mean that it still wasn’t uncomfortable tho (they probably were taught to not say anything and be a “lady about it”) and it was probably still unhealthy
Marcelina B
Marcelina B 9 dias atrás
Back then there were no bras so corsets were wore for support of your chest, women still worked in corsets and they weren't so tightly laced
Stre Led
Stre Led 10 dias atrás
0:17 ... I don't think he's adjusting the corset...
Anne 10 dias atrás
But how can I breathe when the ribbon in my waist is more tightened?
mnk 10 dias atrás
wait women back in the day climbed mountains with dresses on? and did sports and everything IN A DRESS?? bruh how
The King Scootie
The King Scootie 11 dias atrás
They were wearing those everyday, their bodies probably became normalized to the feeling and corsets do also change the shape of your waist.
Tapti Sharma
Tapti Sharma 11 dias atrás
I mean technically they have been given the wrong corset which might’ve been awful to bear its not their fault
Milly Mouse
Milly Mouse 12 dias atrás
No one:... Literally not even Donald trumps Twitter:.... Victorian women: eyyy imma hike up sum mountains, do a bit of skiing with da bois and the. Do a spot of boxing with da gals 🧁
Yukino Shungun
Yukino Shungun 12 dias atrás
Women back then were used to it because they wore them all day everyday.
Prich038 12 dias atrás
But it is true that some women got injuries or deformations
Greg Cawthorne
Greg Cawthorne 12 dias atrás
I don't think this is the correct use of the curb format. Jus sayeen.
Quaxl 12 dias atrás
I don't feel like this deserves a "curb your..." video. I don't believe they are being stupid or intentionally misleading. While the older pictures do show women wearing tight corsets, I think just as people have evolved, corsets did as well. Aren't corsets that nowadays are put on people like Emma Stone (and the other actresses respectively) designed to make an already thin person even thinner? Of course, that is going to be restrictive. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like we're undeservingly making fun of other people here.
aidan 12 dias atrás
My girlfriend works at Dunkin’ Donuts and wears her corset everyday to work just for fun. It makes her feel comfortable, confident, and helps with her posture. She loves it. More power to you ladies out there, I could never.
Olivia Blackburn
Olivia Blackburn 12 dias atrás
I wore a corset for my wedding day and loved took pressure off my back and made me feel so much better. I randomly wore it after that till it no longer
walmars3curity 13 dias atrás
You’d think the money they make would be worth it. Sounds like they’d be happier in a metal factory or pouring concrete.
Tarik Kunovac
Tarik Kunovac 13 dias atrás
My mom almost walked in because of the moaning.
Marquete50 13 dias atrás
I mean to be fair that shit does look uncomfy af
Makayla Robinson
Makayla Robinson 13 dias atrás
I’m a plus size lady, and I can wear a corset without problems 😂
Andrei Cristi Moga
Andrei Cristi Moga 14 dias atrás
well, people are larger today than say 200 years ago. i'm not sure that fact is entirely relevant here, but it seems stupid that people today call the garments of their ancestors small and uncomfortable. you are literal giants, my dudes, what are you talking about? of course *you* find them weird/uncomfortable. you gigantic freaks... (yes, i am a short guy, wow, how could you tell?)
Jake M
Jake M 14 dias atrás
Most women where way tougher and crazier back at that time
Vaipercoatl Ilhuicamina
Corset's are like weightlifting shirts on steroids.
Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.
Thats what I call Strong women
The Dude
The Dude 15 dias atrás
the women of yesteryear were no joke it seems
psychopetica hermetico
psychopetica hermetico 15 dias atrás
Lmao y'all are coming for them like it's comfortable to wear tight corsets. No honeies, it's not, it was fashion standards and society norms and views on those who didn't follow those standards. Regular bras way less terrible and they are a nightmare. Now, before you come at me with "I'm comfortable in a corset and a bra and all that" let me ask you the percentage of women you know that love it as much as you do and don't suffer.
ZonT* 15 dias atrás
Didn't know the Olympics were done in Corsets
wan kahi
wan kahi 15 dias atrás
B Peoples
B Peoples 15 dias atrás
Agree with someone below, I had a corset made into a gown and it was snug but breathing was easy and my back felt very straight. That being said, sometimes tight things will make my stomach hurt. IBS ain't no joke.
Saiba Helal 36
Saiba Helal 36 15 dias atrás
Why is no one talking about "it's like having a baby" 😂
Elite Warrior
Elite Warrior 16 dias atrás
Thank god i have headset
deneira ray
deneira ray 16 dias atrás
I had worn a corset all day once and it left marks all around my torso 😩😩 I swore to never do that again 😂😂
Tanuk Hapangama
Tanuk Hapangama 16 dias atrás
I don't know, but I watched a documentary and found out that Corsets were actually uncomfortable, and even the women in Victorian age had health risks and even deaths wearing them however the women decided to wear them regardless because of their competitiveness for looks.
ऋतिका 16 dias atrás
Well it might be because women that time were used to it as it was a trend or social requirement idk like high heels for celebrities nowadays. But the actress who wear it are used to thin clothes that are comfortable, so it's pretty hard and frustrating for them. I bet Kim Kardashian would feel fine in a Corset. And maybe also the bad fit
C J 16 dias atrás
So dumb. Modern women aren't used to wearing corsets. P.S. We have X Rays from the Victorian period which showed that many women had deformed ribs from long term corset usage. 83k corset simps out here liking this video but if they had to be a woman in the 1860's they'd be changing their tune
七rai 16 dias atrás
The women of old were just built different!
hello hello
hello hello 17 dias atrás
Honestly those women were used to corsets since wearing them at a younger age, compared to adults who have never done it before. Just my theory.
E v e
E v e 17 dias atrás
i mean, women at the time were kinda used to wearing corsets and shit. for them it must have been like the first time and they aren't used to how tight they are or maybe its too tight
MadiCat247 17 dias atrás
Their bodies were built for it and used to it. We havent used them in so long we arent used to them anymore.
Julie Hovvang
Julie Hovvang 17 dias atrás
This makes me happy
Kristopher Adams
Kristopher Adams 17 dias atrás
I get that there is probably more mobility than they were letting on, but I’d hate to wear that thing.
JustAnotherPotato 10
JustAnotherPotato 10 17 dias atrás
We really should send this to GachaTubers
Dale D
Dale D 17 dias atrás
Those women were so pathetic they couldn't do any of that stuff without a corset on.
Easily Trained
Easily Trained 17 dias atrás
As the years go on, each generation gets weaker and weaker. Even more sensitive. Imagine.
Elitrix 17 dias atrás
i forgot all about the mammy one lmao
Jotaro Kujo gun
Jotaro Kujo gun 18 dias atrás
*was my childhood a lie..?*
Samuel Harvey
Samuel Harvey 18 dias atrás
Modern women: I hAd TO sIt DowN In a CoRSeT!!! Victorian women: Let's stand on the edge of a mountain in a corset.
Whitewizard Mil98
Whitewizard Mil98 18 dias atrás
That's why our grandmothers always tell a good stories... Which is... Really a Badass...
C A12
C A12 18 dias atrás
Although universally with corsets you cant take very deep breaths, it isnt supposed to be this uncomfortable and I heard that a lot of the corsets made for films are often not done well which is why they are so much more restricting?
Kriz Nair
Kriz Nair 18 dias atrás
Matin Harith
Matin Harith 18 dias atrás
0:10 my parents walked in
Wurzel Tee
Wurzel Tee 18 dias atrás
Terrible what women had to got through back in the days while men were impaling each other with bayonets
Eatingricebubblz 19 dias atrás
Corsets were an everyday piece of clothing. They’re not now. Hence why women find them uncomfortable and hard to move around in. It’s like a new pair of work boots. Takes a bit to break them in. 83k people that liked this are virgins
DragonknightAh 19 dias atrás
Or or or just dont wear corset
SoloStudios 19 dias atrás
They need the corsets in movies to be uncomfortable so that they can have a scene about how corsets are uncomfortable, duh.
Elijah Haring
Elijah Haring 19 dias atrás
Maybe they wear in like a good pair of shoes so once you have you couple pairs they could be more comfortable???
Jonathan Maxwell
Jonathan Maxwell 19 dias atrás
lol she actually had enough pictures to complete the entire song basically.
Nobody 19 dias atrás
Modern women can't handle a corset. Modern women also claim to be stronger. 😂😂😂
Jason 19 dias atrás
A corset that’s properly fit doesn’t restrict your movement.
Victor The Collector
Victor The Collector 20 dias atrás
I wore a corset at my quinceañera and honestly that was the moct comfortable part of that fucking dress, You wanna know whats uncomfortable? A crinoline that falls down every two steps because you forgot to put it on before the corset and now it's barely hanging from your hips. Bras are more painful to use lmao, at least the corset didn't try to stab me and didn't irritate my skin with the elastic. edit: I'm transmasc and use they/he pronouns so please don't misgender me if you wanna respond to this comment or anything dfmjghbedkjf
Søren 20 dias atrás
Doctors at the time warned about wearing a corset because it's very dangerous on the long term as it deforms the organs
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