curb your corset stereotypes 

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every time I see another "they broke ribs and crushed lungs" rant on the internet I will make a corset video and I'm not even sorry
also a huge thanks to my Instagram followers for helping me out with the pictures!
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22 Out 2020



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 3 meses atrás
just to clarify - no hate to the actresses, their experiences are valid - the question is though, why do their corsets feel like this and what could be done to avoid horror stories like these in the future?
Mary Blackwing
Mary Blackwing 8 dias atrás
@Reality Check nah, today you get easily sued for stuff like that. Though shouting is fine, I guess.....
Luna3141 12 dias atrás
I'm very glad to know that you aren't actually saying this is the actresses' fault because, with all due respect, that **is** how it's coming across - not just here, but all over the historical fashion scene. I have so much respect for all the wonderful people in this community and just wish they'd take an extra minute to clarify that opinion **in** their videos
Kyle Schuessler
Kyle Schuessler 17 dias atrás
What a ridiculous question. Just because previous women wore corsets doing all those activities does not invalidate that corsets hurt and restrict your breathing. In fact there is medical proof that corsets restrict the amount of oxygen a women will get when wearing a corset and that corsets can damage many organs in the area where the corset would be worn.
Martin Lopez
Martin Lopez 23 dias atrás
Shit costume designers. Hollywood sucks at hiring actual experts
Sonar The Bat
Sonar The Bat 28 dias atrás
Probably put on as tight as possible.
Ruoshui Liu
Ruoshui Liu 6 horas atrás
I know that these Hollywood costume makers need to make actually fitting corsets, but my god are the actresses and interviewers dramatic.
Zinnia Weibel
Zinnia Weibel 10 horas atrás
literally when Emma Stone (I think?) said she can't sit in a corset I looked down at myself... currently sitting... wearing a corset... fine.
Aden Nakashima
Aden Nakashima 10 horas atrás
Do people not know that there are multiple types of corsets that have varying restrictiveness and comfortability? Many high class women wore corsets that did more than support themselves, they would compress their guts/lungs and cause breathing issues. This didnt lead to the women fainting myth, however, that was merely an expression of the time, similar to how some gasp when someone does something outlandish, even if it wasnt really startling.
Gamer India
Gamer India 12 horas atrás
******************WARNING: Use Earphones**********************
A.S.O 15 horas atrás
Don’t close your eyes
Sadie Burning
Sadie Burning 23 horas atrás
I mean Emma stone did say that women existed in that for a long time, it doesn't mean it wasn't uncomfortable to wear, you just get used to it. I do think ppl are over dramatic tho. It doesn't bother me tho and I wear them a lot.
bhavana samhita
bhavana samhita Dia atrás
Karolina, pretty sure the costume designers got the corsets wrong
雨. Dia atrás
0:12 holy shit my sound was 100%-
雨. Dia atrás
this remind of tzuyu at cheer up
JustDave Dia atrás
So you are minimizing their experience because you think the people who were basically adapted their entire lives wearing a suffocating garb could do things better than the ones who had them for a movie?
Firefly miesumae
Firefly miesumae Dia atrás
If Women in the 19th century saw this: "ladies you're so weak."
Paula Noku
Paula Noku Dia atrás
That was kind of a stupid one
지민박 Dia atrás
Really?? Really??? That sound? When I'm sitting next to my mom?
Charles Foster
Charles Foster Dia atrás
I blame the Lefts total ignorance of history on why they have such negative opinions of people in the past.
CrazyDuckie94 2 dias atrás
Tbh if a corset isn't properly laced it will be uncomfortable.. But I've worn them and if anything I felt secure and could breathe just fine
thewaitisogre 2 dias atrás
you forgot the interview where lily james said her corset was so tight in cinderella that she threw up.
Chiara disperata
Chiara disperata Dia atrás
That's on Hollywood not knowing how to make a good corset for an actress
Cecilia 2 dias atrás
hey just fyi our national costume still used corset these days and me too also use that😆 usually we wore it on formal traditional wedding and college graduation 💕
LOL Dragon
LOL Dragon 2 dias atrás
this is actually hilarious
Mubashir Mahi
Mubashir Mahi 2 dias atrás
I mean they are not wrong, women back then were simply accustomed to corsets. To understand, let's say a person from today bitches about having to hunt for his next meal, that person wouldn’t be questioned, but couple of thousand years ago people were doing exactly that and loving it. You just can't call them out for not liking something that they aren’t accustomed to. Corsets are obsolete and for a good reason.
Jazza BigHits
Jazza BigHits 2 dias atrás
Absolute wimps
Vincent Highwind
Vincent Highwind 2 dias atrás
0:11 shut
Aliensarereal • 42 years ago
Yeah that third clip sounded very suspicious thanks man
Catherine Deng
Catherine Deng 4 dias atrás
Don’t watch this in front of your parents😭
Mister Crowley
Mister Crowley 4 dias atrás
If trans men can exist and breathe wearing a binder everyday, something that is so much worse than a corset or a bra, then the experience these people are talking about is very clearly exaggerated
Marcus M
Marcus M 4 dias atrás
Im never gonna wear a corset but just looking at a basic list of corsetry facts (idk if it’s accurate but I’ll assume it is) Id think that these actresses didn’t have staff that knew about corsetry. I mean like if a person can’t breathe, it’s probably not ok to be doing that. Additionally, the list said many women in the past (and men) had corsets that weren’t tight and thus they could do activities. Perhaps the actresses weren’t used to it or staff wasn’t briefed correctly as I previously mentioned. Regardless, I don’t f with beauty trends and I think corsets are dumb aside from being historically accurate. Be comfortable in your body man that’s all.
Yangte 6 dias atrás
0:11 on full volume doesn't sound nice...
sowochoski 6 dias atrás
1:14 best part ever
Sketches says
Sketches says 7 dias atrás
well the actresses were given of what it's like for a moment, but women in the past wore them on a regular basis as soon as they started puberty so...get with it.
Chatbundi 7 dias atrás
BRB going to share this everywhere
Criz Topher
Criz Topher 7 dias atrás
Sebastian m
Sebastian m 8 dias atrás
It's because modern corsets aren't fitted to a single body. Corsets back then were tailored to fit, just like how a tailored man's suit fits. Plus they wore them everyday, not just for a week long movie shoot. 🤣
Stats W
Stats W 8 dias atrás
My volume went 📉📉📉
Martina Peluso
Martina Peluso 8 dias atrás
This is brilliant! 😂
刘凯琳 8 dias atrás
I’ve been wearing corsets for a long time, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I actually find them comfy because they force me to keep a perfect posture.
Mary Blackwing
Mary Blackwing 9 dias atrás
I am crying,.... of laughter.
Jeremy Holland
Jeremy Holland 10 dias atrás
They must be tightening the corsets too tight. They didn't typically wear them very tight in victorian era.
Ali K
Ali K 10 dias atrás
My utter satisfaction tho @ 1:10
L N 11 dias atrás
I see some people comparing corsets to high heels in the comments and that ‘they’re just uncomfortable that’s how they are’ no. Shitty high heels hurt. Comfortable stilettos do exist. You have to find the right pair for you. And there is no ‘breaking them in’. If they hurt when you first wear them they’ll hurt forever. Corsets shouldn’t hurt if they fit correctly!
Jillian Browning
Jillian Browning 11 dias atrás
okay, this is one of my favorite videos now.
vιnegar 11 dias atrás
Those girls back in the day were raised in corsets so of course they became like an extension by middle age
Antonietta Capezzi
Antonietta Capezzi 11 dias atrás
Alternative title:meme mom being salty about actresses who find wearing corsets hortible
Brandiepop 12 dias atrás
watch the try guys video on it they said it wasnt that bad
Kathleen Penfold
Kathleen Penfold 12 dias atrás
Since they started making all clothes with lycra we have become accustomed to comfort 🤣
gard kleven
gard kleven 12 dias atrás
Ye vikings used to "file"? Their teeth so they would all be straight. Just because alot of people did it doesn't mean it's good.
sl r
sl r 12 dias atrás
These goddamn moaning broke my streak of curb video binge
Lungshenli 12 dias atrás
as it turns out modern costume designers dont give a shit
Sergio thanos
Sergio thanos 12 dias atrás
Yo this almost got me in trouble
soph's story
soph's story 13 dias atrás
Isn't it true that in the new Poldark series the women in coursets literally soup fasted through every single working day because the corset was too tight to eat anything else? How was that not a sign to the designers that they had done something wrong?!
Aria D'Abreo
Aria D'Abreo 13 dias atrás
Even I also when I was young thought that corsets were to slim your waist but then after watching Glamour's video about 100 years of bras they showed a corset and that's when I learnt that corsets were actually meant for supporting the breasts
eri53117 13 dias atrás
To be fair, i feel this way about high heels and some people can dance or fight in it
Can't Live With Em
Can't Live With Em 14 dias atrás
Shraboni Pal
Shraboni Pal 14 dias atrás
*Meanwhile Women in India for millennia...comfy as heaven win their sarees!*
Aparna S Chand
Aparna S Chand 14 dias atrás
Crap I forgot to wear earphones
Khalif Eddie
Khalif Eddie 14 dias atrás
As a gym goer who used to wear lifting belt this might be true but only if its tight as heck(it supports your back for a really heavy lift).
tearez 15 dias atrás
Nonaminu 15 dias atrás
Frost Bite
Frost Bite 15 dias atrás
If they overhype corsets like this wait til they find out about binders; an article of clothing that does restrict your breathing that you cant wear for long, exercise in or sleep in :)))))
Mai Vançon
Mai Vançon 15 dias atrás
1:15 reminds me of the kind of thing people do these days to get likes on social media.
lbartel 15 dias atrás
Karolina's bigmad about corset stereotypes is amazing. XD
Justin M
Justin M 15 dias atrás
The Victorian era.. back when women were real men.
akire Kory
akire Kory 15 dias atrás
Corsets are painful
Hickory Dickory
Hickory Dickory 16 dias atrás
oh well lets just blame men, for some reaosn
izkl 16 dias atrás
Janes Janes
Janes Janes 16 dias atrás
Women were just used to it back then but now since women care less about real life "beauty" and just photoshop their waste lines the corset is of no use and no one normal would wear it.
Virgo26 VICE
Virgo26 VICE 16 dias atrás
Women in the past were so cool
Dressing 17 dias atrás
I give Titanic a small pass because it seems that Rose's mother was purposely lacing her corset too tight
Angela Chezick
Angela Chezick 17 dias atrás
I think the biggest problem is they just use stiff corset patterns. These where only worn by the rich and middle class and on special occasions. I have 6 corsets all from different time periods and I have two that I call “housewife corsets” as they support me but are very flexible but still give me shape and don’t buckle.
Bernardo Hernandez
Bernardo Hernandez 17 dias atrás
Was about to say, either the corsets weren't fitted for the actresses or woman during victorian time were much tougher than woman today.
Tim the Enchanter
Tim the Enchanter 17 dias atrás
The other problem is that women blame men for the torture they put themselves through to look a certain way. Corsets, 6" heels, waxing, etc. Fact is, we don't, they do it to themselves out of competition with other women.
Perry The Platypus
Perry The Platypus 17 dias atrás
omg I hope people didn't hear that
Variamente 17 dias atrás
I have a strong feeling that somehow we all went into another universe where corsets are death grips
Lizzer 17 dias atrás
I went for a walk in a dress one time and someone asked me why I didn't change into pants first. We are so weak these days.
Matthew Kevin Obispo
Matthew Kevin Obispo 18 dias atrás
0:43 and 1:36 Women in corsets fencing... Oh wow...
Kyle Frank
Kyle Frank 18 dias atrás
The perfectly-timed zoom to the two ladies up on the cliff. x-D
Neon Pink Queen
Neon Pink Queen 18 dias atrás
Okay, to be fair in Cinderella 2015, it seems her goal is tight lacing rather than everyday comfortable wearing. It is the ballroom scene after all so one could reasonably infer that she'd want a smaller waist to be deemed "more attractive" for the prince. As for the sound, the stepsisters are comedy relief. I'm not gonna say they did tightlacing justice or anything. But I highly doubt it's meant as a "corsets are the bane of existence" moment especially with how the girls in the later scenes seem to be fine.
TheamazingGrell 18 dias atrás
It would of been funny if she included Ciel Phantomhive Corset scene from Black Butler 😆
NoCopyrightMusic 18 dias atrás
this is really a trash curb, corsets cause organ damage, that's proven
R S 18 dias atrás
This needs to go viral
Fifth Season
Fifth Season 18 dias atrás
I just realized this isn’t a meme Channel 💀
Aiyanna DIY
Aiyanna DIY 19 dias atrás
I mean those woman wore corsets all the time so of course they would get used to it & actresses that wear it once or twice for a movie/outing wouldn’t feel comfortable in it
Victor Silva
Victor Silva 19 dias atrás
That's something i always wondered, does it really crushes your rib cage to the point it obstructs your lungs ? Nowadays we underestimate the past too much
Balvs Malvs
Balvs Malvs 19 dias atrás
Who would have known that female hollywood stars are such whinny useless tarts.
Lucy Ziegler
Lucy Ziegler 19 dias atrás
Here’s the difference, those women were used to wearing them and the women from these movies weren’t and the style and fit and designs are all different
Jakob Berg
Jakob Berg 19 dias atrás
Honestly, though, while the point is taken: women weren’t exactly allowed to wear what they wanted, and in some of those photos were risking their lives because of; yes, an oppressive standard. Why can the sexism of it not be discussed?
J.J. 19 dias atrás
You killed it by making it go on for too long. It's like okay we get the point.
Lilac Milkshake
Lilac Milkshake 19 dias atrás
EggsHatching 20 dias atrás
I bought a corset when i was a teen and my experience is that they are SUPER COMFY bc u dnt really hv to support ur back anymore lol. Its automatic perfect posture without the work fr all my slouching friends. I feel like this is equivalent to contacts hurting your eyes: something is wrong with the contacts.
Strumptavian Roboclick
Strumptavian Roboclick 20 dias atrás
Its funny how they act as if it was forced upon the women of yesteryear
Ketele P.Neves
Ketele P.Neves 20 dias atrás
0:10 maaan, i was watching without earphones, in maximum volume, my father was like O.O
edibles 20 dias atrás
Hahahaha ge hebtg hayekt
Ana Ribeiro
Ana Ribeiro 20 dias atrás
Corsets are like bras: wear the wrong size or wear ot too tight and it will hurt
ZeroTimeShow 20 dias atrás
Hmm seeing those old photos only reminded me of how much of a hard worker my mom is.
m 20 dias atrás
this is truly how it feels to wear a corset. the women’s of the past became used to the feeling.
Isabel Bimberg
Isabel Bimberg 20 dias atrás
ngl some of those sounds of characters getting in their corsets sounded like they were enjoying it lol
Ásóðinn Var-Ási Varakksson af Völsung
Corsets, just like male vests, aren’t meant to be ridiculously tight. People think they are and they end up getting the wrong sizes. They’re supposed to support and define, not squeeze and restrict. It’s like perfectly fitted clothing, not baggy, but not undersized. More of a second skin type of thing.
*gabriela_got7* 21 dia atrás
i dont get this video tbh. back then it was common practice to wear a corset almost every female wore them. they endured the pain because they had to. now women arent expected to wear them anymore hence the great discomfort. they simply aren’t accustomed to wearing them like women back then were.
*gabriela_got7* 21 dia atrás
Iwannabeastarshipranger09 you better not be a guy lmao
*gabriela_got7* corsets were never painful though that's a myth that's what this video is making fun of
Pizzo 21 dia atrás
The worst "Curb your" video on BRdesk. Long and boring
Emily Billy Bob Senior
Uh corsets have been abused for centuries and caused a multitude of health problems, hence no one wears them mainstream anymore. These are not exaggerated experiences lol I’m sure there are people that PROPERLY wear them, but for actresses that are sexualized often (and for women who used corsets throughout history during times when men influenced what a woman should look like), putting these on as tight as possible as a societal statement was and is too real. Heels are a good modern example of something that is in the same boat
Emily Billy Bob Senior
Emily Billy Bob Senior 20 dias atrás
@Iwannabeastarshipranger09 The decreased blood flow causes your organs to jot function as wel
Emily Billy Bob Senior
Emily Billy Bob Senior 20 dias atrás
@Iwannabeastarshipranger09 what?? There is haha. There are literal autopsy pictures, you just have to google them
Emily Billy Bob Senior
@Iwannabeastarshipranger09 Women were often laced so tightly their breathing was restricted leading to faintness. Compressing the abdominal organs could cause poor digestion and over time the back muscles could atrophy. In fact, long term tight lacing led to the rib cage becoming deformed. The Hunterian Museum has an example of a rib cage showing damage caused by tight lacing. Doctors labelled these symptoms as Chlorosis or ‘green sickness’ and Anaemia. Blood counts were taken and patients given pills to treat the symptoms. THATS FROM THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS. They are not myths
Plz watch this youtubers other videos on corsets
Emily Billy Bob Senior no they haven't oh my god it's a myth their is literally no evidence to anything your saying
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