Common Women's History Myths We Need To Let Go 

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for this #WomensHistoryMonth and #InternationalWomensDay let's have a look at some common fashion- and social-related misconceptions surrounding the rare species called women, also known as Literally Half of The Human Population 😎
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7 Mar 2021



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Karolina Żebrowska
hellooo! just letting you know that this is obviously the tip of the iceberg, the choice of those myths is pretty random, just some things I noticed recently, and a short youtube video won't be enough to go into depth and detail of each of those topic - but hopefully it's a starting point for some interesting discussions!
Black Knight Fool
@Floor op ‘t Holt it's not out of respect but trying to say trauma in women about men. It's a form of lesbian mate guarding against men for women. Her views are full of entitlement where she feels she is the voice of all women when clearly she is the voice of 3%. She tried to claim that men scared women from wearing the corset as if that makes sense. It didn't have to be men and secondly wouldn't men want that if it makes it look better? It's inconsistent, it's personal and it shouldn't be a part of the explanation
Floor op ‘t Holt
@Black Knight Fool yes, but I think personally that they do it out of respect. And obviously some of them are highly drawn towards breasts.
Black Knight Fool
Black Knight Fool 2 dias atrás
It's lesbians that created the idea that boobs are not sexual even though they're specific to sexual reproduction and literally gender signifiers on the opposite sex. And she's using some radical feminism perspective. they're trying to say men are perverted for liking boobs
Floor op ‘t Holt
Floor op ‘t Holt 2 dias atrás
You are not right about the boobs facts. Please look it up again. (Quote from livescience) Researchers have long speculated that humans evolved the fatty deposits around the female mammary glands for sexual reasons. ... Another long-standing theory holds that breasts evolved as a way to signal to men that the woman attached to them was nutritionally advantaged and youthful - and thus, a promising mate.
Edwin Rydberg
Edwin Rydberg 17 dias atrás
It is interesting how easy it is in the modern-day to confuse ideas of the past. It was very important to note that class played a huge role in everyone's experience (not just women). So, our views of women 'not being allowed to work, vote, or to study what they wanted', have to be tempered with the realization that, for the majority of cases that was only a significant consideration for upper-class women. i.e. in industrial England, the majority of women either worked in a factory as a maid or in the family home (and the latter was infinitely preferable to the first two in most cases). And while they couldn't vote or study as they wanted, that was also true for the vast majority of men who worked horrible, dangerous jobs just to be considered worthy enough to deserve a family. Which is to say that the majority of people, whether male or female, had terrible, limited lives. So it's important to realize that the notions we have of female oppression were primarily propagated by rich women (the 2%) who were not allowed to vote as their rich husbands were, and who were supposed to go to finishing schools rather than study something like medicine or science, but nevertheless, lived lives of relative luxury. That this began to change by the mid-1800s should also not viewed in the isolated opinion of 'women rising up to throw off the shackles of oppression, but rather as part of a continuum of social change and general suffrage that began in the mid-1700s and continued until it eventually lead to the equal treatment of all people in the West.
glasslinger 13 horas atrás
Women speaking up is the reason demorats have taken over the USA, soon to make it into a socialist country, then to communism.
Kathy Overton
Kathy Overton Dia atrás
As far as understanding sex and where babies came from, it seems many would understand about how sex works from seeing animals. This would especially be the case for the working class but the upper class would still see pets and horses having sex and having babies.
lady Fryslân
lady Fryslân Dia atrás
Hmmm Random Thing But in most frisian house holds the woman is mostly the boss And too this day mostly are
Tamar Peer
Tamar Peer 2 dias atrás
Defying old social ideals is politeness horseshoe theory
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 2 dias atrás
schools think its the 1700's still 😟😟😟
joel0joel0 2 dias atrás
This, exactly this. Most of the feminist historical pieces give us a simplistic view on Patriarchy with a female protagonist, who is so modern for our sense, that her ultimate succeeding makes, if you think about it, the oppression of women a joke, because in these movies its so easy to end the oppression by just speaking out and all the other female characters look like dumb idiots for not doing so. Instead of giving us how women faced their difficult and oppressive historical reality and tried to find happiness, we get this Powerfantasy, which is actually not empowering at all.
Beckett 3 dias atrás
If the snowflakes get there way the word woman will be history. It wasn’t so long ago there were only two genders.
Emerson Herr
Emerson Herr 3 dias atrás
A.J. Hodges
A.J. Hodges 3 dias atrás
My own employer is an example of the reversal of what is considered acceptable to show in public. It's the distribution center for a successful online business (not Amazon) where shorts of extreme shortness and leggings of extreme tightness are allowed but no bare midriffs and no bare shoulders are allowed for either men or women. All the other dress standards are related to safety issues (no open toed shoes, no long, dangly anything, tying back your hair is strongly encouraged, etc.).
Conner Fields
Conner Fields 3 dias atrás
I heard 18th century incels instead of 18th century insults.
Conner Fields
Conner Fields 3 dias atrás
Is Zebrowska a Polish name?
Laura Vergot
Laura Vergot 3 dias atrás
I agree that women of the past are sorely misrepresented nowadays but frankly so are man. In spite of the patriarchal nature of our past most men were just as ignorant, poor or mistreated as women. If not more so at times. Only middle and high class men had it better (and so did their wives and families). The rest had just as little time as Mary the Baker. Tales of cantakerous wives and whipped husbands have been passed down since ancient Greece.
Random Guy On The Internet
I am not a woman
Madi McKenzie
Madi McKenzie 4 dias atrás
SearBear23 4 dias atrás
Soo... I always thought the showing ankles thing had to do with comparisons to the Amish/puritans, not historical reasons....
Swastika jana
Swastika jana 4 dias atrás
[Sibling did something and in the reaction mom scolding me...] The sibling behind door enjoying the drama : 5:29
Paula Cyriala
Paula Cyriala 4 dias atrás
Kto również prosi o polskie napisy do filmów? 🥰
TheRozylass 5 dias atrás
More women need to read "Good Wives" by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. She studied original documents, diaries, etc. to learn what life was really like for women in early America. What she discovered will surprise you! It's a wonderful book and helps us understand the truth.
wherefancytakesme 5 dias atrás
My favorite book series, which is Victorian-Edwardian, has a stuffy aunt saying "When _I_ was a little girl, we behaved properly!" to a kid in the damn Victorian era. The era most famous for being reserved. People acted out, just like they did from the dawn of time.
Daniel Fay
Daniel Fay 5 dias atrás
I feel like us thinking that the industrial era were full of patriarchal, racist, discriminatory lords and lady’s is like the industrial era thinking that the Middle Ages were full of uneducated, filthy, bloodthirsty barbarians and warlords
KILLGAZMOTRON 5 dias atrás
Being purposefully made to showcase that much chest is an argument FOR it being inherently sexual, just saying. They just werent as stuck up about it as the lower body. If no one cared about the upper body AT ALL the chest area would be just as covered up as mens, Rather then dresses tailored to expose those areas SPECIFICALLY. effort was obviously put into them to do that.......
TheMrarrie18 5 dias atrás
2070 stereotypes will be like: People in the 2020s were on their phones constantly half of the time. Also, there was a cold propaganda war between generations, they hated each other. In towns, everyone had intercourse with each other after meeting on phones. The whole world became a police state during corona and the elderly almost went extinct.
Barbara Jolley
Barbara Jolley 6 dias atrás
Oh, yes, some girls definitely "did not hesitate" to share the knowledge of sexual intimacies (or potential thereof) as Colette teaches us in her Claudine novels:).
Aelfrey 6 dias atrás
Remember to be thankful to our female ancestors for persevering in the face of abuse, and leaving us a legacy of fighting for happiness.
Reicha 7 dias atrás
This makes me think of my grandpa. He was wonderful in a few senses. One was that he was very strongly for women's rights, sexual liberation and basically all of the human rights stuff that happened in the past 100 years. When I came out accidentally (cause my nan was nagging me about contraceptives) as ace and trans - he stood up and clapped, shouting "Bravo!" xD One time when we were driving to see other family, we somehow got into sexual awareness. He was so honestly consternated about the fact that when he was a teen and in his early twenties - in the 30's and 40's - women his age didn't often know about sex. These things spread from boy to boy, as well as their fathers teaching them. On the other hand, he had found out to his horror, the women his age often had no clue. They were just told to not touch and kiss boys, basically. As well as encouraged *not* to speak of it. He was all kinds of upset for their sakes, so as far as I understood he started explaining sex to all his female aquaintances and encouraging them to spread the information. Because dammit, they need to know what they're getting into! He was *still*, these 60 years later, so mad about the fact that these women's mothers hadn't taught them about how children were made or about (the admittedly new concept) of contraceptives. Because this both put them at risk and it led to many of them ending up in loveless marriages due to feeling ashamed over getting pregnant. This was in Sweden, a country that likes to brag about being a world leader in these things. (9_9 Likes to brag, not so much to make sure that's how it is.) Not rurally. He grew up in a rich part of the capital. These things (what is manly, what is appropriate, sexual knowledge) obviously go in waves. People are obviously gonna be people. Or, I wish it was obvious to some. But humans seem to like things on a straight line, going from 0-100. So that's how we often paint history out to be, creating myths like these.
Berlin 8 dias atrás
For people in the future: No, normal people don't wear designer brands or good looking clothing, we just wear jeans and t shirts.
Slip Mip
Slip Mip 8 dias atrás
I think them long skirts where just to keep women warm and clean.
Eve L�tourneau
Eve L�tourneau 8 dias atrás
Wait wait wait.. so.. just because women have different genitals and different ways of acting.. it means we’re weak and don’t deserve respect? Woah
Daniella Sanché
Daniella Sanché 8 dias atrás
People in the past, us in the present, and the future are all more alike than different. History really doesn't not change all that much on a human level...also don't forget most history is never recorded, or recorded in a certain light.
Daniella Sanché
Daniella Sanché 8 dias atrás
People now days "People were so prude in the past thinking ankles were a big deal" Also people now days "keep your boobs covered"
Eva-Marie Alimezelli
Eva-Marie Alimezelli 8 dias atrás
Nice 40s hair do
Brainreaver79 8 dias atrás
misconception: women were all well behaved and proper... yeah... the first name that springs to mind without even a need for thought is Elizabeth Bathory :)
Ectoplasm Coke
Ectoplasm Coke 8 dias atrás
This is so incredibly well put, thank you!! 💕
hellradiolives 8 dias atrás
Although, to be perfectly plain, it is not possible for me to care less about women's history month, this was well researched and interesting without just pushing narrative. Nicely done!
Astronaut Cat
Astronaut Cat 9 dias atrás
This is my modern history class substitute
BebeesHuman 9 dias atrás
She's correct. There was a time in the USA that the bust wasn't all that interesting because people saw them a lot. Ladies were not shy about nursing babies anywhere since, well, since babies were invented. My Grandmother told me so. I still think a towel or a baby blanket to cover a lady feeding her baby in public is best. My grandmother was born in 1897 and lived a very long time.
BebeesHuman 9 dias atrás
P.S. Don't forget that the world was an agrarian and farming world until the industrial age. Kids grew up watching and learning how to breed animals and saw them born along side farming. If a person wanted food, a person had to make it themselves with farming and breeding animals.
Shingen036 9 dias atrás
I would figure there would've been a lot more sexual assault on young girls by family members back then. I don't think it was considered a crime.
Grynszpan Deszign
Grynszpan Deszign 9 dias atrás
Totally unrelated, but it took me a good few minutes to realize there wasn’t a man on a computer in the mirror’s reflection.
AMJ The_PaleoSquare
AMJ The_PaleoSquare 10 dias atrás
*Social norms* : Exist *Every single person ever since* : Rules were made to be broken #YOLO swag *Patriarchy* : Exists *Women be like* : I manage the entirety of the household, the hubby is annoying, the soup might just be poisoned X3
Garden Joy
Garden Joy 10 dias atrás
Interesting how you slip into the area by how you dress, do you hair and wear make-up. This make-up does not beautify you. Those are not your colors, obviously. So glad, you didn't live in this period.
Art Studio Girl
Art Studio Girl 10 dias atrás
The description says “the species is rare” yet it’s also “half the population”? That makes no sense. 😂. We’re also not a species.
Georgeous Darling
Georgeous Darling 10 dias atrás
Using my own family history, I can confirm that most of the corrections are true. Woman were never required to follow a Manuel of rules, however most of them wouldn't have needed to as they were brought up with good/strict parenting and desired to properly maintain themselves. Most relationships were quite equal in power structures - with the woman ruling the roost - my great, great grandmother kept everything ticking, with over a dozen children in the house so that without her the entire structure of her husband's life would fall apart so men and woman maintained very simular relationships to modern couples. However, it is true that abusive relationships existed. Her father's father was utterly rotten - one day, he killed his son's dog and hung it on the tree for him before he came home from school and used to beat his family. He would inspect the washing and if one collar wasn't perfectly ironed, he would throw it on the floor and say 'wash it again.' So, social relationships existed just as ours today just on a more mutual basis rather than an equal one.
Alyssa G
Alyssa G 10 dias atrás
I shit you not my history teacher told us women had no sexual desires in the 1950’s she said women didn’t have sexualities untill modern times and before that she just considered sex in her marriage her “wife duties”
Jem Geach
Jem Geach 10 dias atrás
Men did not have political power either.
Lamar 11 dias atrás
Victorian man sees an Ankle *Lord have mercy im boutta bust*
Angelictrublemaker 11 dias atrás
Not all parents tought there kids, my granny didn't know what periods were and thought she was bleeding internally from a first fight sure got in
Carausius Caesar
Carausius Caesar 11 dias atrás
I think we have to remember there were so many horses about in those days.Consequently there was a lot of horse droppings around.Therefore women had to lift their long skirts to avoid soiling.
surihuna 11 dias atrás
Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813. Bridgerton takes place in the 1920's.
Fis 11 dias atrás
I love how much you know about that stuff, and listen to you talk about it ❤
skyze 11 dias atrás
I still wonder how society came to fetishize boobs there are still tribes out there living their life and women are mostly naked and no ones makes drama about it
Edward St-Pierre
Edward St-Pierre 11 dias atrás
I find it interesting how a woman can understand what men find interesting with women and why. Men controlled fashion because they dressed women for their own interests,
Xyz Same
Xyz Same 11 dias atrás
I know two women that were born in the 1950s (not related). Both got pregnant as teenager by much older men (10 years age difference) when they were older teenagers. Both had no idea what happened to them when they started menstruating. (in one case the older sister in law had to explain it to the teenager). One of the women said: My husband (she married him although that was a less than ideal marriage) did sex-ed in action with me. so being clueless was the norm for many (and these were low income women living in a more rural area), often the parents came from a background of farming). They knew that it was "wrong" to go walking alone with a teenage boy, or to wear certain clothes. (Another story in that age group the Catholic priest objected to girls wearing pants, even on a long walk to school in cold winter. That woman - a third one, and her parents did not mind, they were of the Protestant minority in that region). That priest was known (among the female pupils) to reach under the skirt of a gril and pat her behind. That was one of the women that got pregnant early - I asked her why she did not tell her mother. (who was a devout Catholic, and very ashamed of nudity, bodily functions, let alone sex). She said: I knew it was weird, I would have prefered him not doing it, it did not go any further so it was not that traumatic (at least not in an obvious manner). But I - and the other girls - we would not even have known how to formulate that. it was not possible to tell and likely it would not have helped. I think sex ed then meant to instill a feeling of shame into teenagers: about menstruation, and about their ability to lead men astray. Something was wrong with their appeal to men, it had to be carefully monitored and if something "untoward" happened (but they had no idea what that would be in any concrete terms) it was shameful for _them._ Of course that did not help to avoid pregnancies, if the father did not marry her hastily she was the slut. And females of good society were supervised All. The. Time. usually young men of good society knew they could not mess with _those_ girls, so they preyed upon the female servants, and women of the lower classes. Which were easy targets and did not cause a scandal. If a young couple wanted to force their parents to allow a marriage, they could elope. If society knew that young woman had travelled with her fiance / boyfriend alone for a while - she was compromized (even if nothing had happened). of course the problem with that: they would be disinherited if that was possible (in some case they got the inheritance and it was written down, but often the parents, grandparents could do as they please). And usually that meant that the doors of good society were closed to them, they became social pariahs. Same for a divorced woman even if her husband was terrible, openly cheated on her, etc. let alone that she was unfaithful or even suspected of that. And she lost access to the children.
Marina Chiogna
Marina Chiogna 11 dias atrás
9:10 that was why I couldn’t enjoy ‘Anne with an E’
w a f f l e
w a f f l e 11 dias atrás
i was just wondering, where are you from? im just curious
Giovanna Dallarosa
Giovanna Dallarosa 11 dias atrás
An exemple on those weird habits by powerful woman: There sas a duches that liked tortuting and killing young girls, and she would bathe on their blood because she believed it would keep her young and lively. They only stopped her when she ran out of commoner girls and kidnapped some important dude's daughter.
Alexei Helmbock
Alexei Helmbock 12 dias atrás
A good literary example from the time period of what Karolina is saying about women's assertiveness -- in "Pride and Prejudice," the mother is 100% the one in charge of the household (the father is practically a non-entity).
Haylee Toner
Haylee Toner 12 dias atrás
Wow I just learned so much I definetly found a new channel to binge watch
Stupid Stories
Stupid Stories 12 dias atrás
Rohann van Rensburg
Rohann van Rensburg 13 dias atrás
I appreciate you talking about oppression in earlier eras. There's this strange perception that men have timelessly "oppressed" women for completely arbitrary reasons (you know, toxic masculinity or the like), as if the entire world was there for the taking but for those pesky men. It's a retroactive and ignorantly ideological look at the past through the lens of the present. It wasn't terribly long ago that contraception was non-existent and both the infant and mother mortality rate was inconceivably high; that social welfare did not exist in any conceivable way but through the charity of the church, meaning there was a very real need for survival by way of integrating into the right family and finding a spouse with marketable skills since childcare was all-consuming for many years; that daily survival and function was difficult enough that it consumed a large majority of one's time, the homekeeping naturally falling on mothers by virtue of being at home with children and understandably being less interested or capable of working 80 hour weeks on a farm or in a factory; that class systems (found in nearly every culture as far as I estimate) were confining enough as to essentially place strict limitations on all but the most brilliant minds' potential career options by way of birth, etc. Women also didn't have to die in wars, foolish or legitimate, or engage in many of the violences of life in a remotely comparable way to men in almost any period (though childbearing in the 17th century was violence enough). There are always exceptions, but exceptions are not the rule. As you mentioned, it completely lacks nuance and understanding, and disregards incredible individuals going as far back as i.e. Hildegaard von Bingen.
The Eclectic
The Eclectic 13 dias atrás
Modern day 21st Century feminism is cancer. Great video, by the way.
melpomene 13 dias atrás
Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm very happy when you upload, thank you so much for making my day brighter 💖
Amy Van Diest
Amy Van Diest 13 dias atrás
Most people in the old days were focused on survival. And you telling me raising 6 children without running water and electricity is something to be looked down upon and she should have at work where very little safety requirements kept people alive? Marriage was a partnership for men and women. Men would earn the money and the woman would manage the money, raise children, cook, clean the house, and have a side business maybe of being a tailor.
Eva 13 dias atrás
i really enjoyed this video! i'd love to see other content like this if you ever feel so inclined :)
Aibhlinn McFeely
Aibhlinn McFeely 14 dias atrás
I think they should let go of " a corset is a torchure device " because it depends on the quality and how well you know how to use it.
BB- 14 dias atrás
Lmao 2:44
Anna Ferrara
Anna Ferrara 15 dias atrás
The painting changing expression spooked me.
Anna Ferrara
Anna Ferrara 15 dias atrás
I’m loving the heart earrings.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker 15 dias atrás
I honestly don’t get why people think breasts are such an issue. Would anyone care if a women was seen with one of these 🍼? I doubt it. But, guess what, breasts are just a natural version of a bottle. Or, more accurately, bottles are an artificial version of a breast. Seriously people, breasts are just a milk producing glad encased in a bag of fat that have evolved for feeding babies. That’s it. Not to mention the double of it being standard socially acceptable for men to be topless in public but not women. Can we just grow up already? #freethenipple
PhantomQueenOne 16 dias atrás
Okay, most women didn't show UNCOVERED ankles.
shinnam 16 dias atrás
Maids tell rich young women, things they needed to know? Seems like an intimacy some one brushing hair would share.
Pohjanakka 16 dias atrás
About that sex education: if you deal with animals - of the mammal kind - that have not been neutered and there are ones of both sexes you damn well will see them doing it, and back then when farm animals weren't just restricted to some big factory farms, and there were horses everywhere, and of course the upper classes had their pet dogs and cats - pretty good chance most of them had seen both the sex part and how the next generation was born, especially as a child because children tend to be damn curious and might try to sneak a peak if they weren't invited or allowed to watch. And from that it shouldn't take too much guessing that basically, humans do procreate pretty much the exact same way. At least you'd be told by your mates once in school if you hadn't figured it out yourself by then.
Zasek2112 16 dias atrás
Feminism is trying to re-write history. Talking about historical facts could get you canceled...
Yuna 16 dias atrás
We women have the right to do what we want. Society can't stop us from our dreams and passion. It's our choice if we want to show our skin or not. #WomenRights
Fatcat123 17 dias atrás
I can imagine a guy saying to a Victorian lady, “hey girl show me them cankles”
Mames McK
Mames McK 17 dias atrás
I'm guessing a large quantity of what we're told about the past is designed to make us believe we've come _such a long way_ . Although we have, it doesn't mean it should stop where it is. I saw a buzzfeed link that showed images of anti-suffrage propaganda. Calling women ugly for fighting for rights, and men weak for putting up with it. Same tactics used now. So weird.
Jennifer 17 dias atrás
The idea that no women fought or were important in wars is also wrong. Russian women did both fight in Partisan parties during the Napoleonic wars and even as militia in the Second World War. Almost all nations had women as medics, and to say that they were not a part of the war is disrespectfull. TLDR Women has both fought and kept soldiers alive in wars.
Sketchy Art
Sketchy Art 17 dias atrás
This sounds like the origin of feet fetishes
Denmark Millikan
Denmark Millikan 17 dias atrás
The cultured methane optionally rock because eel subsequently switch worth a elite gate. used, plausible manicure
Miriam Asch
Miriam Asch 17 dias atrás
Thank you for doing this, many people I know have these misconceptions and it is so annoying!
Shelby Lengwenat
Shelby Lengwenat 17 dias atrás
I love these videos! Love your distinction between then and now of life. I did find it interesting the clothing choices in Outlander season 2, when they are in France, to find it’s not too strange
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 18 dias atrás
Alternative title: 90's woman time travels in the future to debunk some common myths.
im19ice3 18 dias atrás
those times in which the system did not recognise or respect women makes sense would not leave a record of them, but women weren't about to live for the whims of the system and had better things to do than wait around for it to change v_v
noonnonon 18 dias atrás
Great video Queen Karolina!
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 18 dias atrás
michel Guevara
michel Guevara 18 dias atrás
it should be noted that many women banded together to protest being 'forced to vote', the *Women Against Suffrage,* who attached themselves to the universal suffrage movement, the *SuffraGISTS* . the feminists of the day actively broke up the W.A.S. and disrupted Suffragists, *who wanted all to have the right to vote, both male and female, should they wish to do so.* history was revised in the 1970s to obscure these, leaving only the 'history' of the Sufragettes, a movement demanding the vote *for women only* , they did not want 'low class men' to be given the vote. it is untrue that society didn't value or do anything for women. women forget that men have allways sought to support 'their' women. insult a man's mother, sister, wife, and you would be asking for a fight. otherwise, good video Karolina.
Scott Adler
Scott Adler 18 dias atrás
Few women could wear dresses below the ankle because few streets were paved. Most were sinking, stinking mud troughs.
Heather Contois
Heather Contois 19 dias atrás
We should cite this when battling school dress codes.
Clara Donovan
Clara Donovan 19 dias atrás
My grandmother grew up in the 1930s in ireland and had absolutely no idea about sex or where children came from
Sudeep Stauble
Sudeep Stauble 19 dias atrás
Wow! I assumed this video would be a bunch of feminist complaints, but I was pleasantly surprised :)
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith 19 dias atrás
Nice to hear that of all the things that have changed, parents completely failing when it comes to sex ed is a common through-thread in all of history
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan 19 dias atrás
In Japan they (ladies) think Western girls are loose for showing cleavage, but they think nothing about themselves wearing miniskirts in winter.
francesca lepri
francesca lepri 19 dias atrás
Nice video anyway very interesting
francesca lepri
francesca lepri 19 dias atrás
Someone told me that for somr women it was usual to pee standing in the while speaking with someone, under the big skirt.. speaking about the granny of my granny as a generation.......
Arrow 1
Arrow 1 19 dias atrás
I think breast were sexualized in the past but not to the same extent as now since the portraits of the 17th and 18th century upperclass women that you showed did have décolletage which they decorated and presented in an attractive way for men to admire. I don't know but I think men regarded the sight of a woman's cleavage or even the sight of nude breast in the same way as men appreciate a woman in hot pants or miniskirt in the late 1960s and early 70s or in nylon or silk stockings in the 1940s that have a good set of legs. He could get a sexual charge out of it but bare/exposed legs aren't regarded as "dirty" or private parts like breast are considered now in the USA. Other parts of the world including Europe don't have that puritanical attitude which of course is another factor. We in America are feneralky more uptight about the human body in part due to our religious history. Anyway, to get back on point another reason breast weren't as much as an obsession with society is because we hid them more regarding them as private parts in the way we do not with women's legs. And I think a big reason for this is that open breast feeding of a baby in public isn't as respectable or common as it was in earlier times. Youbg boys saw naked breast all the time especially when watching their younger siblings being nursed by their mothers. So what was the big deal about breast? They saw them all the time. The change came as breast became more hidden and regarded more as a private part and so having the ironic reaction of them becoming more sexuallized the more they were hidden just like long skirts and shows hiding ankles in days of yore.😆
une Otaku
une Otaku 19 dias atrás
what about anne withe an "e"
Steven Siferd
Steven Siferd 19 dias atrás
@2:53 -- Anna Held?
malecblane hehe
malecblane hehe 19 dias atrás
Woah society really sexualized breats (and women). Like I knew but i thought boobs were always sexualized
malecblane hehe
malecblane hehe 19 dias atrás
Ah, back then they were more of a thigh kind of people 😏
KayValo87 20 dias atrás
I just wanted to comment on something that is often ignored. You touched on it as a "maybe", but from what I know it was basically fact. Women ran the household. Literally. The men had to work and support the family - even Lords had job in politics or managing their vast estates - so women manged the house. For wealthy women this could mean instructing the servants, managing nannies or tutors for their children, probably approving menus for parties, and being a proper hostess. For poor women it could mean managing the laundry, shopping, and care of the children. The men were out working all day, so it was the woman of the house who made the decisions on most things - such as what to buy for Sunday dinner. The men simply would not have had time to see to their work and manage the household. This system of the man working and woman ruling the house was the norm until very recently. Television and film from the 50's and 60's make it clear that, even though the man earned the money - the women controlled the budget. Even Lucy and Ethel were the ones that paid the bills, not Ricky and Fred. It was a division of labor that some might view as servitude, but it looks like (in some ways) the women held more power in the home than their husband.
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