"Bridgerton" Costumes Are A Historical Mess, But They Kinda Work 

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forgot to mention that I focus - as always - on women's clothing here, but @Pinsent Tailoring should drop his review soon! also check out @Costuming Drama 's interesting video about issues within the show:
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4 Jan 2021



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 3 meses atrás
copying the description here cause no one reads it: forgot to mention that I focus - as always - on women's clothing here, but Pinsent Tailoring should drop his review soon! also check out Costuming Drama's interesting video about some of the issues within the show:
Emily Jeanne DePalma
Emily Jeanne DePalma 23 dias atrás
Where did you get the earrings you’re wearing in this video Karolina? They’re gorgeous!
Lula Lela
Lula Lela Mês atrás
Would be really cool if you reviewed Hamilton: An American Musical costumes.
lauren bingham
lauren bingham Mês atrás
i was about 2 read it ha ha
Mag k
Mag k Mês atrás
felt chastised so I read your description before finishing to read your comment >M>
Michaelneiss Mês atrás
Dear Meme mom! I have been trying for years to understand on how REAL court dresses were constructed during the Regency Era -- alas, without success! Therefore, I depend on your expertise: Did those ladies wear panniers like their predecessors during the 18th century (albeit circular ones), were their underpinnings constructed like a Spanish farthingale from way back, or did British courtiers invent something entirely new, i.e. a kind of flexible hoop construction that anticipated the crinoline by more than four decades? And did the British court dress have any impact on early Victorian fashions, when women all over Europe started to sport much wider gowns with an almost natural waist (i.e. just a few after the hoop-dress court style was abolished at the discretion George IV)?
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook 2 horas atrás
regency does 1960s
Kasia Bry
Kasia Bry 18 horas atrás
What do you think about Outlander suits?
K STEELE Dia atrás
In the books, the Featheringtons are notorious for wearing hideous dresses so Bridgerton got that right.
Shelly Dia atrás
y’all need to watch a documentary if you want accuracy. is creativity even a thing that’s accepted anymore?
Doodle 2 dias atrás
Your outfit today is just beautiful 🤩
Hailey Balmer
Hailey Balmer 3 dias atrás
I decided not to watch it because I saw the preview on Netflix and thought "why is everyone's bustline halfway through their titties?" And I ultimately decided I couldn't get past that.
Mary K. Cieslak
Mary K. Cieslak 4 dias atrás
honestly, really glad you had the disclaimer at the beginning RE: costume design is not all about accuracy. there's a level of entertainment and meeting audience expectations--whether those expectations are accurate or not--that can sometimes take precedence. the disclaimer at the beginning just helps me know that you're doing a good-faith analysis. much easier to watch!!
Tūkiteao Kerei
Tūkiteao Kerei 5 dias atrás
Regardless of the subject matter, I love watching someone with a passion for something talk about it! It’s amazing!
ColorfulVoid 6 dias atrás
Bridgerton, like the books it's taken from, is a regency fantasy romance. It's not meant to really reflect the era it's inspired from. Although it's much less obvious that it's artificial in the books because your brain makes up the environment, people, costumes etc, as you read along. So you're less susceptible to imagine cheap synthetic fluorescent fabrics lol I like the bold color choices for the Penelope character and even her mother, BUT I hate the feeling that the people who casted the actresses and those who created the designs thought they were too fat and/or old and adjusted the cuts according to that stupid opinion. Which gives us the quad boob effect on Penelope's dresses, or the wtf fitted-waist on a high-waisted dress for the mom…
Angela Micovic
Angela Micovic 6 dias atrás
The fashion was definitely confusing but still gave a fun twist, like Jane Austen meets Hunger Games Capitol people
Daniella Sanché
Daniella Sanché 8 dias atrás
It was very fictional and whimsically in that sense they can go as wild as they want, and it was GORGEOUS! Empire waist with hoops is 😂😂
Lisaiscoolenzo 9 dias atrás
'My clock is ticking, I should ~silence~ it' sounded much darker to me than it was intended 😂
chrisphaeton 10 dias atrás
I would be interested in what you think of the costume accuracy in Stanley Kubrick’s movie BARRY LYNDON. Kubrick was a stickler for accuracy and for me it looks to be one of the most accurate depictions of the 18th century that I have seen. But you know far more about this than I do and if you’ve seen it , it would be interested to hear your opinion
Stacey Mayer
Stacey Mayer 10 dias atrás
What an incredibly fascinating report! Thank you!
Janiyah McGuire
Janiyah McGuire 11 dias atrás
You should make a video like this on Anne with an E. I’m not sure what era it’s in but i’m curious to see the accuracy.
Sára Kuzsner
Sára Kuzsner 11 dias atrás
I am so scared to watch this because I loved the series and I suspect the worst😆 Yet here I am
Abhi Vis
Abhi Vis 11 dias atrás
I was here when Likes were 69K N I C E
Alli White
Alli White 11 dias atrás
"trains" is a piece of clothing!?
ha neul
ha neul 11 dias atrás
I guess they're trying to make a Marie Antoinette movie again in terms of costume design
Beka East
Beka East 12 dias atrás
YESSS I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS EXACT VIDEO!! Like what were they thinking???
Petcheeto 13 dias atrás
I just can't get over minecraft music playing in the background
Greatest Axolotl
Greatest Axolotl 10 dias atrás
@Petcheeto lol i hadn't my volume up enough to notice 😅
Petcheeto 10 dias atrás
@Greatest Axolotl *the whole video*
Greatest Axolotl
Greatest Axolotl 11 dias atrás
María alvarez
María alvarez 14 dias atrás
I'd like her critizising Peaky Blinder's costumes as well
Negocios Dinero y más dinero
Nelson Kaiowá
Nelson Kaiowá 14 dias atrás
Yes, a lot of series and movies show what Americans THINK Brittish people looked like, but they have no idea of the class system and such. The garments are not always that bad, some are actually good. Bridgerton is just fantasy and fine.
Whovian Girl
Whovian Girl 14 dias atrás
Regency dresses were literally sheath dresses like why the hell they do the corset thing?? The dresses LITERALLY HAVE UNDERBOOB WAISTLINES YOU DONT NEED A NATURAL WAIST!!!
Whovian Girl
Whovian Girl 14 dias atrás
Stays were basically vest bras
Michelle Fogolin
Michelle Fogolin 16 dias atrás
Found it on Netflix last night... already half way through season 1. I see it as a fantasy world, so all the stuff mentioned works for me. And having Julie Andrews as your gossip girl narrator, brilliant!
Maureen Meegan
Maureen Meegan 17 dias atrás
The mid-breast empire waistline of some of the dresses made me wince - had to be uncomfortable and looked jarring. And the park daywear dress that was clearly meant for evening wear made me wonder if the character was going to get a set down from one of the fashion dragons...but she didn’t.
M W 19 dias atrás
Omg the overboob thing drove me insane but I figured it was just how they wore their dresses back then... hahahhaha
Danielle Gibson
Danielle Gibson 19 dias atrás
I loved Bridgeton BUT they could of made a bit more effort for the costume’s to make it historically accurate
Natalia Meylunas
Natalia Meylunas 19 dias atrás
“You can sense tons of poliesther from afar”
Alyssa Davidson
Alyssa Davidson 20 dias atrás
I just finished watching Bridgerton twice: once the normal way, then again once I knew Lady Whistledown's identity so I could pick up on any nuances I missed the first time. PLEASE rip this show apart for me.
thebadpoet 20 dias atrás
I say this to my students all the time (I’m a costume design teacher) that mixing periods is probably the most difficult thing you can do as a costumer. People think mixing modern aesthetic and historic shapes is easy, or even mixing multiple periods. It is oh so very not! I’ve seen some truly wretched Elizabethan dramas wheee the costumer tried to mix periods, for some reason that era of costuming makes people think they should think outside the box. Get back inside the box, sometimes, the box can be useful.
billthegenericguy 21 dia atrás
I like your output though I'm honestly not sure what about it appeals to me. Not that it's not interesting and well-presented but I have practically no interest in fashion. I guess what I like is the backlash against modern presentism. I would say that I don't think the random distortion effects really add anything to this one (not sure if that's the right term, referring to the ones at 5:57 and 6:48)
PoppyLu Fitz
PoppyLu Fitz 21 dia atrás
Why does all this piss me off so much!?🤣
Ece Çalışan
Ece Çalışan 22 dias atrás
Featherington dresses should appear after an epilepsy warning...
Chrissi 22 dias atrás
I can't believe shows like Outlander or Bridgerton are popular. Generally there's so much soft-porn, gratuitous nudity and violence in shows and movies with little substance elsewise. This generation must have the worst taste ever (women anyway).
Greatest Axolotl
Greatest Axolotl 11 dias atrás
lol i dont care so much about the existence soft porn, nudity, or violence, but i can say that the fashion atrocities have made these shows unwatchable 😂😂
ccubed215 22 dias atrás
I literally thought of you within the first minute of watching and I can’t wait to see her drag these costumes
Ernest P. Willard
Ernest P. Willard 23 dias atrás
For anyone wondering, hand embroidery takes forever especially when dealing with small details, simpler colour fill can be faster but anything detailed or curving takes awhile. Part of the problem is that you have to kind of find the right spot to pierce through or it looks really weird and can be hard to correct without making it look weird or pulling it back through the hole again and just trying again. That being said in the era of mass manufacturing and cheap clothes its very easy hobby to start because you can get a set of needles for a few dollars and its like 50c for 8 metres of the threads.
ailem 2707
ailem 2707 24 dias atrás
14:44 It’s almost as if.... paper aged, better inks are used and color photography appeared 🧐
Millah Keys
Millah Keys 24 dias atrás
daaaamn mami got taste doe ahhhahhhahaaaa👅 didn't know you watched Cherdleys and Trevor Wallace!
NireNoodle XD
NireNoodle XD 25 dias atrás
After watching your channel for a while now, it’s made me hyper aware of historical fashion inaccuracies in tv shows and movies🥲 it’s a blessing and a curse
Ghoster 25 dias atrás
Respect the drip Karen.
Little Cookie
Little Cookie 26 dias atrás
Karolina looks very much like a professional fashion historian
Dottie Ndots
Dottie Ndots 27 dias atrás
i think they said they made it basically as eye candy, as an escape from the depression of the pandemic. I love it and i think it's exactly what we need right now, to just detach a bit and have some fun
Nele Otter
Nele Otter 27 dias atrás
Watching Bridgerton i felt like it was kind of sarcastic in like every way....not even clothing i mean its all not really right and i do think that this was what the producers actually wanted
Kestrel 28 dias atrás
I watched first scene with corset over naked body and was thinking about it whole show, I mean just WHY
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous 28 dias atrás
How do you keep your complexion so beautiful. Don't say lighting...Wish you had a P.O. Box. I think you answered my queries on the March 7, video, serves me right for not coming here as much. I love your channel, and your sense of humor esp. Namaste, gotta get out my pom poms, cheerleader time. Barf...chocolate sounds good though. Z.
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous 28 dias atrás
Another video of yours, March 7, 2021, mentioned this series. Bookworm and music, music, music. So never seen Bridgerton - are those "acid colours" accurate, neon puce, peculiar peach, etc. Now to be fair do you expect authentic "hand woven" ? To me, just want I've seen in few clips,mthe costumes are slightly off- now is that to make the character seem like the "ugly" stepsister, loser? That hot pink dress with the Dollar Store, necklace/ Hawaiian lei! I doubt I will watch it - another Jane Austen spinoff of a spinoff. Never watched, thanks in part to YOU, the most recent remake of Little Women. I was happy with the Winoba Ryder, Susan Saradon one, still want to watch the Elizabeth Taylor one- now that will be interesting, will the mindset of the 1940's influence the costumes of a Jane Austen story. Wow amazing factoid, the slim gowns, vs the court ladies hoop skirts- atrocities is an understatement...Thanks as always for info, inspiration, and a laugh. Namaste, Z. ( I almost always look at the women's costumes more, the men- how accurate are they? and are they dull like most men, 1960's excepted)
Nida Shafia Rahmani
Nida Shafia Rahmani 29 dias atrás
I think bridgerton itself is parody of historical things.. I keep asking myself what's going on in this series lol
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith Mês atrás
I appreacte you understand red lipstick. The color is perfect.
SadWasDead Mês atrás
you look like a young granma, and i wish to look like you
Lys of Rivia
Lys of Rivia Mês atrás
What made me the most angry about the show was the tropes. Sure, continue allll of the stereotypes every bad period drama has ever reproduced and once again have a tight-lacing corset scene... SIGH :D
im a hashbrown
im a hashbrown Mês atrás
Just saying cause I'm probably wrong but if you actually look at paintings of queen charlotte, she actually did stick to what was worn back when she was a kid so I think that's right...idk
how do people come up with creativ names?
These dresses may not be accurate but I would love to wear some of them!!! I think they are super cute😂
Julia Adelkhanova
Julia Adelkhanova Mês atrás
Stopped listening after phrase "intervew with the costume designer, whose name I can't pronounce". This is just disrespectful. Wtf.
tareage 28 dias atrás
Jesus chill kid, she just said she cant pronouce it
Matt devereux
Matt devereux Mês atrás
lets make this very clear its been a huge success the series amongst young people but its not historically accurate in any real way. the accents even the posh ones are modern english with little of the tounge of the english used in victorian times. the music the costumes hardly anything is accurates. its total fantasty but its netflix so thats the deal isnt it
Olivia Mês atrás
The fact that every other character is not white and they supposedly depict European royal in the 1800s... yeah they don’t need to worry about costume accuracy this is literally a fantasy who took inspiration from the past
Rovhalt Mês atrás
yeeeah... I didn't expect much from the series the moment I realized the showmakers had decided for 19th century London to have a strange diverse population which didn't exist at the time, anywhere.
Kate Mês atrás
Uwielbiam twoje filmy, mogę dzięki nim uzupełniać swoją wiedzę o modzie co pomaga mi w szyciu sukienek, które nie wyglądają jak wymysł własny, a faktyczne sukienki z danych lat. Dodatkowo dzięki twoim filmom uczę się angielskiego. Uwielbiam Cię oglądać ^^
retrogradepink Mês atrás
the costumes in bridgerton compared to probably any jane austen movie are like a twinkie compared to a beautiful little cake at a french bakery.
Alibye Baby
Alibye Baby Mês atrás
can you also make a video on historical/ edwardian maternity wear
Alibye Baby
Alibye Baby Mês atrás
I love that you get into all of the details of historically accurate clothing. I love historical fashion so these videos are awesome!
Melinda Domings
Melinda Domings Mês atrás
I had all the same thoughts when I watched. I'm surprised you were able to leave out Simon's cravat situation. And Daphne weird hair. While show made my eyes twitch, I still will continue to watch. Wish I had locals to have a watch party with so we could all twitch together
BlueLight Mês atrás
People are complaining that karolina is judging a fantasy too much... You realise its fun to analyse right? It is interesting to pick things a part and analyse things. I can also judge frozen even though its not accurate because its fun to compare.
Drew Mês atrás
This is only my 3rd video of yours that I have watched, but the first that I actually read your description. I saw the link to "My nudes" and I was actually thinking it would be a photo of your ankle (having just watched your "Common Women's History Month Myths" and yes, I know that was debunked in your video. ) Regardless, I laughed when I saw it. Well played.
Michela Benetti
Michela Benetti Mês atrás
Omg please do a whole video on Reign costumes!! I used to love it and seeing that picture just opened my eyes
Darcy Mês atrás
It’s the tube dresses
DarkScarlettVixen Mês atrás
Ditched for chocolate at the end, apparently! 🤣
Hayley Marse
Hayley Marse Mês atrás
Does anyone have any good shows/movies? Like shows with the same vibe as the 80’s Anne of Green Gables. I’m so tired of modern movies and shows making characters act like 21st century feminists
lisa chan
lisa chan Mês atrás
One of the reason I couldn't keep watching this show is how cheap it all looks. The polyester was too much
grayday Mês atrás
I was today years old when i realised that Bridgertones action is set two years later then Pan Tadeusz action and im shook (I chcecked because costumes in 1999 movie seemed somehow familiar in silhouette to the regency era dresses and turnes out for a reason). It`s crazy how different it has always felt to me, like it was completely different time
Rajjy’s 75
Rajjy’s 75 Mês atrás
It’s not meant to be accurate they want the fun magical feel which they couldn’t have done if they limited themselves such as refusing to have people of color on the show or really just having fun with the unrealistic stuff
My Empire of Dirt
My Empire of Dirt Mês atrás
late to the party, but, my take on the overboob issue is, I suspect, the costume designer trying to make the actress's bodies appear younger and less developed. I looked up the ages of Daphne, Eloise, and Penelope's actresses out of curiosity and two of them are 30+ year old women playing teenagers. Daphne, I suspect, would be in her late teens to make her marriage and sex scenes with Simon less creepy. But Eloise and Penelope are probably mid-teens, if the average age of coming out is an indicator. In the spirit of making them look that young: well-freaking-done. So yeah, my guess is that the costume designer intentionally designed the dresses in an attempt to mask the actress's fully matured bodies, and that, as the characters age and the show progresses, the dresses will magically fit correctly to reflect their blossoming into womanhood. I will say this, though: I hated the jewelry.
Ines Vandevelde
Ines Vandevelde Mês atrás
Is she the girl that made the video “Jenna Marbles as an edwardian lady”?
Ines Vandevelde
Ines Vandevelde Mês atrás
@Sofía Roura omg great hahaha
Sofía Roura
Sofía Roura Mês atrás
Yes she is
Ines Vandevelde
Ines Vandevelde Mês atrás
I know it’s not meant to be historically correct. It just bothers me that people watch it and think they’re all intellectual because they’re watching a “historical” show
Abi Mariposa
Abi Mariposa Mês atrás
Can I just say :... You look absolutely wonderful ☺❤
Cuenta Line
Cuenta Line Mês atrás
Commenting sonmore videos like this show up in my feed 💖
Allison Burgers
Allison Burgers Mês atrás
The dresses are butchered. I mean people find the time period aesthetic's charm as it selling point why modernized most of it.
Flora Posteschild
Flora Posteschild Mês atrás
It's the ideas the showrunners have about the show...and sometimes they are stupid ideas. I HATED this show. But then, I usually hate fanfic, which is what this is. And far from aesthetically pleasing, the costumes were fugly.
Chelsea Mês atrás
Your earrings and giving me so much life!
DeeDee Isabelsdottir
I do love Karolinas Hair this video ♥️♥️
Eleanor Kean
Eleanor Kean Mês atrás
I watched 3 minutes of the first episode and waited for this exact video from you 😂
Floral Fancy
Floral Fancy Mês atrás
Such a shame this series lacked on realistic details.
Person Mês atrás
Yes! Deffinetly a romance fantasy! I have read a lot of mangas&mahwas in online like this story
stick shift steph
stick shift steph Mês atrás
I kind of don't mind when movies aren't completely historically accurate. it's nice when they take creative liberty on the clothing. but they didn't do a great job here. still an entertaining enough show.
Sharon DeMedeiros
Sharon DeMedeiros Mês atrás
That is one of the reasons I don't like that show, the costumes bother me. It's like a cheesy cheapened version of Pride and Prejudice or that show about King Arthur and Camelot with rock music blaring and people acting like they are in 2020 Los Angeles. Just NO. Doesn't work for me.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Mês atrás
I don’t know. Based on Queen Elizabeth II, the queen can wear the same outfit for like 70 years. “Just this x100 thank you.”
Sleepy Lion King
Sleepy Lion King Mês atrás
This is a waste of time bc the show isn’t SUPPOSED to be accurate. They just had fun with it.
B Brunnin
B Brunnin Mês atrás
I literally came here because Mrs Featherington's dress silhouette was making me crazy and i just needed someone to tell me that I wasn't crazy...and that the silhouette is. Thank you. I will now move on.
bugstomper123 Mês atrás
I think with Penelope's mom, her atrocious dress shape might have been to let the viewer know that she has terrible taste. I think that's a main point about her character in the books and I think it's lightly touched on in one of the episodes.
April Harrington
April Harrington Mês atrás
Elephant in the room: in the attempt to be PC they overemphasized the number and role of Blacks in that era and location.
Flora Góralska
Flora Góralska Mês atrás
Bridgerton is kind of like Emily in Paris. Nobody should ever believe that any of it would actually happen. It's what Americans fantasize about when thinking about Europe. Just sick back, turn off all the knowledge you have and enjoy it
Cat Chang
Cat Chang Mês atrás
OMG - fantasy!!! The ethnicities were not accurate. The language was not accurate. The the way people behaved were not accurate. Why would the costumes be historically accurate?!?! This is a fluffy fantasy based on some romance novels. 🙄The costumes were fun and looked cool. Calm down! Criticise something that is actually meant to be accurate.
Zyta Orwatt
Zyta Orwatt Mês atrás
Szkoda że nie ma polskich napisów ;(
Rosie E
Rosie E Mês atrás
Honestly it’s the Pride and Prejudice//Gossip Girl love child we all needed.
Lil Bag
Lil Bag Mês atrás
am i interested in fashion? no. did i watch the whole video? yes.
Darrin Howard
Darrin Howard Mês atrás
Stop having nonsensical blogs and debates about Historical Accuracy and colour blind casting about "FANTASY FICTION" movies, there were no Fire breading Dragons or Dragon princess ever on earth, yet there were in Game of Thrones because it was a "FANTASY FICTION" movie just like BRIDGERTON , if you want Historical Accuracy do not watch "FANTASY FICTION" movies that came from fiction novels or books like Bridgerton, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, beauty and the beast, Game of Thrones i think you got my point they are all fantasy fiction movies, watch "A united Kingdom, 12 years of Slavery, the green book, roots, and many other none fictional movies if you looking for Historical Accuracy those are the movies worthy of that kind of debate, SMH
Catherine Phillips
Catherine Phillips Mês atrás
Where did they relieve themselves once at the never ending balls? Did they have ladies maids to help them once there?
Alfonso Leon V
Alfonso Leon V Mês atrás
and also she is like o this is not accurate im so smart fuck off just go and make some clothes no one cares about all your knowlege
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