Best Costume Oscars 2019 - Who Should Win? Who's The Worst? 

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sorry for the weird music, as it turns out it's safer to use modern royalty free music then 1916 songs that still get copyright claimed :) :) :) :) :) :)
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23 Fev 2019



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fan2jnrc 3 meses atrás
"The Favourite" costumes are more or less accurate, if you don't look at the details, but definitely not completely accurate. It would have been possible to do better.
Samantha Morris
Samantha Morris 3 meses atrás
Im late to the game here, but I wanted to say something about the scene where Mary and her maids are wearing the same dress. That is an illusion to a real life thing, Mary had four ladies all named Mary and it was a real life joke within the court of The Marys.
Madeline Vance
Madeline Vance 5 meses atrás
I don't know why I thought this was going to include Little Women. I guess I didn't see that it was made in February 2019 until I finished watching it. Gosh, Me, she can't read the future.
LaFleur 5 meses atrás
Can you rate or react to costumes in ballet? I feels like some companies do their best and some don't really try to make it historiacally accurate (or make them really cheap looking)
Kimberly Perrotis
Kimberly Perrotis 6 meses atrás
It’s not only the costumes that are terrible in that Queen of Scots movie, everything else is too. At 3:00 minutes in, I already regret the rental price. Mary had just been Queen of France, and had lived at the French Court as Dauphine for years. She didn’t do Simple or Scottish. It is recorded that she barely remembered any Scots (language), I doubt if she had a Scottish accent. Too much political correctness gushing all over that movie. Still, not the worst costumes I’ve seen, my two candidates for that are: 1. The White Queen mini-series, where the queen wore the only plain, simple dress in the court, with a weird, falling off the shoulders neckline (WTF?). She was surrounded by many women of lower rank, who wore much richer, more detailed sumptuous gowns, headdresses and jewels. Oopsie! Designer doesn’t know zip about history, “Simplicity As Elegance” was at least 4 centuries in the future, 2. The recent Mary, Queen of Scots mini-series, where all the costumes were barely-disguised bridesmaids’ dresses from a charity shop with a few feathers and doilies stuck on here and there, worse than almost any last-minute Halloween costume I have seen. Probably not the designers’ fault entirely, what else can one do with (apparently) a $20.00 budget (US, NOT even Australian $ or anything).
Amber Baker
Amber Baker 6 meses atrás
Slat bonnets were a thing in the U.S. during the mid 19th century, they could have slats or cording and the curtain was long enough to cover the neck and keep it from tanning when women were out in the sun.
monimelie 7 meses atrás
Scotland and England court were really different in Elizabethan area. I don't know if your comments are correct or not, but I have doubts since Scotland court life was known to be more modest... I know there was a big difference between her lifestyle in France and Scotland... some experts here can tell me if my doubts are founded?
phoenixyfriend -
phoenixyfriend - 8 meses atrás
I know this video is over a year old, but your commentary on The Favorite reminded me of just how much I love seeing things about like... historical feminist/counterculture fashions? "I'm going to wear men's clothing and you can't stop me" type stuff, and variations thereupon. (I think I read somewhere that riding habits 24/7 was a big thing to show you were Independent As Hell for a while, which I might be wrong about but I thought was super fun.) Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for reminding me of that particular interest, and ask if you had any thoughts on historical feminist costume and the like.
Zoe Zzzarko
Zoe Zzzarko 11 meses atrás
Can you do this for the award shows 2020 🤓💖🔥
sniffing glue won't keep families together
Songs from before 1919 should be public domain now, shouldn't they?
Jess Helicopter
Jess Helicopter 11 meses atrás
Hi meme muuuum! Ok wow! So I was totally wrong! 🤣 I love that example of representing the 20th century as one decade and how crazy that would be. When I saw your decade by decade breakdown of the Victorians I get that that is a crazy concept. It’s interesting though that towards the end of the 20th centrury especially, improved communication and defo in the 21st globalised connection means that in the western world at least we all know what everyone is wearing ALL THE TIME. That would definitely have an effect on how quickly fashion develops. But just to go back to the early 1700s. In my stupid brain I associate the entire century with Jane Austen BECauSe I’M a SeLf cEntRed bRitIsh PeRsOn. And of course she lived for decades! And each of those decades (and each year) have a different look. And they were towards the end of the century. But still I was like OH THEY HAVE A BUSTLE LIKE IN EDWARDIAN TIMES! Anyway enough of my brain blah. I LOVED the film. And I love the history of fashion. I feel like in another life, if I didn’t have the attention span of a gnat, I could have studied it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jess Helicopter
Jess Helicopter 11 meses atrás
Also just to say, because hi insomnia! 👋🏼 this is all very UK centric. The Jane Austen era costumes I looked up in school could only have related to the English. Welsh (for example) were much poorer by comparison and therefore would have worn different styles, let alone France, Germany, Poland and then within those countries rural vs urban. I mean. The scope is soooo wide. Ach now I’m annoying myself. Good night!
Izzi C
Izzi C Anos atrás
0:26 call me uncultured but what song is that
violinist_ stirlingite
:) :) :) :) :) :)
borealbear Anos atrás
Can you PLEEEAASEEEEEEE review the Anne with an E series, theres ALOT of different styles and I would love to see you go into detail about the series.
Jos Anos atrás
Buster Scruggs wasn't meant to be a historical depiction... It's a play off of the fictional Wild West, which isn't a reflection of what the settling of the West was actually like. That's why the female character is dressed like our fictional concept of a pioneer woman. However, it's weird that Karolina was so fixated on the sunbonnet. That's what poor working woman wore to protect their faces from the sun. You don't find many extant examples of it, probably because they got worn out. And there aren't many photographs, because you would wear your best clothing (and usually no hat at all) when getting an expensive photograph done. However books do mention the cloth sunbonnet (like in Little House on the Prairie). There's at least one picture of a woman in sunbonnet collecting buffalo chips.
Brittany W.
Brittany W. Anos atrás
I was very disappointed in Mary Queen of Scots. They just missed the mark on so many things, and it ended up being an odd modern twist on history. And I usually like those! But, it lacked something, and because of that, it won't go down as a period piece favorite for many.
LostCause Anos atrás
I'd love to see her talk about Carnival Row
uhjl Anos atrás
She didn’t talk about black panther
uhjl Anos atrás
The Captin didn’t hear her even mention it
L U I S Anos atrás
uhjl she did but that’s not her expertise
90855jkj Anos atrás
I’m loving your videos
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore Anos atrás
Although the costumes in "The Favourite" were cut accurately, designer Sandy Powell used the wrong textiles for them. In fact, she used a lot of West African fabrics that she had purchased at a market in London.
Siân Anos atrás
I used to stay up all night to watch the oscars (in England), I’d sit under my quilt on the sofa and have popcorn and sweets... I can’t believe I used to do that now. The thought of doing that again depresses me.
Sarah Anos atrás
What is your favourite film?????
Jimena Treviño Paz
marry me
Donna Jones
Donna Jones Anos atrás
What is your profession?
L C Anos atrás
Have you seen Gentleman Jack?
L U I S Anos atrás
L C I wanna see her rate the historical accuracy
Kristen Stocker
Kristen Stocker Anos atrás
in the little house on the prairie the mom wore a bonnet. it was set in the 1870s and 80s. they were poor farm people though
Noodle Katz
Noodle Katz Anos atrás
We all expected more from Mary Queen of Scots, frock flicks has amazing pieces on it and a hilarious podcast taking it down. Also they were jumping from point to point from history so strangely I had to keep getting my phone out to figure out what the hell was going on
Flora Posteschild
Flora Posteschild Anos atrás
That's another reason I dislike Mary, Queen of Scots. Plain clothing = moral worth is a simplistic trope you see again and again in "historical" films. You'll notice Elizabeth I is dressed up all fancy-schmancy. Clearly then, she's the villain.
Kathryne Robert
Kathryne Robert Anos atrás
I think the reason they chose for the costuming for the Mary movie to be so simple, is that as a modern society now, we are moving towards minimalistic designs. A lot of people are decorating their houses in a minimalistic style and reducing what is flaunted. So this modern ideal kinda reflects the choice on costuming. But I agree that it was a poor choice and they should have bedazzled the shit out of those dresses
Hazel Cohen
Hazel Cohen Anos atrás
In Mary Queen of Scots Think Saoirse (Mary) is dress like the maids on purpose to deceive the guy and see if he can “find the queen” is supposed to be cheeky and flirtatious? I don’t know that was my impression all these movies portraying these amazing women actually focusing on them and their point of view as we would fell it today all that injustice...and is still present today in a lot of countries I love love the fashion everything else can stay in the past and become past as soon as possible
Blue Girl
Blue Girl Anos atrás
Excellent analysis! Now I want to watch The Favorite.
Malia Laguisa
Malia Laguisa Anos atrás
i thought mary poppins was off? if it was supposed tobe set in the 1930s why were mary poppins outfits so off and they seemed to be edwardian and victorian? i havent seen the movie so maybe im missing some context here
wonderstorms Anos atrás
i would really like to here your thoughts on the 2006 marie antoinette movie with kirsten dunst! (im sorry if you have already done a video on that and im just unaware of it)
Marie Krantz
Marie Krantz Anos atrás
Have you done a video in the TV show Reign? Those costumes were stunning. I loved them all!
LordVader1094 Anos atrás
How dare you insult my boi Buster Scruggs.
Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross Anos atrás
apart from the sartorial aspect, the original Mary Poppins was like her name suggests a real sex bomb visually, her newest rendition however looks plain boring and therefore there is no reason to watch Mary Poppins in the first place.
Alloniya Anos atrás
Would be nice if you place picture on the screen (not for 1 c) when you talking about it. Its hard to follow you thoughts when i'm not a native speaker.
Molly Grace
Molly Grace Anos atrás
Was the Mary movie trying to imply that those paintings were lies? Like they had the artist embellish the clothes to bolster their reputations of wealth?
Alanna Gray
Alanna Gray Anos atrás
I would love to know (not that its really down her alley) what Karolina thinks of the costume design in the film Sukiyaki Western Django.
chakibleeb Anos atrás
Some historical jewelry experts I follow didn’t like the jewelry in The Favourite.
Ryan Anos atrás
you should be more respectful at some points
Valeria Soto
Valeria Soto Anos atrás
Off topic but- Love the fabric on the curtain and chair 🤓
Szymon W.
Szymon W. Anos atrás
You should visit "Kunstgewerbemuseum" in Berlin. They have huge department of dresses From mid XVIII century until today. All periods: court embroidered huge gowns, wonderful XIX- century ball gowns, stuff in Downtown Abbey style, and modern from 1920 thru 1930 gowns, 1940 costumes and clothes by Chanel, Dior, YSL up to Versace. A lot of shoes, bags, accessories like fans, glows, bijoux. Also underwear and "constructions" like crynolines etc. Main fashion department is on ground floor between modern dark black corridors but it is important not to miss part on 1 floor with another collection of empire and rococo stuff. Besides fashion department is full of furniture, porcelaine, silver and every day objects from XIV to XXI century as well as treasury objects from middle ages, baroque and renaissance jewels. It is mostly empty, as tourist go to Gemäldegalerie (collection of European paintings) in this same building complex. I am sure you would have fun there. All clothes are presented on specially projected figurines which are adapt to size and waist of dress (or rather women who wear them in past). It is one of my favorite place in Berlin, so underrated.
Mikki Black
Mikki Black Anos atrás
You should roast Reign
Arianne L
Arianne L Anos atrás
Oscars time was the best hahaha!! (i'm also 25 ;P )
blackcatsaremagic Anos atrás
The intro music really bombarded me, you should adjust the volume in your next videos! Just a free tip from a friend!
M I Luxor
M I Luxor Anos atrás
You heathen, how very dare you not enjoy the Crab Calypso Rave and Meme Mum dancing her hands to it
libertystarship Anos atrás
I can't get over how fabulous the costumes in The Favourite were. they way they moved, their weight, the layering, the colour palette, I can't even.
Nebuca MV
Nebuca MV Anos atrás
Rachel Weisz: since it's a Jewish-German name you don't speak the sz in a Polish way, but just in a German way: sz is just spoken like s. 😉
NicAyBear Anos atrás
You should watch the movie from last year, Colette, starring Keira Knightley. The costumes, in my unprofessional opinion, are GREAT.
fancydeer Anos atrás
Yo, dropping by a week late to say Black Panther was beautifully done. Hair to jewelry to clothing to specific character design everything was so wonderful. Also seeing unstraightened hair on all of the Black actors in a feature film is a big deal, especially on Black women. (Especially in an American-made film) We had a warrior with a shaved head, a love interest with natural hair, and a genius inventor with braids. Three very rare occurrences in American media.
triflinghoebitch Anos atrás
Oh yeah I still don’t know who won, didn’t watch it but it was nice to see who you think would like to win. Gives me an idea of what I wanna watch.
It's not me, not you It's the pigeon
The description fooled me
juniperays Anos atrás
does anyone know which movie won?
triflinghoebitch Anos atrás
Futuristic ancient tribal isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.
Agnieszka Pilot-Bambynek
I'm so curious and I think you're the right person to ask: in "The Favourite" characters played by Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz have dresses with some kind of big drapey pockets. Was a thing like this really existed at that time?
Agnieszka Pilot-Bambynek
@Karolina Żebrowska Oh, I knew that I can count on you in this subject! Thanks a lot 😘 It was such a clever concept 😉
Karolina Żebrowska
Oh, these are not actually pockets, it’s just a way of draping. Most designs in The Favorite were inspired by the turn of the century mantua gowns, which typically had the overskirt draped back. Here’s an example:
Katherine Hamar
Katherine Hamar Anos atrás
The dresses and bonnets from "The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs" are actually incredibly accurate to the American Frontier. Not wearing mounds of petticoats was normal on hot summer days on a trail in the frontier, as were the "floppy bonnets," which were the American working woman's equivalent to a ponytail & ball cap. What you are used to seeing for that time frame was considered "sunday best" and many didn't even own that. Not everyone had clothes that fit either. Many people had to stick to used clothes and homemade items. At the same time, not everyone could sew very well, just like today.
Natasha 4 meses atrás
Karolina probably just hasn't done as much research on the American frontier and things like that so she didn't recognize that it was pretty accurate
Kimberly Perrotis
Kimberly Perrotis 6 meses atrás
I don’t think Karolina realizes how historically accurate that sunbonnet is, as you say, that’s what women (and girls) wore daily on the frontier. If they were lucky, they might have one hat for church, if there was one to go to.
Christian Kramer
Christian Kramer 10 meses atrás
This has bugged me for ages and I’m so glad someone else has said this. The take on bonnets in this video is laughably inaccurate. Surprisingly, people on the American frontier did not dress strictly in compliance with European fashion plates created on the other side of the globe. Maybe women living in metropolitan American cities subscribed to similar fashions, but the frontier was a different world. To expect two different cultures to subscribe to the same fashion standards is historically irresponsible at best..bonnets are lyfe K
Erica Lasley
Erica Lasley Anos atrás
I'm a year late to this party but I was going to comment something similar. My family on my mom's side are Oregon Trail pioneers and I'm pretty sure we have pictures of ancestors wearing similar floppy gingham bonnets... no one has time for doin' their hair when they're trying to establish a farm on the wet side of Oregon.
Campelady Anos atrás
Would like meme mom sees your underrated precious comment, lady! Tks for the info
lilbihxx Anos atrás
Black Panther won!
Paloma Benitez
Paloma Benitez Anos atrás
Judge the outfits from Hamilton lol
Mag k
Mag k Anos atrás
Last year I saw a video from the costume designer, she was explaining what tribe/culture they draw inspiration from and also the narration reason of the creation. I believe clothes have the same power as clothes when it comes to narration. Like the evil Queen's wedding gown in "Snow White and the huntsman" with a bone structure, speaking VOLUMES about the cruel, visceral nature of her, mixed with the white "pureness" she used to lure the King....
Aga Rojek
Aga Rojek Anos atrás
I absolutely love your hair in this video!
Amber Anos atrás
I imagine a tight fitting dress and corset wouldn't be very practical on a long journey so It's pretty accurate for a wagon train, they would wear nicer dresses and undergarments once they settled.
bwilg Anos atrás
I want you to produce a movie where a noble woman accidentally time travels from the 18th Century to the present and is extremely confused by modern fashion
Valeria Vagapova
Valeria Vagapova Anos atrás
Honestly, you analysing media (movies, those 100years of fashion videos, etc.) is the best type of content ever. I love how educated you are about this and how you break it down, show pictures with references, etc., but it's also always entertaining and fun to watch. I wish I could like this video 100times lol, great work as always!
Anne Shirley
Anne Shirley Anos atrás
Hannah Gozlan
Hannah Gozlan Anos atrás
id love to hear what you have to say about the costumes in Victoria !
Anna Anos atrás
Great video! I love listening to other people's opinions! I am actually from Poland too but nowhere close to you.
Vesislava Zheleva
Vesislava Zheleva Anos atrás
Love you Karolina! I wish that the people behind the costumes decisions of the movies you reviewed somehow come across your video. I've not felt that interested in fashion until i found your channel, and i really admire the way you deliver your critique.
Eve Maureen
Eve Maureen Anos atrás
You remind me (physically) of Virginia Woolf
Olivia Laura
Olivia Laura Anos atrás
just wanted to say i love how even though vintage is like your whole "thing" youre not pretentious about it like a lot of other vintage youtubers and i really appreciate that. your lighthearted, dry, meme fueled humour is fantastic and as someone who is fascinated by and loves vintage fashion its great to learn about it without feeling like im being talked down to. so thank you!
Katie Ellis
Katie Ellis Anos atrás
So speaking of Queen Mary, I recently started watching the show Reign on Netflix. I began to get a bad taste in my mouth because I knew (after watching you) that those costumes are all wrong! I could hear you in my head lol. I wanted you to roast that show. Anyway, I just couldn't handle it due to your influence lol :)
Rachel Harbison
Rachel Harbison Anos atrás
You seem to really enjoy the Mary Poppins movies (I love them too), so what did you think of Saving Mr. Banks? I really enjoyed that movie, but I don't know how era accurate the costumes were.
ArtichokeHunter Anos atrás
Does history to you only include European and colonized-American history? There's a huge amount of historical influence in Black Panther (and it has more important female characters than pretty much any superhero movie, including Wonder Woman, and there are really only 3 important men).
ArtichokeHunter Anos atrás
@Karolina Żebrowska Oh good! Thanks for clarifying. It sounded to me like you were saying that the costuming didn't have historical influences and that's why you didn't want to get into it.
Karolina Żebrowska
well, that’s literally what I said (or rather was trying to say). the designer took all of the influences, recognizable traits, like Mursi people’s lip plates, and created something new. she didn’t literally portray African tribes on screen.
Ellio Aiburne
Ellio Aiburne Anos atrás
What about Collette?
Alex Vran
Alex Vran Anos atrás
am i the only one who thinks that Bohemian Rhapsody should have been at least nominated for the costume design? idk, i just feel that they deserved to be at least nominated, they went to great lengths to portray the exact same clothes that the actors wore, especially for Rami Malek who played Freddie. idk, just my opinion ✨
Gerry Bruce-Ahrens
Gerry Bruce-Ahrens Anos atrás
Wonderful description. I agree with you completely.
sparkydoodle96 Anos atrás
I receives no notifications about this video anD THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BRdesk
SeastarTV Anos atrás
I looooooooved The Favourite! Would anyone recommend Mary Queen of Scots? Just from a movie perspective.
thatdamnstarship Anos atrás
I loooooooved the costumes in The Favorite. Definitely want to get this movie on dvd. It was also a very well done movie (minus the ending).
KrauseKreation Anos atrás
Actually in the American west bonnets were worn by women of all ages. Corsets were a hit and miss as some wore them. Some did not. These women were ranchers/farmers as well so it was a matter of practicality in many circumstances. Older women wore more of what was called "slat bonnets" which created a firm circular dome that could be replaced as needed. Your average pioneer woman wore aprons as a staple item as well. Now where you lived (San Francisco or Virginia City Nevada) played a role in how fashionable you dressed and how "trendy" or "cosmopolitan" the community was. But the clothes (cotton calico) were the norm and pretty relaxed for the average woman of the time. Petticoats ... same thing. It depended on your lifestyle. It was very dangerous and very rugged time. Looking at the stills from the western it was pretty accurate honestly.
JustThatLauren Anos atrás
Samantha Nyarko
Samantha Nyarko Anos atrás
The Favourite was my favorite too!
Rosey Posey
Rosey Posey Anos atrás
Could you add the movie titles to the info box please?
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker Anos atrás
Black Panther won, what are your thoughts?
Jaque line
Jaque line Anos atrás
Black Panther won
M Olsen
M Olsen Anos atrás
Um, hi. Native of of the wild wild west and costumer here who has worked pretty extensively in historical reenactments of 19th century western American life. I haven't seen the movie, so I'm happy to revisit this point after watching it if you want me to, but based on the pictures you provide here (aside from the first one, that bonnet was weird) cloth bonnets were VERY common up through the 1870s at least, especially in areas that were not easily accessible by train and were cut off from more common fashions from the East. Also corsets and crinolines or bustles weren't as common in the American territories either because they were insanely expensive to purchase and ship to places where trains hadn't even reached yet. I mean, the Wiki for the movie says this takes place soon after the Civil War and the transcontinental railroad hadn't been completed until 1869, let alone the dozens of regional lines that could only be built AFTER it was finished. They COULD make their own I suppose, but there are no proper materials to even wing the boning unless you want to try drying grass out and bundling it together, but that'd be a waste of your time because we don't even get grass in Arizona, New Mexico, or southern Utah. You were either rich and could afford the Wells Fargo shipment of whale boning, or you went without. Settlers were living in huts put together with dirt, grass, and dung, and you think they worried about corsets and stiff bonnets? I know you're in Poland, but if you're going to rant about 19th century American fashion... just don't.
Cynthia Moraes
Cynthia Moraes Anos atrás
M Olsen Wow, this conversation is so polite and fancy that I'll need a monocle to read it properly!
M Olsen
M Olsen Anos atrás
@Karolina Żebrowska I finally got back to this today, so I wanted to give a proper response because I think a lot of the misunderstanding does come from a particularly misleading synopsis and a line in the "Gal" story that misdates that story. That story itself takes place in the early 1850s on the Oregon Trail, as evident from the costuming, wagon styles, references to history, and circumstances of travel. After 1869, the trail was rendered obsolete because of train travel, but in the story Billy Knapps makes reference to the 1872 Grant, which is confusing because there WAS a mining law that was passed in 1872 to allow for western expansion, but the details he offers about how much acreage a settler could get in Oregon suggests that he's actually talking about the 1850 grant, so we know the story takes place in the early 1850s before the Civil War. Now that we know when it takes place, we can look at the costuming, which, for traveling across Nebraska and Wyoming (which are INSANELY windy), are accurate. The bonnets in that story looked accurately stiff to me, except for the very end where they meet the Comanches. By the time they got there they would have been walking for several weeks (the trail took about three months to travel by), her bonnet would be appropriately shredded, and her nicer clothes, including her corsets, would have been locked away in a trunk on the wagon. So... yeah. I still can't agree with you, but I do think you were misled. The girl in the second story did have a terrible costume, though.
Christine B
Christine B Anos atrás
@M Olsen I agree with your assessment (and have seen the movie). I've read a lot of pioneer/ western accounts and think that the criticism is based in a misunderstanding of the time and place. Women did buy rougher wardrobes for travel in the wagon trains because finer garments would deteriorate too quickly on the trails (denim jeans were basically invented for this lifestyle). Bonnets were for utility- to keep the sun off your face- and were often made from leftover pieces of dress goods and no one was starching anything on the trails across. I remember reading in Laura Ingalls Wilder books that her mother had "high" east coast standards that she was forced to adjust for the pioneer lifestyle in her foundation garments and level of dress. Also, to say that the costumers were trying to portray poverty is also not accurate to the time and culture; the isolation and sheer hard work involved in living in the west at that time necessitated practicality over fashion and the distance from the established culture of the east allowed for a relaxation of social norms and requirements in dress, especially for women.
M Olsen
M Olsen Anos atrás
@Karolina Żebrowska It's been on my list, but this might be the motivation I need, because I was so confused by your comments on what the costume designer said about the bonnets. I've got a better idea of what you meant in your review now, and the 1840s bonnets are spot on, though they also aren't as stiff as I thought you were meaning in the video. Misinterpretation? I'll revisit this after watching the movie sometime this weekend because more than anything I haaaate disagreeing with credible people, so I had to call this out because either you're way off or I'm not catching your meaning and one of us needs to get it straight because being wrong doesn't do any historian any good.
Karolina Żebrowska
You’re right, the bonnets could deteriorate over time. Anyway I’d appreciate your input once you’ve seen the movie! I’m really interested in what you’d think about the costumes. Meanwhile, I found this still from a film I admit I haven’t seen (also, weirdly, it stars the same actress!) - and it illustrates pretty well what I wish the costumes in Buster Scruggs have looked like (ok, minus the vibrant colors, and also yes, it’s earlier, the film is set in 1845 I think):
Radha Martin
Radha Martin Anos atrás
Sorry, but I missed which movie was your “favorite”. I don’t go to the movie theater anymore, but I wanted to know the title of the one you mentioned was your favorite. I don’t think you said it. Thanks!
Radha Martin
Radha Martin Anos atrás
Marta Luxor LOL
M I Luxor
M I Luxor Anos atrás
It's literally called "The Favourite" because it's about queen Anne's favourite court lady. Meme Mum made a horrible pun that this is her favourite movie - and continued to dance to the crab rave, this is the content I subscribed for
Ubaldo A. Rosario
Ubaldo A. Rosario Anos atrás
When are you going to talk about Titanic's award winning costume design?
Maggie Bond
Maggie Bond Anos atrás
5:50 this transition is beautiful oml. I love watching you rant about unauthentic fashion in movies and tv ♥️
genericmannequin Anos atrás
To be fair, everthing in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is slightly off. It isn't meant to be 100% acurate. Also the inaccuracies could be partially purposeful because a lot of the themes and designs were reflective of the tropes seen in classic cowboy movies. That being said I would much prefer that they featured more acurate costmues because these sloppy historical costumes can really reinforce peoples already false perceptions of what clothing looked like in the era.
genericmannequin Anos atrás
@Karolina Żebrowska I totally see your point, I'm probably just biased towards Buster Scruggs because I love westerns 😂 On another note, I would love to hear your thoughts on some of the other historically based shows on Netflix. They seem to have quite the assortment these days.
Karolina Żebrowska
well, “The Favourite” is off too; nobody at the time dressed exclusively in black and white or geometrical patterns, yet it looks more believable there.
un0m3asa13ah Anos atrás
You get a thumbs up for being 25, too!
Michelle Schultze
Michelle Schultze Anos atrás
hey, you were right!
Diana Anos atrás
All we're missing now is your judgement of red carpet looks.
legendarymythlover Anos atrás
Ah... Most of the costumes from black panther are real African garb because they're based off of real tribes...
Greta mmm boi
Greta mmm boi Anos atrás
Meme mom!!!!
Palindrómica Majestad
Costume design is not about recreating an era with historical accuracy. It's more complex than that, it's a work about fiction, about concepts, about characters. The creativity of the designer is in playing with the period from the premise of the film. We must understand that cinema, despite the apparent plausibility of its language, is an exercise of fiction and, therefore, convention. Disappointing and boring, that only values ​​the costume design with a historical vision.
Palindrómica Majestad
@Karolina Żebrowska Of course, there are always good ideas and bad ideas, like that Reign series. Oh, my god, I just google it and looks like prom dresses jajaja . But yeah, I believe that what makes a great period costume, is an arduous investigation of the historic context ,to arrive at a concept that emboss the aesthetics, the creation of characters, and of course, the narrative and premise of the movie. And even the most realistic/historic film can be full of subtle metaphors that tell us something more than "people used to dress like this". Thats great costume, in my humble opinion. Thanks, I enjoyed discussing the subject!
Karolina Żebrowska
@Palindrómica Majestad And I have to agree with you that the films stretching the limits, like the ones you mentioned, are usually doing the best job. But they're almost always deeply rooted in the aesthethics or customs of the era. Completely detaching from the history you're trying to portray usually doesn't bring the best results (check out the series "Reign" or the newest "War and Peace", or any brazilian soap opera set in 19th century). Understanding and knowing history and still being able to not let it overcome your artistic vision is what makes good costume design to me.
Palindrómica Majestad
@Karolina Żebrowska A film adapted in a non-contemporary period does not automatically make it a "period drama" ¡There are so many genres and tones in the cinema! And as art has shown us, realism is not the only way to approach the truth, and the political-cultural-historical situations can be accentuated by the manipulation of costumes. Of course, I also love the history of clothing and I know how fundamental it is to investigate and start from history (I am a costume designer and scenographer ) and celebrate the commitment of many films with this, but I also know that it is not the only way, and all of this can be enhanced with a concept. I agree with you that in no way this is an excuse for not having rigor in the realization. By the way, there are movies in which they stretch the convention a lot and still have an incredible job in art and costumes. Among my favorites: Caravaggio by Derek Jarman , The Baby of Macon by Peter Greenaway, The Devils by Ken Russell, and Erendira Ikikunari by Juan Mora , a director from México, my homeland. Thanks for answering!
Karolina Żebrowska
well, you don’t have to tell me that, I’m a film directing course graduate, hehe. and yet if you completely disregard the historical aspects of period clothing, what’s the point of even making a period drama to begin with if you don’t care about the film’s context? you could say that about any aspect of a historical film - why have the characters drive around in carriages? you could have cars instead, it’s an artificial situation anyway. why worry about electrical plugs in the wall? everybody knows it’s a film, it’s a convention. why set it in a beautiful mansion when you could just have them in a modern apartment? but somewhere along the lines you lose what makes period dramas so appealing - that they make you feel the era. as you may notice, I actually appreciate when the designers meddle with history - „The Favourite” being a newest example, but I am also still in awe of “Anna Karenina” 1870s-meets-1950s-Dior looks - but only if they know it. and sometimes it’s just too apparent that they don’t, and they don’t care - that’s when it pisses me off, because you can’t “get creative” with an era you don’t care about.
AdoraBell Anos atrás
Buster Scruggs had pretty good costumes. For the wagon train story, the loose dress is actually very iconic of the trail dresses worn by the women. While the "good" or Sunday dress of a woman may be closer to times and much more fitted, it was somewhat common for the dresses worn during the actual trip out west to be a lot more lax. If you look at photos of the Oregon Trail, you see much more relaxed dress. Many of the people essentially walked across the continent and fitted dresses aren't good for that. Once they settled down, the dresses would be taken in and made more attractive.
JustThatLauren Anos atrás
captain0ldy0da Anos atrás
The problem with Mary Poppins Returns was no Uncle Albert, would have been cool to see another actor try the role, but it's obvious they didn't do it because nobody can follow Ed Wynn.
Lillian Sousa
Lillian Sousa Anos atrás
I didn’t like The Favourite but I sure do hope they win Best Costume
voxangelaemortis Anos atrás
Perhaps it is just Hollywood-and-other-US-media brainwashing, but I completely accept female members of wagon trains and other Great Plains settlers wearing those large bonnets. Fashion be damned, they needed to keep the dust from their eyes and sun off their necks cheaply when moving and farming! And with the Homestead Act taking effect around 1860, the bonnet + the Great Plains expansion seems to fit well in that time period. At least to my mind.
Menacing Kumquat
Menacing Kumquat Anos atrás
The Tudors had strict rules on which tier of society could wear what. Like fabrics, colours and jewelry. So a queen would never ever look the way even someone just slightly under her would. Nevertheless Mary and her group of Marys are said to have been somewhat similar and always did everything together especially during her earlier years, so maybe they were just trying to show that? Also she is a runaway queen so maybe she didn't bring as much with her 🤔😂
Jacob Schall
Jacob Schall Anos atrás
Something interesting I noticed about Buster Scruggs is that, since it was an homage to the Western Genre, and not necessarily the historical West, there seemed to be intentional inaccuracies. I think the most obvious example is Buser Scruggs' outfit that's in your thumbnail. They dressed him up like Gene Autry rather than a historical outlaw. Then again, I don't think that necessarily excuses your criticisms!
genericmannequin Anos atrás
Exactly. I think a lot of it is based on 1950's and 60's cowboy movies, which didn't have acurate costumes either.
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