Beaches In Poland Be Like 

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just kidding though, sometimes it's warm and lovely and we do have the best sand!
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9 Jul 2019



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martK banjoboy
martK banjoboy 51 minuto atrás
Awww. . .
Aleksandra Czudek
Many friends are laughing that they need to go to the polish seaside exactly in the same time when my parents are. They almost always have a sunny weather (9/10). But they not control the temperature of the Baltic sea :)
Otis Rulling
Otis Rulling 8 dias atrás
Isla Jaasko
Isla Jaasko 13 dias atrás
And thats why we dont wear hats anymore
Yessica Gomez
Yessica Gomez 14 dias atrás
The people of San Francisco feel your pain.
Yǔyán xué
Yǔyán xué 15 dias atrás
Look, a beach, like the others but... this is a POLISH beach
Jack Land
Jack Land 15 dias atrás
I'm an American, specifically a South Floridian who lives about 15 minutes away from a beach. This reminded me about the time I went to Santa Cruz, California to visit family and we rented a house by the beach. I had to wear a full body wetsuit while everyone else wore bikinis and swim trunks, and I was shivering cold.
Melony Melon
Melony Melon 18 dias atrás
* hat falls off * " *Dammit.* "
88not_today _satan88
88not_today _satan88 18 dias atrás
Know I know why people come to egypt 1. Act silly by the pyramids 2. Our beaches don't sound like the apocalypse
Mr Bojangles
Mr Bojangles 18 dias atrás
I litterly puased the video beacuse of the amount of wind lmao, how do you enjoy a beach with a wind amount above sea breeze? Hahahha
E G 19 dias atrás
"It’s a little bit chilly tehehe" *As 20 wind volcanoes erupt*
Chloe Ella
Chloe Ella 20 dias atrás
The wind noises I can’t
Art blocked Artist
Art blocked Artist 20 dias atrás
This is why in Jastarnia it's better to go to the windsurfing and kitesurfing alley. There is not as much wind(even if the same is terrible)
Melanie Keeling
Melanie Keeling 21 dia atrás
Introvert 69
Introvert 69 21 dia atrás
Rip headphone users...
Katlinel M
Katlinel M 21 dia atrás
LOVE that outfit
Dustin Davis
Dustin Davis 21 dia atrás
Karolina's personality reminds me of friends and people I've known who make me laugh very easily
tamara turford
tamara turford 21 dia atrás
Ughh can relate with a UK beach. It's gotta be like 28 degree weather and completely still to even consider it or the sea wind cancels it all out 😂😭 and the sea is ALWAYS cold either way.
Kelly Karoly
Kelly Karoly 21 dia atrás
Similar to a northern California beach!
Skye soleil
Skye soleil 22 dias atrás
I went to tasmania once becouse I heard it had allot of fresh air and bountiful sights -_- all I saw was rain fog and people dressed like they where going through a heatwave it was 9 degrees Celsius on average
Daiane Hannum
Daiane Hannum 22 dias atrás
Your facial expressions made my day
Paul Gallagher
Paul Gallagher 22 dias atrás
Tropical Locales: Bikinis and Board Shorts Poland: Hoodies and Ski Pants
aduusiaaa 22 dias atrás
It clearly shows why in poland people use beach windbreaks that feels weird in other places xD
Barbara Araneda
Barbara Araneda 22 dias atrás
Hahahah this is basically similar to where I live (a peninsula in the south of Chile) The water is cold as f*ck and the wind, well, here it is imposible to wear hats or umbrellas too hahaha
Haekathe 22 dias atrás
Yeah, there's always wind on a beach, that's how air movement works. As far as sand goes baltic beaches have the softest sand in europe.
h e e h o o
h e e h o o 22 dias atrás
she looks so scared
Maja Nowacka-Przymenska
The fact that this was posted in July 😭😭😭
sif_ 24 dias atrás
Just like in Germany
witsch. witsch
witsch. witsch 24 dias atrás
Właśnie dlatego uwielbiam Bałtyk, odstrasza turystów i nie jest upalnie..., nawet ciepło b.często nie jest. /That's why I love Bałtyk, the tourists stay away from it(but not really unfortunately), it is not hot there, not even warm very often. And all Poles there 🙄
k k
k k 25 dias atrás
I'm from Greece and I can confirm that whenever I travel with my family abroad we make fun of every other country's beaches (this includes Spain and Italy, ooooops) and feel sorry for its people having to bathe in such cold&greyish waters. However, I am sure that tourists make fun of our economy, shitty roads&pavements and our really bad transportation.
Sara Sadiq
Sara Sadiq 25 dias atrás
Ah this explains why my Polish friend wants to go to the beach every week when she visits my country
Delinka 25 dias atrás
German beaches are exactly the same😂
Xhana 25 dias atrás
Lau N
Lau N 26 dias atrás
I would put on a tight scarf, trousers a warm coat and enjoy EVERY SECOND of that cold and windy beautiful thing. Because, yes, I live far from the ocean. 😃😘
Darius Ciepalowicz
Darius Ciepalowicz 26 dias atrás
As a polish person that lives in Ireland I must say the beaches in Ireland are WAY WORSE and were I live the beaches some days are lovely some terrible
•BangtanLove• 27 dias atrás
The definition or ear rape:
Zeranith 27 dias atrás
whait. i think i know this place. where were you?
StarlightChaarm 27 dias atrás
"it is a little chilly" the background sounds: AAAZZ AS SSSSSZZZZAASZZZZZZ
Дарья Волкова
Я так скучаю по Польше. Милейшая страна и прекрасные люди. Да и пляж вполне ничего, родное Балтийское море.
Bleflar 27 dias atrás
Thats on the better days, the wind often gets so fast that it picks up grains of sand with it and cuts up your legs.
E M 27 dias atrás
How you suffer for us!!
Sarah Studt
Sarah Studt 27 dias atrás
That looks so much like the beach here in Michigan! Except ours is freshwater, but it's only swimmable 2 months out of the year!
pianolady19 27 dias atrás
Lol yeah we have beaches like that in Ontario too...the Great Lakes are not that warm.
Lxnarz Moonz
Lxnarz Moonz 27 dias atrás
"I'm going to spain next year" Next year:
Leslie Luu
Leslie Luu 27 dias atrás
Man I love hearing wind blow in my ears and the wind sounds be like a tornado Edit:”I’m going to Spain next year” Edit 2: I put on my headphones and OH GOSH THE WIND WAS CRUEL TO MY EARS
johnson543 27 dias atrás
The video stopped but I can still hear the wind blowing through my earbuds
Mollie Svenson
Mollie Svenson 28 dias atrás
At least you guys have sand half the beaches here are filled with pebbles
I love the sound of wind
Pomburek 28 dias atrás
100% accurate
Kacamata Sendiri
Kacamata Sendiri 28 dias atrás
Damn ! I was laughing so hard during the whole video ! 😂🤣
UnknownVir 28 dias atrás
I'm confused, seemed like a mostly normal beach but it wasn't raining and there weren't many rocks, that's such a treat.
The Sayge Witch
The Sayge Witch 29 dias atrás
This would be a beach in the PNW of America, only a LOT more rocks...
Oi M8
Oi M8 29 dias atrás
Aka beaches in Sweden also
Michael G Dell'Aquila
Michael G Dell'Aquila 29 dias atrás
Laughs in Californian
Cat Diane
Cat Diane Mês atrás
I live in Southern California so..... cant relate
lulutu Mês atrás
1:12 that one kid in Zoom with the bad mic
Beaches in Oregon, USA are very similar.
Amy Wardell
Amy Wardell Mês atrás
Haha Northern California beaches are that way too most of the time. Sometimes you get lucky and have a gorgeous day and then the beach is packed
Stephen P Murphy
Stephen P Murphy Mês atrás
It's just like home! Northern Californian beaches are foggy, windy, chilly. The waves are massive and ripetides are deadly. However we have beautiful marine life including large Great White Sharks. Plus without a wetsuit hypothermia well get ya!
Keem KardAsian
Keem KardAsian Mês atrás
Dem arctic europe beaches are nasty i see. Now i know why white people go down here southeast asia just to sit on our beaches lol.
Unheeded Phrophetess
I'm watching this in Florida. This terrifies me.
Isabella Cam
Isabella Cam Mês atrás
I can confirm this is exactly what it like in some beaches here in Australia 😒
dIsGusTeD Mês atrás
Luchy you, here, in the morning to the noon your feet gets fried by the sun.
ImcrAzy Mês atrás
What?! The place you stayed at and the "entry" to the beach look so familiar! I feel like I've been there before.
Crafts & Clarity
Crafts & Clarity Mês atrás
Hahaha. Now imagine this as a rocky beach in western Washington. It takes away an element of *wanting to swim in the water*
Annonimoose Q
Annonimoose Q Mês atrás
That’s exactly what cape cod beaches are like but people still go there specifically FOR them and I just don’t get it
Kelley Mês atrás
I misread the title as Portland at first but this isn’t too far off from Oregon beaches
Claire Xu UwU
Claire Xu UwU Mês atrás
Plz buy me new ears
Bea TM
Bea TM Mês atrás
.....I got an ad about saving the ocean.
missphysics Mês atrás
Listening to this I feel like it's Summer again.
Jagik. io
Jagik. io Mês atrás
so true.
Mackenzie Mês atrás
I laughed so hard my stomach actually hurts hahaha
Jay Leuschner
Jay Leuschner Mês atrás
Bro I live in fucking Vermont, we literally just have a giant lake that's full of algae
Izzette Azari
Izzette Azari Mês atrás
you see im from azerbaijan, one time i went to the beach and it was extra windy that day (cuz bakus normally windy also its the sea??) AND I ENDED UP JUST WRAPPING MYSELF IN MY TOWEL AND FALLING ASLEEP
Nicole Acker
Nicole Acker Mês atrás
Omg please move to Las Vegas so we can be friends. 😂😂😂
Expired starter-pack
i wore my earphones 𝗯𝗶𝗴 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲.
lily rose
lily rose Mês atrás
ok then you can come here to spain but go back before spring ...oh AND TAKE ME WITH YOU.
Juts Some Girl
Juts Some Girl Mês atrás
Lithuanian here. I relate on so many levels right now... Even the car honking 😅😅😅
covid-19 Mês atrás
"I wonder why people travel to a another country just to go on the beach?" Sees video:Ooooh ok 👌
Lars Ahrens
Lars Ahrens Mês atrás
as a german who grew up near the baltic sea ... this is exactly what it's like
Tani Mês atrás
Just Ervi
Just Ervi Mês atrás
lmaooo. you are so funny
that_WEEB_gurl Mês atrás
Nobody 0:55 the teachers mike in an online class
Walter L
Walter L Mês atrás
This felt like a trailer for a psychological horror movie
may alonde
may alonde Mês atrás
the wind sounds like the it is talking while the mic is in its mouth
Weronika Walczyk
Weronika Walczyk Mês atrás
No worries, global warming will take care of that! Any many other of our problems...
Carolina Carrión Ottomano
Well... Spain also has some of those beaches!
Rizka Maulita
Rizka Maulita Mês atrás
I love all the windy part, Lovely terrible wind.
Jana Zahradnikova
Jana Zahradnikova Mês atrás
My girl is a polish 2020 version of Marylin Monroe.
Bryan B.
Bryan B. 2 meses atrás
just kidding though, sometimes it's warm and lovely and we do have the best sand! I feel bad for you guys.
Melisa Caceres
Melisa Caceres 2 meses atrás
When the wind Said: QGUEBQIFBQIBGIQBFKKW I felt that 💕
Not my Name
Not my Name 2 meses atrás
In my country, if the wind doesn't make you ear rings then it's doing itself wrong
Free use things
Free use things 2 meses atrás
Omg are those her knees, scandalous.
Free use things
Free use things 2 meses atrás
Better than the beaches in montanna
Mike 2 meses atrás
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter 2 meses atrás
Glad to live in the southern us. We like when it gets chilly. It means that its actually below 50 degrees F
Kaedxad 2 meses atrás
Więcej wiatru niż ciebie
Hana Berisha
Hana Berisha 2 meses atrás
Paulina PI
Paulina PI 2 meses atrás
Rocking this outfit like a pro!!!!
UgH mEhA-
UgH mEhA- 2 meses atrás
It's the ✨ *E A R R A P E* ✨ for me
reacting to memes of myself
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