Analyzing The Strawberry Dress Phenomenon 

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31 Ago 2020



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Safia 18 horas atrás
OMG WAITTT SHE PRONOUNCED BANGLADESH IMMACULATELY THOOO oml I swear ppl here in America always butcher it :0
Elisabeth Lareau
Elisabeth Lareau Dia atrás
While I agree that most people are slaves to fast fashion, which literally produces clothing made from essentially slave labor under conditions with no environmental regulations and by burning cheap, polluting energy....this dress is only affordable to a very small percentage of the population globally. It doesn't feel right that such a *relatively* simple garment made from synthetic materials should cost a week's pay. Now, there's certainly an argument to be made that while someone might spend $400 on cheaper clothes they don't need over the course of the year instead of buying one strawberry dress and that people usually own far more clothes than they need....eeeeh I still feel like the take away is that everyone should be getting well enough paid that a relatively simple garment made from relatively cheap materials (fabulous and meticulously made though it may be) isn't costing them what in some places (even in the US) would be an entire month's rent.
Lushano Bodenstein
I'm going to be honest. If I had the money to buy the strawberry dress... Yes.. Yes I would. Its honestly one of the most beautiful things I've seen. And you analyzed it perfectly. I make clothes from time to time. And let me tell you.. Decent stuff costs money. ❤ Well done as always Karolina
JudyWhat34 Dia atrás
3 hours is too low of an estimate for 1 professional seamstress to make that dress with all the gathering, etc especially when that same seamstress would be doing all of the different parts and finishing. Trying to put a zipper into that thin fabric alone is a headache. My mum was a fashion designer and that dress would take her a whole day to assemble without fitting or pattern drafting or adjustments.
The Ranting Witch
On Tess it looks like a dressing gown, is that the name? like, for sleeping in? lol looks like a robe-de-chambre, a chemisole. whatever.
Liza Aleksandrovych
Liza Aleksandrovych 2 dias atrás
What about Marzia?
Jonelle Prideaux
Jonelle Prideaux 2 dias atrás
"we have strawberry dress at home" has me dying
Sarah Hollister
Sarah Hollister 2 dias atrás
I love this dress and it’s the first time I’m seeing it. I love strawberries, cherries, bees, and dragon flies. I’d love dresses with theses things on them
Dei 2 dias atrás
I feel like she really didn't ask much for that dress and I thought it would be way more expensive because it looked like celebrity kind of dress to wear at a premiere, and those pieces costa a shit ton of money
Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones 2 dias atrás
I think you hit the nail on the head. The mid 20th Century design elements evoke the ballgowns of Disney Princesses. It’s the dress we all wanted when we were five. That’s why it went viral.
microwave 2 dias atrás
surprised no one is talking about Eret rocking the strawberry dress as well smh
WowUsernameAvailable 3 dias atrás
I think that Cinderella, a toddler and an A-list celebrity are all parts of a woman's ego, hence the craziness about the dress.
shannon 3 dias atrás
i love lirika matoshi i just dont know why it got popular in 2020 when it had come out a year before
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks 3 dias atrás
where was this video when i bought THE CHEAPIEST strawberry dress back in may 😭😭 the website looked exactly like the designers... they fooled me
Yami C
Yami C 3 dias atrás
Maybe it's really popular because it fits a lot of different bodies, and all look great with the dress ☺
Miss Paula
Miss Paula 3 dias atrás
I am here cause Eret wore it.... 😂😳
Lucy N
Lucy N 4 dias atrás
what i have noticed is that people want luxury and top tier clothing items without paying for what it is worth, because they are normally lazy and/or jealous and if somebody with the income to afford it buys it it sets them off because it is not sweat shop cheap. skskskkskskskks
Sophie Bamford
Sophie Bamford 4 dias atrás
Well I’m late to the party and now I want the dress too 🍓
Korina Gaona
Korina Gaona 4 dias atrás
where are your earrings from?
June Passingthroughthegate
First time I hear of this.
ERIN HARVEY 5 dias atrás
don't get it
Gabi B.
Gabi B. 5 dias atrás
I've recently watched the Making the Cut show and was reminded of all the problems of fast fashion. The contestant who wins claims he likes to manufactor in Bali because he can produce in smaller runs and reduced waste. A lot of BS! He cant do that in the USA, where he lives? Off course he can, but he wants to pay a sweatshop labor rate and sell as a designer brand.
M.S. 5 dias atrás
While watching this video, I wondered why this berry is called strawberry, since I never heard the word strawberry so much. In my country and the ones surrounding it, strawberry are called ground or earth berrys, because, you know, the grow on the ground. Like directly on the ground. Where is the straw, the englisch language is talking about
junebird 5 dias atrás
While I'd never defend fast fashion, I feel like saying that people are spoiled by it is somewhat missing the point. There are definitely a lot of people who just want to get on the newest trends without thinking about it too much. But there's definitely more people who are unable, rather than unwilling to cash out $500 for a single dress. What do you think those seamstresses in Kosovo and Bangladesh wear? There's a lot of other factors as well, where I live it's very difficult to find anything that isn't fast fashion, clothes that aren't often cost half a monthly wage, at least. And even then are at least in part produced in China, Indonesia or Bangladesh. I recently wanted to purchase some clothes from a small designer online, only to find out I couldn't get them delivered here. And while wearing old, trifted, mended or repurposed clothing is becoming more socially acceptable, it's also often not. While I generally agree with the sentiment, and that the dress is indeed worth it's price, I don't think people who bought the knockoff because they couldn't afford the original should have settled for wearing a burlap sack instead.
Flávia F
Flávia F 5 dias atrás
If something is too expensive for you, don't buy it, but don't be mad at the person that sells it, they have the right to price their product as high or as low as they want it. I can't pay for a Birkin but I'm not mad at Hermes for that
andromeda 5 dias atrás
I know Karolina is just too damn classy to say this, but most people do not think obese women are pretty, no matter what they are wearing...
Pen Carbo
Pen Carbo 5 dias atrás
Victorian strawberry dress ?? that would be awesomeee
Bronte How
Bronte How 6 dias atrás
I’m looking to buy a Teuta Matoshi for my wedding and it somehow never clicked in my head that they were related despite knowing both names.
Cali Girl In Costa
Cali Girl In Costa 6 dias atrás
I love feminine things and strawberries. But I don't like it
Cali Girl In Costa
Cali Girl In Costa 6 dias atrás
Strawberries evoke happiness. You've got to have great hair to wear this. Blue hair in a short blunt Bob!! And what shoes do you wear?
Christy T
Christy T 6 dias atrás
It drives me crazy that people are allowed to sell garbage using the pics of the original.
Christy T
Christy T 6 dias atrás
Rather sure my mom has a pattern for that dress...other than the ties.
pinkasassin259 7 dias atrás
alright... so how many of us got this reccomended after watching eret absolutely rock the dress while wearing high heels on a twitch stream?
HeatherStrange 7 dias atrás
I think it half that half that I watch a lot of karolina
kairisnobody 7 dias atrás
I’m a fashion designer myself and let me tell you, with everything that goes into a dress like that, it is hugely underpriced. It makes me so angry that so many feel inclined to have this design as a quick fast fashion item. Simplicity in design is something that has to be learned too. That’s the reason your doodle from when you were 10 was “simple” but didn’t look good. And btw. I totally get why it was criticised on the red carped. It just didn’t fit her right (strings in the middle of her bust area etc) the color wasn’t very flattering to her skin and tattoos. I’m plus sized myself and know bigger girls can look gorgeous in puffy dresses but this just didn’t work for her as it was.
We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr
Its just a dress..i-
Obsiidas 7 dias atrás
pinkasassin259 7 dias atrás
May Kabir
May Kabir 8 dias atrás
The dress isn't overpriced. It's made by an independent designer. They have production costs. There are many layers to it and a lot of fabric used. Also when you buy any artisans work , you are paying for their time.
Adam Nowak
Adam Nowak 8 dias atrás
Ta sukienka jest brzydka Za bardzo mi przypomina ubiór lalki Barbie. W materiale pokazałaś że ta projektanta ma ładniej projekt Rozumiem jednak że ktoś może mieć inny pogląd na ten temat
Nobody 9 dias atrás
I saw pictures of Harry Styles in this dress (ofc it is a Photoshop) and yes, here I am
Vanity Rose
Vanity Rose 9 dias atrás
Personally yes I do think the Strawberry dress is pretty only because of the shape itself... I'm not a fan of the strawberries or the color 😕 so no even if I could afford to buy a 490 dollar dress I would still not buy it because its not for me. If I could customize the color to maybe blue or even black w/o the strawberries I would happily purchase.
MariaThePotterNut 9 dias atrás
Fabric costs a lot less when you don't go to joanns for normal people or the high end fabric places where the rip you off over a look of higher quality. You can get damn good fabric for dirt cheap in places like the fabric district in LA (I know for a fact) and wherever the fashion district in New York is. The higher bulk you buy, the cheaper you get it for. Especially if you become a regular customer, you make a good rapport with the owners and you can get stuff for even cheaper. And it's not just cheap low quality stuff, I know for a fact that Disney uses stuff from some of the stores for their in park costumes (I was making a Mad Hatter from their show and I found exact trims and buckles, charms for jewelry, also found where they get their Elsa Tulle, ect). You can get a high quality velvet for 10-15$ a yard, and that's not even in bulk. Buying the full bolts of tulle, you can get it for a lot less than you'd think. Also you guesstimates about yardage are way off. There isn't that much tulle either. ifn you look under the top decorated smoothing layer, it's clearly bunched, it's not a bunch of tulle lying flat, especially not for the advertisement photos. Like I usually love your videos, I'm on a big binge right now, but this could have been better researched and honestly you kinda come off rather snobby when you don't usually when it comes to the cost of clothing. "You can't get high quality fabric for less than 40 a yard" Nope, more like you keep getting ripped off. Especially depending on the fabric. That's also assuming that a not very well known designer is using the Very Best fabric and the most expensive fabric, for it's basic sales, not a runway/photoshoot/red carpet edition of the dress. Fast fashion is a problem (even if at times it's all people can afford), and this isn't to say it's a 40$ dress. I'd say its a 250$ dress, maybe 300$ if it had been better received on the runway and gotten better advertisement from it.
Red Lady
Red Lady 9 dias atrás
Please don't kill flies😢🦟
Burny Izland
Burny Izland 9 dias atrás
Does anyone else remember the little plastic purses with strawberries on them we had when we were kids? Maybe it's simple nostalgia.
Leonie 10 dias atrás
The dress actually reminds me most of the early 1980's. Princess Diana's wedding dress meets a four-year-old girl's dream in pink.
lonely les
lonely les 11 dias atrás
Lirika Matoshi is an ethical brand. They pay their workers a liveable wage and in safe conditions. It should be worth the money.
Th4t Arayna
Th4t Arayna 11 dias atrás
Well, correction, the pay in Bangladesh is nine taaka per hour which is a bit over nine cents. I'm Bengali and my mum works in that industry so I know
Andreea Bobaru
Andreea Bobaru 11 dias atrás
Most people: Retail therapy! Karolina: dEprEsSIoN BuYInG 🙃
Lauren Ragle
Lauren Ragle 12 dias atrás
I'm glad you covered this because it bothers me that people are so offended by the price. But they're willing to pay however much money for something from "Supreme". It's ridiculous. Also, yes, we are spoiled by fast fashion. Honestly, custom dresses on Etsy that I've been looking at are around $200. So something fashionable and styled being like $500? Seems about right to me.
Susannah Tully
Susannah Tully 12 dias atrás
am i the only one who thinks this dress is really ugly...? its so subjective.
msgifs 14 dias atrás
I was ignorant about how underpaid people are and I will stop buying clothes as soon as I can, or at least significantly reduce how many I buy
kokoro nagomu
kokoro nagomu 15 dias atrás
i like when someone puts their own spin on trends, like this version of the strawberry dress:
Sad Boi
Sad Boi 16 dias atrás
I'd say it's most likely went viral when it did due to teenagers on tiktok, whereas many adults are against anything that isn't "sexy"
Laine McCoole
Laine McCoole 16 dias atrás
the way she used urban outfitters as an example of a cheap retailer and that’s expensive for me
Ravenclaw Hestia31
Ravenclaw Hestia31 16 dias atrás
I saw the thumbnail and I immediately thought of Eret
Veeple 10 dias atrás
H.H Equestrian
H.H Equestrian 17 dias atrás
Is it just me that hates this dress? It looks cheap and ugly in my opinion
Annie Shaffer
Annie Shaffer 17 dias atrás
Don't know why this was recommended to me, but she didn't do enough research. Tess Holiday being criticized for this dress has already been debunked. She posted she was on a bunch of worst dressed lists, but it's not true. She wasn't. She was actually praised for this
Awesome Hawkins
Awesome Hawkins 18 dias atrás
How come I’m only hearing about this now????? 🤯🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂
nocta wants her hot chocolate
E r e t
Veeple 10 dias atrás
jenniewilliamsmural 19 dias atrás
Wow - the Wage Indicator research map is really great. A little shocking. Then -------- then what is the Real LIving Wage... ? Warm regards Jennie
Justyournormalanonymousartist T
am I the only one when looking at this dress thinks of Eret ?
Veeple 10 dias atrás
Lora Hassani
Lora Hassani 21 dia atrás
Did anyone else think this dress looked like a kitschy, juvenile, nightmare of a dress? Why do full grown women want to dress like a 3 year old on Easter Sunday in 1950? A much better dress was the blue wrap dress by Issa London worn by Kate Middleton (engagement to Prince William). I'm not a big fan of dresses anyway, so at least be sophisticated or adult - not garishly childish.
Sylvia Gebhart
Sylvia Gebhart 19 dias atrás
It's pretty and also fits a certain aesthetic. People like childish things, get over it
Lolly Hall
Lolly Hall 21 dia atrás
Oh I never realised it was her sister!
Eclypsa Queen
Eclypsa Queen 21 dia atrás
Like 50% of my nice clothes are either pass me down from one of my cousins (usually (not real name) Linda who is very similar in height to me) or even from my grandmother or my mom’s old stuff. Like I’m wearing her leggings and jacket rn. I really don’t relate to whatever the hell fast fashion is lol
Russ Whale
Russ Whale 21 dia atrás
The music ic nice.😊
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck 23 dias atrás
30 years ago my best friend got married. One bridesmaid could sew. It cost us $50 a piece for her to sew our dresses. Now days it's way cheaper to buy dresses. And I'm out of the loop I guess, I've never heard of the strawberry dress.
James Whalen
James Whalen 23 dias atrás
Can we talk about the Peacock Dress?
Gloria Tesla
Gloria Tesla 23 dias atrás
According to Michelle McDaniel, Tess got mostly positive feedback about the dress... but a girl need some attention I guess...
Leyna The Only
Leyna The Only 24 dias atrás
That moment, when I haven't even hear about this dress😅
Average Sion Enjoyer
Average Sion Enjoyer 25 dias atrás
when i saw the cheap rip offs of the dress i actually felt uncomfortable, sad, disgusted and upset jesus it pisses me off
Just your regular Moomin
*Stan the Bi-Con King Eret*
Veeple 10 dias atrás
Amy Engdahl
Amy Engdahl 25 dias atrás
I literally wore a strawberry 🍓 dress almost like this in 1975 when I was 8 years old. I believe my mother bought it at JC PENNEY. Puffy sleeves ✔️ Strawberry print ✔️ Ruffled hem ✔️
Kas ia
Kas ia 26 dias atrás
The strawberry dress lives rent free in my head
Usaretama Imako
Usaretama Imako 26 dias atrás
Since you've talked about the strawberry dress that invokes childhood whimsy and princessy vibes, can you please talk about japanese lolita fashion? I feel like you'd really be interested in the subculture in Japan that derives from Victorian era vibes and combines it with kawaii, elegant and princess feels perfectly! And no, the fashion has literally zero connection to the Nabokov novel. Lolita originated as a nickname for Dolores before the book existed, and Japanese people were blissfully unaware of the book's infamy
Zofia Pierek
Zofia Pierek 5 dias atrás
Yasss thats a really good idea!
katherine dennis
katherine dennis 27 dias atrás
The price is the reflection of someone’s talents and attention to detail
Alwerien 28 dias atrás
The price might be right for the material and labor but it's definitely not affordable to many of the people it had been virally promoted to. I think that's the main issue I take with it. Basically promoted to the wrong crowd...? Personally I would never pay $490 for it because that's too much for a color and pattern I don't like but had it been the same cut in with different pattern and no sequins, I might actually consider it. Thanks to your video I ended up checking out her sister's site though and omg that stuff is just gorgeous.
Sayre Wilkin-Dalby
Sayre Wilkin-Dalby 28 dias atrás
Hm, I know I can't be the only one that doesn't find that dress remotely appealing.
Siiri Mês atrás
Designer knockoffs are so shady. I was eyeing a pretty star dress from a random cheap website a couple of years ago but eventually ended up buying a different dress for that occasion. Now that the strawberry dress went viral, and I went to Lirika's website out of curiosity, I found that the dress was actually a design stolen from her. It's so gross. At least if I ever want to buy the dress now I'll now where to get the original though! I truly don't think paying something like $400 for a dress is bad if it's a nice dress that I'll wear often - I'll save up for it ✨
Jericha Mês atrás
I love when you say strawberry dress. It’s the cutest thing ever🥰
omena pomena
omena pomena Mês atrás
I have a strawberry dress :D
Csetneki Alex
Csetneki Alex Mês atrás
Excuse me how dare you, I hate how that dress looks
FaeryB0mb Mês atrás
cottagecore tiktoks. that's literally it.
Victor The Collector
I love the strawberry dress but I would personally never wear it because the top would give me horrible dysphoria so just this time I'm safe from the terrible ache of wanting something so badly and not being able to afford it because I have no money lol
Sylvia Gebhart
Sylvia Gebhart 19 dias atrás
pandakatiefominz Mês atrás
Just gonna say it... I don't think Tess Holiday looked good in the dress. I don't think it looked good with her colouring, and also I think her makeup didn't, like, fit the vibes of the dress. The contour is SO heavy. Also the tight, sleek ponytail also doesn't seem... right for it. Soft fluffy braids would have looked better
AnxiousMessBugg ¿?¿
All o can think of is eret in the dress
Kristián Hubatka
Kristián Hubatka Mês atrás
Ok But i also want an strawberry dress Keep in mind im 15 year old cis male
LittleMissRose Mês atrás
I don't need to buy this dress, watching Eret wear it is satisfying enough
Undefined Error
Undefined Error Mês atrás
>sees picture Wow. _That's ugly._
Undefined Error
Undefined Error Mês atrás
>hears how much goes into the fabric alone Whaaaaaaaaaat With all those costs, how do they pay the person who puts it together? ... Oh, they practically don't. Right, clothing industry.
itz siimp_
itz siimp_ Mês atrás
_hey that dress looks similar..._ (if you know, you know)
itz siimp_
itz siimp_ Mês atrás
@Adela Mizerová _;D_
Adela Mizerová
Adela Mizerová Mês atrás
Uni Student
Uni Student Mês atrás
I thought it went viral because two celebrities wore it to an awards show, one skinny and one ‘plus size’.. and the media praised the dress design of the skinny woman and admonished the plus size woman’s even though it was the exact same dress. It went viral because people were rightfully upset at the double standard, and people of all body shapes started posting photos of themselves in the dress as a statement against the media and for body positivity.
Mollie Svenson
Mollie Svenson Mês atrás
Also, some of the fabric wouldn’t be used so they would have to throw it away to pattern match it, it wouldn’t be that much per dress but overall...
McKenzie Mês atrás
It’s the style of the dress that I like, it’s so soft & feminine.😊
eliz w.
eliz w. Mês atrás
It is a cute dress 🥺 but I’m 5’0 and midi dresses don’t work for me also I am broke BuT ITS SO cuTE
drawing chan
drawing chan Mês atrás
I’m definitely going to ask for one of her dresses for prom instead of buying a fast fashion prom dress, their a crazy price for child labor so I would rather buy it from her and wear it forever
NeRethil Wolfsson
NeRethil Wolfsson Mês atrás
"People were saying that it isn't red carpet worthy" Meanwhile, the Kardashian wearing outright public indecency-worthy clothes but skin toned so it's not that outstanding. More pretty fluffy dress, please!
Bebek Geprek
Bebek Geprek Mês atrás
Well its a designer brand dress, obviously its gonna be expensive
NOVMBR- IRN Mês atrás
As a poor and economically dependent student (aka high school freshman) the price of this dress means that it's not something I would afford, or something I would want to pressure my parents into buying, but judging from the fabulous design, the choice of fabric, and the overall quality of the dress, i can't see why it's overpriced. People buy worse stuff at much higher prices and no one ever outraged.
Luke Vermeire
Luke Vermeire Mês atrás
There’s a difference between “that dress is too expensive” and “I can’t afford that dress”.
Boba Charm
Boba Charm 14 dias atrás
Olivia Rouse
Olivia Rouse 21 dia atrás
Exactly. Just because a dress is out of someone’s price range, doesn’t mean it’s unfairly priced. It takes people a lot of hard work and money of their own, so it only makes sense that the dress is more expensive than something you’d see in a fast fashion store
oh maaan
oh maaan Mês atrás
Me - a person only here because I saw a bi iconic Minecraft BRdeskr wear this dress and know nothing more: Laughs in stupidity
Adela Mizerová
Adela Mizerová Mês atrás
flutebrush Mês atrás
eret xD
Rune Howe
Rune Howe Mês atrás
...Doesn't Eret have a strawberry dress..?
flutebrush Mês atrás
@oh maaan same haha
oh maaan
oh maaan Mês atrás
Yeah, and it's the only reason I'm here
Fjeldfross Mês atrás
I am trying to sew my clothing for Viking reenactment by Hand. These are simple clothings, seemingly easy to make. But. BUT! You really learn how valuable clothing is. Material. Time for planing, Research, cutting the cloth , then seaming, sewing the pieces together...and these are simple comparing to the fashion of other areas. Good Work and Material has its price. One try make it yourself If they are whining about prices above Discount, they will learn to respect and apreciate clothing again
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