adventures of a dissatisfied Victorian time traveller 

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21 Ago 2020



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Universal Power
Universal Power 48 minutos atrás
I want a video with your husband ^-^
Universal Power
Universal Power Hora atrás
"what's the point of the river then?" Yeah, because someone put the river there to use it.
tombstone5860 3 horas atrás
I cant really see why people feel nostalgia for Victorian era
glasslinger 9 horas atrás
LOVE that dress! You look adorable in it. Actually, you could wear that dress today to an event and not be far out! Ruffles are coming back! YAY!
James Forrest
James Forrest 20 horas atrás
That was amusing. Your modern day slang was a giveaway twonky though!
Hodoss Dia atrás
Well at least we don’t have plaster bread and poisonous wallpaper! Take that Victorian Time Traveller!
Christian Alan Wilson
Please keep her away from social media so she doesn't lose all faith in humanity.
Universal Power
Universal Power 8 minutos atrás
Mrs. Ella
Mrs. Ella Dia atrás
I need more of this. I really do.
MultiplexPalace 2 dias atrás
If you think about it, the whole "dissatisfied Victorian whatever" is kind of a waste of time. This day and age you can be any women doing anything on camera and people will attach their own narrative to you. #CultureOfConsumerClones #Dominated
Universal Power
Universal Power 58 minutos atrás
Jayne Dodd
Jayne Dodd 2 dias atrás
😂 I love how she doesn't have anything to say about cars, just glares disapprovingly at them and then wants to go home.
A Billion Bears and me
"Yeah, that's ugly." Dang! No need to hold back!
KTKJNN STJNN NN 2 dias atrás
Kiedy był 2020 a nikt jeszcze nie nosił masek...
Eryk Steele
Eryk Steele 3 dias atrás
Lulu Beukes
Lulu Beukes 3 dias atrás
Just imagine being a jogger and jogging past Karolina in her full atire and walking around, sticking her hands in the river, riding a scooter ect.
BoxheadCentral 3 dias atrás
"What's even the point of taking a photo if you're not in the studio, leaning on a fake pillar?" *No no, she's right.*
David Bell
David Bell 3 dias atrás
Victorian time traveller in my day water was in glass bottles and men wore suits and hats
Clare Doherty
Clare Doherty 4 dias atrás
I love all the videos she has been doing lately they are really enjoyable to watch
Clare Doherty
Clare Doherty 4 dias atrás
I never realized how tiny meme mom’s waist is wow it’s tiny
sailorbychoice1 4 dias atrás
0:31 Excuse me please Madam, but don't you mean, _"limbs?"_ "Legs!" So vulgar!
rita law
rita law 4 dias atrás
I really love this but the 2020 speech of "like" and "super"....I can't decide if that is what makes it funny or if it would be *more entertaining if she used actual Victorian linguistics.
Cloudy Pine
Cloudy Pine 5 dias atrás
This is hilarious
Alyssia A2b
Alyssia A2b 5 dias atrás
I want a sequeeeeeel !!!!!
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas 5 dias atrás
This is such a cool idea, please can you do it again but without the linguistic anachronisms? "Super mainstream"?? Even Gen X doesn't talk like that.
Safeeya B
Safeeya B 5 dias atrás
“I can see this lady’s hair...”
Charles Chukwunonso
Charles Chukwunonso 6 dias atrás
I just got recommended and im loving it😂😂📈
Baskerville Bee
Baskerville Bee 6 dias atrás
Wouldn't have said "legs", would have said "limbs." The word legs was indelicate at that time.
Priscila 6 dias atrás
I need more
The b stands for bestie
I like how disappointed she is just all of it
Bu Gzr
Bu Gzr 8 dias atrás
but like... we have functioning toilets now, so that's a plus...
tfrqywqiujo poiuytre
tfrqywqiujo poiuytre 8 dias atrás
Lucifics 9 dias atrás
Those three hair curls on her forehead remind me of a particular blond boy.
Żaneta Padalec
Żaneta Padalec 10 dias atrás
Hej, czy w XIX wieku powietrze i woda w miastach nie były właśnie super zanieczyszczone i syfne? Tak mi się kojarzy motyw XIXwiecznego miasta i narzekania ze źródeł z tamtego okresu? Czy coś tutaj mylę?
Faith Mwaura
Faith Mwaura 10 dias atrás
"Really, that's the architecture you went with?" THANK YOU, architecture nowadays and the past few decades just haven't been as impressive as they used to be!
StarLegends 10 dias atrás
I like the end when she sees the fast cars and amasing buildings and she's like "ive seen enouph
StarLegends 10 dias atrás
XD this was goood!
Wiliam m
Wiliam m 10 dias atrás
Thomas Lopez
Thomas Lopez 11 dias atrás
wouldnt the water and air be cleaner now then in the past? in terms of its quality cause the Victorian era was like at the height of not giving a fuck about your food or the environment straight up food preservatives ate away at your spine and shit
Dziki z lasu
Dziki z lasu 6 dias atrás
Not in Kraków. The city is in a valley and pollution accumulates there. There was also no artificial fertilisers, the main reason of the water pollution.
Thomas Lopez
Thomas Lopez 11 dias atrás
of course i could be wrong and could google it but someone else probably will
Ishan Chakrabarti
Ishan Chakrabarti 11 dias atrás
Finally!! I waited all my life for this.
Amethyst Mei
Amethyst Mei 12 dias atrás
"Mmm . . . tastes like air" is a phrase I want to say more often.
Samriddhi Chaturvedi
Samriddhi Chaturvedi 12 dias atrás
Her standing with her hands on her hips & just casually judging everything around her with twisted expressions in such a MOOD😂❤️
Ada Mae Wilson
Ada Mae Wilson 12 dias atrás
K: what year is it? Person: 2020 K: that’s DiSaPoInTiNg
Amazedm 12 dias atrás
Great ideas and tension, love the concept and the character! Wish there was more lines (or that they were better distributed) and delivery was more clear and timed. Good luck with future projects!
M U S T A R D 12 dias atrás
Imagine building modern technology and buildings for easier use just to be insulted by some 19th century women
officallacrossestick 14 dias atrás
My Southern grandma visiting my family in NJ for the first time:
NervousBunnyGaming 14 dias atrás
I've always wanted to teacj someone from the past about the ways of the now... now i know it would be met with nothing but sass lol
Rosie Huffleclaw
Rosie Huffleclaw 14 dias atrás
❤️✝️❤️Jesus loves you!!!!!❤️✝️❤️Have a blessed day!!!! ❤️✝️❤️
Blue Echo
Blue Echo 14 dias atrás
So brilliant!!!!!
Ziggy Stardog
Ziggy Stardog 14 dias atrás
Crossover Collab: Karolina and Review Bro time travel together
A Billion Bears and me
A Billion Bears and me 15 dias atrás
Yeah, the future is disappointing.
Carson Pearce
Carson Pearce 15 dias atrás
This made my day. Thank you.
Theodor Zhitnikov
Theodor Zhitnikov 16 dias atrás
I feel like this every day.
Ivana Tesic
Ivana Tesic 16 dias atrás
"I've seen enough I'm going back" mood
Theohybrid 17 dias atrás
I need a movie of this STAT.
Lyndsey Golden
Lyndsey Golden 17 dias atrás
I been watching a lot of drag queens 👸🏻 and my first thought was giiiiiiirl your waist is snatched. Please interview diverse modern people on fashion in this fashion.
Cerulean Brie
Cerulean Brie 18 dias atrás
But, is it the odor better than victorian era, since the hygiene is *much* better?
Gacha Victim
Gacha Victim 18 dias atrás
SV Gaming
SV Gaming 19 dias atrás
The tacit spade osmotically peck because east semiannually harm forenenst a diligent pheasant. silky, bizarre bestseller
Taylor Grace
Taylor Grace 20 dias atrás
Oh man would she hate american architecture. Is basically boxes
Axelle Alemán
Axelle Alemán 20 dias atrás
I like to imagine that this is actually real
Smol Stripes
Smol Stripes 21 dia atrás
*Tastes like air.*
Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari
OlympiaBinewski 23 dias atrás
Wait till she finds out how much harder it is to buy opium!
Dinal Andy
Dinal Andy 24 dias atrás
Isn't she Marie Currie?
fedeac31 25 dias atrás
0:33 Wait until you see the current trend of minimalistic design...
CBS 25 dias atrás
This video/set-up needs a whole series!
Rutilio Rutili
Rutilio Rutili 26 dias atrás
I can become crazy about your dress. It ssoooooo sweet and seductive. Perfect collar and fantastic colours
Blueberry Chocolate
Blueberry Chocolate 26 dias atrás
But what about the shrimps?
Sil3ntAng3l 26 dias atrás
What if someone actually came from the past, then went back... Not realizing theyre gonna be spreading covid for the next several weeks
Cynthia Jendlebee
Cynthia Jendlebee 26 dias atrás
0:14 pug
Bruh 26 dias atrás
"That smells pretty bad" - says a person that lived in time when people were literally drowning in horse poop.
Thatonekid 27 dias atrás
Imagine everyone who saw her. Just this woman in a historical dress looking disgusted at everything.
SMmania123 27 dias atrás
"You gave your tallest building to the merchants?!"
Ugly .Bastard
Ugly .Bastard 28 dias atrás
Hey sisier 😂😂😂
Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart 28 dias atrás
Should've tried the food. All those 'rare' luxuries would be common place. I wonder how she'd deal with how rich the food is in sugar, salt and fat? Mostly I just want to know, what would a Victorian do for a Klondike Bar?
Mr. BlueSky
Mr. BlueSky 29 dias atrás
I love how the wind sound synced up perfectly to your appearance
Blanca Cantu
Blanca Cantu 29 dias atrás
I love it ,😂
TheWatermelon3 29 dias atrás
Not what i expected a Victorian lady to sound like
hackshelf Mês atrás
an untapped genre of sketch comedy
hufflepuff Mês atrás
I like the aggresive breathing and the wind
4rkain3 Mês atrás
“My disappointment is immeasurable and the entire future is ruined.”
Mooney//Magic Mês atrás
I watching cat videos. How did I get here?
Tristan Canning
Tristan Canning Mês atrás
Why is this so amazing tho, I love it😆
3D4Ureel Mês atrás
Nah, air still smells like 💩🤪
CthulhuFhtagn Mês atrás
I love how she's not even blown away by the vehicles or electric lights or anything. She's just kind of "dear god, what have you people done with the place?"
Jeremy Whitman Kinghorn
I wanna see a crossover with stoke mandeville
Aimee Simpson
Aimee Simpson Mês atrás
“It’s not even lacy” 😂😂😂
Entropydemic Mês atrás
Everyone in Portland:
Vannabee13 Mês atrás
"Yeah that smells pretty bad" Try San Francisco, I hear they replicated that authentic old-timey sewage dumped in the streets and no one baths or wears deodorant scent pretty well.
silvermasked0 Mês atrás
Lol omg that was funny
Kitirena Koneko
Kitirena Koneko Mês atrás
You absolutely need to do a video of your Victorian time traveller encountering Steampunks. It just begs to be done!
Lydia H.
Lydia H. Mês atrás
Ima just be honest here I dont blame her for going back 2020 sucked 😕😂
Lyndsefine OwO
Lyndsefine OwO Mês atrás
"Okay I've seen enough Im going back" yeah same djfjjf
Universal Power
Universal Power 18 minutos atrás
Don't you have a house to take care of woman?
Lara R
Lara R Mês atrás
Lady picked the wrong year to travel
Lazu Ardi Nadziva
Lazu Ardi Nadziva Mês atrás
I like this, this is so entertaining. Want to see more :)
Nic Collins
Nic Collins Mês atrás
How do you have more than 2 subscribers... garbage content
Nic Collins
Nic Collins Mês atrás
Wait this is a real woman...
Kawthar Bakhach
Kawthar Bakhach Mês atrás
Aviator21 Mês atrás
Is it just me or does she look like a lesbian Woody from toy story?
SJHFoto Mês atrás
The dress looks more Edwardian than Victorian to me
BRUH Mês atrás
0:01 that's how we all get in this world,son.We are just SPAWN I know that this is time travel but god that joke don't let me sleep,but now i can sleep:)
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