A Historical Get Ready With Me: 1770s Working Class 

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10 Set 2019



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Comentários 100   
Jaclyn Borek
Jaclyn Borek 6 horas atrás
Wondering why it’s called a jacket at this time vs a bodice???
Chenyue Zhang
Chenyue Zhang Mês atrás
I love these videos!!
Olwyn Lamberti
Olwyn Lamberti Mês atrás
Cant we just make it completely acceptable to wear clothes from every era in everyday life. I just want to wear anything and have the confidence/no judgemental looks.
Kali Mês atrás
"sources from the era" madame time traveller, that's sus
Jaylen Hentz
Jaylen Hentz Mês atrás
Can we give a round of applause for the fact that she did this,sitting down!?
Raffer tea
Raffer tea Mês atrás
I feel like you have reached your ultimate form and should now be promoted to Lady Mother Meme
Mimi Runs the world
Mimi Runs the world 2 meses atrás
This was posted on my birthday a year ago and I didn’t even notice👍
S12 B
S12 B 2 meses atrás
what i love about 18th century clothes is it addresses modern problems -clothes design to expand incase you got an all you can eat buffet -skirts designed around having huge pockets, instead of you know, fake pockets -cardigans are cozy yet stylish, jacket is just a cotton cardigan -muffin tops are the rage, don't have one? here's a bum roll! -save the environment, dont shower, hide yor greasy hair
Jacqueline Schneider
Jacqueline Schneider 2 meses atrás
I feel like I’m in that category. 😂 I get my own groceries but I don’t eat potatoes all the time.
Flower Meerkat
Flower Meerkat 2 meses atrás
I like the 18th century version of twerking we were treated to.
Rachel Trammell
Rachel Trammell 2 meses atrás
That looks like fun, almost like dress up but for adults:)
Rachel Trammell
Rachel Trammell 2 meses atrás
I went to order ur book and I discovered that u have another book out. I believe I shall get both.
Sarah Johnstone
Sarah Johnstone 2 meses atrás
Omg I just noticed the Subscribe button - "sub and send chocolate please" ❤️😂
Blue Mercy
Blue Mercy 2 meses atrás
Great job. U know you're stuff. I Lv this. Thanks 🤗
Ana Rosa Reyes
Ana Rosa Reyes 2 meses atrás
Wow those pigeons flew at just the rigth time!
Emily M
Emily M 2 meses atrás
"My acne is away for now" is so relatable. I wish they would stop coming over.
Irina Kogan
Irina Kogan 3 meses atrás
It's very pretty
Ruth Whittemore
Ruth Whittemore 3 meses atrás
Interesting that you said working class women didn't always powder their hair. I've heard that they frequently used powder and pomade regardless of class in order to clean it (since they didn't use soap and water for hair). More thoughts?
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels 3 meses atrás
Your contact lenses make me think: I wonder if you might have some things to say about historical eyewear!
A30ot6 3 meses atrás
21st century Karolina is beautiful.
Hilja Kantoluoto
Hilja Kantoluoto 4 meses atrás
I accidentally made my jacket too small and it overlaps like 1cm... i could modify it to have lacing and a stomacher underneath butttt seems like too much work
ferociousgumby 4 meses atrás
What is that vibrating woodpecker sound in the background? Is the camera rattling or what? I've heard it in other videos on this channel. Annoying.
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels 3 meses atrás
It the autofocus on certain cameras, and it’s on a ton of professional channels. Don’t be rude and appreciate the content she makes for you to enjoy free of charge.
Maria A.
Maria A. 4 meses atrás
How did they not over heat!?
Tari Tangeo
Tari Tangeo 4 meses atrás
That closeup after "Im not always thinking" ALWAYS gets a laught out of me
Sarah Christine
Sarah Christine 4 meses atrás
"Wheres my maid... oh wait I am the maid" I feel like I said that multiple times when I was constantly being typecast as the maid in my schools drama club
rama rambo
rama rambo 4 meses atrás
Why you always looks gorgeous???.....❤️😊🙏
historical bookish
historical bookish 4 meses atrás
Lets be honest, i meet this girl in my past life in 1774, i was 34 years old♡
kendalismyname 5 meses atrás
Honestly, I'm slowly preparing my 1750-ish wardrobe for winter wear. Jeans ain't comfy.
Tari Tangeo
Tari Tangeo 4 meses atrás
Jeans are literally my nemesis whenever its the mildest menstrual cramps or anything stomack related. Its finally cold enought to wear thights - skirt season 😳
hailey dixon
hailey dixon 5 meses atrás
The kerchief under the jacket is one of my favorite looks. (Wish I could wear it today)
Hannah Harrelson
Hannah Harrelson 5 meses atrás
I need one of those pockets!
Amèlie AE
Amèlie AE 5 meses atrás
I klinkend like and it changed from 14K to 15K and it’s the first time it’s happened to me 😳😳
Erin Ckodre
Erin Ckodre 5 meses atrás
dont fret about the makeup not being historically accurate, if it was it would literally kill you!
imasinnerimasaint 6 meses atrás
I am actually thinking about making the switch to 18th C clothing. It looks more comfortable. I don't think I could get away with the cap or quite such a big fake bum though.
bitter 6 meses atrás
I have such a thick hair i need no sock to do this. I still can not say if thats good or horribly bad
Pei Pei
Pei Pei 6 meses atrás
she has more hair in the front sections than i have on my entire head.
Alexandra Pinchuk
Alexandra Pinchuk 6 meses atrás
It's just so amazing! I'm fascinated with what you do and with your knowledge and enthusiasm about the history of fashions! And you obviously have a talent for making such videos because you're so enjoyable to watch and listen! I love your channel! Thank you!
Jenn 6 meses atrás
I nearly spit out my drink at the "is that blood!?" Law and order part lol
First Last
First Last 6 meses atrás
using that sock is historically accurate! Working with what you've got and sewing old garments together for your new one is historically accurate!
Heather Gluck
Heather Gluck 6 meses atrás
i love your videos so no offense but, what is the point of doing all these historically inaccurate things in a historical get ready with me video? i find it kind of distracting and it confuses me. i dont get what's supposed to be accurate with so much inaccurate stuff going on around it.
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels 3 meses atrás
Entertainment and explanation. She’s not the Smithsonian.
Xinyi Sally Peng
Xinyi Sally Peng 6 meses atrás
this video is really good and i do consider that a maid's clothing is sometimes better (lovelier) than a noblewoman's.
E. Vasileva
E. Vasileva 6 meses atrás
Gotta get me a pocket like that.
shortydo16 7 meses atrás
"Some of you may recognize this Ikea duvet"
BlueSail 7 meses atrás
It would be so great to have modern clothing be this adjustable.
Kimberly Perrotis
Kimberly Perrotis 7 meses atrás
Is the skirt also cotton, or linen?
MW Willy
MW Willy 8 meses atrás
"Where's my maid oh wait im the maid"
Timesmith Dressmaking
Timesmith Dressmaking 8 meses atrás
Would it help to think about "working class" in terms of the kinds of work people did? Society was just as diverse as today and there were people making (and marketing and selling) a huge range of goods (some involving a bit of menial labour, others not so much) and then also all the services. So perhaps think... work=trade. A milliner would be a tradeswoman -- working class! -- but one for whom it was essential to look fashionable, but in the most economical ways she could. And women were very active shop keepers, for shops of all kinds. So trades people ran the full gamut of background, education (in particular literacy and numeracy), and that might help in mapping them onto the concepts of "class" as well as income and access/adoption of fashion.
Geschenkte Freiheit
Geschenkte Freiheit 8 meses atrás
i have absolutely nothingto do with historical clothing and stuff buut u r just freakin entertaining and extremely funny. love it.😂😂🌸
Janvi Shah
Janvi Shah 8 meses atrás
Ugh I probably won't survive dressing in the 1700's, I can barely manage to throw on Jeans and a shirt and top it off with a coat on work days( and I often dont have time for makeup, and my hair is in a quick plait). Doing all this to get dressed would end in me quitting my job
Reetta 8 meses atrás
Ye old Ikea, here I come!
rabenherz 8 meses atrás
Now whenever I see her with one of those super high hairstyles I imagine her stuffing several socks under her hair xD.
Jenny M
Jenny M 9 meses atrás
That cap is so adorable! Was that ribbon a gift? ;-)
existential blossom
existential blossom 9 meses atrás
I haven´t known something like "hair rat" actually existed! Like .. I knew but I didn´t know its name and the way you used it O.o Oh my! Thank you so much for this tip ♥ Regards from Slovakia ^^~
Jalal Khan
Jalal Khan 9 meses atrás
hey you're lovely and beautiful and kind and quirky interesting and could sit with you all day
lup tudor
lup tudor 9 meses atrás
Damn gurl,the cap lady t h i c c af,she will deffently steal your man
L W 9 meses atrás
Thank you! For making me smile and laugh so much when everything else seems so stressful right now. You're the friend everyone wishes they had.
Goose Girly
Goose Girly 9 meses atrás
I’m pretty sure many women used ribbon garters at that time so your ribbon isn’t completely inaccurate
GreenBeetle 10 meses atrás
Deam girl ! Watch out for your men Cu'z the cap lady is coming XD
Valentine Lissar
Valentine Lissar 10 meses atrás
"Damn girl, you better watch out for your man!" hahahhahahahahha
yes ok
yes ok 10 meses atrás
Smh this makeup is not historically accurate!!! Why didn't you use mercury instead of lipstick???? 😤😤😤
Melware 11 meses atrás
"Boobs out, I'm ready to go" is such a power line
Ashley Jackson
Ashley Jackson 11 meses atrás
What about collecting the hair from your brush and storing it in a sheer stocking for a hair rat? Too gross? ....maybe.
kæreste yoo
kæreste yoo 11 meses atrás
"Moving on" haha luv
Ayano Yandere
Ayano Yandere 11 meses atrás
Who dislikes this, it’s so calming and pleasant to watch
Amy Jones
Amy Jones 11 meses atrás
Oke doke! Too sweet!
bea Gru
bea Gru Anos atrás
Dominique van Buren
Singing Rainbow
Singing Rainbow Anos atrás
I love the Outlander reference
Zappa Wench
Zappa Wench Anos atrás
Absolutely stunning result!
Lucie Bosler
Lucie Bosler Anos atrás
Taulani Anos atrás
Honestly this is almost as complicated as my winter school uniform 1. put on underpants and bra 2. white long sleeve t-shirt 3. bike shorts (so the polyester stockings don't irritate me bum cheeks and i'm not scratching them like a weirdo) 4. navy stockings/pantyhose 5. another pair of bike shorts (so the stockings don't fall down) 6. white polo 7. long dark blue and black winter skirt (comes down mid-calf) 8. socks (the stockings are thin and the socks keep my toes from freezing off) 9. rugby jumper 10. black lace-up ankle boots that are technically not allowed 11. scarf tucked into jumper 12. leather gloves I wear my hair in half-up hairstyles or a bun in the mid-back of my head because i'm c l a s s y and I knit in the library with a travel cup of tea :')
Dama As
Dama As 11 meses atrás
So this is where schools gets inspiration from 😂😂😂
Debbie Legere
Debbie Legere Anos atrás
Que the birds to fly.....perfect! That's a wrap. lol
Alejandra Anos atrás
I LOVE THAT, the jacket is really beautiful. also the hair is so good I might be trying it when my hair is greasy af.
Sarah Baghdadi
Sarah Baghdadi Anos atrás
Love the sock!
Kaizerin Anos atrás
I've wondered avout the pockets, because I've seen them worn underneath the skirt, but on the Norwegian bunad we wear it on top of the skirt like you do here, so it makes more sense to me now!! (We usually hang it from a silver or brass lock.) Also I heard about someone who actually used an IKEA duvet cover as her bunad apron instead of the expensive "real" one because it's still historically accurate ayyy
Roberta Hall
Roberta Hall Anos atrás
Great!! What a character! Thank you. Greetings from Canada.
Gina Thompson
Gina Thompson Anos atrás
I’m not getting you video notifications. Oh no
Ash Heaven
Ash Heaven Anos atrás
Oh, the embroidery on the pocket is lovely! Did you make the cap and shift yourself? If so, where did you get the patterns for the cap, petticoat, jacket thing, and stays? Were they historically accurate as well? The bum roll of this era also looks to be shaped more like a wide pannier than the round bum rolls that I am used to seeing for other decades. Edit: I realized that the bum roll was more 1840s, but I still see the “pannier shelf shape.”
Blair the cat
Blair the cat Anos atrás
How to recreate an authentic 1770s look! Step one: apply sunscreen Step two: whip out the sock
Ashmeed Mohammed
Ashmeed Mohammed Anos atrás
came for the tits, stayed for the pocket.
Cheyanne Chikigak
Cheyanne Chikigak Anos atrás
“Im going to put a sock in my hair if you dont like that then unsubscribe!” Me: subscribes
Amy Noonan
Amy Noonan Anos atrás
i cant sleep bc i cant work out how you pin the jacket without the risk of stabbing and without the pins showing,,, what am i missing
Ulan Sarymsakov
Ulan Sarymsakov Anos atrás
You ‘re stunning
Suranjana Rahman
Suranjana Rahman Anos atrás
"Meme Uncle 23" we've reached peak humour everyone else go home
•Victorian Lady•
“Oh wait wheres my maid, oh right I’m the maid” Lol
Misery Unraveled
Misery Unraveled 8 dias atrás
Hey Victorian lady
pubcollize Anos atrás
Whitening your skin using sunscreen instead of lead paint? That's so anachronistic...
A R Anos atrás
Gotta unsubscribe... it was the sock.
Rotten Ralph
Rotten Ralph Anos atrás
Very nicely done
Rotten Ralph
Rotten Ralph Anos atrás
Can I put forth a petition to bring back the useful pockets such as were worn tied about the waist? Not fanny pack, but elegant useful pockets one could access through the skirt or tied over the skirt...
Syn Tacc
Syn Tacc Anos atrás
I just found your channel and I love your content!! Thank you for the laughs
Ean James
Ean James Anos atrás
Thanks K. As a guy with a surfeit of curiosity, I find this super interesting.
grendel ebenholdts
grendel ebenholdts Anos atrás
Damn girl, watch out for your man cuz the Cap Lady is coming 🤣🤣👏👏
Emma Butler
Emma Butler Anos atrás
damn girl watch your man cause the cap lady is coming
Athena The Great and Powerful
Love it!
seventhseance Anos atrás
Thank you so much for doing these videos and making this channel. We all needed some historically accurate youtube videos. Before I could only find videos of rich people and most were documentary styled educational programs. Or just photos and no further explanation.... Hope this makes sense and everyone understands what I'm trying to say
Nero Anos atrás
You can also tuck the edge of the scarf under your stays Also it wasn't all that unusual for the working class to have older styles of clothes as they would be gifted by the employers.
What kind of jacket, coat, shawl, or covering would be worn with this for bad weather such as rain or snow?
FurikoMaru Anos atrás
speaking as someone who at one point did have to eat potatoes all the time, I guarantee the sock stuffed with cotton pads is more in keeping with the aesthetic than a professional-grade hair rat could ever be
chia ra
chia ra Anos atrás
moll sadler
moll sadler Anos atrás
its got pocketssssssss
Ruby Wolf
Ruby Wolf Anos atrás
Those birds were hella majestic
Peggy Riordan
Peggy Riordan Anos atrás
I love your videos! They are so unique, funny and educational at the same time. That's hard to do! I am wondering if you used a ready made pattern for the Ikea print jacket or did you design it yourself? I would love to make one like that and am not to good yet at making my own patterns. Thank you!
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