1950s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is 

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hi, yes, my room is a mess, I'm working on it. the dress from the 100 years old dress video is currently undergoing cleaning.
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23 Mai 2019



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Karolina Żebrowska
sorry if the music is too loud, I didn't have the time to fix it, just imagine someone is playing it on the radio hehe
Veronika Sumbalová
Hi Karolina I love to listen to your imputs about fashion and it's also very pleasant to look at you. Therefore I would like to begg you to control the music next time. My autism is showing :D. I just can't watch it because the music is driving me crazy. And I'd love to, but I can't. The music is sooo distracting, it makes it impossible for me to finish your, I believe lovely video. Good luck with everything. Slovakia sais hi! ;)
duck butt-lol
duck butt-lol 22 dias atrás
Its okay its not too loud
Kimberly Myhill
Kimberly Myhill 27 dias atrás
I definitely had to stop watching because it took so much away from what you were saying 😕😟
Mishka Dean
Mishka Dean Mês atrás
@Karolina Żebrowska try not to get our crappy picky opinions get to you too much. It's what arm chair know it alls do...hehehe. I didn't think it was too loud, I just wondered what were you thinking when you chose grunge rock to be on a 50's theme video? LOL....Let me give you a example of how critical choosing the right music can do. If you hop over to Sage Lilleyman's "Getting dressed in the 1950's video", you can really get a sense of what a difference it makes. I feel all cozy and invited to her video. The soft music just worked so well with what the scene she was narrating. I really tried to hear some 50's bee bop in your video and if that is what was really playing, it didn't come across right. It came across and grunge or some kind crazy electric guitar. know we LOVE your videos, but everyone is a critic right? Just brush it off...HUGS! ✌😍🙏
Visnja Stenger
Visnja Stenger 3 meses atrás
What music 🤔
jade coth
jade coth 2 horas atrás
jade coth
jade coth 2 horas atrás
lol i was wrong
jade coth
jade coth 2 horas atrás
acctualy i need to shut my mouth
jade coth
jade coth 2 horas atrás
girl you in the wrong era
Elizabeth Claiborne
Elizabeth Claiborne 14 horas atrás
Cherry jewelry was a late forties fad. The cherry fabric was likely a misinterpretation that started there.
Elizabeth Claiborne
Elizabeth Claiborne 14 horas atrás
Lucille Ball went to Paris twice a year for Dior to dress her for I Love Lucy. Yes, Lucy Ricardo is wearing Dior Couture in the TV show. Grace Kelly in Rear Window as well.
Elizabeth Claiborne
Elizabeth Claiborne 14 horas atrás
Sizes have been recalibrated twice since then. Marilyns size 14 was an 8 today. Plus size was very rare. It was rare in the Eighties. Now so many of us have gotten so big, it’s very strange.
Eliza Holliday
Eliza Holliday 2 dias atrás
I listen to these commentaries ONLY if I have some really boring handwork. You HAVE to edit these by half. Write an outline and stick to it. Or edit more tightly. These border on boring. I tend to “slide” through to find something interesting. (I’m 69 years old)
Jeff Pagan
Jeff Pagan 2 dias atrás
Marilyn was considered thick because her weight fluctuated. In let's make love and some like it hot she was either pregnant or getting over a miscarriage.
Elizabeth Gregory
Elizabeth Gregory 2 dias atrás
We wore Trotters ballerina flats or Capezios. Think Audrey Hepburn's Beatnik scene in "Funny Face" only without the socks. Yes, we wore crinolines under our full skirts. No ironing them, they simply had yards of material.
paradise lost
paradise lost 3 dias atrás
Background music distracts
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor 3 dias atrás
That was before people knew that eating disorders were a bad thing.
Gavin Reid
Gavin Reid 3 dias atrás
I notice that in 1950s films the bras make the woman's breasts looks as thought they stick straight out and are pointed. A odd unflattering style. I've been told that I am thinking of a Bullet Bra. Comical.
William Wheeler
William Wheeler 4 dias atrás
Excellent video and fashion information.
Toni 5 dias atrás
Marilyn Monroe is always mentioned as Curvy or sometimes even Plus, when the only pictures in which she really looks curvy was during one of her pregnancys or short time after she lost an unborn child and was really depressed. In my Opinion its really messed up when People use these pictures as references for a "healthy curvy 50s-body" when in reality MArilyn was sick due to her endometriosis-illness and depression
Susan Mance
Susan Mance 5 dias atrás
I was a child in the 50s and I had a crinoline petticoat that was reserved for "dressing up" only. The schools had a "no crinoline petticoat" rule in the dress code. Another big thing was that every woman wore a girdle. It didn't matter how thin you were, you wore a girdle. Even if you were wearing shorts, you had on a girdle. Thankfully I missed most of that when I got old enough to wear one in the 60s when I was a teen. I do remember the older generation criticizing me then about not wearing a girdle. As for adult fashion in the 50s I remember my mom living in cotton housedresses. The only makeup she wore was lipstick.
The Reel
The Reel 5 dias atrás
Hey, are you from Canada? You sound like you have a Celine dion accent. Just wondering.
Ariane C
Ariane C 5 dias atrás
Listening to you speak, it makes me crave a video on fashion during the URSS/East block era
Martha Hubbard
Martha Hubbard 5 dias atrás
Charisma Girl
Charisma Girl 6 dias atrás
True story about Audrey Hepburn -- she was scouted out in Europe, after the war and brought to the US for screen tests. She was very very thin, due to a lack of food during the war. On the ship to the US...there was plenty of food and she ate, and gained a little weight -- nothing tragic, she was naturally slim anyways -- but she was no longer "a waif". The Hollywood casting people were horrified, and immediately put her on a strict diet to get back to her "waif size". In fairness, Audrey was a "type -- the waif -- and not every actress was remotely that thin. Even in the 50s, she was considered to be extremely thin compared to other actresses. (Actress-thin and model-thin were not then -- and are not now -- the same thing.)
Sabrina Schultz
Sabrina Schultz 6 dias atrás
lol My grandma was a teen in the 50s and she still has that super short haircut, but I think it suits her. :)
Ac4 Playstore
Ac4 Playstore 7 dias atrás
Maybe depends on the age? My teen mom said she wore poodle skirts all of the time and specifically she said she'd run home from school and put on some dance tv show... just like in the musical HAIRSPRAY. So the older generations would not have dressed this way .. but it doesn't mean poodle skirts weren't the norm (for the youth)
jasayehan 7 dias atrás
My late grandma had hair like that of Queen Elizabeth, curly and never shoulder length!
Joanna Hampton
Joanna Hampton 7 dias atrás
There was a scene in The Crown that the Queen unveiled her new short hairdo in the 50's
J Lynn
J Lynn 7 dias atrás
Visible tattoos on women is huge in the rockabilly scene (and there's nothing wrong with that, do what you want with your body) but I don't think I've EVER seen that in a period image.
Ms Lemon
Ms Lemon 7 dias atrás
Great video! In terms of historical fashion, I remind my students that the fashion artifacts we still have, and fashion we see in paintings, that's the fashion of the rich. The average person didn't have that fashion, but their clothing (if worn, depending on status and region and era) was made from material that more easily degrades with time, and their fashion also doesn't show up in paintings. It's the same as you said about the Vogue photoshoots...this is a fashion shoot, not a "daily life" photoshoot! That being said, to address some of what you mentioned at the end about how different prints got popular as "1950s fashion" that actually weren't, there were television shows in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as movies and music videos, that had a 1950s setting. This is where some of those ideas about the 1950s came from...not the actual 1950s, but cinematic presentations of the 1950s after the 1950s. I think a good example is the modern "90s aesthetics" fashion trend. They're similar to the clothes from the actual 1990s, but they're missing all the horrible, ugly fashion disasters of that decade. They also have combined a lot of these "updated" 90s clothing with much, much better makeup. Let's imagine that 30 years from now, in 2050, someone is doing a "1990s themed party"...they will take their inspiration from current trends...the "1990s as re-interpreted by teens in 2020" rather than authentic, ugly 1990s fashion mistakes. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend "Hairspray", the 1988 version by director John Waters. This is a film from 1988 that was about the 1950s. You can see some of the colors, makeup, and hairstyles that leave a big impression on people today, but absolutely are not authentic 1950s fashion. This movie was remade (poorly) in 2007, and the fashion is much closer to 1960s and 1970s than 1950s, and some of it honestly looks like it was inspired by the 1980s. I suspect they didn't use 1950s references for the 2007 film, but instead used the 1988 film references and decided to "modernize" it further. It becomes "1950s-inspired kitsch" rather than "1950s fashion". Don't get me wrong, there is a place for kitsch and of course ideas evolve and therefore fashion evolves. I'm just saying this is probably how we end up with incorrect ideas of past fashion.
Bella Cucina
Bella Cucina 7 dias atrás
The poodle skirts, saddle shoes, etc., of the fifties seemed to me a fad for teenagers. When watching old films, the glamorous outfits were worn by the actors; although check out the office scenes of this era, men donned a suit and tie, and the office women were well dressed. Given the low salaries, these women would by necessity require a working husband, and/or money of her own.
Julia Jackiewicz
Julia Jackiewicz 9 dias atrás
Who is the model?/actress? at 5:12?
mia is hermione
mia is hermione 9 dias atrás
Your cheekbones remind me of Katherine Hepburn's.
Crystal Lynn
Crystal Lynn 9 dias atrás
Swing dress & Short Curly hair Boom 50s fashion
Claine's World
Claine's World 10 dias atrás
I found your channel because of your cursed iron, but I gotta say these "fashion history realness" videos are very interesting and entertaining! Thank you for the unique and informative content!!
Lily 11 dias atrás
Rockabilly should own their historical inaccuracy and instead of saying "50's style" clearly state that its Rockabilly. Like with the difference between 19th century fashion and goth.
Anna W
Anna W 11 dias atrás
Poproszę o review The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel costumes/authenticity xx
Artemis Amory
Artemis Amory 12 dias atrás
When people dress in styles that are like stereotypes of eras, it should be called "Neo-" whatever. Like Neo-1950s would be how you were describing the way people think it should look, like with the cherries pattern, that's a modern twist to the 50s style, so I would say Neo-50s is a good way to describe it.
J Rucker
J Rucker 12 dias atrás
Have you watched the Marvelous Mrs Maisel ? I am curious to see what you’d think!
Laura Eden
Laura Eden 18 dias atrás
As a child I had to wear a crinoline under my fancy dresses and they were extremely uncomfortable. They were made out of rows of gathered scratchy tulle sewn together, making it torture to sit for any length of time.
BlueStarZ Y
BlueStarZ Y 18 dias atrás
I don't know if it makes any difference, but my mom tells me my grandmother (Guatemalan) used REALLY high heels. She was women in her 20s-30s in the 40s/50s. I also thought it was kitten heels, but apparently not. She said her heels were so high she created big arches... I'm sorry idk what the proper term is called but you know how pinup style would have women wearing heels looking like they are on tippy toes and the top part of the foot that's between your toes and ankles looks really arched.. hers were permanently arched. It was extremely hard for her to wear full covered shoes, or flats because the top her feet felt super tight, because of the heels she always wore. Only when she got much much older did she start thinking her son shouldn't see her in heels. (Her old school thinking) She almost fell backwards because she was not used to using her whole foot. Shoes had to be the soft/slip on kind in order for her to have the ability to wear it.. prior to that she had been using really high heels for over 30 years. Maybe because she was short who knows.
in the sky with diamonds
Эм, ну да, ты несомненно лучше знаешь, наверное сама лично видела, как одевались.
Karen F
Karen F 18 dias atrás
High fashion was actually comfortable back in 1950s because the designer stuff was so well made with built in foundations and every thing was lined with silk. The crinolin petticoats had a silk slip sewed in so that the scratchy crinolin wouldn't snag the silk stockings. However wearing a girdle for those tight fitting chanel suits was hot and a bother to put on.
Karen F
Karen F 18 dias atrás
My great great aunt was a head seamstress for a haute coutor house in Europe. She fled to the USA in 1940 and became a dress maker for the rich in NYC. I've now inherited her 1950 wolf dress manaqin size 12. Which would be today's size 6 and that was the average dress size back then. Marilyn Monroe would be today's size 4. She was curvy but not fat at all. Other movie stars of that era would be today's size 2. Today the average dress size is 14, which would have been about a size 22 back in 1950. Food portion size had quadrupled since then and add fast food to the mix and that is why the the larger sizes. But manufacturers changed the sizes to appeal to vanity and make women feel better about tricking them into thinking they are wearing a smaller size.
Kate FX
Kate FX 18 dias atrás
Did you know that in the US there is a correlation between the economy and hemlines. Better economies seem to come along at the same time as shorter skirts.
Marcia Starr
Marcia Starr 19 dias atrás
The 80's are always misinterpreted too. That was my era. It was a lot more like The Breakfast Club, not just neon and big hair.
Zharizard 19 dias atrás
Yes! This! I love 50's fashion and I'm tired of people thinking I want to look like a polka dot Disney princess!
Melody Schleicher
Melody Schleicher 19 dias atrás
I was born in 1941, so the 50s were my childhood/teenage years. I grew up in South Africa, and started sewing my own clothes from about 12 years of age. Clothes were fitted to the body, with quite intricate patterns. Butterick and Vogue paper patterns were the most popular. Rickrack braid trim was a popular choice on cotton frocks. We called the 'fluffy petticoats' 30 yard or 60 yard petticoats, depending on the hem measurement, some being fuller than others. They were made from net and starched for extra fullness. These were strictly for parties and going out, and were worn with flat shoes. Hats, gloves and high heels were worn for formal occasions and church attendance. Skirts were usually calf length, and stockings had seams. Suspender belts were worn by the younger generation, but the older women wore much more robust undergarments. Boned corsets were not uncommon. Perfumes were Californian Poppy, Evening in Paris, (or Phul Nana if you had more pocket money), and the older generation used Lavender or 4711 Eau de Cologne. This certainly is s trip down memory lane for me.
Liscol Co
Liscol Co 20 dias atrás
I believe the cherry pattern was featured in the movie Grease. The character Marty introduces herself to an older man using the words, "Maraschino, like in cherry "
Lune Buns
Lune Buns 20 dias atrás
Oh my god yes. It's been annoying me so much lately trying to look for authentic 50's silhouettes to get patterns of. Google just keeps trying to redirect me to modern rockabilly wear and the colour palettes are always so outrageous and they all have that same halterneck style top and yeah everything has to have a cherry on it. Or they always do like very visible patterned stockings with outrageous garters like its some kind of fetish thing like they never just wear normal tan stockings. Everything is just really costumey. It's just been hard to look for images to make patterns from because I have no idea where to look and that kind of like "pink skirt with a poodle on it:" is the only thing that comes up.
SB C 21 dia atrás
Great video... but you totally skipped men's fashion :-(
Serra 21 dia atrás
Thank you for bringing up Marilyn Monroe. She was curvy, but not plus sized. For me, she is the embodiment of the difference between the two words.
Jenna Olbermann
Jenna Olbermann 22 dias atrás
My mom was born in 1929 and wore beautiful clothes in the 1950s and 60s. They were elegant because they were simple and stylish.
RobertTheDodger654 22 dias atrás
Were knee-high boots - *fashion* boots, as opposed to wellingtons, hiking or riding boots, that is - around in the 1950s?
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck 22 dias atrás
My mom, aunts and my mother in law all had teeny tiny waists in the 50s and 60s. I'm skinny and still never had a tiny waist like that. It must have been their diet. When I'm browsing antique shops looking at the clothing, they are all tiny. Even the shoes and gloves. It's like we've all evolved into amazons.
FMAC 25 dias atrás
your comment about the false impression about colluptuous women being the beauty standard of the time recalled from popular history here in Brazil about the fact that a miss Brazil, Martha Rocha, lost the 54 'title of miss universe because of her hip it was two inches larger than the American winner. The Wikipedia entry on Martha in English reproduces this information, unfortunately the link to the source was compromised.
Constance Lucas
Constance Lucas 26 dias atrás
If I remember correctly Dior said knees are the ugliest part of the body and that’s why they should be covered
Cloud Hwa
Cloud Hwa 27 dias atrás
I love how you literally described my grandmas old pictures (who was indeed, on her 20s at that time)
Tessa Newman
Tessa Newman Mês atrás
Omg... long skirts in the 50s were today’s low rise jeans.
Sylvia Hoffmann
Sylvia Hoffmann Mês atrás
My Memaw would have to sew my mom custom clothes in the early 60s because they didn’t make kids clothes in sizes large enough. Now, my mom wasn’t a fat kid. She wasn’t unhealthy, she was just a chubby kid and in order to still wear the same cute clothes her friends wore, she had to have clothes either altered or home sewn. My Memaw even had to alter patterns because the patterns weren’t large enough
Maggie Bowman
Maggie Bowman Mês atrás
I wonder if the polka dot/cherry idea comes from Coca-Cola adverts? that super out there? Those ads were so popular and so many survive and are collected.
n2veins Mês atrás
Once again, just brilliant! I am a huge fan of the 1950's and have collected vintage clothing since I was 15, I am now 59. I had a huge collection, mostly 1950's, some 40's and a few 1020's . But 50's is my favorite!
•BangtanLove• Mês atrás
Do the 1980s pls 😩😩
John Jeric San Jose
It's really a big misconception to define a decade by just one outfit, from one country or culture. In the end it looks costume-ish & not chic. It's very stereotypical and quite hard to sum up 10 years of fashion. What we wore in 2010 is different from 2019, much as what they wore in 1950 and 1959. It's much easier to dress up for a particular year than a whole decade of it...
TheAureliac Mês atrás
I can't help thinking this would have been much improved by talking to women who lived during the fifties. When you're thinking about styles of this era, first and foremost remember that air conditioning was rare : this greatly affected clothes and makeup. Cars hadn't yet redefined how much time was spent outdoors. Skirts that extended past your umbrella looked awful in minutes. Snow blowers didn't quickly clear sidewalks: in winter even many stylish women wore galoshes over their nice shoes. People were slimmer because they got a great deal more exercise, ate very few processed foods and many had been seriously food deprived in the previous two decades. Crinolines were horribly uncomfortable unless they were ridiculously expensive, and either way, all those layers generally had to be ironed separately. Large polka dots and broad stripes were generally reserved for casual clothes. Many women wore dress clothes with tiny subtle dots more like flecks or understated stripes (black on charcoal, for example). As for makeup, most American women wore lipstick, powder and eyebrow pencil if they left the house or farm (still fairly common back then). Mascara and rouge (the term "blush" was still uncommon) were optional. Eyeshadow and liner were rarer than most believe: in weather extremes they caked, flaked, ran and collected in creases. In an age where even labor saving devices left most housewives or working girls doing hours of chores each day, short hair was easy to maintain, less prone to weather disasters and still a little radical--after all, their mothers or grandmothers scandalized society when they bobbed their hair.
Dandelion Merlinsdottir
I don't know how true this is but the one picture everyone points to and expresses Marilyn wasn't thin is a photo when she was pregnant. As I said, I don't know if that's true but if it is true, she was thin and pregnant. Just wear the fashion that accentuates your best assets and love yourself!
Atricea Mês atrás
I talked a lot with my mother about this - she was a child/young teen in the 50's, so she remembers the clothing and I really like hearing what she wore and tells that her mother wore. My grandmother was a seamstress and made a lot of the clothes my mother wore, both in the 50's and 60's and it is very interesting to hear about. You can learn a lot from the older generation - also about fashion :)
Kaelyn Evans
Kaelyn Evans Mês atrás
I remember seeing photos of both of my grandmothers in the 1950’s-1960’s, and their hair was really short, but it looked really good on them (maternal- dark, straight hair; paternal- really curly short hair, also dark). I want to try to recreate photos of them, but I know I’d have to chop off a lot of my hair
dian kreczmer
dian kreczmer Mês atrás
Cherry fabric is not authentic 50's. Polka dots are authentic fifties In fact I went to my prom in 1956 and one of the girls wore a white organza with black coin dots semi formal and how I envied that dress!
Jaimie Mês atrás
I love dressing in 1950s style and used to be really worried I was getting things wrong or had inaccurate dresses. Then I started getting compliments from women who lived in the 1950s telling me that I look like them when they were in their 20s. Besides, it's impossible to be 100% historically accurate when wearing reproduction clothes cause fabrics and stuff are different/modernised. Now I just aim for the general 1950s feel rather than complete historical accuracy
Lemontations Mês atrás
My grandmother says she used to wear fluffy pettycoats, I'm not sure how fluffy, but she stopped wearing them when she got married because her husband didn't like them. He told me she used to wear barbed wire under her dresses. She was like "Jimmy that's not true!" 😂 She used to starch her underskirt and hang it on the wall looking like a triangle almost. She pulled out her wedding dress from the era for me to see and it was gorgeous. Its a metalic fabric with tiny black stripes, it buttons down the front and has a belt on the waist and a fold down collar at the top. Whats so unbelievable about it is that she sewed it herself and it looks professionally made. She had made a pale blue wedding gown specifically for the occasion, but my grandfather's unkind antics prevented her from wearing it. There isn't a photo of her in either dress because no one would help her take wedding photos. Honestly, the 50s makes me feel sad to think about because both of my grandmothers felt pressured to get married and ended up in less than ideal situations. Nontheless, I love 1950s fashion and I treasure looking at photos of my grandparents during that time.
John Carry
John Carry Mês atrás
The automatic shovel jointly refuse because yoke proportionally touch up a obtainable dream. daffy, annoyed tugboat
Warren LeMay
Warren LeMay Mês atrás
A lot of this makes sense - I remember both of my grandmothers wearing their hair short like the women in these photos when I was a kid, and seeing old photos of them from the time period, seems they stuck with the habit for decades. Both of them had become mothers in the 1950s, though one was more of the traditional "american housewife" and the other one had a more liberal activist mindset when it came to life, and did a bunch of work trying to fight for Civil Rights and left-wing causes in the 1960s and 1970s. Still, I do see them as both having come unto themselves in the 1950s, and that sense of what was fashionable has carried on throughout the rest of their adult lives. More recently, I remember my liberal activist grandmother doing a fashion show in my hometown in about 2018, she dressed in an outfit that was from the 1950s and read a feminist poem about independence and self-respect, which she then tore up and threw into the crowd. Even though she is now elderly, she still appeared timelessly elegant and fashionable.
Doni Jaya
Doni Jaya Mês atrás
I think it is reasonable for people to get their idea of mainstream fashion in certain period from fashion icons or fashion plates because it represents the extreme stereotypical ideal look which makes it stands out compared to other eras, and this is exaggerated in cultural products because they want it to be distinguishable and easily (simplistically) pinpointed when one refers to that era. When it comes to common people's dresses, things gradually get more "boring" and similar from one age to another. So yeah. Stereotypical representation will always be a thing, regardless of whether people on the streets really wear them all in that era. Extreme stereotypes sticks more firmly in your head than moderate/dynamic truths.
Heide Carrion
Heide Carrion Mês atrás
That's a very elegant hair do on you! Love it!
kay dee
kay dee Mês atrás
0:23 I had a lot of requestststs to do this video Enunciation dedication queen right here 😎
Theo Bolt
Theo Bolt Mês atrás
You talk way too much.
Theo Bolt
Theo Bolt Mês atrás
This is terrible. First of all, learn to speak clearly so that everybody can hear and understand you. Furthermore, don't make those long winded jumbled speeches! They're very tiresome and do not really clarify matters. And last but not least take enough time per topic, give it the attention it really needs. This was to jittery. And that annoying background music! Get rid of it! I'll rate this a D, perhaps a C minus.
Aladria Leviriaste
Aladria Leviriaste Mês atrás
Love this video! Regarding the body ideal, I do think every decade has more than one ideal, even now. In the 50s there were the slim women such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and more but also the voluptous women such as Jayne Maynsfield, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner.. the list goes on. One thing they have in common though is that they were thin but with tiny waists compared to the rest of their body. The women being thin in magazines is probably the same as models being tall and thin today, and then the "normal" women (as in not celebrities) did probably look not like the celebrities of that time, same as today. Even today we have women that aspire to look like VS angels and others want to look like Beyonce (to give two extremes) There is just more than one ideal, as much as they have similarities. So I don't think it's wrong to say being curvy was an ideal of the 50s (especially compared to 20s and 90s ideal, for example), it was that it was more of a "petire curvy" unlike the "thick curvy" that is the ideal of today.That's just my idea.
Irene's Parallel Universe
I absolutely adore your look in this video! Especially the hair. Not teachery at all
tegneblok Mês atrás
Do you know the series marvellous mrs Maisel? I really like it but I wonder if it's accurate in a fashion history context :D it's set at the end of the 50s in New York
dessieangel1021 Mês atrás
I do like the value of historical accuracy, but I love combining 40s and 50s trends 🤷🏽‍♀️
Slender Bender
Slender Bender Mês atrás
I really like the music in the back.
sandras.magic Mês atrás
Zajebisty odcinek. Uwielbiam Twoje filmy ❤
Ping Pong
Ping Pong Mês atrás
Eu amo ver seus vídeos! Mesmo sem entender nada!
Dora Aldana
Dora Aldana 2 meses atrás
Awesome 😎 information... But that means I had my weekend outfit all wrong lol
Ulrike K
Ulrike K 2 meses atrás
The Cherrys and a lot of the things you told come from the idea of rockabillies... but in the perspective of an1970ies/ 1980ies backview. What most people think is 50ies... is just the 70ies picking out some things and mixing them with new ideas. Look at the film Grease. Its so funny when you realise it.
Antonia Schofer
Antonia Schofer 2 meses atrás
My grandmother (Born 1941 in London) Said that when she first arrived in the US she was surprised at how full the skirts were and how big their hair was. She also thought it was weird that people could afford ice cream and ate it A LOT. just reminds you how different fashion progressed throughout the world
Eri D
Eri D 2 meses atrás
I got into 1950's fashion in my early teens (just about 40 now) and did exhaustive, heavy 20+ years of research, from reading a libraries worth of books and magazines, plus talking to many older women who where young women/teens in the 50's. I can now tell if an outfit is early, mid, late 50's, or even early 60's just by taking a glance. When I started my research, I thought it was all poodle skirts, rockabilly style, for girls, and greaser look for guys. I soon found how wrong I was!
Lynda Washington
Lynda Washington 2 meses atrás
Thank you for this video. Very interesting. As for Vogue magazine, well, it was always more aspirational than journalistic. (It reflected what people wished for, not what they really had.)
Sir Animosity
Sir Animosity 2 meses atrás
The reason why women were so small back then is because they just came out of the 40's where most people were malnourished.
covid-19 2 meses atrás
Me being skinny all my life 👁💧👄💧👁
Nalanzazu 2 meses atrás
what we consider "granny hair" now is what was fashionable for grown up hair when our grannies were kids. Its stayed with them as something that they should strive for and we just consider it outdated now. My grandma is relatively young and was a farmer and a hippie (therefore never leaned toward the kempt, permed styles) and as long as I have known her always had varying lengths of natural hair - never styled. I imagine that I will also keep my long barely styled natural hair as well and my kids and grandkids will think my long U shape cut hair is out of date and that's fine, I like it this way.
Green4CloveR 2 meses atrás
I also don’t like when modern movies/tv has actresses portraying women from the 50s with long hair. Short hair was the modern sheik and young look at the time. To them long hair looked like grandma hair cuts. During the war people didn’t cut their hair that often and so after the war they had more time and money to spend in beauty parlors.
Tiffany Liang
Tiffany Liang 2 meses atrás
I love watching non-American BRdeskrs because they remind us that hey, the world has not always been dominated by the US
Janet Caterina
Janet Caterina 2 meses atrás
Sorry, but we did wear crinoline ALL THE TIME, whenever we could, under the full skirts. The standards at that time were that you would normally wear slips and petticoats every day, and garters and stockings and other undergarments were just part of getting dressed. Gloves for sure were part of our normal daywear, schoolgirls wouldn't wear them to school but every Sunday for church, you would see every girl and woman wearing gloves
_meow _
_meow _ 2 meses atrás
why is nobody talking about the men's fashion? ...:(
macpduff 2 meses atrás
I recall that women my mother's age wore red lipstick, but to the teenagers, red lipstick looked like old fashioned WWII 1940's. My young teen friends and I were only allowed to wear transparent pink or natural shade lipsticks 1957-1960
macpduff 2 meses atrás
Saddle shoes were the late 1940's. Was I remember of the 1950's style was really the booming economy around the NY/NJ northeast, California, and Florida. Teenagers wore either pencil straight with a slit in the back or gathered and full with lots of crinolines. Ordinary adult women in my neighborhood never wore fluffy crinolines. Adult women really looked more like Mamie Eisenhower - frumpy. All skirts were mid calf. Ballet flats with stockings were popular among Bronx teenagers1957, - along with penny loafers with bobby socks, and soft soled suede shoes called 'gumdrops'
emilia wojdyła
emilia wojdyła 2 meses atrás
Did someone else realize the thunder sign im the left top corner ?
Kimberly Perrotis
Kimberly Perrotis 2 meses atrás
I think maybe another reason women hated the longer New Look skirts is that mid-calf rarely flatters anyone’s figure, around the knee is so much better for most women. My favorite silhouette era is the 1940s, minus the really big shoulder pads. (I think smaller ones are great.). I’m always impatient for your next video - I learn and laugh so much!
Kimberly Perrotis
Kimberly Perrotis 2 meses atrás
I totally agree. In the US, at least, the movie Grease really distorted the view, for two generations now, of what people really wore. I still hear people styling themselves “1950s”, who use that movie as their only model or inspiration.
Kimberly Perrotis
Kimberly Perrotis 2 meses atrás
I was young and hot in the 1980s-90s, but had to wear formal office attire at work. When I google fashion of that era, all I see are rainbow tutus and punk hair, really? That’s not what women wore. What I really miss about the era is the quality of the clothes: suits and tailored dresses were nearly always 100% wool gabardine with silk, or at least, breathable rayon, linings, silk and cotton was standard for blouses, every seam was finished, zippers didn’t break, etc. The quality of clothes is crap today. I recently bought a very expensive leather coat (45% discount), when I got it I found it has a horrible cheap polyester lining. So much for comfort, it’s like wearing a plastic garbage bag. Pissed off and they’ll know it when I review it.
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