1920s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is 

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20 Mai 2018



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Faith No More
Faith No More Dia atrás
At 16, my grandma bobbed her hair, and her dad gave her a good cussing. That was 1925, and he was not amused. Her clothes were dresses that DID look like a potato sack, and as the Depression came about, probably WERE made of those sacks at times. I thought she was beautiful, and she never wore makeup, because first, the expense, second, the impracticality, as she picked cotton to feed her children. A bob would have been practical in the hot sun, and she told me she wore an old bonnet to keep the sun off her face. Also, VERY practical. Thanks for the video, and for keeping it honest and real.
Moonlight ASMR
Moonlight ASMR 2 dias atrás
Where is your hair band from? Very nice 👌☺
Jelena Jelisavcic
Jelena Jelisavcic 2 dias atrás
Me who doesn't ever go to parties "yes, yes, must remember this just in case"
Jelena Jelisavcic
Jelena Jelisavcic 2 dias atrás
Those heels looks so comfy??
Cathy Thomas
Cathy Thomas 7 dias atrás
I once wore, to a wedding, an off white textured mid-calf cotton dress with a dropped waist at the hips and a dark blue straw hat with a shoulder width brim. Quite 1920s, I think.
Cathy Thomas
Cathy Thomas 7 dias atrás
Really interesting clip. I like the point you make that hemlines were never above the knee and even mid-calf lengths were shocking................because of what went before. Seems so obvious now.
A-L 7 dias atrás
Super looking forward to binging all your videos!
Jacqueline Langworthy Smith
The look of "wavy long hair" was another "hollywood movies" perpetration. Mary Pickford often played characters with the long wavy hair. It was seen as "romantic".
joão marcos dangelo rocha
mas os anos 1920 que vc retrata voce fala das mulheres de uma vida burguesa e estavel. o estilo com brilho,penas e plumas vem dos cabares de antigamente
QueenShireen 12 dias atrás
Yes so true! You have to se fashion in comparisson with the past not the future. Also I love how you mentioned that fashion came gratually, not in snap. Not everyone was up to date in a day.
Cathy Thomas
Cathy Thomas 7 dias atrás
Exactly. Mini skirts didn't hit my country town till the 70s, so by then we had a choice of mini, midi and maxi. Minis were a London thing in the 60s.
ARURAN VIRUS 13 dias atrás
the time of this video though... well thought out.
peter wall
peter wall 14 dias atrás
You keep torturing that cat , i can't guarantee you 'll have a face for much longer. You don't want to have to deal wit ha cat when it snaps. Take my word for it. Been there ,suffered through it, still hurts when the weather changes 30+ years later.
Kaneki Lilases-kun
Kaneki Lilases-kun 14 dias atrás
Thank you so much for the video. I'm trying to write a tale and some of characters are from the 20's so you really helped me ^^
Alex Likes Drawing
Alex Likes Drawing 15 dias atrás
I'm curious how inaccurate the depiction of 2010s fashion will be in like a 100 years
Néstor David González Rodríguez
The 1920s looked better on drawings than in real life. A silhouette almost impossible to achieve, the androgynous ideal. But we have an exception to the rule, La Robe de Style de Lanvin, some sort of 18th centuriesque revival.
Néstor David González Rodríguez
Paul Poiret not Perret.
Banjo Stories
Banjo Stories 18 dias atrás
Hi Karolina, I always enjoy your presentations. I believe you will enjoy my presentation of the 1890s at Let's chat sometime t
art-is-awen 18 dias atrás
interesting to see these silhouettes coming back into style... its great for my androgynous body/look!! I've always appreciated the 1920s drop waists and bagginess 😍
Lesli Jones
Lesli Jones 20 dias atrás
This is great!!
Lesli Jones
Lesli Jones 20 dias atrás
Music Luvr
Music Luvr 20 dias atrás
1:23 This emotion she gives right here, really takes the Cake 😂
sdsyd1 21 dia atrás
Are these pins still available?
Sofia Martin
Sofia Martin 21 dia atrás
i'm so late for this video, but is peaky blinders fashion accurate?
Yakusaka 21 dia atrás
Potato bag is an accurate comparison.
Hunlover123601 22 dias atrás
she reminds me a bit of a kitty. "NOOOOOOO" 🤣🤣🤣
Cynthia Woodmancy
Cynthia Woodmancy 22 dias atrás
wish she had more pictures of the fashions than of herself.
Cynthia Woodmancy
Cynthia Woodmancy 22 dias atrás
wish she had more pictures of the fashions than of herself.
Glamsky 24 dias atrás's the 1980's that's the most stereotyped, lol...
mayder 40
mayder 40 24 dias atrás
A 1920’s party/wedding Reception has to be interrupted by Elliot Ness’ agents or the police to make it memorable.
Aya H
Aya H 26 dias atrás
1:23 she looks absolutely dying inside. had me CACKLING
Kendra Nieuwendorp
Kendra Nieuwendorp 26 dias atrás
Karolina, would you say Downton Abbey did a good job of representing 1920s fashion?
Kela 27 dias atrás
i LOVE THE ACTING AT THE BEGINNING. You can actually feel the pain in your expressions and I love the really forced pretening when making up excuses. I loved that. And the character asking for help actually sounded quite real and not exaggerated.
Tiffany Muff
Tiffany Muff 27 dias atrás
What about the pearls and feathers? You didn't discuss those...
Bridie Shaw
Bridie Shaw 28 dias atrás
I would love to see a video on what you think of Peaky Blinders and the fashion portrayed in it! It's one of my favourite shows!
Samantha .Palomino
Samantha .Palomino Mês atrás
I liked the intro, what's other people's problem? Criticism is one thing but being an asshole is something else.
Ralph Harrison
Ralph Harrison Mês atrás
As a man not the least interested in fashion and clothes, I found this absolutely fascinating! Well researched, Karolina!
gracefully unknown
gracefully unknown Mês atrás
2:44 almost broke the character.. ITS CONFIRMED KAROLINA IS A TIME TRAVELLER
Aspen Mês atrás
I always questioned how people went from long dresses to short tight things- Still a question but it makes a bit more sense when you look at the actual history
Anthony Vaughan
Anthony Vaughan Mês atrás
Karolina yes your my tipe i would fancy you in a black plastic bin bag. ♡
Anthony Vaughan
Anthony Vaughan Mês atrás
A women of all sesions months years. Space age love. Flock of seagulls. 80s. I love♡ U
Girl in the Red Scarf
8:37 what movie is that?
The Sit-Down Stand-Up Misanthrope
Let me treat you to dinner and drinks, Karolina.
Kuzon Mês atrás
i would love to see your take on 1960s/1970s fashion
Jules Pew
Jules Pew Mês atrás
I've got a few 1920 things from my grandmother, who went out dancing the Black Bottom skipping shorthand classes. They include quite a few gloves; she had to get them from Paris as her hands were so small. Mostly, they are shorter and were in loads of different colours.
Psychonauts Mês atrás
I have to push back on this a little. Although it's true dark makeup wasn't an everyday look for most people it was considered fashionable especially for artsy crowds. Also gloves were a staple for the wealthy for evening events, as well as pearls. Fringes and feathers were also definitely in. It's true that a lot of this was more seen in hollywood or magazines and obviously daily outfits were a lot more subdued however these things were popular at the time. I also agree that the modern costume with the feather band, gloves and fringe is a bit contrived but there is definitely some truth to these elements.
Emiliano Orsini
Emiliano Orsini Mês atrás
What exquisite creature are you :-D
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez Mês atrás
Your skits are the best!
Cherilyn Larsen
Cherilyn Larsen Mês atrás
Have you ever discussed Fortuny designs?
Cherilyn Larsen
Cherilyn Larsen Mês atrás
I love, love, love your humor!!!! Keep it up!
Lydia Steine Bendiksen
She keeps talking like she was there, which is clearly evidence she actually studied the stuff propperly and has a vivid idea of each era. the vampire joke was taken, so I subverted it and instead drew attention to the hard work she's done, which deserves apprechiation.
BlueberryDragon13 Mês atrás
Wow, never thought my body type would have ever been fashionable.
A S Mês atrás
Looove the video!
frogscontroltime Mês atrás
*“if youve ever seen a knee then you’re a damn perv!”* - the 1920’s
CydnotCharrise1 Mês atrás
Those low curved heels were called Cuban heels... and I still love them! The wonderful "Granny shoes" ( with great arch support ) were oxfords with cuban heels.
honeychurchgipsy6 Mês atrás
I suspect that, like all eras, people wore a variety of styles. Many would no doubt have continued to wear the clothes they had always worn whilst others adopted new styles readily. I looked after women who still wore old fashioned undies similar to those worn in the 1910's - in the 1980's!! Also, our 21st century penchant for throw away clothing did not exist. Clothes were expensive and mostly hand made or home made - so people kept them for years. Even when I was a teenager in the 70's it was cheaper to make clothes than to buy them and we had fewer clothes.
Catherine Deng
Catherine Deng Mês atrás
1920's fashion is beautiful i love it
Ana Mês atrás
Peaky blinder
Lowdermoomoo Mês atrás
So I’m going to a 1920s party and I was referencing to some 1920’s pictures and what everyone wore would make me look about 2 feet tall, the only stuff that wouldn’t would basically be cabaret/burlesque wear but I don’t wanna show up to a 20s party looking like a stripper. Please help.
Evgeniia Nikolaeva
Evgeniia Nikolaeva Mês atrás
Thank you so much for your videos! They are very educational for a lay person.
Ann Stillwell
Ann Stillwell Mês atrás
Not a good fashion era. Stuff was just ugly. Now the 1930s and 40s were very cool. I used to collect vintage and had several 1930s evening dressing and a few Pre 1920 dresses all of which I loved. I donated them during a move. Just had too much stuff but still regret it.
Margot Margot
Margot Margot Mês atrás
potato bags??? the art nouveau/liberty/jugendstiele is the best and original creation, giving an immediate sense of luxury with that mix of fabric design and decoration, involving such an extent to jewels for hair and the head never seen anymore .. women like queens.
rowan orre
rowan orre Mês atrás
dance shoes (what are called "character shoes") I think have the correct heel.
Caroline Regina
Caroline Regina Mês atrás
Girl im writting a story with vampires and demons and stuff, and i just decided ill create a character totally based on you, her background is that she is a vampire and now she works with historical fashion, and our characters ask her advice cause she knows a lot of important locations for the story, i hope i can finish it, and someday you find it in the library, i would be honored if u could see yourself in that character
Cynthia Murphy
Cynthia Murphy Mês atrás
I so wish I'd asked either or both of my grandmothers so many more questions about when they were young when I had the chance to ask. Had they lived, they'd both be well over 100. The one did live to 96, the other died at 65 (a year younger than I am right now). I know both of them had fathers who were barbers, which is interesting, because they were "country" people here in Ohio. They came from conservative types yet were not religious. I think for both my grandmothers, it was about getting out and away from their folks to find jobs in the city. They married young, had kids early, the hubbies got good factory jobs after the war, worked hard, and they were basically set for life. What I do know is that I'm very thankful I had a good childhood and plenty of attention as the oldest grandchild on both sides and good memories. What's sad is that there is nobody left in the family now to ask.
Jans van Aalst
Jans van Aalst Mês atrás
I would really like to know what your thoughts are on the Downton Abbey costumes, I really love them and would like to know hoe accurate they are.
The1920sChannel Mês atrás
At 1920s-themed parties, it's alway flappers and gangsters lol. I think one of the reasons for all the misinformation about 1920s fashion is Hollywood. Film fan magazines and the "cult of Hollywood" often pushed the flapper look, sometimes even going so far as to show above the knee. Though that was pretty rare. But plenty of actresses who got a lot of coverage in magazines didn't wear "flapper clothes." Even looking through trendy fashion magazines, most women's clothing was still pretty conservative and more elegant than sexy. I hope more people watch this video and the myth finally goes away. Flapper fashion or not, it's still pretty cool and should be appreciated.
Pietro Tentor
Pietro Tentor Mês atrás
in this video you remeber me Isabelle Adjani when she was younger
Suzette McN
Suzette McN Mês atrás
I appreciate this video. She brings up great points. Some such as movies and photography that we may see and not fully understand, such as the impact of the film quality, or people getting hand-me-down clothing. There is so much information about a topic that we may interpret incorrectly if we are just looking at a small piece.
Akira Buhaina
Akira Buhaina Mês atrás
Great points! I believe he last black and white photo shown was a group of men cross dressing.
sally the wolf
sally the wolf Mês atrás
Id say the queen mother showed the decade well
legolasdbk 2 meses atrás
dear miss zebrowska - i do like your videos; they are informative, fun, educational... but, please, allow me one slight suggestion, from a linguistic point of view. your english is very nearly excellent, you obviously have a good "ear" and seem to have picked up the american mode of expression quite well. you also seem to have picked up a language parasite - i am, like, referring, like, to the, like, excessive, like, use of the, like, word "like". this is called a filler and it is quite an unnecessary part of speech, usually, like "er" or "umm", serving the purpose of buying time, or filling the empty space. unfortunately, though rarely perceived by speakers, it can be very annoying and even alienating to listeners. it can also make the speaker appear to be less educated or less intelligent than he/she would desire to appear. i hope i have not offended, that was never my intention, i merely offered a bit of professional advice i thought you could benefit from. best of luck!
Breandan Frederick
Breandan Frederick 2 meses atrás
I love the dress Donna Noble, from Dr. Who, wore in the Wasp and the Unicorn. I believe that was a 1920s dress.
M.S. 2 meses atrás
This is the coincidence of the Millennium: 1920s Clothing: no 'shape', pale potatosack is _the_ look, get a short hairstyle 2020 Clothing: sweatpants and hoodie, basically again the potato sack, you gonna be pale after not going outside for months, cut your hair on your own to short It was the fate of the world!
Chelsea Miranda
Chelsea Miranda 2 meses atrás
flat with meat? I could've made it in the 20s
Setareh Greenwood
Setareh Greenwood 2 meses atrás
1:25 was me as my drama teacher pitched these exact diy costume suggestions for a 20s murder mystery put on by the theatre department. i spent the whole meeting with my head on my desk as my best friend and i fumed
A Person
A Person 2 meses atrás
A few years ago I had a school dance and it was 20’s theme and so many girls wore these tiny dresses. I’m not judging them on the fact that they wore short dresses but it makes me so sad that I was one of the only people wearing something as historically accurate at all. I’m also not trying to say “ I’m not like other girls” I’m just saying it sucks that it looked like a such a disaster. Btw Happy Holidays!
Michał Żukiewicz
Michał Żukiewicz 2 meses atrás
Why I found you so late? 😭 Any chance for re-release of the pins? 😬
Rowan Delevingne
Rowan Delevingne 2 meses atrás
Thanks to books, I know that these famous dress of 20's, was for Woman who are ---- not a normal rich and traditional woman
Daniele Haddad
Daniele Haddad 2 meses atrás
The modern ‘flapper look’ originated with the movie ‘Singing in The Rain’.
QueenieLouWeekly 2 meses atrás
Do consider the "coconut effect".
Kimi FW
Kimi FW 2 meses atrás
Is this whole thing a skit? I'll just skip ahead a little and-- Oh! An ad. Lovely.
Madyson Moore
Madyson Moore 2 meses atrás
Ooooh, that's why none of them had boobs or butt. I always wondered.
Madyson Moore
Madyson Moore 2 meses atrás
P.S. 1920's was one of the worst era's for fashion. Hide the boobs, hide the butt, wear a potato sack. Blurgh.
katerinaaqu 2 meses atrás
Okay just one small comment I want to make. I am not an expert at dress history but when you study archeology you learn one small principle: the fact that something new came doesn't mean that the old one stopped existing. So yeah I agree with you that it is wrong to wear skin-tight thigh-long black sleeveless dresses and pretend being 1920s. I agree with you for most part of the video. I just want to point out that "historically accurate" does not necessarily imply that people pulled a switch and changed their dressing style. Late 1910s dresses and accessories must have continued existing and either be reformed or worn as they were (you pointed out the detail with the hat which is really important too) Being fashionable and being historically accurate are not necessarily the same thing. Right now you see people be dressed vintage or wearing dresses inspired by 1950s and 90s etc even though we are in 2020s. Also there are pictures of the time of women with wavy hair (mostly actresses that's true) as well as more details in makeup. I suppose it has also to do with the social and parental background of each woman There were women who wanted to be fashionable and women who remained old-fashioned so yeah Juat to clarify I am not criticizing you by any means since you are far more expert in dresses than I am just sometimes I get a lot of talk of absolute stuff regarding each Era so yeah I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your entertaining and informing videos Greetings from Greece!
n2veins 2 meses atrás
I absolutly love you! This is brilliant! I have a historical fashion and make up background and totally get everything you say and I have been there be4 when people try and dress for a 20's era incorrectly.
Sunflower Lover
Sunflower Lover 2 meses atrás
I absolutely love and appreciate the history and learning of the accuracy of what they actually wore. But if you are ever invited to a "1920s themed" party you do not have to stress out about being historically accurate unless you absolutely want to. Dressing up in theme parties is just for fun. Have fun with it. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, fun, flirty and pretty. Lol
Barcelona Memory
Barcelona Memory 2 meses atrás
Genial video. Queremos presentaros nuestra visión sobre la moda del siglo XVIII a 1930. esperamos que os guste también
Leonardo What
Leonardo What 2 meses atrás
Appreciate the 1920’s background music, like damn that’s fucking amazing.
dom su
dom su 2 meses atrás
Who’s Denise?
carbonated water
carbonated water 2 meses atrás
Karolina asking Karolina for advice to make a video! Brilliant
Anneth 2 meses atrás
Your friend was going for the "Flapper Girl" look haha, but I don't think it was something to consider as normal in that time teeheehee ^^ I knew alot about this fashion but you come with alot of extra details that I didnt know yet, like the make up for films. Wish we could go back to the time where we didnt have to show so much skin :) Edit: OK THE CAT DOESNT SEEM TO AGREE. CAT KNOWS BEST SO LETS ALL WEAR MINISKIRTS AND HIGH HEELS!!!!!!!1111
💫💐 MysticalDreamz 💐💫
As a black woman, for my 1920s fashions I'll either wear my hair in a bun or curls, which is quite acceptable. + I can't cut my afro-textured hair off, because it'll take a very long time for my hair to grow back. + Braids is also acceptable as well for this fashion.
Hannah C
Hannah C 2 meses atrás
I'm doing research into 1920s style hair and makeup for my blog The Time Traveller's Chef, as I'm planning to dress up a bit for my canapes and cocktail evening, and my god there are so many modern pictures of people wearing liquid eyeliner! Like noooooo, what are you doing?
Zoingeroni 2 meses atrás
People didn't like the acting?? That was the highlight of this video!!! 😭😭😭
Katie Cottingham
Katie Cottingham 2 meses atrás
Yeah, the chest minimizing shapewear was the biggest myth that my family definitely never forgot about. My great-grandmother was a very busty lady and had to wear at least one, if not two minimizers as a result. The photos of her in teacher's college in the 1910s where she "daringly and shockingly showed her ankle" is one of the sources I go back to when trying to frame that fashions change progressively, and even though the "young and fashionable" lady may be on trend or ahead of widespread trends, it's not reflective of the masses.
david lincoln brooks
david lincoln brooks 3 meses atrás
I agree with you, Karolina--- Do it right or don't do it at all!
Sec Girl
Sec Girl 3 meses atrás
Rambova was into that "clothes as art" thing and looked like she was in ill fitting, dowdy clothes most of the time!
Nia Mensah
Nia Mensah 3 meses atrás
Me in the beginning ahhhhhhhhh whyyyyy
Jo Serrapere
Jo Serrapere 3 meses atrás
I think the long hair with waves is just from Mary Pickford movies. She had long curls when she played the little girl.
Christi Nash
Christi Nash 3 meses atrás
Well I have actually studied the 1920s a fair bit (though I'm not at all a style and fashion expert like yourself) and there was an element of women wearing shorter skirts in their teens. It was considered shocking to their elders. Obviously this was not mainstream and definitely not for grown women (even "original Flapper" Zelda Fitzgerald started wearing longer dresses after her marriage before she had her daughter). But yeah, plenty of black and white photos of girls - mostly in their mid-to-late teens , high school/college age - of these young women showing some knee.
Some Bicycle
Some Bicycle 3 meses atrás
Cam you do a video on how you tie your scarves? They always look very beautiful!
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