1920s Fashion Encyclopedia, Pt 1: Daywear 

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wow my accent really is all over the place. hope you enjoyed this little video, it’s a little bit different than the usual stuff!
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27 Nov 2019



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Yolanda 2 dias atrás
being absolutely excited about this, only to find out it’s nearly two years old and the only part of the series
Lana Miasnikova
Lana Miasnikova 4 dias atrás
Thanks a lot ...write are in "20s " as well ...
Kora Death
Kora Death 13 dias atrás
Is she gonna count I use with parts every year
Sarah Perkins
Sarah Perkins 18 dias atrás
Help I need to find part2 evening wear before New Year's Eve. I have been invited to an extremely exclusive event that has a dress code of 1020s semi formal
ShadowoftheDude 22 dias atrás
Where’s part 2? :(
freckleKaren 28 dias atrás
I'd really appreciate any advice on how to figure out a 1920s outfit for a theme party when YOU HAVE A HUGE RACK and an hourglass figure ohmygawd. I can never win with this, anything remotely accurate looks atrocious on me
Fancy Moments
Fancy Moments Mês atrás
So this is going to be like this again in 2022
Firmansyah Adjie Pangestu
We need the next videos of this series😭😭😭
Distorted Melodies
Distorted Melodies Mês atrás
Am i the only one still waiting for the next episode?
István Balatoni
István Balatoni Mês atrás
there is no such thing as plus sized...they are fat, whether they are men or women
lazy Perfectionist
lazy Perfectionist Mês atrás
I got a truly cursed fashion aesthetic for you: 1920s clothing, and I mean not the flapper dress specifically but a whole variety that's close to the real deal as humanly possible, but done in the style of the Rawr XD emo/scene kid culture aesthetic from the 2000s, and calling it the Rawring 20s picture this - multicoloured crazy hair poking out under black-and-white striped cloche hats with a pink bow or two, checkered waistbands around the hips on dresses with edgy designs of band logos embroidered onto the fabrics, with neon leopard print stockings paired with lovely 1920s checkered heels laced up in crazy neon ribbon laces, and it's just a mix of black and neons no matter which way you looked just how cursed can the Rawring 20s aesthetic get???
Karolina Żebrowska
omg don’t tempt me
Lady Bee
Lady Bee Mês atrás
Meme mother, I crave more of this
E-Imposter 2 meses atrás
So in 2020 i found out i love 1920's Fashion and one day i want to have a 1920's Styled wardrobe but the thing is.......i like the Men's 1920's fashion more than the ladies and would be most comfortable in them.....and that's the thing am i allowed to do that?.....i think i could be able to since it is 2020 and nobody'd care aside from Republicans.
E-Imposter Mês atrás
@LTH ....I'm good, but thank you
LTH Mês atrás
You could exhange the trousers for a skirt.
y gh
y gh 2 meses atrás
Is there ever gonna be a part 2 about Evening Wear and/or Hair&Make-up? I'd love to see that!
Gurl Cota
Gurl Cota 2 meses atrás
Turns out, the 20’s has repeated itself, it just repeated the pandemic instead of the fashion 🤣😬
XatxiFly 2 meses atrás
I have nothing to contribute but I'm commenting because this video is great and I want to boost its algorithm ranking.
Annie Sky
Annie Sky 3 meses atrás
I know I am a bit late to this video but I adore it. I love the Art Deco era and it’s nice to see info thats not the stereotypical 20s. I hope this series continues. I couldn’t find more but I do hope it continues. This was so handy 💜💜💜
pagerkyma 3 meses atrás
Love this!! Where’s part two?
wierdo boy 101
wierdo boy 101 3 meses atrás
Does anyone have any suggestions on good books about 1920s fashion?
ravine mahogany
ravine mahogany 3 meses atrás
The intro to this video hits a lot different in october
TiaGatersCovers 05
TiaGatersCovers 05 3 meses atrás
Anybody else had to watch this for a class
Christina Burton
Christina Burton 3 meses atrás
I was born 70 years too late and 8 sizes too big.
Steven Burton
Steven Burton 3 meses atrás
You are the classiest and most interesting woman on you tube,by a mile.
JoJoZep ofthejungle
JoJoZep ofthejungle 3 meses atrás
Pity if a lady was pear shaped back then.
Akiko san
Akiko san 3 meses atrás
you should check Peaky Blinders' costumes, I've seen things that I'm pretty sure are not historically accurate
Klaus I. S.
Klaus I. S. 4 meses atrás
can someone tell me the name of the cuff-sleeve style in the lady on the right at 3:14?
Some Fool
Some Fool 4 meses atrás
I loved this video! I’m very interested in fashion history and would appreciate it if you made more “encyclopedia” videos like this ( i also think the stereotypical image of 20s fashion is quite tacky)
Sel.セレン. 4 meses atrás
Beautiful video. I'd like to see a Edwardian/10's fashion encyclopedia. That would be wonderfull.
romee kraats
romee kraats 5 meses atrás
Which shops do you think are the best to buy 1920s clothing?
Jitka Richterová
Jitka Richterová 5 meses atrás
I need the other episodes!
Lacey Myriah
Lacey Myriah 5 meses atrás
Lol 2020 is not what we anticipated it to be. Were face masks in 100 years ago? ;)
Vincisomething 5 meses atrás
I'd watch 5 hours of this
Emily Lock
Emily Lock 6 meses atrás
Please can we see part 2!!!!!!
Guardian Of The Duat
Guardian Of The Duat 6 meses atrás
I mean we may be going through the 20s in more ways than one before the roaring 20s came the end of the war and disease so.....
Maurice Bederon
Maurice Bederon 6 meses atrás
Today's women are growing up with casual and unisex clothes. So they have no idea how to suit thereselfs in such clothing and some of them are overweight.
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 6 meses atrás
Could we get a fashion encyclopedia for the 1960s! I feel like this era is usually misunderstood with over representation of hippie fashion, who were literally the counter-culture
Maria Górna
Maria Górna 6 meses atrás
Where is my next video of this series
Caelen Rose Ziegler-Horton
Will there still be a second part?
Herb Cutler
Herb Cutler 7 meses atrás
Could you read us a children's book en Polski? Your language is beautiful but I cannot keep up with you
セラムーンSarah Moon
I think the 1920's silhouette is rather unflattering, but then again, 2020's fashion so far is pajamas, so I guess the 1920's had it going on. 🧐
Theodora Neves Simões
Theodora Neves Simões 8 meses atrás
watching this while reminding myself that the roaring 20's are gonna have to be postponed because of the coronavirus *cries in flapper*
Nik 8 meses atrás
But where are the rest of the videos? We crave education!
Rachel Lesch
Rachel Lesch 8 meses atrás
I cited this video in an article I wrote
Ophelia Cameron
Ophelia Cameron 8 meses atrás
This video deserves more views
Juci Shockwave
Juci Shockwave 9 meses atrás
I would add that the discovery of King Tuts tomb made a lot of city gals in 1920s went Egyptology crazy (kind of like Beatlemania in the 1960s but with mummies, beads, and pyramids). Those beads on the head were inspired by Ancient Egyptian style beaded wigs and such. I look at much of the fashion from 1920s and don't think of flappers, but mostly Ancient Egyptian influenced fashion. My grandmas' mother had a few pieces that would be consider more appropriate to where during 13th or 14th Dynasty Egyptian court, some of which would make great grandmother look like a pharaohs' concubine... though she would properly boss him around and take over the kingdom. She was no joke. Our great-grandparents were wilder than we are today. We are tame in comparison. Group sex, transgender, transsexual... not that modern. We are only rediscovering what great-grandparents knew all along. Put all of us to shame.
Nikanikaniii 9 meses atrás
Fashion Encyclopedia you mean... Fancyclopedia? ;)
Fran Le Vaillant
Fran Le Vaillant 9 meses atrás
This video is wonderful; I especially appreciate that you distinguish so clearly between the early, mid- and late-1920s fashions. Just a small correction: Jean Patou was a man, but was featured at the start of your section on woman designers.
Ale Valeska
Ale Valeska 9 meses atrás
I'm waiting for the next episode months agoooooo!! I love this so far
Wynter Ross
Wynter Ross 10 meses atrás
5 hour video, yes please😭
Mr. Billie Gray
Mr. Billie Gray 10 meses atrás
Ooooo! 1920s! My home was made in the 20s, I'm so very interested. I love your videos.
Mathijes -_-
Mathijes -_- 10 meses atrás
Part 2 please! I loved this!
Omar Curros Simón
Omar Curros Simón 10 meses atrás
So professional. Love this video.
Sarah Cole
Sarah Cole 10 meses atrás
I love your accent - and your videos!
Mandy Olorenshaw
Mandy Olorenshaw 10 meses atrás
I like this and I need the other videos in this series
anisa 10 meses atrás
thank u for making this
Si Berry
Si Berry 10 meses atrás
Ok but where are the rest of these episodes? I have a 20s ball coming up and I’m taking it very serious. I even cut my hair into a cheekbone length bob
Maria Delise
Maria Delise 10 meses atrás
Thanks for the nice and informative video! I've always loved vintage styles, but for most of the time I was looking at later decades, like the 50s and 60s. The problem is trying to fit in when the ideal shape is Marilyn Monroe or Twiggy, and you're 1.80 with a slender and not at all hourglass figure ^^' Learning about the REAL Twenties style is a bit of a revelation: no need for push-ups and/or showing too much skin*, no high heels, more freedom of movement, oriental fashion is highly appreciated, bonus point I can keep my weird wavy hair short and they will look like natural finger waves! O.O wow *only my absolutely PERSONAL choice, related to what makes ME feel comfortable, and in no way meant to judge other people :)
Zofia Alisha
Zofia Alisha 11 meses atrás
You guys who have boobs and hips know you can hide your silhouette with fabric right... Also if queen latifah can rock the 20's look in 2002 chicago, so can you
Miwa 11 meses atrás
shag bare lads
shag bare lads 11 meses atrás
what about the rawring 20s x3
CrazyDude 11 meses atrás
I can't wait for part 2!
bellamymalleb 11 meses atrás
Thank you for creating such an informative and enjoyable video on authentic 1920s fashion! Your passion always shows in your research and presentation. A good while ago I watched your video on 1920s fashion where you played two roles (over the phone) and it had me lol'ing. Keep kicking ass, meme mom!
spiritxdancer 11 meses atrás
I would love to see you do a breakdown of some of these stereotypes and where they came from. Are they from particularly famous icons of the era? Or are most of them from influential pieces of media later in time?
Aurora D
Aurora D 11 meses atrás
Great job! It is fun and informtive.
corn Anos atrás
Where’s Part 2, Karen?!
cactus mom
cactus mom Anos atrás
Bethany Powell
Bethany Powell Anos atrás
Where was this video when I had to do a costume design project for a play set in the late 1920s??
Lindsey Forbes
Lindsey Forbes Anos atrás
Meme mom, where are the other partssssss :(
Varius Kidd
Varius Kidd Anos atrás
Love this! Women's fashion often has a lot to cover and can be majorly confusing at times where one thing starts and another begins, so I love learning more about its broad strokes from someone who does their research. Can't find many good historical fashion channels that explain things so well and in so entertaining a way.
CJ Sweets
CJ Sweets Anos atrás
For decades day, a girl in my class came in stereotypical 1920's wear and it irked me a bit. If we want to emulate 1920's fashion, it's easy to actually do so on a day-to-day basis without feeling like you're wearing a costume - because it was just normal clothes. Do people really believe flappers in the 20's would go out to get some eggs at the store wearing pearls and frills that hung above their thighs??
Jordie Reay
Jordie Reay Anos atrás
Are you going to continue this series?? Its so cool!!!!!
M Anos atrás
Ah! Downtown Abbey explores pre-war thru early 1920s life on an English estate - we get to see the costumes change gradually to reflect a lot of the stuff u mention!!
Violet James
Violet James Anos atrás
Something interesting that I saw at my local H&M today, there seems to be a slight revival of the lowered waists, looser blouses and midi length skirts. Which was a nice take on a /slight/ 1920s revival, rather than just using fringe, feathers and the ever irritating gold and black LOL. Thanks for another awesome video Karolina, your channel has been keeping me going during the winter holidays!
Aleksandra Wygnaniec
I love this series please continue it
Rafael Dourado
Rafael Dourado Anos atrás
Put subtitles in Portuguese, please!
Syed Mazhar Hasan
Syed Mazhar Hasan Anos atrás
This video shows that Downton Abbey costumes were quite accurate indeed 😍 It also shows that Dowager Countess Violet Crawley dressed in Edwardian silhouette 😅
Syed Mazhar Hasan
Syed Mazhar Hasan Anos atrás
Still waiting for pt 2 and pt 3 and so on ...........
Gavi Berger
Gavi Berger Anos atrás
Every day before I leave the house, I put on another accessory to spite Nazi scum Coco Chanel.
mackenziew Anos atrás
Beautifully done! I can’t wait for more!
•Victorian Lady•
Why only 8:39 mins like I need more
Mad Science Gaming
Mad Science Gaming Anos atrás
Are we going to get part two before the decades over? Lol
Danny Medina
Danny Medina Anos atrás
I love this this! I spent hours looking into the 20th century events, politics, wars etc. whether it be through reading, documentaries and of course BRdesk, great channels such as The Great War, Extra Credit, Armchair Historian. Here though is such a fresh flavor in exploring how the past lived and how much more there was to life back then, and stray away from typical or misconceptions to bring us closer to the history we want to witness. New subscriber, can’t wait to see more
Caerid Lock
Caerid Lock Anos atrás
I love this. I love learning things and being entertained at the same time. 10/10 can't wait for future episodes. :D 🖤
Makeda Anos atrás
Can we bring back day gloves? Thanks.
hey guys its me
hey guys its me Anos atrás
I don't understand why the massive stereotype around 1920s clothing is so popular?? The stuff they actually wore is to die for!
Kitty Thursday
Kitty Thursday Anos atrás
Boardwalk Empire clothing anyone ?
The History of #MOMLIFE
very interested to know what well endowed ladies were supposed to do. for some ladies to go braless would be- distracting, to say the least.
y'all are tragic
y'all are tragic Anos atrás
20's doesn't even start in 60 days. 20's will start in 2021
y'all are tragic
y'all are tragic Anos atrás
@L U I S it literally is because it's a part of the 20th century. the 20th century ended on december 31, *2000*. don't call people idiots when you're not sure of something yourself because now you just look stupid.
L U I S Anos atrás
y'all are tragic so according to your logic the year 2000 is part of the 90s
L U I S Anos atrás
y'all are tragic you’re an idiot
Moongem Anos atrás
I would love to see you do a review of the costumes from Peaky Blinders.
Anonymously Done
Anonymously Done Anos atrás
I would like to see something like this for the 191os, a decade earlier.
Kristen Cain
Kristen Cain Anos atrás
Me, knowing that when the 1920s come back next month my very 1950s face and my plus size, 1950s-fashion loving body are screwed: HELP Either that or make a separate video on 1920s fashion for plus size women, that way I can pick and choose.
Agata Rek
Agata Rek Anos atrás
Aleksandra B.
Aleksandra B. Anos atrás
The eveningwear episode before its too late to get something for new years eve 🙏🙏🙏
AbsentMic Anos atrás
I didn't realized we were having another 20's and I'm so exited now
Minibeuu _
Minibeuu _ Mês atrás
This didn't age well...
Butta Waffles
Butta Waffles Anos atrás
Pretend to be helen keller in public
the power of science is amazing!
Could you review all of the Escape The Night contestants outfits??
Yinha Zamora
Yinha Zamora Anos atrás
You should do this for Netflix! 💖
Belle Tan
Belle Tan Anos atrás
Can you do an evening wear one to inspire New Years Eve party ideas?
Jonna Heijke
Jonna Heijke Anos atrás
Can you react to safiya nygaards bridal video?
D4 C
D4 C Anos atrás
Is this the road to the past? I started with Bernadette and the Victorian era and now here I am
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