1778 dressing up SPEEDRUN 100% (WORLD RECORD??) 

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jk but seriously, can you do it faster than me? 😎
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7 Abr 2021



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Karolina Żebrowska
Karolina Żebrowska 11 dias atrás
me: imma beat the world record front lacing: and I took that personally
Afterburner1477 4 dias atrás
Your lacing was magical!!!
haludae 8 dias atrás
J Kardi
J Kardi 10 dias atrás
I saw your knees! 🙈 Seems better suited to OnlyFans than YT. 🙉
Baconaise 10 dias atrás
This is gold lmao
2020Dumpsterfire 11 dias atrás
And with no ladies maid, you are absolutely wild Lady Żebrowska
D:U:C:K 2 horas atrás
Just subscribed honestly I don’t know why I wasn’t already your great
Angela’s Archives
Angela’s Archives 7 horas atrás
YOU ARE STR8 BALLER - I definitely can not beat you. BUT.. I really think you could get a better PR if you practiced doing the quick version of “bunny ears” - BRdesk search tying shoe laces fast to learn how.
Ethan Beldowski
Ethan Beldowski 8 horas atrás
Weve reached peak humour on the internet
Klára Ondrysková
Klára Ondrysková 10 horas atrás
Did you just prove that Lizzie Borden could in fact kill her father and then change into clean dress in the short time frame she had?
Mikaela Deer
Mikaela Deer 10 horas atrás
This is something I didn't know I needed in my life. I love it.
Ziyanda Zwane
Ziyanda Zwane 11 horas atrás
So gangsta 😂😂
Kim'sTaureanButt 12 horas atrás
LOL good job!
Shashi Rekha
Shashi Rekha 17 horas atrás
So, the 1778 version of karate is fight with the front lacing. Understandable, have a great day.
Jonathan Keeler
Jonathan Keeler 20 horas atrás
How were these things stored? I can’t Imagine them on a clothes hanger or folded in a draw.
oldskooljules Dia atrás
Hahaha! YESSS! The music is perfection!
Skepsi Cola
Skepsi Cola Dia atrás
I want to see competitive speed run commentators for this. I need the analysis of the run strats.
Hannah Vanderlinden
Hannah Vanderlinden 2 dias atrás
This is the content I need
Tsola Omamogho
Tsola Omamogho 2 dias atrás
have you done a video on how they dressed when pregnant? that would be so interesting to see in like the 1700s-1900s especially since everything was so structured, I've always been curious about that time since a woman's body changes so much
Jennifer Bond
Jennifer Bond 2 dias atrás
I would love a review of Discovery of Witches season two. Unless this already happened and I've missed it!
Levi Willrich
Levi Willrich 2 dias atrás
I don't think the heart-shaped sunglasses were historically accurate
Cha .r
Cha .r 2 dias atrás
Ok she's putting this now...and then this...o I see this is...A POCKET. I wasn't expecting that but yes of course there were! I totally forgot
Leo’s LEGO
Leo’s LEGO 2 dias atrás
Next time, use the Dream speedrun music.
noshitwill 2 dias atrás
héloïse and marianne as soon as her mum came back:
Arthur Cray
Arthur Cray 2 dias atrás
That's so interesting because the process is so obscure to me and many others. There are so many layers and things I would never have figured out how they were supposed to be worn! This joke is oddly educational :)
Jus Sanguinis
Jus Sanguinis 2 dias atrás
It was pretty fast...
Bráulio Fernandes Júnior
This was ridiculously funny
Jean Michael Velazquez T.
My only thoughts during the clock start was "Is this really gonna be a whole video of her undoing her front lacing?" and honestly I would have watched that throughly too...
Angela Micovic
Angela Micovic 3 dias atrás
The waist of 1778 is the ears of 2020-21
That girl obsessed with Michael Jackson Lol
I love you!!!!!
samantha perrin
samantha perrin 3 dias atrás
Was it cheating that you had your stockings and shoes on already? Great job!!
Aoi Anoyko
Aoi Anoyko 3 dias atrás
sophia fortain
sophia fortain 4 dias atrás
What is your career?
Mel Blues
Mel Blues 4 dias atrás
Hardly surprising that the wealthy had servants to help them. There's a lot of scaffolding under there.
truewolf 4 dias atrás
maan... wtf in "Titanic" the corset was tied on the back of Kate Winslet... I don't understand this world anymore
brielle 3 dias atrás
@truewolf didnt look like a joke but ok
truewolf 3 dias atrás
@brielle it was a joke but thank you encyclopedia
brielle 4 dias atrás
those are stays, not corsets. stays were the corsets of the 1500s to early 1800s.
Eva Serksnaite
Eva Serksnaite 4 dias atrás
Me watching this after I woke up 10 mins before my lesson and threw on a hoodie and trousers: 👁👄👁
The Fabulous Ada
The Fabulous Ada 4 dias atrás
This made me realize how practical of a woman Madame Palatine was. She literally told her seamstress to sew the layers together so she wouldn't have to spend time on getting dressed every single day.
Fritz 4 dias atrás
Well...less than a Bohemian Rhapsody
Shine Kelly
Shine Kelly 5 dias atrás
World record for tying two bits of string together over and over again... hehehehehehe ;p
SpookyGhost lel
SpookyGhost lel 5 dias atrás
almost 1mil subs wish u luck
TheCamillion 5 dias atrás
It's good to see the vods finally being uploaded for Historical Dressing Done Quick. Good times.
mess meg
mess meg 5 dias atrás
Any one like me speed the speedrun?
Adnama Yeltrah
Adnama Yeltrah 5 dias atrás
I am shaming myself for not subscribing earlier!
Laura 5 dias atrás
Dear Karolina, are you going to translate your book in English? I'd be great!
swilsey89 5 dias atrás
Still got dressed faster than me in regular clothes 😅
The Sexy Batman
The Sexy Batman 5 dias atrás
Polish Meme Mom: "It's ya boi, Skinny-" Me: *nervous sweating* PMM: "-madam78." Me: *sigh of relief*
Tree with no Hands
Tree with no Hands 5 dias atrás
What the h*ck Meme Mom is uploading reverse steiptease now? 😳
Chloe F
Chloe F 5 dias atrás
With all of those layers, all I can think of is Keira Knightley fainting off a wall in Pirates of The Caribbean.
Wayne Braack
Wayne Braack 5 dias atrás
Did dressing like make it difficult to use the 🚽? Or other things? Also your thug ankle logo is way cool. I'm buying a t-shirt. And maybe a coffer cup.
totallyinvisible toeveryone
Someone tell Ryan and Shane from Buzzfeed.
08 Joaquin Manolo De Castro
you and jasmine chiswell are literally the only people i know who dress vintage
Victoria Laitarenko
Victoria Laitarenko 5 dias atrás
I could not help being mesmerized how comfortable (and cute =)) the corset looks on you. We were robbed by modern fashion.
Nordic Tysk
Nordic Tysk 6 dias atrás
Damn shes more dead to the outside then me in the inside
Victor Alfaro
Victor Alfaro 6 dias atrás
I saw a woman get dressed today.
eugyero 6 dias atrás
Undressing a chick back in a day looks exhaustive.
Malwina Sowa
Malwina Sowa 6 dias atrás
me: clicks nudes link hoping for a rickroll link: contains actual Karolina's nudes me: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Valhallmure 6 dias atrás
150 layers of linens later: shaka brah
Alexa Faie
Alexa Faie 6 dias atrás
Takes me longer to get dressed now into knickers, leggings, socks & a stretchy fabric dress that I just pull over my head. But that could be the whole time blindness/ADHD thing going on.
LePezzy66 6 dias atrás
I want to see someone any% this
Yami Horus Drako Angelus
Hi! Hey, have you ever thought about reviewing how accurate were the costumes for The Little Princess? (1939 or 1995)
Didjaseemyjams 7 dias atrás
Dang girl! This is impressive
Jessica G
Jessica G 7 dias atrás
Didn't expect this to be this suspenseful. Hopefully, there are more speedrun videos with dresses from different eras in the future.
Pavel Vorako
Pavel Vorako 7 dias atrás
I just watched a video of a woman getting dressed and the context doesn't make it any less weird.
Sharon Lin
Sharon Lin 7 dias atrás
I bursted laughing when you turn that water bottle🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chabichou PaulMimi
Chabichou PaulMimi 7 dias atrás
the music is hilarious
heather wallace
heather wallace 7 dias atrás
roommate watching me put on many-pieced barbarian outfit in 5 minutes (whilst hungover): HOW. I am a mere amateur before Meme Mom.
Bissy Tilton
Bissy Tilton 7 dias atrás
I work at a historic site and this is 100% me when I wake up late.
Not Me
Not Me 7 dias atrás
Hi Mr.Karolinka
hh ftt
hh ftt 7 dias atrás
1778' mom running late to the church : imagine one would try to garner up in front of the world whole, trying for a record promptness. Teenage damsel, still undress : it is never to happen, ma
jameson stalanthas yu
jameson stalanthas yu 7 dias atrás
What was the black triangle fabric for?
Gamal Trinidad Kabil
Gamal Trinidad Kabil 7 dias atrás
Soo um is no one going to talk about how there are 2 tenths in a second?
Karen O
Karen O 7 dias atrás
This is the kind of speed run channel I could get subscribed to. 100% epic.
Jio 7 dias atrás
Welp, this took her less time than it takes for me to wear my jeans & t-shirt.
Tiina Berg
Tiina Berg 7 dias atrás
... this was actually faster than what I manage getting dressed for work in the morning.
Tears of Boredom
Tears of Boredom 7 dias atrás
This is why I love the Internet
Normie weeb
Normie weeb 7 dias atrás
It's not a matter of complexity, it's a matter of your skill and pure determination
Ray InDaHay
Ray InDaHay 7 dias atrás
I adore you
Jett •
Jett • 7 dias atrás
You should learn the skip where you just noclip your body inside of the already done up corset to save time at the beginning. It’s a bit tricky but you should get it after a bit of practice. There’s also an exploit for the skirt where if you’re frame perfect it skips tying the second ribbon entirely. Just a fellow speed runner trying to do my part ❤️
yelva 3010
yelva 3010 7 dias atrás
Could you analyse the costumes from the move "the dressmaker " I'm obsessed with it recently and I think it would be interesting.
dAnica Ko
dAnica Ko 7 dias atrás
Please make a reaction video on Scott Barness The history of Makeup
Wise 7 dias atrás
Made me realize the power of velcro straps
Kira Lynx
Kira Lynx 7 dias atrás
Bruh, I was on the edge of my seat.
Macy Rae Leonard
Macy Rae Leonard 8 dias atrás
My parents when I need to be somewhere:😴🦥🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ VS Me getting ready to go somewhere with my parents:
Kate FX
Kate FX 8 dias atrás
You are lightning!
Thiendrah 8 dias atrás
This faster than I put on scrubs. P.S., the dress is stunning.
Kai-Lou Poof
Kai-Lou Poof 8 dias atrás
skinnymadam78 omg i love you
Jaden Begay
Jaden Begay 8 dias atrás
Why isn't this women an actress yet??? She should be in movies ✨ 💅 or Making one at least *historical accurate ones too*
ALulzyApprentice 8 dias atrás
Well this is the most unique speed run ever.
Kamille 8 dias atrás
I actually heard Pointcrow narrating that in my head cuz he's a speedrunner I watch XD Just hearing regular "Let's GOOOOOO!!!!" as you finish putting on different parts XD
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza 8 dias atrás
I hope this becomes an actual challenge and that other sewtubers join in
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches 8 dias atrás
if I were watching someone dress this fast getting ready for work it'd be boring, but the totally unmoving camera makes this somehow hilarious
Mark G
Mark G 8 dias atrás
I was grinning the entire time. Another happy video. Interesting reveal too on what women had to wear way back then.
Karma Exists
Karma Exists 8 dias atrás
I literally enjoy your channel so much.
Stella Parry
Stella Parry 8 dias atrás
Live every day like it’s 1778
Wika 123
Wika 123 8 dias atrás
The dramatic music makes it so emotional haha I love it
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson 8 dias atrás
When you're late for Made Darcy's house party and you text her OTW
ImmortalChaos 8 dias atrás
The look is as tight as that front lacing.
ImmortalChaos 8 dias atrás
The suspense was 🥵
Zuzanna Lis
Zuzanna Lis 8 dias atrás
Would you do a film about 1940s fashion, especially about undergarments?
Merlijn Aaldenberg
Merlijn Aaldenberg 8 dias atrás
what is the purpose of that thingy at 3:25? i am really curious hahaha
Teela 8 dias atrás
Ok, ale tak na serio: po co im tyle tych warstw? xD
Jacek Kowalski
Jacek Kowalski 8 dias atrás Gdyby to nie był YT to proponowałbym zrobienie tego pod tę piosenkę xD
Zèbracorne 8 dias atrás
It takes me about 15 mins to get dressed in the morning. In modern clothes. I'm gonna crawl in a hole and hide.
Kim 8 dias atrás
Blink and you'll miss it.
Hollo0o 8 dias atrás
The funniest thing is that you didn't even try to be ultra quick. The bows and lacing... and it's still quicker then when I fall out of bed to run to school...
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