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Karolina Żebrowska
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[EN] just another weirdo obsessed with the past. vintage style and fashion history geek, appreciator of old things in general. [PL] historia mody, styl vintage, filmy i starocie. opowiadam o tym, co dawniej i pokazuję to, co dziś z tego zostało.
reacting to memes of myself
6 meses atrás
Henryk Jaronowski
Henryk Jaronowski 7 segundos atrás
Can someone link to that Polish rap that our Meme Mom did for that early-pandemic charity challenge?
Christain Carvalho
Christain Carvalho Hora atrás
I like how you went from early 2000's on the first clip, to 2018 on the second
Bethany Tafoya
Bethany Tafoya Hora atrás
I. want. a. whole. series!!!
Μιχάλης Hora atrás
When you forget that WWI was the bloodiest war in human history...
Sarah Giles
Sarah Giles 2 horas atrás
“That’s Edwardian not Victorian” poor Edward never could get out of his mama’s shadow. There’s the Elizabethan, Georgian, regency, Victorian, and Edwardian ages; The big question I have is what is queen Elizabeth II’s age?
M. Jeddah
M. Jeddah 2 horas atrás
Crinolines was how they got the puffy dress look. Petticoats I don't remember. Poodle skirts, bobbie socks, saddle oxfords and tight cardigan sweaters-- that's the iconic look of a young woman of the 50s. At least, that's what I remember.
William Hensley
William Hensley 2 horas atrás
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
c0nc3ntr8d 3 horas atrás
Meanwhile they all gladly wear high heels....
Selva G.
Selva G. 3 horas atrás
querida persona q hizo los subtitulos, te amo
Artrysa 3 horas atrás
It's quite the ultimatum. On the one hand, I am quite a fan of historical accuracy in media. It really shows that they put that extra bit of effort into their work. On the other hand though, I am also a pretty big fan of boobs.
NarnianLady 3 horas atrás
okay, I am surprised - because I have seen documentaries from real historians saying that the corsets did cause many women to faint, or feel weak.. and that it was one reason behind the idea of 'dainty damsel' who easily fainted at every turn..
Angel 3 horas atrás
So cool. The outfits were all interesting and beautiful. I loved your makeup on so many but especially the 60's and 70's. So pretty.
Angel 3 horas atrás
Also my favorite of the actual walks was the 1930s elegant kind of dancy one. Totally gorgeous!
Paws Chan
Paws Chan 3 horas atrás
...Can we get a sequel please
0d!n RaZ v G0LuB00i
0d!n RaZ v G0LuB00i 4 horas atrás
Hollywood casting directors and Madison Avenue (Mad Men) caused those insecurities - actresses and models have narrower noses and narrower bodies than the average Caucasian woman and bigger breasts than the average Caucasian woman. We have been led by the nose by the entertainment/advertising media for centuries to hate being anything but a curated set of not-average (therefore, not normal in the statistical sense) external features.
theduke ofweasels
theduke ofweasels 4 horas atrás
Animals reacting to bad air he described sounds like geological activity kind of stuff! like volcanoes venting gas kinda makes sense that it would be linked with disease when you don't know what's causing either
Laura S. Clark Katz
Laura S. Clark Katz 4 horas atrás
I don’t recall if there were corset showing scenes in Somewhere in Time, but they did call out the Christopher Reeves character for being dressed in the wrong fashion for the year.
Joanna Lowe
Joanna Lowe 4 horas atrás
I need more episodes to bingewatch.
vidanoir 5 horas atrás
I like where this video is coming from... just for the record, people accumulate body fat differently. After I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 29 I started to pile on body fat that actually began to accumulate in my breasts, butt and thighs before places like my arms, back and face. It was frustrating to me that people who had seen me for the first time in a long while wished I would "admit I had work done". I have no problem with cosmetic procedures, I have just never had one.
jenniewilliamsmural 5 horas atrás
Ha!!!!! Hilarious!
SwordLily 5 horas atrás
I think getting inaccurate information from your homies on top of not having great information to begin with doesn't exactly count
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas 5 horas atrás
This is FANTASTIC work. Well done. What fun!
Ashley Caroline Mikats
Ashley Caroline Mikats 5 horas atrás
Those 3 black roses are for her 3 daughters
Edda Cat
Edda Cat 6 horas atrás
„If I had any money, I would put the money into this bag and because I’m really poor, I‘m not gonna put anything in it“ I feel seen.
Caitlin Guinness
Caitlin Guinness 6 horas atrás
“𝕙𝕚 𝕟𝕖𝕨𝕤𝕡𝕒𝕡𝕖𝕣 𝕓𝕠𝕪” 🗞😉
Ary Yogeswary
Ary Yogeswary 6 horas atrás
This is me the first time I arrived in California's famous surf city of Huntington Beach from the tropics. Maroon 5: " 'Cause girl you're hotter than a Southern California day" . Me: LIES
illitero 7 horas atrás
inspiring!! i can't believe what happened !!!!
Vagiterian BogMonster
Vagiterian BogMonster 7 horas atrás
What kinds of useless cheap corsets were they wearing? I have several and they don't feel like that at all
Michael Baggett
Michael Baggett 7 horas atrás
I stopped wearing hats cuz my gf says they make me look like a fuckboy which is an archetype I still don’t understand
Sonja Pond
Sonja Pond 7 horas atrás
The costumes look like a high schooler’s Regency era fantasy because the show is a high schooler’s Regency era fantasy.
Sonja Pond
Sonja Pond 7 horas atrás
Killer Corset. Band name. Called it.
JEDI 1390
JEDI 1390 7 horas atrás
I didn’t know polish sounded that cool.
Daisy Gairdín
Daisy Gairdín 7 horas atrás
7:20 My god... This just looks so bad. It was so much better before, it was classy and beautiful and became a mess. Geezus.
Ostblock Latina
Ostblock Latina 7 horas atrás
I suppose wearing anything connected more closely to femininity (including vintage) makes the nice men act more nice and the creepy men act more creepy. It's not on you though, it's ON THEM and their bias towards femininity, either a positive or negative one. I've never worn actual vintage, but I ONCE in my life put on calf-long high-heel shoes as opposed to sneakers and all sort of flat sole sportswear I've worn for my entire life and continue to do so in my late 30's and am never going to give up (nothing trashy, just black and velvety, nothing shiny or anything especially catching attention, and just moderately high heels that still alter the way you need to walk in to actually progress and not look like the Hunchback of Notre Damme). I've gotten let through first ON ALL CROSSINGS, IN ALL DOORS etc. like NO PROBLEMO. FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I'd defo do it again if those damn heels weren't giving such hell to my ankle joints, my foots' soles, my calf muscles and my lower back.
Sonja Pond
Sonja Pond 7 horas atrás
“You can sense the piles of polyester from a distance”
O. Demi
O. Demi 7 horas atrás
I feel like nowadays there is also a trend of not tanning because more and more people are now getting interested in skincare. I kinda expect this trend to grow in popularity over the next few years.
maxima 8 horas atrás
after 14 years, it started to snow in my town 😍😍😍😍😍😍❄❄❄❄
Ben Ackermann
Ben Ackermann 8 horas atrás
You looks like Hange Zoë
Beata Podgórska
Beata Podgórska 8 horas atrás
Connoisseur Of Stuff
Connoisseur Of Stuff 8 horas atrás
It's very sad that individual men being their individual selves is seen as an attack on all of humanity to some people. And these view-points are coming from people who pretend to be all about freedom lol
Carlos 8 horas atrás
Miss, your iron might be in need for an exorcism or two.
Ana Fana
Ana Fana 8 horas atrás
Sage lilleyman and laci Fay!
minikiish 9 horas atrás
You are hilarious! Love it.
M Majic
M Majic 9 horas atrás
Def agree about the Sundays. Hats are def still status symbols in some circles today for Christian denominations like Baptist or Evangelical. Or random events in the US like the Kentucky Derby where you almost come for the hat fashion & drinks.
Darth Serenity
Darth Serenity 9 horas atrás
god, this 9 foot woman has been following me on every channel, even here
Claire Masterson
Claire Masterson 9 horas atrás
I have the book & it’s really interesting,
Eugene Soloviov
Eugene Soloviov 10 horas atrás
**tips fedora**
Eugene Soloviov
Eugene Soloviov 10 horas atrás
**tips fedora**
Miriam Johnson
Miriam Johnson 10 horas atrás I need to know if this is accurate
kooluvr 10 horas atrás
i LOVE the 70s look on u omg
Leo Jackouski
Leo Jackouski 10 horas atrás
I'm all over ridiculous outfits in fictional fantasy media, why the heck not! But historical affects what people think it was actually like, so make it as accurate as you can. I realise dramatisation is required to make it not boring every day nothing happens.
Simon S.
Simon S. 10 horas atrás
12:33 can we please talk about that pole ducking away when a Pole tries to lean on it
Nikola Savov
Nikola Savov 10 horas atrás
OKAY BUT EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT WAS PERFECT????? im appalled but i expected nothing else from the queen
tabbie cat
tabbie cat 11 horas atrás
i don't really watch reality television, but i would watch EVERY episode of this drama
Апокрафтика 11 horas atrás
+1 modern twist: ultra black skin medieval princess
the number one aeryn
the number one aeryn 11 horas atrás
I just bought my first corset! I am very happy and I can’t wait to get it and wear it. Thanks to watching a lot of historical dress stuff, I know the general way to wear corsets when starting out and I will be doing more research! Thank you for helping me to realise what I want to wear.
Katherine K
Katherine K 11 horas atrás
That first dress would have been so easy to update well
Katherine K
Katherine K 11 horas atrás
One of my favorites weeks at the retirement facility where I work is valentine's day because we have people put up their wedding photos in the dining hall. The dresses are amazing, simple and timeless and so many of them are handmade heirlooms. The key to making that work though is the styles are kept simple and honored... My mom REALLY wanted me to use her dress but 1) the 80's 2) I am a giant while she is a twig. It wasn't going to happen
agu 11 horas atrás
Dodaję komentarz 😏
ASHERUISE 12 horas atrás
So what you're saying is pig farmers were scooping poop in imitation Gucci and my boss won't even let me wear a skirt to inspect merchandise and put it in boxes.
agu 12 horas atrás
The1920sDandy 12 horas atrás
You took the words right off my mouth I was going to comment that's Mae West when you started saying it ahah.
RasakBlood 12 horas atrás
I mean. The cold hard truth is that most people wont notice and sexy sells better. Movies are made to make money. Historical accuracy if relevant is always just a tool and not a requirement.
Aneta Leś
Aneta Leś 12 horas atrás
Pięknie to pokazałaś !!!! moda w parze pod rękę z historią, aż mi się łza w oku zakręciła!!!
MAKYOREL 12 horas atrás
To sum up queen's speech: do whatever you want and what feels good TO YOU and NOT what is demanded by current trends that will be gone in the next era (or decade, or year...). This is actually super important video also for people who just can't get a tan - me and many of my friends just get sunburnt and not tanned in the summer and it is super important to be able to tune out all these comments about you looking like "walking dead" person. I mean - I was born like that and I just look like a vampire all year long. Do I mind? No. Do I think it's actually freaking cool? Yeah... Do I think that people, who can get themselves a tan, look cool too? Sure, they do... We are just "differently cool" and that is it. No comments about my thighs looking like cheese are needed here. I am fine like that... Besides - why should that even be a problem? :D
Unlucky 22
Unlucky 22 13 horas atrás
Stop talking about feminine and masculine fashion and maybe people would stop feeling awkard for using what society screams at them "it's not for you".
Sthabiso Zibani
Sthabiso Zibani 13 horas atrás
It feels like never-ending
je frodo
je frodo 14 horas atrás
They can't read the historyyyy!!! They skip it!!!
Christa Mariëtta
Christa Mariëtta 14 horas atrás
My younger sister started boobjobs in 2002 when she was 19. Meanwhile she changed her chin and jawline, uses botox and lipfillers, dyes her hair, takes pills and gets treatments for bigger hair, gets her brows done, doing workouts etc. It all sounds so exhausting to me. I'm just always celebrating myself, with my cup A boobs and 5'1 feet and 97 pounds, my unique body, never ever worked out, have random people cut my hair every 6 months or so, never change or dye it. No beauty procedures whatsoever. The only thing I did was picking my eyebrows when smaller eyebrows were a thing. I don't use instagram of tiktok just facebook and I block everyone who is 'showing off' their fakeness on there. I'm neary 41 now (while it feels I was 21 only the day before yesterday) life really goes by too fast to worry about this bullshit indeed. Just BE yourself, people only care about their own looks not about yours anyway.
Ghost Person
Ghost Person 14 horas atrás
Luv everything in this video literally true words
Reine Herondale
Reine Herondale 14 horas atrás
hey! I just wanted to tell you how huge of a help your videos are... I'm currently writing a book but it's not exactly set very recently, and I had my own suspicions about the corset myth 😂
Aze Lovat
Aze Lovat 3 horas atrás
Nicole Randolph Is a BRdesk or that can also help you with the time period in which corsets were made so if you need examples in a much easier way to get the corset time period Right of course only for historically accurate purposes and even the names
Am D
Am D 15 horas atrás
if they kept the 80's one the same and styled it right to make it more modern they wouldn't have had to make it UGLY.
Seige 15 horas atrás
My man: what’s taking her so long? Me:
Rock n' Karol
Rock n' Karol 15 horas atrás
W tej czerwonej wyglądasz jak milion dolarów
uhhh 16 horas atrás
this has the same energy as telling a joke and it doesn't land with anyone
Slate 16 horas atrás
the first 80s dress looks like a halloween costume after being remade, how awful.
M Carlson
M Carlson 16 horas atrás
this has no business being this funny
cenelo alvarez
cenelo alvarez 16 horas atrás
Jewish polish!
MyelinProductions 16 horas atrás
SO SAD BUT TRUE! FACT! we have had VERY similar meetings on history films and documentaries. Thank you for representing ACCURACY & FACTUAL HISTORY! Peace & Health.
Grubiantoll 16 horas atrás
Man should take back the high heels !