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Karolina Żebrowska
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[EN] just another weirdo obsessed with the past. vintage style and fashion history geek, appreciator of old things in general. [PL] historia mody, styl vintage, filmy i starocie. opowiadam o tym, co dawniej i pokazuję to, co dziś z tego zostało.
Chesca W.
Chesca W. 35 minutos atrás
audrey cooper
audrey cooper 47 minutos atrás
ending was amazing. you nailed it.
Vampira Mayhem
Vampira Mayhem 51 minuto atrás
If I ever get invited to the MET Gala, I'm going full emo just to piss off all the hoity toity rich ass hats.
~Lemon The Manokit~
please react to 2021 - 19__ gacha memes
Miiss Fits
Miiss Fits Hora atrás
Now we have these modern women that put all these women to shame🥺
MrsNoji Hora atrás
The shawl!!!! Oooh i miss those
zuziako Hora atrás
yup, that's me whenever I meet a lefthanded person.
Winters Hora atrás
This is so accurate I see my mom and dad watching these type of videos
Winters Hora atrás
It's amazing how you can pull off and look good in each and every one
Jamie Polyblank
Jamie Polyblank Hora atrás
BMT115 Hora atrás
You guys remember the brainwashing videos from the scooby doo movie? I think they’re finally being implemented…
Gerald Slonaker
Gerald Slonaker Hora atrás
I just wanted so badly to click like on that video. I thought the lady looked nice
Saternalius Hora atrás
Okay, so, this is actually the kind of the look I, as a 20-something goth/emo crossdresser, was wearing in the mid-2000s.
Kato Vanackere
Kato Vanackere 2 horas atrás
Cannot believe it... Like really I cant believe my eyes...
J T 2 horas atrás
Thanks for giving me a glimpse of the history of my ancestors. All of my Great Grandparents on my fathers side came to the US from Poland. I personally never received much education of Polish history or culture. It was a surprise when I saw an old marriage certificate stating that my great grandparents were from Russia. After doing the research I realized that Poland didn’t exist at that time.
GloomyMinds 2 horas atrás
God I wish this video was longer LMAO
Cornelia Stoklund
Cornelia Stoklund 2 horas atrás
This is the best thing ever
Blood_Rose 2 horas atrás
Those razorblade charms with the heart hole in the middle, is a symbol of the "Razoblade Romance" era of the Finnish band called HIM. And the lil icon you put in the video is a reference to their song "Razorblade Kiss". TELL ME THAT YOU LISTENED TO HIM!!! <3
ithink itworks
ithink itworks 2 horas atrás
Letting a cat in Sight in Such a nice country place
Mark Henry Ramsey
Mark Henry Ramsey 2 horas atrás
Still as funny
Мария Равелова
The unpacking for me was just like: oh, damn, I used to have almost all of these things, where did they go since then?:D
Maddy YT
Maddy YT 2 horas atrás
Me just sitting there confused on on what this has to do with Facebook
Ingrid Aguero
Ingrid Aguero 2 horas atrás
I don’t like bonnets so that didn’t bother me, but I agree on the tight lacing. Like dude tight lacing wasn’t even a thing until the 1840s, 30 years after Regency era. What’s the point of it if there’s no waist.
Wilton Bobble
Wilton Bobble 2 horas atrás
Fantastic. Especially the ‘90s.
B Ros
B Ros 2 horas atrás
I was with you, right up until the wage-gap-myth. But it was funny, and I really enjoyed it!
TbhIdc 3 horas atrás
This is what Father Goriot's daughters must've been like
Lizzie Cottrell
Lizzie Cottrell 3 horas atrás
Honestly 2007 emo meets 20s is actually a pretty great crossover and works really well.
Liz Yareli
Liz Yareli 3 horas atrás
I love the square earrings 😩♥️
clockworkhearts 3 horas atrás
the scarf!!!! the scarf!!!!!!!!! I always wanted one of those as a scenemo tween 🤧
Hacking MCBE
Hacking MCBE 3 horas atrás
David Ryder
David Ryder 3 horas atrás
After watching this, YT pointed me towards a video titled: "1920's College Girls - c.1927 | Atlantic City Boardwalk" on the channel "glamourdaze." I'm guessing you know of this channel. The women are all wearing "beach pajamas" in the colorized footage.
It's Me Emilia!
It's Me Emilia! 3 horas atrás
@3:42 ye Billie Eilish was inspired my holiday barbie ik
The King's Daughter
The King's Daughter 3 horas atrás
I heard someone (Mark Gungor, I think) speak on "Song of Songs" (that great love song in the Bible). He said when you break down the poetic language, the woman so wildly praised for her beauty by the writer had a huge nose, a short thick neck, small breasts, a bit of a pot belly, wide hips and short, stocky legs. AND THE GUY WAS _C-R-A-Z-Y_ ABOUT HER!!! ;-) :-D So there. A lid for every pot, or something like that. ;-)
gypsylee333 3 horas atrás
Can you please make a video or something listing all your favorite corset and historical clothing designers or sellers that are online? So hard to find this good stuff. I used to have lip piercings like that, fun video!
Gracie Mcdiarmid
Gracie Mcdiarmid 4 horas atrás
If this was an actual show I would watch it
Mercedes Carrión
Mercedes Carrión 4 horas atrás
Nina C.
Nina C. 4 horas atrás
This is so entertaining lmao!! Such a great content!
AwayWithThe Theories
AwayWithThe Theories 4 horas atrás
How did you pose like 2007 and not do peace signs? 😭😭
saraquill 4 horas atrás
Watching this video, I kept thinking how my hypothetical outfit would have gone. Indigenous American for sure, made by Indigenous artisans and designers, reflecting my own tribal heritage. Even then, there’s a lot to choose from. Ribbon dress, maybe a tear dress, cape, shawl, patchwork, etc…
Robert Beck
Robert Beck 4 horas atrás
But if you did a Christian conservative woman Republican from the 1890s and A Christian conservative woman from 2021 they would both have the Exact same advancement... 0
Gretchiemations 4 horas atrás
When I was born, I was a Micro-preiume, so I’m tiny, (Long spidery fingers, boney, skinny, gaunt, etc) Now that the standard is ‘skinny’ I was like ah, ok…. Apparently there’s a limit to when skinny is beautiful because I’m told I’m an alien and look like I’m one It’s annoying bro
gypsylee333 4 horas atrás
Omg I'm late to the party, just found your channel but good lord these videos were bad, the hairstyle made me actually burst out laughing at the 20s one.
Elizabeth 4 horas atrás
bamdadkhan 4 horas atrás
what kind of cookies were those i want some now
Jessica Akers
Jessica Akers 4 horas atrás
I have that black scarf still.... XD
Todd Starbuck
Todd Starbuck 4 horas atrás
In the US, it is illegal to pay a woman less for the same work because she's a woman. If you're being paid less because you're a woman you should call a lawyer. Just be ready to learn that your male counter part is working more hours per year, or has some additional qualification, or has more experience or.....
Alexandra Lopez
Alexandra Lopez 4 horas atrás
Amazing! 😆
bobkarafin 5 horas atrás
this could SO EASILY be about a modern-day mid-20's woman comparing her life to her great-great grandmother's, and getting ROASTED by the older woman...I'd SO like to see a Part 2 of this video! (and we haven't even TOUCHED on things like air conditioning, running water, cars instead of horses, and airplanes instead of having to ride the train (or an ocean liner) to go any great distance!)
Skein of a Different Color
Not to brew the tea too hot, but... I think a lot of women's rights activists, looking at you third wave feminists, would have a lot more respect and dignity if they modeled themselves after the suffragettes. They actually had a code where they would dress nice, present themselves in a very dignified fashion, and their clothes were clean and on trend. Compare that to the third wave feminists and there is a stark difference. Not saying we should completely judge people by their looks, however, there is a lot to be said about the dignity of a woman and the respect she holds for herself when she actually takes the time to not only procure but also put cohesive outfits together. I wasn't mad at the "Equal Rights for Women" outfit. It actually held a lot more respect for me than if someone was buck ass naked, covered only by a completely sheer tank dress with obscene language. I wish I knew what it was like back in even the 1950's when clothing was very intentional and worn with pride. Sure, there were girdles, but even if the lady was feeling like shit that day, she still looked very well put together and like she respected herself. Contrasted to nowadays to where girls are going about in raggedy tank tops and falling apart sweats to the store and on dates... Again, personal opinion based on observation.
Kaleo Mariz
Kaleo Mariz 5 horas atrás
If i were to talk to members of my mother’s side of the family in the 19th century it would be something like this: (they were of a decadent landowning class in the countryside of Brazil 🇧🇷) “Ohh dear! You mean out little wealth has been diluted and now we are no longer aristocrats? This is terrible news.” As for my father’s side, they were working class Brazilians. They’d be like “has life improved for us after 100 years?” Answer: some people moved up the social ladder and some even became Americans! “Ohhh dear! Can’t believe that! Having good food to eat in your table everyday?! What a dream come true!”
Tinuvi4l IGN
Tinuvi4l IGN 5 horas atrás
b a n y a n i
b a n y a n i 5 horas atrás
Jack 4 horas atrás
It is fixed. Women make the same pay, but they often choose lower-paying jobs, don't work jobs that are as dangerous, don't work as many hours, are less likely to ask for a raise, and a fair number of women are just stay-at-home moms with a part-time job.
Sally M.
Sally M. 5 horas atrás
This isn't fully related to the video, but when I tell people I come from an African country they talked to me as if I was a woman from 1890 lmao
Kaleo Mariz
Kaleo Mariz 5 horas atrás
Where is the rest of it? This is REALLY creative. But the lady has a mais? So she is an aristocrat. In the 19th century class differences really meant a lot. an aristocratic woman wouldn’t give a crap about women’s rights. Whereas a working class woman would die to just be respected.
Vanilla •
Vanilla • 5 horas atrás
Before I knew her I thought this was the real Marie Curie . . .
FraeuleinWanderlust 5 horas atrás
That outfit is just perfekt 🤣
Matfej Patrusin
Matfej Patrusin 5 horas atrás
Feminism and vaxx propaganda in one vid? Bonus points for that! Let me quickly subscribe so I’m able to unsub.
Lily Grace
Lily Grace 5 horas atrás
“That is a STAH-MOCK” 😂 I love it!
dylan elizabeth
dylan elizabeth 5 horas atrás
I’m sorry but this just isn’t accurate the vaccine is not a cure omg…. men and women do get paid the same if it is the same position and same hours and as for you putting down a housewife I respectfully say f you and I love that I can devote all my time to my family and make them better humans does that make me less important because I don’t have a 9-5 and a paycheck
Jack 4 horas atrás
The CDC also literally had to change its definition of vaccine for the COVID vaccine to apply. It changed it from "provides immunity" to "provides protection," cuz this one doesn't make you immune.
Mary McKenzie
Mary McKenzie 6 horas atrás
I'm doing this for Halloween next year for sure. (I can't this year cause I'm already doing tinkerbell)
Kozi Masamune
Kozi Masamune 6 horas atrás
You turned out so perfectly...would have loved a raccoon tail extension, but like...omg I liiiivvvee. <3
Moje Konto
Moje Konto 6 horas atrás
No cóż, jak to się mówi.... I'm fall in love bejb! 😍🥰😘
Colleen 6 horas atrás
I was so hoping you would do the low studded belt, and you did!
Ann Nee
Ann Nee 6 horas atrás
As someone who got bullied mercilessly in the 90s for being curvy, I quite enjoyed my body becoming trendy. But I also wish I'd known it was all bullshit much earlier.
Nimisha Thakur
Nimisha Thakur 6 horas atrás
यह वीडियो अद्भुत था। मैं प्यार करता हूँ कि यह कैसे हास्य और व्यंग्य से भरा था। और उसके भाव फिर से शानदार थे
Janna Mẹ Bão Tố của Runeterra
YASSSS, I love the 90s. The era of True Supermodels- The TRINITY: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington AND THE BIG SIX: Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss <3
Sacha Mary Rotpirks
Sacha Mary Rotpirks 6 horas atrás
Funny, it is easier to watch other lives and see the wrong, of course, this modern era is really good for most (not all) of us
teaxstains 6 horas atrás
I need to show this to them feminazis
Scilla Wolf
Scilla Wolf 6 horas atrás
Was it really only 2 mins long or it was cut by BRdesk or what not? I'm confused 🤔
Scilla Wolf
Scilla Wolf 4 horas atrás
@Jack it just ended so "violently" for me haha
Jack 4 horas atrás
BRdesk is very in favor of this stuff, why would BRdesk cut it...? Also, where's your reasoning lol
Eri Alvarez
Eri Alvarez 7 horas atrás
Sure a great actress
Marisa Means
Marisa Means 7 horas atrás
Great question.."what have you fixed?" Some days it feels like nothing.
Sofka450 7 horas atrás
I think it looks like something that would be legitematly worn in 2007, goth and emo subcultures in eastern slavic countries hugely overlaped, and goth kids incorporated vintage silouettes in their looks since the beggining.
ItzCindale 7 horas atrás
She is RUNNING this is very important
AN 7 horas atrás
Froggy_Time 7 horas atrás
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
Nailed it....
Jay__atx 7 horas atrás
If Keith was a women ❤️ ~Try guys~
dummy ALX
dummy ALX 7 horas atrás
i love this energy
m_arwine z
m_arwine z 7 horas atrás
Entertaining 😆